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.'T. I
k flail. wer. tnil
Ip e long fighte that Plr"an n
;"q t* aheb t eow in
,' >K lai hove reached a
to get posesiwO's
pup picture the multi
eut for arbitrat
S sust,$nod hieet4n
of -whih
Te1 a
them divrs o le ami4 to e
pup and ;the pertntk. They had
dton hA peacefully
emats of 'bIM UlA -
'brt w.ib Peke? never!" .04 the
: ' ' ea .I bu o
It woulds't th parldir
. aiwsiys has slept at the foot
thy b0"i .uat' .?
"ftbe a Weijast Pdt"
gruffly interposed Ed
d . 1 chief c oun.el for
Ret; .Y u .heNer. I eutiit
this gltu Mt of fijtf Is notbiog
.a natl to fus ower. A
o ps a woman's
. rt this were a er
estan eboarhand. th be
for Mr.' iI ,atif. bat a
e pup a ag's getw-bah!"
but there Is movoe In the way of a
with a yNap than siw agd beta
~btnesas e s U equently pinted
by Reid's eWunsah ex-Judge P.ll
liam . Kolcott. - It matters net. so
he argued. whether a canine brv as
as a calft as 41'n!out4ve as a
1 . do Is. s 4.}. 3vey en
ngy. halt-starved eu n ft if
aftwed man's heart anl Instill
a love t!L this awn could hol-l far
no hunma. It I mnbch as it i. with
wemen. The learted jud;a showee
sigas of olaberatha upon this In.
tensely interesting t-eyeholgicil
thsine, but he stopped furttber argo t
mant by deolding upon arbitrtltioa.
No dsienea wa earte upon
thR suwot of the portrel. Mr. t
ha usg*Ivp-I i ektting roosa
andwas an part fen
peroel thereot one gets used ani at
tahpd to periaita as one doss to
pgpA The aCUilegreh'o who i seen If
a: thousan J snd one cerashes in Wall ht
Ilro wittront atting an e'e sh"w
ed every symptom of making this in
battle for "Peke" and thq pitinting of
t fight of his litt. The portrait.
which is by Sir T'vxntas Lawrence,
was appralped at $,00. HiS wife'ai C
estnsel effered to raise the "valuation
to $30,000, but Reid merety shook his
It Isn't the money value of tnc t
picture nor the. use of the dog that W
counts. V
Arbitrators., perost h
PQUCTONE, England. July 23.- Pe
Every woman knows that men. "tho
intaresting creatures, are tiresorme. 1
hard to control and arc prone to seok e
their own way in spite of wearnIng,'t
aoeording to 'mn. H. A. L. ?'sher, Sm
wife et the president of the Britin.
national board of education. t
Pbe told an am.yan at the floyal ja
naitary -Institute eoongrem. th'at most
man become ill entirely through
fault. of their own and "sow seeds of
trouble for themneelves by eating too
'mach, eat the wrong thing., drink- iu
ing to much, being leay, keeping late as
houre or living in hermtetically sealed
meons." t
BC1ANTON, Julf II.-#tudeit,h Wil- rh
liaans, a Ieranton business saan, was co
.dpawned, although he mnved Mr's.
M.Walsh, of West Brnton,
Mr. Williams was eaught by a float. va
doo, uderwhich he was dirawn. at
Wi~Ulamsnmade a frantic effort sh
t se her- husbanid and a twelve-year. tu
bysaved her &rom drowinmw. Ii
Ryes m..ed. toi
. terwir Wett at ta) er
. ' wU te wI
a4.e3e UsLe - ama.ing,. r
1sth.as 9s.wI. W. Ini
The preca'
4 W
Did any Washington
work? If so, get Into te
ney Thomas L. Dawson,
Md., who is anxlous to
skeleton was found two.
near the Georgetown 'Pr
A descrtption of the de
Lower right, sanitary at
from second bicuspid to i
Lower left, sanitary all
from first bicuspid to see
second bieuskid gold croi
bridge from second ble
By C. LE
After nibntis of investigatlo
iat they were beffled in ,i
us deaths Major Frank Mu
>dy was found in a field near t
ie man, yet unidentified, whose
car the .Georgetown Preparator
Hundieds of elues have been run
t. Many persons have been elose.
questioned, but no tangible elm
is yet been uncovered which would
any way explain the death- of
ther ot the men. Will the deaths
down in criminal annals ha un
lved' mysteries
Theories of Investigaters.
