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~- b
tune4 - ttepctrsu l
laGqe: I
fi This
w 1g'pS q'baa gone "bak to the
P'e whole month she spent
16W,- time at the picturinque old
farn near Whittier. Cal.
SEcty f the West-working
- e Stuff." her newest pid
1w t4ep eclty for her b'
Iheas9 ala ASrs1 Johnetan.
tion Will e seen at both
'a Metropolitan and KnIcker
ydeker. beginning this afternoon.
After aurhrg Southern Cautorala
* r i Der location for this rural
-t'y, agalia farm finally was
secured. It fittOd the locale of
'.ff g"Aed for the
PMrlose" fi1 oldfarad
Preserts .anothar estraon
o that br'Uxist yVonsg ita
In Maee.l Karger's re
ea,.wrs veraian o j ft
Not atory of ths'ssawea
wo a s ts,s..,,o
.d 4omawe by e eies..
--UI 1,501 0IT0
Preete for a?ee'
featur.d,fj.m io
MIsp..tbLiwtt hA
lick o Farm
house, barn and many outhitlldinga
on the twenty+cre tarm were bufilt
more than seventy years ago, but
show no traces of decay. The fain
has been Occuped, and kept up aill
the t4nie. It was one of the flrst farmns
In t1 w Whittier valley.
D.06e the fact that Miss Dans
ar.se at 5:30 o'lock in the morMah
in .Mer to arrive at the farm at .
oclock. as it was forty miles fAi'
her home in Beverly ills, the little
star had the time of her lif.
There were. cove. etnickens, horMeh,
dare. cats, turkeys, aesae, hoes. and
everything Ob U oe to populatli a
real fapn1 at t iO Msinolla place. *nd
r o ~p otopLi rau
hrkakan d captiv'ting
was by Lloyd OsbOr.
!dryb i keak t
avrtng ti wowol
diA re d ,ctor ..at
a- L4terury I),geat Topic.
Af AT 3 P. M.
etinggement s. the
wife who loved too foisd
beurtd'I. tfe d asther -
~but who usad. het kuos.
- * hmptwuaseeesig
iag. aad it pitfaUs
'u ,4 I
Miss Dana ws right at hems. Mei
Dana, who was riisarl on a farn i
New York State. was no iovice at tb
life she bad to live n the story o
-Hoe. Stuf."
Dohble Feature Bill
Pursuant to its policy of presentin
seasonable entertainment. Cranslall
Metropolitan Theater this weck ssl
announces a bill of unustul interes
and merit. Two major fea*urs wil
oomprise the high lights of the qrn
gram-Viola Dana In "Home Stuff
and Harold Lloyd in "Among il:oe
In "Home Stuff" Miss Dan% Is sa
in the coneenial role of a vouni
actress who is stranded in a commai
nity remote from the large citle
where she is compellqd to adapt h.
self to the viewpoint of simple -rolt
ftlk whose minds always have eei
tered upon unenlfvened pEstoral Pt.
silts. The story is one of rich humor
provides a wealth of quaint cherm ant
reaches a climax of genuine y0% t a
The star has never been cast am , rr,
more completely in consonance witi
her Inclinations and her abflity tiha
that of Madge Joy. The 'upportini
east is one that Insures equally ,ktll
ed itspereonations of other 'n.t"".rt,i
roles. Tom Gallery appear as Itober
Deep, opposite Miss Dana. ")thers o
note are Josephine Crowell, PriecilI
bonner and Nelson Mac )owr-ll.
In "Among Those Present," his new
eat two-reel laughter spe cial, Haro)
Lloyd brings to the screen the con
vulsing story of a bellhcp in a fashion
able hotwl who posed as Iuroe'1
greatest horseman and hunter, Loi
Algernon Abbott Aberdeen Abernuthy
and attended the house party and 12
hunt of Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien,'of -hi
neoveau riche. The oportunitles to
the display of the Lloyd brand of el
wholesome high comedy are obvtout
The smreen's cleverest comedian is sup
ported by Mildred Davis. Agtie Her
ring .James Kelly. William Oilesi
and others with a penchant for fun.
The double-feature bill for the wee
will be completid by ahort rests an,
special music.
Colonial Beach
As the sutmer seson admws&e
Colonial Beach, "Washington's Ai
lantio cty:- continues to ine.sh
In popularity with the vacationi
Its attractions are amany, and in
elude malt watei' bathing, filling
crabbing, and ealling, while d~eein
on the breese-swey,t, watersid
pavilion to excellent music Is
nightly feature.
