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hai the r
are re n e
et snrteas mas n
et d iS.eSa*n
Wilhingkten seaib
that de feroo
withi lerks
sae peresal at.
-e aesnler who n e
of a d disrmmien
t1l flesy to he pofnest
etu the Drte *, the
*hn on the Btorh ee
~~Wt oene o 'd
20 fr l it. Just hwo--msehs o
.rationp M will tpaset
i~I~vIl ask Congress ia
i a pprep'jtion. Atptlt
b e suam avwaabe for
Lflr~wsince the Bomil ea"
r U? - lwkd1on will be usbe tn.ir
1 now, but It i' e
fe leee than the coast
1peiStates oomst.lslon
lsieu the drafting
-.snhas .&.. b..n POLr aed
whether the foreign nt
expect the United 4tates to
tf the "guests." but
tret br the Federal
tso It Is raettically s
!that Baand, Fenoe. Italy.
d VIM' 44 other natloes
Stheir ;u irnexpees wh$e
moist fmportanta nroblem
ahidh will have to be decided upon
within * rt and Which Is
boldint the s* eat offlals
of t itr !s a fit
ttL;pI bsto:rWcto bold toe con
. e....e,. .
Shal the - eend eaoe be held In
the White leuee? Or shall It be
held In the Pam-Amerieen Build.
\ t? Or perhape in the Capitol.
o Oegtem iY not in senrdon? That
Is the quesion itat Qovernmeat er.
MilaIs au .bTg to deide at the
'he plOhebIlity is, howerer. that the
e' w be held in the
of Pan-Amerlan Union,
saated between B and C streets on
Mrmisemth, oreoblnda= the Predt
dentia en the east and the Po
teosa aSVtn the south, within a
thrmwr e the Washington
It Is also near the LAn
i t ba buildinp in
the World. It was erected at a cost of
am*n thms $tA1.tN 00.
I the bsa is held In this
the AmMswWi amble
I o the Annerlems,"
which Is 0M to be the molt beau
tEWiweost Its hind in the United
ass.'*s larse windows in the
~r loo eot upon the terrace.
ots eats of arms and eolere
YtSaSn Amnermesa repetites
and alh dsped with ceurtains of oy.
Simtple Way To
*Take Off Pat
he iabs abeU eet per
-sai3 stsaat whien the m.eee.p i
sm. mene? No-4et ntasantle. De
abW iSe eedily to a diet et half a
g6 e ttewlU an a teasted
ea tef ee-et renedlW. Are therg
p.y theo, wanie weieieb .a n..c
red. destag this bet weather? Ne
mh'eet otettt bassy. 5emm tat ,e
pin.r aee happy, theesh, j=,net the
pee6eea bet temse neither - e aec e
SThey lese ft--em smea tere, thee
fear pemend. a Week. an *aaar In
~t~-luther 4e It witheut Wmiag a
rgtesmeal er Uftiag an qn
e eener hder.These emaaetyp~tei em..
~eg.o. .n.b in bet wam.er e . ee ,
ahabe ttie n e IeetI and eeearn
P4.3 I m tesl fie ee at
e t cels the Ae.,tie, at
eet ......, a w,.,.....te ~
*You Will Get I
OUR MWTHODS are sprem~e is
areulation of the blood (and nas
o r froma and within the Die-Easa
E enlta in restoraties of health in
days to yearn with an ailment th1
lae means perfeet health. Aft
esme Ietuasb*h yo how to eeta
renng normal eah.Referee
~Oe hogis 12 noon to ? p. mm
er lac. by appoatsent.
P. L. U. B. NMIS, 8. S., S. S.
gatte 38 M lad Dunddlag.
Lady Amitant.
i t ~ J
,t. e . . t. .
sssld, eW
ster e ne i
Obyrib 614 111"e 40
low tsow m
bewe the
teo h
"'ia e ale- W
Iv b iss s beet
arera, buW gFr i es e
We ~ h IN n
Gir, Roc Ded Aim
Ed s Life Of PdlecatJ
;L vmet of th Weington
baseballea b s'teiP down ths
"she can d eme endid
Wi wiSth oeh Wto ostr
his corps of hurlers.
There is only one hitch, so to
kthe hurler's name bein
is elen Giilespie. It has oa
been recorded that any women
have broken into the msajor
ledues with any degree of sue
cess, but of coure there is al
war s a chance..
bere's Miss Gillespie's claim
to fame.
Chickens and yen trkeys
have been mytriul disap
Thee Isdony way th some
e. The other morning Miss
Gillespie arose at 4 o'clck ar.d
veto her en hoe she sawa
poles at making off with a
in its mouth.
ea rock and threw
I frem regulation pitehing di
tance of n feat. The rock
landed i e n the. polecas
tr who fdied.
