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eti Mquaure POIs~ Out
.t wtaies ths
be the rule heer't It
I Wiiee by thim nate yv
Uessere expreedy provids
16 $1.15 vate is niXed SW
=u= property
Ihe *am ther bil toa ta
*A&t, It would preall em 0
-isCarawa also stated that
h d ed the House would aocept
5feate's bill with -alaerity. -be
Meof theviewpoint S whish
hOK Ien contending for
A sa opinion .was expreids
s? matnier Lenroot whos speA
m 3 st.t tation in the enas
en Wesyv was - lor-reathing In
be be5t hadt it BMneuld a reyusl
et m traditetnat support o the half
tN eepected that a tax """"mm
e..esisting partiy of eplesta
aa~g~lyof members of Cangreas,
I pmmedately to
ea the entire altuaton In the
Lanr, Wboo anno fa
a 4 th half-snp-taof thn it
wa .a b t b sI
111atfrte 984r
eriwho --cc.-ded In
an .embm whatg Sdn
pereaemts to real estate are being
ase -ete his uaa toaiy
as unemaing that speo tats re
etmpa -tyI thece who haM
waiting 9er vanel
an i e the edest
of -g-p..e*d land at a
rto ta mrei
f're shoudm al a
en foreing land imto
up the housing situatles the oity.
Janes amnendment releasing the
' $ ,0WWDistrict OWspls In the la.
W .a t wi the e
==an=lo throughout the city. It
probaMy will mean a much LaLer
start on the achn oestet pre
gua than would otherwie be the
Usudam to Us Imssae.
on the bill genenely anamt
ntrtsis divided. There
is whatever that the ep
tire a'Sonof the half-nd-half plan,
40o0 o e Dstrict behtwIn th
w omuand ocal b foenets. b
b the osos beelafly aaothr w
ihrSar t~t mk owbsU Dist
eto eto the
"ts'e. Ditri.t bdg.t
aW th e w eoud upo th e man
cam mte.am
be t to as mai nd pp
Man oftaxil conev
Ifueacts onm~y0
It t not likely that t Die.
orfapprfxepriatio hltr th ostn
f"ayear wll be ted by i
91mtel that ar e great o dif
~as of
tim In amloftaxton
bagreea to $o b t 5 e* irld
a Profitabler
&TwPn as
" W Nm"mmisflgtfo h
W aeag
mesam menGIRm ta Ud M
,om tes l& emi
. pe u.pa and inea
rm~Fa a. &Css= .
to8 FIFT an e n1
99AuiI aemw
of axtin1n hS tyr~
y Declares
OR l Sel Rec oslu n In D.
Wo- & eReI'W rMomrl kip
oram In #at.-Deoiste
NorhweSt Setion Wi Carry
It the tax Via which was passed by
he SM0en yesterday is nated into
law it Wg tsaf that the tax rate In
Wosbhagtms wo 04 ro" *ons
asbly. or the amounat a ney appto
prited or the needs at the District
wiN be- omftuann out. This Is the
fialos y Diu4ot offigisal and prowl
neat buPass man epressed today.
Uds h Senaste plan CC eSempting
iproeeeet to the extent of $1,00,
the tiwpest sesion of the aity wil
have t-pay the biggest amount at the
taxes eo improvements, beause there
are vsT bnr houses In the other see'
t=enet the cIty that pay an Improve
ment OMM--=nt In eases of $SAO.
Huge Less in Lvy.
In addition to loading the bulk of
rel estate taxes on the northwest so
tof the city, the am w
mean a loss of between $= and
$140,000 in the tax levy. It is e
th-ed that the exemption will sppl
to about 50,00 improvements in the
Is estimsted that the total num.
ber of aprovemeats on land In the
shaps et houses, stores. gss, etc.,
m the District Is between 80 and
SkA0. These imroveme.ts are dl
Vided Into w parcels, and there
are about tI00 parcels oflamprove.
memt ia the District. It was pointed
out today by District officials that %
ntan's hoas and his garage. which
was bult an the samle ground, would
be classed as two sprte improve
ments. but the two together were aom
sidered as one parceL
The District will lese about 95 per
cent of the total revenues now derived
from real estate. It was said. and
ws lower the earning power of the
District to about $1I600,N0 a yer.
The District now raies aboet $140W.
