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1 The ghapping Cs0m-G & 11th
Fo Fw 800901141 ddy W
of item. Our Berge
off1ering deppeudeblo
* Price. is made duaub1jo
bec.au.e of the added
received freng muf.sa
I eur patron.
Fall Coat
: Outlet Sale Pri
New Fall Coats are fashioned o
and Silvertone. In the new sh
tan, brown and reindeer. nil
Embellished with buttons* belt,
g Some have box pleats. Full
New Fall Su
Developed of Velour. Trioott
Serge, in tan, lawn, navy, sosen
also black. Fur trimming used
lar 'and cuffs. Some embrolde
beilished. Box and long coat
Manufagurers' Outlet Sale, $24.1
* -Bergata Asemet.
Preale and Galatea
* Bungalow Apron 72
Light gowns, neat fig.
ures. stripes and checks: also
plain colors. Neatly trimmed
* with braid and belt. Manufact
urers' Outlet Sale.-Bargat Bae
* All White Loisdale Joean
. Maad s........ 1
In straight and Balkin
styles, neatly braided, in white,
blue and red. With' pocket and
tie. . to 18 years. At S1.L
* Womn's CoO ad $2.89
Regularly $11.00 and* .8
$6.560. Including American WAy.
* C. & B. and May-O-Belt Oeusets,
in back or front lace models.
Comfortable and durable for aver
age and stout figures. Of heavy
white or pink coutil. Low or
medium high bust, with long skirt,
elastic gore across back, sonne
*reinforced over abdomen. Heavily
boned throughout. 4 and 6 garters.
22 to 36 in the lot, but not In
every make. At P.M.-'
A Cmets at.,...... rg
OW1 lots of small
sims and some are slightly soiled.
Manufacturrs' Outlet Sale at S.
-Bw.Baft Basement.
$1 and' $1.50 Night
Gow"s ........... .
50 dowan in the lot.
Made of nainsoQk and long cloth
in a variety of neat styles. Many
with laoe and embroidery trim
ming, while others are Empire
style, finished with ribbon run
beading. Manufacturers' Outlet
Ewle, lie.
Envelop. Chemise,
Made of soft nainsook,
neatly trimmed in rellable em
broidery, full shapely cut. Sises
*46, 43 and 50. Mlanufacturers'
Outlet Sale, 73c.-Bnrgainl Base
* "Peg Top" Rompers, 73c
Of linene, chambray W
*and gingham, new lot in pretty
fall colors, some with long aleeves,
*styles for boy or girt. 2 to 6
years. Manufacturera' Outlet
*Sale, 73.-Bargain Dusement.
g Boys' Stockings, 3 pr.
Regularly 25o. Coarse'
*ribbed black cotton hose, with
double heel and toe: mimes 6 to U.
*Manufacturers' Outlet Sale, S
*Child's Hose, 2 pr.
* Regularly 25c. ine "
ribbed black cotton stockings, dou
*ble heel, toe and sole; sises 6 to
9%. Manufacturers' Outlet Sale,
*Spairs, 3e.
g Girl's Stockings, 2 pr. ~t
Regularly S0c. Fine
*rib mercerisse~ cotton, with double
heel, toe and sole: in black, white
*and nordovan; sizes,, 6 to 9%.
Manufacturers' Outlet Sale, 2
*patra, Me.
g Outsize Stockings . .
Regularly S9c. Wo. U~
*men's; black, made large and full
for stout women; with rib top.
Ureinforced heel and toe. Manu
facturer.' Outlet Sale at 80e.
70 Unlop Suits....59
cotton suite, bodice style. shell
kneem; gines 3 to 44. Maaufae.
turerm' Outlet Sale at We.
* a.s.-. Fine ribbed 3C
cos~m' suits, leer neck and nio
' lace knees; seae 34 and
*8 utfaCtusera' Outlet ale,
* Estra Si.e Vests,
Regarty 30e. We
*mm'as Baue rib .0tten, inade long,
la~and full fler stout weman
style: aissa 46 ,to 80.
* Nuuaturers' Outlet sale, 3 fer
= m uu =mm m
--E-a lo-- LUm-i Pre-.
s' Outlet Sale:
6 have reserved a smre
.. ....t P.. .f
oemehandise at leer U
ijteretiug i. this .1e
savings that we have'
*~rr v pased on to
s and Suits.
ades of
to and
to Slue,.
on ol
ry em.
Women's Bloomers, 3
2 for..............
Jersey rib, flesh col
or. with elastic band at waist
and knee; all ohms. Manufactur
erg' Outlet Bale. 2 for Us.