Some control.
purple. This room is over one
hndred feet in length and approx
nestely seventy feet in wdth. One
hoA erhecn be el sedw
inference mak e in oneofithe
ra oette romk of thewnt
I the o s offie. beiting butin
'tewe of thetyrg fe r ofe peope
latted suareny o tht. oeatayb
.r ht fthit n die. son
Smatae plc n the naechme
f upe Thiscroo gsovres co
nIet fnoesitn gth ime. pr
MADReD. sJenvfe n wit. the
There i of the ps pallace ofth
poedc by the godeinoet the
be meititere uinstofcthes heas
Ste a oyse ordier appilding barch
tect o ete te nmerk of repdle
as tpotsible. Ipratdeul
yTae phmbe as bult Seate i hae
b irch wosaur bte MaVooars ihs
rot invsadean a esta ed
MooriDg. Thtooshe
wyevera of e $bpela fo
f o Mhuntil 4a. avin behin them
pprnye obyerk gof rarceture,
he miostr ofautifli eaut wich wash
Igesu ryltos -Hapetnr'.
The iheinld ofete body)at I the
i rtst ote bdy th ac wh
adhovel Shopain afetd froml
oiugh kghemal. Tet eorse
wa inteerence areas ofDino,
285s untl 41reslainehn the
tny whe O wk farhIthectr
,e andst beartfu hofichany thm
.ibmbra.pn ,....
40n an nStreet Northet
parnof the bo e.ad whic
unn a asu en
t . I
as smashsbes
wa a e a.abss?IWSI
low Iee wIe
r ur
steskede W.II e dUsertM i
W. F. Shaw Resigns as Criti
cient Over' Neglect of
ve. R.ge.
Foflowing the retirement of Director
Uel W. L.amkin, the Federal Board of
Vocationa kducation has leot another
et its most pronminent otficlat/ through
the reigation of W. P. Shaw.
Mr. Etaw for a wbm acted as head
et tye division having to do with the
retraislog et the dmM.e soldier and
when the -Nw York offiIe was being
sub3eted to the strongest erttiesm' he
went ther. Bedaeing m of the
meedleos precedure be hrge et
the ofrim wich Is today in better
shape than at any other tisme since Its
Two other prominent figures In the
beard wh. have left are C. A. ru
pa, in charge at Maneapols, and F.
H. Shalt In harge at Atla .
Together with Mr. Lamukin, all three
F w these ren ere proinent during
the long parted in which there wes
felta.t complaint against the board.
As was predicted in these coluta
U theslogdatie The lines has
ben i g tp efr Improvement of the
handling of the ess of the diabed.
ofee pg dDnges were to be epeit.
In the Named and fOrmer serviob mas
were .to be plsced in pstions of
mteronieduity than when the
was f bein ost, heartily ar
r o erte ie have niw ette
late en amotros where
thape who dad anyothwer thme utn"ifor
fermerly held sway.
BIRMINHAM, Ala., July 3.-.
Most ee diuke the kides 9 the
"beat d s violently as - they do the
stray d , but here's one who just
as "violently likes hin chr eA
He knows every one .1them,o
which there are 150 by namne and
they know him as "Dad" Arm.
On Sunday morin "Dad" mnay
be of4duty, but he manages to get
aroun to the home et each to see
that ho is ned to Sunday school
on t mp. laimay choose their
own dpAnr.dinion, but go they mue.
And now bad Armstrong ome
forward with the announcement that
he Is going to give his boyrn a pie
nie. His. beat Is mneetly a tenesetent
distriet. Auto .dealers and ennfee
tienors will enttibute tits trana
portation dnd "the fihins" and Dad
will speed a Whole day with his
110 hays in One of the city parks.
LTNfCNURG. Va., July 23-r
forts af the 1ederal forest reserve to
takes several tracts of moeuntain land
in Shenandoah eouht by condemn,-.
dinpreeeeIN frixe by the
eart here. The Dear Pond Lumeber
DOemp* resisted the effort to take
the 1,3 acres otrned by it at a price
m .10. a jury fixing, the price at
In the ease of Walter 31. F'Pavel, of
he same county, the GIov.rnment will
~ave to pay 16.8 an acre ter ;J64 uqaa
Fhe Governteent offered $2.35 for the
etwo tratt were 55a15ht by the
blest ,asere to beesm.a a part of the
fessamtittin area.
to 5-Pw rsyad
44 . ..
Poje twiis An '
* . , " takui
S ,o .
'-ol,Ste twesnddtutds
i0 0 m o e l s a g l s dl
al l. ylors are tavy, blckj
$49.75 to $65.00. July
snce .rk....... ..... ... ..."
r 1 -r_ d Fleo1'. '
C learance <
-Di.re s of 14ees6 .or
-4 dottd and ul Far
$10. 5 to $19.00. July $&
Cts,rauee Price ..........l..
--Crepo de Chine, is a styles,
.triam4ed with rows o f faotiAng, in
Vale" /t froma $2.50 to 4
$29-75- Jar 65 -n. 516,95
Pre ...................
