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Knabe Mignonette Grand
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est honor since 1837-and have maintain
ed the same high standard-for the fin
ished instrument represents the maxi
mum effort of masters in piano construc
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center mirror. .. .. .......
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amHouse & HerrmIIann Svut n
OaeS IAN r enetn.
Harding banks Hbm Banner
Sever .f Cabinet
se on m ke msr
To War t is back u0
a pre.war bas,.
Under diretis of John W. Weeks.,
ca14 "the bUased mAan of -the fabl,
net," the erganifst inherited frA
the WOMn admlnlstration has dur
In0 the year just cosed bee pae
ally dImInitshe with peat Tbw to
the GOTernment, it in by ?A
publican leaders.
The department has been octled
during the year with a variety of im
portant matters. Outstanding =mOn$
these were the adjustment ina"i'
to reduction of the regular army to
150,00 men, Inauguratt" of the pO
visions of the nationas deferNe act
and the carrying out of oblatiens
and duties remaining from the World
War, such as the interment of flea5
soldiers In their final resting plaes.
disposal of surplus property and
equipment. and the adjustment et a
great mass of claims left over fron
the previous administration.
The major porthO of the work of
contracting all activities of the mil
tary establishment is practically
oomplete. What remains to be doe
is being undertaken with a view to
preserving as far as possible thee
parts of the war-time organination
best staited too permit expanSIon
quickly and economically in case of
another emergency.
Lope Of a rene.
When Mr. Weeks assumed the job
of secretary of War be announced
that the keynote of his administra
tion would be economy. He lopped
off estimates with a merciless band.
President Harding has bea
pleased with the manner In which
the heads of the* various executive
departments have followed out his
program of economy in goverfament.
but he has made no secret of the
fact that he regards Secretary
Weeks as the banner Cabinet semn
bet In so far as savings to the
Government are conoerned.
Following are a few of the Items
which go to make up the War De
partment's economy record:
A saving of approxinately $4.000.
000 by reduction of army transport
service and withdrawal from active
operation of 225 vessels In harbor
boat' service and coast artil)ery boat
service: $30,000 by limitation of an
nual reports; $300000 by putting
shoe, clothing and hat reir shos
on a self-supporting [email protected]; ,1,55,
000 through sale of waste; $816000
by laundry operadMi; $400,000 by
use of stock of compreseed forage:
$4.900.009 by reoraniLsation of sup
ply depot s om. threly reducing
rentals an personnel; 24,000 On
uniforms; $730,000 by reorganisation
of the remount service, and $1,200.
000 hy revision of clothing allow
These are only a few of the
econondes effected.
Wh'bere %avings Made.
In addition to its other activities
the War Department has carried
on an enormous selling campaign
for the disposal of vast quantities
of surplus property, the inevitable
aftermath of the war. The total
ret value of supplies declared sur
plus since March 4. 1921, was $804,
Motor vehicles to the number
of 12,680 and costing approximately
822,212.674 were ransferred to the
Department of Agriculture, and 20
motor vehicles, costing approsi
mately 1550.000. were transferred to
the United States Veterans' Bureau
to be used for vocational training.
Upon recommendation of the War
Department the great transport
Northern Pacific was transferred
to the United States Shipping Board.
ffecting a saving of about $1,000,
00 to the Government. The United
tates army transports Chaumont
and Argonne were lent to the Navy
Department, which otherwise would
have needed to estimate for new
The War Department has re
taed control of fourteen cantoni
ments, thirteen of which were used
luring the war for mobilization of
national army divisions and one for
a national guard division.
ROME, March 9.-Tranquility has
been restored In Flume and It is es
sected that Italian troops that put
lown the disorder. soon will be
withdrawn, maid a dispatch from that
ity today. The Italian deputy
ignor Giurlati. formerly chIef of
sabinet under Gabriele d'Annunslo,
las been selected temporary regent
my the political parties.
Efforts are being made at Flume
to create a coalition government lb
which all the political factions will
lava representation.
LONDON. March 9.-The internal
ituation in India gives eause for
erious anxiety, Baron Rawlinsont,
'ommander of the British army in
[ndia, declared in a speech at Delhi,
iccording to a Router dispatch fromb
that city today.
