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The Washington times. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, June 26, 1921, SUNDAY MORNING, Image 8

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U..," Vt
yak of Eb.
-~ ~
'~~m~M #0 ?ns ~Mh wmmh~ Is
desS tUfrS~, lb
9Mb ~
N irni bsM~Ia~ ,*We Saab1
(r 1~I' ~
I ? lrott7IWtSobff
bm~1bu~ a t
ths~ ~Jwm~
~Iw h
~ bst~. -
~ invmmt at ti
t.ui maim
* AuA~
* * S )
~*4 wI*qs~)
I * P WAlK UlK
4W.T.~ Sb
the La savoIa
.wlu was.
to etakt mei.apwls-metb
twoe rem* ae
barrive bare Foa w sreeie.
yseoar an
asianal sta STheaa whit
yeu hays to heet Upthe
lie hot water. or iers
to do it, thea e tI is
is no other way.'
i ASomstIe das Wat r
b)1y turn the tfaaet ad
ms we need. Noee .i'
metet eaal er gas am.
EF 4r lavatory. the Ante
will deliwr rut64re het
a rate aO NE CENT fot
m sefhing smaehee light.
or Mding 00o1.
ensade Gas Water Reater
Is bemmmm .it know more
* sshout iavinW gas,
rabit ,of ga bu*se it
ba qhe qalmt W ho#
ist get um to Imaill.onm
se e ma out 6bala~
ser yea gee bdI.
Let ltIw..0e
sammt~ aaa
Sthen a o
era butbe a
-a tro - Soe hptal
Votera, *WA of whoM, he 6"n
me ator beame the de wt 4ae"
r . gta , or w to t~at thL.
Staft IL Sonabka ohes=" of
the legllIstte ---m== .f owth
Veote4asV 2Freg 'Waft urghm hat
Oepe they do et War
War Rh lasessw o teoal e"
have been portitted toi eat* Was
Ingt , sesater emmeea, oa h
eo the osaum4 ue, dee:=sea . lt
are mploed terf waam
"who euld mot Set a Job m
Critioelen 41t the besse of appealw
Wa w 'W40 Zasuske who hau S
av e Woam emitte:Insutra sh.
NW elg by Mr. etlebsi, who
efm he thati" t be MAet d
that morm er serias =m 40 pleee
WAS ls8K OM0
"we fool, that this isa %- that
should know - the e
whItheh , the oed getop,e be
assereed. "We tool that ft aheoM be
rthePeA to the direater of Ue
barse thtbe piase forney oerte
dme e tht board We de see Sa
that the shoued Al be $moor eerv
we mom,. he o othimee 'o'ut there
$boom4 be some one en the board who
shao the sowthe, O04W kow the
ivereod eeditioe e th *" We
weft ever * ee" he atte
"ras there- bes he Splte of Up*
o ret atehy hse m e-qo
pleyes Of b A et odW RIels
m etht thdek Ast 0o0
th te huld tehe " S eaked
shomd Camoer. h
"I str thes er hash beosa te
swered r oettlea s - "tut Ae -e
oearste bts, egterfed ne
*'h ruetat dietotses ob
parfate wI the ata ~ce
theter trhenst asked
*atben sedow ot-aa.eah
aut that hereaset before ,h
deftteinat I ed bals tce nw
'h Tetmenao Sheet== wes. toes
rttr tas' aIn t he esntte b
develo taberabteetalfi is th
burat The nae af the 1beaore was
settheutd.ohe h .
* He describe oon eeina heber
9ttaler Gesthille, 8. .C. -2etay.
N. Y.: Phoeess and Tenhe ArteS;
Prescott. Arts., and Mfonvi Calif..
ok gbt hat failiie ates
were inadequato, the ghse~m n
1":.e...:"%i"',..4 . .i . ,oed py
sa4 the -enditions unsanItary.
. PuAuse vOR cASVAIlT.
'The Casualty Koeuital, ot Washiag
toe, he told the comIttee, was the
only hospital he was in that he een
sidered properly inquippoh ama sna
"Wilt you tell Us thd eedttat
Cshaalty Hospstalf-" asked Seaster
'4"astalty Hospital Ie omq et the de
met lmtiltutions that any mwogS
Lt.? asserted the witheMe Th ee.
teuw, the rss and the fee
ife ' u is a great h .
