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i' UU NOR NOW the " w ", \. i
IrAq fir; OLA RIw "!
tie P)ekdei,'iathe b 'M r4o e ,
crowded derv it~ bya ,a er
ollow This Great Story Here, Then
Watch for It on the Screen at the
Leading Theaters.
et-Rih-Quick Watiimer WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE.
t' -ee De . knowsbone. Dow,
s. ..., . .. W.--eeer -- es --,- a
ba somn e of the' fme s Wal- .seagarr sis tie
.,.., s..,is .. the fm.- ,, . . :,- t- --
talse. the I,. lo e wt".srev o
.s ,..... ca- .wat-w- .
tested by Frank Boragi ad re-a a a er
leased as a Parameu st tr a msaa t et.
- wrIntagtere, b ra l,- whose s.
Screen Verese Nowed, .- - t, a semter a. l""''ei
inte. t th eltreas of 6,hev. wn.1
By Jane McLean .I"" aek e " '"
preoses to win ever Celoeel tt
ALLINOFORD held up the the' awe's es eis a in
~~Id dotain 15we b7 the beauty of F~sane
vv paper, and chuckling be- Jasper the tet e o.
tiween raragraphs, read take so a lotte as a7Demp1er the
what, the admiring Harkins had howl 'Ieter hharge hor. Wa.
last uIgesfvas ae4 begs her pandes.
penned: "Mr. Wallingford romes but she. llle hI sa he eaa't costa beek
to us modestly and unobtrusively. t r possues.
asking us for our cooperation; he
brings us the golden opportunity num, but have . thought for Ln
which will no doubt make Battles- o to will your'
burg a metropolis of the middle M YOU csJt fol 'em al
West, a center of industry. He is all the time. It looks good, iDsokle
a gentleman of masterful ability, so wve got to Manufacture some
thlg-hatllItbe.-!haven't .the
nfinite resources, magnificent plan ng-ot idea, have you?"
d vast accomplishments. Hall to "I have not," answered Horace.
you, J. Rufus Wallingford." "It ought to be something use.
A Long Whistle. ful-omething they can under
The subject of this extravagant t
paused to emit a long Mt. Walngford walked back and
hi tIe. "Can you beat these boobs forth, his eys on the floor. Suddenly
ly, Blackle? Isn't it rich? P. he stopped SA stared at the torn
. Barnum was right, only he was carpet. "I've g it. Blacke-'.
conservative--" got It."
"That's all very web, : Jimay," "Where?" demanded hll .,rnd
ked Mr. Dew, puffing thought- thinking that too much ioms ts~w
lly on his cigar. "Magnifleent hid goneto the other's heed.
manufacturing and All that, "Whom? Rlghtthere." and ho
remember, I'Md the. eis .Pett"'down tb-th! tom. in the rig
asked every four hitt.WIWtt'YWFY covering.MwIde. Mr. Dew, springing
going to manufstuoi fei. stared thhlm.
well to talk of boobs anad.T. .br. "I don't so anything,"' lie cried.
qWrHE 1\IB 8...UL
w ITHOUa further ado I ptihld nerctie. Iookfuk or 'disc
the sheet of paper from its propos enduring.
envelope and read: "Iwcanot atop your outrgeoe
conduct, but I can decline to toler
ate st oride. h o sur" my m
" hav not," a Horae in ab
y"I og toe e tomthngus.g
ton it. Getting the news of your I Oneflm ing about weh e Cauter
latsq performance from Carlotta I was bald6 as work ein my of
was a~d enoughl ot I exerted evehi "ges When f e dotyor
atinl of my sel control. and man.- tiiet f nok
hed stoppaled sae ttetr
g tokeept.ar.etta . seelg "I' g t, lad1si e ai
hwybur melodramatic moves en- ~ i~g 'l e)slt, esi
noy ?and-I might as well ecknowl- hi5grekF gvic."av o
edge the situation-disgust me." sen F latt proos of our stuff?"
