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-WaOw a uM
Itand the tien
am On I Iahrpo
a asme eae o rnstnu
Prwoam Wftend
a kiek anl about e
Aau" "or"
vy be sened do -
Instd at tis. t o e
t $or the ball an as 4
he tw 00Opp0 -
for dies t e oa Oley
bea diopit n my oe%
Imam sw the poorse. rh
taniti to on sht.r Th n la
tha bies p ty si le
Inet o4 dwthe old ". w s
lates borta r the b all ve
he ernoon Lerie's nnd
%d -aNdte pr b"1 th ea E
sarb th e tis afore
ur o poeion bg ta e Pr ine
back w tookthe e thee
ut good shae
id d iee atm was of
dgle b u elate myt team
%st0in aice hdSveryswd al t. he and
low to r tine ton withtn
ang~ot-the anc of Colgates
t the Tigers o ng to lack
brek th e ry puan when required.
Pracetoe's dof work urn
de hikse Was good. I do not think
tolt s backs ret red the bal five
playeall afternoon. Loheds runntl
a gank-of kicks, considering the W
11.1 and the slippery ban., wasrn e
mracaie though te w as afforded
ry good protection by the Prince
tUp back* who took the Colae nd
out in eead shape.
to n Co e a y h
t dislke eta"' criticise of f
s bdt I fede the etosn team Is
Wting a veto pw deal at. the hads
of suppo s onipetest offle~La. The
p ermi o ck t rinet wienth
s ta our teack oiug to oul "n
the rules and am a resqt. they
temls, he wea ycom ed wV
gae ma1 ha a eenikdta
penaIt tn prevented FtAeio raom
winning th~e Hfarvard gam and so far
thio year, every official seems to do.
light in penaling my teamy
The Princeton coache are petfetle
Awar that no team cana be penaild
to the extent the Princeton e.dyn has
be and win its big games. The
pLvers are beng coached incessantly
against breaking the rules. In the
practise games, outside officials ae
secured by the Prmceton ihanagdnent
and every possible infringement of
)les Is noted, practise stopped and the
player called to count.
I have -never aeon a mere, clooaly
3ISe game theu tha; pup by
Pirinceton against Colgate a yet the
doelsw uptsio. tn benastu an the
Princeton team. Corty-fIve yards to
Ats a five. A Colnate an was
pe t to kick the Princeton center
rgah in the hack out of bouads In
cla I of the spectators, sporting
writers and at least one of the off
dswho weakly commented when
hi ttention was Called to the play
509 .n that 9 been kicked. that
oE lthink ft was intentional.
I have so hesitancy In seying that*
bad a"7 Princeton player do"e the
mamthng, he would probably have
bee ~Oqusifled from the game Oa
his "eam pelialleod halt the distance
9WOe. It Is getting to he a pretty
= job to plsy the no pposing team
and the officials and I meetly Mug
mest that nocme of the gentlemen *Iie
gfflite In the future recollect that
there ame two teems on the fibld In
*smd of one.
M~arva"1 had no difficulty With In
Te gnme was really ea er
,Wa I thought It-would be., Indiana,
mA Ithrnawas
a e m woe Va
abler fte me
at Marv armdr
e..ke Gri, An .. for
= Nehw tAW In the after
Dose a forward pass
anA .se for a seer. A
team that O se advantage of its
mistakes is ging to win
oz 4 tse tmes.
The are always going to be miS
takee, I satt, in soe gam" MGre
beuaOt wn ethers. but I yet have
s se a pase whern the opportunity
has not esme to mue eam or the other
to t'Tat:' "f *o t
MmqlPh. TM. Ssa of =arvrd
leeksom in the dck
.gdprt .t... e team ithe
nr.- t a bm tiful punter
nd I he heeps up t Way he is
will average yards, while
Ma a star ae. Veth Fltt
and p shvedu ry well indeed
against Igdiana. - Buell ot a very
frome the thirty-fve yard
Fi&Punting wsr=~ak
= n vie of the00=
Indiana was wery weak in the kick
"department. If Captain KJ had
shown any cmlsteney at alnAhe game
might have been more closer. If a
team camn't advance the bal ad can't
kioks It's up against a hard afternoon.
- Navy was ast m
The Navy defeated Western Re.
serves 6-4. Froa their play in this
gsag and a week ago, It looks am if
the Navy had the strongest tesem in
the' east just now. Webtern Reserves
couldn't do a thing with the Navy line
while the backs tan at all wherever
they wanted. The only weakness
shown by the Mlfhimen the entire
afternoon was in kicking. With much
a powerful tesa, a poor kicker len't
much of a hadleap after all.
