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Ladi-A few d87 ftaetmt etb
da than all
14911. Aak
perft sow
piStos i
eanse by a
_ Near 18th and Mass. Ave.
Stone front house, 12 rooms,
2 baths; in excellent condition;
a. in. I.; $150 per month.
Near Dupont Circle.
Ten rooms. two baths, brick
dwelling, $150 per month.
Seven rooms, two baths, brick
dwelling, $140; a. m. I.
L Street, Near 16th.
House suitable for business
purpose, $150 per month, a. m. I.
Connecticut Ave.
Large club house. In excellent
repair; a. n. 1; reasonably.
21A and Pa. Ave. N. W.
Fifteen rooms, two haths; can
rent rooms; $150 per month.
Wilbur L Gray
1618 H Street N.W. Maim 4326
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won us a reputation that
we are proud of. Pictures
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age. It is because every
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6Mr. oste's Ubopi
14thSl,0e derfrm Pa.Av.
Cuticura Soap
------S IDEA L
For the Hands
for congi & Caeds
If You Are
= Somethi
= Inspect
!7th AND WE
These honses are different fromi
Smuch deeper and have larger roomi
desiring to rent out room. or a ros
space for themiselves.
=Plenty Room for Garage
STake 9th Street Car te
and Walk Ea
1314 F STREE'
% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Federal Officials Ask for Fleet
to Crush Smuggling From
asterenesa wees eswees,
NAVANNAH, Go. hriih 37.
With national prohibition less than
three years old. Savannah and Its
contiguous territory southward as
far as Brunswick. hoaeyosmbed
with scores of narrow- coves and
inlets, has become the clearing goint
for the contraband liquor supply of
fdur States.
Along the swampy Georgia coast
"mystery" ships plying the trade
from the British West Indies drop
their anchors almost nightly cnd
unload into smaller vessels which
dart furtively from the protection
of the darkened shores on signal,
thotasands of cases of ' European
liquors, wines and cordials.
This contraband cargo finds its
way further up the coast in boats.
overland by automobile and by
varioug other methods to the lock
era and cellars of those able to pay
the price.
Federal prohibition agents work
ing the territory estimate that ap
proximately 10,000 cases of this
liquor is unloaded and distributed
along the Georgia coast on each trip
of the ships which receive their car
goes from the Bahama Islands, sixty
miles off Miami, Fla. These trips.
according to the officers, vary fronw
two to three times a week.
Goes to supply Four States.
Most of the liquor unloaded on
the Georgia coast goes to Georgia.
North Carolina, South Carolina and
Tennessee. The whiskey runners
deal in wholesale quantities largely.
From their distributees the stuff is
retailed to the consumer and the
small Sootlegger throughout the ter
ritory covered.
Aocording to Federal enforcement
officers, the Georgia coast, particu
larly that portion south of Savannah
to Brunswick, is favorable for the
illicit whiskey trade, first, because
it is within easy sailing distance of
the Bahama Islands. a part of the
British dominions, where the liquor
stocks can be loaded without inter
ference, and, second, because it is
honeycombed with convenient coves
and Inlets.
Federal agents are frank to may
that so long as they are compelled
to depend on catching the liquor
after it has been landed on the
coast after removal from the ves
seis which bring it in, they ean.
not hope for a great measure of
success in breaking up the traffic.
They declare the only solution of
the problem is for the Government
to put into commission a large
number of submarine chasers or
other speedy boats.
Smuggler Arrange Distribution
These could watch the liquor
ships, they may, from the time
they are loaded at Nassau. Bimini
and other points in the West In
dies. and hang to their trail until
an attempt is made to unload the
cargo of liquor inside the three
mile limit, or it is actually unload
ed outside the three-mile limit and
brought within that radius by the
smaller boats, which make their
headquarters in the coves and in.
rt was after reaching this conclu
sion that Fred Dismukes, national
prohibition director for Georgia,
recommended to Prohibition Com
missioner Haynes the use of idle
chasers lying in the navy yards
for patrol duty along the Georgia
and Florida coasts.
Regardless, however, of whether
these boats, to be manned by regu.
lar navy crews. under the direct
charge of Federal enforcement
agents, will be put into use or not.
plans for. the breaking up of the
smuggling on a larger scale than
ever before are being matured and
probably will be put Into effect im
mediately, it is stated. Already the
vanguard of the prohibition en
forcement army, consisting of the
picked men of the force from sev.
eral States. Is beIng throwt along
the Georgia, coast, heavily arme
and with definite instructions to get
the rum runners at any cost.
