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Piotures Tesok History.
W,446 Too Much-Just
Idleness tE&ng its Head.
* AMTUU -n
(tosprIst. Less.)
Tbe Buae Aires 'eg
society Ia *atmuey s: an M
pWelat to hpt for the gigan
tic peilotanUs. hug. creatue
suppeded to ha' survived frvm
ancient times in Patagonia.
The big asbal may be any
wheM from thirty to sixty feet
111g, pe0g6 like a nake
and something like a bird. It
will be bant* with dyna:nite
and elephant gMs.
It is medemtely safe to pre
diet that it will not be found.
It does not seen probable that
creatures that could have lived
on this earth millions of years
ago could breathe the changed
atmospher, of todag.
When the plesiosaurus was
alive no human being existed.
A thousanid of our primitive an
esters, if they had existed,
would have been helplessi against
it. Now a boy of twelve could
blow its small head to pieces
with a charge of buckshot.
Professors of Yale, through
the University Press, are pro
paring to tsach history with
moving pictures. Ths' this
Would happen was predicted by
this writer many years ago,
when the moving picture was
housed In vacant lots an little
halls and people wondered "how
long it would last."
I It's a long jump from cunei
form inscriptions or hieroglyph
lea to the moving picture that
could tell you all of Egypt's his
tory worth knowing in an hour,
and tell it so that you would
Rmenember it.
The moving picturz. attacked
today as the printing press was
attackwd when it was new, is
destined to be the greatest of
all teachers and civilisers.
It is said by workers that
2,445 per year is the lowest
sum on which a man can live
deesntly, supporting a wife and
three children under fourteen
at lmaa, et
-i snbeeese
th tal income of the United
States Isn't enough to Pay that
amount pe Year to everybody.
However, what is true this
year may not be true fifty
ear hence. Not long age a
Ident of the United States
complained that you couldn't
hire a ocid workman for less
than $10 a year. Wages change
The wealth of the United
States is what it is because of
the earning power of the aver
age. As you increase the aver
age daily wage. you increase
wealth, increase the nation's
supply of money. and the pos
sible amount that can be earned.
In China, John D. Rockefeller,
Jr., saw men and women carry
Z brick and sand up the moun
side on their backs and learn
ed of a law that forbids carrying
such freight by rail for fear the
workers would lose tieir only way
of earning a living. If you sug
gested a dlilar a day for wages
in China they would think you
More than $2,445 may be~ the
average earning of a man with
wife and children to support some
day. How soon depends upon the
Intelligence of those that control
industry and finance.
Those that control should bear
in mind that the more the little
man gets, the more the big man
can make. There was no fortune
of a thousand millions in the
United States when men worked
for less than one hundred dollars
a year.
Various newspapers day after
day print more or less concisely
what the Congress of the United
States does as its day's work.
Reed it every day, and you will
wait long before you find any
serious reference to the five mil
lion men out of work in the
United States.
It is a curious thing that in a
Republic, widespread idleness
which drive's a few to crime and
many to despair, representing a
national loss in labor of more
than twice the cost of Govern
ment, should arouse no particular
If a farmer had five horses
eating their heads off, doing no
work, he would blame himself.
The nation has five million mom
eating their hearts out, doing no
In Ontario, Canada, you may
manufacture liquor. You mustn't
sell it there, but you may sell it
In the United States. Proceed
ings in court shoy how Canadian
authorities collect a duty of
$13.50 a case on the whiskey as
it is shipped Into this country.
Apparently Canada knows
more than we do about watching
bootleggers, shipments of whiis
key, etc. Possmibly an arrange
ment could be made by which th4s
country would pay to Canada the
318.50 a case, and Canada would
help the United States to catch
the bootle qrs that flood the
dwhgz'Ij) 0lF AE
Iat Vmacato%
Victim Will Try to Make iden
tification-Kian Will Op
pose Lynching.