Yale bandied the wet ball in fine
shape and had no difficulty in running
up a big en against North (arelina
Akrich was the bright star being
equally goed at running, kicking and
paSing. Tale Is "pmng-p the gamn
= =f b11be 4L serious opetenderfa
ship hen(* Is the beat
fore the season is over. Neidlnger got
into the last part at the game and dim
tingulhed himself by making sev
eral good runs. There were but fve
fumble in the entire game an both
ide'erhich ie a pretty good Indica
tis Of how cleanly the ball was
Pennsylvanla had a great deal of dif
ftplty In winning against Gettysburg.
Ifit had noit been for Miller's remark
able run on the kick-off, the Penn
tem would have been held to a tie.
Heisman in trying a now kick-dff fer
ination which works with a great deal
of success, Instead of Ms
team all over the field, twe aWe
lined Up the ings nA opr
are groupe In tbA Vsx* t
iw.y bet. n i bl g011
I have always felt the interence
on a kick-off Is apt to spread .00 ?saee.
ly with the offensive team dotted all
over the field. The only successful
way to run back a kick is with a cem
t Interfeence conoestrated around
e mun with the ball. It leeks as if
Heiaman's prallet limne of receivers
closely grouped together is just what
is needed. At any rate. Penn is the
only tesam that Is making touchdowns
from the kiek-off with any regularity.
fet" Needs Weight.
As I eaaMmented recently, the entire
Penn acktield is too light for heavy
work. There are several little men
who are very effective in carrying
the hall but Practically uselesS in In
terfereneS. nless Penn gets more
eight in the backfield they oe go
ing to have difficulty in gaining
ground against first-class oppeeltion.
As It was, the Gettysburg line knocked
the Penn interference to bits on mnany,
many oa~ns.a
I was very mauch astonished to see
Ohio State defeated by Obertin. This
just goee to show that the day ef the
emoluive set, whether est or West,
Lfotball, Is a thing of the past.
old frIend Pinlie, who 'pant a few
mnten with us atjrncten lest fall.
saegumard o OhoState tama
Prmthe acqosnt of the gasse he un
fortunately sissed a goal whisk midht
haa tied the game.
-egohad coneldershe epposities
against Purdue. -much meare thal
matelpated. The game is just we
they needed, hewever, and will Inahle
the-. Maroons al1 the mon termide
when they meet Princeton.
ammana Meig Ens..
lIma A. and N. proved rety easy
oppo..tion. Spear... etin .oehr
a good team at West iriathoegh
they were net good enuhto beat
Pt ur Anter the Laynde.
etof I daticl a~6l
..mehasb .oam Gl''"e son. '.
t 1nan was net disappoIn .
terlast twmo s.Ilartmeosa
and om.n.. bT"etrt .
heseason is new geting en and
ftl.''.asi. S. group the bet tearno
eleven teaese in each eastion of the
ouantry. COseedering the day and the
sereof h tlon Iwould say
tage on its nebemu from the South
and West.
(Cepeivght, 1931, Se Dolt stadleate. tao.)
*Calasfor Candiates.
AU players who wish to try for the
Truxton junior football team sheuld
report to Manager T. U. Kelly, at 14
Florida avenue northwest tomorrowr
evening at S:8 p. is., or phone North
8fl9. team averages 181 pounds.
Gr ufilala, huan Maellas
and Curtain are especially requested
is rest
d LW%, .A
mapuwa~mii CO 1le-fs -O9
aseut whea Prsestime ea spigot
the Navy at. A.MPgl ON,
earrw a w mses to s ustai
rai'g does"te mo is mrts &A
bs met appmned en 40 Codd in umi
emn ins, It was based bweu be
ai to gft in owrm ne eOwm mbg hMs
Week Wi Joet w: m low*
ing into . -e IW am
twist off the field and I
taking his plae in t Tiger
In tmse finr the Nav "nea a e
cdedly Sli.
The ascend serious uew to
ton's Okae against the
came in saturdwo ems aab
gate when Leurle. al m quarter
back $n o. was take" *m t a me
following his fty-yard ran hok et a
Maroon punt. After having been
tripped up at midftiel laurie was
starting to st to he 7%t to
his fifty-rd total *he e was
tackled savagply Ues the Tet byp
Maroon player.
Altheoh be limped lh whem
leaving the dit wse h
the substitutae is 4 1 m s.
,are until tadayw h~-3
graph at t Q a5136 msm*:*7 e
that the injry was m" srioas them
it had appered at flrst. although no
bones were broken.
Whoops Unively, who started the
first game of the asessn Mut the
Little Quake4s at in
uniform resterday. but ha will aso be
out of the Navy gamma. However. en
couraed 1 the retura fron- the how
pital se Of ad Stinen, areua
and of last year. ad the avana. y
of Vangerbig and Afford, who have
not played for a Week.
