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2' *~I. milli
Caustic od
Fox's Mim N .
PAL/IMORE 9. 16.-Jack Dus,
nassager f th c1eaa, Intornatieqmh
Leman - roturned Wr
Now Yk toay a rdtteated that
be, was opposed to tedrsft "auI.
Uend sticking to his guns.1
emphticall stated that he WiR
01ato hssas
Duan In tall paid his cos -
"~ate to Clark = Wffth wne of the
W 61 Gfftth Wa re
udas of Difbl1."
to Rae a play to the
glies In New York, said the
some nbbudi'tmy n i.
1H& b"a hes ier about a year,
and I think it must have non, to his
head, for,,Vertamyb he had no cause to
make a Verbal Attack on me.
,Certainly I am salqt the draft,
and It~end t6 Wtl to my guns. Grif
fith pVqks at the way baball bad
een~ ~, myresaeWell. all I can
say iitlat the Federal League made
me Ibave Batimore. and I think that
my losses were Jjft 9bOULas much as
any club owner, if not'more. Bunk
i. cheW, and Grqlth spilij apmo of
It. ' H# should wov I y not!.
Dulin again reiterated that he would
hold on to bI~s stams "I n*4e no
trades dr puxchases in New or
didn't sell, Bentley; dkrft lbt Doley or
Jacobon go, gor,, do I intend -to di..
14qe of them.
,he dar writers trd tos .i
my players. but theyvare still with ue,
and I Vtj3),tkg I We a se.
thinug to I epulcmias
loe as the paIol like. *e waf the
players I ksA qip dipnE their werk
they will stay In Baltimore."
]PH!LDmLPHIA. Dec. 11-john
W. Hesanan will -remain as caw dt
the% University of Pennsylvani& 80et
ball eleven, unles the OOuO04 On
Athletics deems ft wise to relieve him
ofbls contraet whieh covers lu3 so
of the 30.0 , offe from the Uivr
11ty -at Cmbfasti,
Accarding to, Edward R. Bushnell
so~ln gauat anerOf athletics,
Hes n hi. receive ny offerings.
including the tempting plum from
1Last Saturday Mr. Reisman told
me," said Bushnell, "that te ha rs
celved sev otters to coach at other
collegfes. He did not may that he
would place the mater before the
Athletic Council, but marely staled that
a his j~ntract here called for anotbeO
year, he was not free to ccept."
Neigman is not the typo of asta to
qjuit updor fire. However, there In so
much opposition to im among the
alumni and uaderveuates that It
would not be surprising It It were
later announced th~at 'The Univereitif
h exused him ."asn livint up to the
lte this contrdat.
Walsh an Umpire.
NZW To Dec. 15 -*-'g IN"
W41411, in hi. fty the Amefe"
Lopanus mat" pitcher. hiabo
signed an an umpire for the a Inlg
sqqsop by Ban Johnson on the reopa
e - th" of Clark C. Griffith, pres
Wiet at the WbWAklngton club.
Sharing Our "Ten Str
"Sale of
Made to Sell
Two of the best
ready for their spriii
they had to clear theli
are their largest cusl
with tis season's surn
Our r'egular makers,
sure of fashignsad
speak for themselves
and overcoats; sty
7The Ik
* ~Seventi
Ar = ... .. =
elbis today with*
w Sts offering two tterL
. -the ft one
8prtng Eior, Washington Times:
I- 'ould like to kneow how many
"Emns"' w0 Join me in boosting Mr.
Migan for mnanager of the Washing
ton. b=11 teo? Hetea' boping
Aih h wi 1join me.
- .R #WIMK,
3il Tihird street northeast.
The next. Mrd, who appearp a bit
hanktful when it comes to signing his
nme, siends in the f*olqg:
Spo ds Itor, Washington Times:
Dear Sir:
Your paper Is carring the lot.
tero about the Ruth case. I per
saanbelieve the decison to be un.
feir as 'it ought not'to be the privi
Iwoe Of any man to dictate to the
one who works for him an to what
he cares to do when he han fulfilled
his agreement and t' oght to be
the right of any ran to seek
further compensatim for bin efforts
a long as It does not intrfer with
t perfor.ane of hin gsotracted.
