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(t'ontinued From First Pager
owes to the fraternal devotion, to t he
fighting help which America brought
to hevr. The two countries are bence
forth united in the same glory. They
teel that this ery unlon provided the
best guarantee for the peace of the
world and that the main Interests of
iankind cannot but profit by their
close and Intimnate co operation.
"Two Lands of Liberty."
"The great Anerirun demaocracy
well knows hat France is. You
have known t, for a long time, but
during the last war your sons have
lived among us. shturing the sname
dangers and the san hope; such un
forgettable hours create an everlast
ing intimacy. These two countries
of ours are lands of liberty.
The statue at the entrance of New
I Yrk raises right above the hartsr
ier light spreading arn, has its dupli
sate in Paris on the banks of the;
Seine. ldentical, born of the sane
hand. alnst of the same mould,
these tweo statues, though standing
h, thousands of mites from each other,
point out the close relationship which
exists between the two peoples, the
ap4pirations they have in common. the
likeness of their role, their equal love
of justice, their simnlar will on the
path of progress.
"If. as prime tinister of the'F rench
republic, I do not hesitate. in spite of
present difficulties to leave y'
ountrv, it was. first be'stue I want
ed to bring Over here the tribute of
Lene gratitude aid at the sloe time
t' helw that the foreaost thought of
eclvr Y F'enchman is peace. Wt know
t. e ' 11. also, w haot w' meanls, and
The fine blend
ing quality of
Gulden's Mustard
has made it a uni
versal condiment.
Delicious in itself,
it also reveals
hidden delights of
flavor in all of the
many foods with
which it is used.
otI 15c
. v
the toll it takes not to yearn for peace
with heart and soul. So, as soon as
tresident Harding sent out his noble
.-all, my country answered 'present'
and here I am to demonstrate the
earnest good will of France by every
mteana lit my power.
seeks (Guaraee of eSaerMy.
"i'rovided she has nothing to fear
for her security, which remains one
of the most solid guarantees of the
peace of the world, she is ready to
Join in every endeavor to avert new
conflicts. Just because she had to
suffer front the war more than any
other nation, she is ready to approach
the problems of the conference in the
most favorable spirit for the main
tevnance' of peace.
"B1etween France and the United
States of America there is no room
for any differentes--however slight.
iuth our countries only endeavor to
lead the men and peoples of good will
to peaceful and fruitful work and to
reduce imure and more the risk of
war. Today the world which is in
such need of safety and rest wants
not only soothing words, but re
"I earnestly trust that the Wash.
ington neeting will give us an op
iortunity in this respect. France and
Ameria yesterday united on the
lattlefleld will thus continue to play
their beneficlent part In deriving
from. their common victory such re
suIts as will conform with the ideal
ilm that has ever animated them."
Stand Considered Radkal.
Fellow passengers of the French
prenier said Hriand and Vivlani made
no secret of the fact that the delega
tion would probably prove to be the
radicals at the conference, because
France believes her wounds are still
bleedIing while other countries that
took part in the war are rapidly re
These passengers also said Biriand
hoped the Washington deliberations
would he short. Front coiversations
with the members of the French dele
gation they believed France's program
would he to yield on a number. of
points if she can accomplish reduction
of mnit-niy and naval expenditures and
still safe guard the fruits of victory.
There were about thirty persons in
the French party, which was met by
French consul-general in New York,
(;astina Liilirt. and Emile Ponchelot,
residlnt dlrtwtor of the French line,
and between forty or fifty numbers ot
the New York French colony.
Majn. (;en. tobert Bullard, con
manlant of (Governors Island, went to
quarantini. with a welcoming party on
the army tug Lexington to meet the
ship. As the French delegation stepped
from th' vissel a battalion of soldiers|
from (;ive'rnors Island stood at atten
Briand Arrives Today
For Arms Conference;
British Due Thursday
By George R. Holmes.
Imtrnationail New. Merslee.
The iast for the armament limita
tion conference was complete today
with the exception of the European
"stars"--Premier Aristide Briand, head
iI. i'rench delegation, and Lloyd
(;eorge's understudy, A. J. Balfour,
who is leading the British delegates to
The French will arrive here about
':30 o'clock this afternoon and th3
B3ritish on Thursday.
The Dutch delegates are the latest
;rivals. Like those who preceded
them to Washington, the Netherlands
represnt~tatiyes arrived breathing a
spirit of optimism and a willingness to
co-operate with other powers "o the
end that friction in the Far East may
be allayed for all ti me to come.
The Dutch party numbered twenty
three persons, delegates and state.
Their interest is confined almost
wholly to the Far Eastern questions.
Particularly are they interested ir.
what mnay be do.me to the world oil
situation, in which they occupy 4 pu
,,ition wholly out of prolortiont to
thir international importance.
Developments in the Orient within
the last few days have made It vir
tually certain that Far Eastern mat
tors will overshadow all others when
the delegates meet around the great
horseshoe table in Continental Hall
next Saturday.