On4 Clth, 3 Yards...
45 Inches wide; per. $1
fact quality; white and ile do.
dens. aftumtnrsr Owt Sale IW,*
Baby Flammel, Y d
Part w... i. or..m -59c
Ond wte only. manufacturer'
72 4 c"WW-.& 8
tquality; o.house a N
rtures, Oale wo wej
Tubing, sale Prio., -
36e to............ c
Perfect quality;
40. 41 and 46 inches wie. Maau.
acturers' OuUet ale, 0 S 4e 8
u Towels, fr.
Sine 11136 inches. Of
fine linen; absorbent quailt. U
Manufacturere Outlet Egle, S tsr
Mill Remmats Yd.. A a
Bleached Muslin, g
White ateen and Shirtings and
Nainsook. Regularly 190 to 3c. U
Manufacturers' Outiet Nae. 0;*
Prbd Cr..........
Perfsctgayte- -35
cand retonnes; for pillow
and curtins anugactur.U
err. Outlet Ial, W Yr.
Canton Flannel, 4.,
Unbleached; for in. .I
fan ta' urn: heavy weight; e!
arly 17c. Mauacturra Out
Sal.. 13e yrd.
sh..t aket.. a.
Run of the mill; . U
'anutuj.rs' tl.et ae.'" 6
Table cloths, Each. .
58-inch sine; round o
square, both scalloped and hem.3
stched Manufacturers' -Oeulet
Glass Toweling, Yd. 1 c
Red and blue stripe . U
oy. Manufacturers' Outlet Bale,
s1.2S she.t......
Bis 72x50: seamless
sene with alight stains or pin
he.. Manfacturers' ,Outlet *
Bale, 12e er. ....P
Of full mercerised 7 c*
damask, all neatly scalloped; eims
Lisle Vests, 2 fo gk
Regularly 3$c.- o
men's; flsh coor,bocesyU
sines 36 ad3. anufacturere '
Utle al,b3e 55.. ..
Good, heavy wegt F
muslin. for ....t.'jlow .ases..
and cevering.; mill lengtha, 1 to7
yas cresr~ ir ..gnto U
Bes atyleths.rJ.7g
1 to 10 yards; regularly 2 and S
Sc. Manufacturers' Outlag Sale.
OuigFlannel, Yd. ..~ a
27 and se eh.e.; col.
0- ti he - t
suk and .iber .. 5 c
mined basse, with leng aux bet U
U'a". S* , ,'""l
mmm -ame 0.mm.i.
ftieein the town win at a
standtE while the services were he
HYATITSYILLE Ibl l lg lwa ~fS~f
crowded the lredrill room o h
arory. iher the svies er ae
PAYS TRIBUTE 1uitfe inorge Me
assatrector atthe Church of the
can L~o; former o r
Funeral Services Held for Corp. allo oM)yanvlljCapt. y
M. a. Snyder and Pvt. Inl'n'yt t nydL
and Farmer were attached. had eharge
0. W. Farmer. of the military Phase of the services.
After the safticee the bodies were
HyATT IL.- ebrted to Arlington Cemetery. where
HYATIVILE. ~III~ ries:interment wasnmade. The Rev. Mr.
With full military and civil rites,Milrfiraeathegv.
funeral services for Corp. Maurice B.
Snyder and Private George W. Fossilized portions of a ship. be
Farmer, the first men from Hyat lieved to be ovor 6000 years old have
vule to lose their lives In the worlbe discovered near Woking, Bg
warn were held this morning at the land.
hms -of
8 m te say little, qnalat little Coffee Shop
fn the New WIllard.
Attraetleas apleety in feed. tISre g eev.
and people at tp heor of the day.
It is suoh an inviting plaee for Inftrmal
breakfasting, lunching Or dining-end la
between times, there Is afterneem tea,
festain- servies. and always the fragrant
ep of coffee.
Sherry and Tihn candles are
on sale-ead lovely imported
711 --7th St. N. We
Bet. G and H Sts.
over me t to te Dao n w n si Thi A~azTTi.
A set of teeth that looks
naturial. Fits perfect. Will
last indelnitly. Guaan
teit.A er amne hack. (NreN
Filings 1.00 Bridg<
G-ld Gold Crc
Posmeain Guarateed to stay POrcelaiE
DR. BOND, 71
Both Out for Dough,
Lives on
Tem mMer ta t
er's .e damse a B sI up e a
& -ew as" n
gemsas e vee e ver sie a re
Gmth ihrhad we a
9 e i dalw e ib her&
ibm e 5eeir
ad wm. ahed
thhwth. Se . daepy
we - meegu
nlowqhyl heab!
