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74 4EL.IGS
NeivNWek's seainess Ag
grVegate *366,0dO.
Teay dosed another active .eek
at the odies of the Building Inspector
i the: DietM building.
Permits were issued during the week
fr the erection of fortyeight dwet
lngs at a cost of $388.000. Numerous
permits were also issued for the ereo
Moa of garages and for repairs. %
Following are some of the permits
! sued du the week:
B. C. vis, to build three-story
dweling at 2410 Wyoming avenue
northwset, $6,000.
W. 0. Cornwell Co., repairs to prop
atj1L 19 Patterson street northeast.
Banking Trust and Mortgage Co.,
.gpirs to property at 1409 H street
northwest. $6,000.
0. P. 3lopkins, repairs to property at
1926 Blltmore street northwest. $800.
L. Lee Comber to build two-story
frame dwelling at 3820 Kanawha street
northwest, $12,900.
Harry A. Kite, to build six two-story
frame dwellings at 3812 to 3822 Albe
marle street, $42.000.
C. H. Rector, repairs to property at
817 Fifth street northeast, $1,800.
Boss & Phelps. to build two two-story
frame dwellings at 3928-30 Morrison
street northwest. $20,000.
-Church of the Epiphany, repairs to
operty at 1327 G street northwest,
S. J. Dunigan, to build ten, two
story brick dwellings at 302-320 Up
shur street northwest, $80,000.
Thomas R. Riley, to build five two
story brick dwellings at 3516 to $534
T street northwest, $20,000.
H. R. Howenstein, to' build two two
story brick dwellings at 730.732 Quincy
street northwest, 39,000.
R. H. Sanford, to build two-story
prick dwelling at 4600 Ninth street
northwest, $6,000.
R. H. Sanford, to build five two
story brick dwellings at 4602-10 Ninth
street northwest, $25,000.
W. Compton, to erect stone garage,
rear 2900 Cathedral avenue. $1,000.
F. T. Campbell. to build two-story
brick dwelling at 1501 T street south
east, $5,000.
!. E. Breuninger & Sons, to build
six two-story brick dwellings at 1608.18
Varnum street northwest, $75,000.
C. L. and F. J. Wenger. to build two
story brick dwelling at 6609 Sixteenth
street northwest, $20,000.
Daniel R. Forbes, to build two-story
brick dwelling at 8414 Lowell street,
NEW YORK, Oct. 15.-Charles
Recht, attorney for the Russian
Soviet government, gave out yes
terday a cable message he said he
had received from Leonid Krassin,
Russian Soviet representative in
London, warning travelers that the
frontiers of Soviet Russia are closed.
"Nobody will be allowed to enter."
the message added, "without proper
vise from Moscow or from a repre
sbntative of the Russian Soviet gg
ernment aboard."
POPLAR BLUFF, Mo., Oct. 16.=
Mrs. Sophia Filleus )emeaude will
celebrate her 101st birthday at Upa
lika in December. Preparations are
being made for an elaborate fete. Mrs.
Demeaude was born in Bavaria in
1521 and came to America in 1832.
Forty-two days were required to cross
the Atlantic at that time, she says.
Her eldest son resides in -Burlington,
Iowa, and is eighty.
Pianos are taxed in Paris at the
rate of 30 francs for an upright and
60 francs for a grand.
John F. Donohoe & Soeas,
Beal 3Etse and Insurbnes.
314 Pennsylvania Ave. $.E.
1215 to1223
Large Lots, 20 by 11
Take 14th Street Ca
and Walk Eau
8th.,& QUINC
Corner House 8 Rooms
Plenty Room for Gardeg
/Large Lots, 20 by 1:
'Take 9th Street Ca&
and Walk Eae
HeEge. " Mddlton OMoe Re
ports S=W Week of
The tranhler at aine rueMantlat
properties, eg In vale $1q .
