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pATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1921. SATtHit)AY, NOVEMHER 12, 1921.
Asseements to Be Used as Fund
To Pay Expenses of Call.
fornia Trip.
One of the most active committees
Of the local real estate board is the
conventien club committee, recently
erganlsed, to bring to the attention of
real meat. men the advantages gained
**tndng the annual conventi'ns
arthe national association. These eor
Ventions. It is pointed out, have heen
considered a post-graduate course in
Real estate. Men prominent In reaity
dirles frnom all sections of the country
meet at these gatherings and diseusi
the praetical problems presented in
real estate work. In this way much
NOstructive work Is done In the mm.
ter of standardising the practlce of
real estate. In addition, the advantage
reem a business standpoint, of blng
acquainted with men in the same line
Of endeavor in different parts of the
eeuntry Is being recognised.
In order to present some concrete
and pracdoal proposition to the mqm
bare of the local board that would re
suIt in a much larger representation
6r4M Washington, the committee de.
vised a unique plan of financing the
ebe of the delegation. A definite
ulation of gross traveling expenses
was determined and the members of
this club have agreed to pay Into a
Oscnmon fund monthly installments so
that at convention time the total ex
money will have been .avod.
funds as received are being in
vested in first mortgage notes and the
interest return on the investment will
be usng by the delegation to defray
j extra expenses, such as badges. adve-.
tidg paraphernalia, etc., and the sur
plus will be returned to the members
In the shape of a cash dividend.
The next convention, which in ex
pected to be held in June, will as
semble In San Fran-isco. The finan
olal arrangement made by this club
permits its members to make the trip
at a minimum of expense. By reason
of this club arrangement a consider
asie saving is made over the ordinary
expenses of a trip to California.
The committee in charge of this
matter met last Wednesday and o'i
lined a plan of action somewhat slini
lar to a membership drive with tw
hope that a delegation of at least one
hundred will represent Washington in
San Francisco. The plan is that each
member of the committee will mak
personal visits to every office can
nected with the board and outline the
advantages and plans for attendance
at the next convention. It is also ex
pected that the members of this -om
mittee will meet the salesmen at the
regular weekly meeting, usually hel4
In the larger offices, and In this w-ay
it Is expected that in addition to the
brokers themselves, many salesmen
will be Induced to join the club.
The members of this committee are
Thomas E. Jarrell, chairman; Percy
H. Russell, Robert L. McKeever. Jr)
seph A. Herbert. William H. Saundirs,
J. Arthur Lewis, Clarence F. Dononoe,
Do not let another winter come
without having picked out that
place for your future home.
You waited this year. and last
year and the year before. Al
ways waiting for something. Wait
lng for building prices to come
down or your baank account to
go up.
And you're where you were be
fore, except you're paying higher
Don't wait or waste another
My candid and sincere belief Is
that you won't save a nickel by
Land, certainly, never will be
any cheaper for it is increasing
in value every year. With the
prospective building boom, the de
mand for land will be unprece
dented. The wise person will buy
No other section In or near
Washington Is in line for the ex
tensive improvements and develop
ment work now going on in
Arlington County. Big increases
In land values are Inevitable.
Without fall, put on your over
coat this afternoon or tomorrow
and come out to see LYON PARK.
And bring the family.
$20 a me
Stresses Importance of Truth
and Honeet Dealing to
Achieve &access.
The special course in real estate
being conducted by the Y. M. C. A.
has reached the point where the act
ual practice of real estate is being de
scribed to the class by the local real
tors who have volunteered to assist
in the development of this special edu
cational work.
William H. Saunders. former presi
dent of the Washington Real Estate
Board, lectured to the class on the
subject of "The Management of a
Real Estate Office" last Tuesday
night. Mr. Saunders pointed out that
truthfulness and honesty were the
first essentials and necessary equip
ment of any real estate office that ex
pects to succeed. He stressed on the
point of polite and courteous service
to clients and the public and advised
the class to become familiar with the
fundamental principals of real estate
before embarking in individual ven
According to Mr. Saunders' views
the manager of a real estate business
should have personality, executive
ability and a thorough knowledge of
the business. As the success of a real
estate business depends almost entire
ly on the executive manager, who
usually is the proprietor, it is neces
sary for him to so arrange his organi
satiot that it will function in the most
efficient manner. He also discussed
the matter of correspondence. So
many features of the real estate bus
iness must necessarily be handled
through the mall, the lecturer said
that while subordinates in a real estate
organization should be permitted to
handle correspondence In their par
ticular work, the executive manager
should keep in close touch with all
correspondence that emanates in his
The next lecture will be held on
Tuesday at 7:30 p. m.. at which time
J. F. M. Bowie, prominent in local
real estate circles, will discuss "Man
egement of Apartment Houses and
and Dwellings."
