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e h purchased from Great
The sigufioaqoe of the foregoing
dateosuwes is emphasised, as the re
part points out, by the fact that the
authorised loans to foreign gov.
ernments "then engaged in war with
eamle of the United States for the
purpose of the prosecution of the
Great Britain owee the United States
94,16,*81.368.44 principal and $407,
.308,323.03 aecrued interest, a total of
14,672,431,643.37. The report shows
approximately $3,960,000,000 was lent
to Great Britain before the armistice
and approximately $330,000,000 since
that date.
The report says this Government
holds no obligations of Great Britain
for sur us munitions and food sup
ped sold to her after the armistice.
The official referred to in the
Judiciary Committee Counsel's finding
in connection with British oil activi
ties was Robert P. Skinner. American
Consul-General in the British Isles,
rather than commercial attache, as
stated. His report was made on Oc
tober 16, 1918. while the war was
still on and the United States Treasury
was open to Great Britain and the
other Allied Powers.
What Prompted Action.
The Consul-General's report was
prepared on instructions from the
State Department, prumpted ny the
British government's acquisition of
debentures of the Royal Dutch Com
T.he report to the Judiciary Com
mittee includes Skinner-s report to
the State Department under the cap
tion: "England's Attempt at World
Oil Monopoly."
This report is of peculiar interest
now, in view of the recent absorption
of the Union Oil Company. of Dela
ware, by the Shell combine, which em
braces the Royal Dutch Company.
Corsul-General Skinner reported:
"It is altogether likely that shares
of some classes have been acquired
by the British government with in
terior objects in view, and there t
seems to be no reasonable doubt that
this is the case of the Royal Dutch l
'"+ iq a matter of common knowl
edge that the British community is
v. y inte ented at present in l
securing control of oil production in 1
various parts of the world, not only I
for domestic purposes but for the 1
alimentation of the mercantile and i
military fleets.
Reaching to Many Lands.
"Expensive research work is being
Undertaken at this moment in the
United Kingdom under the direction I
of Lord Cowdray, and efforts are be- 1
ing made to obtain and hold financial <
control in case of producing properties 1
in Persia, Mexico, Venezuela, the I
United States. Java, and very likely r
in other regiobs.
"It is not possible, of course, to
know the precise details either as to E
existing or contemplated organiza- a
tions. These comprehensive plans, E
to which I have alluded constitute a
very important link in' the chain of f
defensive commercial measures under- a
taken with a view to making the r
United Kingdom comparatively inde
pendent of all other countries for the I
operation of its fleets and the main- C
tenance of its essential industries.
How Grip Is Kept.
"To this end, as I have already re
ported, a provision has been Intro
duced in the Defense of the Realm
Regulations which is specifically ap- c
plicable to any oil field, which sets
out that 'a person shall not without
the consent of the Board of Trade
transfer or agree to transfer to or for
the benefit of an alien or a foreign
controlled company any interest in
any property or undertaking to which ,
this regulation applies.'
"It follows from this that, in so far
as the Royal Dutch Company or the
Shell Transport & Trading Company.
Ltd., to which it is allied, control oil (
properties in California and Okla
homa, or anywhere else, it is -forbid
den, under severe penalties, that the
ownership in those enterprises, or any
portion thereof, shall be purchased or
sold by an American citizen.
"No doubt t department will de
sire to inq upvery closely into this I
- t
lyRub it back of the Bars I t
and Insert in Noetrils. Proof b
of suorewilbe givenby the t
A. 0. LEONARD, Inc. p
70 5th Avenue, New York il
-- ia
uema e oee mad sethe
Oe enm of gestie sad diksi. i
m hm, .ee ?sig a.ses
~ JUUOUS-ttle
- Oee-thid the regulae dos. Made
et sme lagpedleew, them candy
Burmese air Studying
In Baltimore For
M. D. Degree
fa 6
Tht1' .~
Dr. Ma Saw Sa, noted woman
physician, of Burma. India, is the
first woman of the country she
claims as home to receive a degree
from a university. ' She is now
studying in Johns Hopkins l'niver
sity, &t Baltimore, whoce she in
specializing in medicine. She is a
fellow of the Royal College of
Physicians and, Surgeons of Dublin.
Ireland, wherJ she received the
first degree ever won by a woman
from India.
legislation, whereunder a British
)wned company obtains possession of
oil fields in the United States under
such circumstances that it is unlawful
for an American citizen to acquire any
nterest therein.
Rival to Us.
"Now, with respect to the Royal
Dutch Company, the situation appears
o be that (has concern is a very val
table portion of the total interests of
he Shell combination, which seems to
te the British rival of American oli
"The Royal .Dutch Company is, in
leed, domiciled legally in the Nether
ands, and its shareholders and direc
ors are largely Dutch, but at the
ame time the control is intertwined
rith the Shell Transport and Trad
rg Company, Ltd., any reasonable
loubt, Is entirely British, if not vested
n the British Government itself."
Circular Quoted.