N9 was rebaf te ete. q Hed
ges S Middi during the at
ek. The too ' sales were t
eluded in this Wlat:
Congressman Pints J. Garrett of
Tennessee puk'chased a detached
home in Richmond Park. This pron
erty is located at the corner of 86th
and Porter Street and contains eight
rooms on two\ flooms, two complete
baths, is thoroughly Moedern an4 the
grounds a.. well plaItted with attrac
tive shrubbery. Mr. Garrett has
taken posss-l-n of same. . The for
mer owner was Miss Mary F.. Camp
.bell, who after the sale of her house
purchased through the same firm
premises 3912 McKinley Street, In
Chevy Che. This Is a semi-detached
house havlhg eight rooms. and twp
baths on two floors with modern Im
provements throughout.
Another home in Chevy Chase was
sold for Mrs. Eva R. Boulc t Mrs.
A. H. Taylor who has been occupying
same for sometime. This is a. semi
bungalow style of house having nine
rooms and bath, heated by' hot water,
lighted by electricity and also having
a garage.
A new house at 2841 29th Street.
one of a new row just completed by
Chas F. Tankerely was purchased
by H. O. Stabler who will oecupy the
pr lses as his home.
Maj. Arthur N. Tasker purchased
the former home of Congressmnan
Garrett at 1519 Webster Street, and
after extensive improvements will
take possession. This is an eight
room house containing all the latest
improvements and a garage.
Premises 2513 18th Sreet North
west, containing nine rooms and bath
was sold for Edward E. Muth to De
Wilda H. Edwards, and premises 1426
Decatur Street. was purchased by
Edward E. Muth from L.- A. Moor.
house. Both of these sales were
made in/connection with 4he office of
Lee D. Latimer.
A colonial style house containing
six rooms and bath, at 726 Otis Street
Northwest. one of a row completed
several years ago by L. E. Breuninger
was sold for Harvey W. Hawthorne
to a local investor.
Mattie $. Walker purclhased prem
ises 1610 Q street northwest, from
Charlotte K. Mills, this sale being
made in connection with the office of
Petty & Petty.
Announcement is' made that the
regular luncheon of the Washington
Real Estate Board will be held at the
Hotel Lafayette Thursday, October 20.
This meeting will be the first luncheon
held since the new administration,
headed by Harry K. Boss as president,
was elected.
The board has invited Col. Charles
Keller, the newly appointed Engineer
Commissioner of the District, to be Its
guest on this occasion, and it is ex
pected that the attendance will be un
usually large. Much interest is being
manifested in the expected address of
Colonel Keller. as he will recognize the
close relation between the profession
eigaged in by realtors and the new
duties which he has assumed as En
gineer Commissioner.
It is expected that President Boss
will announce at this luncheon the
permanent committee to handle the ar
rangements of these regular functions
of the board for the coming year.
Be Sure and Consult Us
We Have the Best '
in Every on
Chevy Chase and Cleveland
Park Especially
W. C. & A. N. Miller
Union Trust Bldg. Main 1790
Members Washington Real Estate
'.GHTS N. W.
0, to 15-Foot Alley
rs to Kenyon Street
:Y STS. N. W.
and Bath and Garage
*, Garages and Flower.
0, to 15-Foot Alley
a to Quincy Street
t One Square*
Five new horse., Noe. 4407 to
completed by Samuel J. Brinkley.
% umd contain eight rooms s
William P. Normoyle has been app
property. e
Federal Reserve Board Sees
Barriers Everywhere Against
'Dumping"-Rates Climb.
Iternatuaiel News service.
The erld is going on altaritf. jag.
Reports to the Federal Reserve
Board from all parts of the world
show foreign nations adopting more
rigid systems of import and export
tariffs in order to protect their home
industries. - Many nations have forged
far ahead of the United States in
erecting tariff barriers 1o guard
against "dumpiig" arid other dan
"With the gradual elimination of
war-time government control of for
eign trade, since the armistice, there
has been built up in industrial noun
trimso a more rigid system of import
Ex clan
of approval and admir
from visitors when they
bath homes with 2-car t
Sample: 2703 i
(Opposite Ward:
They are nearing completi<
us show you what goes unc
will insure you of complete
W.C.& A.