It is announced that a new chain
of music '4tores, The United Phono
graph Stores. Inc., have signed a
lease for one of the stores in the new
City Club building being completed
on the south side of G street be
tween Thirteenth and Fourteenth
streets. This concern has several
stores in New York and the New
England States, and is planning to
open three or four other stores in
Washington, as well as four or five
in Baltimore.
William 8. Phillips, Ben T. Webster,
Theodore M. Judd and H. Clifford
rOn. F
Before the Winter S
To Choose From
City Con
Gas, Electricity, Se
Lots 15c and 20c a
Corne Out Sunday ax
Pick Out You
1. Take Falls Church line trolley
12th street and Pennsylvania avenue
Commutation fare, 10% cents.
2. Drive over Highway Bridge and
ton Cemetery and Fort Myer. Take
2. Phone Main 1145 for salesman
sa lot Sale
nth pays41 E
- Phone
IS SOLD FOR $175,000
44zr '4q 4
Five-story office building on the southeast corner of Connecticut
avenue and I street, purchased by George S. Rees. The building is
of stone and red brick construction. The consideration was approxi
mately $175,000. The transaction was handled by the office of Wil
liam F1rank Hiyson.
This . it amix room buingalow atnd will
he occupfied by Mrt. Schult-r.
filanche lille putrchase rml i1.1.ses
No. 14 16 Twonty-first ,t t nri t hwest
4rom Fran s A. Crawford. TIIM is
ten-roxom reside-ncev arul will beti behql
. anl invetrnent
A (Illtachedli serni hutnvalow lit 410
BAUMAN S[ll erGh.1,1i liVenue1. northw-twspr
Augustes N. W r of Con cu.
T. A. eantw ell p buc lias ng fr isn the
o ntheons der atien a-t fro-ting
SPROPERTIESleifty ' flet' onl sixtellnlth Street- anld 180
Dwellings and Business Placesi was hd b the ice of thil
Among Transfers Consum
mated During Past Week. Il)w Tll
The following transfers of resiential1141,a 1711W ltrnrhw-.
and business properties was reportedid 1
by the office of Bauman & Ieiizmanhd asa
during the week:
Ward and Cobb, architects and build
ers, purchased from Mary Mytibridge
the property at 2212 Eleventh street
northwest. Extensive improvements,
will be made Including the crection
of a warehouse and mill shop.FO
Dr. C. Willard Camalser purchased
from M. C. Lyddane the property at'[[
1310 Emerson street northwest. This u
by ten-oieof mouern deace wll.a -fhIhr lwl ahl xa
ding tewe:ii~a anI
Er H' purchased Marm puary Mn of0th
thew proa e irty at 22o2 4l0nt tr
ncorthwe fivenure ingolm r.nt
ofa arhus ad il ho.F O R I
(Nve theer M unPakubdiOn.
Dr.ui. T.llardlCamapurerasurcfrsm
from M..(W.sLydhnefourpaonertyPrt.
1n17esont1 i.e nrnorhtest.lTrish t
is a ten-room modern detached dwell
E. H. Schuler purchased one of the
new Thomas Weir homes at No. 40
Sycamore avenue, Takoma P'ark. Md.
______________________F O R]
1414 & 1416
(Never Been Occup
Square Foot
d See Lyon Park.
r Lot Now.
at Mt. Vernon Railway station,.Fiero-xe
Get off at Lyon Park Station.
Militaary Road through Arling- os 1
Fort Avenue to Lyon P'ark. These properties are offer
.o drive you to property.
______________________ or for rent to responsible i
a Manager
rsBuilding ~V. FRN
Main 1145EXUSV
_____________ 1 6 H Street N. W.
Five-Story Apartment House to
Cpst $225,000 Among
Larger Projects.
Ttty closed another active week at
the office of the building inspector in
the l)istrIct building.
To I,. (ibbon White was issued a
permit to erect a five-story brick and
toncrete apartment house at 3632 Con
neticut avenue northwest, to cost
Harris shapiro got a pertnit to build
%ven two-story brick dwellings at 1465
to 1477 0irard street northwest, to
coat $50,000.