The beach Is reached by' a de
lightful four-hour ride on the wetl
equipped stearier St. Johns, wiel
makes trips. every Tuesday, Th'ur,
day, and aunday' at 9 a. mn, ani
on Saturday at 2:30 p. in., leaavin
the .wharves at the foot of 8Svetn
street. A hew waterworkcs an'
sewerage sysVen has jtust been corn
pleted at Colonial Beach, and .ani
tary conditions are equal to ihde
of any resort hae the Atlantic ^ne
On Monday, Wednesday, anid
day evenings the St. Je ,ns ake
the tiUual 40-mile trips. leaving, a
7:15 p. in.
ettaueen Daiity 3
"Prerater Xylogheglpt"
8Smar usee and CpIgsal Dases
Pr--ier 'heedmM Pes
* "L.OVI
Addes Atre"- agp
, Wh . i
g a Rockett sys= It Is a part of
the pMw curs, but that since I
It I" itbshoares us to make thei
t best et lt./
S Do you know that to the average <
-reels oflpiotsre an one of subtitles I
Mr. Roackett takys Issue with those
writers wbo favor many subtitles and i
t o"st"a the Mea as being subvers- a
ive of tha tra art of suotion plcture
, expression. days Mr. Rockett:
a "The motion pieture Is a story told
in vlsualised aota by players work
iag to a deflaite purpose. It is a I
' drama -19 piatures. The sub- i
t title as or al Iy udd bad for its.
, sole purpoe the explanation of things 4
I that could not be told by the action
or to express the passage of time.
{ A clevpsr subtitle may get a laugh. 1
I but It is the actigo of the play that
'epi pay to see. 'I
f * arguasut -that mental action i
cannot adequately be empremed by
t mimetic ar, wr.aoot the use of a spok
t en subtitle is a fallacy. More real
t dramatic action may be put over In 4
R a cide up showia repressom than i
all the shoed subtitles that were I
ever written. Mant an actor spoils
i the effect of his work by lettag his 1
Knickerbocker Closed
For Decoration Only
Announcement is made from the ex
r ecutive offies of the Crandal Tes,
r ter, In the Metropolitan Theater
- building, that C'andall's - Knioker
, booker, Eighteenth street at Columbia
{ road northwest, wll be closed ' on
Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday and
Priday of the current week for pur
poses of interior decoration. It was
thought that the interior embellish
ment could be acoonplished without
closing the house even for aso short a
ieswod as four days, but upon investi.
Sgation .Its was found that -necessay
seaffoldlng would mnaterbily Impair
the pleesure of the theater's patrons
and the decision t. close- briefly was
a reached. The Knickerbocker wtU re
I open for the Ssadrday matinee, July
3 0. with Tonm Moore the piotured star
p. In "Made In Heaver."
a The brief closing of the Knicker
'boeker bee given rise to the rumde
that otherp of the Crandall chain of
seven.theaters in the Capital will close I
in the near future. It is .definitelyi
j. stated by the Crandall executives that
-this -rumor is totally witheut founda- 1
* tion In tact. Neither Crandall's Metro
.politan nor any other of the Crandall!
houses will close this summer, book
a ings at all houses having been comn
t pleted well into the month of Sem)
i tmber.
5yftaT it. W.
Prem 13 o'Cloeh Woo.
B13or3aN T31UM1'5
Presset "Chskmased"
Sega Osmeiy mad Nemr WeeM
ao not neda bite' x
lanit es en>uyd
body get in the way ae.' mind.
eat pr,ty Interpret"dMetal Ue
Jon will not need a subtitel to as
noin It. A ea te rnuid be -sed
wherever eonay to bt that is the
md of Its netties, otherwise the
topla pfthe. future wl evolve
antoa thiat which pwilr be more like
film t Wststo.ed bubyttes than
notion picture with subtitles 'us
oerely Iniental to the isto al text.
"Thy*Ric ation Is but a good, bed
tr "indifferent refisotion at mas" t sc
ion and. it good. Ten' wads ad ex
gana,en sart peed- f bad sub
itums no matter bew clevrer4 wil notI
skem the picture. wA l r lment
a that pictures are more easUY an
lkrstood by the co~mon Mind than
ritten test, ad the subtitl must
wo go over the becu of the Pre.
"Apaln. M'nJtipUdty at suhltlee'
take impatient the wooa who toes to
iee piotures. sa the staining aifter
Itfects in stau"" is ad letreisi
in ueaninalem eels n the picture..
