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* ? The National Daily * * SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 1922. * * The National Daily * ?
Opening' of Many Great looses and Influx of
Med Tourists Indicate Maytime Season Will
Be Replete With Elaborate Entertaining.
Art Exhibit at Royal Academy Opens This
Week?Princess Mary Ideal Hostess at Fa
mous Chesterfield Mansion.
flpwlal T? rnlveml g?i ?lw.
LONDON, April 29.
WITH the advent of real Spring weather in
London, prospects are for the brightest season
since before the war.
All the world talks of coining to England for sport
and amusement this year. Great houses are to be
opened again.
The Chesterfield mansion is
at present the center of attrac
tion with Princess Mary an
Ideal hostess. Then, too, the
kinjf and queen have definitely
Hecided to initiate a sumptuous
season of royal entertainment
at Buckingham Palace, where
debutantes will be seen in all
their beauty.
Many of the hostesses are Amer
icans. taking their usual leading
part In announcing danccs.
The season opens Monday, when.
With the opening of the art exhibit
at the Royal Academy, the new
est fashions will compete with the
famous pictures.
The King and Queen will spend
the second week In May visiting
the royal family. The Prince of
Wales will return from the East
June 20.
? ? ?
of the first lord of the admiralty
and daughter of the late John God
frey Moore, of New York, held a
reception In the admiralty house
Thursday in honor of American
professors now In England in con
nection with tfce Shakespeare
birthday celebrations. Hhe Is one
of the most popular women In the
American colony In London and
takes a great interest in the
Rhodes scholars at Oxford.
? ? ?
?JHE Duke and Duchess of Marl
borough, the latter formerly
Gladys De*con. of Hoston, spent
Easter at Blenheim Palace, where
tbey entertained at a family party.
? ? ?
is returning to London this
Week-end, and, according to well-in
formed goeaips, ia planning to aell
her sumptuous town house, in
Cavendish square, where ihe is
noted for heir entertaining:. This
is much regretted among Ameri
cans in Ix>ndon. with whom she is
a favorite.
? ? ?
0NE of England's most noted
business peeresses. Countess
Clonmell. is also giving up her
present town house, buying a new
one. She owns and personally di
rects the "White Klephant" Laun
dry, in the heart of aristocratic
Mayfair. Her clients are among
the most prominent in London.
? ? ?
NH8SY are among the Cana
dians In London. They are stop
plng at the Carlton Hotel.
? ? ?
STONE?ehe a daughter of J.
W. Plnchot, of N>w York?who
are enjoying the balmy weather at
Cannes, will soon return to Lon
don. Lady Johnstone has bntlt a
beautiful villa at Cannes, where
she entertained lavishly in the win
ter. Sir Alan Is a distinguished
diplomat, a brother of Lord Der
? ? ?
Beatty, the carl one of the
closest friends of King Ceorge.
have been His Majesty's guests at
Windsor Castle the past week. 1
hear the Earl and Countless An
caat^r are coming home In May
for the season. She was formerly
Elolse Breeoe of New York and is
considered one of the most beauti
ful Americans in British society.
She is a great friend of Queen
Rc?l?tere<1 U. S. Patent Office
Saturday, April 29.
J17ST at the present moment
the smart set Ih greatly agi
tated over the rumor which
haa Mra. Ogden Ooelet planning to
make her permanent home over
There la no cause for agitation!
CTholly can state, on the beat of
authority, that Mary Wilson Ooe
let haa made no definite plans; In
fltct her future Is very unsettled,
for that matter, Mrs. Goelet has
always been a somewhat unsettled
soul. She has a perfect horror of
plans, and during the season, when
?he entertained extensively both
In town and at Ochre Court, her
villa at Newport, her butlers, chef,
?oullery maids, etc., were constant
ly In an uproar, due to Mra. Goe
let refusing to plan her dinners,
luncheona and house parties well
In advance.
Mra. Ooelet'a continued abaence
abroad haa caused a number of the
old guard to become unduly ex
cited. They have taken serloualy
the rumors which have the Ooelet
house on the avenue for aale and
the British government on the
verge of purchasing Ochre Court
aa a permanent summer abiding
place for the representatives in
this country of the Court of St.
