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,." = oer 0ao a s ft
th! week a 'a
t , d tbseiweao"S
M ei t that- ibe e
the +Mat ei gwwte
e Onp.mao 'Iaie.ms
ewret Maerle seitis fer the
out t the War llk Ba
UAMd itases Publlo ad*
the yderal Board
M far
bring abet an melaa
ecos mgslnige for whisk every veteran
egoamfsa.o In the eeatry h ee bhem
* prtesting for -cnts
4' The gutherlad osanuattee et the
Sas, whiCh has beesgit out osdi
that ha ew desordbed as
4 ill e"Its anvesti
and its report Is expestd to
,MYSSS..WSG-a the negient a
- reppmil~V r e'
t the ation a p-S es~
~Wbs the mended, Sweet ,i was
Is tn the. Aenats, Senator
naf lilehe dealt only in gen
termn. his statements were of
am*h a nature as 'to indicate the
tomata that will come when
report made to the upper
J lioaw. What is, expected to add
tthe severity t the report is the
fst. that the committee Is not uIIe
ly to be splt In Its Zaini While
the moity of the oobolnittee are
RepubMoaus thb inveotgibn iwas
forced by Senator Walsh. Democrat.
who is known to be particularly bit
ter against the maer In which the
service man has ered despite lab
ete appropriations by Congress.
Boete Arova Especte.'
While the Sweet bill as It reached
the Senate has a number of amend
tents, they are,aloai lines that are
--ected to mest the approval
these who will represent the
BO se in conference.
e bill as it 'pased the H9uss
prbvides r the onsolidation into
ne buesaf in the Treasury Depart.
ment of the Bureau of War Risk
Insurance, the rehabilitation divi
sion of the Federal Board for Vo
cational Education, and so much. of1
the Publi Health Service as relates
tb",he examntation, assignment to
hSitals. and the welfare of persons
who served in the world war, and
enow or have 'besr patients of
Bureau of War Risk Insurande
or of the rehabilitation division of
the .Federal Jossd for Vocational
The Senate armendment propoeed
adopts the consolldatloq policy of the
House bill and provides that the
aforementioned Government organi
sations shall be consolidated in an
Independent bureau under the Presi
den -. The amendment also provides
that the director of the Veterans'
Bureau shall/ be appointed by the
- President by and with the advice and
onsent of the Senate. The salary
of the director is left at $10,000 per
annum, the same as in the House
dection 3 at the House bill pro
vides that the fudictions, powers, and I
duties conferred by existing law upon 1
the Bureau of War Risk Insur
anoe and the rehabilitation division
of the Federal Board for Voca tai
lducation shall be transierre to
and made a part of the Veterans Bu-1
reasu. The amendment proposed to i
this section provides that 'he led- i
eral Board for Vocational Pdt6cation
shall be abolished and al 'the powers
ud duties vested in such boe#d shil
exrcised by the director' otf thei
Veterans' Bureau.1
Prevds dieatral Office.
- Section 6 of the House bfll~ known as
the decentralisation section. provides
fot a central office in t.ie District and
fourtee nregional offi'es and. not to
exceed 140 suboffices. his section au
tboriss the regional offices under
rules and regulations prescribed. by
the director to exercise powers for
'hearing complaints and for exan ,
rating and awarding ot c~
cliire, granting medical, stcl
denital and hospital care, convalescent
eate and necessary and reasonable aft
erbare. mnaking insurance awards,
granting vocational training, and all
ohrmatters delegated to them by
the director. However, it provides
that the suboffices shall not have
power to mnake compensation and in
qurance awards or to grant vocational
training. The proposed- alnendment
vrives the director poer to review
the acts of the regoal' offloes and
It provides that the reglojhal of
floss and suboffices, w allI au
thority to establish such , shell
terminate on June 30, 1936. -The Sets
ate committee reconunends this I-art
ef the section be amended ,so that
the director can determine any re
gional offices or suboffices when In
his judgment thin may be done with.
out detriment to the administration
et the act.