"The ability of the Britishi govern
ent to maintain law and order
will. I fear, be tested at no distant
The British military calcf said it
was impossIble to reduoe the British
forces 4n India at the present time~
'becaune of revolutionary propa
a. et
U1119 Ah as As
sote 0111164,ug e A a b
Is a #Ism th es
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rhtnessand bu
dance.--Ad m t. a" 0*
r Uer ad 0WW
Ver 60 years. mid Dr. Carey. I have
bees preseriblin Marsk-RAee fer ,
liver and bladder sekuse, and mew
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have made arrangements with tedlag
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mira. N. r.
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tion FMo anuoh
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dedin ensaI gemisw
dave Hi0' Taowa oft" W11111101
and rho8A. lway .he
hand --hr eIurprtetin
.13 M31. S W.H H.A m tT.
HW p heckt Cie talagelotemi
Tabletr taken guarl, m
trion, lo iaityade
da.ge,....eonitis th.
,1.... Hil'....,tsa...e..
an home ~ lw ath e
An vaU"'''g--ela.Dr wles
.$.9 M R
a msusma u jma
vaos-o eetreUDY e h rutofmn t h
"a best h
I Speia, ord Tor rsdaylo,2r
hn ourRmrnBmau
e. L- - do n come b, merely wishing for the-. Such ra
. ~T~L~alinmtbe offere 4AY-m the rsuft of many r~ the%
As-t jaut the ,.-mo who U
a er upus, our "buynti are ken enough to know Jut where to go for
0best of bagan-si when toSo.
U ~No QueSIoThat Ohe Phac to GO to TO. E
U l".dayste IW *".. s Rar. "hrg a'serte
1 eTow" 7 for Dmi* T 4 Yards for 7 . . G .v.es, 2 Pairs
If~~~u imported heme; eut.es t
1011 Nvenallk, woads -~ e a.d; Dtn s,.i ; 24t.,[email protected]
seh ? -P . Dola r naspeia, 0 ; einboldered
-M G Ihas. bo6ka;Yd fraosra colors; .iAe.
GDnamak 1% Yards Bunting 14 Yi. eA e al -
al -0 ea W I wiite;eany meA ad.ers at 4 forel
an~" Dollar ~WjM. 14 Womis fine rib ab
Se oa O'"* 70'6 $1E knid reifored **he,"ece.
S - Towa at 4 r am 3 nw Ves, 4 forblck
I Nig a o n, 5 Yards Trkiash, 20 Yards f* : r*-' .
-6Uchh PIaMObM- mr t:ap. Doloar er.
IFHr"w WOMURas r Ib be0d
aingham, 11 Ya M lengths;. shor sleeveless; SiSX to
17 sss. ont.Speia, fa Secany0r s ard Speca. 4Doll r pe .00, it.
-0 Varlr. of 3l-neh wif $
sGr sug, Yollr. 1-, : a n.'- . L0 09"
ymb. Dol.ar speca, 6 ywi SUP k Vests 4 for
Ndr Gow, 2 for Cane, 20 Yards for toe, 6lm ribbed
drakesel. Unnd1 blears ached absrlbo esohback,
e rimed blo uat UntG ~~em or WNWhlaw ?nck or
a" SOAo7 ent; linen color. Do- sleeveless; does 56 to 44 Dol
ir doe Dollar special, - :o 1. 20 yM N and Ipeo; . 4 S e t 1.. D to.
S ". - 25e 5Y1ds t. da. ,
* Uterer, 2 for ane Yards Bor Hose, Pais for
out ans; saasn u tu9 . $ DW e ana flettc g
S=w-r pe"ed s s 1., oa .
a ,pre wth oke Wieom mi e; m lahe,
e02100601 l Cetrecs at brwn. gray a white
re.ul an- e ctra OWN . Des stripes i e c06, t cotton stckingu; double hel
* a Ipeela, S for SIM. so. yads *$I. kWW,- an -S le o1.Dla
dy. 2& C to an YdL s pecLa $ today.
aCuteAprMas for ru.. Ruprs thif, 2 for
a"per~ 01ti~ AIM Creepers,
calsI with. an il:$ 1 lnelette NightU
k 'k niat iZ 2 Scarf a for oats. kteS c inurs and
o9W fr. I to ne, at 4 w' hemise. Dohr
lDe0p8e cial,'-.. I for toay.
