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I . a. i A" Am e
J4 f Gannayiwat
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gad-b to 'ta aMA.
gfor th.Unltr
or .service, landi in
- v- n a- reoe o
r,machine opato
will notIty. He
and he uses his wire
.A Ser comes
pkC Twith. a
out of
pit.. Flying machines
tlkrnm s gleon the
race' ad w back in
dinner.I is a -new era.
d esixty-tfres years old
ded Playing tamanis. Had
doe.been askeld to play
1Iin a dlicate crybald
e bgae said, No,
beik'this valuable vass,"
-o4ree and al the time
the heart is a -
delicate organism, =
as sach man has only one heart,
th,wse .at At give up umpinre
*bet,: Iks the wild goat, and
tas o atsly exercise free from
"aft . Golf, dull as it is,
Ua the best exercise for
Op 1,net to horsseck riding.
reds when pat ninety.
.hks se Wit out
ye ew a
n method of x
The man mott ricently
in Nvsia, named Miro
chose to b'e shot. So the
s .it rape him in a
with his sbk to tohe wll,
k de1 hilaed toedicte shot
ad be was shot to death
.adeessltlly. Now Nevada,
Its the times and a little
has inventd the lethal
bisr, The condstmned will be
pt iIn s small cell - espeelally
Deadly Ras will be in
and he wil die. And
au asi a.
ewil took In thriugh .
wg uht etm ea niey
befoghn ac to thke wam
Misaitestful hNonees.,
601 men im eend a Te
- ar; elcrcte,so, agd
pe- bgth civilized scene
MI en shaiffren wsp. Theya
ey,elec bycte Spanhged
bebiudsd d tampured
noi,skinned alive,
an sed poured into their
New essesNevada's "lethal
Weedrfhlgovernment in
ha endevoted to kill
uinal atthe end of life
ver litleto protecting
uee cr me at the beg mn
Canaiansaremuch es:cited
abou thediscovery of oil wells
in acti Canda.Thousands
hrerusingthee.They will be
intresed o larnthat Yankee
knes asa long way
of hem ,Much farther
- tha thepresent Canadian
deveopmnt,youwould find, if ,
a wet thre,wells driven by
o l D ockefeller's organisa
tion Mr Bedordor any of the
StanardOilmanager, could tell
woud cst$60,000,000 to
a lineto bring down
the ol thefarthest north
t.That ia prohibitive
asse, i might y some day.
In oe pat of nada, in the
tarsans.theesare said to be
tMrt bilion barrels of oil
nityfeetthick over .hf
thouandsquare miles of
sue. The problem is to ex
tee the oil cheaply from the
sadof that re$o, ogto get it
~ees from teoil shale that
ibuns our counitry. We shall
be using the sun's heat and
las? ughing at coal and oil,
jgbefore the oil is erhausted.
Wht chance woold slow moiv
lng seep have against swift fly
-In. eagles? Very little. Anmo
answer to the question, What
chsee In war hereafter will
Resume ~~ f fhin, Buf e
DUSINE Julyl-mN d
Asks Pow e From Dublin to'
R Psume hting, But s Re'
pfused-Pary Follows
sn ,DAina,. O OONNELL,
ho aealNeu sroiq.
DUBIN, JulIy 2$.-Jamnn di
Valer todfy attended a full meet
of the Sin bsin cabinet to oh
stor d isr became (einetnse p r
onfr pemso n to r sesua ht![Oes
liwa,ld-4from Eon
nembreoats are w
latin euany rint of the truce.
it *.a reported that tbs:oonmn"er
f the Irish ropubUca tores in tr
Corle distct became e incened eoer
slleged violations of .the armistice that
he asked general hadqurters in Db
Wn for permiron to re anume dostlile
it"Int the English, but this Pms re
legotiations are tndet way between
the hade%rters of the Ir .reptMi
can army and the Dritish itary
forces sand it is be(ieved than an amk.