Two young negroes, Robert
Lewis, twenty-one years old, and
Herbert Hill, sixteen years old, will
ie taken this afternoon before Miqs
Agnes M. Hawken, who was crinsi
nally assaulted Thursday night at
her home at Jackson Station. three
miles from McLean, Vaa
One May Be Held.
Lewis and Hill were arrested this
morning on suspicion of having
some knowledge of the crime, which
baa stirred all Fairfax county.
Miss Hawken, who has sufficiently
recovered to look at the two men,
will be asked to identify either of
Failure to identify Lewis will not
result in his release, it was Indi
sated at noon today by Wilson 14.
Farr. asontant Commonwealth's at
t ey o Fairfag euty. -
psReiug the asgault on Miss
Hawken. They declare that thus
far Lewis' story does not tally with
his movements, checked through
other sources.
Investigatiun this morning brought
out that Conductor Dawson, of the
Washington and Old Dominion rail
way, saw Lewis alight from his car
at Jackson Station at 4:37 Thursday
afternoon, a few hours preceding the
crime. Lewis declares that he did not
leave Washington until 7 o'clock and
that he rode direct to Glendale, a few
miles above Jackson, reaching there
about 8 o'clock.
Police Magistrate Clifton Laugh
lin, of McLean, interviewed Dawson
this morning. He in also checking
up on Lewis' statement that a col
ored man named Jeff Carter, em
ploy* of the Sewer Department in
Washington, got on the car with
him in Washington at 7 o'clock.
Up to noon today Carter had not
been located.
Attorney Farr cross-examined
Lewis this morning.
"Your story and what we have
found out don't jibe," Attorney
Farr told Lewis.
"I'm sorry it don't, but that's the
truth," retorted Lewis.
The arrest of Hill was made
shortly after noon. The young col
ored boy lives within a mile of the
Hawken home and he answers
somewhat to the assailant's de
scription, as furnished by Miss
Employed at Dairy.
According to Lewis' story he is
employed at Wise Brothers dairy, at
3208 N street, and on the day of tte
crime worked until 6:45. catching the
7 o'clock car at Thirty-sixth and M
street for his home in Virginia.
Inquiry at the dairy this morning,
however, failed to show any record
sf Lewis employment there.
"If Lewis worked for us, it was
under some other -name," Mr. Wise
said this morning. The majority of
their laborers, he said, finished about
3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Lewis is regarded by Magistrate
Laughlin as "a bad character." Sev
eral years ago he was sent to the
penitentiary for slashing the throat
of a conductor on the Washington
and Old Dominion line. He has been
out of jail but a few month.
The authorities planned to go to
Glendale this morning to make the
arrest. Magistrate Laughlin. how
ever, who was waiting at the Me
Lean station, saw Lewis on an 01(d
Dominion car, jumped aboard, and
arrested him.
Six Arrested, Five Freed.
Seven arrests of young negr'oee
have already been made. Five ut
them were released after prov'ing
alibis as to their whereabouts on
Thursday night.
The town of McLean is aroused
over the assault, which is declared
to be "one of the most brutal in
the history of Fairfax county." It
has its only rival in the famous
Eva Roy case at Fairfax, Va., sev
sal years ago. Eva. fifteen-year
old daughter of Peter Roy, a
farmer, was assaulted and then
beaten to deth. The perpretrator
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I f
Young Dodge Awaits
Verdict of Jury
Son of Detroit Million
aire Auto King Found
Not Guilty.
-. ...... ......
John Duval Dodge nervously
picture was taken in the court ro
detroit millionaire was on trial o
bile while intoxicated. The jury
Charging that huge profits were
made on cotton excL.anges "with
fingers crossed" in order to influence
prices, Senator Caruway (Democrat)
of Arkansas today appealed to a spe
cial Senate agriculture committee to
approve his bill forbidding trading in
cotton futures on exchange.