Here are some of the theories that
" police authorfUes not only of I
ashlnaton. but of Arlington. county.
,., ,and Montgomery county, Md.,
we worked on:
Was Semnand klmed by a forner
dider gainst whgs be was to give
dinoey in a murder case at Ei
e", Tez.? He was out on bends for
rtelpatlon in the crime when he
t his qw dsafh. -
Wpre the mmn lured tress the'
Ia an Wa nbagten by women and
en bled by k'ate husbands or
ies lovers?
Was the motive fer the twoi slay
ps that of robbery?
Were they struck downm by speed
g motorit, who, fearing arrest
4 and Its censequenoes, earried
efr risthns to the sciaded spots
the woodlands where they were
WerW-the msen bIE in Washingten
ring 'btawls 'on terbedhes ear
4 in the -u tn be Mien to
'Po up the crimes?
SnleMe Thde -ese.
he evioMe theory *as soon sout
by the polioe after investigting
rious ases of the esses. AA
tr Major casplands body
Shis akull ha8 boen 'fe
re In two places-that death
parently was due to one of these
itutes. Examilnation of the skI.l
a doveloped that three of the rite
4 been crushed. Neither of the
in suffered bullet wound.,
ajor Icanlands body was found
a remote section of the woodlands
the right. of Alenandria city. Nev- 1
mI ~abeere the army offioor,.
o made anenviable reortd in
once, was found deed, persons liv
r ,In the vicinity declared they had
rn ustoasi
Mat...seo... 10 MP
5.00 ....0o
Pau.vm *Aweis
ii Mapftls.c
4 1 - ;r 1 .'
e a.
dentist do this bridge
wAch with Stake's Atter
of Montgomery county,
tdentify the nMan whose
moanths ao in a gully
eparatory College..
ntal work is as follows:
I-gold bridge, extending.
recond molar, right side.
-gold bridge, extending
rind molar. U pper right,
vn. Upper left, 3-tooth
ppid to second molar.
rn, the police yesterday admifted
eir' investigation of jhe mysteri
rphy Scanland, whose battered
he Alexandria pike, and that of
skeleton was found in a gully
r College.
leard screans from a woman in an
iutomobile which passed near the
But the police were never able to
levelop who occunied the automobile.
r from whom the screams cane.
rhey placed but little creden'ce In the
heory that Major Acanland was in
:he mystery automobile. At the epo
where the army officer was found
were numerous trees and under
brunh. Nothing w.i fowtu1 near b
which may have been used ,in brain.
ng the officer. There were no signs
Df a strugrle, eith?r.
On Wad Party.
Tbis brought forth the theory that
canland may have been struck
Sown in an automobile while on a
"wild party," and that his body
was carried under cover of &rknese
to the spot where it was found. ThMn
the theory that he had been atrn:k
town by an automobile, the occu
pants carrying the body to the
woods. But his clothes were not
sofled as they would naturally he
had he been knocked dcen in thei
Overdrew Bank Acceant.
Who last saw Scanland alive, asked
the investigators.
Major Beanland left the Raleigh
Hotel on the afternoon of Ootober 15.
He had been 4 guest at ths hotel for
several days and had given several
wrorthless checkg, having overdrawn
his bank account. This for a time
revived the theory of suicide. But
when search was made of the army
officers trunk, a .4gcaliber army
service revolver was foun& He. coujl
have used this death4dealing weapon
bad he decided to end his own life.
On the evening he disappeared.
Benland had a dinner engagement,
with Lieut.-Walter Sheehan, of Web.
ter Reed Hospital, whom he had met
at Fort Sam Houston Hospital.
where the two officers had beeA
patients after the war. But
Reanliand (al4 to keen the an
pointment. And nothing further was
Ibeard from him by his Washington
triends until his body was tuond.
