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Many Taattfy to Powor all
"Aunt Mollio," Who Llvoo In
Romoto Georgia.
ATLANTA. Oct. 28.?Surh into*
aculous com are being performed
by a negro woman known u
?Aiimt Moilie," living in the Coun
try Mar Valdosta, On., that people
from nil parta of the South, and
from State* aa far away aa
Main*, an journeying to bar home
in itn effort to find relief from
reported to have eared!
CaJfee'of eancer, tuberculoala and
eh&nlc heart affectiona. and many
lesg rerioua ailmenta. each aa
atdfftadi trouble, rheumatism and
?enema. She haa done thia almoly
by laying her handa on the auffer
rv a?"1 tiling them over and
?<* again ihnt their dlaaaae waa
tearing them and that they were
growing stro ger afaln.
Hot la Tbronged.
gh la an ? iterate negro woman,
MvhiK (*r or the beaten highway,
anil yet aha haa developed and >?
T>rt?eUcing with atartllng succeaa the
?mw 'Mes of ?elf-cure that are
otuxht ? ?r EJmlle Coue, the
hosa name la belna die
cuWwed thro\ hout the world.
At the time a reporter made
*1an be the negro woman's home he
foft<i 14* people there, and he learn*
ed that often aa many aa 100 may be
conptHi at her door, aome crippled.
?oHie half-blind, some terribly wasted
byidlaeaae, but all filled with the
hoge that they can find at her handa
the cure that doctors tailed to alve.
8o many people have come to see
her that she haa employed a secre
tary, and it la neceeaary first to aee
him and make an engagement before
Aunt Moilie can be seen. He iaauca
a ticket and the recipient la admitted
to- Aunt Mollie'a presence according
to number. Home patients have had
to watt two weeks.
Aunt Moilie declarea ahe asks no
?ne for money and takes only what
ehe 14 given, but In spite of that, ahe
offers many evidences of profiting
well by her healing power. For In
ntance, ahe not only h*a a private
?enretary, but she is also the owner
?f Three automobilea and only one la
? flivver.
Home Call Her Kaker.
For over a year ahe haa been at
the work of healing the eick. and in
that time hundreds and hundreds of
people have sought her and acoree
haye testified to being cured. Some
contend that she la purely a faker
who is bleeding credulous and unfor
tunate people, but this haa not pre
?en'ed the number of her patlenta In
doubling and trebling.
Few famoua specialists have
many patienta as this negro woman,
living at a apot In the country that I
can be reached only by automobile.
Wagon, buggy or on foot.
She is not the wrlnkled,crone one
might expect, but a large, pleasant
faced, middle-aged woman aa black
a* the ace of spades, with nothing
unusual about her except her voice,
Uthl',h Is deep, vibrant and musical.
"Where Is your misery, chile?" wa
the first thing she uaked. She wsa
told that her visi'or had no "misery,"
but had come slmplv to find out how
ahe la able to cure disease.
For a moment she said nothing.
Hjen In her pecul'ar, vibrating vo'ce
ehe exclaimed, "It is my hlr bright.
11,1s the gift of Ood." Little shivers
rail up and down the aplnes of her
Manners. "The gift of Ood." sha re
puted. *'I have had It all my life.
M. f(rat I fought it?this force, but
fifteen years ago I gave up to it, I
and now T spend my time doing what
ft.Mis me."
Rhe added that she was the oldest I
i nineteen children. 8he was asked
many people she hss treated.
Thousands and ?housands." she an
rered. "They come In streams like
|u see out there, and they go away
'?e mad* a motion to Indicate that
?r Interview was ended.
Cures Are Cited.
gout In the yard both negroes and I
Vgilte people were waiting. The,
bet of whom were worked up to a
teh pitch of emotion, gave startling
berlences. The white people were
M emotional, but no leas firm in
>|r belief In Mollle.
8a case was cited of a man who
Ofeue all the way from Maine to see
tge healer and went away cured.
When he left he gave Mollle ten new
IP bills.