"60 from various sourbes.
-V the plan of taxation was applied
to the District- appropriation bill for
the fiscal year ending June 30. 138S,
which amounts to absut $216
noe ~trlet foam daly gay a==
M rit of-1=a- ad residents of
te oity who know the attitude of
toward the Distreet. do not
a minute beleve that Congress
over agree to Par more than
40 per dent of the District expendi
tures. With this In mind. they claim
that -the most likely thing to happen
to the District is an Increase. in the
tax Totm
The great fIght which bas been
waged for several years by the
citivms of the District before
Congress is not so much for a
-. bade of paying the District's
epenses, or eVon a 60-40 basis. it is
said, but a definite basis, that can
be reoled en by the people af the
etty and the municipal oftials. in
figuring out their tsxes. If Congress
does nt agree to a stipulated basis,
that WiO bold for a reasonable
is said, that one year
may agree to pay 40 Per
cent of the Ditict expenses and the
next ym oly agree to py 30 tor
cost. Mles there is a definite aaree
mt twnCongress and the
it is maid that chaos Is
n tax *.mstthes, aM real
estate generally.
The ! lear..
It is =eimAted that under the pres
eS rate4f 1.S per cent an -all real
estate ad lervements, without the
OMptioMS MOed by the Benate,
the District .WI ileet O.80,0W In
taxes during the year ending June
30, 113. In admon to this It is
estimated that the istrict wil cllect
about In,80,0 In pa taxes.
Under the Benate pna re and
personal taxes would be out to 1.75
per OL
Cone E. Rudolph. preddae t the
noard of mistrict eo-ammens. said
today that he had, nt studied the
Bast=s plan and that until he did he
would not comment on It.
suz0 as
nL die y
sdeset em
sad suamda
s of $9,00 for 10
-rOa. D.C
What. ,,
2%0~r The uf YSSUI Weu K5ad.
gownt a M
I r i s e e t e m t I A e M le.s p i m
Lncolne C r.aS..
o ."vr. cmr
A ,, or
woe.'. City' Club. eve lo.t.a'e.
Walie Plemure Club. RAl sshhet
comnmunity Gestr. soventh a" C seel
eouthedst. 939. m.
Colorado stt society'. Tbamuse NebeeL.
C Vuarr,. sbahesat Com
sa0 tretae
Payday Today Brings Joy to
Government Wodcers, Who
Turn Shoppers.
"Big doigs back boe.
With the ghost walking today, it
being the 16th. Government say-day.
thousands of Government saployes.
who have been holding bask en their
annual leave., will leave Wa.sinton
for their hoise In variou parts at the
United 'tats to spead the Christ| m
It is estiuated that several thoasand
smadoye who are entitled to thirty
days- annua leave. enly took a two
week.' vacation the sum
In order ' e mit take
their final two weeks, vacation at this
Urn Of the ~ Al seat cbristims
and Nw Yea dinner Ubef home."
Goveraaft &I-1 s in washing,
ton will today Ieceive between
S4.OWO WKW0, with which
dsopping an
efa receive almost an
much money again on Decembler 24
with Wc to sake their bt jlnute
purchases, on whieb date they will
reIIve an extra d1419eilday as a re
sult of an executive order ieled by
President Harding yesterday.
The Improved Order of Red Meu,
their wives and their enried. celebrated
"Red Men's t last night at the
Washington =arand Inan. expomI.
tion which Is being held at Convention
Hall by the United Spanish War Vet
erns and the Knights of Pythias
The six-day bicloe eeehm.alon con
test is attracting large crowds each
night. The final race to determine the
champion of the Dstrit of Cbuubih
will be held Returday night, when the
carnTval dosesm
----,ma U. C o.... s
amper U"s
The "Dx" C A
N Ave RO frow
inupinnni niniMu utn nnguNNN
Four New Dane
.Just Released,
Ka.L4.A, D.e D..b. De....ae
Also Visetw ordu Evert
fe es*.0s....................
AS Dawakes by John NeCer
ask *.......................25
er et the Beendlag Sea. byr
a, .,,, Lan..r........IN,
osme and Rsew Teh.
Vieter VIetrola's Researda.
V. Wcke Pine ".
1217 F Street N. W.
ara r PL.