One feature of veteran relief that
has caused endless discussion had beent
the matter of discipline in hospitals.
The House hill authorises the director
to maake rules In order to ,reete
good conduct on the part of biermsh
who at'e receiving card or treatment
in hospitals, -o n4.3fastitutiosg as
patients or ofaila t the Vet
ens' Bureau. The section providos
that the penalties trjC the brec of
such rules may esqath to a forfeiture
by the offender -df such portieon of
th cgompensaticm payable to him not
ozyein th 6mrL 1f the moath.
mmathe. The timi..t f,ree
It is topsd ng, the aftender
the rgItinI the deolsen i
v~Ing itoteoeta ~e.t 01
14a is pamii to a beard tee
pereas,. to he esaished and ap
,olnted by the diteetnir of the Vetbr.
&as' Bureau. The aedment provides
uewisa assndasee
em t - ~m -s
tootat ies etMipe
he t 60MUg.
At asy rt, ere a u
to It 0POr to a
the,. a u st t t
Apriaions -ommen.
eabma ebre the Senate aia l.
INe e the result of the:Imher trem
Mee In the Mhige, W'Ya,, ese1 1dmd
oGovernor -ardag, et the s.eral
Rteserve Board, denounoed crIties of
the board at a bft1s a t 1s
ate mmittn on l ad Omr
r.noy, and....4.or a. i.v- -
he =pw"d
nmyse by esprsons Freer Of Wt
iensn. Mie mel pfbl aletter he
had wittea ten Genra
Daugherty Mipo WV. roalt*W
of Jutice to enter sI.to maJ the
"ae Goern"HWan. je m de
the rog ane P. ,orn whdile A
a>en prperty Custodan, to the chem
leaN foundstion, of Which Mr. Glarvan
Is now president..
Senate adopted a resolutIen offer'
ed by Senator Ber a ng pen til
Secretoary of W fe report as to
the n-nber of Wited teoe
in Europe, the cot per day or eonth
for their maintenance., and the amount
of money oermany now Gwes for tl
mainJtnance of Amer an tr e to
AsJistnt eoretary of the Trne
ugy Wadsworth to d the Finane
Committee that interet en the allied
debt now owed the United Stat
amounted' to S943,S34,75. A detailed
statement submitted by him showed"
or the appointment of a bard for
ich regional district. The board Is
to be known as the board on iscipline
and morals. The saMendment prormes
that the board shall serve without
rnpention and shan, be aomposed
of publAc-spirited citisens interested
in the general welfare of incapacitated
veterans, and at least one of the mOn
br of such board shall be an ox
service man and- a member of some
dar eteranm t organisation.
Gives Vet a Chance.
The Senate committee recommend
the addition of a new paragraph that
I an Inmate ef a hospital shail be
odered to undergo an opraton anJ
shall protest against such operation,
til protest, together with ar the facts
in. the case, incding If nmessary a
physical examination, shall be sub
nitted to a board of appeals. It is
reommended that a board appeals
be created In each ton or city where
there is lacated a hspital beantained
a the Vaited States, The board Is
to consist a three members, two oe
wahor shall be surgeoni and one a
phecian. ne paragraph provdtha
that. pendtag .eta o the Inmat
to shall not be 1sd fromth
ospital or ubected to any shalltb
or reatrent or to operation,
lparagraph alsseUe that If a
protest Ia sustained In whole or In
part and he shall conny with the
recommendation of the bba, he shall
ot be dismissed from the hospital
T Snte bill adds a new sectIon
to amend the war risk Insurance act
te reatese th amount. that c ' he
paid -er ao attendant eta bliad or
ttherwise dimabed ex.eervice man, In
oase such person is o helpless as
to be In constant need of a nurse or
attendant, from 30p to $50 per 'Onth.
While there are a numsber of other
amendmnents the foregoIng are con.
idered the moat Important and the
measure nlow representis practl'Imly
every feature of the progams pre
seated by the American Legion.
ps Tape to Ge.'