'"I'he 4Oouare very')5'
saattae "and they maZs
Sg toe and ee-operate ., b
R&ffer who, spl
I Oeen in -addities n the
made hita by the Go'eseOeS4,
propr pivate treatment to a~U
bet who otherwise plaoed the N'
Shoswhere he
pa's. .h
doedero uader hespital theeatment
see afrate to comp ,te taess
tolde the ssumitbee, *aae II they
So they will hither he eupelied te
leave the heepItal or be olaeed as
pati ta eat to -a
-&fo at
as veswot ofMe
oes"te hb li o f et
Igbe"st 4 -etn wtermlar. *n
sto wod* dhe ss bomwe ast
the14o Messhes of heamot
WNA -Mb Vitalean
es...aer...... w ...h .r.t .o
1116 and . aektg " al maa
is sed he VFeen*a beoemd
'rer" e tel th enwttee
it et r
aeem Noth th
Iuss a"t vof a" so"
eeWtpt seed
"Mll eee hic are0 et
an# d a . as, dylag
th gt.Ie sMpt es te bhm
JAarrow be iSlonwed,*"** a" "it
,be has the .=w1Il g9e* him
Water mad '101an then be dee
bdte talso tel. he smttee.
em207s=%* so bev uts
. 1AtWaluh: .j"or eVed' de
**efh i"at be %A 4ie41" .
Wi nese: "Tes, air; they take
hItIaft at AIght?'
easte at "Ad et l ther
Olt theseWo to die In those
wards where the other Pattente areo"
he Wft~aw: "ast e .b
-eatee WateI "A" to fW lot.
takhe the"e toAM& Is" a petvafte
toest we.s -- apsmaai
Th .ites: "not, air .
atmtr Wale "And'are the sed
vatwt IS 0 room tee4
DR Aylw O E Po Uitwar M
nbbemo andhc tasle asI on"
noe were -lA Mesera ta toa
hOeheantfe tht broilt wiehim
vaorte ofd theod he hae dice
'meeWh eb 4thtsrn
oashet befted e tett
tet, fo: teemn eto tete
Teyse f#dhir "ade they ewa.
sitos 31 et of pote. eteme
oadfwbr and bot ttles tae7a
ioree tha kept he they ate
teep aridity
Te cer lsne ad ahe m theys
Patoleits iwee tarted-ee, the ea
The doltog. ad heada hadreso
galtb~ ad oe Wel wiat emtua
ConferenOD- uoseagr-aUmm 3f6
mdel. be t 'tepmw a a tieade
eadt odue, th broaught
uiqpuee ofti old NwW etlade
1%4et te ronretees
T ey ooeth-of aeo imgriamt
'saoa lteto the @ Whit0 osae
'3ae uuq p t. guss *ao
aihde so~ al teeuWhite ose"e
* nid lot .ome a eto tri
icee the y t ;he tirot go t e
ree flitye' onr lesi
Th erusy 88le sho hamey. he
a.maed. tREhe, h$4.. eae O.
flloewi a suse qgeran persa
a witd o e and g svted bye dr
ttau gro. he Otema
Th ol8 Qt dajghideso
crwokI.L 4
mea yohu
They saw. a*i; we win BetoS
Ameuieaq LeSoo asO fight S
happeas to t e -t s o I
thro u"t of th Iswutsuts e I
Pat 0 So to $0 aM?e
Obeam robstr. 0 MO MIs AM
4 .K
eat sty a-w betusblm
ewteUe t d do'te a ds
W"i$ hppneg lte thief The am
tfros from outheu. *ad be 8 ta
.|*.'''45U."""sM .R-US
s *"is uet*a g*. b .euDm
ree*rd will show that he le a Mests
Senatet:.Walsi: "D9 leu mess I
No that yOU have soe at*" 3.I
APMMte To CUPgs.AhV.
The Witness: "VAre. Bt a we
afraid to *ay .%aVthtat. X knowth
Motl wr eat So the PWohPel
ihould Mbut how se w
sift* te sue
Tbwul ut"~ te elftted, "I
ther wO IN m- p MO~W of -0
the Att" Miesig tem
= ~ "Am tiabeeS1 -ft
Senator WSE Th set stla
Lay **mtasit by the 4ee et at
Te WItnes "No; they amt treattaj
MZWAqE msne ti
o ypette moe Smq e y
-d tet to -.. in M ieof
nWeeed e4 sary e~o soe s
Ihey * e ehea a waith
mae.. -A a.:-pa-..:eoswu
?ut ha s
(o the lofeuler s
ra 9ptes aw heldaS
NEW TQXE.~s u,-A eg
eAnde to a New TI Oru See sg
0.00 -t the preset tage of em
ahas.e toa~uoema& of th
mioge eo* dety 40 the
mount in tha igt ie.l oh
ad for a sut ftym atp1l
tinert h er dot eto awn
swl of be fourthd ee aprp.
