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00 me, Who
Mot haf his .,m 021 Df
pat~ it
Xm IL Ast6 Ott. S -
eet Mo.ays We-Ona
has, tes
s ue th"r .- .e
dessViet Wish to o . 3ecute
imbau. Not th
My,' woIld have n
nere serious t a he 4
but fer the t of a far
Mr Norfolk- county ...
One of the bnd flye 6on lae
a raer In him hand and was Wepar.
Inag to use ", o iW ghIlam when
60th officer tntesfeea.
From reports one of the men who
attacked Nottingham -I s making no
e" t, to eenea the ft that he
was an* of eve who visited Not
's home Mu6nday night and
carried him away.
UThe #epartment indicated
oday, ti the face of the state
engott Notinhar could mot
"WAY asaalants, the investi
w. baled.
F. M. aker Left 90,236.
Francis M. Baker who died Jan
g.*-a, o Nw ork left t
value awproximately sNG. 6.
l S to pea tition for letters ad
m-altration fldyesterday #.n pro
bte eurt by the National Metroroll
M 3ank.
"dayth"en the a"e
edr What the doctors seK were
Varlooss lan ad ulpMt al
NO weIk a I bo teating
them t about a Year ,nd fve
With 91 the treatments that
were prescribed to me by several
doctors I received little beneft,
a"they b sadgave
am" mch -I= 4=9:8"auomm
to quit'my werir.
I was Induced by a brother hake
man to -,try Peterson's Ointment.
and after :1 had used two boxes I
maw wqderful results. Tou en
teln butbslng ~ Wdwt
es fad ulers that
your - abnnt Is a curi far them
whim el of*e ftlls, an I
-ae. tried everything. Thank
tag you. viy times over I am,
Iftft Crek- ich. 42 Glenwood
avem-, Janmry 12. 1,16.
"I kW and 4osmm of pople
0000. me," M" PeteOMa of ~Aiio.I
that Pteren'& Ointment aim
cues esena. oM mores, salt rhesum,
i and all skin diseases, and al
sell a big box for 36
" ail ordere filled by Petir
sent Otmaent Co., Inc., BElfto,
For mal by Peoples or O'Don
nei's Drug Stores, Inc.
same, ee
.. es.
- anmd 6mes
r. I
8 Perdent
Ce. .In add tt
Buy nowt
All Leas Sseee'ed I
Rob't.R. W
- - Flecal i
Su=te 423.5*4 long a1d
Tel. l
brotight by
husba Is
ho 6lW=m
left in.
from her.
The aalenu In this city
wil be diseusped omorrow morning
2o'dock at the District butltng
re Omnrce Hoover
and nt Wiliam H. ing of
Them Dommissioners have
invited all those interted In the
question ti be present. It i ex
pected that representatives of build
lng loan associations will atten:g the
contence an wall as the principal
bUsimeas and, trade organizations,
T real estate bor, the Federation
af Citizens Atse ations, the American
o4erteon of lAbor and the Asso
aited Charities.
ANNAPOLIS, March 9.-Urging
paSNge of the bill to make operative
the mothers' pension law In Mary.
land. Jacob M. Moses. former judge
et the juvenile court for Baltimore,
and Louis H. Levin. secretary of the
Pederated Jewish Charities, appeared
yesterday before the house ways and
means committee,' which in consider
I1gthe measure,
ere ts now on the statute books
a law providing for all the ma
chinery of a mother's pension, but
fail~p to provide funds for its ad
min trtion has rendered it inopera
Sh.lare is a Matter of Fitness
Whe. He Ceases To B. Strong
I se Usa eb s waS WIeed heata seu fors
sig .OiUUU. pa can't help It; with~ pee
ggi tangid, has yemar it. ~and fall behind.
re,.., s.. osse ~eeSa aMm ed 'esh
se...e suit. Ea olet
La& cnd m.ud i. l Ln
m., see: n.x caeWU4
ae, sa, Is smi es. L LZ
Us'..- - ....i5 We ....,s
r. enab~s,
and Safety
.s aitaI ste k now
rWl soon advance In price.
y, Real Estate Mortgagee
right & Co.
g., Washhagtn, D. C.