Many memnbers of the House -feel
that the Yeterans' 3ureena should be
und*r.a iember of the Cabinet, but
uner the measurd as it. new stands
the director wotul be aObountaMle to
the President,.. the mnain benefit of
this being that It is thought It would
arther eRn u of the red
tpe that ha' most discourag.
tng to thg a dIn the last thirty
Both houses have a y expressed
by overwhelming thi nity
to merge the bureaus liandling the
relet of the disaMled, and President
Harding has been meet active In
their behalf einMs coming into offie.,
o the impreeslon-.s now strong that
it. will be but a short time before
a4geaoice thetosing under
mnwIth in the Arlington
ing here, whioh I' eonsidered
setly .htge to bouse the whole
SRoad Coinvention Date.
20e4 Roads 'Assooiation, baa an
mauted thst the Pst anaumet conven
en of the State iesociatlon will be
told Ia l): d during the sitting
f the se*t general -assamy et the
ate he~ larntsee s tate
wihl be one of the proMedII5es bofate
he legislatare.Th .msua wgg
b a ussiam January 18, 15, e80,
a sa.bb evr the #ties
to *
it t
to WE
r1 4*
etdt . oee .tt
for r in o the i ati
esa aee t mak aneota
toth sun to whmih pviousi
ltdg ote ahot eOittd thit
StateI an oth atte oftWc
ts fahersp fhi
4t6 amat was gee
Atoe States inthe trtf ti,e
Beat et e7.sater
Reed had mada mt ahi.:
"aste" wo.hea. wa e
chared ith he uty f eforitg
The HFtCCtusitComt e,ite
" e tta.of the tetheot f t
vtie, upo t.ir
/The e"t whansoptekye
s ta4H i e coited the
mn 46agreement"bwith aumm
T hcne ua the Mattertan
ete ba"d of U t a. atb entna-w
Red y he ne ag itigt.
Tsihnse wo. he tau-o.id WI.
chared Wqeite uyofetlr
the unfviss he bune oremsr
T~~~l he Hos Dsrit etttri
aome qe[~ theg tth ot o the
weet toal W oninu it. opera"a
The oe thgrein oatee
World n Ha aatsr SoAt
eWed n ia letig at t u"e
Wens are ne mid. oud why
arng. 'ed uanw the uto When3het
The pro.el Bufth eife As " Nr
podthe .fis hisoan agrsitrea
tme a e tff thert o.i
mee tRRIES? t cnte etPeera
dieed to li ae theghty dir
mson reemenl wntha an er
e hore nd ..ees ar rwillay.
Aann. uon the Stat ofWhetme,i
ef n dipomti reupcdrng das
led uptothe of t fan dodses. fen
wae duanIpel s an ter bit
rcthe ufinr . a t
ny the Saed entor mInd
bTwe a,the t and aeriy
Wrld l'o"at.* "e.atsAr
Whr . an-mul a e notnaskl .
Wrong. difensbwe en ht ar
ual unertodrs ar product IfhIs r
pandut Quunstiond.s
omer. theaway--ilf anthe ntr tll
trfs lhtht the erence y eterena
Mr.aedt WasoLtus eig.t di.n
omestion bieer SKans o Wans oi
Aori,foansts.ons the reodtetn mue,
Thle matte thme prin th ndltr
csnof legrm,ation LbliedIng toer pats
of tosertatestis of ut you dcoan Sn
Mtr. Caraway-delrthat theM bo il
a ee agricultural produc. I.t,heon
payednt imoe o the ar whirnd
bet eer sen irds a nd ariu
Mr. Watson-4The mfay e corti
eonntrabicsewe hat nh
usally uneseatodas. rdut
Mr. Waawa-il he Sator$ tll
and wha te dirnce Ihetweenbu a d
hem prodet and agrula
pr. utct?e
of thora Sate It s; bt o arno
ra/f fs Y+ buaQaat..es
*t .s
IWA e r1wtI I nsr ses
My bea -eeent
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t tr
the e a t te ,
tarae w titd *N, hQlf
wives +lt!tts wh tee. la.n pfss
i salrt4 Gof
n w p.w d urbt , wkW0
other, I e"m work sely to sup.
