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Alumandria Naval Equipment
Would Be Used for Trucks
and Planes) New Plan.
nermanses xwer $ d1.
A drive by orgenled labor was
106e way today to convert afl
Gernepent naval plants to the
Umufacture of "engines of peace"
ie.ld a "ten-year naval holiday"
be delared.
An army of 60,000 workers and
P0400000 worth Of equipast
are directly involved in the project.
The "holiday," labor *n asserted,
wuld throw 42,000 mren obt of
w immediately withl;jfgbpbly
~ Aik, "~Who
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goup. With g
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But the delica
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tomato sauce
makes so w
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growing child
you, whoever
One of the
qunte thena prices on
The 4ow tMe O by the IEtWa
tl A.-eoisa of $.ehlau. as
already been reossubd by the Gov
rammet, It was ataked. zliker ef
the Duigt Cahute 0. Z~ws "
poeinted out, haa already requested 4W.
partmeat heads for estimate of week
w h could be for 040 (9vera.
-eet a s. .w..
Elbe the nmoki plea. Which
upp bb lb. the navy
manuthctute mall truck. l~ae
dredging machines. and en.
dies for reclamation work. a well as
water power machiney
Private shipbuilding yards would
be struck a crippling blow by the
"naval o to a thor
ties here. xwou
have to clamqg hrowlng 30000 um out
1of wor. ese are located at 'kan
Francisco, Tacoma. Quincy, tear.
Philadelphia. Neprt News. Va.. aad
Sparrows PoInt.
- 14 U. S. Paits Would Chamgs.
iuArteen Government plans, all
employed now on "instruments of
war." could be Immediately used In
fashioning e in to papes." Five
randsM VW aki g ihtg equip
ment have machinery ready for In
stnt use In pece srice. Theme
are located at Charleston. W. Va.;
Alexandriaf, Va., sd WhIngton.
de. and armor plate.
be fet battle hip a m cu ld
yards at-Peete~th. N. R.1 Norfolk.
wants Heinz
and all hands
Dod reason too.
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Heinz Baked Beanu:
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WALL, No.-il OR-i
thee., Is peakag Ia asn, t Mr. th
satieer ot u,0,0 riosh ha diniaui hi th e
Ther As pure oarmine In his people, a ti thast e Now
his hair Is soft and maley he en m e eheoWUt 'US,
and mi h nnr tem of a that Japan
begn ty. and winning amia. t lie
Sir Beerbohm Tres has described hlo antse have agreed. a
s a man "oan 1hcriss and unfussed the event e propql is rested, to
shot at . o In 1914 ca i even to orn fo ' pab~qlOi. h augb*
a momentary panic in the mind of this ed saiw
poised diplomat, phlesepher. and world
politician. He does not jump or S-mas these gnlemen last lat at
thump. this re tabl the o ng es of
.-..... drsti poposal hsflown
Before coming Into the bal, a to ttermoint of this whirling
wiM.tp. and these wisfenm the
Va.: Bostoh, New York, Mare Island east to4ay know precisely what bone
(41.; PhlAelpbla, aid Charleston, B. opinion 'Is and what been. govern
C. Thes yarsIt was stated. would pint desire.
concentrate first on dismantling the -
battleships * r"PPL" but would The scene presnted about U.haped
also be utied ndr labor's in enterenee board ,Is fully as brllant
building trator, steam shov , irri- today as that daseried on aturday.
gation engines and the like. The hal crrowded to aesacl1. Peso
Wel Make Tracks mere. - ticaly the eine distingulshed audi
Mal trucks, the plan poided. oe is e erftonewing the move,
could be snaide at Mare lalana Wash. ment etS = ank
&gton. Newport. and Alexandria. The history. Of cuWlS, the is
mne plants oould maanufaetuare ernot here, but be will knewr .1 that
wheels, axles, and even airplanes, happens within a fpw minutes.
with slght changee in present equip
meat. - - Diplomacy Is uniformed. Sometiaes
The Charleston. W. Va.. plant it takes on gold brai, buttons.
would dvot Its whole personnel to swords, white leathered eookadee. but
making' ro ctlles. Repairs to mer- mote often it Is the frock or cutaway
chant marine would also occupy all coat, striped trousers. spats in grey
coastal yards. or black. peari-gray tie, white winged
Government arsenals are Included coar and shiny square top bat.
