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The Washington times. [volume] (Washington [D.C.]) 1902-1939, December 27, 1921, FINAL HOME EDITION, Image 6

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. a.W h ae "esu e
.,in thew
mv asMs oso ite
~ th Pmg arqeiu Ibe
Lmu d
Without (
We haverlea
St, inthe-new(
move as soon a
posed of.
are of
only a
of our
of this
Due to the sacrifi4
any purchase
nhIIAl Sports Si~hINI
.f? AR
"we ewt fm t .mE *. aau of
1eiIu~ .iw. et ,allow lasso
Us. f tq lea" kqst.e. 1964 h;
Wk. 1 t eabo by,.mw ha
Awm b .plsm bewn tos
cosestu* mm be uolvud gofi tpb
Doors open
9:15 a. m.
$40,000 S
d more spacious qua
ity Club building, wl
i this stock has been
The market's finest
productions in
Eered at prices whi
i mere fraction of
t day worth-only b
desire to hurriedly d
e in prices we will be
i during this sale. I
ik Brot
~nd Fur-Trimmed Si
aps and Coat-Wraps
and Daytime Dress
rid Dinner GoWns...
I Party Frocks.....
ts and Sports Costs.
'PP ~ A T I M P * 4 p w O o R 1 U
4q.wr. s- O.P
12 F Bet
tock of
E of Cost
rters at 1316 G
sere we will re
completely dis
Lispose -
unable to charge
l sales final.
its..25% off
es...25% off
.....25% off
.... .25% off
...25% off
tileu$61114 a.
onge at 1 ,
ad desnsi
mumo d e bgls a b
their ha fn
Prince and Wtiqoe -
is wrtertalsag
her daughter.
debutante dt
eparty pre.=s to
danc for the treV
butante dewd ptS
gusts. have been . Y,
nf atisting e
their particular crowd,
cl et te
y it ld Ja e
blooming with t~herr NWin
of the Flowery Kingdom.
Miss Mann is wearige afr. 1e r
party a lovely litne Franoberaitls.
of pale pink cloth of diver. veled
in lace. Her mother, Mrs. Mels..
will wear chiffon aiabrsgdered F
black and white beed.
A number of small dinners amng.
the youg set will presede ' the
dance. Miss Mann. herself. will to
the guest at dinner of Mr. and Mrs.
Warwick E. Montgomery, who are
entertaining for their debutante
daughter, Miss Mary Mon ery.
Miss Isabelle Crawford. tante
ateb of senator and Mrs. Arthur
Capper, will entertain a party of ten
at dinner before Miss Mann's dance.
A third dinner hostes of the eve
ning will be Mi Mary Louise John
son. daughter. Mrs. Paul E. John
son. a.debutante of last season.
Tomorrow evening Mrs. Charles M.
Pfoulke will entertain for her grand
daughter. Miss Gladya Chapman
snith. at a dance at Rassober's.
Wass bnut is sedn the winter
here with Mr. e. and Is being
we'aened by her granmther to
Wim - semesvy. Mrs. tfoulke
emanit ng er tavitattens to
er debwaste t is including her
own fiends in the Diuemati Corps
4 'Ish d ~ dase will be
riv ae Thermay evening by Dr.
traj Ma, Cheries J. Ben ter their
we, Mme. Gertrude Grosvenor.
dagfrv at Mr. and Mrs. Wlbert
Grereor. whe is spedig the
ar nna.s holdays here with her
L and eMa g her 4 there
~emtig te chbet at and
Baturday Senater and Mrs. Jases
W. Wadsworth. Jr.. are entertain
tag at a dinner and dance for their
debutante daughter. MiSS Evelyn
Wadsworth. at Gramlands.
The . leereary of State and Mrs.
Hughes were the honor guests of
Prince Tokugawa at dinner- les ee
ning at the Shoreham. Te ether
guests included the Undersertery et
State and . Mrs. Hery P. Fletcher.
the Assistant secretary of the Evy
and Mrs. Theodore Rooavet. Cp
gremman and Mrs. Frederick 31*.
Baronsa Shidehara. wife ofte
Japanese ambassador, rs. -e
Longworth, Mr. and Mrs. Job .
Garrett. Mr. and Mfg John Va,*.