Search of Scanland's pocket. re
reeled that he was a high Agree
Wason, cards to this effect being
ound. He also had less than IS in
isi pockets. But a plain gold watch.
which had been presented to him by
he Italian government in recognition
if his services on the battle front
mzd a Masonie pin that heusually
yore were biand.
laspected Boldb,.
Police ran out the theery that Scan
on may Rave been a viathn of a
vInes. who feared he wonMd te In
rolved in a murder case at Bl Pinsp.
Phey foun4 that the seeet were
owhere near the Capital at th+
ime the armay officev was iled.
Because of Bcanland's strange ao
Ions before he was found dead, eaome
f the investigators were inclined to
Nleve that be committed suicide.
ils wifs declared he had been moody
nd morose ever sine- returning from
Prance. And, a few daya beCore his
leath he had gone to the Bureau of
'rRisk insurance and arranged
thathis ife et is isurace i th
even of is dath
that hiscanfn get . his d eth
from a fractured skulI-dealt with a
ulunt instrumnt, or bleekjack."
They discredit the theory that the
Boston Christian Scientist
Finds That Journalist Under.
stood Founder of Faith.'
ro the Bditor et The Times:
In behalf of all Christia,n Scientists,
Iwish to expres.,appreciation for Mt.
Irlubane's recent article on Mary
flaker Eddy. It has an extraordinary
nterest for Christian Belentists by
reason of his -acquaintance with Mrs.
Imddy and' the unusual opportunity he
had, for one who Is not a Christian
Scientist, to form impressions of her
'romt immediate contact.
In her lat-r years she' rarety. re
eeived callere muniem their coming per
.ained .to the affairs of her church.
Mirs. Eddy did not, however, spakce
my arftngements for her . tunerai.
Mr. Briut,ane'-was invited to be one of
he pallbearers, becahse it wasn pre
sumed that- this would be agreeable
to her.
Throughout her writings Mrs, lidy
JIstingulses absolutely between hu
man and divide. will. She descrIbes
he former as "The motive-poe of
.rror;" but the latter as The maight
and wisdom of dod" ("Science and
hIetlth with Key to the Scriptures,"
P. 697).
In this respect, as in evry other,
her teaching Is purely Christian. Thres
she acoepts the Christian precept,
"Not my will, but Thin"', be done.'
Therefore, to practice Christian Sec
once, the student thereof must con
t.inually and Instantly discqrn and
obey "the Ged von Intent and voll
tion." ( eous Writings, p'.
it? .
Udhewise, Christian Beience distin
geilehes abeolutely between that meat
talt which Is spiritual and that wnlch
Is nb'1-sprit,agt or material. The
former It classifIes am real; the latter
a. .rroneous. Iiusivo ,and unreal. $,>
while'Christian Science teaches tbat
all cause and effet are uetopal, it
finds the caus of every Ill, but not is
cure, in what is commonly calted mtind.
It finds the remedy for every Ill In
the Mind, which Is God, and which lIs
reflected by men.
To quote Mrs. Eddy: "The balis of
all health, sinkessness, and immortan.
Ity Is the great fact that Glod Is the~
only Mind: and this Mind must he not
merely believed, but it misst bo under
stontd." P14 tence and li'alch, U.' 3489
The description of science propoerf
by Mr. Brisbane, "that which responds
to the same teats for everybody, every
#; a
army officer may have been rowmng
about the woodlands and fallen.
striking his head, causing the frec
ture. The position In which the
body was found discredits this theory. I
they assert. . 1
The dcanland case may never be q
Most Heartless Kind
Of Profiteering
By I.treti easl News MP'VISb.
NEW YORK. July 23.-The
most heartless form of profiteer
that has yet come to light, in
ch the families of dead Ameri
en soldiers were the victims, has
just been unearthed and the I
Amerikan military autIorities are
taking steps to end it.
It was announced at Governors
Island today that undertakers
will no longer be allowed to em
ploy soldiers of the 28d Infantry
to serve in firi squads at mili
lowed the diselosure that the un
dertakers wore impressing upon
the families-of the dedAerican
soldiers that firing sqasmust
be a part of the buria ceremony.