*T1e Ideal picture Is one with the
hramatic action Interpreted as esarIy
w.rtecty as skilled. ing and dl
'eotion can do it 'witth fewewf poe
We subUtles, but those. also. lucid.
at and clever."
Glen Echo Park
The ture of outdoors where an after
oon. an evening or an entire day eaf
te spent amid pleasant surroundings
a repondible foe attracting throngs of
ner esing sis' to Glen Ecbo Part
each 8unday. The epacious picnio
rrounds with large tables and confort
Ible. benebes pised at conven.mt In
Lervals under shady trees make at
.othl short of MIal. There are ppa.
iroun, too, for the youngsters. bad
sparklng water near at hand.
lsp anrday. special concerts by
ilontar's and - are a feature. The
arleus amusement devices. icldin4
he -six bi rides n te.
he msidway, offer ether andl varIed at.
'On Wday nighits. .hancing on the
t -airb5ll room o' anusio
byOehupan's OrcheIttp of
'ilne jpyotau er.ms." Is an outstand
ng feature..
Steamer Macalester.
A tuoet delIghtful' spot at whidh
eenjoy a Sunday outIng is haa
LoeIo -and beautiful old Mar*ball
Ffali, and picknickera and pleauasre
tuteW's will find every facility for
heir. onvenlenoe. The new dane
jag paviflon, the lwhip, the gravity
'aillay, slide., sand piles and nisny
stber am semeonts line the cool and
A delightful river trip is made b*
he steamer Charlee Macaleet'er ev
iry Sunday afternoon, leaving Bev
mnth street wharf at 2:30. The steam
ir make. Its usual stope at Mar
bhall Hall, then continues Its jour
icy for ehout forty mulss, pasin
nany historic points and returnin
o Wasbington In time for the reg
star 6245 trip to Marshall Hall.
Lan a Lan Added Ameena
FREE; 4 to 11. P. N.
W-in NiIrUS Oxa.v.-.
"Mecca," Famous Spectacle
of Orienit, Coming Here
-Me-r' a musoal-"extr..adans..er
the Orient, writt.n by Oscar Ase,
with music by Percy E. Fleeiher. will
be presented by P. Ray Coeastock and
erris Gist In this city during the
oming season.
This is the second season of "Mesca."
which has bad a curious ad iptaest
Lap career becase of many un aeoted
vents ennsected with this roductio.
riginally written by Oscar Ar h.
amous creator and ant,pr of * u
Cin Chow," It wMs Iptsuded s the
uemor of that muSclextravaasn
t His Majesty's T i London.
De year ago all was In readines for
ie London production. and at that
ime F. Ray Csnetock and Morris
Dest, who had produced "Cau ChbW
Chow" in America, ssoured a coatract
by which they produced "Mecca' In
dnerica. Mr. Aseih. was coapelled to
postpone "Mecca" in London bemuss
of the popularity of "Chu," and so it
happened that the world's premiere of
"Mecca" took pico In New York just
a year ago. It sesored a snsational
end overwhelming success and ran
eimost oif montls in New York. until
inally It was taken to Chicago to
rinish the seeson. Ns it is about to
make a tour of the princiSl cities for
Its senosd season.
Meanwhile, in London. Opear Asobe
Is making all arrangements to. pro
Rue "Mcca" this o ng seasbn, -but
the lord chamberlain actually for
bidden him to use the title bedause of
ppoied religious prejudice on tb.
art of Mohammedas, to whoma
erd OMea means heaven. it will.
tberefore. be done in. London under
nother name.
"Meoa" is a gorgeous extravanemp.
pt the Orient and is full of oer. life.
mdso and picturesque of tOSDhe,r.
with many gittering and soeu cos
unes elaborate scenery adaballot
taged by Michel Fokine. 'which Is the
marvel of all who see it. This superb
And gorgeous spectacle will easily rank
a the culmtiating triumaph of elabo
rate stage productions, for It coot
at $406,0M 4o raise the curta.
lsers. Comstock and GostJpenin.
be original cast identified the
long run of the play in New York ead
Golfers at Chelky Chase
Featured -in News Reel
Keen interent is being displayed h7
glf fanis all over the country 4n the
istonaI Open ChamspIinkIp Miet at
hevy Chese, ad pletalres M, the
meet, showing Jock IIutchison,
gnercan winner of the Rgs title.
ad Abe'Kitchell, the farnous ICag
ilah etar, competing for .new bonors
re shown In Internatiosl Nw No.