we have a a tiK eier
wlert. h ter ad kwbha=d Is wk
ingh to u the hMdrenn
the other isi anOw s tey
But te law to the Dtwet OfOolus
bhas hold the fther, o t -
be the na e
ha' t to geta alaw
te mother lquu repoe.
atble., wil
---ri. . hnd.d a o wh.r. t a.
wife goes through her usband's
POheSth." continued Mrs. Busso
"Aud here it works to the worst ad
vantaae, and that Y wbat I meat.
partly, when I mad sues a practios
was not thZe most ethial.
Teo H.ttflw.
"I have ottee woadered why people
prefer to bring their of saenes
into court for a seW*emeetn tetend ot
a private one in the famiy cirde.
Now, this Iat who had h wie ar.
rested for theft Just beswae Ihe wet
Into his pocket when e was atip.
ihuppoee they have chMMren. Whet a
wtie nto tie mon tlhe nohr fL
chre- ested for theft. why
couldn't he have used a little judo.
meat ad realsed that from time lm
morWa a wlfe- bad had the rigt to go
nf her buihad's pookea
Gne state espao out West re
ently Introdu a t peetd" that
the pife is the huebady empoe
wad ts .uca hod heiv. , aa.
btsed fee for her servties. S it
*noyht pocket whs ise:
htpps teya e hlrn Wvt
s. Hm. fo.er ,.epmat of .
--wae.-re .or mtait wh
out e hna'e s edpoe a ittl thde
huband atihawfs h. h rht toer
And. her tmh usbpads t.etw
(eve he lan'lmans of *sppot
eeni n godwn a bll pbovng
the whre ste ruaise tempsen
ar. as swahiteuhd aeev ba tdot
Ja ld fo r hpig sr a cs. he
ato eaosy ife pea tue ase
0. foes, prmercte? o
Mr. Wa'tson-I Aance ang the n
atjs al se e ha Ae wlass
ohier usor,diteheldoe nor ias lbs
shr.l he ab. NIs nan tenal.se
h Wdbamtu-al or etaped
And lbshuand' Preahtwi
Mr. Cataway-li e a anahl n
"fn riact"ih tteo h
bil. prodngWher the isarabae on
afarm,prsdhetnetif his a durs prke
duct,he or pig o ainy ditinto
betee Cthea tI to ahe ing the what
to ieadi serosyIhcoss9. Tat mu as
Ir anIa asking the geaoSrmGen- t
tor us t as heriodl wha the classer
fhim Gnerg, tt he ose nt onm hit
"to prevuerthe pucaeo an
"r Wand-Whatsot a poids
ctai.l If heu ike tmoa nw the wo
frmn bedtee n the ttes. th
bMl rvidIn frthe prdae of
betee thmes#- tilote bIt ndw what
is. nlue nr seowo it. nThat isal
Mr ase the Seao fo segat
t,ll.us. It Is p.h.red a.d..s.eam
fot Gorgia tagrt tamalsno pon ts
itheproide the naurasae of hre
paedora manued. Hostow provies
go bot nanbeurnale? pr'
fM. .betwa--I the tas, wit
Mrle W ataher thhei weords ofe
weM hata st~LInhsl.
M. atse#--I a. ot oswa wht
met. a eu aser tht a littl
ere eaU , dp wedand bute
Nyarista, rous
eithe in heirs*tuaetorpe
- Tt a }a ~
For- AIM
.e, c.1
. ....
Ele ee cPee
. tha .ae c.re
mt Pre
80s Ma'Pe
$1.ii n wderIas Ba iseee......
.Y Pimad's 1a. M ..
