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+" 1" tj ; 'U :. ,d. 1 W ', .t f''bi yrt *. + i k., ,. .t " ' f ,;i;;i a
r r ,,, " r ,^ f ,?'.", ' , , i ,,y , " ' o ,k ':?a , + ;: ; ',, , , ry "!4;'' , "+,rr ' . k , ' ,, ,w r % r y3.
"fJd as1'.5 +'... + ... fvl ,;,;,. , .' ,, ..s i . !' ., Var. . ca ,i ;p '' ''' ,, + . ...i r, l '', ; .;' '9,,;. "
(Ieh, July 9ls,-h
duwR and tomorrow mao
Pleae. CobWs
ba ' todays tidviery
'was abl to stop thw
' e, .obis ry eon
and"*re,.*heresult b
whe sctory was most i
seetbpaw for tourteen
pilover t left field i
- -The x had i
was constantly in ha
tk was hit hard, but he
V een safely. H
. even do.e bingle..
BMan d Harris Hlt.
and a coected half the
hits tween them. The
i S U en got a single, doable
thrwbager moored
fift. Hrrisgotthree
fr his day's total.
Uoe contributed a besf tiful
catch of Bush's try for a
3sth fourth. (loing at full
a the fens, Rice reached up
the drwe. down with his
Shand. However, three times
faMad to hit in the pinches when a
bit t t run. Shanks had a couple
lty "stops and pegs that. teeked of
lar.io Terre, the Cuban catcher,
afts sitting on the bench all season.
WeSt behind the bat today. His one
err coat a run in the eighth. He
. handled Mogeridg satisfaetorily, how
ead y be given more work in
the futurs.
* Milan doubled over Veach's head
witi one out in the opening round
and rsached third on Rice's long
fly to 8horten. Ehmke Jurnaed up
and speared Bing Miller's line drive
wilt his gloved hand, ending the
Tus Them BasL
The Tigers were nasty in their
half but ailed to score because Hank
Whaahs aid any. With one gone.
Bush gpt a bit on a 16ean hopper to
ORourke. He raoed to third when
Aleilmn tore a vicious single to
eents. Teach raised an easy fly
for Harrls, but Flaead . hammered
a liner toward left. Shank's leaped
h into the air and brought down
t at in his sloved paw.
MI'tde's lack of control brought
hId 'much trouble in the ec and
the 'ie's two runs. Shorthn oiened
with a triple against the bleachers. In
right eater, Jones waited and walked.
Maaue singled to right, seortng shar
tenR Sake singled to t and Jones
was' orer; KEten slpi andling- at
the bounding let er reach
thir4 and Bh seonad. The bases
wers jammed When Blue stopped a
pilWed ball with his leg. Daer
neer moeved when Bush fled to Mnan,
but be -side the dash on HMtmann*s
hebwils the same direUan. Milan on
anskdaa parfeiet peg to the plate, and
the '%er died on his feet.
Ihs p exa s laa er
JN ded a Texax leaguer In
rt gater to open the Tigers'
fourth, but was forced cn Bassler's
bent. Bhmke pounded a clean single
to l. Di u singled to center, ecor
ade. Bihmke was headed off on
way to third, and died scram
to second. Rice showed
great In traveling out to center
and down Bush's drive with his
The Grifts were landing on Ehmke,
but sell not seers till the fifth. liar
rim end O'Rourke hit safely in the sec
eL. bt both died stealing. Judge
and btuan singled to right in the third,
O aos 'eneej wlx 'tvsoa -Awoep
onlyto have Rice end the frame with
a ato Vesch.
Di* Torres beat out a sdow one
to Bas as a starter in the fifth.
- He advanced on Judge's roller to
Bias io4 tallied when Milan collect
edhis tird straight bingle, a rousing
triple' over Shorten's head to the
fease. Aga Rice ended things with
IM e T' s ger Thsir Run.
O',Rodrke save the Tigers their
run in. the sixth. Ehmke doubled
dewn the third base line with two
out. Blue beat out a slow one to
O'Aewe and then Blackie .hurled
the hAinto the Washington dug
out, letting Euhme score. Torre.'
weut AIhto the diamond an& pulled
4mph Bushbs little fly.
In the eighth, with - ene gane,
u'doubled up against the left
fij felice. Harris followed with a
.to left. Miller dug for the
and made it, when Basder
Ye,e each's perfect throw. De
fore the Tiger catcher could recover
the hell Harris wont up to second
and stle third as Shanks tanned.