wian i ue ta ,
-i.Oto reh ----y., .5,':. a
.balname e
s114 *rut VMS% fasty
eate W*me a M do
" ad ta 0sahs esaa"" ttals
*60 Moo to, Tr eaone ta WeT
6W 1*900tee0ft Whe att to
1 a 4ta
' ht. te, re t.
ead" Ithaot te pn to W"
OW asat
eeeroesae t e
Smet awa. tA
.Get tsbiae en te t aw, was
.54 I the WAM ae -t Wset
:JW a am Is goil Nowe
ftWm wt
.-7 -- .-at. -P-et
t tha eSVI.t O W MOMil lt
* u ad he tae ale eltean
weato tto ' k
aNht, we he o iet e ii et
I ties awe". of1~vu
maewa m's
- hat .ev
"WTbhe aid, on ra wina gewo
o etat 00"* SA" $5 will lot you
Seut. ad hoe ga. as o eleta aa
towd me to went at 1 *eSleeh that
might, whoa he - a&m owt
90M NGU ' he400:1 "Kew long
ao was 1a,
The VmFW t aeabout two
wese ane fta t t-mao
sa se - f he PMeay
01e01t aIM1 1t -iem dt41 e
metersw ew ate e eed eaig
wlr be 6Me
t Sotls, m"'O _ -
The AmpMONse $be& ebs meaulag
tosim I ta g4 rfte of
the at= 1.dea e, te p le,.
I Iitg ISIS&hm.
es Juno to e but t alate to
moow at slon ge, the shealag.
wTe ma w ate bde -
aateseea boys~Iq twave
b een proled. q~wTh Vite Chee-t
Jae Da*,gE Mtei.l Ia mc
eAsert iing t Setut-ah~a
te weehas~ wwhterehen
Th eee5 h e* ha aeia.
eNo tmet ehaew it.~ i was he
ess.ed the triw .t An hrem
esnpdled. p ee ith bYlet Cee
torin ander tih artp ande eetning
ost wo e1isse ne uFE
et dra. n Dno res tbe. er
ths edtt ehf ahed ha atu
tta erh the ahnmp adn coee
t e eing hs.otl.5 rer y.e
eCult WOMAayl* LIF
PUA.PIAn M.--Te Preach or
atg eNr as an t rye oebtdzarel t
thes elied popaelf al mediteni
-tae Cite-.ree wat owoan
''ewlta hewrdN
ale Iaers the eramn11
alg a ee bee et eie a elyt
.7 ~. ....
-~ 3m. M~ ~s.
URL ~w bsmaE
IFbT ~ 'U
- R*b~, ft~hid
Prup.usl f*mo and other h
-' ~ -I
Th. 3m4 im~. riEbi
UhI 14 be a~
bibs .7 elib. peoph ~
.EZmtd HEA~tW
adi -. W~ -. at yew -~
to ~hs~Ihstemwhsw~
IWALTII Is. msg~~P
OUR TIME to those
d* th~ wha ha's I
Ptot N. N. D. Pvtoe. ~ emg
3b~ - .,.tmd bb ~ Urn
3m 1006 Pms& Vmulsm wee tie
bee bee. ~b.a~d ti
hiwi wIthout baa' pra
Woof Pu~ with move
7u..6wI 6e.~W his
what is .00mm? 00
Dv. AUhOWS ha bei m~ pa
Qeeault*USS. eernm8S~Ses1i~i
~u wiN be mote i~e.e4
qr~mg t. wu.u
R~fr~AaT1x DODOS. ZUS Oat.
Savings. novtilset coteow of
Tth and 3 sU.
9,4k T ProprIetor
LunchrOOm. SI)
Oft5~fl I
S P. 3~uab~
I ThAND mL~.
I Tb. Ymum.N.tmeoh Ya
U St 3eh~t3. ~wsU. 3.
I. e
due. tot
~ ~' IsW~~
hsvl.4 ~
S ~N~S -
~r cr~m~
-- *
~ ~ -
~ ~* -
A simm ta i.e.
*cre and
~ .miww. .1 hisiSh. If
WANT tb.. em.
h a 1w .si~ - aEud-md
~Ito my.
~.i WZ AtL D~V~flNG
~ WSa.~.mhI. mm
he~e 1 mum.
~u [email protected] 1 tie.. ahsw wMeb
- ~4ftj.~
MR. a. K. DRO W)Ij, D.e&.r to
e.G 061*. Ttk and N its
~ e aIls 12 and, 14 WeWgo
~ IMI Slat it.
~e.. Pee ?~Ie..d PedW~
N. p. isi Vgpegim Ave N. W.
*4 U~ 9us~ Win

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