In the peace plans. These, located Rotund diploaats appear to suffer.
at Rock Island. Il.; Frankfort. Pa.; -
prngfield, Mas.; Watervllet. N. Y.; With Balfour are Lord Lee, SIr
Watertown, Mam.. and Pleatinny. N. Auckland Geddes. and Or Robert
J., would add the mdnufacture of B Lloyd George would enjoy
man truok. to tP plesent output. t moment. Ne would put more
Dee'ah.aila Mas ery P!anned. emotion and oratorical effect into
Steam shovels for irrigation use the pict allg ery d sow
and widening canals and rivel ehan.
nels, machinery for reclaiming ift no heat.
swamps and similar "heavy work"
could be done at Mare Island. Secretary Hughes whiskers are
Charlestown. . C.. Boston, and New unusually aggressive In appearance.
York under labor's plan. They stick up. But he Is the soil
Water- machinery for estab- of courtesy. He speaks rather arp.
scond' Niagaras" through- ly a is al for "getting on." He
out the whole country could be is one of the tallest man In the
nmanufctred, without much chang' room. Uour sits at hi Immediate
in the plants at Norfolk. Philadel- left. To his right are Ldge Root.
PhiA (og Island). and BostonG It dd Undearwood.
was mid
Bod. iloydwh Geore would einoy
Atheniss to Bid n lsoo st HOthe
mth oqe n sakrsps lowany,
U. S. eeds iy Effort engton he i known to haveo
To a habit~~in .of ea r h sresa
by teamsaw Nw- dy, .He appears to be Interested in hu
G . ar yman b who live In allds as el
suas those who live en boulevards and
the Bureau of the Budget. today or- avenues. He was seen yesterday
dared heads of departments to se chatting unconcernedly with the hal
proposals for bids for all supplies t gi who occupies a desk at the New
illard Hotel, ther the French delh
the War Department arsenals through- egatlon has headquarters.
out the country. ----
Congressman Dullinger (Mass.) who "Isn't it possible." asked a British
baa advocated the order. mod: newspaper correspondent approaching
"It Is a sensible move for the ov the conference hamly "to get here with
erment to make and will eventually out being menaced by a soldier carry
give to the arsenals contrects or Inc a bayonet?" The answer Is "no.
millions of dollars worth of man- The War Department policing the
facturesp. The Government wills Inist scene and the United States regular
ou Its ng as much of Its cuenwith a gun tatr yde. an
own wr essmanando efMaty. o
haeo economy aoct on oe 'aid:
there Is the mere Important one of e- all pulic bodhlgin Swet
keeping the arsenals going as a mlnl1 Yjn a watching every pass
tary necessity with as little coat as erbW.
possible to the taxpayer. I am work- .
ing along the dmoe lines with the Navy
epartment and the navy yards and esO hiet or nu to of Wtr
hope to have as successful results an
hasbee ha wih be ar epat.a leading figure In the successful
bee dm a erssade for wea suffrage
ment. and te m e" the big m npublican
In hgs order General Dawes says W n wt
"In the intees t of further economy s1sam g the firt toman
in the. purcbae of Government sup- are eagerly watching these sessions
pIles It ih deemed advisable to give which may mean so much to the sa
the War Department arsenals the op- nav of homes and loved ones. -Dw"
pertunlt to bid On al articles te s undred nealy attired women were in
quired to be maufactured for thed the galleries bfore 10 oclock. They
partIents and establishments. were wives, daughters and sistes of
therefore orderedt that the eads of do- Senators. prominent men. dilma
partmente and establishments shall. - gern
when calling for bids for manufac- iheeutveo h
tured articles forward a copy of the mea
circular arvertisemont to the War Do
partment arsenal orders branch. room .Bearing banners iostulatlng
3062 Munitions Bulding, Washington member Vf the Uw~pean dlegations
D. C. This agency will, when prat-. becaupe they had released their peitl
ticable. submit estimates for the same. - por at the end of the war, a
Which estimates shall receive from the number of ez"eervie mob paraded In
heads of departments and est front e Continental Hail as the co
monte the same consideration as bids ference was assembling. The march
from commercial vendors. ore represented the American Civil
"Failure to submit an estimate or a Lbetied League. which is making a
reply to an inquiry before the time drive for the granting of amnesty to
d for the opening of bids willAmerk
'linn hte..dabity of the War Do- zltclPioes ubro on
pertinent's -factory concerned to ,rnan crylglrbAelrcnfaswr
ufacture the article or articles uponamnthmrces
which a quotation haa been asked.