..e ... ........
aft!' 'sTesih
at T ss..... s.. .......
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Pahu~me sap es.e, d
..e .e...as TsiOO........
e 's Teeth Pads
Sic V..'Tm Paste....s.
e da Th Pse.........
75 abe ets Team Pawr....
lb erCsFc Pwr. s
ae e Ta ............
Sie Take................
sr Taw e ................
Cse as.e Tawle..........
N0e Javs Rlos Pwder......".....
'7ie LaMaebe Face Powder.....
6ie Djer-Kiss Foe PS.,r.:.....
aft mese m's 9havleg (rem.....
lie Oii-"n-ae.. ...... ... ...
lie mum (Prevent. psrspiraliws i
Cst7's Pace Powder ......... .. .
Assre Face Powder...........
T46 mset denightfu
gi an afnisepua , Id
as a oawe* wash, sa
. hesU - e. asm
esL E yL r -a
21c, 36e asd Me
lic,er et i, se
Nese! Louver! Prices
Standrd Therneo. Not
ner-. D.eae, hm..
di quality. Quarts, s.s
Thermos sen, green cam
bMg value. Quarts, s.s
pla i...........
8'hr e s.e sih fita
ecs; -ersae qwate
pima tiue. Quarts, 4.10;
- ... ........
stO, Sanitd
Wee Pafts..t.......
I Inseek cembe....
'-ed ak" Uaar are
1t store ie'"'
fee otf*MhA ee a k
Ar bsa ri1a
wor-'.are lour ?est
shall 4ttrtve so be*
d cstrt .pprscah'o EY
tient dr*g stores,
stently. low. Read
,. .s t.. 'S
he uses r~
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gen t drugies
. ... '....oft y ww I
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TlatA. Dei l
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wyre......Tey nfig
a m ams aien aDn desfr
2k *suhe4..5. doze.
29 gweaaeiem crear .
59 any akns trouble
.......S.. 90
HaiVlor Nets~ '
Tha5 Ar Deidedly
~~ iPieri.mr
.1.a beene Ab e Ba.
..... ns .... . v.eer.
.......r..an 53..
2 for26C-4.5h dea
uS wa..e era .
| | I
,of i. d te,psagel our
6r w! th x4 rs
.rfa rk .a"
lIed,-with-choie me
Peoples "Ads'' f :P
?c.." 's.|i" 1
sla Apesn
.e A.
$136 Dvrs A
iss if Iee i
i GlamaIt=Can
)AK nGbl
vice o .no-%
ilsews a si4 Mcc
wsrr..... 1...
I i sai 1d an on"
- ~ u~ Nuel (air
ne P6em1lax 9
pleM f si, hon.p
lae 24. hours
with the ssssY lie~' MUis el
s. sitsrsse. LL(
eVir.. .. e
Cresinameopee Wrhhe
1le.sng Wheeb'sgrsp
'eedto bknwh EE
ho... ... ..9
_~am 21Ic.
. W.
rchamdise at prices
ioples Values.
-Fa mily
lies at' o
rI Xod l
d. ,,P. D. 0 a
ne ewrb
. . ...
IneoraMe1 "O R, .i"...
.. . . . . ... .. . .. . .. . .. i
,o Is ..... .................45c
Tauese, .r....0........7..e
aep moteda..................... e
"we Plus........................Sec
. Ik ...:..............,......s
hMen................... .......ale
.y ............ ...........4k
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.,ee ..... ..... ...s
...J .... .... .. .... .... .fR
r rpMeqt...................7s
80 4s. .... ...............MO
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....... Gms................g5c
Taale..n...., ..r.ly riei
..~ pz..........le
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Pe......a ...f--... ....e
U~oieter EsreMtsa cfPo
'einhD.g....re..ad.fellow th
sIe peIoS adt e ecn
= P -Ite.......2
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Brin.etie .d 45 and 95can
in inti. food wilet m
atied en w e o iesin
eicigher. URo Be

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