SThe keeper of a boarding house In
the village three miles from where I
Mkllie lives, said: "I've eeen 'em |
efme on crutches and go away with
Oft them. I saw a man with handa
cjvered with ecaema and so Inflamed
'fiat he coUld not work. The day
after he received treatment he was
lg his barn shelling oorn, with no
? tens of the disease left Fur'her
iwiro. she cured me of rheumatism
iff back was so stiff that I had not
bfen able to straighten up for I
mpnths. After one treatment the
rleumatlsm left and I have not had
a?ouch of It since."
jy?w York's TV?n*H Pnfe
I Is Lowest In the World
^NKW YORK. Oct. 28.?New York
dty la the healthiest municipality In
the World, having the loweat death
rate and the hlgheat birth rate of all
big clttea. the hoard of health bulletin
announces. The dceth rate per thou
eand population la 11.17 per cent,
While that of the closest competitor,
lflrmlngham, England, <e 11 27.
fThe birth rate per thouaand In
Hew York ia 28.14 per cent. In ex
plaining the slightly lower statletlca
at Amsterdam and Stockholm, the
report says that the infant mortality
K those rttlee la not Included.
How About Members
of Lucy Stone Club?
;J0ART LIVERPOOL. Ohio. Oct. 88.
?The query aa to what le a woman's
legal name haa been answered by
tie Columbiana county election
:;?otne insisted that the legal name
oi the wife of Bill Jonea la Mra.
JWll Jones. Others argued thatgit Is
lira. May Jonea, or May Jone^
9150,000 Needed for Ground
and Now Building*,
Official* Say.
Mra. Charlea Goldsmith, chairman
of the executive committee of the
Hebrew Home and Hospital Building
drive, 117 Commerce and Savlnga
bulldinr. Seventh and E streets
northwest. haa launched an appeal
to help rata* the $160,000 needed to
finish paymenta on ground pur
chased at Thirteenth street and
Spring road and erect buildings. The
old home haa become too atnall. and
some of thosf seeking admission had
to be turned away bacauae of lack
of accommodation.
The prupoa?t home will accommo
date about fifty Inmates. The hca
pital adjoining the building will be
"modernly equipped, with capacity
for thirty beds, with provlaiona to
add wlnga," according to Mrs. Gold
Some of the inmates at the pres
ent home. Mrs Goldsmith aaid today,
are 100 years old.
Bealdes Mrs. Goldsmith, the fol
lowing are Included on the executive
committer: B. Dansansky, vice chair
man; M. D. Rosenberg, treaaurer:
Morris 8teln. secretary; Harry
Sherby. chairman extofflclo; O. (I.
Tauber, publicity dlnctor; Mrs. R.
B. H. Lyon. Rudolph Behrend, Dr.
Harry Lewis, Simon Lyon. Simon
Oppwnhelmer, Louis Dlnowlta, Jb
?eph Wllner and E. H. Carroll. The
endowment committee la composed
of Dr. Joaeph N. Heller, chairman;
Rudolph Behrend. Emll Berliner,
Mra. Adolph Kahn. Mrs. Charlea
Goldsmith, Myer Cohen and Mra.
James Lanaburgh.
American Automobile A**ocia?!
tion to Wage National Cam
paign for Reciprocity.
Br Vaivertal gerrtee.
Nation-wide reciprocity for mo
torists Is the goal set by the Am
erican Automobile Association, it
waa announced last night following
a meeting of the excutlve board of
the organization here.
The Association will seek legisla
tion authoriz'ng a motorist who has
paid for his llcehse tags In his
home state to motor anywhere in
the United State* without paying
additlohal fees.
M. O. Kldridge, excutlve aecretary
of the Association, pointed out that
the Supreme Court haa twice ruled
that automobiles traveling from
one state to another are to be
classed as Interstate traffic, and
that under the Interstate Commerce
law Congress haa a right to reg
ulate such traffic.