Excessive prices were then
charged and a ortion of it was
ttlrned over to te soldiers of the
firing squad. In the future the
American Legion will furnish sol
diers for firing squads at funerals
of war veterans. -
where. In tbe same way," Is fulfilled
by Christian Science. The demand. of
this science are uniform and its re
sultzqarnvariable. 11
Its requiremnents, however, are res
Ilisi and spiritual: thus they differ
aorhgto its nature from the.oqn-|
ditions called for by other temobinica I
more commonly regarded as scientific.h
For several years after Mrs. Eddy's
initial discovery of Christian Science i
had wrought her own healing, she
sought a positive rule for demonstrat
ing the divine principle of *uch ha 4
ings. Interested reagers may find her
own account of this search and it.
re.aults on pages 109, 123 and 147 of|
Science and H4ealth.
Ultim,ately she was able to declare.
and to say as the result of experience,
"To mortal sense Christian Science
seems abstract, but the process is aimn
pie and the results are sure if the
science is understood" (Science and
Health, pae4).
I hope tha reader. of The Amei
can will heinterested in theme dtpla- I
na,tb)ons. Ulcrely y6urs,
Committee on publics.ton of the ~
First Church of Chriat, Scenetiat, Bes
ton, Mass.
Shipping Pooled Wool. |
PLTRCELLVILLE, Va., July 28.- %
K. A. Kelthly, of the Divislon of Matr-]ii
ketu, has given out the information I
that approxiln.itely 110.000 pounds of g
wooi alreay have been graded and li,
shipped to Alexandlria fors sale under t;
the co-operative plan. '-e estimated C
that there will be twice as' muih wool o
araded and sold under the co-opera-|I
ive plan this year as there was last i
year. 'N
rEis' tr st buUm .
Tils. The mytary nsPredn
kedly ovec. the na tieshat$tM
hey are baffled In ceating up the s
Ptuorr's stysterlous death. b
OWerter _ Oelieed L'm .
There is more mystery enshrawidk
e I as, than in tbirt .e the r
banl a Besde the skeleto t1Nea
Woe found an digt-ounce bottle. I
artly fied with chlorotorm, 0 a
mall can of thus. A 's t
andkercbef also was feund. as. was 4
n- oval-shaped pearl cuff butten op I
hich was the letter P. - I
The dead- man is believed to have
een a ..d4e=. It wans ee. that 6
a had been lusred frost aebngton t
i the. Rockville pike, neat where the I
ody was found-that be bad been 1
obbed and "knocked off." a
Ttq in had apparently beis dead tt
or we"ha, proba iy three months. b
r' Wae n nt biqt the dteeton. 9
d'tife mo tsil uedam gonld
work had been done on the 0
Thi. Indicated to the auth'or- I
les that the man was probaby of
aod, breeding and family. His teeth e
idicated .that tey had been - iven
ged care, partfulaity to recent years,
No explanation has yet been made a
s to the presence af the hottle ot
loroform and the can of lime near i
he body. At first it was believed lime I
ad been scattered over the body to p
ulckly disintegrate it, but InvestUga- o
ife Extihot When He Is Taken
Out Thirty Minutes After
- Landsilde.
ROANOKCE, V., July 23.-Millard
Voedy, a eixteen-year-oM boy of
raham, Ve. wan buried alive and hisn
prther-in-law, Joe Amos, also of
raham, was sriously injured when
veral ton of earth gave way while
hey were engaged in excavating5 :or a
oundation, aeonoring to infermationa
eived here.
The work of excavating for the cel
kr et a store' building had been comn
leted and the men were at work
1a a ditch which warn being put down
t one a nd of the basement. In order to
t odground for the foundqtion.
oeA:o warn not entirely covered by
e dirt when the elide oooeured, but
tone and dirt caught him above the
ralet lne.- Creed and Charley Woody.
r-hers .of Willard, who se were
rorking in the #t, quickly reached
smoe and rescued him. Their yvouanger
rother who had been completely
urled warn caudht by a second fall
f dirt which crurnhed' out his I tec
It warn fully, thirty minutes bfore
he body ot y6uqg woody could be
eovered. Dr. O. K. Phlegar, of
)raham,. who rushed to the edne of
he accident. announced that the boysa
och had boen broken.