"The arsenal order. branch will fur- D~sdI uetwie ihadv
nish to procuring officers of the doec- aighrbt awmncryn
prtments And establlshments full in-an meiafagndapcrdwh
frmainregarding the conditions "ec'i ag etrvil re
under which orders for manufacture t anamtac otecneec
above referred tio sre accepted."' hal
. Vepresnt peae. sesid Brand
TAOM PRKREIDNTite wlont lent. e is neetth
PROE~iAT CEoLAN Temosuet puesesi rn
Objctont. heerctin f n W abiso he V. knw ohv
aounbil of Indering ahtet t
Par wa voce bya dleatin c bnh and atac oat wourh ofitting
delgai~n rpreened thrtytheoHe a n tpose tereiteis n rule -
property ownersa ngswhoithein ardu far oeo hscutye. Is l
600fee..The wil egvenaublc amtose who a humnibouriard ndh
hearng it. uesdy moning atinerenconeoredily byh.heha
r10ho:2c0 o'aclocattheN.
It s popoedto rec te pard 1 OIERS wheretheFenhd e
and ine trees, wich s Inthe TOn hORT hedArHNTON D
IkeerEngnee ComisionrIosn'tc ot thsibe, askedoa British
plan wer jusif, sofar s tewurhparyrre odrt apshingn
theneonferenas honc"tnegetnherectith
the lan. bt aree wih te oherMdt being reeived orey aser rin
Commssioers o pemit he cti n hi bonte Th answer Inic"no.
to peset thir rievnceaTe r is ameth ixt o urgth
Icn any the UniterF Ltte rtl
TWENTYMORE HROES'ande a uta ders Threet n
who ootther lveson he atte~d P m.7 n ar watching eve r 7s
of Fane wil beburid wth fll ein, Obe, flo Fieldrer.o eadeurr
Ameranaerfatr Boriae;s Cafrt.e
'clock. fifth uany Cat.eo onar
Theserice wil e cndutedby 4% Ih ofrnf atry; Went.
Protstan an' Roan which~ may mean. so uchto thtan
cng of hoes anddlflorales.tributrs
saltewil fredbya dtal ro ndre neayattred Fomen werut.
tfellowiengstbhforeadin'cock. The
Merewivn, dughers nd Hstrs.o
(~t.enatorn, promtnennmInfan
trynowon eav ofabsnce and hPIh y ectives of t r -
Eat oit.Ga. asben rdre t .eritnt. C.banndy ir
repot tothecommndin geeralo bere hbee Erevdan m i
the Furthcorp are at t. M he. dups Inr th ofhie aof che ofar
sen to premeder rtrosnte thiscteo e ebW*ntn Ameriane Ci-i
orujlagdutyin ie ofle ed he iveofor theairrantingsofratnesty to
!~gq5ttJ1 nors. A number of uore
Country Neee sig Undersea
Fleet to Pretoot Island Pos
eslon,- They bcla .
Amo 1tnval e eapre.
gafing today to loo" their 1-Inch
usesan feesGreat
marine t..
- They wore ready to offer united op
position to the suggestion of a cur
taibsent of underesa strength to be
proposed by Great Britain r n
mealnmmt to the Hughes plan for
the nailmon of navdl armament.