"There are two kinds of sales in
cotton futures." Caraway said. "One
kind is legitimate and the other in
made with the fingers crossed. Some
traders have bought a million bales
with their fingers crossed and prices
responded accordingly. When they
crossed their fingers the purchases
were fictitious and no cotton ever
changed hands."
CLEVELAND, March 25.-Frank
Stus. forty-one, today attempted to
kill his wife, two sons and two daugh
term and then slamhed his throat with
a razor, dying almost instantly. One
of the boys, Frank, eleven. is believed
to be dying. The others, it is believed,
will recover.
Police say Szus, out of work for
months, was insane as a result of
Complete Words and Musie
A Delightful Waltz Song
Written By
Ellen Marion
,Will Be GIven Away
Thin i a rhythmic, melodi
ous- song with a romantic and
appealing lyric which charms
lovers of good music. The
song wan most enthusiastical
ly received when introduced a
few weeks ago., It Is on sale
for 35 cents in music stores,
but you get it free with The
Sunday Time.
kwaiting the jury's verdict. The
)U at Kalamazoo when the young
i a charge of driving an auto=o
returned a verdict of not guilty.
Bar Association Will Request
Divorce Probe by New
Grand Jury.
Judge Robinson Moncure, famous
"Little Reno" divorce magistrate,
today will have his bucket of white
wash taken away from hin, and the
appointment of a special grand jury
to probe the Alexandria divorce -x
pose will be asked by the special
bar association committee which
has been investigating the divorce
evil for the past eight weeks.
Two recommendations, of a maior
nature, it was learned today, will
be made in the committee's report,
which will be given out at 2 o'clock
this afternoon, at the final session
of the committee.
The first is that Judge Moncure
will be asked by the committee to
dismniss the "hand picked" grand
jury, which it is alleged would con
duct the probe in behalf of the
famous divorce judge, hearing much
evidence aa he directed, rejecti'ng
such ag he desired, and which would
have received their instructions
from the judge.
The second is that Judge Moncuare
resign in favor of a special ludge,
to be named by the governor, in
order that a regularly appointed
grand jury, might conduct a
thorough divorce probe, before
which certain witnesses, outside of
the court's jurisdiction, would vol
untarily appear and give their
Judge to Refuse.
Neither of these recommendatIons,
i. is declared, will be followed Lay
the judge who has declared that
he will conduct his own probe and
sit in judgment of his own conduct.
Should the Little Rleno divorce
magistrate refuse, however, to step
aside and permit a thorough investi
gation, an argeal 1il be taken to
the governor, it w atthoritatively
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Covering a radius of 1
Automotive Section of
vised and brought up
) in tours to Virginia, i
valhabhle mapn
Of Lo
Gompers Points to Success of
President Obregon in
Restoring Order.
Br Istestles News No" tes.
The American Federation of La
bor, through 8anAeL,#mpers, to
day4am out in favor of granting
to the present Mexican
E t Annowncement to thism
ef fet was made through the Amer
can Federationist.
Order In Mexico.
"For more than a year." said
Gompers. "the present government
of Mexico has been in power and
has maintained a degree of public
order that compares favorably with
that of any qther country.
"If the State Department is op
erating under the formula laid
down by former President Wilson
in refusing to recognize the usurper
and dictator, Huerta, am it seems
to be, the administration of Presi
dent Obregon has undoubtedly met
all the requirements of that form
ula and Is entitled to recognition.
Justifles Recognition.
"The paramount reason why rec
ognition should be extended is that
the Mexican government has com
ported Itself in a manner which
justifies recognition and the Mexi
can government Is a government
which holds its power as the result
of the democratically expressed
mandate of the people."
EALTIMORE. March 25.-In pro
tea! against the adoption of the con
tract system, which carried with it a
rimultanoot's cut in wages, shopmen
of the Western Maryland railroad
employed ire this city went on strike
shortly before noon today.
It is exlocted that the men em
ployed In the shops on the road at
cther points will also walk out. The
walkoidt here was attended by every
dlegree of vrood order among the men.
