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H f Ounce
With This 30c c
Coupon and"
Ben Hur Extract, a Do
pleasing and fascinating Perfi
Oriental perfume; sol Pe
reularly at $1.26 ounce.
Bring bottle.
First Fleer. m
$1.75 A
Dress Se
This is a record low pri
heavy double twill fabric,
and children's wear. It co
We would emphasize the
desirability of this serge.
$2.25 All-Wool Jersey Clot
54 Inches Wide, at .......
54-Inch All-wool Jersey Cloth. co
texture for dresses, suits. skirts a
org include navy, brown, henna.
blue. Flemish. tan, mode, taupe,
$2.00 All-Wool French Sorg
50 Inches Wide, at........
50-inch All-wool French Serge,
woven, fine-twilled quality. Ideal fi
etc.; in black, navy blue and brow
$3.50 All-Wool Broadcloth,
54 Inches Wide, at.......
54-Inch All-wool Broadcloth, a
quality, sponged and shrunk read
A quality made of fine selected
clude black, navy, brown, and all
Cookers at 98c
With This Coupon Only.
Combination Aluminum Cook
e's, can be used as covered
saucepan. casserole, rice boiler,
etc.: bottom vessel has three
quart trade capacity. )
Girls' $1.00 Guimpes,
Girls' New Guimpes, of fine
chambray, In tan and blue, for
wear with jumper dresses; button
front models; sizes 6 to 14 years.
Goldenberg's-Third Floor.
\ Of Cromp1
The fact 1
means that
and satisfat
est wear.
made. Nev
w with indesi
both pairs
Boys' Two-Pani
Boys' Two-pants Suits, stylish Nc
knlekerhoeker pats lined throughout
In as~sor ted colorings;, Mizes 8 to 17 yen
89c Stamped Nig
Lot of 240 Stamped Nigh
maker at big price concession
tomorrow. Made of soft fini
mnent of dainty, easy-to-embro
$1.00 Pillow
Pure Linen l'illow~ 8lIps. double~ knot
Women's Extra
Regular $1.75
Values, at....
Women's Extra Size Flann4
only; made with double yoke
trimmed with good quality wa
Women's Flannelette
Women's Flannele'tte NIghtgowns. nie
double yoke; with and without enllar,
Flannelette Garm end
Oidren's Sleeping Giarments-of fi
with and without feet; drop meat; mix<
$1.00 values .......................
Chldren's Flannelette Night gownt-E
Me yoke, collar and cuff.; pretty brali
13 years. Regular g1.00 1values.....
Bables' White Flannelette (.ownm-Do
*igity; imes I to 5 years. worth N9
'Cold Cream Ne
tb Thi 6 With T
pea and .. c Coup..
ggett ? Ramsdell's t tes, Ane
ict Cold Cream, in badktru
thyst, sapi
it lIoMr. (T) rine, topas
rst Flu
Ill- Wool ?
rge, $1.2.
ce for serge of such splend
dependable for wear and jus
mes in Black and Navy Blue
width-full 54 iiiches-a fee
k, Q $4.00 All-We
. e nella, 54 Inch
rrect weight and 54-inch All-woo
nd smocks. Cot. stylish separa'.e n
reindeer, Pekin an'ortment of bee
$3.00 Winter
e, 1s5 54 Inches Wic
t6 54-Inch Winter-v
and most waInte't
an extra close- tne otch
r dresses, skirts, Novelty effects.
n- wanted colors.
982 Q $2.50 All-Woo
. t 58 Inches Wi
rich satin-face 58-inch (note th
for the needle. Serge, a high-grad
wool, Colors in- es and skirts; col
wanted shades.
Sale of 118 L
Ft en's 89c Underwear, 65c
Heavyweight Cotton Ribbed Un
derwear, ecru color; shirts and
drawers in all regular sizes; Blood's
makes; slight seconds.
Men's $6 Bathrobes, $4.89
Lawrence Blanket Bath
robes, with taped seams, taped
armholes and full round collars,
with hutton at neck and heavy
waist girdle; new stripes and fig
is' 2-Pants
they are made of the famous
"All-Weather" Corduroy
these suits will give long
tory service with the hard
Well tailored and strongly
r Norfolk model; coats lined
ructible khaki lining and
f Knickerbocker pants lined
Sizes 8 to 17 years.
~s Suits, $5.98
rfolk models, with two pairs' of
Good quality cheviot mixtures,
Go~ldenberg's-Ilrst Floor.
htgowns at 55c
tgowns, purchased from a
which we share with you
sh nainsook, in an assort
ider designs.