The scene of Lhe accident is but a
bort distapce from a quarry wIw.re
lw workmen were trapped I v the
all of a limnestone aed, and burled
live seveal years ago.
BERLI>f, July 28.-The German
overnment is sending phiysciAos
d medicine into Russia for relief
fthe plague sufferers, It wan ao
uned- today.
An uncosnrmed report came put
Rtiesa on Thursday night that
lorr '-than a quarter of a million
oss.iana are dying every twenty-four
urs from cholera. typhum. and fatn
e. The whole of the southeasntern
at of Russia Is reported In thte
ip of the plague, which is spread
g at an aarming rate, owing to
to lack of preventives. Mam
rkl, the Ru.idan writer, has
bled to Anatok F'rance, Gerhard
auptmtann, and Glasnc Qeanes, ask
te to appeal 20w nomini s
skl,f* ie he died
. di
hishladl btbody was
wasowe bts.e s >at bo ls
Th aoteo 4mlereiats
e Oober
9E0 r yeofiesr ht
.dfer jd'tiro ~f acture, of th
sitnli, fte0 w b e died.
Poltce i he be a, vetim
esi the of fol or eeas
hieed bPbas.Teeibfle and
hiseny b catelsd the woods,
oen ms . after ac boie thedq.
.hbe te orO la o er f te, sas
tue the aceeofthe s tbad
adien o lboeph oywt h
'lw wic the hrys o tpoos.Tht
ow. pcrebaed.. Thie.da o!' 11a had
-eW6n bees p*wad seer the body
en euht e f ds bthore the bod
D ws ft but slayers of the m n
tunyoe the soene tf the mure
ad Intend to cover the body with the
me to quicken its dlsdt. rsdeat
is m the theery o th poutes. That
he am* was not strewn over the bd
ibelieved due to the feet that noth
st was left but the skeleton. which
was belleved could not be IdecWIl d
No trae whatever hes bees fo*nd
fanyone who couid ldeatlty the ma
riough the unaral bridge work In
Is mouth ad the cuff buttes. It
usm at first believed that It would be
simple matter to Identify the ske1e
an through the peculiar bridge work,
u desphe the fact that pktearaphu
f he t. h e bee. heet th
f dentists, the aan who did the den
1i work has not been lecated.
From the shreds ot clothing and
boes found near the skelten., au
borites ditovered a taller nark
Nesse" or "N.sil." Nhw ToO6. The
an wore ,a green felt hat. brewn
ordovan shees. plain toe.. and heavy
nderw.er. The body was found by J.
heltn Andrew, colored. who was
si near the gully when he di.
rwn the body.
Spurned. Girl Takes Poison.
QwRANTvII..,E. Md.. July 2.
les Xtelle Marietta. seed nineten.
-ho lives near Ulontowa, attempted
vicide with pohton. follwing diaap
ointment In love. A note was found
eside her unconseious form reading:
'He quit me, so I am' going to quit
verything." The girl swallowed a
uantity of wood alcobol.
The World
of Music
There Is no other instr
approaches the Human voil
'her grand creation made
values are unanimous in tt
of D)uratWlity. Steinway Se
by years. The moot esac
'and Amateur finda It thec
In buying a Steinway.,
pays the largest dividends,
We maintain an intere
Steinway Grands and Uprlg
welcome an Inspection.
Steinway Gmand|
Ezelusive Washis
E. F. Droop
Player.Planas 1 3C
n ;'rSI..
Bt for tAl
Sumr 1il
9',rr " i "
P1 O t."O O U O S O
hie %ao thtNat art theire
nottttten . bo n t h
wowl "M"rd $17f
ta ut D i ib redadI
& Sos o wpb1a ..
Tb G4a .
H '"ov. Au'Y4WIL
qW1Ea ~ T ,W
*Oe0 AT ALL ofeRa

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