Thd'swh )EDUUsw
ea din
.x f
ISM Dupliate)~
w ork I
Crowns Cmetom
7thD aco- ~a n St.
and Live Their Own
the Side.
A esmiW-se stare, a preele poet,
a.d every e belve In yee.
A suggesve srug. a bared back
band Svon iemiU
And atM M se. to M16 better to
. warm t. we are thi. to
- better tha. we are.
M getg me I never ..pe a
dme upla dshe t amm
f Ibmd t absw a Per
Itddolm dae th rm.as
2M e bhe r uap roffie t as .
dmieayi.r e'T i""..f"..do
struis b% Sthe m. itle es
ow e .t. an.... ..de...
On th dat knewN th e PlA
th" .'. e |Ed * aw
a Cbe mW ruffe bn
wwmm erw mg beet flte t e
we while is rakesi thed iuekel
md lie her own We en Uhm s.l
he ether dam ba mim ea for
the dwskh Ond M" having a saMO
NOmto mAeb her MML aeb
nBd shee. (
ofesth gam w=9~m the
mm h e the he=m wulh
Of comms, the o Inepbm with
OF TH D wk
kbet 160
the dw "1*tht ue Ve nte
f-ar hhHsII
Wefr up to& $2.0per~ se
but iavem rate sumo~m; Wa
I 7.1eeb theast w nd p
ae m pacid thugh fame aw
tun wr famfty that they sofy be a
great aneed heave to a
Meathy fa ahrt and do db.
tti, g ta owin.
Am &e Ruth as denti an.
ether he~ rum. thever thuar
. 711
& Bet,
Decision Expected to inflsnoe
Recruiting of National uard
To Authorized Strength.
Possible changes In pay for offlo
gnd men of the regular army. which
will be considered by a Congressional
committee early next month, are ex
pected to have an important lfn
once on building up the natasnalsurd
from Its resent strength of 246.0W
to the 436.000 authorised for 1924.
National guard pay for duty in an
nual training camps and when the
guard In called out In an emergency
by the President is based on the pa
of officers and men of the regular
army. An active duty the guardsman
receives the same pay and allowances
as the reguba. Mebr o h uard
therefre are vitally Interested any
changes that may be mnade. and offi
cer, from all States are expected to
aprat the hearinso.
ap~ospeialcommittee Is amr
of senators Wadsworth of New
Newberry of Meichran. Walsh of
montana. McKinley of Dnnos. an
Mlcher of Florida: Congressmen Mo
Kenaie of Ill TUo of Ouineet
cut. Kraus of Indiana. yrne Of
south Carolina. and Oliver of Als
Both guardmaen and regular be6
leve the Importance of maintaining
the national guard is well As the rg
ular army and the reseve with Pay
sufficient to Induce ma of ability to
devote their lives to the Dervice of
the country, will be strongly e ma
good In the-committee's reort to&a
.ongr ion al Inquiry Into mv
pay wa not made for many'ya
previous to the world war. Cond~e
existing at the outbreak of the wia in
1c14 indicated the change o normal
living in this country required a re
vision of the pay schedules or the
services. The reviesd was nes
Aly postponed by the war. but Con
ss. pIn order to de over part of
the period, established nominal In
creases In pay for the- offoiers from
the grad of colonel In the army and
captain In the navy down to sond
lieutenants and ensigns, respectively.
limiting the Increases to June se 1322.
No increases were granted general
officers or rea admirals. nor to the
officers on the retired ist
Terrorist Paper Seized
BA iONA Sept 13-The Dote
Ionm plc have discovered the secrt
printing office of the terrorist news
Paper Boidarldad Obrera They askned
the plant and arrested a number of
syndicallsts connected with IL
th St N.. W.
'AcodH St.
Blfilhs, iltaths,
BIj awtages
Phone Main 5260 Uutil
Z P. M. Obituary Dnh
Word was received here today that
Bishop Temna O'Gerdon. *f Sioux
lalb, S. D., and former professor of
churck history at Catholic Univer.
sity, this city, died last night.
Me was aoted In 1890 to the
10uty of thoi University. On
AP" 19. 1116. he was consecrated
bWeop In St. Patrick's Roman Cath.
olic Church by Cardinal Natoill, and
on May 2. the samn years, he was
Installed at 0he pro-cathedral in
Sloux ris.
Bishop O'Gorman was the author
of "A History of the Roman Catho.
lio Church in the United States."
Je was ent to Rome by President
ROegevelt to treat with the Vatican
on conditions In the Philippines.
