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60i Felewed Crude uWi
el Operaion.
NTW YQRE, 04 e,-Invest
men t 4 h Murderer the years
Wsa whose head and tora we"e
bead1 a md ia LORu lad City
narowed down today to a hunt for
si 4eridchauteur, who is beiNd
t9 .)ave atld ta d.mua.nd
dy -to the -vacant lot frinting
Queens boulevard.
The chauffeur was seM to ,alight
frem a large touring car that stod
,it the curb on Queens boulevard di
pily opposite the pond I In wiWch
Ar body was found.
Teok aunes *Mk A*&o
A inan, In whom the'polile, proes
to have the utmost comience. In
formed them that be. saw the chauf
tour take a bundle from the nichlm
and walk across the sidewalk In the
direction of the lot. This was shortly
before midnight last Tuesday night.
Capt. Arthur . Carej, head of the
bemnicide squad, burrIed ovjr to Long
Island City last night and closely ques
tioned the man who had seen' the
fThi development lent corroboration
to the-statement of three other men,
Veputable citisee of Long Island City,
who had previously told the detectives
of having encountered a man saunter
g along Queens boulevard late
uesday night, carrying - under his
'rm a lprge bundle. He. too, was
heading w the direction of the spot
where the body was thrown Into the
pool of water.
They told the detective, that they
'CTecalled the package the man carried
Ma unusually large. They -admitted
tat because of the darkness they
were unable to make out his .features.
He wore a uniform which they be
leved was that of a , railroad en
plpye, either a motofrnan. oonductor
or guard. They were not certain
just what kind of a uniform It was.
Quilts Found Is Lot.
Two bed quilts. dne stained with
blood, were found -in, a - vacant lot
within a half mile of the poil. In
the center of one of the quilts wan
a large blood spot. On the otbe
were smaller stains.
The flding. qf these lusts .998."d
to bear out the theory advanced by
tsyestigators that- the body had been
wrapped In .these coverting. .
When the three men first reported
that they bad seen a man near :the
spot the police placed little credence
in the occurrence, as the aon had
insisted that the bundle the uniforgled
stranger carried was unusually large.
The detectives figured that 'it was
Nmuch larger than the bundle :1%
which the body of the woman was
wrapped when it was found in the
stagnant water in the barren stretch
of swamp that extends throeg the
feetory section at the westerly end
of Lonr Island City.
, quilts, which, afford a new clue
e b murder mystery, were diseov.
ared by Mrs. Delta Burns, wife of;-a
laborer. She lives in a Uttle shack
about a half mile from where the bqdy
was found.
Mrs. Burns noticed the quit" lyipg
in the lot back of her olaach last
Wednesday but paid no attention to
them until she learned of the discovery
at the woman's body.
-Straightaway she and her liusbqnd
communicated with the Queens Dete.
tive Bureau. who removed the quilts
to the Fourth street station house.
A mIerOseopIcal exa1inatico non
vinced the detectives that the cr~ay
-stains on one of the quilts was blo.
afort will be ms~de to find the aanu
tacturer of the quilts and trace -the1
'D. Autepsy Performed.
D.Charle. Norris. chief medcal
examniner, mnade an autopsy yesterday
en the part of the young woman's
body found. He removed the girl's
brain and other organs.
'Dr. Norris said that as yet he had
been unable to definitely fix the cause
et death. He said athorough em.
nation of the body did not diSclose a I
single' outstanding mark of identifica- I
tiona, save possibly the teeth.
In the upper jaw both pre-mqlare
age mising, and on the.left upper jew I
ene of the second molars also Is twise- I
sng.. None of the wisdom teeth lo
yet appeared. Otherwise the t~
were regular and rather sumail. Noa
for C(
Warn nlessyou saye"i
and proved safe by mplious.
Accept only an unbroken "Bayt
proper directions mot oily for C.
Toothache, Neuralgia, Rheumah
Nedyt~ EU ahi-.S
-une ''A Jan
Amerid. her '4 *Can
le I
1.Json ihieea nico
.wlat ' e h ala resf'h n
kno n. *h solder. -
minezy apst -th A4,u. aODl
dental workof an'yknd'*as discov
No' Brwise ,ar . Praec"e
The young mian r.had , an abun
dance of flaxen 'hair 'adt'fourteen
nch e long.
Th= autopsy. disclosed s bruines
r fractures of .he, hA or body.
Neither . was : -xmn timo belt
which Was Mo Vto,& -9.1 knot,
rdUnd 'her' 'neck Dajrs l v ilht
to have 's~med death - -* strangula.
tion. . .Thersp, are'.no, rmds raons the
neck.. " t , ( . .