Mr. Eldrldge also pointed out
that Congreaa haa removed War
excise taxes from a large number
of articles, but haa not yet made
any move to relieve the automobile.
Repeal of auch taxes will be a part
of the Association's legislative
The board want on record a*
favoring the building of highway*
by bond laauag and for providing
the ekpensts of maintenance from
current revenues.
Elephants To Be Used
In Hunt for Pink Duck
NEW YORK. Oct. ea.?Hunting
a little pink duck with four ele
phants carrying vguns and twelve
beating the Jungle?While fifty
native beatara in surrounding trees
pound the branches with bamboo
rode?la one of tha plana of the
scientific expedition to India, an
nounced by the American Museum
of Natural History. It wanta the
Indian pink duck, no apochneh of
whtrh is now In any rauavum. THe
duck Uvea In the tlger'a haunts, so
when one wanta duck he must pre
pare for tiger.
Arthur 8. Vernay. an Engllsh
man and an experienced hunter,
now an art Importer in New York,
finances the expedition- Mr. Ver
nay will leave for Bombay De
cember ?.
Brings 26,000 Sealskins
From Pribiloff Islands
steamship Brookdale haa Arrived
hare with about 39,000 seal skins
taken last summer In the Pribiloff
Islands. Alaska. >
The skins, Harry J. Chrl*tof?r<?,
agent of th? Unled Stataa Bureau
of Fisheries, announced, are worth
from 110 to 91S each In their pres
ent raw auto, and about >10 each
Horace Annuity Vachell Say*
Hit Countrymen Are AH
Wrong In This Respect.
UUrmatUnal Nm Dwrtw.
LONDON. Oct, i? ?Can English
men make ;oveT
This vary ssrtous qusstion baa
been ralssd by Horace Anneslsy
Vat hall, noted author and play
wrlght. , . ?.
vachell is quit* positive that Eng
lishmen can't make love and this
despite the fact that be married a
"Making love In England?re
garded from the point of view of
technique?may be compared Srilh
our culinary art aa It la generally
nial practised throughout the king
dom." eaya Vac hell. "God aaat the
food atld the devil sends the cooks.
Lova Is. admittedly, tha greatest
thing In the world.
"What do we make of It?
MI contend, sorrowfully, ttyit the
majority of Englishmen ma lie
boarding house bash of If
There you are?It's almost a di
rect cha.leage for American swains.
Divoroe statistics In England tend
6 substantiats the charges mads
Certainly thers Is no lack of love
lorn swains in England, and they
practice their arts most publicly.
Every dark street corner Is the
scene pf nightly romance; kisses
are exchanged wltb thb utmost |
frankness. Motion picture theaters
resound with smacks and glgglss.
perhaps that's what's wrong with.
English love making?there Isrf't
enough privacy about It.
VacheL. however, is nst a critic
without remedies. He believes that
the English technique in love mak
ing Is fhulty because of lack of
early training.
"The actual technique should be
gin In the nursery." says Vachsll.
It Is a Joyous fact that chlldrsn
make love charmingly.
"A boy at school would practles
the srt of love If he dared. Public
opinion Inexorably cramps his
"l "Englishmen, for the most part,
rush Cupid's fences. They 'go It
.. 11
"English women resent and dis
trust such methods. I heard a girl
say the other day: "He tried to kins,
me before he squeezed my band.
"Love making. Purely, should te [
the art of mutual understanding,
ths most difficult of all arts, ssact
lng constant practice. In Its Initial
stages It must be tentative, provo-i
catlve. resilient."
There are many Englishmen whoj
can't agree with Vachell, hut
American girls will have to decide
on the merlU of his advice for,
themsel vss.
LIS 10 BE Hie!
Doctor Who Told Others How
to Extend Tholr Lives Put
Ideas Into Practice.
CHICAGO. Oct. 28.?r>r. R. Nor
man Foster, former professor of
obstetrics at Hahnemann College,
proved his theory of longevity by
living to be ninety years old. His
prediction tsn years ago was re
called When he died st Oceano,
Cat. recently.
