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The Washington times. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, December 15, 1921, FINAL HOME EDITION, Image 1

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UW M.d4ja U..6
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ad.. ter ..u.
rna-i" am a* 10
d"40t b- amwsof
6 ssumads -me
fte 0sr old te ilt
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Rfeputd to Have Deserted i
istd AseooMae for Own
A eaesties wasee mwg i police
di bSe whim tt wa" learned
W* Wlsa W. Zsueriey. Washine
ha b er, cawvided jeet a yr ag
f the Disrbet courts with Jules W.
t e with. a *s to
Sor the
e Aftoet *
bet bas t tiaW n
0ai houtd the D Ou of
Wnseastad wAxta toe
mw and brmeen and Norman s.
istwes, the two latter composing the
Is"01 ok Wam tonb=isd
hi,. Now Te and other tee,
be u l.. I'm ahton th ur. mt
alw bi ev mo we oe
er -
Besf. the isricte .mto
Poerowing their envIetion. with
.ls.e os mn.sa....l~,nd
w y'so-- a" in oti h
he ad the O at
It p sd the a en1r01s s t
atrd arrt1 tn co er, coun
tle s haeko Adi tlat iS
at id, becueofared thtirsO the
ent ha the rtm eA
treatedourd thatittednt the oitrc
rol edn to ant Yofr treia.
s his ca wse
Itllowid thafeir acovctieon wit
he Nei n th wo Mriso at
rhoM the hintea tbough thr
heftofee bondl fro Wean tre
beitcatu bnd te ed is c.
it Appes. y he the i ser t. i
ai. e w d Ih
vetalt ha et toe Cotofio Alotas
io Wortthate abopnd ihe Athersi
MY.uhis b o new Yki fo tral.
aFrench reut Pa hs sed.ln
PA hea De. s.tt ae
~day T
To Make Yourself, H
By AIng DesUmute
the Aa ted Olur
Generous Canse
Are you womdadag what
Fourteen opportuies, he
worn question, hak at yoe
cares, foutueedsy , liies
with oollaSe.Me Anlsaiald
aat" those, w hildrem, w
fathers and aged parnoms that
shelter and pr peIaua at1
Churches an o ear.y
ilgwhat& 7he -
thet a
fisen .ha
Me she so"n
Md. inat Annousow intn
tion to arig Question ".
fm AmrIcan PeopI..
or bwoi"lica gwwhe.
PragMeat Harding weald be author
INed to take Inmediate stem ur the
recognitien of the Ruedlaa soVet gem
rament by the United 8tates and #
eamplete restesetles ef "bleady Inter.
national and aameroW"ealra em"
betwee. the Ameria and Rustas
peoples by a JMit reselution etored ta
the eamt today b Seator Face
0ce, who [email protected] ceusldeusbl time
in Hu s lamt. sumE. sR
that he IwI not wait usAh eu
trte mntas (3 znet 90est
a vsotloumin of a&l qusdow apiow
tuwesuiss Wksing to thersgmto
to tme uhi bf bft
thW tag and" iug~
a prtts I th se iuu
befoe th Ame=ca 114,01W
TAUw IO a.Ds. -S-eery
SL agergeuof Lstes. we*.
fo hethuean
arS 1 ~Dec. 6na6m trmed
repaultion scosmine o reest em
aspatso the srs h
ells Oa
appw Thia Cbhs .
Families Sdei by
lg. As Deserving of
to give for Christmas this
Iding the awer to the time
door today. Unibms someody
in Washingto ar thrtmed
Garities would like to par
idows, deserted mother, sick
they will have food, clothing,
ention for'the coming year.
a hsesft to these owtS fOan
9W, be w se
-n --:. .
a w or
'ar; 'fr.
H USI i'in
O kon ut
The as Itose e the eaIbseseb
Hushes, b itour .al hatSte
-erat meion sbuur nonTo
day to Isen et the fim' dotati OC
the aMal rate agrsemat. 'the awS
In the offlee t Unsebew at State
One of the e Wtet to be .d
ist" w46 theam
whlmh Great 33a~m * he ter
ares to as sa otoet to
ThA. e tate t s Nu.&
*At I& a reteftig at the 04090140
?eft a brobeesJbmazzosv~
0" V Ia Gra rkf wil em.
and m four f.
iO es.
T e s e 1 t h a t t o d a y 's
aomust two WW zEt-we'sroi
6savefn otnant era four ld
afrt elaatter ras
toio th e
apar adde thatro thor
add e Gio wahamto ou
col~xc" p e a of 094=
sc4A6K AssloRE" on --
sabre emn sowe te se ofls In re
underst teper. mare toml
tat the stselu thos wters.a
* .*
Craig's Deni ResIved in (ndor
as Lloyd OW*r Urgs Rti
ostion by Commons
I.O Nees .1
olad SO&
of xDAW C. 33
LONDON, De. 156-r Jama
Craig, head of the Uca1etM govern.
mint of Ulster, teder notified
Prelaier Lloyd George that it is
impossible for Ulster ver to enter
the Irish Free State.
This otifestioe of Ulster's I
teatlon to Unaintain her presat
states came while the Sa Fein
parliament in bablin and the Bit
I parliament in Leden were de
bating the I'ih pee beaty.
nadwe Aupseh 1r fte
Premier I:& George appee to
the o Conon to rf the
Pato Its origna tem.
%n reply to quanestiu the P1 enuli
'Parliamnot has the power to
=na7 the treaty. but altaratlomd
em the pact. A nO
latete resonlrng of ..negotlatisas.