Itobert Munro got a permit to build
it four-story brick apartment house at
1715 11 street northwest, to cost $45,
Nunerous permits were issued for
oin erection of residential propterties
galrages alid for repairs. Following
%ar some of the pertnits issued during
the week:
liarry A. Kite to build two one
-tory brick stores at 1612-1504 last
'apitol street to cost $10.000.
liarry A. Kite repairs to property
1500 E-ast Capitol street. to cost
W. W. Townsend to erect brick
garage re-ar 1447 Irving street north
west, to cost $650.
Max Walter to ereet brick garage
rear 1313-1315 W trseet northwest, to
cost S2.600.
M. C'ohen to build two-story brick
store with apartnients above, to cost
II. if. Shapiro to build two-story
lrick dwelling at 2019 Fourth street
northeast, to cost $7.000.
S. S. Wells to build two two-story
brick dwellings at 5513-6515 Thirty
ninth street northwest. to cost $20.0f)0.
ired C. Writt repairs to prolerty at
511 V street northeast, to cost $1,500.
Middaugh & Shannon, inc.. to
e hange homes at 2910-2912 Thirty-se
ond stree-t northwest from detached
type to Serni-detached, to cost $25.000.
John Diolph repairs to property at
531 Colorado avenue northwest, to
(( t $1,000.
'. A. Martin repairs to property at
2?406 Nichols avenue southeast, to
'ost $1,olo.
The- lIbpublic of Mexico to build
rivate garage and quarters rear 2M29
Sixteenth street northwest, to cost
1Iarris Shapiro to build seven two
story brick dwellings at 1466-147
ed-Just Finished)
lent Construction
93 Feet
d for sale, on easy terms
arties, on long lease.
On New Bulding
At 1715 P St.
Construction work was started
this week by Robert Munro on the
erection of a four-story brick
apartment hous at1115 P street
northwest, to occupy lots 42 and
43 in square 16. The building
will contain twenty-four apart
ments, and will nave a frontage
of forty-eight feet by a depth of
forty-eight feet; the foundation
will be of concrete. The poject
waill cost $45 .000. George T. Sant
myers is architect.
Oitrard street northwest, to coat $50,
i. R. searle to erect brick garage
rear toss Wyoming avenue northwest,
to cost $1,700.
Robert Munro to build foiur-tory
brivk apartment at 1715 P street
northwest, to cost $45,000.
Carnegie Real Estate f'otpany. re
[email protected] to property at 3051 N ntreet
northwest, to cost $1,000.
Ernest N. Reid to build two-story
frame dwelling at 5205 Canal road
northwest, to cost 81,500.
Marion Duckett to build three one
story frame dwellings at 4232-4242
Foote street northeast, to) cost $4,200.
W. B. Ware to build one-story frame
dwelling at 5810 Utah avenue north
west, to cost $8,000.
L. Gibbon White to build fi*v-story
frame dwelling at 406 Aspen street
nothwest, to coat $5,000.
L. Gibbon White to bull dfive-story
brick and concrete atjartment house
at 3 Connecticut avenue northwest,
to cost $275.000.
Morgan Construction Company to)
build one-story frame dwelling at 2241
Kenney street northwest. toe cost
Frank L. and A. M. Dunkel to
build brick garage rear 131.1 Quincy
street northwest, to cost $804.
The Vestry of Itock Creek Parish
to build one-story brick church sit
Ro:k Creek Cemetery, to coot $32.000.
1. 0. Bailey to build two-story frame
dwelling at 3620 McKinley street
northwest, to cost $8,000.
Edith S. Conn, repairs to property
tit 2007 1 street northwest, to cost
Louin Beyer. Jr.. to build six tw
story brick dwellings ait 906-:41t Dwa
tur street northwest. to cost $30.0001.
WarrenW. Biggs to build three' two
story brick dwellings ait 1'0I-910 Spring
rood northwest, to cost $11,000.
S. N. Dalton to build seven two
story brie-k dwellings at S15-817 Long
fellow street northwest, to (,(Pt $30,001.
('1IICAGO, Nov. 12.-Because her
husband put a mouse in her bed a
woman here is suing him for divorce.
Women have no sense of humor.
Ruby Lee Minar Reports Sub
stantial Sales With More
Property Available.
