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A" aimism
&#A~in Attoreg Osneal
HI Wewuf Theji 14s.
Mhm11ei S0 w
*a Wmuis ma bas.
er afty yers, has Oak"led
on petty little bale.. in the
esel stre. The opertios sKi
they dd't dame Mest wWthhir
am to consult, bease if they
held a wave conference they
mdght be preumuted by _Ahe
14dala Governaest.
..be /Attorney General tels
theN that o far as prosecuting
Res. he is the Federal Govern
neat. And there wap't be anf.
prosecuting if, they meet the
men as they should do. They
will have to get along without
that mus.
rout impostaat things in Rip,
In the order of their Importunee,
are air, water, food, coal, which
last means power, heat, and
light. None of the four should
be at the mercy of any schem
flg gang, none of the four
should be for one moment out
side the control of Government,
and the Attorney General
knows it.
No natter where you go,
there is danger. No wonder
.the ancients said nobody could
escape his fate. The sad his
tory of Oedipus, the king,
provee it, and that of the Greek
warned that he would tie killed
by a house falling on him. He
slept out of doors always, to
fool the oracle. One fine day
an eagle, carrying a heavy tur
ti, dropped it on the man's
head anJ be died. The turtle's
shell was the "house."
Oedipus, poor thing, simply
because the oracle had predict
ed it, killed his own father,
married his own mother-and
lived miserably ever afterward
-although he tried his best to
behave. "He kann kein mensch
oein Schickeal entehe."
All that is apropos of two
flying machines, running be
tween Paris and London. They
ran into each other up in The
air, both. came down In: flame,
six were iled.' You are at
surprised when automobiles col
ide in a narrow cotistry road,
but with~ the air road, 26,000
miles wide, to travel in, col
lision seems strange.
It reminds you of the well
written story of the sea turtle,
asleep on the surface of the
Pacifie, run into and cut in
two by a big steamship-not
room enough for both of them
on the wide Pacific.
Miss Stone shot Mfr. Ellis Guy
tinkead-no doukt abeft the
shooting. The jury approved
her private, personal reasons
for the shooting and acquitted
her, while the crowd shouted
approval and she kissed her
lawyer. That's undoubtedly as
it should be. Since the begin
ning of time women have edu
cated, disciplined and Improved
men by killing them when they
needed it. They did it with a
stone hatchet 12,000 years ago;
with a little pistol recently.
Miss Stone, pleased with pib
tic approval, says, "I want to
"There's~ the rub," as the
Danish gentleman remarked.
Shooting is easy, forgetting Is
hard. A human conscience is
no emotional jury. It keeps
telling you THE FACTS, with
nobody in the courtroom to
cheer, no lawyer to kiss, no
reporters to take "flashlights."
This from a reader: "Yeu
may the real human creature Is
a soul, weighing nothing at alt,
sot even the ten-theesandth
'part of a grain. Wow da yen
haoeV that the seul desn't
weigh anything? Wave yen
ever seen mne er weighed It?"
No, but after you are dead
your body will weigh just as
mch as it did when you were
alive anJl your soul will not be
there any longer. How much
does the soul weigh ? Nothing.
mQ. E. D.
New and unusually sad nows
,eomos from Ireland. Two hun
dred Dublin rebels against the
Free State attacked the custens
house and destroyed ton mUi
llon dollars' worth of wines ad
whiskies belonging to Belfast
farm.. In years to come, to
the day of the "Great Wind"
will be added the day of the
OGreat Waste,' when ten mil
lies dollars' worth of whiskey
and wse wa. mourad enu.
Nt'~l WI UWs ULM1Vy5Iu
Department of Justice to As
sist In Check-up Begin.
ning Tomorrow.
Work of checbina alleg.i dupli
etion of millions of dglais' worth
of Liberty bonds In Ve Bureau
of Engraving and Pribtng. report
of which was published exclusIvely
In- last Monday's Tims, will b.
begun at 9 o'clock tomoqow
The investigadon of the al
leged *regulaitis mn aseml i
the buresb, ish, slo l,
resultdd -in the dismissal of ti
twenty-nine sweeative beads, will
be conducted by a joint committee
of Treasury ad Department of
Justce operathes.
Invesa.tm Ordered.
Despite the emphatic denial of
Treasury officials that there were
any wholesale duplicaflon of Uberty
bonds and other Irreaqlarities in the
bureau, the investigaton by the De.
putmet ofJustice ogeratlves was
orrdlast night and will he begun
in the morning.
Bureau superintondents and di
vision chiefs were orderWe to. notify
it nl p , esaqt tbas Pselected
r 'hegI bevestioaume. that
they need not report wor until
further notified.