They wi'l throw a cordon along the
entire coast in en effort to seize the
liquor after it is landed, depending
for suc'cess largely on force of num
bers and unceafting vigilance. If the
boat. requested are made available
b~y the Government. these men also
will be put in charge of them In an
endeavor to scotch the whiskey
"snake" st its head before the liquor
has been landed.
To date-. according to consensus.
the rum rur~nera, who appear to be
..-gion, have lead thing. pretty much
their own way without serious In
convenient-e from the Interference of
Federal or Mtate officers.
Looking for
ng New =1
the ordinary boa house.. They are
-end are butit aseeially for wartle.
aplete fiat and sil retain suffiaeet__
5, Cardens and Flowers.
Vamnum Street N. W. =
iat 2 Squares=
By Marie
R ED crepe de chine-thi
Paris is so fond of--m
skirt for Poiret's medievall
while white crepe
appears in high
necked bod ice,
makes the cuts
and drips in thin
lines to the bottom
of the skirt. Clus.
ters of red flowers
mark the points of
the bodice.
T HE gown, that
in really an
exquisite -P e r a ian
s h a w 1, swathed
closely about one,
is a Maison Her
mance origination.
Of heavy silk in a
profusion of soft
colorings, it is
deeply fringed
about a sort of tu
nic, in white silk.
Longer fringe.
hanging from pearl
shoulder caps com
pose the sleeves.
Able to Man Every Ship Com
pleted by July 1, U. S.
Officials Say.
Despite Japan's promised cut of
5,500 in her naval personnel, she
will still be able to fully man every
ship comrieted by July 1 of this
year. and have 35 per cent of the
total strength available for shora
duty, it was revealed today in fig
ures from American naval sources.
How this situation comparet with
that of the American navy in Indl.
cated by the fact that if Congress
cuts the American navy to 65,000 as
threatened, America can man at
most only twelve of her eighteen
ships allowed under the naval treaty.
The total strength of the Japanese
navy will be 76,840, as compared to
our 65,000.
Outranking both the American and
Japanese navies will be the British.
whose projected strength on March
3t, 193. it Is aid. will be 117,768 of
all ranks. Approximately one-thlrd
of the total air force will be navil
aviators. The British total is divided
as follows:
British navy and marines, all ranks,
Colonial naval forces. 7,289.
One-third of the aviation force,
This is the announced projected
force. Official advices received from
London. however. indicate that the
actual force now contemplated totals
99,470 for the actual British force,
exclusive of colonials and others.
MINNEAPOLIS. March 27.--Jt
isn't worth while having womnen
serve on juriee with men, said Judge
John L. Rounds, of the St. Pauli
municipal court, In commenting on
Friday night's experience of four
women and -eight men while deliht.
erating on a case involving a "mall
suit for damages.
The women stayed up all t'ight,
sitting in rockers, while the men
went into an adjoining room trying
to sleep on desks. No cote had been,
provIded for either men or women.
The women and four men favored
awarding damages to the owner of
an automobile which had been struck
by a street car. The other four men
favored a verdict for the street car
BROWNsVTLLE, Pa., March 27.
-Although a week haa paased, since
a battered and bleeding stranger
shoved a package containing 32,000
into the hands of Howard Shipley
and studdenly disappeared, no clue
has been obtained to the identIty of
the owner.
Shipley had stopped on a corner
when the man accosted him and
hrust the money in Shipley's hands,
and fled.
If Sick, Bilious,
You're bilious! Your liver and
bowels need a thorough cleansing
with Cascarets, then the headache,
disain ess, bad breath, and stomach
misery will end. No griping-icest
physic on earth for grown-ups and
children. 100 a boa. Taste like'
wrdfromP '
PARIS, France.
it brilliant sealing-wax red
akes vide sleeves and a full
y ined afternoon dress,
Why Popcorn Popi
Is Shown by
my In"e maeal NewS serrtie.
BLOOMINGTON. Ind.. larch
27.-Why does popcorn pop?
Ask Paul Weatherwax, a member
of the science deyartment of In
iana University, who, after a spe
cial study of the complex object.
offers in brief the following ex
"The popping of a grain of
corn is an explobion due to the
expansion, under pressure, of
moisture contained in the starch
grains. Until the instant of the
explosion this force is confined
by the celloidal matrix in which
the starch grains are embedded.
Neither air nor any volatile oil is
in any way concerned with the
process as the expansive mediin.
As a result of popping there is
hydrolysis of much of the starch,
a loss of moisture, and the oblit
eration of all cellular structure in
the endospeum.