He. stoyed there, too, for O'Rourke
w called out on strikes.
With one gone in the last half of
he eighth Sargenit hit a home-run
Made et
andou'ge back to
old times. But be
garticlar and get the best.
$1.25 a Can
4faseuding 3 em. pkg. of hops>
$13 -Ca.. et0On Do.m
$7 Per Doe.
Best By Aar Test
Rabbitt-Hunter Co.
919 D S.N. W.
gasphan ad Mail Orders
' repty FBled
Tigers are new but half. a p
eMe th e elue b
bun.Mig h Geige E.
a a row, a While bit ir>d,
eneiny, in the tight places.
b'ol and he also resceved ratber I.k
eing one more d.fest fret
eessary. The Tiers *40
bts, and Joer t mift- w in
snes in the 4tjustto shw it
a on bases iball but two ains,
AB. R. H. PO. A. I.
Blue, Ib..:.... 4. 0 S 2 0 0
Bush, Sb...... 6 0 1 2 1' 0
4albnann, rf. 4 0 1 2 0 0
Veach,i ....., 4 0 0 3 1 0
Vass a.. 4 0 1 2 2 1
Shorten, cf.... 4 1 1 4 0 0
Jones, 36...... 1 1 -1 0 1 0
Sargent, Sb... 2 1 1 0 2 0
Bassler, c..... 4 1 2 4 2 1
Bhmke, p..... 4 2 3 1 1 0
Middleton, p... 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals ...... 36 6 1 27 11 1
A GT. H. PO. A. O.
Judge, 1b..... 5 0 2 6 0 0
Milan, rf. .... 6 0" - 6 1 1
Rice, ct....... 4 0 0 3 1 0
Miller. lf....... 4 1 1 0 0 0
Harris, 2b..... 4 0 3 3 1 0
Shanks, 3b.... 4' 0 1 1 4 0
O'Rourke. s... 4 0 1 3 0 1
Torres, c...... 1 1 1 2 0 1
Mogridge, p... 2 0 0 0 1 0
*Smith ....... 1 0 0 0 0 0
tBreower ...... 0 0 0 0 6 0
Totals ...... 37 2 12 24 0 3
*Batted for Torres in ninth inning.
tBatted for Mogridge in niath in.
Beare by ienings:L
Washington.... 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0-2
Detroit.......... 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 2 0-6
Pitching Summary-Hits off
Ermke, 12 in S innings; off Middle
ton, 0 in 1 inning. Two-base hits-7
Milan, I Ehmke, Miller. Three-bas
hitm-Shorten, Milen. Home run
Sargent. Struck out-By Ehmke, 4;
by Mogride, 1. Stolen base-Harris.
Bases on balls-Off Mogrldge, 1; off
Middleton, 1. , Double play-Milan
and Torres. Left on bnesw-Detrot,
3; Washington, i. Pa=sed ball-lor.
rs. Hit by pitched ball-By Mog
ridge, Blue. TIme-:00. Umpiree
Connolly and ChilL
over the left field fence. B=sier
them singled to left, only to be forced
by Ehmke. A passed ball sent
Ebmke to second. Blue singled to
center and Ehmke scored as Torres
fumbled Rice's good throw. Bwsh's
grounder to Shanks ended the torrid
NEW TORK. July 23.-You ean't
keep a good Englishman away from
a first-class boxing match. The pres
ent- flight of track and field stars
from Oxford and Cambridge form n
exception the rule. Already ft
milier with e workings of the Na
tional Sporting Club of Lbndon, of
which the International Sporting
Club here Is a true American cousin,
the visitors have shown a lot of in
terest in the attempt to put the
sport in this country on a sound
The Internatonal Sporting Club in
vited the Oxford-Uambridge athleter
to be Its guests at the ringside at
the Herman-Lynch battle at Ebbets
Field Monday night. Bevil Rudd.
the Oxford Cambridge. leader, at once
telegraphed acceptances for at least
five of the team frym $wampscott,
Mass. The fight will come in as a
little relaxation for the visitors be.
fore they pick up their training again
at Princetog on Tuesday, in prepara
tion for the meet with the combined
teams of Priceton and Cornel at
Travers Island Thursday
A Red dress first aM6 statioa fends
valuable service to the spectators
of the golf tournament at the Co
lumbia Country Olub during the
It wan at the request of the Pub
lie Health Service and the officials
of the C6hynibla Club that the local
Red Croes chapter ereeted this first
aid station. located just at the right
of the club house and Installed a Red
Cross nurie, Miss 1ally Coriop to
take charage of It.
