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V .Opts New Orderly hI Dugout.
Letsr to Watsoi
AWaaa. 1>ene SierS~a.
''he chage that I--' :n.
nol H. L. Ope, of tante. Vh, kiled
his orderly. Wllasa Weolwine, tn a
dugout near the Argonne In October.
1913, was contained in a letter which
Senator Watson of Georgia today
handed Senator Brandegee of 0on
necticut, chairman of the comittee
investigating "the Watson charges."
This Is the third different killing of
one of his men that is charged against
Ople. who was formerly a majo In
command of a battalion of the 118th
infantry. Ople has already denied
the other two charges.
The third is made by Lemuel O.
Smith, of Marion, Va., a former ser
geant of Company M, of Opie's bat
talion. Smith said, he was decorated
by the French and the American
"I was commanding a detail com
posed of Privates 'Ted Enison, Lee
ColUns and William Askew bringing In
four prisoners when we heard a shot
in a dugout." wrote Smith.
'"We entered and found William
Woolwine. Ople's orderly, lying dead.
The room was still full of smoke of the
gunan Ople was looking at the body.
Sto u he had killed Woolwine and
ordered us to carry the body out."
Watson demanded today, that Smith
and the three other privates whom he,
named be summoned as witnessees.
Watson further handed to Brande
gee a letter from John S. Cannon. an
attorney and a former officer at the
A. E. F., whose address is 301 Lloyd
(or Gloyd) building. Kansas City, Mo.,
and who charges that a court-martial
on which he sat sentenced to death
a negro whom he believed innocent.
Cannon charges that the presiding
offlcor of the court forced the verdiet
of conviction and refused to allow the
negro to testify in his own behalf.
PITTSBURGH, Dec. 28.-Since the
reign of crime began in the city two
years ago thieves have taken hot
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Ilrrmann Eye"Sa"et
Senator Will Contest Effort to
Defeat His Amsendment
For States.
eleseaaUt wews entee.
Any attempt to choke off the Capper
amendment to the transportation act
by which the rate guarantee sectioa
of the act would be eliminated and
intra-state rate-making powers would
be restored to the States, will be met
with a hot tight in the Senate.
This was the romise made today
by Senator Cp*of Kansas. In corn.
menting on the statement of Senator
LaFolette of Wisconsin, that railroad
interests were trying to "call off" the
farmers of the country from their
opposition to the act as it stands.
"When I first offered the amend
ment to the act It seemed to have
little chance of passage," said Capper.
'But sentiment has grown strongly
In favor of it until the farmers and
the State commissions are almost
solidly behind It and the railroads are
concentrating all their forces to beat
i et i will pass. The big fight
will to get It out of committee.
But we do not Intend to let up on It
until we get some sort of satisfactlon."
Capper said he was pumied by the
action ascribed by La oulette to repro
sentatives of the National Grange and
the National Association of Farm
Bureaus, who were reported to have
agreed with the railroad representa
tives at a secret meeting' held in
Washington, to join the railroads in
a program of legislation.
"These farmer representatives may,
have been misled. but whatever their
motives, I am certain the formers
will never back any such action as
is ascribed to them. The fanners of
the country are a unit in detmanding
legislation that will Insure lower
freight rates.
fI think at the bearings bere the
Senate Interstate Commerce Com
mittee we have made out a clear case
to prove that the Interstate Osmmero
Commission exceeded its powers in
fixing high rates and taking over the
powers exercised by the States.
"The country simply demands a
eae from present conditions and
the ge must come."
Syracuse University All Upset
Over Youth Who Never Felt
Thrill of Osculation.
SYRACUSE. N. Y.. Dec. 2.-A
small army of Syracuse University
co-eds today are esatped on the trail
of Frank Culver. of Toledo. Oilo. cap
tain-elect of the 1922 Orange football
team, hero of the past season and one
of the most popular-In male ck'le
students at Syracuse University.
How come?
Culver proudly boasts that he has
never, never sipped nectar from the
lips of fair feminity. And, he adds.
neither has he ever been kissed In
All of which constitute a fair chal
lenge, aver scores of Syracuse c04(15.
and intend to see that Culv as
unkissedistinction fades pronto!
Culver confesses that he isn't ex
actly a womanhater, but he does think
that "draggin' women around at a
dance" is a mighty fine way to waste
time. 'Culver's college record proves
that he has the courage of his convto
tions, for In his three years at Syra
cuse he has had one "date."
And that was forced upon him. A
sorority telephoned his fraternity to
send up a couple of freshmen for a
dance. Culver was one of the elected.
He had enough; it was his first and
final social engagement in sorority cir
"He just can't see 'em."
That's the way his frat brothers
term It.
"When we have a dance," they saty,
"Cul will work with us diligently to
decorate and get things ready, but
when It comes to the dance itself he
thtdo hie bads lounge l11rs' e
drinkers,' and 'cake eaters.'
Conference for Veterans.
plee today by Dleoo orbes o
te eers uBureau, for the confr
which will open here tomorrow to
study methods for the rehabilitation
of disabled veterans of the world
war. The conference will be under
the directionl of John Finley, of New
York, and will be In session for three
SAU right
thpre the awe
Og M'
Omethled thereaa deea.
Mae seeam smagedi
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TheIfecht Co,
7th atF ~r__ w ._-- e 7th at F

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