Goldenbergs-First. Floor.
Slips, 55c
ted fringe; oyster white only.
(Goldenberg's-Flut Floor.
lize Nightgowns
elette Nightgowns, in wvhite
,with and without collar;
shable braid: full-cut sizes.
Gboldenbergs-Third Floor.
e Night gowns, 95c
avy quality. in pink nr blue stripes;
;braid trimmed; double cuffs.
"s-First Fmor-Bargain Table.
s for the Children
nneiette, heavy, soft fleeced grade,
2 . to 10 years. Regular79
lesutlfful. soft-finished quality; dnu
| trimmed styles sizes 2 to 7~
uible yokes; snf+-finish heavy69
Goldenber's-Third Floor.
Bead Men's Vi
klaces Suits
Ih d69 w"This
bCi Wioa ?$1
Bad Neck
cut crystal Heavy Weight
ing on foxtail Balbriggan U nio
chain; ame- ecru colr; perfe<
hire, aquama- crotch, slight i
etc. (T) tions; worth $1.4
er. First Flea.
9 a yard
id quality. Close weave,
t the material for women's
-the most wanted colors.
iture which adds to the
el Stripe Pru- .
es Wide, at.. $2.9
Novelty Stripe Prunjella. for
kirte in a large and well-selected
wutiful styles and colors.
e, at........ $2.69
reight Coatings, in all the newest
styles. including All-wool Two
eds. All-wool Silvertone. All-wool
also stylish Lynx Coatings. All
I Tailor's Serge, $1998
e unusual width) All-wool Tailor's
le quality. for tailored suits, dress.
>rs of navy blue and black.
Goldenberg's-First Floor.
ozen Men's H
Of Woven
Only Shirts that embod
in this sale-a close-out i
turer's surplus. Men ap
of shirts-the kind that -A
beauty in the wearing
this sale tomorrow.
They are splendidly made oi
continuous-facing fronts; soft c
anteed absolutely fast--a new
tical shirts selling all over tow
52.50-here tomorrow at only
Men's Half Hose, 17c
Fine grade Mercerized Lisle lal
Hose, in black and plain colors
high spliced heel, full reinforee
heel and toe; slight irregular
Men's $2 Pajamas, $1.55
Faultless Pajamas, of heavy
weight domot flannel, trimme<
with silk frogs or braid; also plair
styles; perfect quality; all sizei
from A to D.
$1.39 Sean
Full Bleached
Another shipment of the same i
Sheets which sold like "hot cal
time we offered them. They are
excellent finish. fully bleached a
and ironed. Made in one piece-n<
Every sheet absolutely perfect.
bed size--1x90 inches.
$1.59 Bleached Sheets,
81x90 Seamless Bleached Sheets.
full double bed size; extra heavy
grade sheeting oUt ton; perfect
39c Pillow Cases, 29c
45x36 Bleached PIllow Cases.
large size; hand-torn and ironed;
linen finish quality.
$1.25 Bleached Sheets,
54x90 seamless Bleached Sheets,
single bed size; close woven, round
thread quality.
25c Yard-w
36-inch Percales, light ai
high count quality, inl strisa
ures; for men's and hoys' sh
35c Dress G
250 pIeces of 32-inch, liress GlIne
plaids, checks, attrIlie and plain ,-ol
Full 4-Oz. H a,
55c a
Knitting Worsted of the h
staple and sport shades, in
shades of navy blue and we
are full 4-ounce hanks.
Plan to buy yarns for kn
etc., tomorrow at this lower
orders filled.
IIilHhHiJuhlnhtiwlHH IIfllflhI
lion 59c Hair
L.05 With Thi
Coupon ad. C
R itd Prophylactic H a i r
t cloSe Brusles, ebony and ma
p hogany finish; penetrator
(T bristles. (T)
First Fleer.
$1.25 Wizard Mops,
With This Coupon Only.
Wizard (led Floor Mops. tri
angle shape; long adjustable
handle. (T)
Newest Veilings,
25c Yard
A showing of the newest veil
ings, in dotted effects and various
style meshes that are favored just
now. Come in black, navy,
brown, and new combination
Neckwear Dept.-First Floor.
gh-grade Shirts
Madras and
in Cords
y highest quality are included
>f a prominent shirt manufac
preciative of the better class
ill last long and not lose their
will want to buy liberally in
i the best custom patterns; 5-button
uffs and hand pressed. Colors guar
shirt for any that fade. The iden
n at the present time for $2.00 and
en's Union Suits, $1.79
Lewis make heavy ribbed Bal
iriggan Union Suits, perfect
quality; regular and stout sizes up
-to 46.