-Probably. you reelin, that ,your "I went over it yesterday. The
desire to tin thusga in our' fr~ailly h getnu pretty well doesn't it?"
has (wept you i. little, top 'fatbe. 'I spt nd -
yen6 the limits of decendy, this time. "cTen, It does. I brought in some
What y ou did for me and Pet w-s of our advertising they're running in
a fofunate expression of your. ten- one of the qta4r weeklies of this town
dececy to wish to run things. I sup- for comparison," he said gruffly.
pose you're e r those won.who 'ot time to give it the one .
fancy they have grat oecfptivaperrrots prpo enuri.
neaiity and ra "janIgec'nhe aftoirp agr o onl
of the world better than anyone hou I won't have to eat humble poe
else. If I had been consulted about over their superiority of rrean
Jim's trip, he'd never been gone. mnt of colon or of type."
And as head of the family, I'd like Hea do laq do think al-sit? Mr..
to etu your attention to the fac I dgon' t h
twatad eoudgha.bterse consulted.dn k r
ato o make ebad ter wors advancing the Hokdley Interests by
say little ket (rt rushed headlong derying other people's wares," I
Into marriage with your brother. began stiltedly.
Xo y atter what the deluded child "I asked for your opinion. Can
se, no matter what the boy pro- the poltest bunk!" he burst out
teats; I cpa ee your influence In Impatiently. "I've a let of respect
this.: to r iet me warn you, for you and whet you really think."
I'nd theof the fadly. You cani "Thank you." I gi soe
e. y a Pt'n be absolutelyhey're ring in
"attate-if could overlook all these This copy is very po; net good
d to me I ruot torgiv the display stuff, and It employs too
= tale high handed way in many kinds of type.. The Wlustra.
you oneage to reflect die tio n e Jumbled In with the test
usedt on'" Ji's.abllty to take care- _ad the reproduction is blurred.
of hb wife. And en you crown I don't know who's to blame--but
i l. by leaving home and becom- It c ulooks as if your advertising man
Jg t nsione' oerotta Sturges' hadn't used the best of Judge ent.
A ?--r-^-, hmand as If the magafne people
t e.Rdidn't do much to pull him out of
the hole he got himself into. So
that's that."
Stte t-r e e Cohe p Twsay,)
int l Clear Your dn b
a el d atter m ae roet ned
tb -day by Rita warnay, telling
bstm-derIfl resulo have The cop sen g
uo e. Ignotfoge thec a dipa stfndtemoyto
a , hi oaned ay in mnhenyoftp. h IEUtA
et hh wife nd ee youcrow tiem'enw h' t lnn
it a byleavng omelanbeom its ok si-or detsn a
didnt domuchtomulltimhotuo
~ e Bee of mUeduTheroeSy
111 a You r nt
cay hu e yof Black and S
; Bla ah and Black.u went
had ack otnd mhIS tee b
ad eekiet and U
Uin Blacfan
the ski
suiedto ou 10m
Colonel' Battles, the Croest
"You o&iit.asse the same thing I.
?ee-.ah,. Bb* '.-that's the differ
e tween tblent and genius.
k: d -seehow those tacks are
up, rusty and ugly? Now
-By Beatrice Faarfax
Six usmths ago I became
acquainted with a-young asn
with whom I fell In love. Re
cently. while attending a dance,
die disgraced himself by engaging'
San agument with another
man. When~ I asked .bim dr *n
explanation he. rfuped to an
bwer. I (old bifn I did net wish
to see him again, and whenever
he called I refused to see him.
Yesterday I heard through a
friend. that the reason he fought
at the dance was that the other
man- had made insulting remarks
about me. I have heard that this
young man expects to go to 8e
attle shortly, where he will re
main for about. a year. I would
like very much to see - him and
apologise for the way I have
treated him, but do not think it
proper under the circumstances
to ask him to call. Will you
kindly tell me the best thing for
me to do? W. VON B.
