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Open Child's Bowels with
"California Pig Syrup"
Burry inotheri Pves a ish .hil
lre. the "fruity" tate of (Cllfor"
als ig Syrup" nd It never fails to
ees the bowels. A tapoflt
dear prevent a sick c tomor
row. Ifoat d bilous. feverish.
fril. b=,cil eco or stomach
is sou. toingue coated, breath bad,
r~eomber a good cleansing of the
little bowels Is often all that is seo.
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"NUIersia Jig Syrup" which has
dlreotlosS for babies and children of
alages printed on bottle. Mother!
You must m "CalUfrna" r you
may get an imitation fig syrup.
At one i
I TISfinetobeus
response when y
Jump your car a
Just as necessary to hi
on a low throttle.
It is not so difficult
gasoline that will d
these things well. Bu
a balaced gasoline
both, that combines 1
omy, clean burning a
age, took years of ei
refining, experiments
from every producit
numerable tests in el
physical laboratories
shaousands of automc
And sehen you
Live On. is Entirely Overlooked
by "Hetty Green of the Brohx,"
Who Left $3,000,000.
NEW YORK. Nov. 9.-The will of
Mrs. Sarah Josephine Bent. who died
a month ago. known to many neigh
bors as "the Hetty Green of the Brono,"
was offered for probate yesterday to
Surrogate Schuls, of Bronx county.
and a summary of the estate proved
the title was not at all inappropriate.
so far as wealth is concerned.
For year. many neighors knew that
the quiet-living. modestly dressed
white-haired Mrs. Bent. far into her
seventies, was well to do. They knew
she ow-nd property. But tew imagined
her holdings amounted to about $3,
000,000. which tact was revealed to
An even greater surprise was re
veiled by the will. The document was
made in 1587, when she was the wife
of Albert Wyckoff. Apart from a few
minor bequests it left all of her prop
erty to Mr. Wyckoff. He died in 1890.
There was no codicil naming her later
husband, Thomas C. Bent, who sur
vives her, nor could any other will be
found. Mr. Bent and his wife ap"
patently lived happily together unti
her death last month.
He is twenty-four years her junior,
and their wedding in 1900 was much
discussed for that reason and others.
Surrogate Schulz appointed Mr.
Bent as executor with the Farmena'
Trust Company under a Joint bond of
Corner brick house, sur
rounded by houses selling at
about twice what I want for my
slz~reoui corner house in solid
white neighborhood. Immediate
possession. Cash. $1,000, price,
$5,000, and $6 monthly, in.
eludes all interest. Apply 3545
Sixth street northwest, phone
$250-J Columbia.
noment i
e next th
tre of quick' types and und
on want to service.
sead. It Is Thi baan
Sable to idle ,,~! d ~
surpassing gol
to make a derful in vola
ca either of completeness<
to produce mileage. It ai
that does rapid acceleri
,ower, econ- pulling power
id big 'mile. Even in cold
:perence in perfectly cond(
with crudes sluggish, you
ig ield, In- lean, clean-bu
aemcal and mixture of
,and with Gasoline. Whi
biles of all with others "ji
red oil say POLARINE. M
sme care-aways right.
(New Jersey)
i" s .' .
Miss Alice Mann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac T. Mann, of Wash
ington, D. C., who has been selected as sponsor at the launching of the
superdreadnaught West Virginia, which will leave the ways at Newport
News on November 19.
Cyclist's Ankle Broken. mann at Valey and Mechanic streets
CUMBERLAND, Md., Nov. 9.-A Faulkner was thrown over the
motorcycle driven by Guuuave Faulk nood of the automobile by force of
ner. Ellerslie, collided with an auto- the impact and sustained a broken
mobile driven by Mrs. Karl R. Her- ankle of the left foot.
e full power load
er all conditions of
L motor fuel is
fotor Gasoline of
3dness. It is won
tility, flame speed,
>f combustion and
uures quick starts,
tion and unusual
up heavy grades.
eather, when less
itioned gasoline is
can operate on a ~ I
rning, economical
'Standard" Motor
y try your temper
st as good"?
rd. seith the
Envoys to Maintain That Pane
Are Best Protection Against
"Venegefur" Osnnany.
By HARMR L. a00a.
Iesesuasmae News earie.
The French delegation will enter
the conference on the limitation of
arinaaeat nest Saturday prepared to
resist utubbernly any effort to check
the development of military aviation
In France, it was learned in an au
thoritative quarter today.
Appreciating fully the desirability
of wiping out a part of the enormous
expense for the upkeep of the French
army. Premier Briand would welcome
any feasible plan for reducing the
military establishment, provided
France is given sufficient guarantees
against Germany.
Such guarantees might be in the
form of treaties, but even with such
safeguards, the French people would
prefer to have some dependable
weapon at hand.
This weapon they believe they have
In a highly trained air service. Ger
many is recovering rapidly from the
effects of the war, they argue. The
Germans are an energetic and effI
cient race of seventy or eighty mil
lions, who naturally look with resent
ment upon the indemnity imposed by
the allies.
To reach France, however, these
millions of revenge-seeking Germans
would have to journey many miles
down the long roads which lead from
Germany's centers of population to
the French border, and during the
time they were thus exposed an effi
cient French air force would have
them at their mercy.
An air establishment such as is
contemplated by French tacticians
would probably be the cheapest form
of national defense.
Already the French have begun to
develop their air forces, with a view
to the demobilization of a consider
able part of their land forces. A re
cent order increasing the aerial es
tablishment from 132 squadrons of
twenty planer each to 143 squadrons.
Nevertheless, the French know and
fear the genius of the Germans for
aviation. They are constantly on
their guard lest some apparently
harmless commercial development of
aviation should give the Germans a
new nucleus for building up an air
force surreptitiously.
Charges that such efforts are be
ing made constantly crop out, one of
the latest being to the effect that Ger
mans, under the cloak of Spanish in
corporation papers, are establishing
a Zeppelin line from Spain to Pernam
buco, in South America. via Liberia.
Japanese Not Flyers.
Japan probably would be willing to
agree to limitation of air forces, ac
cording to those in touch with the
situation. The Japanese have shown
little aptitude for flying and probably
would welcome any agreement tend
ing to lessen the Importance of avia
tion in warfare.
While Great Britain would like to
see a reduction in aerial military es
tablishments, it is not believed that
she will feel able to take a determined
stand for such reductions.
American air experts apparently ate
on the fence.
Negotiation of a better commercial
understanding between Brazilian and
American coffee business men is the
object of a commission of Brazilian
coffee merchants and exporters who
were received at the Brazilian em
bassy here today.
The commission was also received
by the United States Chamber of Com
merce and the Pan-American Union
here. The South American merchants
will visit St. Louis, Chicago, and New
Orleans before returning home.
CHARLOTTE. N. C., Oct. 9.
Efforts to locate in Charlotte the
proposed mllio-dollar hospital which
will be part of the University of
North Carolina are about to bear
fruit. it was stated here today.
University trustees are planning
adding two years to the medical
course and the esjablishment of a
hospital to give tiecessary clinical
work to students.
A total capital of $6,955,4681,831 was
invested In the mining industries in
the UnIted States in 1920, the Census
Bure'tu announced today,
Petroleum and natural gas headed
the list of inlustries with a capital hf
$2,421,485,942, while hituminous coal
mining was second with $1.904,485,942.
The copper mining Industry was
third with a total capital of 8853,639,
The capital invested in anthracite
coal mining was placed at $433,86S,
This will fix
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