When eighty years old Dr. Foster
told his Sunday school class hero
how to live to be ninety years old,
by observing his twelve rules:
Do not eat too much.
Do not work too hard or too many
Do not work too little?better to
work Mr nothing than to Idle.
Do work that Is for common good;
all other Is destructive.
Take Just what sleep experience
proves right.
Use recreation not for Its own
sake, but for new vigor.
Do not always be In a hurry.
Dress first for comfort, then for
Avoid worry; It snfeebles mind,
and body. , ^
ghun all trespasses agslnst the
plam physiology of your existence
Thus lay the surest foundation
for lite of the spirit here and here
300,000 Women to Ban
Ankle-Length Skirts,
NEW YORK. Oct *8?The ankle
length skirt was officially and per
manently removed from the ward
robes of 100,000 New Tork women
by the action of delegates to the
convention of the New Tork City
Federation of Wowm's Clubs In
voting unan moulsy to wear dresses
no longer than ssven Inches from
the ground.
The resolution sounding the death
knell of ths long skirt urged women
everywhere to free themselves from
apparel now being Introduced and
having edges that nearly swe*p ths
ground and carry germ-laden dirt
into the boms.
Finds Sister Missing
For Quarter Century
CHE8TER. Pa.. Oct. 28.?Spend
ing hundreds of dollars In a search
for his sister, who has been lost to
him for twenty-three years, Leon
Humnhriee. of this city, has found
her through the Salvation Army.
Ths woman Is now the wife of
Adjutant Daniel McCabe, a Salva
tion Army officer of Batavla, N. Y.
Humphries, who wss an offloer over
seas during the War. had not seen
his slstsr sines she left home at the
ags of sixteen.
Peter, Little Dog Hero
Of World War, Is Dead
LOS ANOELES, Oct. 18?Peter,
famous war dog. although only a
tittle Boston bull. Is dead here at
tha home of bis mistress, Mrs. R. If.
Peter Was credited with having
raised s t# ?MH> war f?ind 'n V'corln
B. C., during the wolrd war by sit
ting on a table every day for thr- s
years and "speaking- for contribu
0. K. Miller, von of a wealthy Californian, and his wife,
who My they art pursued by an aril spirit. While dreaming
of burglars in their Chicago hose, Mrs. Miller screamed,
and her husband, awakened, discovered that she had been
stabbed with an ice pick and that several thousand dollars
were missing from the house. A former suitor of Mrs.
Miller, said to possess psychic power, is suspected. His
spirit has chased her over the country, says Mrs. Miller.
National Organisation Sata
Aside $3,030,692 fof Ra
liaf Work.
' Hjr I'nlftntl Mill*.
The American Red Ones will
spend |?.000.000 during tho ne*t
fiscal year on relief work among
disabled veterana of the world war.
It was announced yeeterday.
The funds will be expended for
relief measures which the Govern
ment ia not authorised to render
and for which It haa neither the
funds nor the facllltlea. It was
explained- , .
The national organization has,
set aside $3.030,682 In lta budget,
an increase of $366,000 over the,
amount spent for soldier service,
last year. This mnount will be;
increased by the 3.000 chapters to I
more than $5,000,000.
In exceeding thia sum. It la;
announced, the Red Crgea doea not
Intend t? usuup the Govammeataj
reaponalbiUUea. b\?t to supplement
official activity, co operate with,
official plana and ?e?k out jadl;1
vidual cases m the standardisea
-The Red Croas acquire* and ?Ua
tributes information among tne
soldiers and their tamliea aaw
Judge Barton Fayne. national chair
man. "bee* obligation- and prM"
legea fall primarily on the two
Croea chaptera whose
membera are kept
the aituatlon through ?
attached to the dlatrict office? oi
the Veterans' Bureau. , . 1M1
"During the period of July U"";
and June 30, 1#21. the chaptera im
ported 1.665,079 instances of aervice
to veterana andthslrfamtllM. ?