U 6448
. ~ }3
Of Ks' K. K NOTE
. Ie U om r Page.)
Carolina. I oa making out wonda
fully well. I had been treating sow
oral hundred patients in' this little
town when all of a sudden my busi
ness went to smash.
"As far an I could learn the other
doctors In the town were after me.
I had been treating patients with all
of the modern medicines and was
having a good deal of success. Word
of my work wax spreading through
the county and an a result I incurred
the displeasure of the other
"About four weeks ago I received
a letter. It was 'signed K. K. K.1
and ordered me out of town imme
diately. I didn't know what might
happen so I thought It best to leave
right away. I am'on my way to
Baltimore where I intend to get the
medical association to help clear
my good name."
Wallace Was Broke, of Course.
The stor4 is not told here in the
same words of Wallace. Nor i the
smooth tone of the man's voles
heard in this reptition of the princi.
pal features of- the tale. Neverthe.
less the story went strong. And as
a result:
The Owl garage on Pennsylvania
avenue northwest donated gas.
Police Heipt im Out.
Two downtown policemen gave
the man 82.
A Greek restaurant keeper gave
up 81 and a bkg of grub.
W. S. Beckett, 3481 Holmead
place northwest. relined the breaks
of the "doctor's" car.
N. Bortnick; who lives at 83 Q
street northwest, and who keedsu a
junk shop on Georgia avenue, do
nated an automomblie wheel and four
Last night Wallace left town. He
said he was going to Baltimore.
"As moon as I can get in touch
with Prof. Dick O'Halloran,
.Johns Hopkins University in Bl
timore, the investigation will start
rolling." Wallace said before leav
ing. "He will see that a million
dollars. if necessary, will be Dput be
hind this probe. Real men will be
sent to South Carolina to look after
the matter.
Praise for Washingtem.
"The people of Washington cer
tainly have treated me Uike a prince.
When I get the 85,100 my patient
owe me in South Carolina, I shan't
forget any of them.",
All ,f which is well and good.'
But, asks the ga'lage owner, the
policemen, the restaurant keeper,
the repair man, and the junk
Is his story 0. K.?
Nobody knows, but there are a
lot who care.
Washington Is certainly a hos
pitable town.
DONO0N0O. suddenir on March 619233,
LAURA T. DONONOO, beloved dsb
ter of the late John and ais
Denohoo. Funeral from Sacred Hear't
on Friday morsing, Marsh 10, at 0
WALSH. On Tuesday, March Y, 13,
at 6:30a. mi..a Ii 6.H treet mote
e thy Walsh and snether .1 Mrs,
Daniel A. Rerlibr. Funeral freom
her late residence Friday. March 10,
10e3.nat sre a e' them toS
requiem sa will be said for the re
pose et her soul. Interment at Mt.
Olivet Cemetery. RattIves and
friends inved to attend. .e
F06k MO
Mrs.Tanh4snIted W1t Him
Me t ge
fer somne -,--"
i ng W010110 weanlthad succes
have man's tastes and prec
vities, to eooq. more in the
lvoro suit Mrs. I01ae Hart.
ing Parnha ' tis bed Jos
H. Parnhae, mfionalre aet e
the MlIee. Plat, and In
fluentisl In the piano trust,
Parhem ws.n teen-llar-a
week ojerk whn aarried Loutse
Harding, a A hO, twenty
years age. Through Ng years di
want and struggle tberaised their
beautiful daughter, non
eighteen years oM. Their savings
went to help Prnham get an in
terest in the plte maeftituring
company and presently he becamo its
president. -
Noeuraged - eanL
During wartime. when the manu
feature of pianos abroad was for
bidden. Mrs. Parabamn encouraged
her tasband to bab out into the
exporting field, such snoossa
that. be received as offer to man
age. the Kohler & Campbell o.,
Inc., one of the erseatudano man*
facturing concesns in the country.