-Siamply made Tub Drees, of figured
hrtrr adt oxli-l! ceilama F i
mly sdie it h50. Juny .8Unrm
,c- e ens
Introducing at Last the New
Victrola Portable at $45
--Be" make of portable phonographs for outdoor purpowe-uet
merely transportable from room to rem but that can be packe
up and "toted" like a satchel.
nefr emps and bngalows:
-Fer .ttr t L t
Viictola Portable at $4
-Bld ae of ot bles. oorpsfrotdo upssto
up an 's-o ur Floor. the
-end couse fo yearoroen use at rand ~e n
Victolafortable tngl
-Ldwn Bees, tadng ty
an bainoaura loo fiih,sp
pot and-pPortsin rRlian
red. 43 inheerlongiwth doubat
on seat ndwoven ackt and
bcith U ad- ieqr
ble armertrong.
of seleced-Iardrod.dSeat
and ackin a6zal fnis, sp drass Rocker,
port an up~hts in billant with lse-ge fan
red 4 iche lutwit 8ilt.shape bak
on.bet nd o bck.ROu-large and
at...................roomy, very
ble anress. - -Imported Sea
~q~y Grape Rocker.
$14.SS.lar'ge squai-e
,aek, large
Specal,anel roomy;.
very ocomfort
$12.45 $1e e00
ige. Porm
....1.9 a .
p a T' 46. - V.
I.. . e - a
4 Drnessesly
Made of js t, n
.e's wr e. . . ....
....$21e95 #r,.
SlIn taioed, rette; rg l a
lirable styles for -erlyv$.90
Pewter and tan. aae gge
r-$33.75 ?--oeo ?i'r
...o r$s43s etrsse.
)f Dreses
-Spoet Drenser of Filk ro$S, i
Tin colors Sad cin iateS also
Ighet yould dress.n tgeorgete adn
lipi. models o pngee. a Fornerly
1.9 to $u6.09 July Clear- 514.95
oue Pri ctonatth.... de.
-Dresses of dotted swiss, yovdy a -
oe sigase, anid dark ground vailes;
lso some of silk tricolette; regular and
xtra biss. .Formerly $1.90
o $1600. July Clearance 6.95
'rie ..... ...*...
3.0 vaus hiete
BgeV ctsFc
Work T m Fr.
Thea you Will not be vainly
wishing when you are away o
yer aion at the sesld "r
muntain hotel, that yu had
me- fancy wok to do as the
others around have.
-Ntawpes fl mihe.
and stamped In attractive design :
$310 values while they and
Isat, at .. 1.50 C
-2 ah...... . .. ... .. -s
ple,es all good patterns a limited
number of setsm to be mold Sim _
at the special price. -AW
-4-ilrb WhNW aswl ee e
stamped with attraetlve do.5
sigs. pecal,each.
-tns, stamped With simple a
pretty designs.
Each. . .. . . . . . . .
Kann'e--Fourth Fleer. I
--Folding Settee. 4% feet ln.
finished in natural and red; mmd
of selected lutnber, strongly
be folded compactly .9
Regularly $5.00, speeaR.. EqW les
e comi
---Inported Sea
Grass Chair to.d
match rocker,
very comfot-*
able and large.
Grass Chiarto
match #nher,
.4 tIst, esm---F
fortable a nd - high
W -- 441 M- agW
- FACXMu m TA Frd
/ 1
thg se t y irur
-Buses .. a$29
tuedo 4 coellars; um c lor dsrpade
ve nd sO me whi t 1me int
ced co ar s. Va1t rm tl2s.
to $'.5. Jlyor-.
nceara ce 'o... . l e
-Geo r et luses , and ise,
also strpe stin nd voeles, winh
tuxedo collars; colored striped
voiles, and some white dimitles with
colored collars. Values from $2.25
to $3.95. July Clear
ace price rc. . e
-Georg ette blouses, in bisque,
white, flab, Copenhagen navy and
brown, and some embroiered satins
also striped satins and peoraettes in
the darker shades, trimmed with
embroidery and beading. Values
from $3.30 to $5.93.
July"learance price.. ~2.89
M'onday--A Clean-Up
Sale of Srgs
$1.67 to $3.25 Values '7
at, a Yard...... .... 1
-They consist of white and colored organ
lies, white voile, and white net. Good, use
ul lengths.
-Neckwe*r by the yard, a special purchase includ
rig colored embroidery points of orga ndy, Point
renise lice and circ lar net. bandings. -
-Values from 59c to $1.00 a yard. Tomor
ow, a-yard.................... . 99C
-Organdy Sashe.in white and lbolors at SOd.
-Imported Flat or Roled Collars, of organdy, 'with
rimming of Point Venise, or. embroidere
ifeets. $1.00 value, each...............9c
---Lawn oeh,!b 1ith pteet frame
Liamasse Bstwood -L aw n, 11 2-Inch heldweed us*au. ieek
bhee. paiated brIiat ed er blted to fr'ae reinforad. R.gu
gren, manie et seeted bard- iar' priees,9
I. tong anid durable; very' 114.; apelgl
--AU-Steel lawa eumplete
with blue an4 nv.
a~j r Iawn aWtag, ce ~ a * palutet esteen
e st.: ugrltes throughout:Wl bsideawest Mt
of hevy lurnber. paiated led, seate; naturmi'ae vrWo
gly reinsoroed Vt steel s este ab
; 5 feet wide, 7% fetl ter passengers, but a~m
ral finish. Rehgularly 5&5eebto held morn I. A
0; se.el .........i,lsdy 4.sM. t..eeet..

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