coat of more than $8JMO.OOO. Tne
headquai?era here handled "
surance ifnd
24,560 allowance and aliotment easea
and 0.700 mtocellaneoue claima dur
ins the laat year." " . I
Love One Another But
Can't Keep Peaceful
CHICAGO, Oct. 28 ?Deaplte the i
fact that each proteased ,ov*
other and even had a
license. Judge Haas ? ^ '
marry Alex Rucxko and Mary Groa
kowski were unavailing. I
Ruciko admitted he loved the,
woman and ahe profeeaed lpve for
him. Judge Haaa aent them Into an
anteroom to talk It over. A abort I
time later a halllff reported they
wprp klfcutnr, but I moment ?ter
SSr^SSmtold of dia?>rd. Tha
Judge continued a dlaorderly conduct
charge. ________
Weinberger Joins
Faculty at Ithaca
ITHACA. Oct. f|.?Jaromlr Wala ?
bercer. a pupil of Max Reger and
mTot the beat known Caech com
posers since Dvorak, haa been en
Sued by the Ithaca Coneervatoi'Y
S ^lrector of tha department Of I
the age of tf*. wh*? ?'!,e y*&"
old wrote hl? flrat comp?^!!i^_u^*
S. >?=??> ??
qutJnUnce with N6W York.
Autoist Offers Child
For One His Car Killed
Charles Bu?*l?r. 1
while ?ntoxk*t0^poUoeohkiftfwum
down and killed New V?n.
four, in hl? automobile, haa offered
to flv^ his own child, 1 nabel# alve^io
the p&rfnti of th# SWl. pw
offer was refused by Marion* rnether
Mra Buckley, who waa In the ma*,
ohlne with her huaband at the time
Marlon waa killed, "id ehe wai.
agreeable to Buckley a otter, whlob
waa made through hie attorney, If
It would efficiently compensate that
other mother for what ehe haa loet.
Buckley le In the city prlaon await
ing trial on char gee of manslaughter
and driving an automobile while In
toxicated. I
DANVILLE. Va* Oct. J3?Jesse*
W. Benton haa bean appointed ae
?Istant commonwealth! attorney
by John W. Carter, on account of
the Increaee in the flae of the
criminal dockata and the multiplici
ty of duties. Mr. Benton haa keen
practicing law here for four yeara
and to a law graduate from the
L'alveraity of
U. 8. Won't Invite Europe to
Conference Where 8caling
Debts Would Be leeue.
The administration la not expected
to accede to the suggestion of Judge
E. H. Gary of New York that thla
Government call an International
conference In Washington to dlacusa
world finance readjust men t.
While no Cabinet member or other*
in high Admin let ration circle* would
dlacuM the Oary suggestion for pub
llcatim today, the attitude of thoaa
approached wm that this country
would have nothing to gain and *1
Ink to lose by such a conference. |
The calling for sueh a conference,
it was pointed out, would of neces
sity have to emanate from the White
House or the State Department, and
until there Had oorne some expres
sion from President Harding or Sec
retary Hughes no other official felt
free to eftier Into a discussion of the
fcls*. Secretary Hughes saw news
papermen for only a few minutes
this afternoon and confined discus
sion to the Lausahne conference on
the Turkish situation.
Tbe attitude of thla government on
foreign finances, aa officials see the
situation, was clearly deflrmd by
Congress last SPrtQK When It created
the Foreign Debt Funding Opmmis
sion and put the fiWgn debtor na
tions on notice that they would be
expected to pay their obllagtlons In
full, principal and Interest. An In-,
tarnations 1 conference would be but
an Invitation for foreign governments
to come here with proposals that
this government abandon or reduce
its claims against them, and Con
gress would not stand for such pro
posals a minute, <1* one official ex
pressed it.'
Restoration Will Be Fast Within
| Naxt 25 Years, Says Dr.
Henry J. Allen.
CHICAGO. Oct. 28.?A theory of
life after desth was demonstrated
by Dr. Henry J. Allen before the
Anthropological 8ociety.