14acMurray. Mn.- John D. m p.
son. John B. Henderson J#Mr.
Hanibara. T. Masudaltra. L leb. hl.
Mr. and Mrs. S. tbIur. B. F*.
Capt. . Nomra, Capt. T. Uyep.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Arita, Lie t
Commander and Mrs. T. ,bT.
Iwate, Mr. and MIrs. T. Mesaa,
V. Belo, and K. rak.
Mine. Le Breton will -i bouts at
dinner this evening in emsplianent to
the president .of the Netherlande eras
ielegation ad Mine. van Rmaheek.
There will be t'wentydeur sweeets.
Missm Manuela LUovers, piges of
Amnbassadet' and Mmne. La Brten, em
tertained at a small afternoon at
esterday at the emnbay where
I. making her home. Te mua
wasn limited to the young Idof
The Newl
The New
Place in Lar
Table d'Hote S
Beginning ai
Early Reserva1
* wa
honor at, a .el
a. ti b.anM Irye f
emner 4sa seieretar
T , ." Hs. iamoh Pafs
~Sw~letr~h1 m .b+a u
he Ngand
ar'e*y at Qeed nbya the
,h &i" virearyo the Treasury.
Andrew ~ W. mon, wil return to
Wyip nstw n m Pittsburgh at the
The Third Assistant- Secretary of
State and : Mrs. Robert Words BDUN
retapnerd two morning rem Whits
lphur. Virigin.
*Th Se.re a oft reasDy
waho ng0tn frmilttary atthe o
igs were hosts Informally at lunch
e0o today.
Dr. and Mrs.- James Mitehdl have
reysd avtti.e oa dinne Whor
Snae . MIss idney Webb. a
debutante of this season, for Jan
uary 13 . s
Min Hanm CJanon will entertain
at dinner'on hu y evening for
ochrane en ntertaine a
debuantesofth eing. There were
Miss Ae B. Shepard will entertain
s mll company at tea this after
he r brreeden on leth street
ha ondspliinent to Kism Sidney Webb,
one of the sensen's debutantes.
Dr. and mr Murray Galt Moller en
t...a .eet. o In.., ment to Mr
(Continued ePage .
eO, . asNOLDS.
20% Discount
.reweed wiB ds a
benae papers ad cal
os aher residea o thest
o Te , e sem b ..
te~bsve. W i T qakluentt r
(es te d ebPg ..
han Ever Bef -s
K n'sGeat Aftp r-~r as
Garment Ciarace
The Sale Every Womn Looks-F4rwrd t a e a -it Big
Saybipg-Be tIe at 9:15 When ise 8qere Oglad.
-The oitstandng featur. of thiA MbuMI~i s ts s of G nts
is the fact that it oo mrises testst :garamnt to be
found in our Ready"to ear to A- .e that enhabeI sI economies
for those who would r leuish their WM obu. w the . stet styles in
Suits, Coats, Dressed, Blouses, Skirts, etc.
-With inter Hardly Bgum-and this chase. for SM4r . Now.. with
whic . to m.et the ... ..r. be a .g,..wd ber. . s he.r -
.:;. ..Women's and Misses
" 'A.::: ":Coats Reduced
::Yi :: : -COATS, .$0.00 to, $20.76 VALUE ; made
of Suede, Velours and Bolivias, in belted, semi
ftted, and loose beck styles; finished with collars
of beaverette fur 'or self materials; trimmed
with silk cords, straps, and fur ornaments. Sizes
for women, small women, and misses. Coats.
to . . . . .. . .... ... ......9
-COATS, $35.00 to $89.75 VALUES; of ine
wool velours, and Bolivias, in blouse back, loose
back, and belted models, finished with beaverette
fur, seal, or self materials; sleeves in regulation
and bell shape, some with cuffs to match the
collars; coats are ornamented with silk embroid
ery on back and sleeves; full
silk lined. Reduced to........ 24.9. 5
-COATS, $49.75 to $59.75 VALUES; made
of high grade materials, in - box pleated, fitted,
loose and flare models. The trimmings are of silk
embroidery and stitching, with new narrow tie
belts. The collars are of wolf, nutria, Australian
opossum, and self materials; cblors are brown,
Malay, Sorrento, navy and black; 95
silk lined. Reduced to.... ,.. . *
-Better coats-at maswpd dc rq 9t..