Howrvey, et's got nearer hme.
We oe a thance to reward one
of tho best players who av ever
served on tier Senators, one who
has always given tho 'best in him
and one who has deoionstrated his
theity-to leadnh theam to spurts
tha ve meant something. No
aon has ever been a stancher
uppoerfn of George hMBrid than
mowaV ae now that injes receiv
dn the line of duty have evde
It snperative that he resn from
the leadership the question of his
successor ought to. be of great in
terest to those of us who frequrnt
the Park. I believe that-th whole
bunch would pun for "2tO Milan.
Wef, with McBride and Walter
yJohnson, have been In-prclev
friends in their long t rve o
about furteen Years with the fub
and it left to McBrie to decide
between the two, It Is hirotty safe
to ar that he would have a hard
time recommending one ahead of
the other.
ft seems tt a player or
ba gone out of vgue ih tIt we
shouM have- - w a one again it
would be better to have one' who o
not a pitcher. Sp let* start 06m
paign on the o for the at
ment of Clyde as the next pi let
us have a few articles ag Iree
ord of his services with the club
and a few words aboet the spurts
that the club has taken under his
ledershp. The wri a one of
tb. numerous 'kids 'at in days
gone by Clybe. used to' get into the
ball park to sha flies and he has
never forgetten the many hours of
pleasure that was made possible In
that way. He feel. honestly that
~lyde would led the tekm to high
er places and In all certainty would
not retain the bunch of root-taking
Athletes who have clutesed up the
bench too long, but would at least
" some who would try to earn
So how about It. lets go and see
what Can be done. * The fans are
more liable to back up a manager
whom they wAnt than one just ap
Mointed from anywhere.
lie Wanted a Ve"s.
Talkig witit a wild-eyed ihn the
other a ,om. we were asked to run
a coupon the osprto pages so that
he fas might express their prefer
eniee for the 19322 mueur. That was
fine, only he didn't ffer to ome in
and osunt the votes. That was a
serious faqz ps, If you get what we
mean. No coupon appeared, as we
ike" Brings You The
Sales" in
dit8 and
at $35 tor $50
makers are getting'
g season. But first
floors, and since we
omer, they favor us
mind you, so we are
fabrics, while value.
Hundreds of suits
ea and sizes for.
qt F
ft a-.
~ official anonmeemeut
,WOh1gto fans an e free to
oU their favorites. Aheady
s ge behind a big movement to
. Yetd New Yark
mId a int vetera
got, . e far as we know this
Pgeideut Gifffith told us other
mund what to do and had
d v in the matter. Officialy
Li '.nager for 1922 and on t
fros ftons who want Milan to have
Club For Footbd
Letter Men
A movement is on foot to form
a gridiron club at se Uni
versity, to be of all foo
ball. players who have won their
letter iq the sport for two sesns
or mere The matter is being fos
tered by a number of old football
'men livihg in Syracuse and notices
have been sent to players who are
now out of town asking for their
have much to do these days without
becoming adding machines.
"If you do that," this fan said,
"you'll find a big majority voting for
Mebbe he's right. We'll never know
the result of that voting, but it we
wait long enough we may be informed
by Mr. Griffith what his choice will
be. Meanwhile, until Mr. Griffith does
speak words of constimmate wisdom,
we might write a bit about Zeb Milan.
whom we delight te know.
Came Hero in 1907.
Jesse Clyde Milan, of Linden. Tenn...
was bought by the Washington club
on August 28. 1907 from Wichita, In
the Western Association. He had be
gun playing professional baseball In
1905 with Clarksville. In the North
Texas League, finishing the season
with McAllister, in the Oklahoma State
Beginning the 1904 season, the fu.,
ture candidate for managerial honors
in the Capital was with Shawnee In
the Oklahoma State League, going to
Wichita in midseason. He played
sixty-two games in the outfield that
year with Wichita.
Zeb broke into the game as a short
stop. He was a thin, spindly lad in
those days. How do we know all this?
Zeb told us himself. He likes to hark
back those days wk en he was trying
to make a living on the prairies. In.
dead, late years have found him win
tering in Carksvile, Tex., the town
which maw his debut in professional
Too Lght to NI.
Zeb was so small and light that his
greatest weakness. was his hitting.