Consul-General Spinner then quoted
rom an offtcial circular of the com
any, showing that it controlled vast
it properties and concessions in the
Jnited States, Dutch East Indies,
tussia.1gypt, Mexico, Rumania, Vene
uela and Trinidad. As to the United
tates the circular said:
"In the United States, through the
hell Co., of California and the Rox
na Petroleum Co., the Royal Dutch
hell combine has invested some 1,000,
00 pounds sterling ($35,000,000) in the
urchase of oil properties in California
nd Oklahoma and in the building of
efineries and pipe lines.
"Our opinion is obtained from Stock
xchange houses and financiers in the
ity that the British Government has
een buying shares of Royal Dutch in
Tew York, the general opinion being
hat these purchases and further ac
uisition of oil company shares are
riade with the purpose of insuring a
ufficient fuel supply to the vessels
f His Majesty's navy."
Another article in this
eries on the foreign loans
will appear exclusively in
l'he Washington Times to.
CHICAGO, III., Nov. 9.-At the
pening session of the third annual
onvention of the American Gas As
ociation in this city today Dana D.
larnum, vice-president and chief en
ineer of the Boston Consolidated Gas
ompany, of Boston, was elected
resident to succeed Charles A. Mun.
re, vice-president of the Peoples Gas
ight and Coke Company, of Chicago,
rho has held office for one year.
R. B. Brown, general manager and
hief engineer of the Milwaukee Ga,.
ight Company, of Milwaukee, was
lected vice-president, and Harry 11.
rundage, secretary of the Consoll
ated Gas Company, of New York,1
Milwaukee was first among nine
ties that showed a decrease in th)
Btall cost of food from September 15
October 15. the decrease amounting
2 per cent, the Department of La'
or announced today. Chicago, De-I
-oit and Indianapolis reported a de-I
ease of 2 per cent, while in Peori,,
I., and St. Louis the decrease wase I
er cent. MobIle, Ala., reported an
icrease of 1 per cent during the
Wisconsin Census Figures.
There were 995,401 erson. ten years
age and over in 1 isconsin engaged
gainful occupations in 1920, von
ituting 37.8 per 'cent of the State's
taj population of 2.632.067, the Cen
as Bureau announced today. Of the
ainful workers 312.935 were males
id 182,466 were females.
Canada Buys French Ships.
TORONTO. Ontario. Nov. *.-Nine
rench freighters have been pur
aced by the Mathews Steamship
,mpany, of Toronto. The deal for
Iese ships, formerly known as the
'olverine fleet, involving an expendi
re of about $2,600,000. was consum
ated a few day. ago by D. E.
athews, general manager of the
.mpany. They will be assigned by
e company to the Upper Lakes.
Mine Labor Head Seized.
CHAlRLESTON. W. Va., N4ov. 9.
111iam Blizzard, a subdistrict pr-esi
nt of the U'nited Mine Workers, who
uinder indictment for alleged con
iracy in ennnection with the armed
arch into logan county last~ Au
'st, was arrested today hy Sheriff
ilker. of Kanawha county, at hi,.
in St Aa s.. eight mles fro
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lust /oe.. _r:
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yad.......... RC e T E fo.. 25c Tremont Brand Wool and 021 ft. il Wet 01, Values worth iii to 95C wide: some at triflo short of
Remnants of 27-ineh Dres Oc Nai Files-Fexile iter wugs, $lihtl dt " $ rgulation length.
Ginghams-Chambray and Apron steel aged; good colors and Pat- Fourth Floor.
Sc tens; sizes 1 ft. 3110 ft. 6 $2M _______-fwhtebaise
Ginghams; fast colors. 1' Goldenbergs.-Flrsg Floor, and 1il6 ft., for large roots. 4S74 ft, gl worth pretty embroidery trimmed mod
Worn e, also some with heavy lace Women's Aprons
W ont ner'--is Flo1,' Jewe*lry Remn~ants $5.00 Axminster or SUD 3.6 e~eoiale and other makes: all Kitchen Aprons-Oft fine grade
Goldenberg's--Flrst Floor.' Matn llAgnh
OdsadEd f eer--. $3.50 Jap M tigsizes. Regurly 69c 44 gigan, In assorted blue
$1 p od ad n o Jwer- ilo Vl;etR gs R g, 1.8each'".'.. ,....,"" checka: maude with large
$2.00 and $2.25 Diaper Including Necklaces, Broches Fit Flow. pskots Regularly 69e
Cloth, $1.59 Piece B sP
6 pics o i P ee luffn 27imn k Haet de in s t; . 87x1 to 57x5i4 Alexander Rugs, 10-w.arpres ibl car- 19C Tow eling, I1 / en r ciz .a....lue.....a
6p 15 Smith & Sons' make Axntin pet designs, also stenCleod t,7
and 20 inch widths; sealed sani worth l1e and 61st: each signs. In green, blue, red or 700 yards of Union Linen and low Aprnns-ast colors: open
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yards; first quality; only a lim -Pretty ethomwed do- dallion designs. (First Flor.) ! (ioldenherg's-Fourth Flr. nM,' olle re abs. I nl iinel: we. nid
ited quantity. signs; worth hOc each.. g.. - rirt Floor. T Fleer.
FPrat; Florr. leuberg's-Fit Floor. 5
squa es .... ... .... ...

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