able settlement will be reached before
night. ___
England4 Awaiting
Word Vlru p sad e
In. Drive For -Peace
LONDOy . July 25.Goep rish peace ac
tivites were at a standsth in London
today while waiting uDon Irelaand to
speak the next word. t was reported
from Dublin that Dmlr areann (the
Snn Fein parliament) would meet In
that city, to receive a detailed report
rbm Eamon d Valera upon Prer
Lloyd George's peac offer. This week
should decide the fate of the negoti
lions, fdr It Is espuOted that a formal
reply wibereoeivgom te Vaaera
u James Craig. head of the Union.
let government of Ulster. Is reported
boWetd left Belast for a Khort Geca
tnd IS ootland. This as taken a
poof that there will be'no immediate
wevelopment conern Ulster.
Nreland passed through. T quiet week
end and there were so reports of vio
lene from any quarter. Both sides
, obeerving the arioe.
peInpired the King, adt
hvede ae oy d GNorge.if
sucoes yringy,"o the omierr
hadelt, then"tiaide ofing George e
Lordngt Northcliffe,er "todamus om
toom agreeamen wSteed em. ofhLor
Nthgcannot' gonon Ticann ha my
t hile~d y this rnbaner." isu
ttmnt Georg then et t rln
peouy gointoif sotal. t. eo-a
Glen elm,and th inrese said tn,
thae Iresh queedion They cae ried
to. yoke hi paceeter,u the p uble r
ll,ene thn., aid whn George, and
tor smeaureednt Uwite the. Thad
theinggesnnt gocpon cancet have4.
pop kledL. thibs, poannserat
Hahir. Georg he wrenot to hreave
sudenalrecovered Ierense hofIn
toentike hins Agees. buhe pb
caied ne tyhis wfand eatGeoran
mth ist eeto Ic 94
forbu' diaperac C s, eliaee to
Yak.Princess Ends
'In Gee
The former Mrs. Wllliam *. Leeds.
now _ wife ' of .Prince Chriaoher,
-whose millions left her by the Tin
Plate kinp, bar l b atered up
areek aristocracy, has passed the
werd that-henceforth she will prac
_ee econdmy and modesty.,
OCrO CI's. July 2.- ua.ded
b an asbestos shield; fire-fighters
eeam an attempt today to
MCh..one. of the burning oil wthe at
.matlan and shut off the valve regu
lag the flow of.oil. - If t uis'ffrt
als, tunneling will be tried In an at
wmpt to check the hflames. w
To hundred men are fighting the
ires, and oil men believe the flames
ill have been extring i wltn
three weeks. All nearby 'wells have
-een covered with earth i a prote
tpon against the conflagration.
lantie City's board of beach censors,
Teaded by Mayor Edward L. BadIe
yesterday announced that one-piece
wilh sie 'wopld be permanentin
barred from the beach nert.
Chief of Polic Miller has just re
tred froain th e clation .peh
:Ifnic Ctyst bading beaches.,H
-readned hs reor yeerdL.a,to
yeterda .anhnpoungrphd Th one-c
-atrs scane boliad he perml
bated frt he ech
Ceteen comuit ande heasisti
oturned oa dspte~ ti e te
Paciir oanbting ooms.
gemer wt poftheFascsTe wam
kbed cid nabth adte pr om
mgnated er Grict. efsit
retalate rpakin a.-Isoltent figtack
beteen m uss andate beenst
contined tnothe deirdhsersaond
ar-oday apierdo the ,torch to whe
killae j,anlhre an attempt om-e
Johnistr nearGrocuse ofasi
retalicdiking vient atack
Tn hieilee pieroker illte
hirt-shaee hs. he been
sakn to the ounydeirs afun
WPISURO. l July 25.-Eighty-b
arl tdadyo pliedo the torkh tof the
Johnorer.a er, crged oft
gatacingr. hllasaidt toub c
The ilag perosic te brod wno he
fthepois hatteapted his surrll. H a
e Prol
flme. Writer Will Analyze Va
rioua Proposals to Create Jus
Mce for Traction Situation.
