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86 cents buys a
bottle of "Dander
ine." Within ten
minutes after the
firat application you
can not find a single
trace of dandruff or
falling hair. Dander
lne la to the hair
what fresh showers
of rain and sunshine
are to vegetation. It
goes right to the I
roots. Invigorates and j
strengthens them.l
helping your hair to grow long,
thick and luxuriant.
Qlrla! Girls! Don't let your hair
?tay lifeless, colorless, thin, scraggy.
A single application of delightful
Danderlne will double the beauty
and radiance of your hair and
make it look twice aa abundant.?
Costs Little and Overcomes
Trouble Almost Over Night.
Any breaking out of the skin,
even, fiery, itching eczema, can be
quickly overcome by applying
Mentho-Sulphur, declares a noted
skin specialist. Because of Its
germ-destroying propertied, this
sulphur preparation instantly
brings ease from skin Irritation,
soothes and heals the eczema
right up and leaves the skin clear
and smooth. '
It seldom falls to relieve the tor
ment without delay. Sufferers from
skin trouble should obtain a smali
Jar of Mentho-Sulphur from any
good druggist and use It like cold
When you have a cold and neglect
It you are In great danger of ln
fluzena and peewtorria.
The pure food elements In Father
John's Medicine build energy to re
sist cold and influenza germs.
The gentle laxative effect of
Father John's Medicine helps to
drive out impurities.
Father John's Medicine soothes
and heals the lining of the breath
ing passages.
You are safe when you take
Father John's Medicine because it
Js guaranteed free from alcohol or
dangerous drugs In any form. Six
ty-five years in use.
Stop Itching Skin, Eczema,
Pimples and Dandruff
Have You the
the Sledge H
That Send the Strength Indi
cator Right Up to the Top?
?That Makes a Man Fee]
Keenly Alive, Full of Pep
and Energy?
Oet a FREE 91.00
package of Genuine
Yeast Vitamin# Tab
let* from your
dealer at once.
as explained in p~J
free coupon? "?*!?
Try them foe Blood
ten days
and watch 5troag
the results! Muscles'
of thousandisr*
taking them ?
they may be just I
what you need.
With th?
sry of a remarkable nutrition substance
<*)led "Vitamins," science show* why
thousands may become weak, thin, ner
vous and emaciated on three big meals
a day, while with a much smaller quan
tity of the same food, to which vitamines
have been added, the same people quickly
take on good firm flesh, increase in
weight and make a remarkable gain in
strength, energy and endurance, provided
their blood con tain* a sufficient quantity
of oxygenated organic iron to enable
(hem to assimilate their food prop?rly.
Wlthoet organic Iron both food and ?tta
tslnee ere absolutely ueeless, u roar body
basnet chan(? lifeless Inert food matter Into
living cells sad time unless you have plenty
ofeetsale Iran In your blood. This organic Iron
takes ap oxygen from your lungs. This oxygen
ated orianle lira anltee with year digested
feed as It Is itafM into yonr blood like fire
writes with coal or wood and by, so doing It
cfeetse tiemeodoM power and enerrr. tVlth
oat organic Iron In your blood yoor food
merely peesss through your body without
doing yon any good.
Por centaries scientists tried la *a!a to make
organic IrasL At last the problem wee . lived
ee that yea may now obtain pare organic lira
tike the Iroa la year blood from any druggist
ender the name of "Naiatad iron."
It ties been arranged to five to every par
r baser of Naxated Iron, who wishes something
is help pot on fleeh or increase weight, s
For sale by all O'Donnell'
Stores, F. A. Tschiffely and i
Treasury Experts Figure Up
Accrued Interest as Com
mission Prepares to Meet.
Inter national Newa Service.
Europe's war debt to the United
States of $11,000,000,000 wHl be set
tled on the basis of a $12,000.000,000
debt, when the American debt fund
ing commission, to be appointed y
President Harding, gets Inti its tasK.
Treasury experts today
that accured Interest has piled^ up
In an amount far exceeding *1^00.
000,000 Blnce the original loans were
made by the United States, to aid
allies in the war against G??1*')*'
Government fiscal agentstalulat
lng their charts, for use at the finan
cial parleys soon to be opened, first
with Great Britain, then with other
powers, probably France and IUly
In the order named, di^f^*reK* ****
the funding operations will assume
greater magnitude than was first
anticipated, because of the large
amount of debts due. in addition
to the "straight loans made under
the Liberty Loan acts passed by
Congress. ? ? ,
Secretary of the Treasury Mellon s
figures today showed that while the
original war loans amounted to only
$9,434,774,829, that additions In the
form of accrued Interest on those
obligations, together with other debts,
represented by obligations turned
Into the Treasury by other Cabinet
beadrf, have run the aggregate debt
of the allies far beyond original
calculations. . ,
Europe mu? settle, ?
said, for additional obligations which
have been classified under these
headings: . , .
