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WOkmen Meet Death While
Raing 100-Year-Old Lynch
burg Dwelling.
LYNCNBURG. Va.. Oct. IL-Five
ae were killed here Monday and
seewsil were slightly injured by the
esiloP. of a walLt an old residence
WhV" the city was demolishing to
make resn for the widening of Fifth
ste, Four or five other men had
essapse that seem almost miraculous.
A coroner's jury, after hearing evi
dsme of three witnesses, returned a
Verdict that the five men came to
their deaths by an accident which
resulted from the lack of proper pro
eentions. It is not believed that there
will be any criminal action in the
matter. The city council has already
recognised its liability in the deaths
of the five men under the State
workingman's compensation law.
Dead and Injured.
The dead are:
W. Alexander, Bdrfrd, slxty-eeven
years o, of maden neights.
M. M. Moermaa, thirty-two years
d, Lynehburg.
*alter annet, thirty-four years
t. an,hirty years ou, Lynch
J. Lewis Marthn, thlrty.elght years
Sit I~t"dep y, a eon-in-law of W.
Alexander Burford, one of the dead
men, and L. E. Finch were slightly
scratched and shocked. They were
taken to the Lynchburg Hospital. but
were discharged during the day.
The old brick building, which stood
at the west corner of Fifth and
Church streets for 100 years. was
found. when a retaining wall was
taken down from the front, to be
standing on the top of the embank
ment and It was thought that It shoubt1
be rased Immediately. It was for this
reason that City Manager Beck gave
orders tor the city forces to wreck the
structure, which stood three stories
high. All of the walls had been moved
excepting small portions on the north
and south sides, and Monday the
forse of men was put to work to clean
debris which had been left Saturday.
It was noticed that the wall was lean
Ing out and a workman was sent to
#et a prop to hold it until It could
be pulled In when the wall fell iniide
and caught the men under It.
Officials Investigites.
The city council conducted an In
vestigation and this together with the
oornor's inquest, disclosed the belief
that the chimney In the wall had been
weakened at its foundation by several
light rains last week, after the build
ing had been exposed and this weak
aned the base so that it gave way. The
investigation brought out the fact that
no one was afraid of the wall and all
the survivors express great surprise
that it fell. The wall remaining when
the accident occurred was about
fifteen feet high and twelve feet wide
and both ends had been entirely torn
away from the sides.
Al the men were married and most
of them had families, one of them five
children and another six. The five
funerals were held at different places
Wednesday, two of the burials being
in the city and the others, one each
in Bedford, Campbell and Amherst
pETEUBURG, Va., Oct. 15.-The
sale of approximately fifty acres of
land by the city to the Petersburg
Country Club, Inc., has practically
been completed and within a few days
the final specifications are expected
to be drawn up and the deed written.
The sum realised from the sale of
the land, amounts to about 57,500,
this money going to Improvements to
be made In the city.
The original boundaries for the
eeuntry club, made by R. D. Budd,
ity engineer, have been slightly
changed. A final survey has been
ec~tdby E. P. Dutrow.
limJ. Miller, chairman of the
grounds committee of the club. in com
pleting plans to have the golf course
laid out. It Is expected that the play
ing at the start will have to be on
sand greens.
pgTERSBURG, Va., Oct. 15.-Per
sans traveling by automobile between
Petersburg and Lakemont witnessed
a fire that destroyed the home of a
man namned Jessup, near Lakemont,
while the mother and children stood
heplesly by and watched their earn
ings of a lifetime go up in smoke.
'he father was away from home at
~The fire Atarted in the flue and be
(are the members of the family real
sd what had happened their home,
which was a one-story frame struc
tue, was a raging mass of flames and
every ieeof furniture was destroyed
with telittle home. Persons passing
rendered every aid possible, but their
effete to extinguish the blase were
futile as the slight wind helped to fan
the flames.
REEDVILLE, Va., Oct. 15.-The
menhaden fish season, which recently
closed, was not a success, financially.
there being no indications that condi
tions will be much better next year.
Fish have been plentiful, but the price
of oil and scrap are so low that every
one of the factories was operated at
a 10.5 acCording to men Identified
with de industry.
rThe plants In this section have been
pt to heavy expense during the last
wo years. owing to the purchasing of
new boats, and practically no divi
ded ava bs denlared to stock.
4..0 A.
Fairfax County Sheriff Asked to
Investigate Possible Tragedy
' on Bull Run.