16g Tddy
Dumber WIhbeeL. Prf e" N tet
mer S ea Les192,
=.e. t At,1 Club. Lem'. e IeL
No.se s u.e.F.
as re Tr a te e
fLeesreOpndadM -
of Tu WannaChita
at" :':.:"."|",'.-.
%Act ta
awist ni lann sea
Lotaion. to. a 0. 0. thi
Lty woae. a.m t.y eed. Te
XMutbOMt 8JL t. ma 11..tn
atertalnoet for beselfto r sowmleec
NEward Theater. Il -th ad It streef
iseak. dish. 9ph
minC"ra .ew E, 5s a~m o
Td' TA K PLA .
"oY""t Mon #WetieA Of
fre A b Opened and M e
bershipe Aro rntesd.
The boycott o the swimming pool
of ted Yong Women Chistia Am*t
elation became nt ehective tod.
Wpn Mai usera o the paol oran
ben the United Athletic Club and
established offices In Boom T". Iam
my building.
Kmel D. Ways bas been elected
Nees ow eromnimi.
=a I ps planA a member
ship -PLgand " bas exended In
30taioo to women and skis in this
city who ae aletically inclined. Tae
club will aft amnin - -l to swim
ming. but Will engage In all sports.
fTe ce"Strutem of an Indoor swim
mif-pool a-ayilum and Turkish'
MAWh Is planed.
The boycott against the " asel
state seea meuthae e
offilals or ta raito dismides
thetair swimmin ------s Itoe
girls at tejesgedaPetile
a"king thsat* thnastJVutr"WW be"'~
back to lbS Vesls, "Y-" iahsi
nt4 thedi ple a"d many cgirdo
c~g "b* baM been named
vime P 'mdet of the clab, and New.
Ithedore P. AL WMIiis attorsey.
TeeIs alse a board ef #o.wners ef
"eewe people.
Oberve Mayfloet nivray
The M01st aaivay of the land.
Wa o the Mayflower winl be eeP.
latdby the Moiety of Mayfloowor
Deoandot at the Wilard Hotel
eut Tuesday nWabL 2hemes L.
HopkhmIn is airman of the alienage
mneats commnittee.
Furs F(
01,' ti l 3,FORi
Congres t Refets fr Same
Period Oranted to CMdren
In City.
When the dismaisal seag rings in
the publc sabool here on December
33 It will t9om 6400 school
childre the rsm vacation. oun*
ulto January 16 har begun.
nd wil a s that some
80 men and one woman who work
In the Cap" are also due tempor.
eadts Ogress have selAd
the same number of vacation days
a een a of the
Athuge. member. aro not of.
ficialy smoueed ut"lFa et
there will be many va 'teat":in
ciRepresentatives to.
= thes r members bwho cannot
apprdat Wasingon..Owcl"
weae are eking reli under
southern okies. and many of them
po dey on a twoweek trio
While man membes planning
a fl trip home. there will. be a
nma dty Who wil ceobvnieo
in this city. meetn
thee members will be those whore
ban ar in teodar West.
A Cbarisbs ner on beard the
pri V4' 71001t. KaYfower will be
Dot 2a1. to ysae
S 1 -_-__ ___ otessal boys,"t
.1 7 "*mer tth lw
W& n 7nuer s %naIrd tee
i satd PIen-in M anbdy
atthPrew.s adn il eakdi
Tschs oinflece in chearig e .
laUemet cite wlasrimc
ws.suag aa oi
tees =1 vros Berardtn ajIb
Isr and Sadmasadwa.
pesey adng uwon his rea" to
use~ was Inun nd way an m
Peaednth me to Alevna to rtry
of Inerizors Pe erie.c G
kW es"vo. ydoloato
easeI F oAsitnturrt
Per ~ ~ ~ B wo46 .Lo 0
Dy SiLas MART.
rud 'aed the uende ;8
rp'W90n4e"anrT'"b*6r At
fr ee le Mto. -ert
a" am I eent o,' the 'eelet
From tha -pment everheu
Is st.L wal I he" Jsbered;
MAd Au. got
rD" "graned eveeeet. h
M'e ewrkmt .rwheiv&
I'v been toe e" d bul tiotm;
And 'otdfAhZ Ase.
ree roh.... et eae
5.1w. !"ev'set ow hae;
WBu Inewu week fim LAW
Prom that apartuent everhed.
am: WM oe cc lowt &M in.