Though no serIopis injuriese, have
been reported Miss Cartoo was kept
busy adminitrng' first aid to many
of the guests who were so unfortun
ate as to beobmne prostzated by the
Intense heat the first part of the
week, and to those who met with
slight aceidents in their over-eager
ness to follow the players over the
course aind did not watch their step.
Passes for Returned Balls.
PHILADELPHUA, July 33.-In an
effort -to break up the fans' habit of
keeping baseballs-..nocled into the
stands, the Philadelphia National
League club announces It will issue
a pas, good for onls day, to spematore
*bho throW the ball back to the playing
field. Local fans recently have been
tormenting the guards by thrwilng
the basealns around the pavilions be
fore giving them up, and many were
never recoud
Ilausse, WA TOIS, JEWnUT
PesMsat C Cit Wrima et tbo
attralctive o(or A, ager
emt t the sheeprt (Tesas
)~h elab fbr a ette
hiis a big ,amt in
Tb. wmoeef the psdev Is
Bird and Grith enduds that
ti. lelw to an that his a e
mys 3b"- bow.
and hi. oSet 4v1sed him to
National Regatta at Buffalo
Attracts Loa Oarmn Who
mav" Been Sucoesful.
After overwhelming vfotoeles In the
Southern ragatta Saturday- te Po
tomac Boat Club oarsyen feel pretty
chesy/and are looking forward toathe
natiual regatta, whek rs to behe
at Buffalo, August t and 6.
The club, in t1e reatta last -at.
urday won every enep with ose ow
oeptio, the junior gg. ht 46
tries were made and the l oar
men landed seved. winning in nearly
every instance -with a boat's length
and more to spare.- The - Ptoma.
will probably enter' only the later
mediate egbt,order shell In the oa
tional at au -os an nat isooneeded
to be one of th sremt ere" ever
turned out at the club.
The record of the Intermediate
crew, made up mostly of high school
youqguters. rowing i t eir first year,
in remarkable. On Deocoran in
seven members of this crew rowe
In the scholasteb champistonsip on the
Harlem and the Saturday before on
the Bchuylkill, wtnnins in both events.
They also rowed in the Potomac Junior
eight event an the Harlena ong to
Columbia University in a oloe finish.
They were entered in the Junior
eight event in the Peoples' resatta on
the 8chuylkill July 4, losing after
maintaining a commanding lead unti
[Fithin fifty yards of the finish when
a member of the crew otlapea. la
Saturday' the crew again rowed In
the Junior event in the Southern re
gatta winning by over four lengths.
Having won In a Junior match race
they are now only edgibie as Inter
Members of the Racoor Cane Club
who helped to estahiah the name of
the Potomacs throughout the East,
have again taken up the sweeps and
with the additioer of enough member"
to fill out an eightcared shaell. are
out with a cilense to any of the
river camping clubs for a match race.
The old boys are right now in
pretty fair condition as they ar on
the river every day either rowing,
canoeing or swimming. The lads
who manned the eignt last evening
were Dutch Heldeanreicht, bow; Tight
Ramsal, No. 2; Admiral PFv, No.
3: 8leepy Williams, No. 4; Joe Davis,
No. 6; Paul Bergh, No. 6; Tiliy Dor
sett. No. 7; Funkhouser. streke, and
Capt. Jimmy Abbott, oozswain.
NEW YORK, July 23.-The Giants
took a double-header from (9acinn
today, $ to 7 and a to 0. The soond
game was called by. agreement after
five Innings had been played to permi
the Reds to catch a train. The score:
N. T. Aa.E.O.A. CImel. A.H.O,A.
Bers, If. 4 1 4 40 e.s rft. 4 1 1 e
Banett. r 4 1 4 4 Bq me 1b 1 1 1 4
Fr''h. Sb. 4 2 0 1 Grb 3b.. e i 1 8
T..n. . . 4. 2 . R...h. er. 3 , , .
Kelly, 16. 4 a a a Da'b't. 1b.6 1 12 0
Snyer, 0. 3 0 0 1 Cramsa a. 4 3 g
Smith, e.. * 6 0 0 mas-q, *. a
Nef, p... 213 Deeap. e 00g1
Salls., p..* 0 0 1 0 Biler, p., *
1aJa 1 0 C Cc KMi.z I
Total..551 ?1 Tetale..1241
a)3ttee for Glss Ia elehth.
