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lA .The Connecticut Avenue Citisans
Assoo aha 1ssne a generalin
AND CHILD'S COAT ..hsM0 swa ,
tation to the residente at the Mpit al
' to attend a specia ; meettag of th .
Buy "Diamond Dyes" ad folow b w :
the sbiplpe directions Ia evey pack. grinh'90l Of WU'4632 Park Hotel to
a. 'Don't wonder whether you hear a lecture on Washingta.
can dye or tint suocessf ia, beTahe lcr which will be huts.
perfect home dyeing Is iuenatos w ho
with D ga oDond Dyes even you have
iet it dyed before. Worn, faded and what r epected In the net few
dreaes, skits, waists. coats. sweat- year by the plans of the fine art
.an, stockingw, draperies, hangingsw
earythrg become like new again. p
Jwrt teo' ,rI druggist whether the Charles A. Baker, president of the
odye wool or Federation of Citisees' AssoiatAna.
.1, or whether It Is . linen, cotton, and William McK. Clayton, chairman
or mixed, goods. Diamond Dyes
niver streak, spot, fade or run.-Ad- of the public utilities committee of te
vabtisement. federation, will also speak.
CarPr Iliem $atott
16th and V Streets N. W.
Table d'Hote Dinner, $1.25
A gentleman said to our manager recently that "At 'a luncheon
today the statement was made that the best dinner In town was
served at the Hadlei.ih Hotel In the Salon." That was a broad
statement. but we know that the quality and service eamast be
better elsewhere.
Take the Bus or Chevy Chase Lake Car "
There's Lasting Satisfaction In Every
Fur Garment
-that comes from this establishment. Thits must
be the result when the fineet pelts are ueed In the
making the tailoring Is dome by han], an the
styling is up to the minute.
All this I. sombined in our fure by the artistry
of skilled turriers-and bec'te we make thenr
here, yea save the middleman'. lrofit.
36-inch Bay
Seal Coat......
Hudson $95
Seal coat$.........
Excellent remodeling and repairing done at
reasonable prices.
1208 G Street N. W.
Hemstitching, Picot Edging, 10e yd.
1219-1221 G Street N.W,
Store Hurse-8:30 to 6.
---for Boys and Girls
Warm, Stylish
Made of extra fine quality, all
c wool Navy Chinchilla, with de
tachable hood; body and hood
lined with all-wool flannel lin
ing; belted models with brass
e. . button and emblem on sleeves.
Sizes 3 to 10 years. Very spe
cially priced at
. 9
Hat to Match, Like Cut, $2.95
Another Big Value in Boys' and Girls'
All-Wool Cheviot Coats
Cleverly Styled Coats that com
bine warmth, durability and style.
Lined with all-wool red flannel, brass* .
buttons, Sizes 2%/ to 10. Very
specially priced at.........
Boys' All-Wool Chinchilla Coats, in
Double-Breasted Models
The kind that button up to the neck, keeping the
little fellows cozy and warm. With
wool plaid lining, in dark grey anda
dark brown. Sizes 4 to 10. Very
special at.. . .. . . .. . . . .
Children' a uster Women's S po r Woe' i
In Black.Crvn Bmwn ad Blaak HolryIn Black
Pairs $1.00. 3c SPAlal, 8conly. Spe. 51.25
Pair ..... pair ..... clal, pair..
Gymnasium Bloomers-Made of good quality fast
black satine; all sizes. Mod erat ely
priced at, pair.....................$1.5
Winter Desigrner Pattern, and Fmahion Boos
ITH the reception that the form making one of the mot pie'
Secretary of State and Mrs. turesque of many small and con
Hughes gave last evening stantly changing group.
for the delegates to the conference Senator Lodge wa an early ar
on the limitation of armaments, rival also EUhu it ot, of thm
another thrilling chapter was American delegation, and Senator
top into the social history of the Oscar Underwood, accompanied by
Pan-Axnerican Union. Mrs. Underwood. Chief Jusice
It was one of the mest brilliant and Mts. Taft came from a dinner
and beautiful functions ever given pity they had attended.