Mr. Weatherwax gives a fevw
practical tips as to how to pr.
duce the best results in poppinr.
He says: "For buccessful pot'
ping the heat must. be applied
rapidly enough to generate qteari
faster than it escapes, but t-lowly
enough to permit hydrolysis of
most of the starch before the ex
plosion occurs. Best results are
obtained when the heat is so ap
plied that a temperature of 175
to 200 degrees centigrade i
reached in two and a half to
three minutes."
WOODBURY. N. J.. March 27.
Mora than 100 policemen and spe.
rial officers last night were search
ing for seven-year-old Ida Krame,
who disappeared from her home and
who, the authorities believe, was
kidnaped. Isadore- Krame, the
child's father, told th.e police that
he believed she had been stolen in
The little girl disappeared while
playing with other children in front
of her father's butcher shop Ije
tween 8 and 9 o'clock. iShe was not
missed until Mrs. Krame went to
call her for bed.
CLEVELA ND. March zi.-Because
the blank wall opposite his office in
the Swet land building had become
an "eye more,' E. C. McKay. deco
rated it wi'n a large mural land.
scape. This has coat the live, of at
least two bit da, McKay maid.
One tree s'ands out vivdly. While
trying to al'Iht in this "imaginary"
tree, the birds broke their necks.
"I saw the birds swoop downt and
into the tree- ' Mr. McKay said, -'and
'all to the romnf outside my window
NEWARK, N.' ., March 27.-Two
of five men arrested here have
confessed, police said, that they
took part in the hold-up of the
Capitol Theater in New York city
last December. in which $3,600 wan
taken. Although each is reported
to hav, receIved 82.700 as his share
of the stolen money, the two men.
Thomas F. Donovan and Thomas
J1. Buckley, had only a few dollars
between them when they were ar
The robbery was planned, they
said, by a negro formerly employed
by the theater, who is now under
arrest in )Lanhattan.
LONDON, March 27. -- signer
schanser, Italian foreign minister,
arrived today from Paris to con
suIt PremIer Lloyd George on the
Near Eanst settlement reached by
the allte rteigatn eninIster .t Pari.
Measure as Drawn Will Mean
Cut From 700 to 100 at
ANNAPOLIS. Md., March 37.
One effect of the naval bill in its
present form will be to reduce the
class whtch will enter the Naval
Academy In June of 19::3 to less
than 100 members, instead of 700
to 800. which has been customarv.
The class to enter next June will
it is believed. reach the usual figuire.
as the act will not become ef fec
tive in time to make a change. The
bill provide that each Congressman
shal have two appointments, In
stead of the five now allowed.
Thus unless at least three ap
pointees of a Congressman leave
the Academy in oDe year. which is
most unlikely, he will have no rp
pointment to make.
The present outlook Is that the
class will be formed from the fifty
enlisted men of the navq and m.,
rine corps to be appointed. annuliv
instead of the 100 now allowed and
the fifteen Presidential appoint-.
ments. which are also mule annu
Beginning with next year's class
the amount of spending money at
lowed midshipmen will be raised from
the present scale of $1. $1.60. $3, and
54 allowed monthly, according to
'lass membership to $3, $6. $8, and
$13. Letters are being written to
the parents of every midshipman in
forming them of the proposed change
and requesting them not to furnish
their sons with additional money.
They are advised that the sum al
lowed them by the authorities ti
ample to cover all proper expenses.
Among the measures taken by the
authorities in order to curtail the
expenses of the midshipmen are the
the adoption of rules against mid
shipmen riding in taxies or auto
mobiles and against the wearing of
flowers at Academy dances. As these
things ar not permitted the mid
ahipinen cannot spend money for
them. They are also forbidden from
borrowing money. and the local banks
are directed to refrain from the lend
ing to them.
Sun Yat Sen Reported to Have
Joined With Manchuriar'
War Lord.
Intratteatal News Mervire.
SH.\NiiHA. Marcl '7. - 'it i re.
ported unofficially in the Chinese
Ipresa today that a treaty Ias been
concluded between li. Sun Yat
Sii, lremident of the southern
'hInepse repuhlic. anl fGen. 'hang
ITsp" l.in. war loard of Manchuria
and one of the ront powerful in
dependent figure* in China.
Acreirding to the press todav. the
ohtects Of the treatv are threefold
i-Overthrow of the Peking gNOv
!-)ereat Of Wti Pet Pu.
3-Installation of Sun Yet Sen
as President.