8,. Issued by Internatimnal ad re
hased through Univernel eachangp's.
These are great days for the fish
rmen along the Pacific cost. The
iggest hauls in many years are
heing made right off San F'ran
~ieo, and twenty tens a day 1s an
verage catch at this titme for one
oat. Pictures of this most Inter
sting occupation are -also shown
In this real.
Also shown in this reel are plc
uresi of the Elk.' parade at Los
ngeles. Call.; the yachting races at
Lrchmdfnt, N, Y. scee of the
olitical turmoil In' Italy, and marty
ther interesting haPeingm of the
Hotel Tab
- Si. courses, srp
Oiehalf of the weold may not kw
bow' the other halt lives. yet right iu
our own country there are settlomenti
which have no conception of the wayr
of modern eivilisation. This Is In the
Virgina meuntains, where Richrat
Barthelmes' screen version of Josept
Heegesbeitr's "Tol'abe David" ii
nt t tmidst a primtivenesi
yadl evable.
Here wman Is placed on a loww
sphere than man, and her chiet placi
in life is conceded to be the servant oa
her lord and master. Standing bebin
his chair at the dintler table when ne
segaged In. actually serving him, se
patint switches the Vies away from
s lor persomn and waits for his
to finidh.bsefre she starts to eat. The
spinning wheel Is her. most moderr
instrument, and she uses it with the
sane skill that her Northern slstei
pls the 131 sowing nachine.
Descendants of a religious sect thal
believes man's superiority is a divine
heritage, the male members of thie
little colony are not allowed to kisi
their weien folk. but frequently ma7
be seen exchanging chaste kiasm
among their own sex. A glance a'
the long hirsute adornments en theh
cheeks and chin, In spite of the feel
that am- upper lip is scrupulousll
shaven. however. has led Mr. Barthel
mess to wonder wbether the womer
should sot realy be'complimented ant
relieved at their neglect in thui
nses showing these customs of at
bygone .y, which are still prevelen
In this nere atom of a modern nat,ion
eut off tbom and scorning modernity
are -plpteously sprinkled througl
"T ' DavW." which I. being flmee
under e d1nction of Henry Ing
The cabin around which' many a
the sotses revoe is a primitive loq
affair dad is now figuring in a few
Which has divided the county Into fc
t ions.
Another scene will show what ii
laimed to bethe largest water whee
ever built In the Soudh, which thi
natives claim was built by the Stati
of Virginia to provide corn flour fo
the settlers who lett that State to joIb
Daniel Boone In his aettlent ii
Delysia, in " A gar ," Next
Season Attraction Hern
Defirnite announcrent has at las
on. m the office of F. Ray Con
tck Morris Geet In New Yorl
regarding the appearance In this pit:
ot the celebrated European star, Alic
Delysia. MIle. Delysia will appear i
the LotRdon, Paris and Now York seel
satio. "Afgar." an Oriental musica
comedy. at Poll's Theater the weeJ
begIinning Sunday. January 3.
To sky that Delysla Is the pet c
A ausig Ewery Eve. L:15
. . $1.50
d Preas ato 5:30 .
lee Dhvteble men
"e Picur
Setttngs .For 4
ner Picture
London and Paris I. only tor"e
oer-.again what all Eyroper+n
era know-that this chatming
woman from the "Foli e tpee
Parls' has scoted a O.m..lo. In
cent years that has sever
achieved by any other Duropean
From Paris Delydla went toIAOt
and for thre solid yew she'y
the London Pavinion. .She
the leading roles 01 vevea
ticos there, but her mOst
ce.M was.-At ar - which ran tee
than a year. fast fafl F.
stock and Morrias Goet
Mla to Ameria to pe. t "Atga
Now York City. They also
the ceeraetEgih
Lupino Lane, who sbared in the
dop triumph of "Afgr."
Delysia in 'Afm ,!' with Le
1WnW. wa one of the blgpt
rical noveltUes and aenapt+pn.
Broadway last sew., and at the
elusion of more than torty
Delysatlrforher vacatiQ.1n
to America to preet' the a pe
ducion. 'Afpr, n a tortp
p alcltlea an he.,d be
por/d bya otalecom any,
Ing Lupino Lane. who 'ai
for a second seao in AnMarlll ,
e.d - Jsrsen
Narer w r
Heart Iateet ~
It Is a Prainet Piehse
s35 rr AT

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