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araellem-the s e eas
keet)ory.-tt souy andesst .
Costs you no rnore,-and
ya mc be sure of all
arund nourishrnent and
perfect safety in your
mmtvital food.
It's pur country mnilk
with the cream left in.
roU~ cmb mo U
.m~f LVuet esud
1,v& te cea Ifte dn.
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asokyou ed
%It. to be. eate uBam'
P betieft the nW. Dr. John
ocab stiws a" Ykestrical WA
Pae William A - the Hp
pdrene. &ad w natures
erave" p~s Ur rwill have
tob t ritb the w
reports of rde
a t and things.
Daft ha he would ao
ow~p Dr. stratout'. all to de
bate the q u~na to whether
the o! ee and anyh or actors
Sn and nhaatt m u of
churoh and. stage gefterahY. 00d
nu~ped the aI was th Pce
and itda# = n as the time.
thMe. Brady i mistaken," Dr. otn
ton aid t~. didn't challenge
him to a debate, and anyhow I have
e revival meeting at any church neit
Sunday gitternoon, so could not take
up the issue then. What 1 did Pro,
pase to Mr. Brady W that he co
operate with me in the arrangent
of pea religious services and In
trutclon for stage people. to held
In theaters on Sunday decent cit
There was no uggection Of furW
debate. and I think people are sik
of uch debate. anyhow. But I have
o abandoned my di Of special
serices or stage peop ana itte
later I am igoing to take up the mat
ter and arrange them." I
The Rev. Dr John Haynes Holmes,
describing l elf as a "paionate
lover of the theater." declare in a
prepared statement that conditions
in he theaters today are intolerable.
an unmitigated scandal and a stench
in the nostrils of every decent citi
.Of thirty-pine productionS-now I
New York, the pastor holds nine sy
tIndecent that they Should be banish
d as "no more entitled to display
on a public stags than gbae or
sewerage on a public street.' It
such conditions continue. he warned
censorship Will snrely com and the
blame for it will belong "On the
theatrical managers who put them
filthy plays On the boards for the
sake of dirty money.
Congressman Ogden U Mills (ReP.)
of New York,. bas been selected by
the House Republican Committee o R
Committees to succeedA. B. Hough
ton as a member of the House WaLY&
nd Means Committee. Mr. Hough
ton has been conlirmed as Ambassa
dor to Germay.
Mills leaves the merchant marine
committee and his plate there is to
be filled by . . Hogan. Republican,
New irtk i
Other s ttee assign ent made
by the Republican commltts an coi
mttee WaW Qsbne . California.
wha -,A A
b ee mmn um
th Aeft t Dr. Rel.
fouael3 fdmio otepli
and took ih oepad
read 60 domI
D. C. 3eU .
amount of $31., to
atand a cownal fa~ ow
town are in m d wy dN
sire as an .EgaMINS to Mae
this contrlb t toma" 0l
o s so m
cme nly o p
eveoe "c00m 'I au moasa
boen= Dr.- NOV.I*SIU.
a"d Murphy. Ohio. ~raU .
Linberser. NaMWal.I.ar
bor" ClaIwa. foreign affairs; AA.,
mamusit. Va ar.
and Taylor, Now Jorfey. dumetsU
No. 1.
ino thele ot two mlessa
Into a batl eetlala thme
oune of Orchard Whito. which
any dru otore wiliply amb a
tw cents. diake well. and -you
have a quarter-piat el hann ad
delihtful emm-bheh lotion to
oten man whites rod. roueh or
bppod has. This boeme
led~oR lotion In ftr suaerbor to 917-0.
win and rose water to mnmeothea
the shim. Famous n sae hsuilhl
urnIt o hso afid brigaq
swuitrrw hte eml.
beas I e' hgtb.AWr
A wave @ as af swept~throqh Latiuner. The woman was too .ye-k to FIGHT him for the bawadi
..lt was by hunger,"isaid Sk~e.0
'Ton daiys in adjoinaing rooms-a glass
partition between so that they could
see but not encourage each other. On
the ten day the 'glass partition was removed Two men and a slim, seventeen year old girl whirling through air from
and one piece of broad thrown in to them, as trapeze to trapeze, high up against the topmost canvas of the giant cir- -
meat in thrown to starving animals caged to- And this was the first time without the safety net. Then the
gether-=you know the rest. It was dificult for girl with only ONE manl And she HATED himrI All she had to do..
the to sepate them-they hadtUb (See this tory of conicting love g fhate-tfe best .tgry FnaM
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death grapple ih that one small pisc_
ofbread-and you say that couldn't happen
nowI Would you make the test?"-Would The Woman
YOU? And wrould you stand it better than
Ltier did? WhO Cheated
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Lillian Russell ells
-what the King of England whispered to her in the Royal Box at Irving's Theatre; why
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Has a, Girl who g'ves her love to
marred an n rght o lapp* A OL D ENNETT, Edwin Bal
amrid ayn r toa i mer, P.G. Wodehoe,eRobert
lichens, Montague Glass, Edgar
ness? Broken Barriers; Meredith .Guest, John Fleming Wilson, Mary
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