TISawoduvnlve ris
Loed Ge ed a now pOit a
[email protected] to e tbo seo
arc both fresa peree
llton th the on
hm em at o res de h
Col. Jobn Gretto Orrw aigti i t
Member, that be would MOT a WON
ofnuray the e e
of Its adigo? rs a
C8100,0 aretten Attooked the peso.
arsmn and. deetaree eslto had web
reakae ta sasee dealhet. ay
agin thsro trnon
specesaa t eh e galeresfCos,
woe crwe wen toasesom
wa clld o eas. Them wee
p.roim secta":. rtoia e.
Pals h
Knox Diar
Strange L
Woman f
- A Tmgp.e..d
hgr* 1v9 W old won
Of (OeU 01 15WhOw
lae, ix seensed a adr
, Va. S, V..eptembe.
love a wmi
soWe-".are naget" to"
be ss s.n- s . dwoan
loke. ahe team .f bew lanat"M be
etene he Iese aftp Sh'e tells of her
to see im b m..e
Iae of acAsad bu No!all
t ten uphonue he
Wtels othe try. for a est.
bb eVia, la o sp adbw.
lan e dintry Yo sas aot
* as e ned1
X IsMI they stg dir0fasi
as ~ ~ I ho sh 13ame m t o
bo sh attimr er Da" m
in rn toutuse *
u ar that K s e
te 6e o ms a t W I
as~ My lear he &Ator.
thak a s abe seine nter an owd
Of fet i nei th the
lakeu e e a
nushes t m1 m. ved teo her
ter fe.r th be a dd reak .
anriyne i. an word
The td~ls "If M.e O "Leml a a.,*
frm t d M ys. t esksr m he
Ond she its a Of a s oanee.
Dk. ost a wa satoned
Pobr (sTrot the Boe1 atnadu.ui
tels 0 lodang mad. Wrt
(nta and MD. G.
Marestare ee i Rot D. t ah s e
maKthes ta Ms ne ai h
*. *
r Reveals
ve of Old
)r Eastlake
.a.. rs..e .z
togthe t ogrDuEt
r h atks wiat Clna
C. hnas 0C410"i Be"
MUwSS Yvia company'.)
part a-tter sm)
o-The strange affection of a
for the husband of a pretty,
ibreve" in the lve diary
togother *ith Roget D. 'Eawt
the WWt's wife at Colial
...-e . p.tter
.i deh. arI on eaue
F.bruar, 5 Gin a ha?.
Dw.on 33ad. 9 4.
I am foe
Fesbruary 1? (FWIYuu)-Le tir
o ns. iale U. . Mert. a mCopo
Ma frm garet a .s..
February 1 (. B... g m
Teed from at"e . . rr
Atter Irec"edo I wIs"4601--am w rit.
lug. I suppose th I tt b
sides a parrt .nd thus.
Fbuary 31 (ender)-IAtter tom
D. S. on Ziud.
P" ruaaenI by-WOMMIRI
wApr (&7N oos from RA. D
otvenall een kernfo w.
Atter frUM 003%. ft" 3. Poisum
u MT e aso e" wr.e befre to
Febuary 28 (Weiaessay)-4lent reg
-tered letter to D. Distlahe at
D01ray-N. The fIro D. .
February 34 (Mh -5'dghtmu
letter FRom- EamIastiaks, special
February 25 (Fridm*-West to
Colial Usach. Travewo to POPe"
Creek for P. X. Nook. MargIt III
mmdRoernot at Dablgrm.
uay 24 (ftturda0-~a. CoN
at Dae AtIsy. Saw Roer to A. M. ite.
tune Roger at mesa.'
February 2? (Bunday)-Wrot Roger
and Margaret. The latter letier to be
gOven, bar when well. Abeo spedia
delvery to Roger at Colonial Beach
and teegam at De Atly.. (Zio are
February 38(od*e so " a
WigS. to Dahire mad ROge D- East.
lake About saws t Promsed.
Wmrc 1 ITuesdaaj-antlake, out
of money. Heard fromt Zben. soemo
tary.Mrs. Stewart died. stay In to
(Weiseeda,).-6 oeu4
.f Cas
MI nw
lADW=,"0W WI
basNed ~ver the E Qtlk- Kne
==erW e s la'w Oday. has M&d
de l I dweopd o a "tra q"ad
- invetg the two principals
Dr. Mam Kmuw En haa,
deceased brother of Missof
Fight Lesss en vu~eme.
This new angle Nde itself ar
am today when comnme"wgth At
torney Watt MaW ' he going
to use every eff=r In his "owen to
t et Mrs.
the n o f Dr.athe tCia'
= -* .arsee duft " | t
Mastaw.s lawyerp hbve tu~d
they wol .ove Wette and qrash
ably witnesses tha the "ea wemma
"a intim"t With Dr. Mams Knox.
Wto Ounduoted a natorium in
chlhdphasout five years ag
A" who died e alargy in a hospf
bn jnnectitt.
The Injection of Dr. Mason Knoes
Mi in the strange murder nter
iepeaced the threorered l aic
er an lreu te number o
acOISe In thisgsedan to four. Tm
the role were miss Kiaand Est.
Ia~ torrid, attacbmeaWt
1he murred
wil of. Usatlake baving at. least
baeshed the "platdnic wOveo " at
Huge sums are being exeddIs
the effort to prove Miss Knox Is in.
frns acori g to an hmeenvarloe
District Attorney Uweo.
'I aveo heare that a lage ma e
money has already been imi ca
several persons," mild Mr.Maan
I know from what I hear of activities
of cousl dfin er that -eaey to as
in pction the .te t t ae he
plce In tas Ie n aolus t
"I aait a ss reue pe.
ment so the Em.dees thtad
ist mns . hv Tha h ne
stanehern gu hraret.ARih
unhI~ me haemn on

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