CLIFTrON, Va., Oct. 16.-Hidden in
the dense woods bordering Bull Run,
near hers, an abandoned cap'ei
dently left In a hurry by aboy or
:man of small stature, has been found
by Walter B. Powell, of Dorsey, Anne,
Arundel county, Md.
Powell was on a fishing expedition
when he came upon the camp. The
equipment was of the best, Powell
said, but apparently had been aban
doned at least a month. A revolver
holste, a ot cola, ie1%ana
nekte er mog heaanond f
"The ca, aording~* to usalg,
bAofthecek HeFT N wAsntap
Ffeoax Count fSheriafor Aske the
bnesvesta Poile Tromd
trees V, toc t. r-iden uen
"Abou fenty yrds borerthe BuamRun
naree an abandoned hb camp. eI
doenty lthin th hurb a boy ory
Phn oell wth the aisinppediinceo
t hen came o tecmp h
"Fropmnth aaran of the oell
said, bt lookpaetl haf then arban
donced hat lest, amnt h.le areanging
hosterin ae soft collr ead ae
nthiewamng the frandoned ef-tou
whihFro al theod iwhich oIr
fo ud the tap, si the cpona
eadefaced taken iht. He may hrry,
boeenklle aid hsbd idni h
"Tehed he acordn o allu sin
houand tenabled hialon then
baof uh crek. he warn not averyoha
ki, nd tcke.ewsn taeo
boutffydy. fo hecm
wP old he repoted hobo camp. toth
Fadoa noty k thoritamphadany
tigHtoDihh iapperact. of--h
R. the appeahance of Thzewef
fcut, ithaos acepte the man, royth
Chuchd his tent pantoratle aranginy
theiRnv tha frightnldiam. Wi.thout
copngee to ube isn prach, i
wich robabl repoe his rieolndr
one cuhe tra sichod tha ew wepon
bentie a n his d hdenie. h
RIsCHeOD.V Othe woodsh fort
hoalmen thele alongiateionko
lodtheeer an o race fAntq
Pwell has eptd nthisf toh Marhel
Houev. B. 0. Bhn. fo raeored
congregatnme of viuto rsbtean
toh urng the pastt lumeftvr.tb
conwsideied to etaih a stnrachr
toassuiat utiaeston here. r
ARTCHAwar, a. Oc.i5,Th frs
With the exception of Norfolk and
Portsmouth, where the lack of work
Is confined principally to the navy
yard, employment conditions in Vir
ginia are not discouraging, according
to the report of Ralph Isard, district
director for the United State. Em
ployment Service. Mass figures com
piled for the diatrict, embracing Del
baVirgina. Wet Vrginia, CNoum
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia anel
Florida, show a decided improvement
in the employment situation in recent
The reports, according to Mr. Isard,
show decided improvement in nearly
all industries, and a distinct decreaso
in unemployment, except in a few
cities, where special reasons exist for
rather uneatisfactory conditions.
PETERSBURG, Va., Oct. 15.-The
twenty-seventh annual convention of
the Virginia Branch of the Interna
tional Or1der of the King's Daughters
and Sons will be held in Washington
Street Methodist Episcopal Church in
this city, October 25, 26 and 27. Dele
gates will be in attendance from aji
sections of the State.
The guests. of honor will be Miss
CaaNortlons, of Rochester, N. Y.,
who is recording secretary of the In
ternational Order, and Judge Kathery n
Sellers. Fe4ral judge of the ,Juwvnile
Court, of Washington, D. C.
Preparations are being made for the
entertainment of the guesati. Mrs. H.
M Young is hospitality chairman; Mrs.
C. A. Robertson reception chairman
.a Mr.. John . Jo... nes. utoob
.rteY..*.* .
RICMON, V., ct.15.
th qee ofbat toprsi
Pageatnex May' cloedto
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Frhug oindiaonhs ben
the qeo beautymies toepresig
Pagtiaty extery lostnhed famon
Snteod mno thousndsoo
tad admer otigfo te pamriua
Stdiate thais elordinr hevy.