OU were hasty In your judg
ment. As a matter of fact,
however little you liked the man's
actions at the dance, was It decent
to snub him when he came to see
you? YQu owe him a deep and
humble apology. Perhaps he did
lose his temper and indulge In
what you call a shameful argu
unent, but you held on to your
wrath and ranoor day after day.
If you want to see the man write
him how sorry you are that you
hadn't a little more breadth of
vision than to act as you did. Tell
him you now know how brave and
chivalrous he was - first to fight
for you and then to refuse to de
fend himself by telling you the
truth at the cost of hurting your
feelings. Tell him that you hope
he will make another call at your
home-this one at your Invitation.
Country Style
makf at with a keener zest
te aroma of this tasty dish
1i from the kitchen.
n the finest, corn-fed young
qued into flavo . ness unex
uvry, sweet-em ing spices.
brown it regales the most
Most Popular at All
ain Stores, Markets
.ma croes
is of Battlesburg, under the influence oz W a iing or
tie home brew, becomes a friend of the confidence mai
- suppose those rusty tacks were cow- '"Bad Idea? It', a great Idea.-4t's
ered with cloth to match the car- a fortune-making idea for us and
pet?" He lifted a smiling face to the easy to fool the people with. Where's
comprehending eyes of Blackie Dew. that Yosi?"
'That's not a bpd idea, Jimmy." Yos was produced and sent for a
The Wine of Life .
ByA h What good does a few masnst of
By Art~r Stinger, beinlg a clothes-boes or a front
well".Kaowa Novelist and Auther line Jwiping lack ever do you for
real art. for real acting? And I
of Csutrywd. Rlwtt~m hate the thought of having to
of Cantrywjde aeputatis.
SLOWLY storrow crossed to her back to that sort of thina."
. side, puzzling as to what un- back to that ust of thing as
known hands cogld be wring- sted the mac at her side, rseat
:ng the glory out of a situation tag even this sudden and enem
rom which he had once anti attitude towards an art whisk he
rated ' both rapture yid triumph. had never been taught to accept
She. too, seemed to feel that Me serious one.
1'mething was lacking from that e
encounter, something rareand There was an anr do luxurlous
indefinable, something already vas- nor in her slow movement on the
ished and evaporated. She dropped ,
back on her pillow. 'almost listle9- 'You'd find me a very expensive
ly, and Iay there for a noment Or l she sold, smiling for the
two without speaking. fr t
"Do you love me?" Torrie fina "I'm wiling to face that,' e re
"You know I do." was Storrow's twmelt
"But would It be flair formet
retot ask you to tane it?" she asked:
"But are you sure'
arem yo "ueYWe've both got our work, and
"I'm trying to prove it." we both ought to be frp to follow
"By asking you to marry me," he
contended, wondering at the mcom-kng e etedd
bative note which he could not keep any surrender of freedom.
f rom his voice. cudntkewih egheWhat I want you to do It for is
from hi oce
"What difference really to get our freedom back to
make?" she demanded. "Having us to get our feet on sold ground
Nome old man mumble a few words so we can use our hands or our
and then poking a metal ring on heads when we feel the need of it.
my third finger? Would it change She seemed unable to follow his
us, one single bit?" line of thought
"It would change everything," he 'Then what is it you want" she
contended, amazed at what seemed asked. once mere with a wrinkled
heer paganism in her. Once more she
fell to studying his face. In it, al. "You" was his reply.
parently, she read all the argument The weariness went out of her
which his tongue had failed to utter, face at the vibration of feeling
for her own milky brow was slowly which had crept Into that one
clouded with a frown of thought. . expository cry.
"Krassler would kill me," she But you ca nave me. Beloved
said, as much to herself as to the One, for the asking, every ounce
man beside her. of my body and, soul. It's all
"What has Krasser got to do yours!"
with it?" quickly countered the "Thet's not enough, # he sur.
other. prised her by replying.
