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9 M fi' !' '.'F or,, rrnrrX"fap f04
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fsll PsIn.
U es a, aged 6eihty,
at he. end of a long
lif, prediets his own
withan a yeaw. He makes the
, which a-a
that do not understand such
:, fr.
S eCheSeau is a man that has
a race, and won. He does
want to sit around forever
about it. A little rest and
start in another race is what
weat., and that is what the
gives us all.
Ti ie hard, work and fight
then die to start again as
s useful days are ended, is
men should want. Not for
ing, however, that the last
of useful thought and wise
sing are among the most use
working years.
President Harding is sending by
machine warning to the
ing armed bands of miners
West Virginia. In spite of the
dent's warning, shooting was
on yesterday afternoon.
British troops and the natives
still fighting in India. Hatred
ong different, kinds of natives
the white man's asset.
Martial law, fighting and killing
tinue in Belfast.
And Eugene Lowe, an actor,
s his wife calls up from the
deep' spirits named "Red
and "Little Flower."
se spirits have driven him to
bootleg saloon. It is a difficult
Id for everybody.
Senator Smoot, of Utah, who
ows as much about American
-ss as anybody, has a tax
ThemaIn feSa re is a 8 per
t as tax. He says the plan
enb .esi appest
tat ll around,
incomes eanot be ma i to
the GovWerient There- I
t the liW peool and the
tax rill have to do it, for n
Government must be sup- r
An interesting case for those
t perpetually discuss suicide, j
rights and wrongs:
The Rev. W. Haythornawite
painfully injured while 180
iles from a railroad in Canada.
is shoulder was fractured; be e
not be moved or helped; s
ering excruciating pain. Pre- v
Ing death, he shot himself. a
t would you say of that gui- a
? .Was it courage or cow
ice? Was It a sin, or a proper, e
on for himself whether to i
or die?
This will interest farmer., all ra
e that raise chickens on big
r little scale. Seeds of the hol- a
ock are the best possible food e
or hiken *In cold weather.
nthem in the chicken yard. '
eywill supply shade In sum
~er, seeds in winter. Chickens 1
get exercise jumping up to ~
0 ut the seeds.
Also there Is a Russian giant a
Bfower that grows fifteen feet
jhand has flowers weighing ten
ouds each. Justice Montgom
bry, of Oneco, Conn., has some. ~
oucan use the stalks for bean I
-- C
*With the right environment
ne is exeited about In- ~
actiee and fusses about it. A
electrocuted the other day,
he was Innocent. Perhaps b
waperhaps not. He started
speech In the deathroom, with
khe electrie chair facing him. c
~hy forced him into the chair
pad kIlled hl~while he was still
Eh-aking and praying.
No come long editoilalu ask
gNew Jersey's governor why d
eddnot Interfere.
Every year 25,000 women dier
childbirth, and 20,800 of them
lsht be saved by Government I
terference. No one gets ex
ted about that, for those
,000 women die quietly, In out ?
f the way places, far from doe- '
ra or midwives. Put one of
ese mothers in a great hall, lot Ai
r die publicly, where thousands a
n see her, and observe the out- a
ry. 'mnagination is tackling. a'
Pull L
Jnfavorabe Weather and Rav.
ages of Inseckt General
in South.
"Everything ems to have gone
wrong with the cotton crop," the
Bureau of Crop l1timtes am
iounced today. The general con
Ittion of cotton declined 15.4
joints during the, month ending
kugust 25, and the present Igere
-49.3 per cent--s the lowest ree
rd of any moth.
Boe dn een .a gees, - L
h I t aa tee, greS t n
Btmei iewto t !t to
eelieb t from 10 to.20 pites are
hoss se southern south rolina,
er Geegs, aserthern Alabama, the
sIlta stletn of Miudpi and
=roughout the belt west of the
Iisappl rtver, e-oept in the
ortheu edge where some sligh; ui
rovement occurred.