.rm me o the oAgAs beg .t
ever pult wroms as a rn uvak?
I we. th at Haven uesdki the
T. and D. StaW (wTr
aWBy m Da.(teb n g
the uuck.o) put aorsm "tst1
i he it ma ur vao N
piofl$"A$str 2 a* o
EaeyChc Ras, 6
I Sher tha too few haws wbo
permit the moss to got &U [email protected]
eanin., a often the moey
the famile neef oer afl
eAou h th w
war rea the bettor who I
th a loer Va ChpS, & New
leo arOM In the, fohrn esetL
gwhso o Ed ad Se.
am t m o
Amd &Atsno smi ONU was
Make Your
By Dealing
Visit Our No%
SaoEd Hms LIto 12
Sancy Chuck Roag, lb
Shoulder Cod Raud, lb
Pirn" Rib Roast, lb....
Loiln Cd as, lb...
Fancy Plate Beeat fo bi
Broadt Ve4l, bomneu ae,1
Shouader veal, roating,
Shoulder Veal cao.. 1.
Lowin elie P osing, p1
cans of.Ve.l...........
Veal Ctl, lW.ater
Smod VasSt ll
Macne Sliced aN
(Via. Lu eang
omte, Nof. (ercane,
[email protected] Ww 0"e CL aANK GRW-,
||..pre . e . ',.
the kW.let e .C . ta
at Pak Kidwae el
,a r at 2u w UWrNO1s t"
2utSh L uu.35'
% Obrnebu.a
T.. ...1 SNOWd s huek
whee 6fl a pubib 806eg
.e emd. W hir :S wee
'.MM de . a oe eCg=.'S e
RusheS club . bed met bern
. an PN trhbe be
.. o.fbr sis hds-sd
.a gm t wy
do aw tb% me dmAbe onoam
tbe an dwh 211 in 5_Wee a
IjSN of he 8 e be emil
.him . . e re st do
youher lowa
.. .e ss fun .si
MSedkht aml be~esbe
S. ber be beAd er ..
.1. .. w.as be bFanug en
e ver m. Se .he . b
...wi....em F S u
He bad ahead nhed eomd
be.. . ilk. e Phe k b S
eaib 5* |g FresheMi
haI 1 ad %ctbw
.e 4we Fat e Etn
e, NMstr.a. Cmae Caifa
the .pW at e . C. . tha.
beeOrys ter hs a .ot
aMW o t " In
'W1L O Mf6
olre Gso e a.a" e
teOb astat 21hx*a.o1
sa, sl. a.bo de Liv
DFllar - .
at Frano ldela
r IN ~ar lb2
as, see*.. 914 Smd Sb..6
* .. .. *. &llyr Si
1b... plik 4ps,M4 lb..
p........ 214C Peas MiY Vr
u~~ft&- Plaminrd Les
Time to FieM Work for
N,. C. C. CSUb.., eroalsPer
prodMat et the W...a's
younawns. baa Aaeceei wba
tie.. to re." ba .tt ad
bar uim fie ou wek on b 'eOf o
At 0 reset n"s asi h -r
or a theb la to..e 0
E m..y aareed upe -ar -
Mber.. h opt
bthe egsion n 4oh~
7We Natlomi ILo
we taod abot a
the leadesuhip of Wmr.
recenty "cquire& the 's ~t
ectae at Connectcut- ami
avenoe " the natmad beads
Of the o.see,Inc
Hary C. mv. n.
'-Not rest
Iis Markets
& KStem NoW.
Me or Ulmi 211.
steak, lb ...........2=c
a , ..... .. ... . 14C
for swing lb.. ...e
i6, for roasting, lb...26c
kb Chos, 1lb ........ 2SC
naranteed, doesn....48C
ry, a fine tab but.
*.. . ..... . . . . ......44
de, 4 to 616bs., lb. .17e
B to 10ibs., 16. .. ...23c
rs, 4to 6lb.,16. .. .l7e
sag. Meat, lb.....,.20ec
Sausage Meat, .i. ..1e
, the better khugeb.15e
Sand Cooking Ap.
Lde, can. . . .. .. . . . 12%e
rnia Peaches, No. 3
SUgRE 40 t.
"'23o lb.
. a w.

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