That question appeared to be no "That would seom a greet deal
easy one to answer. It. seemed to to most men." she told him, after
in~olve a studious turning .of the a moment of sil 'ac.
matter -over and over in her mind. "Then you'll nave to regard me
"Can't' you Nee Owen,' what as different to moat men:" he per
Krassler'. doing for me? He's try- slated.
ing to make me Into an acttss. He "In whet wayl"
saya .he's giving me the o oe af 'In wanting to keep our love
'a lifetime. He says he'll pitch me sane and clean and holy." he
head-first into Broadway if I'll only found himself saying. "7n not
put myself in his hands. He even having it dragged down to any
claims he can make me a star, in- ueian Nea aneepae
sideof to sesons"l-nen ing jask er you foer
reae forHrealaitdngeAn."
"Whatdo yu menby'puting e the tolught Yofsvenwt
byckrtoehatInar-isf hhng,"?'s
Shewas aparntl, akig i a (Pflshtd the maa Satr ithe, rst
poin to e vey paientwithhim even__ th____ udden__and____ema
itd neerhbentoabet doone.p
gruous sudenssenseroiestrange
menterbetweennhimrand theuroman
"That'sn herrelooumreementgo" the
ame"Yod.d"There's aiveryonepKnasv
"I'mewilaing enofghetoteetthat. If
it'st wouausethbesfltardflgrbehito
and movesofyit.tHe akesite"feel askedO
that"I'mvonlyta gask and thatItnd
two nminutes"heconened
Ithat Iowanttyou tordowitoffind
"Theereacln to betseveralehdom back to
ut, toXgteourlfet on'tole groun
up.d was yofue tpunee iftt.
"But don'tenouhseesOwenyu we ant'' she
i'm iffrensktinisntncet more wiha rnke
Thrainsshetou fle
Whace at- th vbato offeln
deningan ~ grlofe my body anid (ol.It' l
A Delightful Seri
Infrigueand t
Love OverI
..ser....sekoswit..it f eth
--do you get the lift?"
"I igt '1M," saki the Intelligent
Jap. predualng the sot from Wall
Ingrgd's boa and seating himself
at the smart table In the Center ot
- the rem.
"What are-we geing to eaR it?"
asked ilackia. new enthused with
the Mea.
"The Covered Cretaek."
"But," enakis protested, "you
can't 'get a patent en a thing like
"You can get a patent on any
thing In this country, but that
doesn't 3mtSI-4ll we've got to do
is arang for a big plant to ake
the thinge-get in the money 2r
,the stock to buid. and then when
the plum is ripe to cut her aff, and
we're on our way-4e easy, my
"Then you're not reaDy going to
amub cture?'
"Are you m. Blackle? Of
,arse not; well organise for a mal
n and then--"
"Do you think they'l til?"
"My boy, when I've talked the
S ,vered carpet tack In this Place
a Couple f days these boobs
Ui be an their knees actuaRy beg
ig me to take their mosey.""
a e3 j)dlThUiltik Ly, et1ueu. u~ ii "Y.w net sme ready calk
now ad. eed it bad."
L "~No quesnesa abbot mhatrwe
package of tacks and a bottle of ound use a little pocket mo ney."
glub. Hie return was a matter of A knock o the door sent BMackie
momenta only. "Now, thent" maid hurrying to admit Eddie Iamh. Al
his master, "take that old necktie of he came In. his rod M eagely
mine. Yogi, and a little paste and scanning the igure et J. Rufus
'FEHT3ICAL. edu.tlbm of the
In point of geographical elevation yertas msea o? ottigte
Madrid is the highest city in Hu- p t s or f the.
since the ebjiota achieved are, a
The Inhabitants of Jutland are be- strong healthy body. selfcomtrol.
!eed to be the most genuine sped- will pwer, a appreeliim of thk
msse of the old Danish stock? ledeshp. w ew and
The expreeson to "take the cake" 1opaty. It 10 obvius that the se
is mid to be derived froth negro qutement of Qualitie, will
dances In America, where a cake Is make directly for e In life.
the reward of the deftest performer? Through Pm and athletics In
Denmark's kings have been called cheed Cks1Set5 ad Physical
either Christian or Frederick for taina will be mealfested In ma
over 400 years. turity.