.The J6-u'lar cuth uheh" se 'W
the loWer, Pelvic r.egion- e4 Mml
romI' tct uper par'of theo ae
on* either Wfth..&,Vyy ha n
6rta wotcher any. k~d caer.: in doo
6den "ny byamb n th- at
leSt a ciri& knot o atoey
The cut .w abot three
nee-eo brmp asst On the
re oftdthe prWA
noe of bones -t
In the lft * . uldr Is, on- inoties
orfhich ..' fito the Joint- hold
Ag t. . n, and- the shoulder.
which was -U s oft a.mlrko
The hanO. did-not inuerb that the
S-r that
he did ui t are -mt
ti Wwa iAtty don 71, a1iegt
io the i.r ar nf 111 dwt
oe enhoswhavr b- lne
ir a but beintheo
Tb. cut w_"_! DOden aqt thre
no* elow- d 3n the
nodatey f ip n : ath> u- VIA
Whipe -aQt=,=tttd jstn f h4
-~ h coli1e n-th e yhhoier
t~4I Nf. -we
The<hto - 6'Her yd~ eat thd
la~IW aa wee' burnhd,
ihen:.d ill stev.se hin lite es.n
man te' o n the Nurambue ano o
lv e e efres al Se
othe~r r(fe
**bud or # anbe pal d'u0efs
woau dl''rs ais ror~ lq
lit S .
f "* *'ar . bl.
vey appy. Inded hoested.
a .0
riTsithen Te
artit a atm m
y ZhiiI ot..W i y w
L a Istr htl or.
no nt W ISre
* it eindoidua elven. The
Sw, etu y are0'yes
yoh edO a ppliyu
a oset A-.
avin w 46 8e0 my I
OThere is nothing 40He iWon
dfrbul am two pqpe a~~ h
oty san ,th. Ma= - han
qnJ er b ina simpl
i "I' .u -we aase
eand in W . 9.1 a
The couple mt Iow York yeani
laetwer.wins n ,.
She. has w""eO a-bask. on 'su
~I!'~ and Illustration."
ftnted. s.ow: of. e.*4=0
ex- tfol Indian
'Of 'the modern wowiea ~e rp
h~gen said
'"They a flke xsow. .VAh show
no Individuaity. Wopme wre reetlees
r1id "~a kn iwat they want, be
cbs the don t take the trouble to
Cpd out t&Individual selves. They
)*PM4t 'is why tikey are evep un.
hapyin fiarrlege. -o~u Ue,
Is-not~~ a*brib~keeper
eeinpis'ndt~s wmtter..eta
I t ot
pip ad.t coofY lotur fta
aI your'. and yournow
L ."JM gia twed6't m e
*t 7,t re .1 a~ a
.-"Lion.. d eam my ~ W bu
retaning my-onhmT14I
~'~s dos myw4a es, ahont
y iwaW~k. a andWoa
muest be bo4mde 14uelflsh
to Ue.1hhen.th
-.glt~ng $n ler studio, In*,& simple
"Mdress th qrak o, hair
Ofied hh. le fb.o lod a
ama...r- en...a #,r ... ? 4.
hawobeeuth's tacer of man~y
I.- . A I, o 9 Prepnt WI
ow Scaol1 In
dt~i.I jtt a.. okynTeah
AV h0
preiens s fo Tepi
the este of-the threatned
I.aemr aw The
,n~i o:W . - e t 5
n the
beeue tbe
'ut ne qpeh
optimisem a s
p=mibe abOt
ralroad rates.
They win go
sn, but tOV
-- ,wSi not go
down far
drmeat aet upe
and ed withe tot
- Pe- s at hom e ,
tLwouMOh N* about
the most interesting' top 'In
*thp country?
a~ottt It beta tt ogterd dio
to ' t t they m
Ne Cgtet Ar anthe.
W 1dtb wtti naraent
Uyrmer A and G oaer B
ett l hes ento a for h
y nt a
. ht of tt Wormeans
t thn bner utre dund theu
tamp at ngt i regh rates. High:
Nei t esIt e ArmeTe
efvbedlfactre Th anhGit r
on odr fIt btaanwer Its~ ofil n
gito would te tat the fam
a lafsene aret at e fea ofrt.
w~aM, N bu theirttet atrerd tuea
tiy don noth h oethey at re
thaged.cnno b un ate ~ta
WO.nef,.mr. A".t,..,eadee
are to high For any o th s g
'ote- they, haewf . s themsleo
t toI of the Warstea n iont
=aveshoen tas lrt aminsew af the
a etodm an around the
taemp at night Is frmsght rates High
&,eight rates hit the fabmer. Tby bit
every inanuktetur~r. Theay hit every.
body wore bsinsthucce depends
an orders -e anywhere outre
e iow count ifyou ettothere
you will find that im the foraof
afftir. freight rate come first.
Now the -bottom t the ralrood situa.
tion Is thin 'The rads, ab they ar
stmmd. cnnot be ru ratesthat
wil sthe y the public. omr epeie
a" too vn. For many of thes high
wast they have themelves to
wV mY o their large decisors
hAve show. as little sense as they
showed when they demanded that the
vdmnuient turn back the roads to
PqMIl ownership at .& most propitious
It as" In the;Bible that childreni
y for the sins of the fathers. In
ztIM-aad quaa~ssient,. the --present,
tP f te error, of the past, and
teeIs no ecamping the bill.
Take the to 1hatd Idea- The his.