Yes, and baserunn used -to bump
him off the m= cushibn. Thit
was the reason few his going to the
garden, where he was datined to do
his finest work as a major leaguer.
A batting average of , . 3*ith
Shawnee advanced- him to Wle ta and
it was his hattini average of .34 in
114 games with Wichita that had
much to do with hie coming to Wash
ington. Playing with Cantilon and
McAleer, s& flashed to the front as a
flelder. It was not till Clark Oriffith
Ut a winning team on the field In
112 that Milan rerlly game into his
own as an all-around big league star.
In 1912 Zeb was a baerunning fool.
He stole tighty-eight bases and forced
Ty Cobb's f of ei ry-three in 1911
into the shos. at record sur
vived until 1916. when Cobb ran wild
and swiped ninety-eight cushions. So
far as records go, that is probably the
only big league mark Zeb has ever
Seine Persuel Staff.
Milan is happily married and has a
couple of youngsters. He has his fami
ily with him in Washington during
the season and has a wide circle of
Among the players Milan. Is uni
versally esteemed. He is quiet. thinks
a lot before saying anything, unless it
happens to be about hunting or fish
ing. Then he waxes most voluble. He
is considerable of a kidder, espfcially
toward windbags, of which the Wash
Ington club han always had its share.
Toward youngsteis Milan is most
considerate. We might say a lot along
this line. We may may it tomorrow
or the next day, giving an. insigh tinto
the man better thany anything else.
We have known Zeb Milan for ten
year.. In all that tim.' he has ring
true in big and little things. He Is a
friend of the quiet kind. AEm annLs.
no banners ,mnakes no idle promises,
but his word is good for all he has.
That's all-about* Zeb for today.
Dn irest gram iasteer
1go Cigars for Qo
10o Cigars for Sio
I.s e Lt..
El Ci.m Oigar~uu
ye1 ast it. N. we.
509i.'S 40.91&6
~j jbLOAN
-upr and HU10n sowl WV"
P wtes .w - ows
Auth to Sarnre.'
NNW YORk -Dee. 16.--As an after
math to the Babe Ruth'se., baienues
Hustoi and gupeit,. OWer *49 the.
Yankees. yesteday afternson -a d
56.00 to Connie nvge and Chartes
W. Lynch. the pronoters who Induoeg
Ruth to go on the barnsteuml" r
following the wor sesI ThesP
moter..according to thetr viWgDi
Ween Iiuced to osnel khe t-~at9
Babe Ruth, Bic irisel=and
Piemejy- of the Yankees, playbd In
ahout a dozen Swime. Ter had aim
understanding with the owners of the
Yankees whe,. the roinoters vete
6eir los to the
extent of S10.000.
A feW weeks ago Savage and Lynch
deCIa&' they would bring suit against
the colonels for the r~ooyfthe
'money lost bY celing o7theschse4uled
trip, but yestery all conoerned met
In the offce of Colonel HUston and &
settle.at wa. mad. The ol..els
ave the promoters half the amount
originally aked for.
With the loss of Rutb and Meusel
during the first five weeks of the 122
baseball season. as a result at their
ouspension by Judge Landis. and te
$6.000 paid the promoters yeOtrday,
the owners of the Yankees. it Isf 1W
uted, will be out ac" to $100,0
through the bsrpstorming trip. Thes"
figures are badhd upon Ruth as .
drawing power among baseball fans.
MORGANTOWN. W. Va.. Dec. 15.
The complete football schedale of
West Virginia University asnouncai
by Director stansbury today shows
the two big annual mes wt pitt
and W. and J., a" Well as an ha.
portant intersectional game With In.
diana University.
Ieyan. Morgantown: Octher '7. j&.
rietta Colge. Muratw:a; Oceter
14. Unvety of ftsgk " so
burgh: October 21, WIN=
Le at Charsom; -
Ing. at116P0M .
University of Clnmelnati. at asin.
natl: November U. I
sity. at lenw es:n es S
L'niversUlty of in Vl~a at nmira.1
toww. No ember . O Et a e.
&t Morgantown: Neveomber 30, Was.
Ington and Jefr.. at Morgan.
Lamont Wants Canes.
