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warred Mwit Dele e.
M. jarrut eusIen es, take -tUis
Jostitee.00.th. Durt tho hfge
.rBritish motives as a refleotioa Wntab
the sinberity ft his own P faweit
Gruat Brkeain. i he b4to856 to
defendhiflU . -
slight Meg that I ea tI
the motives ed.., Bujtonu,. t
Frenchmsnt p "the words spok
en by at t beginl of *y
speech w . bear witneym tp the af
fectionae - which have cap
tinually inektdb thoughts. I then
'stated Clearly that the zi~t ind
the safety Of are" Britain tub
one of the-easetialIof
peace of the worM.
Even our., own canny Mr. Hughes,
whom we - hid thought bey the
pale of such diplomatic ordadh.
found himself carr ed awe! by th)is
swelling tide of .mutual admiration.
He followed the rench nnaple and
proceeded thus to estao the greatnou
of the British representati've,:
"It has been the highest privilege
to listen to the strong and person.
sAve argumsents of Mr. Balt. It
would be superfluous to say that the
arguments he addrjssi to he com
mittee had been prfpet In oonstrue
tion and comprehe veness and ad
mlrable in their entire candor. AU
present mtut feel that they are his
debtors for the intellectual pleasure
ht has given them."
Mr. Hughes was unkind enough to
Indicate that he did not believe that
Mr. Balfour's arguments for the aball
tion of the submarine would prevail.
But he did po in a speech that seemed
almost tearful In its regret that the
British oratory should prove so fute.
At least this is the impression he
seemed to make upon the representa
tives of Britannia, and Mr. Balfour
hastened to may to Mr. Hughes:
"Will you allow ie to egpress, on
behalf not only of myself but of my
colleagues on the British empire dele
gation, our thanks for the speech
which' you have Just delivered. We
think that It is the happiest augury
for the future. We regard your utter
ance as a great step foeward, and we
do not doubt that it will find an echo
in all parts of the civilised world and
will greatly promote the cause we
have so much at heart."
Japan Jebs the Chorus.
Finally, the stoic Japanese, inun
dated by a full day of such flattery
and counter-flattery, could no longer
resist the temptation to join In the
glad chorus. Late in the afternoon
Mr. Hanihara took the floor to de
"The Japanese delegation has been
profoundly Impressed by the able and
powerful arguments of their most
esteemed British colleagues against
submarines, which It has been not
only a privilege but an lnspirtatien
to listen to.
"And yet," he said, evidently
struggling to keep back his tears.
"the Japanese delegation is unable.
I have to confess, to convirnce itself
that the submarine was not an ef
netive and necessary weapon for de
Then to the credit of Mr. Hanihara
he it said, he made a cruel and cold
blpoded argument for the Japanese
That is the way in which thee.
tatesmen are maneuvering even In
their secret sessions, to bury each
+ther in flattery, In the hope that
'hey will be able to win something,
not for the peace of the world. but
'or the imperialistic ambitions they
have come to Washington to repre
It would make a wonderful Im
pression on the man in the street
If he could sit through a series of
these conferences. But he would
never vote to ratify the treaties that
these statesmen, make.
Former Labor Leader Buried.
CEDAR RAPIDS. Iowa, Dec. 37.
William Preston Daniels. grand sec
retary of the Order of Railway Con
ductors from 18783 to 1135. who died
in Denver, Col., on December 22, was
buriedhere yested.
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Sunday, January 8
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