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Mr. Feldman, of Georgetown,
Baltimore, and Martinsburg
Continues to Shun Attar.
Louis Keldman. Georgetown
tailor. has had one experience on j
the aca of matrimony?and, he
says, he does not want another. I
He Juwt wants to work peaceably.
Feldman Iml working for William
Luria, at Martinsburg, W. \*a.?
after practically deserting hi#i
cee, Mrs. Rose Binder, of Balti
e. He is (alleged to have told
rs. Binder he was coming to
ashington to withdraw $12,000
from a local bank. He disappeared i
later on In .the day nnd nothing:
heard from him until Inspector ;
Li. Grant, chief of detec
located the tailor in Martins
Dispatches from Martinsburg
atate that Feldman is anxious to
remain a widower and that he
never had 112,000 in a Washington
Mra. Binder haa threatened ta1
(lie pult for breach of promise
The End
Is Near!
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Down by the Navy Yard
Take a Car?It's Not Far
Fay King Says There Is Enough of
Both for Dramas.
The other day I'm lamping a
weddiug croup In the picture, and
everybody looks SO pleased with
being there, with each other, I
I couldn't help thinking that every
thing does happen for the beat,
because if this bunch are as hap
py aa they seem It took four di- #
vorces, a suicide and an accident
i to brine them together.
The bride, so happy and sweet
1 in her white hat and dress, snug
gling behlqd a bouquet of orchids
and liliea, was once Just as daft
over another guy as she is over
the groom in that picture.
I've heard she would marry
him, too, in spite of some family
opposition, and for a little while
leas than a year they were sub
limely happy. Before their first
anniversary he ran Into a bank
with his high-powered car and
was killed. Of course the little
hrlde was all broke up, and I re
member meeting her at a dinner
once and feeling so sorry for all
her tears -and somber little black
Wedded To Pretty Girl.
At that time the bridegroom in
this picture was married to a girl
as pretty and famous as his pres
ent bride. And she ^oved him as
great plenty as this girl does.
One day the news came from
Paris that his beautiful bride had i
, committed suicide.
He was so broken up I hear
that her name was never allowed
to be mentioned for ever and ever
so long In his presence.
At about that time the lovely
matron of honor, who Is standing
nearby In the picture with her
hand on her husband's neck, indi
cating gently where he it apt to
ret it if he looks too admiringly
at the new bride, was married to
another man, and, being Catholic,
nobody ever thought there would
be a divorce, and Iter husband
there In the picture with her was
married to a very charming lady,
and their handsome, son made
(hem look very much married
and happy.
Divorce Shocks "World.
One day the world was sur
prised to read of their divorce,
: and not long after the lady who i
j Is now his Mrs. got a divorce I
: froin her husband, and the next I
headline of importance declared
| them to have married each other.
The little girl standing in the
, front row was about that time
living with her daddy and mother,
another member of the family.
That ended in a divorce, too, and
. the little sirl is now adopted bjr
her grandmother, so she is real
i ly a sister to her mother and her
| aunt.
Among the guests in the pic
| ture I notice a well-known vaude
ville actor. At the time that these
other events were taking place I
he was married to a sprightly
damsel who danced beautifully
with him. That match smashed
up, too. and alongside of him in
this picture is his second wife.
They all look very happy to
gether in the picture, and I
couldn't help thinking as I looked
at it how much, aa I said before,
had to happen before all this
could be as It Is.
That's the way it is in life,
each step, no matter how hard,
leads up on ta something we shall
be very glad to have some day,
just aa these folks all seem to be
so happy, now to have each other.
Funny, ain't itT
"All's well that ends well," if
this, indeed, be the END.
Owing to the continuance of the
coal strike through the month of
July the tonnage of both bituminous
and anthracite exported was very
small, the Commerce Department an
nounced today.
During July of this year exports
of anthracite coal were 371.34:1 tons
less than shipments in July a year
ago. and bituminous exports were
2.283.702 tons under the figures for
the same month of last year.
Coke exports, however. Increased
3.557 tons in July over the ship
ments in July, 1921 and during the
seven months ended with July
32.100 more tons were sent abroad
than In the corresponding period a
year ago.
NKW / YORK. Sept. 1.?Miss
Dorothy Lebas. a waitress at the
Nichols Hotel in Patchogue. U. I.,
yawned while listening to the con
versation of a dinner party. She
dislocated her jaw. and her efforts
to get It back caused one of the
party to complain that the waitress
was making faces at her ?
The diner thereupon indignantly
summoned the manager, but the
manager sent for a doctor. The
doctor gave Miss Lebas chloroform
and reset her Jaw.
NEW YORK, Sept. 1.?Mayor Hy
lan has received from William Jen
nings Bryan a letter praising his
plan to municipalize the entire
transit web spread over the great?r
city by subway, elevated and stir
face car lines.
"I believe, ax four of our national
platforms have said, that 'a priv.ite
monopoly in -Indefensible and intoler
able,' and that competition in streot
railways ? being impoMlble. the tran
sit system - of a city comes within
the definition, of' a natural monop
oly." said Mr. Bryan.
The New
Reo Phaeton
Is Now on Exhibition
Pronounced the Prettiest
, Car in Washington
We Invite Your Inspection
Open Evenings and Sunday Morning
The Trew Motor Co.
14th Street at P
? '' f. ?- ?
Main 4173
4uoh Damage Caused in
Maryland to Greenhouses
and Crops.