An exceptional number of people
have take-n, advantage of the last few
weeks before winter arrives to select
their locations in the suburbs with
the irnention of bouildirig in the spring,
according to Ituby Lee Minar, who
simializ In ithe sale of home sites
at 1yon Park. Va.
Mrs. Minar wold $225.000 worth of
land in this suburb in 1921 and ham
still tibjut two hundred lots to dia
Iones. (if, rw-w prolw-srty having been
developed by Lyon & Fitch. the own
t ru.
The sales reported thin week were
to Mark Patterson C'harles H. Patter
son, Jethr1l Lete 4 ;larner. Lloyd Bohan
t.on, Harry M. Dewey, Irene M. Ford,
Italit. E. (Gibtsn. Winifred Jones,
lloise Corcoran. 'arrol S. Zepp. Hugh
F. Alford, Archer Willey, Lloyd 0.
Millor, 1liner W. Morton, Louis Me
Ltputh, '4haltes I. Dodge, Chester U.
Ilowell. Williai Turner, Mervin W.
YoPung, I larold U. Snith and John Bis
Arthur Orr, assistant clerk of the
I 101use Appiroporiatiins Coiniittee, this
week bt-gan the 4-rettion of a seven
1mni hitie oit Sprucive otreet, Lyon
Park. MI. Orr is building on a Igrge
lot, eight.y f-eet front by more than
f wi hundred feet deep. J. P. Stoner.
w ho purchased in the spring, also
started building his now home this
Ie-e-k. 'Those who have completed
hiomef1S rtcently are Francis L. Tet
reiult , lloward 1. Whiting. Thenis
ng. Wesly it. Shelton, rhoniax C
Atk.eon. M. .. IEstiman and Mrs.
Nanni.- Middile-ton.
ltsidte-nts of Lyon Park and recent
purchasiers there. to the lmtnher of
beOut tire. hundr-d. wer*e- the guests
M I oniy ' night of Frank Lyon and C.
WV. Fitih at Lyoin Panrk Hall. At
this gatith-ring it was decided to form
at a subseqiuent date a civiv aspcia
tin to co-oe 'irate with the similar
assCiations in flte county and also
with the Arlington County Chamber
of 'nnier-e- (on which the newly
forme1d association will have a repre
When driving in heavy traffic, use
the lower gears. This assures the
prevent ion of stalling the engine in a
dtangerous place.
a Height
Large Rooms and Bati
-Water Heat; Wide La
lar Under Entire Hous,
~nt and Rear Porches.
-Balance, $60.00
Including Interest
Ave. N. W.
Transactions Including Both
Business and Residential Prop
erties Totals $70,000.
Continued activity in real estate is
shown by the report of N. L. Bane
bury Co., Inc., of the sale of business
and residential properties during the
past week, aggregating in value $70,
00. The following transfers are in
cluded In this list:
The new building on the southeast
corner of Fourth and Florida avenue
northwest, recently completed by
J. 8. Gruver, was sold to a local In
vestor. It contains three stores
with two apartments above.
Mrs. Itoaa De Carre sold her home
at 3522 Thirteenth street northwest
to Col. William T. and Mary M. Mor
gait. This is a modern and up-to
date home, containing nine rooms
and bath.
Premises 3423 Mt. Pleasant street
was sold to Jessie Childress for Mrs.
Mary 0. Bishop. It in improved by
a two-story detached frame building,
containing nine rooms and bath;
garage on rear.
Capt. S. J. Seals purchased from J.
Shirley Hall. an attractive two-story
colonial brick house at 3203 Park
place. It contains six rooms and
bath; in heated by hot water, and has
electric light.
Mr- Effie L. Cain purchased an
attractive corner house at Nineteenth
and Park road. This is one of the
new homes recently completed by
B. I. Gruver. It contains eight
rooms and bath, hot-water heat; elec
tric light and built-in garage. Mrs.
Cain is occupying it an her home.
Walter D. Bodecker purchased fromi
Harry A. Kite a splendid two-story
brick house, situated at 304 Rhode
Island avenue northeast. There are
six rooms and bath, hot-water heat,
electric light and sleeping porch.
BERRYVILLE Va. Nov. 12.-The
new reservoir dan started the first of
August ham been completed.
An soon as the final inspection is
made water will be allowed to accumu
late for the final test of a month to
see If any leaks will occur.
Main 2424

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