(o Bat ter fe oeee I eigth
h.w Tec.r.....1332 -
jp.uaLssn. et bu,Grah.
Hr KeRave. Crams, fer, Kest.
Cimota. .AB .DA G...
Nete.,rt... 2 S 1 0 Burnis,i. 3 0 0
Bohne.36. 3 1 3 3 Banettes. 0 30
='*2 :: i I 008-:*
Da.u-rt.lb1 . 2 . K.n,.ib.. I II
Dmealt 3 0 Cum otw33
Gear,p.. 1 ee 1Barna.p.. 3 1 C 0
Total...i 515 0 Totata...t 31 S
Cinetaatt............. * g 3
New York.............. g
Daubertt De eIe pa-Pbo teDon rf
man Taylor, -promoter of the Benny
Leonard-Lew Tendler champlonship
fight here August 12, received word
today from Tendler'. training camp
at Delanco, N. J., that the challenger
has engaged Stanley Dillon, physical
director of the PhIladelphIa police de.
partment for several years, to help
him get In conditiona Dillon was a
wrestler and boxer and is an eapert
on physical cndtioning.
il Bu s e lf-enfmed "flil
being aeggtdin Chicago, we
how, ThrovOh these long, wa1
examination, onsk e of the
chr. $ra, * been
he was piufsd $1,100 by gha W
acting asr^ go-between for the
he nover 8the money. The pht
the stead during the griling.
Pittsburg Takes Opener, 4
8o."n Gab V.rnsanc.
In Seoond Clash.
BOBTON, Jt 3.-The Bostem
Braves and Pit tshrghe-lmfte.addg
Pirates divMed bmmors in two st[fAP
ontested ganes here today. The
3ome team went under in the first
gain. when a ninth-inning rally failed
o bring them up to the visltors' score
if S. a run in the last inning for the
Braves making it 3 and 2. The Braves
ivenged the km, of the first gans
shes they scored i runs in the see
id game to Pittsburgh's single soore.
'he park was crowded with more than
10,000 enthusiastic fans. Soore:
P'tsb'h. An.H.O.A. Roea. AB.H.O.A.
Balbee.f.. 4 1 1 0 1'owellof.. " 2 2 "
gs cf.. . 2 1 a a Barbare,a" 4 11 4
WIf"1e,M.. 2 2 1 a a'thw'b,rf. 4" ! "2
eta'w,b.. 2 0 ! 3 Nlch o,lt 4 " 0
Whltted.rf 4 " 2 0Boeckolb 4 1 4
O'sart b 4 " 0 0 Holke,lb.. 2 " it 1
)rlmm,.lb. 2 012 1 rord,lb... 2"S 2"I
2bhmidt*. 2 1 4 4 ONeI,c... 2 2 "
38"0 iP... 2"0 1 3 Wataoa.pn 2"0"S$
Olbeon.c.. 1 " 3 "
ewdy.. 1 1 4 "
tCbbure.. "0 1 "
Tetal...3.20 "211 Totala...$ 32111
*aatted tor Watas.
taa tot Gowdy.
Mlttsbeteb.......... """, """"-$
ltase-Bltbea. Carey (2). PowsI~ell. aa.
*rrore-Barshart, Barbaro. Twe- bIt
Itakoet-Br Cooper. a: by Woto,=21tB tlnCoe 2.of~aton(e.
I satfo it*--elk". Haranrllle. Watso.
seter. Double pla s--Barbere to PsN
le "Mtk. mr'e and Saler.
Bi t.4 .5PowelL..3
|se7.'a'. 3 2 1 Bab''se. 4- 1
..thw.,.. 4 . . . rbl.
WBtn,.... 4 . . 1 oce.2
I mT .3. 30 1 Tlboa.. 3 14
mewe. Powell,
ale ,o aro 1 seeight .
llet bl.. h ma4a th ite
CHICAGOlm, Jul 33.-Uban~ Fae,
Stare-pitbal, terd ofth-e Chitg
Wieoe te, Bo rursdaye Dcheed bhiS
:-entieaelaictory of theu 1eso andkee
-hrey eal shed a remarkabl reo
mJard fo a tr.eger plain oa et
HIA ha beln 33.-Urbao the,a
wntet~ tr of the season.an
The big right-hander has par-tici
sated in twenty-eight game. and han
'ieett cbarged with buat sia defeats
ifanagem Gleason, oommenting oi
!aber's work today, declared thai
P'aber wasn the greatest piteher is
mny leaguet,
LANCAU'TER, Pa., July 2.