Main 1790
Members Wash ingtt
Madison, Near 14th
This new detached -tapestry
brick house. containing eight
rooms and two baths, is located
on lot 60 by 120 feet, with alley
In rear; hot-water heat, electric
light and gas; uplendidly built.
In Petworth. $9,100.
Six rooms and bath, hot-water
heat, electric light; semi-detached
dwelling in very good condition.
4300 Block 7th St. .$9,500
Detached house containing mix
roorre and bath, hot-water heat,
electric light; on lot 40 by 100.
Open !
3731 Jenifer St., 4
New seven-room ansi I
heat, electric light; putt
hardwood floors; large k
Open Sunday
Chevy Chase, D. (d.
Close to Connecticut avenue is
this lovely new eight-room and
two-bathi residence, with hot
water heat, electric light; sub
stantially built; garage; large lot.
Just comnpleted by excellent
In Petworth. $6,500
Detached 'eight-room and bath
weln;close to school and
chr :is lot 60 feet front to
allay; newly papered and painted
and is very good condition.
R. I. Ave. N.- WV. $8,000
Sipt' rooms and hat,ht dwelling,
screened end weather stripperd
throughout; room for garage.
Property in best of condition.
A13 15th St. N. W.
4618 Eighth street northw just
They are the popular four
id bath, ad are strictly modern.
olited exclusive sales agent for the'
and export tariffs. than existed before
the war," the ard said.
"In all cases t tendency has keen
to Increase rather than to q9
rates. Increasee in govermaaent 0t
penditures since the war have been
the cause of the advances. Restrie
tion et Implorts in order to pay for
sign debts it, a determining factor
with Gesmany and same of the other
countries Whose financial strength
has been seriously impaired In th
case of the stronger countries,s6
called anti-dumping providOns have
been common.'
Nations generally are moving vig
orously-to give ample protection to all
"key" industries, and those that afe
considered essential from a defense
point of view, the board said.
"Anti-dumpinL.bills are chai'acte
ihed by provisin for import dutes
on goods which are being brought
into a country at -prices less than the
cost of production in the place of
origin. In some cases provisions are
adopted to eliminate price advantages
of, exporting countries with depre
ciated exchanges."
Scribes Meet in Hawaii.
HILO, Hawaii, Oct. 16 -Newspaper
men from all nations, delegates to the
press congress of the world, departed
at midnight for Honolulu via the
Island of Maui, where they will be .h
tertalnod today and tomorrow.
Between South America and Aus
tralia are a number of islands seldom
visited by. ships; on many of thspe
stores of food are placed for the ute
of shipwrecked sailors.
ation are always heard
r see our new 8-room, 2
rick garage.
Voodley Road
nan Park Hotel)
>n. Stop in Sunday and let
ler' the Paint and Paper. It
Union Trust Building
rn Real Estate Board
Close to Conn. Ave.
In vicinity of Bureatu of Stand
ards. Excellent residence of 12
rooms and 2 baths, with hot
water heat, electric light; good
ixed lot.
Columbia Heights. $8,000
Bix rooms and bath, hot-water
heat, electric light; just redec
orated and improyed.
Mass. Ave. N. E. $5,500
$1,000 cash handles this good
six-room and bath, brick, with
latrobe heat, cellar and other
features; alley side and rear.
shevy Chase, D. C..
wo-bath house, hot-water
h colonial type; porches,
for Inspection. -
Cleveland Park, $21,500
Lovely eight-room and two
bath house, with electric light
and hot-water heat; hardwood
floors; beautiful In design and
rrange vent; garage on lot 60
Maconib St. $20,500
Ten rooms, three bath., hot
water heat, electric light, built
in garage; an excellent residence
that meets every requirement of
faxqily desiring a home in the
egel usive Cleveland Park section.