In Washington, and marvelously
picturesque was the- way In which .ALTHOUGH there was much
Europe smiled Into the eyes of color in the throng, the j opu
America and the Occident rubbed larity of black for evening gowns
elbows with the Orient. was never more evident. Mme.
The guests numbered more than Jusserand wore a conserv'ivu and
8,000 and included the Diplomatic becoming gown of I.lack brtxeded
Corps, the Cabinet, the Supreme in silver flowers. La'v Uoddrs
Court, tOe Senate and the House, had on a black satin costume, with
with many women of their families, sleeves of lace as vtr~inds of :t
as well as many others prominent for trimming. Mm.. Bt etoa.,
in the official world, a representa- wife of the Argenl.a amtasaadw.
tjve group of resident society folk wore a satin gown or ;u. with
and many visitors from overseas l.ecsvy cream lace ua a.ged in Iha
whose presence here makes Wash- effect of an oldashond bertha.
ington the capital,of the world. Her niece, Miss Manuela Lloven,
The arch of jewels thrown across who was with her, had on a charm
Seventeenth street twinkled a wel- ing frock of Pompeian red chif
come as the guests approached, and fon. almost the entire skirt being
the huge symbolic lanterns swungto match
about the lights In front of the ha anle of san se
building gave a touch of other wor ano hr 'ront and chn
worldliness to the scene. o o and ht ln ca.
Mrs. Weeks' bl~t, k satin sown
W ITHIN one thought at once of was relieved by Ion; sashes cf
Byron's beautiful lines: green chenille. caught with dia
"in Belgium's capital were gathered
then lovely green coq'it tcntlwr fan.
Her beauty and her chivalry, and bright Mrs. Frederik 'Jiltt i j.ak actin
the light. rwn had a top of fine jet beads,
o Shown o'er fair women and brave men." nmad she wore a wofi theil diamtnd
But erea soreof atins ere tiara. Both Mrs. Mar shall Field
uwand Mrs. Richard m. Towsend
represented-and turbaned Hindoos wore black velvet, with diamond
foregathered with American ornaments. a d on,. of the hand
statesmen, while dainty little omvst women at the maird wy
ladles in Chinese dress smiled up Mrs John W. Chi. of Biti
at women wearing the latest mnore, in a e ery simple black
gowns from the Rue de la PaIX. it ivet gown, with long earrings, as
Since the guests. of honor er her only ornamn'. lie: htne hand
o numerous, there was no attempt . hr erei h w a
to marshal them Into an rtchevi thnero ng, the u
line, nor was an order of erecuder oe oeet
ence observed. The foreign VIsi- M. al ieo h ertr
tors mingled freely with the other of the Interiore Mne. Varela, wife
guests, many coming in artes emin of Uruguay; rme.
which lad evidently dined tosethes de Bach. wife of tbe counselor of
thfe ofsia theArgniay amsaorc
andw soon each of tf digniatries teh
was surrounded uy un animeted Westctet, Mrs. lakon 8teffan.n,
Who was with her aunt. Mrs.
in fokrfPopeu rdch.
171.Secretary and Mrs. Hughes re- Charles Boughton Wood; Mrs.
ceived at the entrance to the nCromwell Brooks. and Mrs. James
beautifully proportioned Ball .f the McIonald were others who wore
Americas. presentations being a black. Mrs. McDonald. gown.