John 0. Campbell. ot that
MOr, was - of , the on
Piano Coma! y. and he saw in
Parnham's the prospect of
great prosperitg- tr the argew
company. 'Ex non, absorption,
and all the uA.-tripnings of a
"trust" formation followed. Parn
ham was at 'th6 *sfth of -his ca&
roedr. His wife, shrewd and eon
stant adviser, othlibled him to take
advantage of stoek boom in
1919 and wheun he armistice and
stock o s me urged him te
get out. fortunate Invest.
ments, he g y increased hi
growing weattl&.
Breath A Temiads.=
Then causen temptation., Mrs.
Parnham and her daughter went
to visit relatives in Canada in 1920,
and 'while there she received a
message from her husband to meet
him In the Iroquois Hotel. Buffalo.
She did so ad learned that Parn.
ham had deelded they should live
apart. - There had been sapy rifts
in teh lute n arital bhppineft
durfi the tes years mo" Dr
19; 190; at thisWa 01"Agpg
stChurs, -but nne habd
seemed Pon men 1
Parnham. however. toM his wift
her temperamental idlosyncraaies
had grown upon him until he had
decided he could as longer stand
the strain. It would be better, he
thought, if they lived apart, at least
for a while. This conviction had
thrust Itself upon him, he explained,
while she had been away in Canada,
ANNAPOLIS. March 9.-Benator
MeIntosh introduced today a big
providing that after January 1. 1921,
all legal ezecutions in this StatU
shall be held at the House of Correo
It directs the superintesnt il
that institution to provide d "4th
ciamber, fitted with the most ap
proved devices for hanging oris
A novel provision of the bil Is
fee of $25 for the spiritual adviser
the condemned - person. A simlsa
fee is provided for the physician
the House of Correction.
DENVER. March 3.-Wilis A
Troy, jr., ChIcago broker, and hW
wife Peggy, were arrested in4
drawing room of a passenger rl
when it pulled Into the Denver
tiony here yesterday merning.
Troy is wanted in Ciaofor the
alleged embealsent o
from 0. P. Redmond's Co., brd ,
accordisig to the pifnhe.
Teu Need Net Have a Cd
17 In iewhoa yu feel te tie
wyusptent of a Col seoning on.--Adv.
lDo yo .Ieye .n~ a Who
Alice Howell semit.
-AH t 8M siee wa b 5w
over Tar Nie "s "W", at
yor%* cbl",f"Sft M"! *m
at thO frst OPU"Ug mt to
sheerh hether "
ten If hM' u you ery
.arnst.y .1 r. a e y -wat
Ita YOU are are.
Walti -
That to the waraigg that $r5.
Edith N. Craven gives to young
gIs who are espertencing the
ang of "pupy love.">
The twaty-five-year-et#
her young pm Stely
has jast ben 0Mdvores
eai t s' oag at
los. s . .W a a~
"I sArred t a d= and new
that IK eMan relpent in
vain! An Blvised, psmature mar
riage tq easily entered iato. but
hard to etMout cf!"
-Mat at a '
"I was only thirteen wheW I first
met Tom.* *b We lived
across the Stet - 0 each ote.
The first time hoe me he wned
and tribd to tai, w I ran aWay
w only fifteen when I went
to M nrt dace.I felt self
consciou and a" thoug I had at
last stopped euto chfldheed Ite
fulifledgd maturity. I found my
"al regarding av aot a sew point
of view. TheyZ had Udenly taen
on a strgo teUa.
-nThe -vnn -- wa f over when
my girt friend with whon I had
come to te mo dged y
auwthbar die whisored. ezctely.