PoWleWajAn 1illness of more than
a wsk, M. Bella Hargreaves, for
nan *years in charge of the tele.
* Offce of the State Department,
yesterday- at Enmergency Hos
VitaL She was sizty-afve years old
and lived at 2601 Peppeylvania ae
Me northwest.
Reoetly Mrs. Hargreaves was
transferred to the bureau of pas.
port control. She is survived by a
daughter and two sons. Arrange.
ments for the funeral have not yet
ben iompleted.
Funeral services for Mrs. Cath.
mine J. Brittain, a resident of Wash.
ington since the civil war, were held
this afternoon at her residence, 1182
Newton street northwest. Inter.
ment was in Rook Crenk Cemetery.
Mm. Brittain died Saturday after
noon at 3 o'clock, after an ilness of
ten. weeks.
Mrs. Brittain was born in Stafford
eOintry, Va.. seventy-nine years ago.
She Is survived by four daughters.
Mrs. C. B. King, Mrs. W. 0. Black.
wood. Mrs. George H. Small and
Minnie IL Brittain, and two cons.
WiUam H. and Edawrd F. Brittain
Peter M. McCallum, for many years
an enMploe of the Government Print
ing Office died yesterday after an ill.
ness of about three weeks. Funeral
services will be held tomorrow after.
noen at 2 o'clock at his residence, 1231
F street northeast. Interment will be
in Glenwood Cemetery.
Mr. McCallum was born in London.
England, A 30, 1865. He came to
the United forty-nine years ago.
He was a member of Lafevtte Lodge,
No, 19. F. A. A. M.
Surviag Mr. McCallum are hin
wifee Mrs. Mary A. McCallum; five
sons, Andrew M.. Daniel W., Charles
P. Archie R., and Francis P. McCal
lua, and one daughter, Mrs. Mary
ALEXANDRIA. Va.. Sept. 19.-The
funeral Of former Mayor . E. Down.
ham will be held fron his home,
411 north Washington street, tomor
VOW aftneen the Rev. E. V.
= of 41h0. Ibluthern
Urehol ende the
funeral serviess and burial wa be in
the PredytWin cemetery.
ServiOcs will also be onducted by
the M"s0 Shrine. Of wheek Mr.
Doyahanm was Imperlol Representa.
for many years. Knights Temp.
, thi Roal Arch Masons and
Am wJack Lodge of Masons
wIl1 also attes the funeral.
UPP3R MARLBORO, Md., St. 19.
-,Mrs. alie Bealt Bowie, wido of
the late William . Bowie, died sud
dealy at her residence, Mt. Labentia.
near Westphalls. The funeral was
held IeW St. Barnabas' Church. Lee
la A sea, W. Bea Bowie, of Mt.
LEbsaM a two gadchildren, and a
W er, Mrs. Mary Brooke, survive.
UNPR MARLBORO. Md., Sept. 19.
-Mrs. Martha V. Colesan. who died
reesaty in Wasington, aged ty
three, was the widow of the late rof.
Wpiam M. Coleman. formerly peinl-.
Of the Marlboro Acadamny here.
funeral took place at Arlington
Natisnal Cemetery
DO ?Store an Ueaan. bo
GU W antemae and Augenta, ~.
LUA OCC.5R.Iva ere esk and An
suo PacblA. agnnea, he.
COOU-eor . Cm lsbt. grl.
ooA-AU Lear and ay ary. .
MASUNDL-ReOe~ We andt Mar, bo.,
RO53-e j . and Ra K.. boy.
CNA-erae . and grco.
ALLN-J eSO , andm aTrue ir.
uwan~wx~ey aGerre grl.
BWA.-Uwr and Mat, girt.
*ARVRT--Elen se yr., Garfield heap.
DE NA W itamN.,14 yra.. Homeo
U 3-mAtne 3., .48 pr.. Emergency
MA -Annie N., T? irs.. alas Wrm.
O Vih.Lr.43 ir afed ohep.
Lr Peter. 2% lre.. en route to
DIRTK-itaymoad, U utba. Cblndren's
Ut WL.ZPrn-*errea R., a niths.. 12e6
~j'tA~.lgha.S9 ,' ets; 341K :w
CAR I * Arther, as ies., Ealergener
T3W48-Jassoa 6 wa, se3 S at. w.
ha' anda eeateto ein rolee
trieae and neigbers beth In this olty
a~d out ef town ftt qjt erl to%
pad ad fth egr. u
JULIA A. lA ELLE will be held from
31s CemetrChureh. Tuesday, 54.
Or every desertataee-Neseeaae ..i..a

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