by Major Harold Ryner, aisted however. was fashioned entirely of
by a group of White anus aids. seftuinsh and she wore wonderful
pea buls. Mrs. Grafton Minot had
NEVER has the Pan American on a picturesque black taffeta
N building, frequently described frc~k with baskets of flowers em
as the most beautiful structure in boowernd on it in bright coored
lovlir, riws, reaevd her hanr washdesscd
quantities of great chrysanthemums un httleffe. .caugrrh it de
and silken flags supplhmenting lano eRobbin black velvet fra
the tropical foliage, In the en- f- g c
trance hall stood nine marines at t
attention, bearing the flags of the
powers represented at the confer
enc, and the color A were used
again in the patio, suspended abov~e
ad autumn leaves decked the sup
per room, and were used in po
fusion upon the great double stab'
way flanking the patio and the
broad balcony. In the Hall of the
Americas wee fir trees filled the
niches. The Marine Band played.
alternating with an orchestra noted
for its dance music and dancing
was in order toward the end of
the evening as the crowd thinned
Tre display of jewels ws evish
in the extreme. Many stunning
gowns were worn, rich velvets.
shimmering satins, and glittering
beads and sequins being much In
evidence. Many of the men wore
jeweled orders on their breasts and
the diplomatic and militarye uni
forms of a score of nations con
tributed to /o picturesque and
colorful efect.
THE French Ambassador and 1111(I
tne. Jusserand and Admiralnees
hosts, the Secretary of the Navy
and Mrs. Denby M. and Mine. RnThe o
dein e a d th e w r d t h e nne !! ,
aganite V aiomin furpnde above iitbi
Hon. Arthur Jaes Balfour an
the British Ambassador nd Lady
ueddes cam in with Congressman
and Mrs. John Jacob Rogers, with
whmia the had ree dig.Lrdh
neahey. juTe MrBand pldeoated,
as ontinuiall surchrnted b
goupis danc Am'icand alnffcen.
Wees caorer wthwr the olis Mf
thad evenn a diner artw. The
Seredpary of hewTeasr wand hais
hadnseverlestwonih tevt.Dr
bsand equlingtong much andr
evndene. MAlfred Steheamen wtre
jwotededes therrest;sd a
iterdesotin deeatno militr'ne
for of Jascoe off naicons (Blacein
tbuted ato th ofictursqaliuena
Re uerd ande OndmHATraGA
de Bon arrvconvenhenece tonne
hosts, theSbcrataourcethofNav
dinner t theThelard.TheERt
HOn.Aur Jnie stBok ofhendyu hm
Faddshioae Fuwrt Coffrednmmitann
ato gty loeed rincg. Lord eir~
urp o ricnna v ce av fierAphns.llo
yhe midlemen'so Warofits tMrs.o oro
(escase wet mae Pour youdeir
ow aln as) sone pyo know
Sert fthisae Teansr BARd Chist
hAd Sveall Duepstith tem.Dr.
an Mm.Seleinon Kooi Xand.
Exetpiigand Rne-.-lfred Seehea. l th
mdesing deatoen ofries
wor dttnded wthou rcetion;andWou
829ra.4Bot Sts.TelrhaalnFiel
CHNnWNdDR Mr.R cr .Twen
was made short and very full and Mrs. Robert W. Owen's guittering
was banded with silver about the scarlet gown, built over black. was
hips and about the batteau deool- also notably lovely.
tamge. She wore diamonds In her nKowiefthCins
bobbed gray hair which nts Mrs. Koo, wife of the Chinese
In such picquant fishlon with her minister to the Court of St. James.
youthful tace. had on a gown of rose metallic
-4'- cloth, trained, draped, and cauaght
AGAINST all this black one at the waist line with an ornament
coud se sch triingcosum ato brilliants. Fro the wreath of
could see such striking costumes silver leaves in her black hair to
as the gown of purple and peacock the tip of her tiny silver slippers
blue brocade, trimmed with strands she was chic and charming.
of parls, which was worn by Mrs. Equs 1y charming and still more
Gifford Pinchot. With her glorious picturesque was Mrs. Sie, wife of
red head the effect was stunning. (Continped on Page i.)
2508 H Street N. W. ' Washington, D. C.
WE wish to advise the public that in
conformity with an important stock re
duction sale of great magnitude now tak
ing place in our New York establishment,
the prices on all our goods have been re
vised so that purchases may be made here
just as advantageously.