Director Hill announced this morn
ing, In a statement to his division
chiefs, that the ealy divisions that
would be included In the investiga.
tion would be those In which "paper"
in handled.
.By paper, It Is explained. the order
refers to only the departments where
bonds, bank notes., stamps and cer
tificates are being printed, gummed.
bound and perforated.
Divesins Involved.
These Include the following di
visions: Wetting, examining, plate
printing, surface printing, number.
Ing, binding. stamp gumming, stamp
perforating, Ink milling and "any
other related divisions that may be
found advisable."
Department of Justice operatives,
It In pointed out, are not making
the investigation from a stand.
point of efficiency, but to uncover
the depth of the scandal, which
It is declared, is prevalent in the
Hundreds of mIllions of Federal
reserve notes, milions of stampe
and bonds, together with receipts
for bond. and notes turned ever
thbure a, will be ccked ina
effort to determine If there Is a
Espe#to. Phd bere
Officials confidently expect the in
ventory of the stock and materials
of the bureau wili reveal a short
age, the elso of which, however, Is
a matter of speculatlon.
In Treasury circles It is generally
admitted there Is a shortage of be
tween $600,000 to $700,690, due to
bond duplication, missing nots etc.
more or "not so Much."
Some Idea of the magnitude ef the
investigation will be gathered from
the tset that there are alone $1,500,
000,900 in Federal reserve notes, of
denominations of fives, ten, anid
These are put up in sealed busdles
of $4,00 emeb, and each bunde ausst
en and aswea
thou ab of theme bandid of Wed.
oreteh e notes, now in te vaults
checked by mja ouatera,
Noe BEsd Ia Breaa.
None of the bonds, the total of
which, printed durin the war, ag
The method oftung these
bead. ever to the Treasury Do,
partment involves a double cheelt,
th, bond. going first to the Divi
sion of Leans and Currency and
then to the Registar of the Treas,
ury, each igjg a receipt for each
(inmaaed ani an=e I. nama .
tors I
* *
ru Inqi
CHICAGO, April 8.-F&
lines wen reduced from 8 a
commerce commission toda
tinue until January 1, 192
ure to determine if car line
that basis. No additignal
against the wind, which re
sity, the eight airplanes b
military court inquiring im
Paul Ward Beok, shot to d
in the latter's home, were fc
ing field this morning. I
transferred to meter oars a
Oleahoma City by 2 o'olock
113W YORE, April .
buqk i*. & Govok*4p V
evre irrealed $S a'Puaa
and detectives. There is
500,000 worth of liquor im
the robbers, who ar
taxdiwrnUsed the fup
watchnman, who gave the j
Jurist Who Sentenced Dodge
Finds Pittsburgh Police
Right on Job.
PITTSBURGH. April A.-Judge
Charles L. Bartlett, of Detroit, who
recently sentenced John Duvall
Dodge. son of the 'millionaire auto
mobile manufacturer. to serve five
day* in the house of correction, De
troit for automobile speeding, to
day wound up In police station here
charged with violating the traffic
laws. Judge Bartlett posted a $50
forfeit and was released for a hear
ing Monday.
chauffeur to"tpon her, to see if
the local traffic officer. were on the
job in enfocg trfic laws.on h
hug boe landed him-in the police
eWdrv Yup to th str of S. and
M. Sandberg, furriers, on Madison
avenue last night, walked in and
present and theon earted off 365,000
wrhof furs. ,3.00 worth of jewel.
ws o the hold ucatd on
by the stl, did not become public
Drive for Qirls' Home.
CUMBEUAD, Md., April .
fund ot $5,000 to furnish the new
C ad Houtee tofr
nish the clinic at a cost of about
Carey, Oil Man, Dies.
JAOCONVILLE, Irla., April 1.
Martin .E. Carey, vice president of
the Utandard Oil Company, died in a
accodin toadvitees receied here a
neon today.
Leonafd to Fight In London.
LONDON, April 3.-Benny Leon
ard, tme ightwsight chapion
3itish lightweight cham
jin e Sl7 4 heana. It ma an.
last h
* *
tiry T
res on Chicago surf ace car
inte to 6 ents by the Dlinois
y. The reduction will oot
, as an experimfatal mnes
* can operate at a profit on
charge is to be made for
pl, i-Unable to fly
wched almost.oyclonic Inten
sering the members of the
to the death of Lieut. Col.
math by Judge Jean P. Day,
reed to return to their la"d
'he party was immediatly
ad an effort made to reach
the hour of the inquet.