Dr. Alien cited cases where per
sons were revived after life hsd
ceased. He told of reviving a small
child after she had fallen from the
roof of a house.
His explanation of this was that
If "a body organ is not worn out,
but whose functioning is interrupt
ed by sorne exterior cause, that
.organ can be made to function
agallf, within a reasonable time."
[ "Tne principle of our existence."
^Dr. Allen said, "is that we learn
how to concentrate and to relax
completely at the right time."
He said the email child was re
vived because pressure was put on
her head. The tenfcion was released
he s*id, and the heart allowed to
relax and to react. This brought
about a return of vim activity, he
I assarted.
"Ws don't pretend we can re
store life," h* said. "But we know
that Within twenty-five years the
science which Is known as vita
mode Will be so perfected as to be
able to do so.
"Bxperlmenters already have
revived dead doga to the extent
of making them walk. But thev
ware totally lacking In mental
power, ? We have done that and
ft open* the way for further won-1
dars." ' T7 ? |
Artificial Sunlight
Us*d in London Zoo
LONDON, Oct. t8.?The animals
of the London Boo are the luckiest
residents of London town. The fog
**Moti Is coming on. but there
Will be no fog at the xoo.
i in order that the lives of tropi
cal beasts and blrda and fish may
not be endangered, artificial sun
light Is being Installed In the too.
VIBNNA, Oct. IS?Because of the
collapse of the crown tax collectors
gat as salaries more than the total
Inifsat of taxes they collect. Many
tenants of flats sre paying?at pre
sent rates of exchange less than I
cents a year rent.
Bix Hundred Men Attend Or
ganization Minting In
LYNCHBURG. V*.. Oct. Fol
lowing the close of Billy Sunday'#
six w?clta* umpilfn here. WO men
turned out Monday night for the for
mation of a Billy Sunday Club.
The organisation here la to be
along somewhat different lines from
Home of the clubs, for there is to be
no limit upon the membership, save
that It will be for men who are
Christians and promise to be faith
ful to some evangelical church. *i.
Is to be divided Into smallsr organ-!
tsatlons so that each smaller unit
will have some older Christian oeas
It to watch over the y?ungar man
In an effort to keep them faithful in
their church attendance. These
smaller unlU. too. will from time
to time be asked to attend evangel
istic meetings, not to preach but
to five personal testimony in a
brief speech. These campalgnaw
to be carried Into the suburbs of
the city and out Into neighboring
counties and towns, where such a
work Is asked for In the future.
The plan for the Sunday club f#r
the present Is for weekly meetings
each ? Sunday afternoon at some
church in the city and It Is not Im
probable that later these meetings
will be thrown open to women as
well M to men. .
While the Sunday club Is at work
perfecting 1U organization far evan
gelistic work, the women In ths Vir
ginia Asher clubs are making tMir
plans for keeping up Bible study
classes and community prayer serv
ices In cottages, which wer?? bald
during the campaign.
The Sunday club Is to take over
the shop prayer meeting wor*.
which has been done for some years
by ministers. Nineteen such meet
ings were manned during this week
by men who volunteered for ths
service at the organisation meeting
Monday nl#ht.
In a few days hundreds of local
churchmen will be wearing a Sunday
club button, for a committee has
been named by the club to get up a
design and have It worked out for
use on one's coat lapel.
The officers of the club have
worked hard this week to get plans
in "haps for the first evangelistic
meeting of the club to be held to
morrow afternoon. The men are to
assemble at the Y. M. C. A.., but If
It Is found that the crowd Is too
large then the meeting will adjourn
to Centenary Methodist Church.
When He Sat in Pew and
Laughed at Her She
Sued for Divorce.
SAX FRANCISCO. Oct. 21.?Like
the proverbial prophet. Mrs. Cleo B.
Mlntun, says she la honored as a|
mezso-eoprano when she Is away |
from home, but when she warbles
at the family baby grand there's
never a salvo of applause.