What een be done about the
street car problem?
Whab 01 the pivs for "it
$9, ntew befors ges~ th
= GER of the esuet
Begin,m todeq each will be
feevssed Te Ttmes' bp
OMa er Ow . N
of o essi ozder- of the Dis
trict of Columbia.
Eack pke will be asalyaed
and critndsed, In the hope of
the eeluton tks will be
STR CTIVB.-ditor.
Tean distinct 'and dif;erent plans
for solving the stast railway prob- d
kgm bavi been sutdested.
Proponents of each are sum their
solution is the only. Simon-pure
sesdy. -- -
4SW Are.tsas.
8enate and House District Commit
lees have them uder consideratlkt
sad we 40C;M o more pedple of
Washington are talking about them
with keNNt interest. because we're the
talks wh.pay te. blls.
It is thereforb desirable that each
plan, be crfly.analysed, . in th
bpe thit in the situation I
STRUCTIVE CURE for our evils
may toe found mad put Into practice.
The ten plans, which have devel
eped from time to time during .the.re- 1
cent discussion of the problem, are
as follows:
1. The existing plan. (The status
2The Oyster plan-To inceese
*ec trc lgtrtes, which mag prop
8. The ,different fare pln--To fix
lower fares on the Capital Traction
ha ontic the Washington Railway and
4. Tho "zone fare plan"-To charge
an additional fare after the rider gets
into the suburbs, or vice vora.
B. The taxation plan-Tro relieve
of their grs receit,t the - itc
as taxes.
6. The "competton plan"-To let
the companies fight it out between
themseelvee on a community basis.
7. The blan to. abolish the Public~
Utuities Comsin and hav'e fares
to create a PulcUtlitlesOnns
slon whose members would not he
the District Commesioners, hbut thr"e
persons having no connection with
the District government.
3. The merger plan--to coesolidate
the two big street car companies.
10. The public ownership plan,
under which Congres. weuld con
demn and take over both street car
companies and create an agency to
operate them as one concere.
I will discuss and attempt to an
alyse one plan -each day in these
columnns, beginning today witth No.
1. the existing plan.
Plain No. 1.
First, we must remember that we
have in Washington two lrestreet
car companies which are ea t
independent and. sometimei antag
onIstic corporations.
One is the Capital Traetian Com
pany, whose prinettaial line's are the
Pennsylvania avenue. Poeurteenth
street. Navy Tard, 5even@s street
and FloriMa avenue syatema 14 has
CsIlaumioed am lt.g 3, C 5mlu 8 1
Puvxu-Etha -ztAi
It would take an Bab"e to me
influenca- and po that is repi
ca p pear Peeklle. Md.
Bity Beauties in Feather
weight Suits Take Night
P)ungs in Surf.
PARIS, July !5 . yata suppers,
wounce bathing suits, and sky
tlgl prices wes6 the week's outatanil
he features - at Deauville wher the
Ocial supreme council is meeting
Ally at the palatial gambling rooms
n the Canine.
The shonable throng in the Nor.
handy Hotel lobby, including the
)ucheses Tallyrand, who formerly wns
fis. Anna Gould; Mrs. Rodman
IAanamaker, Spencer Eddy, and Mrs.,,
:3ermann Oelrichs, gasped with
masment when a doen of the
bright lights" of the Paris society
cage descended the stairs and seat
T themselves n the open air res
surant clad only in featherweight
ai amas.
The filmy garment worn by Mile.
)plnelly, comedienne. was the lnts
rord in airy coolness being fash
oned from' black lace. Several of
,he men, as a concession to conven
ion, wore tuxedo Jackets with pa
ama trousers of bright colors.
Bathe he Moonlight.