1?Obligations received from the
Secretary of War and the --*cre:
tary of the Navy on account of
sales of surplus war materials
amounting to $574,678,710.
2?Debts incurred by European
powers, represented by obliafUlons
received by the Treasury Depart.
ment from the American Relief Ad
ministration, totaling $84.093,J63.
3?Debts for which obi ght ions or
a number of European powers were
turned Into the Treasury by the
United States Grain Corporation
amounting to $58,858,802.
Official records today were made
ready fcr the financial parleys, and
these showed that total Interest pay
ments which have accrued on Ku
I rope's indebtedness, and which still
rema ned unpaid amounted to $1.
155.502,181, up to November 15,
Before the debt negot'ations can
be concluded, another *500.0i>0.?0?
in interest alone will be added to
I the total.
ALLENTOWN, Pa., Feb 7.?
Thomas McCole, aged thirty-six, an
employe of the Atlantic Refining^
Company, saying he was wolfishly
hungry when he sat down to supper
at his boarding house and ravenous
ly tackled the roast beef.
He took too large a bite and was
unable to swallow It. A physician
was called, who hurriedly summoned
an ambulance. On arrival at the hos
pital it was discovered that he had
died on the way of strangulation.
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 7.?
George L. Berry, of Rogersville,
?resident of the International Print
ng Pressmen and Assistants' Union
,f North American has sent a tele
'ram to President Harding protest
ing "in behalf of the 600.000 printing
trades workers and associated organ
izations and acting under their dl
I rection" against the suggestion of
; Secretary of the Treasury Mellon
' for a further increase in second
class postage.
Power to Hit
ammer Blows
large regrelar tl .00 package of Oenolne Teaet
Vltamine Tablet* absolutely free.
It It often surprising what a treroendooi
amount of pep, visor and force a little more
oxygenated organic iron will rive a perton
whota blood it deficient In thlt majrlc-like
rahttance. If after taking Nuxated Iron 70a
do not recel?e all and e'en greater benefltt
than you expeot, the manufacture? will
promptly refund your money.
your druggitt today by using this
I TVU eoapon. If in/ wttfcta >n> ,.....
_ s.tHUs ran to eae regular $1.00 paeW
? age of Gaaalao Yuri Vitanilna Tablets
| absolutely Im with each kettle of Nw
_ ateJ boa that rM percUee. I# ftti
I dealer doe* aot have our Vitaasiae Tab
? lata he caa eerily ebtala ?K?m fa* yea
Cat eat tUa ena?aa aaJ prinat h te
? yaw dealer today.
s Drug Stores, Peoples Drug
ill other druggist*.
Pastor Declares Christ
Would 0. K. Divorce
In Some Cases
By International New* Bertie*.
CHICAGO, Feb. 7.?"If Christ
were on earth today he would ap
prove divorce in many instances
of matrimonial unhappiness."
This declaration by the Rev.
John Thompson in an address at
the First Methodist Church here
has aroused considerable com
ment and wide difference of opin
ion in ecclesiastical circles.
Said Dr. Thompson:
"Jesus did not prohibit divorce
as we know it. If He were here
today where we have kind, wise
and discriminating judges decid
ing 011 domestic infelicities, He
might recognize more than one
ground for divorce.
"Should two persons be com
pelled to live together when all
affection which constitutes real
marriage is dead?
Nation-Wide Movement to Wipe
Out Reactionaries Will Be
Launched at Chicago.
IntomaUiul N'ewn tortrlre.
Launching of a nation-wide farmer
labor political movement Intended to
wield a far-reaching and powerful in
fluence In thia year's Congressional
elections is the purpose of the con'
ference of labor and agricultural lead
ers to be held at Chicago February
20, It was disclosed today.
There is no thought of _a "third
party" movement in the minds oi
those behind the call for the confer
met, It wm stated. It Is their plan
to "bore from within, instead of from
without," the Republican and Demo
cratic parties In a systematic cam
paign to eloct Senators and Con
gressmen of progressive-liberal tend
encies who can be depended upon to
act In Congress against the "reaction
ary forces."
The defeat of the so-called "re
actionaries" of both parties who come
up for re-election this year also is
planned, and a big "drive" Is to be
undertaken to change the complexion
of the Congressional delegations from
a number of Industrial and agricul
tural States from which Increasing
reports of economic, financial and
industrial distress are now pouring
In upon Congress and are giving both
"old guard" Republican and Demo
cratic leaders grave concern.