West Chevy Chase. $9,950
Seven room and hath, semi
bungalow: hot-water heat, ee
tric light, hardwood floors,
screened sleeping porch; on lot
50 by 105 to paved alley.
KER & Co., Inc.
. Main 2430
-M ES111i k
Lsa r by ferne Judt owf
ingsen en b tst Open '
Wenter 2s. '
The eultiae et tha, Pee~I ere'la
real estate which W to be eIuest
by Oh T. . C. f.,
Arthur L.Wa. eiuWi
tre ch be op to the ,,buio.
will be delivered on the ein
October 26. by J., Many CovIjntie.
former chief juetW of the supreme
Court of the District of Columbia.
Tb. following Tuesday the course will
be focally opesed with the Wsithal
leeter. by iohn A. Petty. .ecutVh
sriary of 'the Washington Real Es.
late hbard, wo will take as his topic
AnlsS faReal Estet. Bus
. u5tue lectures to be held
day night of each week will
"The Renting of Office byu ol*ak
and Businets by Fank
P. L~eetch, realtor. -
"'The Manag estt of a Rleal l*tats
Offloe,' by J. W. Jacobsvice pres
d~w. .-F.saul Co.
"The Management of Apartment
Houses aMl Dwelligs." by John F.
U. Bowle, manager, rental depart
mient, H. L. Rust.' --
"Real Estate Loan.," by Edmund
D. Rheem. of Uwarfasu. Rheem &
Henasy Co.'
"Investment in Real. Estate," by
Thema Bradley, riWe president and
real estate officer. Wa hington Lo2an
and Trust Company%
"Fire Insurance," by Charles P.
Benne. assistant manager, Under
wter Association of District of
"Adjustment of Fire Losses," by
R. S. d'Espard, General Adjustment
"The Art of Selling Real Estate,
Home Buyers
Do No(FaiI to
Inspect ___
{ .1715 Irving St.jW
W b ae Alley _
LI Day ad Night
I ON D~r
_. _.
64 Sold
We has
the day.
diate erec
Ihan Suce
On Bryan
cot streets,
Second an
(Just north
avenue, 1
tain all mot
and cohve'n
be complete
.fib mt Lass Ilsmans. b
Yhm n . miller . 2 JOHN W. WN ANfE
- - elNEW HOusso AMPAION
Mw,. 27Loee. o UhUW A seral etoa-wie te
Luecbs vise podmt. Waltont better the 4
"Adverti4 >anld v y, >r. been stare by W. LeSS, a
X. WhVur , drecw tor aer ltd....n lead Negro. tIs euw .
erect e weg e s a aetem
"Landlord and Teat," by 0. hotel a t to take ee of the
aoe. 0 t neaki obs
Percy Jtaue. attorney. seeds Of the tsa e* ul
ortgage Notes Deees of 11Pago i Iave sint"11
Trust." Arthur 0. he vicl eedI a. a trlerd ce" eMSt
dent. District ad -,W.sigo il oSt a esd h lsO
Insurance Company. to give him shelter be must seep
"Wa veyaunob''y James J. Bck- in te rairead station er in a chiep
er, vice president. Rost Estate and and unsanitary lodging hoe. CO
Columbia Title Insurance Co.. DI- dM1005 as they 51 sow >p tbis
mtra at Columbia. country relative to aceemuuOdIonsfl
"Property Rights." by Charles s. afforded the traveling eropblic
Shrove. router and attorney are depsae d y t + at
; sub-Dev ,-on Developm nt." by tent"' t of then of my people who
Robert B. Hester. realtor. are In a positio t etr them.