Men's $1.50 Coat
Sweaters, $1.09
Heavy Cotton Coat Sweaters,
Oxford gray and brown mixtures;
,fmade with full shawl collar and
I two pockets.
t oldenberg's-First Floor.
less Sheets
--81x90-inch size
plendid grade
ces" the last
heavy quality, g l
id hand torn
centet seam.
Full double
$5.00 Bed Spreads, $3.98
78x88 White Satin Marseilles Bed
Spreads, full double bed size; per
fect quality; in handsome raised
$3.50 Bed Spreads, $2.89
Crochet lBed Spreads. in heavy
raised Marseilles patterns; large
double bed size.
$2.00 Be4 Spreads, $1.39
Crochet Bed Spreads, three-quar
ter bed size; in Marseilles designs.
20c Bleached Muslin, 15c
36-lnch Bleached Muslin, a fine
close woven, soft finish grade; free
from starch or dressing.
Goldenberg'.-Frst Floor.
ide Percales
d dark grounds, a very fine
is, checks, dots and neat fig
irts, also women's wear.
inghams, 25c
hams, in a he'autiful assortment of
[ors; wairralntedl fast colors.
GIoldenbers..-Firat Floor.
iks-Special at
Ighest standard of quality, in
:luding plenty of the scarce
od hrown. Please note they
itting sweaters, scarfs, tams,
price. No mall or phone
Art Department-..First Fleer.
POnD Sts O ' AT K 99 'TNE WEN
Wonder Sale of S
Positive $3.
Included are 21
Hats of Lyons Vel
Hats and beautiful
brims, mushrooms, t
Black and all the popi
A noted manufacture
sions on his surplus stoc
to refuse. The values
to be here when the do
for both misses and m
500 Pairs of Lace Curtal
Regular $3.50 and $4.00 Qualities
$2.65 a pair
This is an exceptional value, as these curtains are excel
wearing qualities, brand new, fresh and priced very low
$2.65 pair. Wide range of attractive patterns to choose f:
in Cable Nets, Scotch Nottingham and Filet Weaves, in wl
ivory and ecru colors. 2% and 3 yards long, 36 to 48 in<
wide. Take prontpt advantage of this opportunity to cur
your home for Winter at unusual savings.
$2.50 and $3A0 $5.00 and $6.00
Lace Curtains, $1.85 Lace Curtains, $3.75
Scotch Nottingham and Filet in Grade Cable Net Scotch
Weave Lace Curtains. 36 to 45 Nottingham and Filet Weave Lace
inches wide; 214 yards long; white Curtains, white. ivory and ecru
or ecru colors; double-warp, u colors, In plain, neat or heavily
worked centers, with deep elaborate
thread quality, in novelty or heavy worked or novelty borders 2% and
worked designs. 3 yards long.
$4.00 (36-inch) Black
Costume Velveteen, $3.49
Beautiful soft clinging quality, with extra fine chiffon
finish Black Costume Velveteen, a grade of exceptional
merit. Especially desirable for handsome evening frocks,
wraps, etc. In a rich jet black. Full 36 inches wide.
$9.00 Salt's Seal Plush, $6.98
50-ilnch Seal Plush, the famous Salt's make, a heavy, deep, close-pile
quality, guaranteed to give satisfactory service. For women's and chil
dren's coats, scarfs, throw., etc. Do not get this quality confused with
the lower grade usually advertised around this price.
Goldnbergms-First Floor.
All Wool and Part Wool Blankets
At Prices That Recall P re-War Days
Lot One
$7.00 Values,
Lot Two
$8 and $9 Values,
$5.45 --
Lot T hree- Lot Four
$10.0 Values, $12.50 & $14.75 Values,
$6.45 $8.95
Blankets for the cold nights-now at hand at prices
that have not been so low for a long time. In fact,
you have not been able to buy such dependable grades
of bedwear at these figures since way back in 1915
and 1916.
The lower priced groups are fine grade part-wool,
while the best ones are all wool.
Sizes 66x80 and 70x80 double bed sizes. Choice of
white and gray with blue and pink borders, also pret
ty plaids and block designs, in blue, pink, tan and
Goldenbergge-Fourth Fler.