When one has achieved a reputa
tion as a vocalist lack of apprecia
tion at home Is the most refined
cruelty, Mrs. Mlntun alleged In Su
perior Judge J. 3. Van Neatrand's
department during ths hearing of
her divorce suit agalnat Ouy F. Mln
lUNot only did Mlntun, who la an.
expert accountant, fall to encourage
his wife's vocal efforts by praise or
constructive criticism, but he actual
ly laughed at her. That In Itself
wouldn't have been so bad If he had
not attended churches where she
sang In the choir and derided her
from his pew, much to her discom
fiture. That was In Kansas City in
1921. Mrs. Mlntun alleged.
But there were other phases of
her husband's cruelty, she charged.
In 1?17 at a beach party at Lag""*
Bench. Mlntun cursed not only his
wife but his mother-in-law and her
sister, she alleges, and refused to
make any explanation when Mrs.
Mlntun detected him embracing
other women.
Mrs. Mlntun was granted an in
terlocutory decree of divorce, witn
the custody of her flve-yearold
daughter, Roma.
Honor Student Held
Crime "Master Mind"
SIOUX CITY, Iowa. Oct. 21.?
Burdette Cooper, an honor student
at Morn'.ngn'de College In 1?17 and
an assistant Instructor for some
time pr or to his enlisting as a pri
vate In the world war. Is he'd In
the Woodbury county Jail as the
"master mind" In a series of a score
or more of house robberies. In which
three other men are involved. He
s alleged to have confessed.
"I needed the mony and thought
we had It perfectly arranged. I
am w>ry more for my mother than
any other thing "
Ukrainian Singer?
Wed After Recital
NEWARK. N. J.. Oct. 28.?
Vladimir Chavdarlm, bass and
Helena Ossowska. contralto mem
bers of the ukmnlan National
Chorus, were married liv ths Oreek
Orthodox Church here recently.
Directly after tha matlnse con
cert In the New York Hippodrome,
the coup e motored to this city, ac
companied by other members of the
singing organisation. Special Uk
ran lan wedding music waa sung by
an assisting chorua.
Bad Man Expects to
Get Steadily Worse
Harry Monroe was conflnad in tne
Orangeburg Jail. He did not like
his quarters, so he wrecked the com
bine t on lock on tha t
The Judge santcnced Monroe to
serv? five years. "I h0?*
come back a better man. the Jurist
"No. air; TO be worse." waa tl
Now residing it Em ton, Md?
who, after fifty years la the min
istry and after having served as
rector of the St. Stephen's
Protestant Episcopal Chusrh of
Philadelphia, haa just published
s book In which he renounces the
faith en which Christian churches
are founded.
Danville Woman Gets Decree
and Is Given Custody of .
Her Young Son.
DANVTLE. Va.. Oct. 28?Judge
Richard 8. Ker, sitting at Staunton,
haa handed down a decree in the
divorce suit instituted three years
ago by Mrs. Ethel Graham Flinn. a
young woman of this city, against
her ht.sband, Maurice Flinn. promi
nent in the business world here. Mrs.
Flinn aaked for a separation on the
grounds of cruelty and infidelity.
8be was granted an absolute divorce
on the grounds of desertion. The
financial settlement agreed upon in
cludes the payment by Flinn, within
one year, of the sum of $5,000 to the
plalnUff, $75 per month alimony for
her and $10 per month for their
young son. The allowance for the
eon will be Increased aa his mainte
nance needs grow.
The caae has been followed by con
siderable interest here. The deposi
tions were tak~n privately in Dan
ville. a number of society' girls ap
pearing for the plaintiff. Much of
the record is understood to have been
ruled out and the name of a co-re
spondent never appeared, it is de
clared. Mrs. Flinn Is awarded com
plete custody of the child, but Flinn
Is granted "reasonable access" to the
little boy. Mrs. Kllnn Is living here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. E.
Budget Officials Say Many
Services Overmanned Since
World War.