BALTIMORE. Sept. 1.?Thousand*
if dollars' damage was done to green
louses and growing crop* In the new
innex and the county, and the
iteanier Virginia, of the Baltimore.
Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway
Company, was crippled in the Chen
apeake bay yesterday when one of
? he worst hailstorms of years swept
>ver this section of the 'State. in
florist establishments thousands ol
panes of glass' were broken.
The Virginia was left helpleax
when the engines broke down us
?he was off the mouth of the Mago
thy river. Passengers were given a
thrill as three other ships?the Tal
bot. Tred Avon and the Cambridge?
responded to the Virginia's signals
of distress. The passengers on the
Virginia were transferred to the Tn.1
l>ot. while the other two vcwfls
towed the disabled ship.back to Bal
timore. *
The Virginia left Baltimore for
Salisbury at 5 p. in. Difficulty with
the engines was experienced before
reaching the bay. and off the mouth
of the Magothy they broke down
completely leaving the ship helpless.
Fortunately, the Talbot, bound south
for the Choptank river, was In the
vicinity and immediately went to
the aid of the Virginia, taking her
In tow and turning back toward Bal
Making slow progress the two ves
sels were ^overtaken about !> o clock
by the Tred-Avon on her night trip
up from Love Point. After a ahoui-'d
consultation between Captain Clark*
of the 'i'red-Avon, and Captain Coch
rane, of the Talbot, pasaengera of
the Virginia were transferred to the
former steamer, which again turn
ed south, the Tred-Avon taking her
place on the end of the towline.
- The hundred paaaengers on the
Tred-Avon, many of whom had ar
ranged to make connections for
Washington or Philadelphia, for a
time feared the delay would upset
4heir plans.
Washington Times Will Award
Prize for Largest Catch
September 24.
The Potomac Anglers' <ss?..-,a
tion will give its annual outing at
Chesapeake Beach on Sunday. S? p
tember 24. More than fishing
enthusiasts are expected to attend.
Tickets are already on sale.
The excursionists will leave the
District line for the beach at *30
a. m. As soon as they arrive at
the resort they will set out in a
fleet of twenty-odd motor boats for
choice fishing grounds in the l?ay.
The boats will separate, some noing
to Hcrron hay. some to Ked lop.
and others to Plum Point and
nearby fishing haunts. Noah Haz
ard will be in charge of the fish
ing fleet. . ,
The boats will return to the
beach at 5 p. m.. when the catches
will be weighed on the boardwalk.
Prizes for the biggest fish of any
species (offered by The Washington
Times), the first and second largest
trout, the largest rock, the largest
hardhead, the largest flounder, and
the first and second largest Taylor
will be awarded. Taylors are un
usually plentiful this season. The
prizes are being offered by the
Howard A. French Company, the
Atlas Sporting Goods Comiatny.
Garten's Sporting Goods Mouse.
Saks A Co.. Vim, Walford's. W. F.
Roberts, and the Sport Mart, in
addition to The Washington Times.
Paul Boatqw ia In general charge
of arrangements for the outing.
Officers of the association are Rob
ert Wilson, president; Lee Peri on,
vice president; Harry Kennedy, sec
retary, and V. W. Bostow, treas
LONDON, Sept. 1.?Anxious to
have a waist "like a wasp," the wife
of a Berlin tradesman followed tne
instructions of an anti-fat specialist,
with the result that in the course of
a few weeks she reduced her weight
by one-third.
Incidentally, however, she became
extremely pale and, in the eyes of
her husband, lost her personal
He applied for a divorce and the
court gran^fd his claim.
Are you
with your skin?
If yea h??e eczema, ringworm or ?im
liar itching, burning, ?leep-deatroyin|
?kin-eruption, try Resinol Ointment anc
Rati no I Soap and see how auiekiy the
Itching stops and the trouble disappears*
I tnd RmIooI fMfrtmmt trs'tnld hi
Far anipiM; Im, crin ti Owl VP
Hi ftmtmUr tkmt*
MEXICO CITY, Sept. 1.?The City
if Mexico, capital and metrepolla of
he republic, according to an air
nouncmnent by the director-general
of atatlatlca. h?e a population of
61S.S87.' Tbia compares with 471,<H6
in 1?10 and 368.89* in 1100.
The llmita of the City of Mexico
are tightly drawn and beyond them
>re suburbs containing several hun
dred thousand additional population.
The city liaelf comprises only a small
part of the federal district, which
corresponds politically to the District
of Columbia in the United States.
An Interesting feature of the
Mexico CUy poputoctoti flfura# to th?|
*rfat dieparity between th# nun-lxer
of men and women In 1M? th?sre
were 171.447 men and 115,T51 womti. '
In 1110 there were 2)1.774 man ana.
262.292 women. I*?t vuri ee*?tV
glve? 271.9(6 men and 3-47,411 woman
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able? Get rid of it! It's time youkstop-*
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ly colored itnd contained sediment.
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tried to lift, my back became weak.
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kidneys act right."
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VE. says: "When I moved to dual
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back. I tired easily and was nervous.
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blurred my sight. My kidneys actod
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Mrs. Doggett gave the atiove state
ment September S. 1921< and on April
29, 1922. she said: ? Doan's did me a
world <it good, and I gladly recom
mend iheni."
J. B.* King, retired farmer. Ml O
St., S. E., sava: "My kidneva were put
out of fix by a cold and I suffered
with backache. When I stooped,
knife-like pains darted across my- kid
neys and the muscles in my back
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They eaaed the backache and thor
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