- MOt gr,.ttgets with lace centera rsad2 p
hite, 2 edPesr Dofo rarsp. for Handbag for
oatitend" -;ten I W,0 5 .wn a $1- ata
woan'ea, wah s,*&e, , Wnm "'t leather,
la. Dollar pecialra A . ,4e-n , a s . e, - -pe with vanity
le -cen.t-s, "t.rror; black andi colors. Dol
edg. . pW Spcal at $ tedao .
"'- I h ei g 12 Yardsr go| ".*'i ali
am-- 2 frggcgot,0 yard^ *Am. DnrSell a$.0
Paais 2eor, 1ya~Lr . t$1a50Sik Hifs 12 for
Burke e :eaDr",e-" 130 to Yad value*
Una*91" 0e n ce to Unne, M v ee wui hs; seer lawn.
J3 eau, Dollar Ola, . edges; for bureau.. M or ald -e- e
Htoo bh ith. etc. D e, Special at" s.rtay
ae v $.5 ah Coer Laluse 2c UP *
Glves, 2 PaO for 1 Yr i lt Men's; poinr ri.
White obameiette; na'tor SU'i. 10 Ya -ld
Woamns: 313.bittn t W' I th &dnmw Vk spcil is fo 15141F
3 length., wainhawis memo beidins for eurtae. A E
Petr: an$17 e off c a" $1.0a. eels and te : baikrow
u;al Dollar Spe.'al whuaSwoine day.
* os, .a toa1. laeca . UoAn. W Sint,; f o r ta.
geday. loned. rlfmd
rumbW Night Gowns d4% ee lM U .m ;. 4
Made fMlly Doe a * . 1r, .Ur. toia. 4
ai IIi. S; ofrlm $1 al 1 tf
S em. with V Seck. tai0. 01* . I.: .. r
w io.g ,,nn - Special, 4% r fs' He, 4 Pairs a
* Doar Speo, a. s ur1n1y Stury Ribbe fos $1
Dr. Shtin , 12 Yards ror A; parn 2 f a
$ p.rals; e $i. Car, ' yards; n. Deol$a SOf Wik lse Ar U
u,e Doala. Spo, pari .uo ~g~~., Uf2 a--tw Woen strictl $1
cha, .;a a. e cks , 5 v ais hadlk b rot: ihslcedr- el
* anT'Deau, 4 for ,c"ng. D.*:D- oll ese..
A ,,,, W.||" et, ,, lie;' -- 1 teolA a2 U r el loas .
H ie ook et ack d wit.cial, a' pi ,$,te~."" '; ea
s~lal, rLrs'.t'. $159 CocRoes ilose, 4 ar fr"ai""anPrs
ChichAprons,,2Inoroeenh;,fine ri ,,n,1
--Poy Prm," r sa ma gn 0 hanIs Doall spneial-a
bewthe wh te atead- Wa.. Specil u si a.0 tday.
Tffi alle. Dol ,, A AharthCrocks ats
sal d1 SerAP.s e. n obr;!' Union Suits, 2 for nb t a
P ils'a Tpa r sse sleeves and toeanght ; l ein aumo:e wlam ook; reI.
wit lorebrotere 1 SAsp. tTfiu7*to I waen m ar-e
and7** Ion;' 3.- ' BlSoomergs, 4 frs Ban d loesn atvs
at Saen ed fokne*",li|"an"e leng'a she4:' t 50
slara , e tc. e u De woeenas; 21 Dollarte bSeckl 2or ro .n. Do.
Dollar Spcal.dsn $1 firs qutseamless ar. seila 10,t
rss Amproqunts, for "awo fas'dbak inne"-TOAY Lets
D o refirst iitb fo 5hPlasR Bar ain Babment.
I ae ianaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaa

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