Not more than a third of a crop
t promised in northern Tesas. In
outhern and eontra! Youth Cbrollna
he promise is for les than a third
nd in some counties not more thin
0 per cent of a crop. 'The central
btt of Georgia and most of east
nd south Texas promise about a
In southern South Carolina, Georgia
nd Arkansas and in portions of other
tates excess rainfall and cool weath
r combaed to give a big weedy
rowth. which the boll weevil, in the
lush of early invasion, has attacked
eraciously, destroying all squares
nd wells set during August and even
ttacking the larger bolls.
Army Worm Destrucdve.
The mild winter is held responsible
>r sparing an unusual number of
reevils as well as other pests, which
ave multiplied beyond measures, and
re devastating the new growth in
irtlcally all the area of its present
ange. The army worm is present in
arge numbers throughout most of
,rkansas. Tennessee and north - Mis
lasippi. Boll worms and the other
sual pests are present in greater
umbers than usual, but their damage
I small in comparison with the wee
The northern edges of the cotton
alt, from Virginia and North Caro
na through Tennessee, northern
hanesas and northern Oklahoma,
romise about two-thirds of a crop.
[ississippi and the northern portions
f Alabama, Georgia and South Caro
na still forsoast bettor than half a
The condition by States follows:
Virginia. 03; North (brolina, OS;
outh Carolina, 50; Georgia, 41; .jlor
Ia, 59; Alabama, 58; Mississippi, 57;
.ouisiana, 48; Texas, 42: Arkansas,
3: Tennessee, 74; Misourl, 73; Okla
tma 438; California, 33; Arisona, 35;
The estimated production under the
wecast of August 25 by Itates fol
Virginia, 11,000 bales: North Caro
na, 523,000; South Carolina, 744,000;
leorgia, 327.000; FlorIda, 16,000; Ala
amia, 473.000; MissIssippi, 679,000;
louisiana, 244.000; Texas, 1,983,000:
trkansas, 729,000; Tennessee, 38,000;
itssouri, 50,000; Oklahoma, 474.00;
'alifornia, 75.000; Arisona, 47.000.
The AlI-Russian nllef Committee,
ceded by Maxim Gorky, has been
ioved, accordin toannouncemen
[elsingfors, the Stats Department was
dvlsed today. Press diptches had
sported that the Gorky committee
ad been placed under arrest.
HAZELTON, Pa., Sept. 1.--The L5.
igh Valley Coat Company today ad
anced the retail price of anthracite
Dat 10 cents a ton, bringing the pren
nt price up to quotations of last
spIl. Today's now price will remain
i effec for the fall and winter. ,
A 50-cent cut was made in the sprig
eeajg snme bspbg when the
* |
Tokens Are 5 For
- 35 Cents
You can buy Ave of 'em for
36 cents today.
Yesterday street car paseen
in fare rates, refused to
purdte tokens, the sale of
whisk took.a fearful slap.
But today the boom is on,
follewltg the fret ear fare rate
reductlti here since the begin
nhweg f the war.
Deyond the District line, how
aver cn be hard wailing and
eft. The re
d does not apply there.
V,. I, P.ehb~nb~ Of i
Mako *eAttempt t 'p Ex
1 wlr h . icla will mke no
attemp& t the fertl$einiag d1s.
armnamnent erence "dty," It was
efdeisiy alnounoed at the Treasury
Department today.
Prohibition officials hold that liquors
for delegates to the disarmament can
ference usut be permitted. diplomatic
immunity and all renm endeAlon. of
the State Department for permission
for liquor to enter the United states
will have the approval of the Treasury
ADD O)gl
LONDON. Sept. 1.-With the tech
nical end of the state of war for
Great Britain at midnight last night
there came 'a cut I the wages and
salaries of employes of the govern
ment approximating 500,000 pounds
sterling weekly.
The bonuses of all classes of civil
servants, based on the cost of living,
will be reduced considerably.
Jail for Liquor Sale.
"OMERVILLE, N. J., Sept. 1.