Foleldewcne the taisagnd spper
part thesle ran the obea. Tree
in ofthj rpjaasmheasod.e
miorld in anirycless bing s
hen hen arty roceion to onen
30oo ih ba in theiget.Whe
theloingche caedpagn speroi
Wat hento hed Aec Thow
iger offteited thjamaaey tof the
Hotele nomndy,c Watingr suits.
Ten The part psdfroeded tpenoyl
ir atoligrty bth n themseaveswjult
asthey orchest." plydsd, eois
Dgesyth protest the mas nofte
othat nornedof theoager hasidef
the. wTeid f p haeredpol
Te alinety ofjo themscves juds
sru the se vit. o ehbtini
he marreahemrets iteems neoted
toha nontet af te wowllers thet
thet ating place. Tu a h
Thor ee two eOng of ori nne
u it g penutfy o ned oia thd
'beut tiows."l o ehbtini
h marae artmeemstipote
cal a cnt a tooewild wheqar te
Ightiv bting itit.weusre r thefuetoprun
tryoto dplati poer ose ien o
beauty wxindtonw hes. io"ePai
naigement pays 5,000 francs a week.
KANSAS CITY. Mo., July 2.--With
he arrest of four men and the seisure
>f bonded whiskey valued at $75,000,
[Cansas City police believe they have
ancovered a nation-wide whiskey trust.
The whisky combine, it is reported.
iss. headquarters at Pittsburgh and
ships whiskey to all sections of the
>ountry in earload lots. By handling
~he liquor in such large quantities theI
'trust' is enabled to force the "little
fellowS" out of business, the rA>llee
asurq the amount of gray mItter,
esented in thls Wtre from the
Uproar Breaks Out as Lloyd
George Is Questioned on
Siles1a Situation.
LONDON, July 25.-Uproar broke
mt In the House of Comvn= this
ifternoon when-Premier -oyd George
wrs questioped on the Upper *Ueslan
The Premier said he hoped to be
ble to make a statement on Upper
3lesia on Thursday.
captain Wedgewood Benn then asked
he Premier if he was not aware that
'all ftctions of the House protested
igainst the action of the French in
lelaying the supreme council meeting
rnd in insisting upon the dispatch of
lled reinforcements to Upper Silesla."
This was followed by shouts of 'dis
sent and it was some time before order
was restored.
President Harding is expected
this week to nominate the new gov
ernor-general of the Philippines. one
of the juclest plums within his
gift, an office carrying a salary
of $18,000 a year, with an additional
allowance of $15,000.
Among the candidates are Cob
gressman Horace M. Towner of
Iowa, chairman of the House htt
.ular affair. committee; Clarence
B. Miller, secretary to the Repub
ilcan National Committee; former
Congressman Gilbert of Indiana,
who served as vice governor of the
slands during the Cameron regime.
and Justice Johnson, of the Su
peme Court of the Philippines.
President Harding today declirisd
to ake any tax revision sugg,es
ions to the House Ways and Means
Committee, but urged Chairman
Pordney to speed up the work as
much as possible, during a confer
ence at the 'White Houme.
The President Informed Fordney
that he had no recommendations to
make a't this tifne, but told him that
he felt that business conditions were
mending on tAx revision and that
the sooner this work was done the
sooner business would reach a ror
mal basis.
Mrs, Harding, wife of the President,
has-practically recovered from the in
dispouition that necessitated a com
plete rest during the past few days,
and was able to be about this after
noon. according to General Sawyer.
American ShIp Destroyed.
LONDON. July 25.-The American
.stamahip Parthian caught fire and
mek off thei North African coast, said
a news naecy dispatch, from Oran,
Alger*e today. -
All on board were savet. Thecrg
of milk and cotton wga lost.
Parthian, a stemmer of 2,000 tome,
baled fromn Near Tark.
President and,C
at Inadust ry Hn
Great Outdoors.