The Lamont A. C. is looking for op
position with teams aVAraging 1t5
pounds. Those Intetd phone John
Macon at Coluia 165.
Premiers Defeat Arrows.
The Premier Midgets defeated the
Arrow quint yesteray..17 t 30. ,or
samee with the Premier five. MUl M.
bert bwman. at Noth-. 340.
WefAr. Whit M
01. Plaed Up to ftaWder, Dey
se ne~ar , M. i.
At the Sign of
ne Ng For a &
You will get quality F,
FuHl-Drs. Suit , Silk I
ampaan t*s. of t"
vme, Whold draw a XMeusto
L.efthander Browns' Great Need,
and He's Worth 11 Players
In Deal, Says Quinn.
NEW YORK. Dec. 15.-The mag
nates are still gasping over the price
paid by the St. Louis Browns for Dave
]Daforth, the veteran southpaw.
Wven players will be turned over to
3olumbus for this one aged pitcher.
, "Te Drowns are making all props.
-ations for a winning fight next sea
Md." said Bob Quinn. business mans.
p. of the St. Louis Club. "Dave Dan
brth gives us what we ned mot-a
seasoned leftband pitchier. He lot
P.ohls team down last seson with one
bit In an exhibition game and we know
Mctl what we're gettnx. We need
him more than the players we aire
turning over for him."
.W Sanders, millo -PaIMero.
*"ver j**d"rmgk and Bill Durwefl
pitchers. vAid Dill Gleason. seconid base
man, will report to Columbus this coin.
ftg amn.- Lamb. an infile. and
two more men yet to be named wil
aso go to Columbus next year.
Two will be sent to Colum
tue befos. the2123 season begin. and
mao. time for the 1114 campaign.
L ngton eic Club. which will
miIt fotal r sos next Sunday
Ms won nine gam" lost one and tUid
me: Trinit A. C.. of Georgetown.
me the l&a Lexington victim.
Tbe Lextntons. who average about
11ous.are seking gamee in that
=Mne.wit aketball - seen The man
mn be reached by phone at Lin
Would Meet Quints.
The Leviathan A. C. laxt night In
jUsetern Ifgh School Gym defeated
the manbatan Reserves 374 1ry
of -the winners mae sixteen pointo
W Was 64 the star of the game.
e Leviathan A. C. would lim, to
aazgo gadm es r mondAhy, Wed
u as ndr Saturday. .WrIte to Ler
6 W W s~Today?
11 WMl Pe UWNyore By Doe. 2U
mutt Cu. qe Toared
*-well eMt and beautifully
special price.
ied, to Order, $50 Up
SCo, Inc.' F S
says Benny's Reintatemes
Would hnpeir Moral of
Other Payer.
S* TORiM D86. I.-Throigh
John C. Too, atterney for Judge
LAndis in Benny Eaurt' s.. vniptu
tited in thq Uprese Court apinat
the oomnleeloner, Lans. au sMade
Pulc him resoins fw A4t perwitting
- aU to jphy with tae Gints
a id that he had read the
teti which Nauff bad been
found not guilty of stualing autoflo
ble, but found that it oonpmlmed
Bnny's owet. .
in fact Laailw wrote to Nauff an
August 25 as fono rn-"'he e110o
disclosed a state of affairs that more
than seriously co1br=eaIm your char.
acter and reputalio.
"The reasonable and neemary re
mult of this is that your mare iirewce
in the lineup would InOVltabig burden
patrons of the gen with grave ap
peeenmlons as to Its integritY."
in answer to the suit LAndis said:
"Kauff could not be retred to goo
standing without Impairing the moral*
at other players. and without further
inuyto the good name of Profew
Navy Wins Goame.
ANNAPOLI, Md.. Dec. 1.-Play
Ing with a weakened team, the
Naval Academy basketers won
ealy here this afternoon from Blue
Ridge College, 49 to 12. The visitors
did nwch of their scorinf during the
second half. when the Navy substi
tutem were used.
Claim Peewee Title.
TeTerminals Peewe wish to an
nounce to the world that they claim
the Peoes gri championship of thisn
votelm borough. It any husky
youngsters in the eighty-pound clas
wish to con teat their claim they cani
get ick action by calling LiAncoln
Quinoy Wins.