About 2.000 mven will be affected.
Yt in expected that the maIntenance
of way men of the Western Maryland
system, wlso have already voted an
favor of a strike, because that
branch, too, has been placed under
the contract system, will follow the
'hopmen In their strike action.
Abolition of capital punishment in
the District of Columbia i. provided
for in a bill introduced by Senator
Capper in the Serspte today. The
bill provides for life imprisonment
as a punishment for the crime of
murder and for the abolition of the
gallows in the District jail. It was
referred to the Senate District Com
NEW YORK, March 25.--The de
fense will complete its case in the
abduction snd criminal assault
charges preferred against "Tex"
Rickard by fifteen-year-old Sarah
Schoenfeld on Monday.
There was no session of court to.
50 miles around Washingi
bhis paper TOMORROW.
o-the-minute by the A. A.
Vest Virgrinia and Marylar
st Piz
Moore Picked Up by Tanker.
Tells Gripping Story of
ft naternasaa News arts..
MIAMI. Fla., M" 25.-The
graphic story of Adl
death on the atith AM
or the f~sat ponton of a yr
= 'Ypla e betwan themsad the
water-& losing battle-was told
here today on the arrival of the
submarine chaser 154, which met
the tank steamship William Greene
off this port this morning and
brought to shere the half-dead form
of Robert Moore, pilot of the Ill
fated Miss Miami.
Two Jump INte Water.
The story of how the big flying
boat kept afloat for nearly forty
eight hours after being forced to de
scend on account of a broken pro.
pelier, and how the five passengers
became exhausted through exposure
and panic, two jumping into the
water to end their misery, and the
story of how two women died in his
arms. was related by the pilot.
The story was not gleaned from
Moore when he reached here. He
was in such serious condition that
he was taken to a hospital for treat
ment. The story of the fight for
life was relayed to Miami through
members of the crew of the tank
steamship, which picked up Moore
from the wreck of his plane last
Propeger BLde Breken.
The submarine chaser, In oom
mand of Captain Jones, reached
Miami at 10 a. m.. and the pilot,
then delirious, was taken to River
view Hospital.
E. T. Belichambers, head of the
company which operated the Miss
Miami with other boats, was unable
to see Moore.
The fate at Moore's five paseng
ers-Mr. and Mrs. A st Bulte and
Mr. and Mrs. Law oe E. Smith,
of Kansas City, and J. S. Dick
son, of Memphis, was told by the
captain and member. of the crew of
the tanker. It was related to them
incoherently by Moore after he was
picked up.
The Miss Miami broke a propeller
blade soon after leaving Miami early
Wednesday. Moore told them, and
was forced down. It rode the waves
safely, however, and drifted north
ward in the gulf stream. No trouble,
he said, developed until Thursday
morning, when something struck the
keel of the boat and it began to leak.
Men and women took turns then
balling water.
Thursday night one of the women
became craned and jumped over
board. Her name was not given by
Moore. Shortly afterward one of
the men, presumably her husband.
followed her.
Women Becoet Faint.
ThIs fate of the man and woman
seemed to depress the remaining two
women of the party. They gradu
ally became weaker and finally faint
ed away. For seven and a half
hours. Moore told his rescuers, he
supported them as best he could.
In the meantime another of the
men had slipped off the plane. This
left only August Bulte, vice presi
dent of the IArabee Flour Mills Cor
poration, and Moore, who used the
pump frantically.
Yesterday both men were so ex
hausted they were no longer able to
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;on will appear in the
This map has been re
k.. If you are Interested
d, don't fail to get this {
ine Ric
Former Senator Exiled
by His Second
Fermer United States Senator
from New Hamphire, who, fol
lowing refusal of both American
and French courts to divorce hi
from Mrs. Grace Figser Hews, of
Princeton, N. J., married again
anyhow. His seaond heart's choice
is Miss Hobbs, of New Hanpshire.