A child thun trained will be able
More than 25,000,000 tons of pat- to play and work vigorousy in
ent fuel are made in Germany an- later ie without undue ftge.
nuaily. against less than 2,000,000 and this until after the age at fifty.
tone In Groat Britain. haa beem reached.
Qfcy oursin :ssn
ew.)fit isn't.
Paris Experts Disc
Principle of Skin I
Every Woman a Pei
rT .a b es of a tiseai
to m ew to pie
- ie thyliss eee are' am
. w a . .. . .e .t
ib power, an apIey thir
wa....dM ,. - --ma and.re.
eAit Iit s" hbies neb thefat e a
iemen of e h esmia.
Ifyhada is a n e p h ei -
sne .w e 'anaaeste insa
ea t y eariu do hmae-yee~ss
andt an t- er t e .adie
he rien p l e of Skina
E ear is E pe rt.md s D usc
...i m I.ea avmpa am
If yr ~hedyeyeaeshtatausere
as edre~a stemofaa s~en,
ese esemewny ieffes
bi*s to @ey4ees
ml ofAdeu,
e nriunh of
Ewa., itsthe thglt the
eles themad delhes On. ea* ran
thre heed of Sd 'toe Wean
-pUstee dmaltaiw..uP n sad- they
reseed 8e teederly a. one sent
by heaven- to aSer 'ther urgnt
eall fir. ash.
".eus.e rs. gernden." stuttered
890. "Mr. Dempasy sent se up
to w that--" -
"Just a minute. Mr. tamb," Wal
Maggad helse in, "lat let me fin
( this utile dlidiae, with Mr.
ew and I' be right with yeo,"
The -aster flamaes. having seen
E8die seated in a chair, turned to
his confederate. "Now. Horace," he
mid, blandly. "you think I ought
to let the people of matl.burg in
n tle?"
"I artainly do." Am 9 e
Daw; "you could let them have a
little stock at least."
"I know-I like these people,"
answea'ed Wallingford, "but I don't
like the Mea of small stockholders
-- never did; the big Investors aee
the buaeess men who know- en
about the details and are not all
the time raising a fuse over de sl
they can't understand. If wee In
corporate It must be on a smal
scale, because I don't want to at
tract the attention of the Musea
Tack Company."
Mr. Lamb. who had been M0i0
tag to this flow of finance with a
greedy ear. little dreaming it *sal
Impromptu and solely for his ban
ait, now began to feel smee
scruples about remaining ad "o
ltely suggested that he withdraw
until the conferees had finished.
(Te B. Cem n asd Tem orw -
m,.M, D
Very many of our adult dlsm
1ttaa, indeed, are founded upon the
lack of systematio physical train
lag In youth.
Chidren shoead not take vigwr
ors exercise directly after eating a
hearty meal, but neither should they
exeroise upon empty stomachs.
, chool 'children should be alewed
to-play 1q the school yard. unsapa
vised. before the opening hour. Vr at
Intervals during the school pered.
supervised games and exercises
ahould be practiced during .ht
morning session. The cotmpeti7
games and- athletics should geane
after school hours.
Any system of physical trainftg
which includes walking and swikn
ming will be the most generally
beaut: u
healt g*
wer Wholly New
lygiene-to Give
rfect Complexion
>nAi a se .oluti lh aa..a.
ce iy le edi t that k took yaer
d euport udy epae
ihvpethe olda mmdy
Rs ecrera enough ome
le kitbaerea artoomalet.
Thick what that esan-a euinpkasa at al
than habdy pink oft, gsad mooh
a ekt a lovely when ye. webs up Ia he
edmhnlg ae is is the o er devenig
be Ite wil be am helthy fre 6aBl
tam of aedksa
ye-oreaset a eses. l e to ly to
lak ases em.quisie to toach M a reas peta.
Aed ns-of a, aasik health psopedise
th*i Pariae sisew-ere alr adh
KIJJA.he ris. a eve rase. da
a dler aw eed e te

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