9g Pisto ba4l With
stimased to e mor tMu
the place. The, actions of
rived at the warehouse in a
iclions of John Intall, the
Judge Day Will Be Freed, Is
Belief-Wife to Te
Flying against .a drizzling rain
and sometimes a downpour--from
the-low-hanging clouds, eight air
planes, spread in battle formation.
swept into- Oklahoma City this
Their oil-spattered pilots, up at
dawn, gave 'em the gun, grimly
determined to win their fight on
a battl. fld new to them--the
civilian courtroom, where the boay
of their slain commander, Lient.
Col. Paul Ward Beck. formerly of
Washington, lay in inquest.
Beck was shot and killed by Jean
P. Day, former justice of the a
prame court, and millionatre ol mnan.
(Continued on Page 3. Column 2.)
ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla.., April 3.
Martin E. Carey, vice president of
the Standard Oil Company, died in
ahoasp it er er toa Oxge
the night.
Mr. Carey had been In a critical
condition for more than a wed. He
came toFlorida for his health in
his dauighter an Toa . Brss
nan. his nephew, were with him
when he eied.
Pennsylvna an attorney frthe
reh *r Ca7bfr.e ".hed"cam.
was to arrive toa.
day haced water on he a nye
the interal led esaains cnuis
note wasn met ta i, tlevn tfe
dThis note istlee aecemmunica.
* *
Be R
" "kemen Tels Mouse Com
mltts Owners Fear Anti
,Trust Law.
Coat operators. through P. R.
Pens. of Indianapolis, henerally
regarded as their acredited
spokesman. gave the -death thrust
this afternoon to Congressional
hopes of arranging a peace sst
ing of operators and st
Pena unheotatia el f
all efforts )elam.
the o maor a
to aepltsl R
wcale through"
Owners spa Ws.
Me denied to Chairman Nolan of
the House lAbor Committee investi
gating the coal strike that there is
even a possibility of inducing a
sufficient numbr of operators in
the central competitive field to meet
the miner. no that a basic wage
sale for the industry could be
agreed to.
Penna indicated in his testimony
that dissension is rampant among
017=am chief argument against
the ,joint meeting was that
operators "sincerely fear" proeaou
tion for anti-trust lw violation.
In the face of this the House to
day adopted, 28 to 27. an amend
ment to the Department of Justice
appropriation bill designed to guar
antee Attorney General Daugherty's
assurance that the Government
would not, prosecute either miners
or operators participating in uch a
Aid Farnmers Also.
The amendment provide specifical.
ly that no part of the money appro
priated for the departemnt "shall be
spent in the prosecution of any or
ganization or individual for entering
Into any combination or arement
having In view the increasing of
wages. shortening of hours or better
ing the conditions of labor or for
any act done in furtherance thereof
not in itself unlawful."
The amendment also makes the
same provision against prosecution
of farmers or associations of farmers
who organise in an effort to main.
tain a reasonable price for their
Request for U. S. Troops
for New Mexico Strike
Region Denied by Weeks
The first request for Federal
troops to maintain order in a
cooal striks song in the present
strike was turned down today by
the Government.
The requeet came from Gover
nor Merritt C. Mechem. of New
Mexico. He asked Secetary of
War Week3 for the detail of army
troops for duty in the mine region
around Gallup, where some dis
orders and shooting have. oc
After a conference between
President Harding and Secretary
Weeks at the White House today,
it was off icially announced that
the troops would not be sent.
State Pollee Attack Miusrs.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., April .
Mayor Morris, of Mclieehen, in
nortigern West Virginia, hag an.
nounced his intention of expelling
all State police from the town be
cause of their alleged tactics toward
miners, according to reports receiv
ed at the governor's office here. The
poltce are charged with having as
saulted union miner. witheut provo
cation. Colonel .Jackson Arnold. head
of the State polie, Is out .of the city
and in his abene. Governor Morgan
refused to comment upon the report.
Germans Off to Genoa.
33RLN, A rtl U.-The German
i on ce enfrsc
Itaa asiam
Foi S1
* * .
Oriffmen Back "Rarin"' to Go.
Meet Boston Braves This
The Griffs are back.
All shined up and r'ari' to go,
Zeb Milan's merry men will ge
after the Bosten Braves at Geer
gia avenue this afternoon in the
first of tw exhibiton games to
be Ia ed here with red Mitch
*5 88ert.
a~1s; 18ys Ma the Cdevr
0" ON Aalcean tqw
IF sedped to twirl today as far as
c am go. It he elects to go the
distance, he may do s. but the
4hances are that be will pull up
after the fti No let either Joe
Gleason or y Francis continue
the good work.