Iiags 411 so DeWsdei.
Whether this ob will disturb
the harsney h tim fur- has
marked the pseceedinge of the center.
es sts entirely With President
Hardiag and Mrw. Hughes, but there is
n m"anki the feeg of American
naval a n the .
Are the Afertean ontposts in the
Pacifo to be left obsolutely unguarded?
these are demandIng. The
Unitedwith Unprenmaeansed
Uberality ha. offered to scrap a con.
nder;ble portion of her ,capital ships.
aesuiming in making such a sacrifice
that, she would be alowed at least
-im defensive weapons for>1e gad
lag her iua=d pceseoua In East
ern waters.
The submarine, it Is pointed out.
stnateglcady is a defensive arm. For
Dertment, the generstaff of naval
warfare, and the court of last appeal
In matters pertaining to naval strat
egy, has contended that the Island of
Guam and the Philippines should be
made submarine bases of the first
Ureress Fleet Esenysl.
Sinoe the United States was not to
hare the surface fleet twice the sihe
of that of Japan. which was deemed
necemary to offset the handicap of
distance between San Francisco and
Mania, it was insisted that any ads.
quate plan of national defense must
Include see meane of holding out
island posesions until the main fleet
could arrive.
The original Hughe proposal took
this argument into consideration. It
placed the normal submarine tonnage
of the United States and Great Britain
at !0.000 tons, which was somewhat
In excess of our actual commissioned
tonnage of effective undersurface
Under the Hughes plan, the ratio of
three to five set up between the
United States and Great Britain on
the one hand, and Japan on the other.
is maintained with regard to subma
rines. The latest figures regarding
present submarine strength, as com
piled by the American Naval Intelli.
gene Service, follow:
Great Driteas. V. a. Japan.
Tp.. Na Teama. -1Eb Toga to Teal
0 t B t T
nub..... 61 45.19? ii 54.64! 16 11.14
5.eeemd lne
se . of 1.741 44. 1,T73 1.044
Tota*..'.140 113.!74 104 14.0.4 II 13.111
Tetal.144 118.274 104 54.554 18 12.66t
U. . Has Advantags.
While Great Britain ostensibly has
a considerable superiority both in
numbers of craft and In tonnage.
the United States is said to hold the
stronger position in actual fighting
efficiency. Th- British admiralty ap
parently looks with dsfavor upon the
subt.arine, and granted a free hand,
would abolish the sub-surface fight
ing craft altogether. It is plainly
understood, however, that such a
policy is not at all likely to be
oeBrith delegates are prepared
to contend that in actual efficient
tonnage th'v are now much below
the 90.000-ton mark set by the United
States, and will do everything in
their power to bring about a reduc
tion In that limitation.
Grime Ordered to N. Y.
First , Aeut. Maloolm D. Grimes,
Quartermaster Corp. has been
relieved of duty at , W. Va.;
to' lfeeeed to Newr York where he
will report as assistant to the
quartermaster supply officer. Lieut.
Grimes will stop at Washington en
route to New York. to report to the
g~trfatergeneral fee temporary
3a malen I f PASo f
* S.ar
721 14th St. N. W.
4 deee bea. serna Tara inejs
SbsNow iti
Tbe Byet. LDb t. dat r o
Lady Atligt.. , ard oadared.
neat ha un oiana Manners, the
alst.t he and most phoet
w nrd opainted woman In
ty wha hat t uet mad. her
mae debut with Lady Dona.
"Try and at It," Will Be
Statement to Reparations
By S. D. W11511.
Iy rattd News Serw e.
BERLIN Nov. 15 (via radio).
Germany has unofficially notified the
allies tbt she cannot pay the next
reparation Installnment of 600.004).000
gold marks, due by January 15. 1922.
The International News Service
was infotmned on the highest author.