Both .lapaa and China have po
per iority ol
and Economy of
-Have alw~ays been
characteratics of the
dlucted by this establis
A Deal funeral is cc
respect and the equij
~highest order. The p
what ordinary underta
A Deal Funeral C
Black cloth, white or silver
engraved nameplate outsid
washing, dressing, shaving
vertising the death, crepe
moving from hospital, gi
candelabra, candles, a
-hearse and two Cutningha
W. W. DI
816 H St. I
A near you as
ur telephone - I
-co. 3464.
This is the photograph of the a
Tille, France, which Senator Th<
Georgia produced in the Senate w
charges that American soldiers
France by their officers without coi
photograph was turned over to Set
litical difficulties at home to distract
their attention from the main busi
ness at hand. The assassination of
the Japanese premier has thrown
Tokyo into temporary political con
fusiun. and it was predicted by .Jp
anese here today that it will he some
days before order can be restored
and a new premier designated.
Pekin is in even more p' litical
chaos, owing to the financial insta
bility of the present government. re'
flected a few days ago in the gov
ernment's admission that it could not
meet a note for $5,500,000. held by
the Continental and Commercial
National Bank of Chicago.
The activities of the South China
republic . at Canton in seeking to
discredit the Peking ;dministration.
are making it still more difficult for
the government at Peking to main
tain its equilibrium, and it would oc
casion no surprise in Washington if
the opening day of the conference
next Saturday did not see a new
administration set up in Peking to
direct China's destiny here.
A complete statement of how far
the At rican navy can he reduced
with - fety to the nation was Ie
fore the American "big four" when
the American delegates m-t again
today in the office of Secretarv of
State Hughes to resume c'onsidera
tion of America's policies at the e on
"We have said our last word." it
was said by a naval authority: "and
it is now upl to the delegates."
No threat or implication of with
drawing American recornition from
the Pekin government was containel
in the note which Secretary of State
Hughes sent to Pekin. calling atten
tion to the seriousn-as of China's de
the outstanding
funerals con.
nplete in every
ment is of the
rice is but half
kers charge.
ianista of
gray plush casket,
case, embalming,
,if necessnary; ad
for the door, re
:sves, rugs, chairs,
ine Cunningham
im lmoumines.
. E.
Washin to?.'
~dng funeraI
Vim i, /! .' I4
,affold in Is-sur- a local ex-service man. The condemned soldier can
mas Watson of be seen mounting the steps to the "drop," while
ren he made his American soldiers stood "at attention." According
were hanged in to the War Department's records, there were two
art-martial. The soldiers executed in this town, following a trial and
tator Watson by their conviction.
faulting payment, it was stated i f
fleially today. Officials said they de
sired to etphasiz" this in view of
the garbled renorts of the .oi.iruni
cation which have been 'abflt.d back
from l'ekin.
The reprewntations Dr. ShurmanP E
the A1tr.erican mini.ster, was direyyted
to ninke were- soleiv for ('hina's ien
efit, "It was said. The I'mtt.. States u p L 9 1
dqe s not want to see ('hinit embar
osed at the beginning of the eon-,
forence. and desired merely to point
out to t'hina that nations, no more
than indiviiuals, can ni -rt:iu their' 4 7
notes to go to protest without t, itally
affecting their financial an1 moral Northe' - nd Belgium
:standing In the world.
Word has been received unoffi- Suff. trUction.
dally that the Chinere govertment
is again in negotiat on with the s
bankers in Pekin over refunding
plans. By Interna e ..d \ ", r-rr.f.
SECULARS DOUBT WISDOM lONd andt ";,mi. r, .s
OF ARMS PUBLICITY caused by heavy gales .. t -
if the conferences on limitation of sweeping northern Euro: t ",
armnamients are open, to the -ublic hours. Twenty-eight per"
tittle if any ool will te'suht. was drowned when the Finnish s', --
the opinion expressed yesterday in Kustavi was sunk in the Balth
a discussion held by the' Washington hits saved two.
Secular Leatgue* at Pe'rpetual IHall.
1101 i sti'-t northwest. a Two persons were killed and severe
"i'nless .ih" conferences are "losed were injured at Antwerp.
the d.legates might just its will di Other deaths were reported from
hand." declared Western Starr, one northern France.
of the speakers. Other -oeak ras
were Prof. .1. W. Nigh. Willim.i V. The British steamer Angus capsized
Mahoney. .ohn T. ltr:tdlev. Thomai in the harbor at Iiarre..
It. Eckloff and Dr. Jam.-s liuwth There has been heavy loss of ship
eeolv ping in British ports and telephone
All of the :speakers expressel the, and telegraph communication is inter
opinion that smethirg Ibnefi ial I rupted.
would come out of the conferences. A cold wave is following the storm.
No woman should
have wrinkles or sag
ging skin before she
is sixty.
Lifebuoy keeps the
skin young.
- . Mad. is U. S.A.
(Continued From First Page)
quent to that date and they entirely
ignored the evidence as to the in
crease in the %alue of the property
fonning the basis of the valuation
of July 1, 1914.
"The trial court was of the view
that the rule adopted by the comtis
sion was correr. We are unable to
concur in that 'iew.