The Chicago conference is not to
be associated with that called re
cently by John L. Lewis, president of
the United Mine Workers' organiza
tion, It was explained. Spokesmen for
the railroad brotherhoods, who are
to take an active part In the Chicago
conference, may attend the one sum
moned by L,ewls, but those con
versant with the organized labor
situation discount the Idea that the
brotherhoods are likely to be affll
lated with the mine worker* la the
anthracite-bituminous coal at tike
which many recant aa Inevitable.
"Diamond Dyee" add yeare of
wear to worn, faded, skirts, waists,
coata, stockings, sweaters, cover
ings. hangings, draperies, every
thing. Every package contains di
rections so simple any woman can
put new, rich, fadeless colors Into
her worn garments or draperies
even if she has never dyed, before.:
Just buy Diamond Dyes?no other
kind?then your material will come1
out right, because Diamond Dyes I
ar^ guaranteed not to streak, spot
fade, or run. Tell your druggist;
whether the material you wish to |
dye is wool or silk, or whether It i
la linen, cotton or mixed goods.?
Nbtmh In drntuiri inrtn* riolnx dentA) work better than m> rmpallUr
IlK.NTIHrn HA VIC HtrCKP.IIKD. Thirty yoara of pr??t Ira I riixrWaM la
Cur inarutm of lulliw and reliable dentUtry. Thla I* your nppMtlllty
ban iMd Intb at a wimH? prleo?why aat aaaapt ItT
Hr Dr.
value rewliwl. no
born proven by
work done without tha ullfhtest nemblaneo af pain
? ? - - - - ? - ? - ailata
only for
profit. II haa
ido of aatlaflad
Wndl ?
That Haa Bern My Keeord for
fltaff af Export rarefa! Ilea
the Paat M Year*
Term a af fiomeat to Null?Kiamlnatlon Free.
Cleaallneao la one of aar many utrlkln? feature.
My perfect
Suction Teeth
WIU Not Slip
tr Drop?$5.00.
i It lier f*eta of
TmHi.S5.09 up.
Gold Crown*
anil Bridyo
U 94 W
Per Tooth
It I a.
Open Every Evening Until 8 o'clock, and on Sunday* 10 AJI.
to 4 P..M. Lady and makla In attendance. All work Fully Gu
anteed (or 20 Year*. Kindly keep name and location of on
office In your mind.
Dr. Wyeth,
427-29 7th Street N. W.
Uppoolta Lanaburah A Bro. and our uraed
Union Toa Co. Lirirat and moat thoroughly
equipped parlora la Waahlngtoa. Ph. U. 7MI.
U fie
HM1S Cherrq
35c and 60c
Alarm Clocks
M allinckrod? s
Quality Peroxide
4-ounce bottle 10c
8-ounce bottle 15c
Pint bottle 25c
21 bout.
aomely n 1 o k a1
plated. guaranteed
Alarm Clock, with
a accond band; A
. reliable timepleca
and ettactlre
EZ Tablets
azi unua- , *
ut.1 Table at 89c.
Bunion Inflamed
Fairy fool Brought
instant Relief
19c?3 for 50c
Denatured Alcohol
50c per Gallon J
aa badly In ___
'bat the flret Fairrfoot
" end (
w?c nrvi ri
platter relieved ft iBatantly, a
banioa he* Dot bothered me ii
YMryfoot (tope the pels et once end literally
tnelte away the bunion formation Feet
return to oonxial aizefcnd ahape. Guaranteed
and aold on free trial. Sok* bjr lead.o* dealer*
-quick relief for
cold in ihe head
39c lb.
ruarv Feature
Price SOc
Her they's
Vi Pound
A Sale of
Finest Hair Nets
6 for 59c
12 for 98c
We guarantee the Peoples De Luxe Hair Nets to be the equal
of any on earth?to be perfect and to give ABSOLUTE SATISFAC
They are made LARGE to fit well, and STRONG to wear well.
Peoples De Luxe Hair Nets are made from carefully selected, care
ully sterilized real Human Hair, unquestionably the best procurable.
Peoples De Luxe Hair Nets are packed in dainty boxes of six and
twelve, that they may be sold at a decidedly low price and that you
may purchase in a convenient quantity.
Mind you! Finer human hair?more delicate in mesh?more
lurable in service?more dependable in col^r?more invisible on the
?And a new one always handy in the box.