Wry "of that IdL'. more Important
the Private. lfe of Jack Dempey
3W X- PIcktord. It has paye4 a
large te In bringing about the pen
et predicadpnt of then rs.a
The railrCs do not like o peti
tion. Zven -bfore the fanama Can&]
was built, they tried to kill off what
w~ktor cam zion there was. Nor
nuiI~Ycer Iaiftdi of*itigt couald 'go
a4lm ainouri 'the Cp of nood
ow to San 4ra
aN f tNo tha town a.
wasd "Swe-until a sitaton
1 the tra o
"444t b ndt t hose Se5
Te~ wll be York th eat
m4 real, Is till prode tasdse
le.I' I aee t al.*~e ut ae tap
havte th 6rOe etj
cosnti fnt o ay
Itt treo nlyingabet wle
Laan ifa at eema
etwyare oe rbW a l
ifninnh thever nu~ slt ti
We B. LEEtp
"nais , heir toaI
SU". "i ,...coup. we.. re....
Plan to Send Special Party on
Sales Tax Inquiry Finds
Favor at Capitol.
The number of Congressmen who
are desirous of making the trip to
Canada as guests df the Hearst news
papers, to study the operation of the
sales tax law, is increasing daily.
Amgngr rsoz~ to the tmtatesi
today were several deinte accept
ances. Here, for Instance. is the re
ply of HCongressmn Benjamin .
Rosenbloom of West Virginia:
I am very eager for an opportu
nity such an afforded by this tnvitE
tion. and will be glad to acompaLny
a uiseable delegation at the time do
h J. Sabath. 1111
"sl. accepting the invitation, ex
preine8 a desire to have the trip ar
ranged before November 1. an he pLane
to leave Washington durtig the first
three weeks of that month.
Two Senators. who favor the sales
tax. Walter E. Edge. New Jersey. &;Id
Arthur Capper, Kansas, responded to
the invitation by expressing regret
that the work of Congress will not pe
mit them to make the trip to &naa.
Senator Edge wrote:
."I am sorry that I cannot avail my
se of this Invitation because of the
toasted to seal
the rielicinus
Burley flavr
* 1
10' fv6;1:M 'O
:0a, e4 GIweOs Md. her Anerican
arge ofthe adestnplatemi
y tdin Pre
situation - in. *a .gt. "I hknow
somethLin of the gof the C(.m
ada ales ta andm Ske !t see .1
put Into effect in. this nUyp.
Senator CRaMtro
"I wish I oauld acoept, but every
thing Indicstes that we shall be very
busy here for several Mp s. I
not se h I m leave
Washington even fa wdays."
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 24.-A rob.
ber abandoned. his plans last night
when Richard L. Stevenson rung a
lusty right to hiq-jaw.
Stevenson was - wawlng under the
PhUadelpbia and Reading Ralway
bridge at Twelfth ad' York streets
when a man stfpO& out. tucl a gun
at him and'saN "Wtt & inute" 1w.
stead of waIting,, Stevenson swung his
right fist and'ran.
Stevenson - told the piehee the man
ran after him about., a Iock then
Fpr 4-0s. Jer
Al* in Jc and
Th. ..
se-tess with
touch of se
leseides, se.
Dr. SeMd
0 e
M tsTm.Adtab.
-they e ed, Ohee ft
ernient hA". wit itos. is
-*- incenterns
U."Ra s maknn I t theWON
LeAine hs Goe sad uepr
pmatimves - the Geraan govermuet.
bakere and inustrial eptains, de
eiere that he AU"ethe 4te'rmart
on the eve Of latng for agland
lietbhiM and hi right-bOtd MM
Nabhvae. had b0i ased If they b
lieved ths* P.00er %oyd Georg
wouM favor 6e credit segotiatioe
now en Carried on. .
It ams . known today that ib
mediately- following the departure
Rotheohild. Prsdmeat Havensteino
,n " - * e'l. :
th Resblp. , 4. bi eand.
.....~ meer.....th......l
eden-of . ~u ~ apreseuc
thaes t he Damp
wee ingniduabd to VFeItu instfie.
Roenr Lerd1D'Abelo. the dta
ormilpdor. rho flt meeting to
w i tytet the043 of -nk
.ettig e..d .. . coe to d.,,
It is, a i RhMt the negetlattor
under' waybyet owhcrd
Dfaurk$ for
of t. e or thAm years.
teal *iitulbuum of Ee.
The -credfits -ad lom are delared
gkth oOu boe arp benmdp toov a w
bnherp asd Industrial chIneftas.
PAOWic. meimen "&. mss .#
~tuvr. etber H, 2531
te .41 fq 85
v a abe d ava
a"s dInr n PIptdm ,
t's lDr; S91d4er'X!
p, f. prouted pe'anuts in
dot healthful, most satisyin
t Vfgh pemnuts, blended
hscSlssdi nuts sad ja
.. ma. Da. schinlew,
~altfuland nutritious!
mal./s Pesaut Butter een
than meats
-h'em and aki
Weug.m,a D. C.
( i
ovA wojdo*mbj
do A" P
now&, 9 st
costa too ptuae
to lie?
Good- ifAv

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