Rube Marquard, the veteran
southide stinger, and either Joe
Oeschger or Frank Miller will do
the twirling for the Braves. This
means trouble for the Griffs. who
are out to win at least one of the
two gaines here and thus cinch the
Tomorrow comes the first Sunday
game of the year at American
League Park. and Manager Milan
will offer $ the attraction of the
day young hriliheart, the Roapoke,
Va.. southpaw. This eighteen-year
old boy is destined to be the Amer
ican League's pitching sensation. if
not this seaon. at least by 113.
For a boy not yet of age to attract
the slightest attention in a major
league camp is worthy of comment,
but when that same lad steps right
t1 the front, surpassing pitchers
favored with more years and greater
experience, that lad is entitled to
soms headlines.
Brillheart will not be nineteen
y" old until next September. He
ngs to Dublin, Va.. and as soon
as he has %urned in his trick on the
mound against the Braves he will
hurry home to see the folks. He
has been suffering from nostalgia
not a little since going to Florida,
and Manager Milan believes that a
brief visit home will do him a
world of good. He will be back for
the opening of the season.
Pitches Like a Veteran.
'his young southpaw is surpassed
only by George Mogridge among the
left handera on the Washington ball
club. He has made a striking im
presson. not so much because of
speed or sharp-breaking curves as by
superb control and by his calm com
mand of his job when thcing the
Boston Braves. He pitches lik a
Bllhseart Is the best looking un
rn piteher with the Griffmnen
done berwor unde fie nd
that for a ahert three framne.
against the Braves sne day at
Timnpa. Frank Woodward Is the
Iso right hader to measure up
tThe athlte shulbefullI of pep
today. They have loafed away the
last three days.. Lynchhurg was
Inhospitable yesterday and, as soon
as It was found that the playing
foeld was Impossible for action In
side of a couple of sunny days, the
special care containing the Griffs
and Braves were attached to the
moon train for Washington. The
athletes landed last night.
Thte Braves are entertaining friend.
at -the Raleigh and the Griffin are at
the Arlington. Many will remain at
the Arlington all suinmer.
Niae games have been played, with
the Grifft winn ng five. If they
win one of the Noremaining, they
will take the series. The Braves
must win both today and tomorrow
to atheve that feat.
*e eather Prevuss Rest.
The team found fair weather In
Charlesten and (olumbIa on Mon
day nd uesay.It began raining
about I:30 -p, m. at Greenville. A n
offrt was made to start the game,
but a heavy downpour drove the
athetsfromn the Bel at game time.
Ie rain beat the teams in Greene
(arausia es Pa=e 1. Osima= ?.
Will Many Hero In
Effort To Break
His Silence
Of Chiago, has aneoesed her
@gagmt to Carl feks.
_ 0 af d i- yee ns
ass ~ ~ ~ s dim aft M~ se a.
af dWOO 9 o s WsU War
ais m* 44lt IN Now* "iM
bi her/ef h weoo"ful feats
as "a a5w wh"h the Ameri
can areeps, hb has te ed'. ft
taN . She 0a ht she esects
UIhmately to use her wif*ly
autherity to. the end of' aecurn
from ha oeri f f the World War.
(For Monday)
FIRST RACE-Purse, $1,200; for
maiden two-year-olds; four furlongs.
Wrangle,' 116; Armedee, 115; Billy
Gibson, 116; Buddugie. 115; a-George
Choos, 115; a-Carmen Pantage, 112:
b-Woodland. 112; b-Cresta, 112; Eliza
beth Brice, 112.
a.Choos entry. b-H. P. Whitenev
SECOND RACE-Purse, $1,200;
claiming; three-year-olds and up; six
and one-half furlongs. The Nephew,
115; *Little Maudie; 105; *Ace Of
Aces, 112; *The Decision, 116; *Siesta
103; Alex Hamilton, 112; Welcome
Stranger. 96; *Iron Boy. 110: Paul
Connelly. 112: *Heliocross, 110;
Rustler. 115; Keziab, 103; *Malvotid,
Also eligible-Right Angle, 103;
ILucky Girl. 97; *Perigourdine, 105;
Pretender, 112.
THIRD RACE - Purse, $1,200;
claiming; for four-year-olds and up
ward: six furlongs. Dantsic. 110:
Ultra Gold, 112; Redmon, 116: *Frank
Monroe, 111; King John, 117; Apple
Jack II. 116; *Charlie Leydecker, 107.
FOURTH RACE - The Fairanx
Handicap; purse. 81,500: for three
year-olds and upward; seven~ fur.
longs. Ballot Mark. 112; Yashmak,
103: a-Dick Deadeye. 101; b-Jewell V.