(Mays toecoun temly ndfok'ol
enrylthg nompidtion ha enow't
havveneaeive the vot oeban ofth
Thewateoucty nmines, Keenl hdthe
prinoreer oftingravleds Protic
inte Oldsoiion. nd iotheroodi
talt ther ltin fh op tof paetinga
cadia. John ketornilms wheay
Mif theome comtllyr Nofolthecur
eangtrnh oeitls known topld
av recrkabl stherong vote f then
takdor=e1en oda f the felerd Prt
* 5U4LY e
ot ResultS
>f Noinee
-Bloigfrteslc iono
a /rteVrinaHsoia
neeth resul
of Nominees
-Balloting for the ltion ofaie
;ites w es nere st by the riend
fareso h au nominees thouhot dh
cnenhe rsunnnghght.mn
The result of h baoing i arwaiedun
wit the kaeent has by more ager
contested for than any social prestige
in the history of Virginia, with
the result that Virginias fairest
daughters and most gracious and
charming lasseos have lined up behind
them formidable phalanxes of cohort.
and admirers. 10. Lee Trinkle, candi
date for governor, has announced that
whether he is elected or not, he will
place' the crown upon the queen's brow
-v the beginning of th' pageant which
wil tel the story of Virginia's histor
tamr in laOT 4o== to the emsmnt Um
-botss by Footer. Richmond.
Stone House Is Said to Be Old
est Building In Virginia's
RDCHMOND Va Ot Oc.-The old
ntone house In Main street, not iar
from the Confederate soldiero and
isgoW monument on bby hill. wag
beeh acquired by the Association for
the Preservation of Virginia, Antiqui
m ties and will be nown as the Edgar
week, eaAllen Poe shrine.
It Is contended by some, however.
that the poet hadi no connection with
f6ve theerie ldin bnlon the tuose tin
Wood fal. CherstrWooyewa
thevondest bmodthg andtficity.$1t0.
Nonlievedtto haveobeenncondtructed -
dance1and and notedpappenls, bondswof
a ein gien bymleelrretoedaniwileepe
lastImeetengoaf thetBelhoton Citergn'a
cureahou__-to-housedelveryof as enbitolbik tn n
CONVICT SIXha NEnjOESb Chearrhay-e rmthlofc
OFe n CATTACKn whNc POEbrhch Peeie.I h adwl
stationssofnthegaadhington nedtoffier.
D. R.Li. anme Ochama of-1 ~ut h de fPe"nhne
thegr aommetted In coneto with nare' the orgnaofs-chI
tag putor n ifat onieoes.e rakisres
heoa befoe as reoetyf thee-D AOT DRS
mFisratst at Tobacto'.t
weekeac, ma., beit. 16.-Tene VAfroIAtETN
hteo iny thie owfand0, accdin toeLYCUR.Ot1.-r.W
twepothsIeivelr. Plnthsi mewhich n f h am ao ohr
fivewer broher beongig t theI o --ht r Fier. Alcfroed
Non ofthenegoesintoduedSl.atone fiftyseond anua onBenon
81,000nbeingsrequirednintrach, notafor
and einggive by elatves.is' onmenter onex Luebby forha
sessin lastuired fou theAs.otoo
CITIZENSOBALtiTONAnwll ote sesson ae tohe Eda
Itte rrsecntng the Asome, oweer
BALLSON, a., Ot. 1.-Atthe buedin Iarangin elabtrahe pansei
last eetig ofthe Blatn wtss ch fornetaimedt fr vltin hybee
cure ahhouse-toohouseudeliveryioftmabl
simla t tht owenjye b C eli Eved YEA INv PRIS ONtutdi
dale1and andrmnnonperhich are branch
staios f te asingonpotfcGeOR WAhnton'K ONtm WOMAd
S. Lwiswasnamd cairanqfuaterLs. The . Otrct.r 1ha-Wien
vatd t thrd las, wth he lacotmpltey reitored andsaulb on s
of he ostastr lacd a $1100 torhe ubricnon. wmonited
Inr the re ando sthen touseroe
Frost HurtsTobacho, tee mnth bith penbick tne and
hasreslte Indamge obmchmo- otat wmues.o h odof
hec inthelowands acordn of Mtin Souhen Learesedwalngr
repots eceied ere.Plat. which P.Brnon ile Inshe wayarrig
wer frst iten urnd lac an ae dineen to hrde husband Te nero
deeed selssformaretng w- sused to ave at hacod anda
'airfax HuArdon, Prominent
Democrat, Make State
wle Appeal.
RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 1.-Two
1ensations were sprung this week in
:1e spectacular bi-partisaa campaign
*r the governorship between Col.
1gnry W. Anderson, Republican
standard-bearer, and N. Le Trinkle.
Democrato nominee.