Michael A. Miller, athletic director al
Montclair Academy. Montolair, N. ..
htas been appointed assistant phydica
firector at F'ranklin and Marshal
Doll.git was announced today. Heu
el echarge of track, basketbal
and miner aet.including the gym
Y' Of 1 wggd.esig mpsag now
a on the wInems stand for twelve
-odh thewest a
attwgnees fo the enes
iniesd tsait for his saidm
ite i oz as, to" indict for
and ta a .bler, but, aedr
Ito shows ars he appeared on
Al 8othoron Continues Conw
Back Stunt by Outpitching
Wait. Hoyt.
CLEVELAND, July 23.-The In,
diana tightened their hold oq first
place in the American League race
today by blanking the second place
Yankees, 2 to I. Score:
N. T. AB.H.O.A. Clow. AB.. O. A.
Teo''r. cf. 2 " " Jeam's's. It 4 a 1 1
Peck., ". 40 32 W'raby. 26 b 1 2 1
Ruth, It.. 4 1 4 1 Sp'Wr. cf 3 2 3
Bak'r, 3b. 4 1 2 I SmIth. rf. 3 0 4 "
ue'4'l. rf. 3 1 ]Oara'r. ab 4 1 2 1
Ptpp. lb.. 1 07 1 "Sewel. so. 4 1 " 1
Ward. 1b. . t" 2 1 Joh'a'a. Ilb a 2 1 1
Hefra. e. 2 0 4 14.-Ill. o. 3 3 4 1
Heyt, p... 3 1 " 1 Both''. p t 1 " 1
Total.. 20 2 24 11 Totals.. 5113 317
New York.... 00 1060 0 0-4 1
Cleveland..... " " 3 " " " " " s-- 13 "
Rom-Jamlesen. Wamby. end Botboroa.
o-basIetaaker. Baker, Notborea
Tkreobaeeett. okaessacrifice hit
Speaer. *am oa balle-Off Mort. 2: oil
2letbres. tstuck oat-By Botkoroa. 4.
Doeble p1ap- Mosse to Meftos: Ward
to Ptpp; Ptp uea .ted. wild pitcb
Botboroac ilt, bptcer-By Ntkoroa,
Poweter. Viela--waea and nwas.
ander won hi. tenth game of the
season today from the Phillies, i
to 2. in eleven innings. An error by
Alemander himself let the Phillies tie
the score In the ninth atter the Cubl
had given him a two-run margia,
chte, A.A.A. Phul. AB...
TIiy.b...5 12 r.,,,..e2 4 0..
M'dowep. 4 11
t ontiedfor Smith an ainth
Barber, rieau. D(l)
Orimes Aieaaer Wrightutoee. (3)
Kia~ IAOia. - Two-base bite-King,
D"-h. on.. S*e.''*as htega:er
mapS Ba-e ena--Onf A1.....r.:
6. DoebMe pa---P an. to K ehy
Umpro.- eCermnek and faert.
CHICAGO, July 23.--Haaty out
ithdDick Kerr in a pitching duel
tdyand the Mackmn beat Chi
ca, I to 1.
Single. by Dykes, Clarence Walkes
and Perkins scored the WininUIg runi
in the fourth Inning. Score:
Phil.. AB.K.O.A. Chiestge.AB.H.O.A.
WIttrf... 4 0. 1 0 Johasom S 0 1 I
W7e.~.'i'a 3*54 M ic".lne: 1l:
PWerlf 4d 3 4 0 3Mo 1,rt.. 4 1 1 0
Hastyn,.. 120 Mouqir,.. .. 4 1 1 g
Duga.;b 311 Seoiyan.. 1 1
Totals.. .233 1631 Total. .. IS SI I
*Batted for McClellan in ninth.
Phiadel.hle. . . . 1 . e 1 * 0
Chca,o....10.6 60 10-I
RcDkeaa, Duga. C. Walker Moeti
Dut-allo .e Tlee-s hits-- hak WeFlk,
Ofst er. ,obl . Matysohnon to Ceilan
.oSeey . M., cei.at. ceilna to.hol
.1 alkr toGaloway to Dyke..Wl
.UM .ie~ WI TM "
'wM .t' num '~ b e
CRICADO, July .L.-' S tr .
aenia who ebtalns mie @eos of
the sae' tte do Ole MaUS,
lty waivr e o o # WeMS 4&
Xuds"V ate06
ot g ury PC
i#steps tofr
aIIowR aee a mi / t
trive the watwes, ar i In
oert..otlon with .the1 s S.l r.sra as 00-.
ene of the ma wouId be
taken. Jadpe Hugo l[. 'rln als d
e a d a itd: O t h an s i n e v i 4 s e .