Three months In the county jail and a
fine of $300 tas the sentence Imposed
ern Job. Mlassucci. a hotel keeper, of
Bound Brook, for illegal selling. Man
Modc had previously been convicted
of violating the Volstead act and been
How William F. A
the Course of H isi
to Withdras
As a Candidate for flt
nation at the Bait
Intimate details of hi
*Bryan, clad in his ba
baggy trousers and
touseled, demanded
be given to him.
"How I Mad
Wilson P
* *
* *
)n Cr
Burdens of Armament Will
Diminished Only, He Tells
War College Students.
President Harding, in an a
dress here today to members <
the entering class of the Arm
War College, declared that "a
matter where the beat aspiration
of the world may lead us, tha
asy i*var be a time when thai
will be ao seessity for arae
tett es,
1r candhg 1 ats," li
an or boot rut It is rfesi~t1 y 86
to believe that there never may I
rared conflate."
"The two eatemals for the progre
of civilisation." the Preddent cot
tinued, "are understandlag amen
men at honme and no conflict amen
nations." He referred to the press,
disturbances in West Virgt'ia. ezplahi
Ing this was a result of misunderstan
inge between "men at home.'
"We should not have any conflk
like that," the President added. "l
is due to lack of understanding."
Reiterates His Pised.
President Harding reiterated hi
sledge that during the time be serve
as Chief Executive "you militar
men will never be called into servic
for any work that you cannot onto
into with all your hearts and soul
s Americans."
The President advised the offcr
to promote "fuller understanding
between the people In the Uni a
States and In other countries so the
"you never wjll be drawn into
Gen. John J. Pershing, ehtef e,
staff. who spoke to the officers I
advance of the President. discusse
he technical phapes of their trainin
In the War Coll.
The advantages of a' technical edh
ration were also stuessed by Seer
tary of War Weeks.
cCombs Changed
~ory By Refusing
v Wood row
e Presidential Nom
more Convention
iw William Jennings
own undershirt and
vith his sparse hair
that the nomination
is Ip
1 .
op Fo
I .
in Wes Virgia w e trin
e oal m erschvai e In whet
rallied as defenders. Reports filter
t B R L
plI u h h s
temn byrernu thrattu
to rdtearosdmnsadp<
IAiIhi eo
T ew Ybork ad Quew. t . e~o
00oa m in s aeparseul. ha
authe rtivil arnmn and hee dun
onemre emerstablshedrin Irer
Stt olie and e gia ie an
raled a ene. eoe beter
defnite ad fnlsttleen Ba t tro
......,0 r..oh Sey...
Theeeprsd the opinon thatteIip
u~ n oppotuty ton
t.mne eis*.eu.'tei.a%"u
Ins In say that 100 men were killed
in a furious battle which railed all
day Wednesday and was renewed
early this morning.
The arrow shows the route taken
by the minr In their march through
Boone county to the firing line,
other disturbances 'that I. was un
likely that the trouble there would af
fact the general problem of Irish
"They have their own local feelings
and hatreds in Belfset," Steed said.
"It is very different than the rest of
Ireland. It is impossible, though, to
iscs th BLas trul ihA
ourcy bcaue d no kowho
0 tsatd n ol aet eo
nteed same ta Washingn eerl
" wek agro ate w hior Nrc ll h
drias Weblisher, and wascompnewed
earlymts orsVnoegn.i ti
aruThe rw owd he exreee tae
bygh todalhe miesi had marcho the
Bonie cotaty btos thath frig le
the udrstan that ise was nowre
pote to. te ringle theetul Vgna.
anItems in meftho," Steedd
aded "tha you dofferettal the ret oav
Irhand. t siuptonairbl."togt
disOUss tAN BDf ROublED w ~h c
ION strte.ANCH wo.l ha., eto be.