Finn, Esq.
Ain't Nothin' to It Now
Sisce Giants Select In
visible Line-Up of
C*. K.m KUIW).
ANKS sad Jinas are ecuftg
for the one-eyed champion
ship of BrOnx Zoo.
Jinza futnbled a game yesterday
and have got their backs In the air
Oame as cat in bulldbg den.
Yanks eased 'emesl'ves the fifth
raw end gobbled g=ine right from
under beaks of
You never
heard so much
agony jerked
loses fem one
p ietl sice
teeth - Ms ,
favorite lion.
It was almost
possible to hear
a factory whistle
toot the end of
a perfect eight
hour day.
across Polo
Grounds @me s
ants in a forest
The riot was exquisite.
Nine Innings for each side, with
every fan throwing a fit on
CIvilisation was there la all Its
primitiveness. Insults rolled off un
lft stockinge off a debutante's
Yanks now have three legs to
stand en which sounds foolish, but
Jinzs wiD come back toqwith
exclusive line-pcopoedo grand
Blue Beard will pitch.'
ason will catch.
Kcaiser will fumble 'em at firut.
Insgitaa of Turkey at econd.
Fatty Arbuckle short. And fat.
Carl Wanderer, third.
UIL van Winkle left. Monkey
clre enter. AndAe
A Oed chacht the rest of th
BathiS am will um Mkehsz
,deg.. M..e the i.
will myii~ehon 80p with
The open Invitation tournameut to
be held under the ausploes of the
(olumbla Country Club in asheduled
to get under way TIhalaiW merm
lg. ntrie were suppsed to have
eleed last ight. but at C meeting
ot the beard of directerm It was de.
eed to eutead the- time Oew ntr
ag to the tery last toate-gsmt
time, or insther teeing off te.Any
membher et the District of C Mmba
Golf Asoelation is eligihle to -e
t ad the oUI. ar e inkng
patiilsse in the Ues.
A1 16t.t t
Nm -~~ *S''
.. I
it' is' brother against brother in the weeld series. Por Bob Neusel is
star rgt fielder of the Yakees and brother Ensil, betrknows as
"=ih over left field and swate 'on for the Giants. This photo shows
th Musel brothers tali thing ower at the Polo Greends. Bob is in
unrmwie bhrEmWears his sonse clothes.
Corpl. Charles Warten cntinued to oto he rmteAaeao
sekt a fast paceg during yetr ay's a vti olef ttet
"Mri * cle nckdo 2 o
1t I brtheragnst roter agaewost te ries. Dia3gbme=us an
aft l~b fiederOf te Ynkeeost bothere from thate k ow
fleW nd aarte aneefig ooro the Gat.hs othine
theMeui roter takig tins @ the Polo. A.oun. Bo Is arit
unior, hie roerEmi ea.fosomtb clotn hen.hy.et h
milo tre rodiuheofwour sta
Cori. haum Wrat cot~ned o atern for ant rof~ as ohhrd
sot a featfaremdsomegyminordad
bowlingtaningecTire.eing tnwed,
the leaa mecwitnia,1willecome
hjih game. to youra Aid.N ch sartgIt
T au pa ndy fonrd ateral. tbl maawEnhyme te
79N more EAFURTURE iNO, 2
musemRnaD mVICE
1033-1622 YShot.dN.o.rn ca. be
Ygu ay endme uR nicfto aoe miorad
TUR SElyfrICErilue.hs8RVC a
yea displei.......... i ."..-.yAar.. ......' .
N m e ................. ... . . ... . . . . . .
Af Jaim t
sev wV4s
LL so WIT"
a. Igi i l
FA, rou,
ftw 41f.a o
th e wf E e leas
ebssse~ -a mes -oa hew
A. Lwer t s - Mk-t t
b 2m er dbe se base
of ffof w.et mns&
Ife N.,OeW ..
b. If "IsIa" lhe s dhr us 4 Aeu
the deimit
A. If the eppment wa a& sif he
boud hae kept oft wa a
.e Ns w War wM e th.
t awar teen rft &M a fM
atch wth the tgeaset th Wi or
nds M E a .
owf b onight'
A. No. Any maO kth @beets
Sj.u a -kw ~ sb-N
w I a l em ss n ow kesb
A. YesT but the pt e
nOWed toh thme ther
WHIl Open 86suW
Seat PUeMint A. C. btba Ike'..
open their one=e the road
grounft at I P. es. afafm tj sulb.
em A. a.