"1 am sure of the wtSP41bo0ts of
thes* waivern," OorTMa "I have
traced th down and Ah" get thein
beak as dn as porlble."
-ed/Ida Doins Al Gat.
NEW YORK. July *1- Roth
ein, widly If ' aport
lng asa,n awsae has bw. eN
te/ed pr.emantly in the t& at the
chis.a- ha.amn pimy. erfr "threwr
fng" the sit1 warld mries, esued a
atateatn today n aelesee.
ties with attempts to " the maieS.
He miM be had been appsroahed by
"Bnr Ab with the prostin. but
that he Burns At the $MaIt was
an and had Brn "a
blalg " for darng Wto suggest it
to hiw.
NEW YOU July 28.-The Dde
Nmad. merry with the (eirsals
today, while Southpaw Carence Mtb
en pitcbid an sas vMitory. 14 to 4.
Sach Wheat made the Joy ot Dodger
fans copete with a hogpe run. soore:
"t.1. AB...A. Bta. A2.r.O.A.
Mana.ef.. 4 0 4 1 Olsa. =.. 4 1 6
?etes.e " 0 00 rnutes,3 4""3
m.t . 40 f 3 1 1
H'rasb.w 4 3 2 4 e... 1 1 1
M M-'r.W 4 l Net, Ir. 4 2
Tbreee 13I 3 1 3
,kw'.we.r.>, i " 1/ ,o..
Hai .. 000 Mtehefl.o 4 1 1
Lhess 1. 0 " .
taah... . 4 . .
Totals...38 0 34 13 TetalN.. . T 3113
fBatted for Serdell In seeatb.
tRam for Clemeas in seventh.
st. Lo"..... 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0- 4
Breeklsa... 0 1 8 0 3 3 1
Rue-Steak. Fearter. 1er e -
h..t"r O.. ieed, y4.ls Tayle. wflitth
ltesl(31. Un .wi4i.6*( Two-base
f Dt- Ik. er. Three-base bItshln letk
1l ser1lo"r1J-1r1/.r.Ol.. ase adt.
Tler. StAen bae-Nele. nit by pither
Br Mitehel (/e.ra"tr). wild pteh-Halei.
Ump"tre-Breanas sad Quigley.
ST. LOUIS. July 23.-The 'rowns
won htelr eighth straight viotort to
day when they tumbled the Rtld ion.
t to 4. In ten inings. A single by
WiWlam. with the bases ful gave
St. Louis the winning run is the
tenth. Score: -
Besten. AB.1.O.A. St. L -AB.R.O.A.
LNbeld.ef. 4 1 1" eTat...48a"
Poster,36.. 4 0 0 1 sller..b. 4 1 4 8
.OelMuas.rt 4 1 1 Iv.lb.. 2030
Malatl1lbS 113 1 1 2 0
Pratt.3.. i333 2 w U.1t 4 1"0
loott.as... 4 1 i I Jsoeb6'a.t 4 1 1"
MeaoekyIt 4 1 4 0 Mrsrel/,a 4 1.40
1"l..4 0 1 0 Osrbers.. 4 0-2 2
TaMa.rf... 4 00
[Bse.6.3 " " "
tloa..at 1 it "
iave".p.... 00 0
Totals...34 1131 1 Tetas..." 13 30 10
*None out when winning run sered.
.fttred for Kelp Is slshth.
S e P. Cie 1 eighth.
Deste............. 310 00 00 0 00-4
04.LeUtS...........40 0 0 001 313
T a -LIhed .ColIU MelIa Dub.
(3. r-RneL. Two-bae hi
Telia,neut. Garte hltW-. COlstl,
MoMnas Elere.Deeble play-Pratt
to MelanIe. Bet te Melas l(3).Ott to
Pratt to NelamIs. Dase o ell-f
DayIs 3; off Kelp. 1: eff Dumb. 3. Struck
byush. 1. 1by p,-i1en
brand and Nai.
IInternational League.
A.t Syracume-First gasne:
Rochester ....200 000 030- 6 7 3
Syracuse ... 228 040 100-18 16 1
Batterle.-Blake and Matton; Olsn
and NeiberalI.-.