Tbi Quincy A. C. last night de
fqatedt he fast Washington Bar
reeks give in UIberty Hall by the
close -core of 24 to 21. The game
wn a iip and tuck affair until the
last minute of play when a foul anl
a basket by IL Smith decided the
Tondorf Elected CAptlh.
lm Tondort a ted pot of
* CO= Rih
Meeting helpat Tde
Wing am call Lincoln
Its& .. ..LI$ 1 . 1 .
otes t Prpertrente Pr.
Anifg E~3 Ti Co. .41
es ga. 9X. w. . s .
Pshe. INA 4172
At Kin
8th St. Entrance
Open at 8:30
-to accommnodate early
uhopperm. The male will be
held on the first floor, next
to the thStee t. entranc..
17 with a ee~s
DywTh Toloi~ Remg eis V ON^u
Zeh . ase
to ~ ~ t kapw meatrc
UnlerWO of Cleag- tre& ek ti
U JOWe dWlqM tWe 19U trk
ed uu u by the
case tea.
-latchtites Have Usted Vir
ginia and Ot. John's College
Recently In Footbal.
Georje Washington University is
peeking the date of October 7 at
?hlladelphla with the University Of
oennsylvania. The Hatchetites have
Lready accepted the ofter Oc Septem
per S0 from Virginia at Charlotte.
They have negoftited* with 8t.
obum and have obtained the date of
)ctober 21 the tim the Navy meets
rgia Tech. The St. John-. W.,.
rame will be a norning game and will
nake the Annapolis contest a sOrt
f doubleheader.
Maryland, Catholic University and
3eorgetown are listed on October 28,
ioeegber ii and ThaaLn1ying DaY
a order. Clamne with silaad
tary, Richmond College and Virginia
polytechnio Institute are being
A baud tesad Suit re
taalos an am own-'$
-ew Coors sems to y0 a
sodd =nse .
If yem west abso.t satio
coat for Cbhribm crder it h
s Palace ToMO
Fine S
In an aU-eelipsing
the city. Famous"
in Troy, New York
$1.50, $2,,
perIoct. 3,20 oft
veriest trifle short of
Shirts of superfine qu
eloth~ Solesette, 84
perce and Oxford c
*lIe and tan. A
toa er;
Sht S es Expc e
F- by A eftl In~o St~l Pro
aladstMR bqeak, Aut supn
bl sguget 4 ts tesroyrlf
Smnaiigh I.
W* an td t I==t Hisrh fth=
m in the 4JSASI gynasluvn. The
.have- Matthews. tho star
ng the BAitlqw i 1oly quintet wtb
than th use==n. it t reiwrted. I=
rg d the A. N. P. outfit to the limit
Western mee the Georgetown
prps of Garrett Park in the firt en
pgement for both teanma. tono.-row.
onsaga and Tech are due fur an en.
John's College is wheduled to
nest the Cathl,,ic University Freh
men and tm ,il accounts thte Brook
land yearlinge &c in for a good gan
Olieu the bigr a prove. too much
fr the townb .
--stern and the Army and NaVy
pres are due to turetsh a spirited
ttl. The Props aem just beginnI
*o get the toam Working together n
mach Gray Is fipli the combi e
ons working to advantage.
In an tive games an. down on the
erd for tomorrow the teams rush
g touward o the holiday rest.
Knickerbockers and -Emanons, both
boatng strong elevens, will ead
thir esamns next Sunday with a cen
est in the (qorg"Mf hollow.
have Impressive recordls a" the
bhu~ e a realg~rg~ willO -
Twe 'Emanofs probabl will be
hibtly outweighed, but have plenty of
Chalenge Schoolboys.
The Western High School freshman
baetba team challenges the 'freh
MW quints of the other high scheoie
Sialso independent teams averagipg
115 ucinds. William Jones, phone
ranln 113. Is the woerne'
N n e b y o w o w n e x p t
ak6 ool fAlbrims inldf ,h
that a Suit or Overcoat
OATS -a.?
filk-i in a Suit or Over
IM.a=a 5eerf
0,818 F ST.
Dol~r ~Sae to startle
--- brand, tailored
2.50, $3 Rnd
m the
silty, in
th. A
1 sizes

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