I might add, once and for all
time, tha deed for ?08 Fifth
avenue Is still In the name of Mary
Wilson Ooelet. and tha Hrttlsh Em
pire has not and. I think I can
safely aay. will not buy the great
mansion out on Ochre Point. ft??
lng the *?a and adjoining the Rob
ert Walton Ooelet pled-a terra.
t Tha truth at tha matter ft* Ida
Ooelet wo* bored and annoyed with
American society. She has always
been of a retiring disposition, and
viewed with disfavor the Influx of
' newcomers." While she was not
born in the old guard, Mrs. Ooelet
has been a part of the Inner circles
for many years, and has been a
leader for a longer time than It
would be kind to recall. Therefore,
?he Is not In sympathy with the
razzle-dazzle society of the present
In England she goes about in
the moat exclusive circles?her
daughter Is In high favor with the
English rulers?and she does not
come In contact with song writers
and former ink-slingers with social
ambitions. She is happy under her
daughter's rooftree and probably
will continue on In England Indefi
nitely, but she will never become
an expatriate.
Mrs. Ooelet's position here in
America was somewhat difficult
Her son "Bobble's" second mar
riage displeased her. For a long
time she refused even to allow her
new daughter-in-law to be present
ed to her, and not once did she In
clude the beauteous Fernanda In
her large, formal parties. Not a
few of her friends met and were
charmed with the new Mrs. Ooelet.
To Include her In their parties,
however, was another question.
They did not dare risk Incurring
the dowager Mrs. Ooelet's dlspleas
The feud In tha Ooelet household,
however, has now been eliminated
The Bobby Ooeleta, who returned
a tmw days ago from Europe on the
Olympic, were wined and dined by
tha Dowager Mrs. Ooelet dating
their sojourn overases, and tha
? ? ? o
bound to her head with a fillet. The young miner with her is Reeve Hoover. Pierrette, as usual, was much
in evdience. Here are two of her incarnations, Miss Marcia Chapin and Miss Corinne Stephens. Miss
Zilla MacDougall represents a lovely valentine, with the proper complement of hearts and Cupid's arrow
jl?l ii/- o? -1-- -- the persons of Miss Patricia Ainsa and Miss
success as a bathing beauty. Miss Marjorie
Hester Lockwood to bear her company.
Si/Si. PATAIC/A A/rtSA &
mss oiApys chaphav smw
welcomed Into the fold with open
Mrs. Goelet haa rIwhv* taken ao
Hrty ?frioutlv, She haa never
courted puhllolty, and. In fact, at
tempted la wloua waya to Map
her name out of print. She la ln^
variably rude to members of tti?
proa* who (to to her for Infoinia
tion, but unlike her alater. Mr*.
Cornelius Vanderbtlt, aha baa no
<Uslr? to laid aoototjb
Therefore she la perfectly con
tent to remain on In England and
France, renewing old friendships
and playing about In the vary rw
?trlctod Inner circles In Ix>n?Ion.
BoUk th? Duchaaa of Aaxbor(h?
and T/ady Mlohael Herbert, another
Hldtrr, have attempted to oonvlnc*
Mr* Ooolat aha would be hafpu r
with a domicile In tha Britlah lale.
but aha ateadfaatlr refuaea to dla
Doaa at bar hoinaa In tha U. ^ 4.
IFxit the Daughters of the American Revolution,
Enter the Daughters of 1812?The American
Pen Women Capture the Town and Give Wav
Before the Onslaught of the League of
Women Voters?Women's Overseas Service
League Convenes Today.
"The u>orld is so full of a number of things
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings."
THUS sang Robert Louis Stevenson?and ever sines
the realists have been berating bim as the propbft
of the "Polyanna school of thought."
Perhaps the realists are right and this does not?or
should not?make for happiness. But at least it pre
vents boredom; and, with the fast and furious way
"things" have been happening in Washington of late,
nobody has had time to be bored.
gXIT Marsh*! Joffre, and en
ter Lady Astor?not for
getting her good-looking hus
band, Viacount Astor?for
Washington must have ita "dis
tinguished visitors from over
seas" to be perfectly happy.
Exit the Daughters of the
American Revolution ? rather
iingeringly and with many ?
longing backward glance?en
ter the Daughters of 1812.
Knter also the League of Amer
ican Penwomen, in convention
out at Wardman Park Hotel th?
greater part of the week, and
the League of Women Voters.
Their convention over in Bal
timore has caused a constant
paasing back and forth between
the two cities and transferred
Jtaelf bodily to Washington on
Friday, the closing day of the
convention?bringing with it
Lady Astor, who had been ita
bright particular star.
? ? ?
^GAIN enter the Democratic
national commltteewomen.
railed into conference here with
Mrs. Emily Newell Blair, rest
?lent rommltteewoman. to discus*
means of carrying out the na
tion-wide organization of women
info Democratic clube and "mak
ing a day of it," with morning
and afternoon sessions, a recep
tion in the afternoon and a ban
quet at the City Club at nlgkt.