All Colors?Cap or Fringe Shapes
Single or Double Mesh
Save at Peoples on
Toilet Articles
Azurea Face Powder 83c
Coty'* L'Origan Face Powder 69c
Nadine Face Powder 42c
Java Rice Face Powder 39c
Dame Nature Face Powder 29c, 45c
Jardin De Rose Face Powder SOc
Mavis Talc J 9c
Mary Garden Talc 23c
Johnson's Talc 18c
35c Cutex Nail Preparations 29c
35c Lustrite Nail Preparations 29c
De Miracle Depilatory. . . .53c, 89c, $1.75
El Rado Depilatory 49c, 8Sc
$1.00 Mando Depilatory 79c
Neet Deodorant 69c
Odorono 25c, 45c, 63c
Mum 23c
Nadinola Cream 42c
Stillman's Freckle Cream 42c
Elcaya Vanishing Cream 38c
Frostilla 23c
Azurea Vegetal $1.15
Pinaud's Lilac Vegetal 95c
Coty's L'Origan Extract, hulk, oz. . . $2.29
Mulsified Cocoanut Oil 39c
Hays' Henna Shampoo 39c
Farr's Gray Hair Color Restorer 89c
Herpicide 45c, 89c
Danderine 27c, 45c, 79c
Pepsodont Tooth Paste 39c
Pebeco Tooth Paste 39c
Kolynos Tooth Paste 23c
60c Carmac Tooth Paste 39c
50c Barnard's Shaving Cream 39c
D. A R. Cold Cream (Tubes) .10c, 21c, 42c
D. & R. Cold Cream (Jars),
29c, 42c, 69c, $1.19
As Illustrated
You'll Want This
It's an automatic pencil and cigar
lighter combined; not just a novelty, but
a practical, useable thing every man
wants, and the price is but 35c.
?handsome polisfled
Aluminum Vacuum Bot
tle?full pint size; seam
loss and of exceptional
quality. Our purchase
of a thousand permits
this low price.
Low Prices on
Choice Candy
Ye Old-fashioned Hand-Dipped
Cocoanut Creams, lb 39c
Delicious Stuffed Dates, lb 39c
Planters' Jumbo Peanuts, now, lb. . 39c
Well Maid Crystallized Gum
Drops, lb ,29c
Luden's, Dean's, S. B. Cough Drops,
4 phgs. (no tax) 15c
Sun Maid Raisins, 3 phgs 10c
Earl's Quality Chocolatattrac
tive pound box 49c
Lady Helen Chocolate-Covered
Cherries, pound box 63c
Big Half-pound Bar Royal Vanilla
Chocolate 15c
This Real Good
?made of quality red
rubber, strong and
durable, with excellent
fittings that fit?iUis
an exceptional value
at 69c.
Crane's Stationery
Crane's Mon
trose Linen; 24
sheet* and 24
envelopes of
. good quality
paper In an
attractive bo*
ut 39c.
Very Low Prices on
Home Remedies
Dobell's Solution, pint 15c
Tr. Iodine, 3 ozs 24c
Aspirin Tablets, Bayer's,
Doz., 15c; 2 Doz., 25c; 100, 89c
Edward's Olive Tablets 10c, 25c
Bliss Native Kerbs 45c, 95c
CaMcarets 10c, 23c
Castor Oil, pint 25c
Enos Fruit Salts 89c
Jaynes Expectorant 29c, 49c, 89c
King's New Discovery 49c, 89c
Kondon's Catarrh Jelly 25c, 49c
$1.10 Mastin's Vitamon 85c
Ironized Yeast 89c
Lysol 23c, 45c, 89c
Omega Oil * . . . 29c, 49c
Pape's Diapepsin 49c
Pluto Water * /7c, 33c
60c Resinol Ointment 45c
75c Alophen Pills, 100s. 49c
Alcorub Rubbing Alcohol 59c
75c Analgesique Baume Bengue 53c
Bromo Seltzer 10c, 23c, 43c, 89c
Bromo Quinine 23c
60c Californio Syrup Figs 43c
Carter's Little Liver Pills 15c
Fletcher's Castoria 28c
Doan's Kidney Pills 49c
Eatonic 42c
Lime Water, pint 15c
Marmola Taifets 81 c
Musterole irfyv- 2ffc, 49c
Nuxated Iron . . .(
Nujol .............. . . . .49c, 89c
Piso's Cough Remedy. . : 29c
Pazo Pile Ointment. 49c
Pape's Cold Compound 29c
Phenolax Wafers 19c
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound 89c
Pinex Cough Remedy 49c
Sal Hepatica 23c, 45c, 89c
Epsom Salts, lb 7.c
Freezone, for corns 25c
Father John's Medicine 49c, 89c
"Gets-It," for corns 25c
Gude's Pepto-Mangan 93c
J ad Salts 69c
Key's Aseptine 40c, 75c
Listerine 23c, 39c, 73c
100 Lapactic Pills 29c
Nutra- Vin
The Tonic Wine
Nutra-Vin is a remark
? able reconstructive tonic. It
builds up tired, rundown
systcris;, it enriches the
blood and stimulates the
appetite. Nutra-Vin is
pleasant to take, having a
delightful flavor and odor.
M fl'iMWII
A Tuntr MtW
Price $1.25
t* *4girc

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