"The principal object of valuation.
of cost. is to provide a rate base. and
the statute clearly contemplates that
the commission shall ascertain the
value as of the time of said valuation
and not as of some anterior date. It
has been ruled many times thatth.re
must be a fair return to a public util.
ity 'upon the reasonable value of the
property at the time it Is being use'i
for the public.'
Part of law Overlooked,
"In the presa.nt case the comrni
slon, in effect, declined to find the
present value of the property because
not satisfied as to how long existing
conditions would continue. In assum
ing this position, the commission mu.t
have overlooked paragraph 9 of thy
statute, authorizing It at any time, of
its own initiative, to make a revaluu
tion of the property of any publbc
utility. In our view because the -duty
of the connission to have considered
alg.given due weight to the evidence
as to the then value of the property.
"As conditions changed %,nel values
were substantially affected it would
have been th- further duty of the
commission to exercise Its discretion
and revalue the property. The con
ditions existing were world-wide, and.
while their duration and future ef
feet were problematic, there was no
immediate prospect of a return to
normal conditions. It may lie sug
gested, although the point was not
raised in th" opinion of th' com
mission, that practical difficulties
would have been encountered in an
attempt to asewrtain the increase in
value of the property between July 1.
141, and D)ecember 31, 193G. But
there was substantial evidence lI
fore the coumission as to the rise
in values, and a brief investigation
would have enabled the commission
to determine, with substantial ac
curacy, how much, in fairness, should
be added to the earlier valuation.
"Much reliance was placed by the
trial court upon the language of for
mer Justice Hughes, as referee in the
case of Brooklyn Borough Gas Com
pany vs. Public Service Commission.
Byt we find nothing in the report as
we read it justifying the action of the
commission here in entirely Ignoring
the evidence as to value at the time
the finding actually was made. The
contention there was that the rates
should be based 'upon a plant valua
tion simply representing a hypotheti
cal cost of reproduction' at a time
of abnormally high prices due to ex
ceptional conditions.
Substantiai Difference.
"There is a very substantial differ
In between considering the pres
, of reproduction as one of the
and important elements in
-nation of present values.
- ''' .uCtance as conclusive evi
: value, of mere experts'
* f i "nt cust of reproduc.
-o opinion. Chief
Jus . h .c ', the conclusion
that -etric Power
'ompa "inguage of
the statu 'factorily
shown that l'o
mission i t, f nale
and unlawful. 'hat
the majority opi.
prove the findings
with respect to the %.
erty on July 1, 1914,
*ffect that since that t.
stantial testimony that t
. eproduction had greatly
between that date and lecen.
1916. the fair value of the pr.
must also have increased aend th.
fore that the Commission erred
not having given effect to that in
lie poigts out that his miqoe'ian..
impose on the Commission the tutr
of saving how much shotuld te aded
to the earlier valuation instead oef
telling them how much in the e'curt's
view should be added. The (Chif
Jlustice expresses the view that there
should be no increase bec.ausa suc
increase is not due to any inmlen.t
by the company bhut reesuhat solely
from the world war which has de
moralized market c'onditions and
rendered property values tunreliab'l'.
To accept such an increase no a
standard of value would he to adopt
an unstable measure which wout1l
lead to injustice."
The Senate 'Judiciary Committee
voted today to report favorably the
nomination of Cecil H. C'legg as Feed
eral judge for the Fourth division din
trict of Alaska.
The following appointments as
UnIted States attorney were ordtered
reported favorahly:
Ralph C. (Greene, for the Eastern
district of New TVork; vilce, Wallrsco
E. J. CollIns.
Weilliaim M. Coher, for the isouther'n
district of Florida; vice. iterhe'rt 8
Thomas A. Brown, for the Northern
district of West Virginia; vice. Stew art
W. Walker. resIgned, effective Se'p
tember ?. 1921.
Prices realised nen Swift A 'ce. pates nft
carcasa heef In Washington, D'. C . for
wek ending Saturday. No.5 921. on
shIpmentS sold out, ranged from 7 centa to
1i cente par pound and average:1 11 73
crnts per pound.--Aeyt.
SENATE GROUP VOTES Present law which permits the 'sr '
TO RETIRE SICK JUDGE '"ent of a dral judge who has
TheMonle udiiar Cuarmt~ie t- erv.1 tell years anad has row-had th
The Sonate Judiciary Cnmittee to- age of seventy. Judge bhmlth has
day voted to recuananend the passage swv*4 mpre than Le years, but is not
of a biU to peruitt the retirement, oni yet sevenly.
salary. of nederal Cirru.t Judge Wal To C*r s Coe n. te Day
ter 1. Smiith, of C'ouncil Bluffs. Iowa. ?!N. LeaeU. SUOMO QUIMINS 51~i..1
on account of illness. nest.. bu.rn h .a.. u. .k w.d c W. Om.
The lI makes an excepton of the I 4l. V" p ale I a e-AW
As FA-MUS Bread comes out of
our giant ovens it is placed aboard
our wagons and delivered to your
This means that when FA-MUS
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twie toute alwaTysteTmtngr vro of
AUTHx sge AUT. Sahael you'v th~
at peredcryu'll andren wtha yobmsed n
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