The reception was notable for
? he presence in the receiving line
of Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, who
has been practically In retirement
wince Mr Wilson left the White
House and whose first appear
anoe at a semi-public function
was an event of no little impor
tance. She's a sweet and gracious
lady. Is Mrs. Wilson, and her
many friends in Washington are
? -ongratulaUng themselves that
she Is now able to take her place
among them again, attending an
occasional luncheon, or giving one
herself or entertaining at one of
the small. Informal dinner par
lies in which the former President
? ? ?
The Women's Overseas Service
league convenes today for a four
day conference; and. moreover, the
Women's League for Peace and
Freedom has been assembling here
and putting on a banquet. More
over, It isn't only the women who
have been having conferences and
things. There Is a conference of
'he American Society of Inter
national Daw on here right now.
with people like Taft and Root in
ter-sated. Root la presiding over
the sessions and last night there
was a banquet with Chief Justice
Taft. Secretary Davis, Dr. Albert
Bushnell Hart and others as the
honor guests.
And thare have been meetings of
several comparatively small sclen
tiflc bodies?highly specialized, you
know?which have brought for
eigners of distinction In their
special fields to Washington; and
their embassies and legations have
been entertaining for them. And
the former minister of Bwltser
land. Dr. Hans Suiter, has been
spending a few days here and
many of his former colleagues In
the diplomatic corps have been
giving dinners and luncheons for
him. as well as several of the
resident hostsaaas ? like Mrs.
Dimock. for Instance who rather
'Peclallaae of the diplomatic set.
e e e
^DTOOBTHKR It's bean a whirl
Ing aort ef a weak?with the
fire at the WTllard to throw a
chinery! It might have been so
much worse, that fire, that one Is
Inclined to look upon Its humorou*
side. To picture the Vice President
and Mrs. Coolldge amiably posing
for the camera men, their bagf
grouped about their feet. And
General and Mrs. Sawyer moving
hag. baggage and bird cage?well,
no. perhaps It was only a hand
box?to the White House, a truck
coming over for their belonging?
?and moving 'em back again
within a few hours. And Senator
T. Coleman duPont, one of the
largest stockholders In the com
pany which owns the Willard and
a string of other great hotels,
peacefully taking a bath with
the roof blazing above his head
and the corridors running rivera.
In truth, everybody seems In
clined to take the fire more or
leas as a joke. But It would
have been no Joke if all theM
people har been rendered home
less?the Ooolidges. Senator and
Mrs du Pont, Senator and Mr*
Prance, Senator and Mrs. Calder
Judge and Mrs. C. C. McChord
Mrs. DeWItt Talmage. General and
Mrs. Sawyer, and a score of others
about equally well known.
Moi-eover, the demolition of the
Willard ball room, at a tlnie when
it was engaged for pretty nearly
every evening, caused confusion
worse confounded. But things
seem to be straightening them
selves out somehow. General
Pesshing came to the rescue of the
debutantes, whose ball on Tuesday
night was on% of the prettiest
parties of the year, and offered
them the use of the Officers' Club
down at Washington liar racks.
The polo 1*11. scheduled for tomor
row evening, will take place at the
City Club. The Lions' Club moved
its banquet over to the Washington
Hotel. The Ophthalmologists So
ciety?for whose weeting. by the
way, several noted eye specialists
from overseas came to Washing
ton?was transferred to Conti
nental Hall, and so on through
the week.
By some fortunate chance, the
I/eague of American Pen women,
which has held lta convention and
its annual authors' carnival ball
at the Willard on numerous occa
sions. was meeting out at Ward
man Park this year?Its book fair
in full swing for three days, the
delegates' every moment filled with
business or pleasure or both, and
such events as the authors' break
fast and the carnival ball standing
out sven among the brilliant
?vents of the last week.
? ? ?
poOR Lady Astor. she haa
scarcely been allowed to
draw breath since Betting foot on
the soil of her native land In
th* first place keeping up with
the activities of the league of
Woman Votara. whose guest she
was until the fconventlon ad
journed yesterday, was a m*n site
job. Then, of courae. everybody
has wanted to entertain for the
only women In the British Parlis
men t?and an American woman
at that; and everybody has want
ed to Interview her and every
body who could not get actually In
touch with her haa wanted Just to
get a look at her. And altogether
It's a good thing ahe has such an
efficient watch dog In the person
of her stalwart husband, or she'd
be worn to shreds.
That nice Vlacount Astor la the
moat useful parson Imaginable?
and has constituted himself body'
guard to his popular wife, and per
formed hla duties of his ottlaa?
without making a notmnae ef
himself In fart. Washington, and

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