They were married In Rome. The
briegrooS cannot return here
without facing a bigamy charge.
His first wife refuses to relent,
saying he has no legal right to
re-wed. For a number of years
Hollis has practieed law In Paris.
YORK, Pa., March 26.-A two
year-old student of psychics here
has done what Dr. Prince failed to
aocomplish at Antigonish. Samuel,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Camp
bell. had for several weeks been the
terrified recipient of an unwelcome
spook's attention as he lay in his
crib. It had reached a stage where
the boy refused to arise because of
the wraith's presence.
Finally, In despair, the child's
father was struck by an idea. He
gave the boy a knife and told him
to stab the ghost. Sammy did so
with alacrity, and now he Is eage~r
to arise voluntarily. The father
wonders whether he should consult
Dr. Prince or a physician.
LONDON, March 26.--The re
turns of the parliamentary election
held at Chertezy, In Surrey. nine
teen miles west of London, made
public today, show that Sir Philip
Richardson, coalitionist, received
11,811 votes, while Gen. Sir Hubert
Gough, commander of the Fifth
srmy in France, and a member of
the Asquith group, polled 9,490
The coalition's majority was re
duced by 7,000.
Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle spent his
thirty-fifth birthday yesterday at
tending his third trial on a charge
of manslaughter growing out of
the death of Miss Virginia Rappe,
film actress.
Besides many telegrams and one
radio message of congratulation
Ar-buckle received a pair of socks
from his wife. Gavin McNab, his
chief counsel, wished him "many
happy returns of the day."
MNiair : lfs Prvalled far
Nabty LsaW-Heart Wed,
Says Ex-Enperor.
(Cowwlrht, IM. by Eterattma nows
BERLIN, March 15.-The Kai
ser's owns version of the historie
night of November 9-10 ins isi, at
German O eneral headquarterM, at
Spa, Belgum, when he usade the de
cesion to flee to Holland is haeruanth
presented for the first tim. The
ersnis that taken from his diary,
ctr g oGet. = o" Eienhat
Roth.. ho soons winl pKU"l a
book concers' the historie evet.
This is what te Kaiser wrote:
"Field Marshal v~on Hisde*sbgw
ad General vot Groexer adt'sed
that I leave the collapsing army
and go to aneutral couusdr is or
der to avert the met terrible cia
war. I had fot a terrific inner
battle sime I di ot wish toes
pose myself to a charge of coward
ice, leavinig that part of my arwy
which possibly remained loyal to
me. I rather would die figff"
side by side with them. Hower,
resposible mil, chiefs even
generaol staff, =declred tGe troops
did not want to fight longer nor
were.they. phvsoally oapeae of
fighting either an enemy or their
own, coustrymen. Thus, six". the
imperial chancellor, Max won Ba
den, in, Cosjmtiou with the social
democrats, basely betrayed "e frm
ambush, there's nothing left for me
to do but to make up my mind to
depart mLy army-I am leamviss
with a bleeding heart."
So much for the Kaiser's evm
au~thenticated testimonsy ofthe
most important eiode of s omen
|o'e' of the inteetg ""asesof"ih
end of the World War and the P,#
ginning of the now historic Ger
man revolution.
By S. D). WEYER,
Interntional New Service statt Caese
(Cepyright, 1922. by Internatenal1 New
BE RLIN, March 25.--Ex-Kaiser
Wilhelm, now sojourning in Ho!
land, but once the mos't powerful
war lord in Europe, went into
exiled lb the cool grav dawn of
November 10, 1918, "not a trem
bling coward, seeking safety, but
against his own will and after
being persuaded his flight was the
only way to prevent a most bloody
civil war in the Fatherland," ac
coing to a book soon to be pub
lished by General ion Eisenhart
The book, written by a Kaiser
admirer, is entitled, "From von
Hidenbug" andthas nthub-title
rem ," ' id by won

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