D., 104; a-Fly Ball. 102: a-Miriam
Cooper, 100; b-Plucky, 107. b-C. C.
Smithson entry; a-three pounds
claimed for rider.
FIFTH RACE--Purse, 81,200; for
three-year-olds and upward: one min.
The Archer, 103; Gain De Cause. 104;
St. Allan. 104: The Lamb. 104: Tom
McTaggart, 104.
SIXCTH RACE-Purse. 1,200:
claiming: for three-year-olds and up:
one mile and seventy yards. *Et
tache. 112; *Verity, 105; Fair Mac,
112; Bribed Vnter, 112; *Search
Light. 3rd. 108; (Clean Gone, 107;
*Trickster. 2nd. 101; Master Jack.
110: *Zousve. 105: Queen Blonde,
107; Dr. Charles Wells. 112; *8lster
Flo, 100.
SEVENTH RACE-Purse. $1,300:
claiming; for four-year-olds and up;
one and one-sixteenth miles. Hen
drie, 103; Walk up. 88; *Amase, 106;
*Sammy Jay. 88: Devil Dog. 104;
*Kings Belle, 98; Imarty, 104; Turn
about. 88; Challenger, 104: *Tan.
II, 99; *Jacquee, 89; Horeb, 104;
*Archive, 84: Chinnie Walsh. 108;
Fiser, 10$; *AlhIro, 88.
*Apprentice allowance claimed.
Weather clear; track fast.
Courteenas, The Decis, and Per
FIFTN-War Noe,
SITIIesmas Ima
* *
Wide Territory Visited by
Twister-Death List Still
lAtest repor are hat the death
t"I i the e emo n that has swept
Tozas ad Oklahoma has reached
DALLAS. Tax., April 8.,eavy
winds of cyclonic velocit, and
raimstorms swept north Texas and
southern Oklahoma early today,
eusing the death of about twenty
fiwepersons and immense property
less, s cordiug to meager reports
, m" mi E u d MLt
Tornado"s *w reported at Cisco.
where Mr IW. Turne wa prob
ably injured and one-emmA bman is
in a serious contion at Ardmore
and Lawton, Ola., where it was re
ported fourteen persona lost their
Wichita FaW4. Ranger and other
north Texas towns reporting heavy
damage. One man was injured.
three house blown down, and a
portion of the Catholic Church de
mollahed at Ranger.
Balinger, Tex., reported si people
The Mment Sanitarium at Cisco
was completely wrecked, but no loss
of life reported.
Basebe Park smffers,
The left field wall of the Marine
baseball park in Dallas was blown
down and part of the roof of the
grandstand ripped off.
Brownwood reported a cyclone
near Rowena, Runnels county. and
fourteen persons killed, and much
property damage.
Five ied In eowema.
SAN ANGELO, Texas. April 3,
Five persons were killed at Rowona.
twenty-seven miles east of here, in
a tornado this morning. Nine houses
were destroyed. Relief parties were
sent to the stricken town from Miles
and Ballinger. Heavy hail and rain
totalling three inches accompanied
the storm. All wires were down
west of here. Streams are bankfull.
By IsW..e..... News Iggysee.
At least ten persons are reported
dead as a result of cyclones
throughout the southwestern part
of the State. according to reports
filtering into the weather bureau
here today.
All Lin Down.
Efftorts were being made to con
firm the report that four or five
persona had been killed near L~aw
ton.' Another report said one was
All lines of wire communication
were down. Another report said the
storm had struck between Oklahoma
City and Lawton. Severa.l wore re
ported injured.
Biows Over Train Shed.
ny Itlate.ai. News neie.
DALLAS. Tex., Aptil 8.-Accord
lng to telegram. received at the
Texas and Pacific railroad office.
here, a cyclone struck Cisco. Tex..
at 7:56 o'clock this mornings turning
over the Missouri, Kansas and Texas
freight depot and demolishing forty
One woman was killed and an
other injured.
The same storm is reported to
have hit Ranger , bi wng down some
Six RKled in Texas.
BALLINGER, Tex., April 8,-SIx
persons were killed in a cyclone which
struck northwest of Rowena, In this
The dead inld two children of
Frank Ravatil, one chid of Joe
Kutehik, an unknown white man and
two negre. The school house and
Wre communicatio wit th e st -k
en districts is down.
Flood Menaes Town.
BECARDSTOWN, 111., AprIl 8,
Increased fears were felt today
mant~taned en Pae 3. Celumn 5.)

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