Here is the -President swinging
an ax in the mann'er made'.pops.
lar for.rsidenae by Abraham
Lincoln, ltely embraced. by Wil
liam Hohenzollern, and restored
to dignity -at the camp on Lick
Ralph d PamaiScndi
glaissi an ri orthuirt ie.
Guyot (Frnc)tinshd hid,bu
cliede ihe reien asincein
cangaxin te.mne aeo.
Linol land el embrds. WI
1minutes n 10 ernond s oe
tourphiy doat ueer camr. c
RlD Palm d I har dk Tir
CTahe atren draves C otrset
eecAns. Bora compeUed
tomdropa outombl a on the egtet a
duei toreni or e. frt e
Roucher do PmaantherdA9mert,an1
W.Barow finihd seoynard,.fctl
were (indic bynithe gad thurd ty
hawis plorember conervtedr of ithe
aimedgrah reciond ofitne aink
cangin Hatre.sadtn. ti le
Mrhey stie asnhor, m
P f
Lodn Jl.5-harihfe
Piac for Doninion Premiers
Sougit at Conference of Pa
cific Powers Here.
Iat'lel~al m rshes.
London, Ju1P 2L -Tb*,*rIM iff
rign office is tenewng its en re
upon Washington for a prejitii$
eference f the- albistades of
the Pacific atr In Loud to dls
aUss tar. roIeI, it was
bandthisroon.. -
It ' W r4 4 A.,ow cWSt
s "ai o d f C oo a tdat
Urner in the ay it bio d nee. w
rted that Washington -ad relecte
the propoal for a pretblnary coafer"
TOe government is not yet 3s e
Japae' isir treegaring tothelb
ofnei .p t te F ar st conference at
R o~n. Pener Lloyd Geeorr
said in the o"n of Cfotuign todam
in reply to a quebtion.
itant wae thdim t edt th
Lloy svehms oqm the
eitish -delegatioet.
Japan's, Faraj "0., K*
On Far at:P chrg
Opinon s p peaente 'S'oa
TORTO. July 3&.- Ame *'s rel'~te
Japan's' nl ury reardng -the "t.a
of ten . Hastnoontreht is in q
hands of thed Jaaayee feteip efll
today. It was trAsmttetoUe
inOn Sope of ard
the Amnerican charge MM.Oiini ie d'tffamJareq ll
pInin Not SWeviet to Japa W
formally announce heresoteptaets 'oo
President, Ha ins'a invit Uion ,wt**la
u& few days.
tU. S. States Attitude
On Scope of p ahay
In Note Sect to Japan
Iug srtwasNa a,noed tth t'A
A complet statement of the atti
tude of the United Statep with regard
to the scope' of the proposed daartc
ment conference has been communi
cated to Japan by Secretary of State
Hughes, it wa ennounced at the Sate
Department today._
The commgnictin, ich arndersen
is tor stementi of-hean itude
ly the mnsto , t he fete
waon hade forn the dipscee gofean
,mokethey deison as aroewhat matr
The conmin ication.t also aunes
the aifntaeentonf ths goemn attiod
lthe Adiist pwrsasn to the probabe
agbets o the conferen, butin-te
thate theseciion s ofotheaoinmanttha
-the ooruniifoi sceo wouldbe
rther ietof thers worenmet and
entert programl dwnwhen te with
ofthe nited ptaes as to the to
agsof the confere nce, it eane tatte
com incation tsof tapa onictes that
the ovrnietis otccs wenadhe
somet cocif n ther ee no pr -
lastnaro grmentid on whendear
Tho a conee. rmutin ece
th Raaee Poernentaboutetw
dAlhoupgy whainclealyte *titd
ofathe frite STokeee beino~tingt
tooiratrestrctpan befon aenede
of t ldhe oofree.Iiached tha then'
rtmnicatiO n the capnternices The
tisw expreed is t he ntmtats
the conmincain i undrso-t
he baaeeha thvemen abot then
cofree would e ac ed ifaa'
the invited nations indieted Iheli'l.

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