It was T raven. As we went
off to the dance floor I knew that
two eyes were Saxing after us
enviously. I felt a Strang intb.
,Von. and befe the evening was
over I was quite Mare that I WOinn
la'* with the bo- had hitrto
"Two years PM... Ote 11
had noticed that TeM esm
wamosknar. e j - 0,
esAta* 11 thatMO
8ummed At &h
ne evening. whem be wa%
hteen and I seventeen. that he
I told myself that If I married
Why March Is
meet eAwwr
-us anath of
the 'year be
cause the
change oCsam
son Is more
than a good
many sys
tems can
stand. T o o
often it is
true that the
sick laet
only till
spring." 1ut
if the system
Is fortified, if
the impurities
are driven
-rom the
and the neroe tissues fed
with wholesome and strength-givin'
*od medicine, there is no danger
in the change of season.. Father
Jehn's Medicine ?s invaluable as a
~lIe e rng. If streghn
denous waste matter-builds up the
body. It Is this power that has
cdsand thra troubles. No
weakentlig sthaulants, mnorphine, or
ether dangerous drugs.
Ah! Pain Is gone! it. Jacobs Oij
a lmsabost lIke mndglc. ..
Quickly?-Yes. Ahnoet instant re
uftra sorenss, stiffness, lame
miss and pain follows a gentle rub
bigwith St. Jacobs Oil.
this pen~trating oil
* onb yourasek and re
Mesepu USt. Oil isa harme
e.,. wh neve, s.....s.. and
dsen't burn the di$a.
-oen you wU Br that u
ever hadla weak ,ok besasse It
wrenet hurt or be st1f or lame.
s'tssffertGet a maa til bet.
et eMI hone t . Jacobs 0I
*u11 . ad gt
Ie C
In 1914 whoen A was seoloUs Crab
We tor o ames alylm rt m ige o ae
Ived teeroW*V wo yeou% whenk bee huU desered her.
Mrs. Craven was given custody of dlr si-ear-old child.
him I would ao lnghave to suf- Ing h rotumi houe in an unpasaw
fer the = f . Ad s. ant mod.
in it e 0114mi 11 00asstsi f"Thr _Wa an ft~wohaaine or
We wers just two Irrsesponsible chil- sh" wO* thuabdins ,
dren,.and as such In the first tow tions. YUs next IhJ IWeut hone
months of our mrriage we were to nobW, takig II Thaes with
haw ~hwnt me.
.It's too late to be M w,"
der. Had I done the right thing af- she bles h Mos
ter all? goldz hair. "Ph, It only leVr
"Winally be difted back to cotaids tb, *es'. 69 twentylve
friet and dances. But the break to a" utb.
di not come until after the baby .Itbtr after all, to wait
arrived. Timhe egn to come o amet 7 40d thin ese
home later every evening. Ops even- bove the hmo al eV
than a bath
-. It just makes you ovCI
You Ade Lffebuoy's health p
elesm ight dwn- into 'the ;
waken the colls-start a heall
You feel Lifebuoy'i pure p.
oconut oils soften and retreal
You f6el a delightful vigor ov
For theflrst timeperhaps in:
-e reas in year--our akt
pst anltlan. It Is the lnest
assi . man' aI th
3= lor
t Paci~e ft i
HW, Oakbg
L Great. he"d Des dogolqe
rest. ami other. Wia of
gem d cii
AvW ft Play k
KMl wie sa in the no" ao
thr" I On&4l t Ifot LMU
-mo Fmoti at Phyidmilw
dhmeDtlw aqi th-ove Wos,
icew 3k-lie.
ofhe POOA", Me
Switak the=A mRR
Pmt A" ie.t ne o
yff. -t -
yo witih,.the..Waebgg,==
D.C.of OW keW N&W "K
smn 4 rmtl -
o 9*9udPlo omot
Isi noOLA .waIom
3LI b e ' I

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