A fter heing installed as preal-I
dent if the no-w alliiance attains its
objects. Dr. Sin. according to
stories published here, is in go on
an extended tour of foreign capi
tale in the interests of China.
[ir. Rutn. at the head of the
armies of the south marching nnrth
'against Wua Pei Vu, has reached
Changeha in Hunan prnvince.
Move Child's Bowels with
"California Fig Syrup"
Hurry mother! IEven a sick child
loves the "fruity" taste of "Cali
fornia Frig Syrup" and it never fails
to open the bowels. A teaspoonful
today may prevent a sick child to
morrow. If Constipated, bilious.
feverish, fretful, has cold, colic, or
If stomach is sour, tongue coated,
breat h bad, remember a good cleans
ing of the little bowels is often all
that Is necessary.
Ask your druggist for genuine
"California Fig Syrup" which has
directions for babies and children of
all ages printed on bottle. Motheri
You must say "California" or you
may get an Imitation fig syrup.
TUIOm. t1o a~a
First Afghan Minister to
The Court
St. James
The newly-appointed and first
Afghan miplater to the (ourt of
St. gJames, has Just arrived he
London. ___
N. Y. Rector Defends Innova
tion As Necessary to Hold
NEW YORK. March 7- -The
Protestant Episcopal ('hurch o St.
Marks-in-the-Bouwerie udelratex the
Feast of the Annunciation for the
second time hv incorporating the
"ritual dance of the L)tIla Rbiftia
annunciation' im the litiarg,' used
at the festival service rurlav after
noon. The dance as entleted biv
five young women consimt-d nainly
of swaying, graceful figures, clad
In long clinging garmnents. and ap
pearing in a series of religious
poses. symbolical of the Annuncia
t [on.
The church was filled with spec
tators. most of whom were a-Imitted
by invitation
Dancing am a form of church
worphip hap long been adovcated
i),v D)r. W illiarm Norn-inm (uthrie.
-eftor of At Marks. In a briof de
fenne of his views uino the sub
iect he said that churchle- in the
downtown Pertioi of the citv, faced
an 4t. MAarks has ben of r. cent
years, with the graluial removal
of parishioners, are dri% ei to the
alternative of closing tie'r doors
nr else using the edifico for some
new utility. The policy alopted by
St. Miarks. he declared. in admit
ting heauty into its worshitp. made
Ito services open to the entire re
ligious historv of the hurnan race
and absolutely disposed ir to move
s P
Whate V
sucesfuly o fnda selutem Thes
P N TURNS league proposed a P ste. but
POR NOTURNS the plan wag abandened whiR War
sawevicedan unwilltiffse to re.
move the reb neral Mlgowski
and his forces.
Joint discussas then were held
buIAT these meetings culminst on
The Lithuanian governmet then
ndirect gotiations This or wa
also declined by Poland.
Declines to Put Dispute Over The election to the Vils Diet
,Were termed an "fareicAl" by thli
Vilna Up to Hague Lithuanian Information Bureau
Tribunal. It was claimed, all statements of a
nature unfavorable to Poland were
Poland has declined Lithuania's punishable by fines and imprison.
offer to sub~mit the Villna contro- iment, and onlyv 20 per cast of thf
vet to Th. Hague Court of In- Population of the district voted.
ternatlonal 4Justice, according to
cable [email protected] received here yes
terday by thi Lithuanian represen
tative. The text of the cable is L0ANS
as follows: 04 m Save
"Poland informs Lithuania that 8 o MW 6
she rejects Lithuania's offer to go we ~I o~ Wallh.
before the international court and DisAimAOfm..
that she declines further discussion ,eow IsjgN*
regarding the dispute a settled by
the decision of the Vilna Diet for
incorporation with Poland." _______________
Lithuanian officials here mtated
today that the refusal of the Polish! Thomnds Nave Found
government to negotiate or arhi -
trate, indicates Warsaw's intention i ief urm
of annexing the Vilna territory in
spite of the opposition of the maJor a ma t gS Ot "we by taofs
TEuropean powers and the danger of' MW reiabemd.sadih&II&a
The deadlock over rival claims to
the city of Vilna follows protracted EIMERf & AMBN4D. Me 3 Avg.. X. Vr
the Car
with the written
One - Year Guarantee
Wayne Smith and Company
Dealer and uistrrbutor
22d and M Sts. Auto sho West 2107
r1M Spin Gardening
nd or ettnghawssnd tarimsa
A IG F RK ro Sats
EST O EL S teps fyre ytkn
OneE-Year GAranSe
Debee andiDist
ES . Ho~fSPADn oES

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