Ity today that the German govern
met ha o oyeyed throu;h unof
fical ckannels to the allies the Infer
teIon tht bs "Is at te el an
her roee"
All prciters by thd lli here-fter
abosA Germany s failure to muet the
reparations payment a e will te
met by the statdien l "Try and get
Germanys attitude, It Vs mae
p Tinh *te etho e bodiedaac. but
Utter deshair. The haavd eomm"
sloe here, It I Iearnc is con
eed of Germany ablity to r.uy.
Th e-i&
mnenwasbedn pr etiti
This.. Isne an a..ich .....
Aleged Bluehard Rfuses to
Explain Diepance Of Qne
of Allgsdhiotme.
. a an- 1* Pee;*e.s
PARId, 31*r. 15,- Mensl I4 0. al
uha w81 - e.ft&
essa ""yatgfe}ut wb-h kaeess
to pe up
hetehafab i e seueG of barins
murdeise at his G'milsln v915. H.
b his. selatienp with her were of a
ppt h~10rd01naefr sad. t%"t be
b ou t furaitre. as an
ept0yt 150.? la~bhq ptbo'Which
be Is cI1swre'wtth baving take from
Vne.. Ospasib. "Ip airu 00id this wa
an invwtmeat of a third party with a
Direct t(
To American and BE
sentativea of th
A special direct Radiogri
been provided for the pri
the period of this imports
Radiograms will be aces
Radio Co ration of An
ing for important Ev
any Western Union Offic
mission to Hawaii and Ia
Lowest Rates
Uniformed messengers i
telephone calls at any tir
' dibC
r y
teeth-accept it
How film ruins
Film is that viscous cost you ?ee.
It .Lhngs to teeth, entie crevices
and stays. The ordiniay dentlfrce
does not efectiv'ely combat it. So,
despite the tooth brushb, It has
caused tremndusdamage.
Film abeorbs stains, meldng te
teeth look dingy. It forms the
*beas of tartar. It holds food sub
utace which ferments and forms
acid. It holds the acid In contact
with the teeth to cause decay.
It breeds millions of gurms and
they, with tartar, are the chief
cease of pyorrhea.
Pepsodent combats these Alan
caused treabilus as nothing else
has dose.
~ed by moderm autherhes
ewrwee.o bring Ave
Ly the large tubes. --
te inte
I~teso be
prUr tookcp
vflMI cobbler of Gants ted
that he saw Landru near the *vilWE at
ysttry" on the dl1 the woman :1
frmed by other' wtnssee.
Bre. Gan. chabes 0. Dawes, dl.
recter or the budet, will be kept on
the active Hlot or the War Departamest
until November 21. It was anaae=d
General Dawe-a om--ds. whisk
was about to expire, wil be eontinsed
until the report ar the allied omude
mest br.omvete**. No Ot
the French and Brtish .overnmts
who are en the ominledms.
to have the report completedt
a week. it was said- General Dawmo
iesn the active list of the War Di
partment without may.
ropean Press Repre
s Lisitation of
m service to Europe has
ms and the public during
mt conference.
pted at the office of the
erica in the Navy Build
ropean countries, and at
for direct radio trans
Direct Service
ill promptly respond to
This Ten-Day test
costs y6u -othing
It will bring you
results that will
please. Send the
coupon for h.
Pepeodent also mattigue the
sliwary now. It ...ulpe. the
starch dipaeant in the sawin,- to
iest iierc deoh that eang
It mulisles the .nrailnly of the
mli..to...~uethe me..l.s Ich
came de-.
In these 'ware it acts as frui
acdse do. With every mes i mlttI
ples' Nature'e teeth-proeting
forces. Old methods had the ep
Watch a act
Send for a lo-Day Tabe. Nots
how eiae te t feel.a.f.,..
Mark the abe.---- af the vise
ih. See how teeth wbhes as the
Aboek we send tais the meui
for each good efect. Jodge what
thor reselts wil mea to you~ass
yor.Cut out the ooepe nw.
l0-Day Tub. Fre. en
3- sa 5. Iftba6 Awe., ee.nm,
A 30-Luay Tbe of neom to
6- - ne Is a esr.

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