The first was Fairfax Harrison's
anouncement that he Intended vot
forCo. Anderson and his State
apea to all Independent Dean.
ats to do likewise. Mr. Harrison
a president of the Virginia State fair
Lmsonlntion, is well known in agri
sltural and railroad circles through
)ut the State. and has been a life
ong Democrat. His family has been
Democratic for generations.
Not Turning Repubilea.
Mr. Harrison, In his lengthy letter
Lo his fellow Virginians. says he is
mot turning Republican and that other
ndependent Democrats who support
:ol. Anderson will not be making G.
. P. men of themselves by voting
for Anderson. He said in his appeal:
"No man is bound by a game of
)ards unless the rules are uniformly
mnforoed on all the players. In the
igh game of politics at the recent
primary the rules, whatever they
were, were not uniformly enforced.
As these discriminations and varia
Lions on the point of the utmost deli
racy seemed to be dictated by mere
party expediency, they destroyed my
xonfidence In the primary, as they
lid that of many others, in the pri
mary itself.
"I believe for these reasons that al1
)f you are now free to express your
Donviedons at the approaching elec
io. For years I have heard many of
rou say that you were weary of ex
Lating political conditions. Here In
roar real opportunity to assert your
selves to vote independently. I urge
rou, therefore, to vote for Anderson
and a change of administration in Vir
Because of Mr. Harrison's State
wide influence and the prominent part
he has hitherto taken in Democratic
party affairs, his open appeal for
Dolonel Anderson's election and the
3onsequent overthrow of the "ma
,hine," struck the camp of the ring
eaders like a bombshell. It Is be
leved that this appeal will result in
housands of independent anti-machine
Democrats voting for Colonel Ander
son and thereby make the latter's
ulsotkn practically certain.
5,0 Office Holders.
The second sensation came when
Joseph L. Crupper, State Republican
chairman, answered Hal Flood's state
ment that there are only 11,000 office
holders in Virginia. Early in the
ampaign It was charged by Colonel
Anderson that "there are more than
$6,000 office holders in Virginia. and
the 'machine' perpetuates itself by
3onstantly creating new offices."
Flood vehemently contradicted this
tatement. The Republican leaders
have been busy since Flood denied the
truth of Colonel Anderson's assertion,
and several days ago produced an
itemised list of officers, both State
and local, salaried and unsalaried,
howing that the actual number is
lose to 70,000.
This came as a startling surprise to
Hal Flood and the other "machine"
leaders, as it was believed the argu
ment over the number of office hold
almost 65.000.
Republican leaders followed up their
dvantage by making public a re
port made by a Democratic commis
sion on efficiency and economy, show
ing that the State school system is
)nly a cog in the "machine" and that
unless the changes in the State con
stitution urged by Colonel Anderson
are made, the condition can never be
remedied. Further surprises by the
managers of both campaigns are
promised before election day, Novem
ber 8.
LYNCHRtITRG, Va.. Oct. 15.-Squire
W. H. Steele and members of his
posse, L. D. Deacon, Raymond Pulliamu
and Frank Welvan, who are charged
with shooting R. T. Shields and Lon
nie Moran when they attempted to ar
rest the two men on the charge of
the murder of Pat Johnson, wore hell
at Rustburg for the November grand
jury on the charge of felonious shoot
Shields and Moran were shot abouf
a month ago. A court with four mag,
strates sitting heard the case. All
the defendants are out under $500
bail bonds.
NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 15.-Dr. A. A.
Mtarsteller has been named by the
Republican city committee as thO
G. 0. P. nomInee for the State senate
from Norfolk to oppose E. Griffith
Dodson. Democratic candidate.
Dr. Marsteller was appointed to fill
the vacancy in the party's ticket for
legislative office caused by the 'with
drawal of Howell H. Jones, who re
tired following the death of his wife.
The application of the new nominee
was filed Saturday.
The Republican candidate is a well
known dentist. He Is a native of Vir
ginia, being born In Faquier county.
He graduated from Ceorgetown Wash
Ington University with high honors.
About eight years aohe came to
Norfolk and has mae this city his
permanent home.
Dr. Marsteller traces his anestry
hack to the Revolutionary war, in
which his great-great-grandfather was
a member of Washington's staff.
Old Tonl Gate Sold.
historic illlman toll gate property,
south of Winchester on the Shenan
dah Valley pike, where during the
cvil war Mrs. Lottie Hiflman pulled
the gate on (len. Phil Sheridan while
he was on his legendary ride to save
his army at Cedar Creek, demand
ing that he pay toll, has been sell
hy the State highway onsnmanasm g

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