-GIRLS', JUNIORS' AND MISSES' COATS; $19.90 to $2500 VALUES; made of
vtours: and heather mixtures; in wrappy models, with large scape oars of
material, others belted models with collars of fur or self material; also some in
sport styles; colors are navy, brown, Sorrento blue, and reindeer. .. 495
Reuced to................................ ...... .
--811p-Over mad Other Style Dresses, $12.A6 to ID 8%e $500 to $110.00 values; one
$19.20 values; of serge, velour, Jersey and vol- o is k o m erminie, vel
veteen and georgette combinations; in at t m d" lae; all fur trimmed; colors
line, waist line, slip-oer and two-piece momY a..wmne lue. Malay, navy, and black. In
styles; silk stitchedI, wool and silk
ambroidered, and other trimmings. Ro- 7 5 due" to...................
dueed te ...................... ."' ines Sut, pen to p.00 values; some
-.Street sad Afternoon Dresses, $0.76 to $0.75 f mo d, others pleb ailed models. The
values; made of Poiret twills, Caetz repS, mategIals are ermletoivaine, douvet do laie,
tricotlngs, French merges tricotines and crop, and fe quality tuloo Regular
ere meteor, cups d une satin faced empe, and extra slag. to "" from Re- $A7.75
satin; in ta and rMuy stye some d to ......,
hand embroidered, braided, or with tocs of WoesSut , t $600 values, made
contrasting color. Colors are navy, brawn, W o douv d velour, Poiro twill, and
and b . Regular and extra sizes
in the lot. Reduced to..............
-Afterneen, Dinner and Evening Drsses, $6.75 SM sums, p7 to $e.00values, of douvet
to 110.00 values; made of heavy som o e ''Isee ",4i plain tailored and em
hand embroidered georgette omeover broidecd selection of
cloth of gold, also some brretty -an $t6.
anish wfrocks oft c rp, ana oire.
l velvet dresses wih tcolor. qto $19.00 hJe ey, and
Majority are one of a kind. Colors are brown, [email protected] 511-WOan
tan, navy, rest and black. Blues twe Ama5t pai tailored styles. 1295
broken. Reduced to...................
BLOUSES REDUCED Sparate Skrts Reduced
Righ-Cias Blouses, 68.65 to $12.98
values. All sizes. Reduced to......... $ s R t dr $ 3 .98
--Crep. do (bine and Blrgte ses, Q -~hGeeSitSO 1.5 9
$6. to $6.116- value. Reduced to.... 3.69 al R edd to............... $8
Look after your own needs--Christas is ov, Cold Weather
is due, and you will need these
Beautiful Warm Comforts
J 1
-This Is a good way to spend Christmas money, and
surely it is many a long day since you have been of
fered such qualities so low in price as those we scured
in our last purchase.
-Lamabs' Weal Filled Cemforta, with. moersed atma nocons,_
In attractive fleral designs in Copenhagen and rose oulors, *1
lfinished with plain sateen borders all. stitched, with
pure lamb's wool filling, aimo 72xS8 in. A wonderful 9
valde at ....... ....................
-Lamb' Wool Cemforta, with hlim-grade mer- - 4Hlk Covered Vemterts, lambs' wool ila.the
cerized sateen covers, floral and oiental do. ewe~ ar of satin and Flonnen lic, in
signs, ingoodcolors including plenty b Copen- iWeefp old rose and Copenhagen blue
hinges d rose, flhlnfed with plain bo also ,lk border; seals 7 oe78 13.Th
some in plain colors, both sides aiikne ,A in at. ...............
mime 78x8O In., at .................Y (( - 1outvusd an1 Comforts, with heba silk
ad-Fancy Stitched Comgorts, laulbsa er filled, covers, the olors are rose and n,
the covers are of highly roerized sinplain so the ome; t* have PU ar rm - 9
colors both side, colons are roes OMCopUI e d.o fii, at ................... .9
hagen; also some with figured sadaenn
covers and plain backs, site 7sx80 n . ' Kan ar&- ftmet Floor.
-R~wed s .................

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