Seoond game:
Rochester ..10 010 000-4 13 1
Syracuse...003 000' 100-3 W 1
Batteries -Winner and Murphy;
Kircher and Gilhan.
At Toronto-First ganie:
Buffalo......000 220 011-4 12 -0
Toronto .......00 000 100-1 4 4
Batteries-Rogers and Trarwae;
Fortune and Dovin.
Second game:
Buffalo........000 000 8-I I C
Toronto........000 @10 2-3 4 0
Dattre-Hetman and Beneagb;
Rein and Devine.
Called by agreement..
At Nbwark:
R.I a.
Reading ... 00 000 011-4 0 1
INewark ..... ..002 400 00P- 1 4
BDatteroee-Fisher, gebwts and
Johnsmon; Barnee and Withrnow.
At Jersey City-Frst game:
R.H. 3.'
Baltimore .100 011 201 000 1-? 15 1
Jersey City.200 000 0300 00 --4 16 4
3attern-Oe s Ta aind Lof
ler;Bienille an
Im s
e Wads
he MI aro t a
are eaets ate gantst
Moee t am are esd
tui M t the big tsi
ing,s t ahthep amei
the dute ~ aheIto se
kar the tin owhe M,sh tems
lauthre a JItIt eaM
pt July a thm e
thrta m e have piv4
s.em tese~sml~Y
vastaus arer -ee mec
Wral WW sem a as the aorthwe
nd northeast, the southwest ad
salthea". Others want all th
te"as "ited and caisd in a
three mseid
Prao.any an t the sea s e an
uppeee to a de and aout Mirs. Ti
dussttous at unmpteee, seese.
to play ad the like WEI be aWdbl
the sandlotters whe * Set to
tether on Wodneday.
Last weet the aimateurs ta
gether ad elected Ro4rik ?hoet
ebalrbean of a couaitiee hri
the beries. Theam.a will be as the jo
Wednes=y utgtt to tsole the gope
Just as soen as the tadepwesdt
are dtar it is expecte the
District AmaOt r Hmbu. lo
will gather together the =ea nte
ses and talk a basebal
The league teams have haed a pee
meaden baseall snres ter seen
years &ad will PreMy hemaoth
Interesting fastr thMs year. Wasm y
ton bes s te demlta thib sesm
ad an ot them have been playhy
good basebll.
The league reprewetatlves pen"
ly got about August 1 an
preparfthei tttalar reunlds, whie
determnae a wiaer to eornpete wt
Rioamo.a Is the massias Inteet
series, alwas an interesting teatur
of =o.s- seandet baseball he.
Ylelal temeers af memoe1, aN.
sblal hemra ateseaer.
'iset Isatl-Aeef New Terk.
Gsvett, . Sotheren phaing. tw
out and apses bems. lne, los
strke e, clM; bal two. india; oil
to t, but was et trl ag I
srotch hUL
DFeurth Isalag-aesre: New Teri
: Cevelasnd.s. Sotheena pichhy.
two out ad none on bases. Ball em
inatde; fouled to O'Neill.
Seventh batfig-ooere: New Yer
0; Cleveland. L Sotheren pitthini
Ruth firt men up. Strike one..alle
ball one, Inse grounded to Johastor
Ninth inanr.-soere: New York. 4
aeveland, 1. Sotheron pitchng. on
out and nae an bases. Ball an
wide; ball two, wide; strike omf, awaei
bal three, wide; strike two, ele
fled to Amath.
(COsrftt, 1931. el Al aUm Anea.)
WARSAW, Va.. July 23.-Warsa
defeated the strong Deray Athtet
Club team here.this afternoon, 3 to
Warsaw saored ooe In the s....d. on
in the fifth and one in the seventb
Deray mcored in the eighth.
Kirkwed, the heal pitching s;
held the viltors to two hits, both a
which were made In the sath toinn
and ese af which was of the infil
variety. He struck out fifteen emm.
The V. B. oetene Pest team wi
py the Harlem A. C. on the Ha
go at 3:30 p. em. Sund;
AU players report at P.4an m lst
at 2 p. em.
The roetefna Pest baa an open dal
*uuiuJuy 31 and August 14, a
weeM e tohear. fre om e stres
team in a ererund the Dietriet. A
des 3. M. Waa 181 Handels
place northwest. 2%rth 1624
The Breatweed Midgets woan - .
victory qver the hmetwooed Juntim
by a meere of 1? In 3.
rti Banmaptce a fine gam
tor the widnes4. re aetweed Ml
gets went ~mos with twelveqyear.l
team. Write W. 1. ESmIth. Ral
Breotweed, Md.