"Dwelling House Development." by My first effort, the Whitelow He
D. J. Dunigan, bulder. tel, located at the corner of Thir
"A prtntgpt House Construction." teenth and T .est., this city. prove
by Harry Wardman. realtor ad yhat can be doe almng this lie.
builder. Ilst year it accommodated 50,000
.Relation Between fBoer &Madrop5. My melt effort ill11 be In
Client," by Lee D. L.B"atr. realt'. Aantic City, where 56,00 negre
"The Zoning Law," by Carey H. visit each year. but where there 16
Brown. executive officer, Zoning Con. not a single modern hotel acomm'.
mission, dating colored people."
Methods of Taxation." by W. P. It is stated the movement Is being
Richards. District Assessor. supported by a vey lare numiber
"Appraisement of Real Estate.- by of the members of the negro race, who
W. L. Beale, real estateofficer, Amer- feel very keenly the need for the
4can Security and Trust Co. same. Interest is alse being taken
'Real Estate Ethce." by John in erecting new and sanitary hor
Weaver. of Weaver Brothor.. past In the various cities of the country
president, National Aolation of for Negroes. Lewis tpresident of
Real Estate Boards, the "~borrn ad Mechanics' Rea3lty
"Building Ip a Real Estate Bual- Company and also the Industrial
nes," by Harry K. Doss, of Boss a savings Bank, of this city,
S e v e n oem- Colemial style
plot.;e:oms, Highest Elevation em,-at tor
targ reception 'nfot.bs
l.d'a''''' In Petworth ble porches I.
tiled oh u si ou rear.
The Location of the
Is Unquestionably the Best in Petworth
8th St. at Buchanan N. W.
4607 to 4615 8th St. N.. W. -
The new Brinkley homes -are constructed of the best
materials by one of Washington's most itliable builders.
Every Possible Convenieie and Comfort Is Embodied
in the Brinkley Homes.
Foored 'attic,
Hot water Sample House Now Flarod ot to
hest. electric- Ready for pnlaic afley,
ftheavy laspection rom f o r
Terms. Reasonable
TO INSPECT-Take 9th St. car to Buchanan
street, walk e block east.
Wm. ir. Normoyle
810 F STREET N. W.
ower Priced Horn
of the
ine Wardman Calib
~e awakened to the realization that low-priced homes are the
Direct connections with large building operations permittN i
~ton of the present Wardman offering-but if you are familia)
on you'll know that 'this offering will be as quickly sold as p
* 64 Alread
:ation PR ICE selec1
t, Adams and As- Six rooms and T d
ortheast, between bath. 86,000. six
d Third streets rooms and bath,
of Rhode Island bullt~In g a r a ffe
hesse home. con- 6,300; sIx rooms and
ern Improvements bath, buIlt-In garage
ences. They will (corners), $7,000. Ini
every reepyct
[ Tak "G %Sre :et a ong'ast; get
.. npec* north to Bryant St-., then I Igeock west
K St.N. W. .. Main
Thi Is Pmitively Yaor
-to secure me of the fine
building sitem in Washington's
most attractive, nearest and
most valuable suburb.
Although the valueas a In
creased 100 per cent, the prices
remain the ams.
Per Lot
Think of it,
Only 14 Lots Left
-in a subdivision of over 1,400
lots. Practically cleaned up in
one season.
Remarkable Value
Easy Terms and
Courteous Treatment
-is solely responsible for this
unprecedented sales achieve
who buy now will get the bene
fit of all the improvements of
those who bought before, whc
lhve built, are building, and
will build, at no increase in
12 minutes from center of city. j
One carfare.
Best car service in or out of
Washington-10-minute Ached
Paved sidewalks, running water,
high altitude and increasing
This Is the last remaining
block of unsold lots.
HIGHLANDS, or take any bu
leaving Postoffice building 'a
12th and D Sts. N. W.; get off
at Addison Ave. and Mt. Ver
non Boulevard and walk ont
block east.
Representative on the Property
Every Day.
Come OvA This Afternoon or
George Wedderb rn
H. B. Terrett
631 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Room 9
Telephone Main 2090.
Bryant St.
N. E.
8 Left
order of
he imme
r with our
ast Ward
ly Sold
P. M.
off at 4th
to houses I

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