Tonight -1
tetie e
'- o
817-819 14&h 3
gto O
e .U.b=ejs wha Ma et a
Ast lsesWrh gitablty
ec -. ha-e -S W h OeN aa
am the laamd m se phaer
pit up &asat "Pamin Vmwovrdtv.
.he k'eefame ft" boom way
to ti torn th eesun
toa If to
...- .- t. . . .,r..
~W" 7'IA A "" kad
d upip, uthwe broead
M4 I. Mary'. the .roek
am neoe ter tohane a
- toen eame whisk win
be 0ee"" for *.l 62606emt omm.
as lar t
Mwpteud unwert "s ne- it
t tat the tam t
a ht eyrace. (ch
3714 have to ,racucamuy
resesrUet his t avclise his
entie style efe. sa d n to
to develop another dve. s abet
In the Pessat b h .ter nin
Byrd de s tea
IuNe his tans In at aywherenw
o r. Ce mpes" chiefly of
fimm" hig U~dPlayers its
Vichnity the SO t
ortoam o00A wbiFa e
Pit ard to eSw
IL Jhna a e W mr Ans
t rAnspeitr aturay a
the ?evta buield ing o aE
at or off a" inter p stan un
the Coveted a'wineob-Nay Am.
tickes. sa ee IW2 gain" in one,
&Y. And bob ejntems are ex
pestell to be wsll w whila
@a~~bt t4uidtr. s
V nten -M I- W ad dlapiyq4
mnmrdmW "" twi maainU t the
ftonkft and Ifesab s ol5vma
.an.*W. T as emluey. T. nO
M. was hel no twoa touchbarna
wft~in In One albat ot the
The Galsuis ands have it stif
WAchab. this n or with few
sadmtme/the toe to ranled on to
ftoe tarn. out of no esm.. CAm*
HuxbmIn wok~n a Ousaber of
t$S7W ia"w are expectod to
be of, Vent bed vi. ioa a in the
to = : sad= o the
Congop of woniam an May. The
aW S ZLW~dto e gratdmw
sinaseb support=n at the Willhams
hslebote defeated Westarn
MWYbsd em BetuadaY. It wos the,
first Win at the isw tomcs everI
the WstdOu eleven sinme iU.
Softtbdr 4~a by At. Jebnus Cel.
las tho etwr. the Marybead.
Frough tho Stb
ito fbt Factc
ine an sieet
Af Uf 1r
alumni, has sent out notices to
an fornmesaar students re
0111g1116 the to the eff.p
erA 0pecial seetd seectis
boon iessyod forth West
a men and of other
conference a are d6
likewise. "Cheering fpr a Cha.
-g team may seem st,
mys the notice, "but W .
vs. East now.",
ee became POSs"=s=i of three former
stars of Rauthr 6W
setting before *t-Wet
gen Maryland cu teven, the
Marylnd1 4 i.~OMWn the
gy of"odd. "I"al~a thWeeteni
Mary der p i ackle weigh
lng 315 pounds, Who stood six feet
and eight Inches. Betdc was in, prac
tically every play in the game.
The Hatchetw wIll o09ose a first
elmss eleven on Saturday. WillIaM
and Mary held Virginia Polytechnic
Ingtitute to two touchdowns and do
fmated Trinity College at Durham.
N. C., by 14 to 4 last Saturday.
on dope this early Oeorgetown and
Catelic University stand to win by
iseedble scores. Maryland will count
itelf lucky at this stage of the game
agstt. John*s which boasts the
buteleven It has had in 'Yesin
u. W. U. and Gaullaudet will bave
tough assignments.
NEW YORK, Oct. 11.-Fordbam
goothu followers received quite a
ebosk yesterday when it was an
assamd that ylwester Fitzpatrick.
empina and star left end ofrtbis
rls Maroon eleven, will be out -c
Flipatrickr broke a smail bone tIM
him right W.is during Saturdq
gae with Catholic University.
loJw'. though "o a painful one, Is
wea ,e treatment before 1itzpapick
will be able to pyagain. His loom is
a bitter pl to swallow for DTulo,
who had placed grot hopes in ftt.
matrik for the suoces of the Marou
enssaht=-games with Villanova,
Iafyette, Doton College and George
; Mlu; Yltapalsick. DW~oe wil
~a~iuiyWoodwar.a lad frm
Woodward has
pa"In both the Maine and CatholIe
rity gamena. He was only in for
a abort while in both these en
meats, but managed to soore a toch
Gow In each Instance. He is not as
usky as the ordbiary end weIbhing
a itleovr ~5 puns.He suess.w
fully s , ho two pri
ary requt'em ts for an end candi
dateathe bIty to get down under
an d an adeptness at *athing
at the
a automobile from
Ii the car is ready
sy Cnmny

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