Hmlluininiipin i muil ii u~inii uuilmiluunuHirilii
IflHhIlhflhflh hIHWiilll iiiiNiii llhIlU
Kiddies' $1.00
Rompers, 79c
Large assortment of Rompers for the kid
dies, fashioned of tan, rose, green and blue
materials, also combination trimmed effects;
all the most favored models; all sizes.
Gd(Enmberg'ds-Thrd fleer.
00 Trimmed Hats
5 to $5,00 Values at the
rnally. Low Price of
10 High-Class Dress Shapes
and Sailors
ret, Panne Velvet, Duvetyn, Feather
.ombinations, in such styles as roll
irbans, side rolls and many others.
ilar shades.
r made us such enormous price conces
k of new Fall Hats that we were unable
are truly sensational, so make it a point
Drs open at 9:15 a. m. There are styles
Goldenberg'.-Second Floor.
No Returns.
No Exchanges.
No C. 0. D.'s
or Approvals.
Limit-Not More Than
3 Hats to a Customer.
$4.00 Tapestry Couch
Covers, $2.69
Heavy-weight Reversible Tapest, -
Couch Covers, 56 inches wide, f:
lengths: handsome Oriental stril
and figured designs.
Goldenberg's-Fourth Floor.
Now is the time to start making
gifts for Christmas. From ribbom
you can make numerous little
|ent =articles for your friends, that wilt
at surely delight them. Our stocks
are now complete with the most
rom favored kinds, colors and styles.
ite, -'-----"--''-. The following are special values for
hes eMonday.
ain Special lot Ribbons. five and
-'' "one-half inches wide, in all light
-'n .and dark colors, 9
yard .. ..$..50. . .. .
Lace Curtains, $5.95 Narrow Ribbons, for trimming
purposes. in all shades: one 6
Extra Quality Cable Net, Madras, inch width .................. I
Filet, S~cotch and Nottingham Lace
f urtains, 2%, 3 and 3%j yards long. Three-yard bolts of Ribbon,
White and ecru colors, in beautiful one-half inch Q
designs that are faithful reproduc- j wide -.............. ..
tions of the high-prieed real laces.
Goldenberg's-Fourth Floor. Goldenberg's-First Floor.
Women 's Beacon
Regular $4.50 $3 Q
Values, at..... *
Women's Bathrobes, fashioned of genuine Beacon Blankets,
superior grade, guaranteed not to lose their shape. Shown
in a wonderful assortment of patterns, in light and dark
colors. All full regulation cut models, in all sizes.U
Women's $1.75 Kimonos, $1.19
floral patterns; made with large pocket and loose tie belt and stylish
sleeves. Full cut and well made.
Godenbrga-Third Floor.
39c, 48c and 59c WashableU
Cretonnes, 24c yard
Just at the time when you are planning redecorating5
your home for the winter months we offer this sale of
high-class Washable Cretonnes, in an assortment of pat
terns that are newv and striking, including the ever popu
lar light and dark floral, stripe, bird, foliage and tapestry
These are in mili lengths, which are sold on the First Floor BargainU
Tiables, also 200 full bolts, which are sold in our Drapery Section. Fourth
New Laces and Nets
Offering a Complete Assortment of all Wanted Styles
and Patterns for Dresses and Trimmings.U
Silk Tulle-72 inches wide, in Milk Radium Allover ILaces-Also
white and every wanted colnr: tine Ishaidii, I uy hoe.s and filet *ffet a
quality for diresses, sleeves and terns, in black, white, Paris. jade.
draperies. worth 52.00 $1arding blenv and ~lsle,
yard ....:......56inch Metallic Cloth- n s Ive
Silk Embroidered Net Funngoll ol.turquoise, rchid
---36 inches wide; in new and pretty Isda, lavender and Amert
pattern.; black, navy anci can Beauty. wort
brown, worth 82.49 $.9 $l.4rd....-..... ding $1.19
yard ...........................hon. chluny, erochet and vnil,
40-inch Georgette Crepe-In cream and white; for curtains,
black, fuchsaa honnydew, electric scarfs, etc; Sc and 10c 5e
blue, henna, gold, mais, taupe, pink, va sneh rienta Flnneinga
white, brown, navy, green. certli . :eru and whit.e; beautiful
gray. etc. Worth $1.49 $ O~pattern.. Worth 81.00 yard
yard ............ odenbergs-Flrst Floor.

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