IT is always our policy to offer here in
this store the same service, facilities and
prices as in our New York 'establishment.
THE opportunities which we are now
offering merit the attention of all inter
ested in the purchase of floor coverings.
Store Hours: 'Free Delivery to
8:00 a.. to 5:0 p.m. hipp Pia
8:0aetO5:0pm in the United States
s Week Only ~
T rsettA ro
R. ItI i
o I wI 9 rig rrIn
6I u~
Sevce toureauallynsefu
Op*.,.9:15 A. M. los .. 1
Time to Pat on Warm
-The calendar, the thermometer, and doubtless your
own feelings, notify you of the above fact, but the
following list notifies you of the excellent qualities you
can obtain here at these most reasonable prices in
both women's and children's underwear:
Women's Silk and Wool Union Women's Wool Mixed Ribbed.
Suits. High neck, long sleeves, Vests and Tights, Dutch neck,
low neck, sleeveless, ankle elbow sleeves. Sizes 36, 38.
length, Dutch neck, elbow Low neck, short sleeves; low
sleeves, knee length. neck, sleeveless. Tights: ankle
R r .ength. Sizes 36 to
rt.each . 2. 89" 44, each.. .. .... . 00
Sizes, each.... . 25 Children's Ribbed Cotton
Women's Medium Weight Cot- Waist Suits. Fleeced; silver
ton Ribbed Union Suits. Low grey and white. 3 garments in
neck, sleeveless, tailored, knee one shirt, waist and pants. High
and ankle length. neck, long -sleeves. Ses
Regular $1 . 2 to 12 years, each...... .
Sirac . Children's Cotton Sleeping
Sixes, each..... $1.25 Garments. Outside seams, nth
ing to bind. High neck, long
Women's Cotton Ribbed Union sleeves, ankle length with feet,
:uits, fleeced and bleached. patural color. Sizes .0
'igh neck, l6ng sleeves, ankle to 5, each....... .... . C
.ngth. Regular and 1AC
xtra sizes, each.... $14 Childr'et Colton -Ribbed
Women's Cotton Ribbed V Vests and Pants, fleeced and
and Pants, fleeced, bleac blesched igh ne l ong sleeves;
High neck, long sleeves, Dutch 2 to 12 yea, each...... e
neck, elbow sleeves tight, Ankle
length, woven bands. Women's Knitted Cotton
Regular $1 Bloomers; elastic about knees
Sizes, each..... " and waist. Reinforced. Black
Extra $125 and pink. Regular and
Sizes, each ..... " extra sizes, each ...... i
Kann's-Street Floor.
Untrimmed Dress Hats
-Which you can have trimmed up to your order as
simply or as elaborately as you choose, to express
your individuality.
-Something new and becoming to wear during the
Limitation of Armaments Conference, when you will
probably be entertaining friends from out of town
and have much sight-seeing to do and will want
several new chapeaux.
-Large, inedium and small shapes, of duvetyn, felt,
Lyons and panne velvet.
$2.95 to $5.00
large assortment of FRE i shp an
flowers, ostrich feath
ers, pins and ornaments,. rm ig r ohpr
Pricd frm S~ to chased in our Millinery
$5.00. Store.
72-Inch Bleached Cotton 2J
Table Damask, good weight,
sturdy wearing quality. In
assrtd paterns. 6c H n kec if
Pure Linen Table Damask, 3inaBxaSpil
70 inches wide; good weight Vlea
and assorted pat- $1
terns. Yard..... .9.e 7
20-inch Hemmed Dinner3 C B X
Napkins, mercerised quality, Wmns nvl m
'issorted patterns. $ .0 bodrdhnkrhes t
'aer dozen..... *rcieyarne~ n
Bleached Turkish Toweli Tenkgewl mk
.tra heavy weight and full amn itegf osi
read The double.4c soewmn red
kind eac ~Hadkerchiflos
KWomen's noveltylem

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