Indeaedenta defhated the Roam.n
In two eat mf three gama in the
series yetrday, the scense being 6 1
8 ands9te 3. Batteriem for the wt
ners were 1hrig nand celler a
Mile. L.unglen Sails Jly 30.
NEW Tamt, JaWUl .-Mile. Bona
Lm.--e. Wete -ha---on woan-te
als player, will sail for this mounti
July 30. acinrtng to a cablegrana
ceived teday by the United
Lawn Tennis Assno,i.tion. Mile.
Ian was to have sailed today.
Doughboys WIn Rifle Matoh,
COLNE, July 23-a'he team rel
remeating the Almertea forces in Gs
snau territory won the tnterajlli
man arianeampetition at AIz-la-Ch
clle. Thse Amerteans defeated -I
elan. the secod team'In the ca
test, by 1,0O pott.
Mohawk Club Lose..
Stanton Athletic Club dOLated tl
Mohawk Club by 6 to 4. n
ntehingr andButler's pinch hith
bI diIraliws> - fr hu
Il y at The Walngess
ss k away/G11 sirss Md ..ri
,r. hV%ff their de" .a .
i w oertt.frd ytoU m t
'i brmind by the end ofA
il."ge from twelve as !11
On Taptoday
nT ayeboere Club ad Elks
teams aRe settling their differ
.es sthe Ameri=a Leat.e
Park todsy. Here's te line-up:
LAsks=rboek. tlls,
O Gntt et . Dlir', e!
s Purdy, as
Ortell, 8b Luber, e
Jaatis, if Olvonnettee,e '
Nomana, 16b Owees, Patt' e'
rCos, af Ose Pflus p
Campb.ll, Zb Rosdi -b
Pon dw,or er CarrOU Tf
SouMthnBu- Frtazi-rr,l f
dett, S6in, L..4 8b
and Fisher, p
Jam.. sY,'ue.. bas b.N s.
lected to umpire.
L. u
r W. L.P. w . 1.
Cleela u $3 .444 at. Lowse, 43 d3.4. -
Sew TNk ..e.. ... .4
Swasf Cieee.. 414n a.
4641 ."$ Phtl.... 3 ".1...
N.OATS Alav7
l Detroit ; ..a\ aut. !.
b6e Taterk 4 3.61cia . . e4T.4
a et Lw: a ",l-':t . e #
" 11DArs oAao.
Washi n at Detroit
* Phil&"e"p at ~IAss
eoo at Cleee-aal
a w.t. a t N t T e .
Ksne, at e .we1gt as..ti pN 4?
the world,3. h41 aucaae t h .e
7>" 39 444 .3A DibM.. 36 ti3~
a ew dork. '6-yn1ada . d.
P,ottfabre. -1; Bete, e". h -
15 ,orkthe 14e tt tmi. 4. d
Cteoe. e; PbKlead.lpb 2t
Sgt. ilae t-t1ps Sese
Hsforeatfrhsapaac atP brookbi
e* DSf Ctlevelad,wll rfee
r. Pbiadopbl.at I7w Tatk.
C=4, at (aotaa.oi.
CLEVELAND, July 32.-11Lynh,
1fbananeth-weight cham, on up
the worli. announced tonight be ,
would accept ties offrd him by t
Deutasch. Jewelerm, to fight Dahr of
Frua, of ltmsre, re aepther
1 for the featherweight te t
It Io reported Knbaae wll t M
$60.00 for a fifteen-round decialaasT
%gt. ilbae lb to post $10.an n n
forfeit for him appeaance at
atpounds. Frui is .to put up $15, l
.for his appearance. Johnny McGuire
Pf Cleveland. will reteree.
NeP YOIi, July 23-Joe Lynch
bantam-weight champio wound up
trainlig here today !rhis title beeit
oat thet ned oeraly nitn
hisdlst hate teran.n licks wnom
le o ynaum rw asitr
Herma fef.ot" "kno,kouo th
..bta d ..amion, intLondon-ean
Pa o an we. . t.he an ttA. . r . e.
*is le (is
Fi G s
Valuee621.06. Ier
* deea taim
Mae o alt u se t re.0
Ad 2e o pre(2 ot n tuc.2
ALE auR saandian e(ir.s) a

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