the ground toyetera when e fatr
t eree iDoh Nersfe w
Ste Yor.mTe gir Washngeon sevewal
eek afor wihhedap.hli h
Coitishepublosher an.Hhd reoach-i
I e her asd when he Vancapprenstlyp
areund wthor. a eremprssd d are
ligt toda all The hadn womn wfath
Unitsced Statesguta tnhat eaile
pot two KbLED Agin TWeRginia
aOf ANNANCLI. d. J. ept. 1.-w
. pernton Coer. twety an lieuard.
seriouasldronjed sertday when re
to recuing oris Saters cofdewo
rgok Ted girea Wilame hmpton
cagh a n ran uondeunt and rsatruc
Ceen to er f ad pessangeraand
t tdher sed wehe crashed aint y
f ot ful se.ed. agwoa
9r 1'C
Miners'. War District
In West Virginia
Vountainous Country
Where Men Are Fight
ing Shown Here.
w hip h is indicated by star. 'The
circle shown headquarters of sher
If. State plce and vounteers at
In Cabell county the point where
the strikers massed I. Indicated by
a square.
- lil~flaS
~Hdigs fominvib tanfr anhen
cie andw Faater pofer
Thes Itae poacepane olter lat
Ine tobereeall o ther inted
thoswers aving peiuslynnced
tha accptne.
No aendas rxeced bythe
Be DeTmentp bth Itlanr
Th b nite States today epcee
.cpane frma l o f~n esiude
mattrg orma agnatenu fora in
tanatnal dicsoneweeon thein-ma
rnstd wrstenliis
TheIAllO, aSepta.-ne f thei-s
neao heareced. woal eothinge
oe fora me woay rexteively the
ertied Dneparent, but tme in for
siofhe iciablly ie mrnk
!ersncewoman withbthenacseandnctree
ifty Miners Believed Killed in
Attack on Machine Gun
Nest Near Madison.
Madison. W. Va.. got. 1.~ Ift*
miners are reported or bdyr
wounded in renewed fIghiat
Blair this morning. The repbet was
brought book froma the frontb two
men, both wonded. The ,
is said to have asiadhed a lMlag
Sun west on Blair mnontam,
p est" Vignadoe med b
ie vernati the evn of
istablshmen .f.aria. a ne
Teerplanes are todar orderySe
rtrofWWesto proceedfriLage
eta ry ofWae of m theow rneed
Weud nt be genatrued a mnodetty
hathe Genent nhes devedg of
rouble ones of the West Virginia
Soal fields.
The aeroplans are eds aertd'
Bo proceed fry Langley GVde.
Desy to t f Gnl.
The Secretary kid thesem rders
:old at be conoued as Cniatme w
bat the aoreanost has reend of
Wed troopinto Went Vis rina Two
rnal desio has not yet boes
nade, he said.
Troop trains are ready at Ca
Sherman. however. and the Geverp
ment i ready to act if General San.
Molts advises it, tq. Secretary sai.
Secretary Weeks today odayogg de
:o the commanding officer at Can
Dtx to prere another regiment of
sfataary for immp'jate wsrvie in
West Virginia. This will make two
regments at Camp Dix under cedrs
to stand by to proceed to west Vir.
oinla and one regiment at Cans/
Sherman. Ohio.
Denies n a ing iTersr
Thhe aryr a be o eniedo
sn ned o f epors thn dipe
aroplaedb he avror aomn thee
lrmed merslowda. It washate
bob ol e sahnded that ~hrweenreothet
wtha an arm pont r wat wolying
InrWet Viriab toyestday.f
fects of Warheks for aelraidsa
onthermeud bnds perma phys
ea nafsetin grmtsases.ThSerty
showever tha A hiv wsM maere tter
oe miavoidea-He sad thadt tel
weotheoe had eeiufro Wfot
Vign thmobs. ee deachdls
The plan Mpjropse woud prtated
!oficarg sconfiao of ter gasan
opdbuttn e a itorsing the ar me
ing.e belpu thrffoe was dta -h
omb kulld honld that e se ted
raers wouf sthee wdea, ,an
atcteearynseqent rsul wdelugd bet
telgrame toayl fom Wstn thee
betis peitheg gret Iblaimd that

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