The Budget Bureau Is rapidly com-1
pletlng for President Harding a re
' port on government operations,
; which will urge the adoption of a
1 program of Btiu greater economy, it
waa learned last night.
Growing government dlflcits, be
cause of falling revenue, have con
vinced the bureau that still further
cuts must be made In a number of
the large bureaus, especially inde
pendent branches established during
the war.
Some of the independent branches
continue heavily over-manned, ac
cording to budget officers. From
the chiefs of such bureaus come In
sistent demands against further re
ductions In personnel. The Budget
Bureau, however, is rejecting ptac
tlcally all appeals of this charact?r,
unless public business can be shown
to warrant expenditures at the levil
of the past year.
find Virginia Man Guilty
Of Slaying Infant Son
BRISTOL.. ?Va., Oct. 28.?Rav
mond Crockett, charged with slav
Ing his son a few days old, w.i
found guilty of second degree mui
der by a Jury In the circuit cour
at Abingdon.
H-? punishment was fixed at Urw
years n the penitentiary.
Crockett was charged with hav
ing smothered the infant to deal i
In Bristol. The body was found a
short time later in a stream two
miles from here.
A motion to set aside the verdlf
was overruled and attorneys for tin?
defense announced that plans ware
be.ng made to appeal the case.
Warns Janitors of Jaij
If Schools Go Unheated
I CHICAGO, Oct. 28.?Dr. John
Dill Robertson, president of the
i Board of Education, threatened sus
pension and prohable arrest fot
'school Janitors who fall to provide
fuel and maintain proper heating
In the schools
His action was taken on com
plaint that ' nln#? buildings w*re
without fuel and that teachers *nd
j pupils were made III by the cold.
i New Gump" Puts B*?n
on All German Coins
SYDNEY. Oct. 28.?The use of
German coins or currency In the
(mandated territory cf New Gulnen
haa been prohlh'ted by an ordinance
issued by the Federal Government.
under a penalty of 1M pounds or
tlx months' Itnpr aonment
Natives, however, may pay to the
administration German ruins for
fees, taxes or other excise*.
\cting Sheriff of Arlington,
How?vgf, 8ay? They Had
Rum, and Arrests Two.
CLARENDON. V*.. Oct. SI.?J. H.
Bullock, of Orange.Va.. and Thomaa
Taylor, of Del Ray. Va., were ar
rested yesterday afternoon by Spe
cial Officer I .Tease Thomaa. acting
sheriff, and charged with Illegal pos
session of liquor. Both were re
leased on $500 bond.
Sheriff Thomas was In his auto
fnoblle driving past Arlington Ceme
tery when he saw the two men
wallclng along the road. Each car
ried a Jug. Thomaa approach**
them and Taylor threw hta Jug to
the ground, smashing It, and then
ran. Bullock also smashed his Jug.
8herlff Thomas fired his revolver in
the air and stopped Taylor
Thomas declares the Jugs contain
ed liquor, but waa unable to obtain
any of it as evidence.
Arlington oounty'a campaign
agulnst gambling la continuing.
Four persons, Virginia Hart. I. Kusv
ner, Edward Diomo and Mrs. E>1
ward Diome. today are out on 1600
bond, following their arrest Friday
night near Alexandria They are
charged with operating a gambling
table at an Alexandria carnival.
Nathaniel White, colored, charged
with operating an automobile while
drunk, was sentenced to thirty days
in Jail and fined 94S.G0 by Judge
Will.am C. Oloth in police court yea
terday morning.
The automobile of A. M. Wild
house, of Washington, and an auto
mobile owned by the Roeslyn Pack
ing Company collided at Pickett's
Hill yesterday morning. No one was
hurt, but both cars were badly
Charged with passing a bad check
on J. W. Jackson, of Alexandria.
James Lambert, colored, will be tried
in police court Monday. Lambert
was arrested In Arlington county
Thursday by Sheriff A. C. Clements.
Judge Wlllam C. Oloth, Sheriff
A. C. Clements, Deputy Sheriff Z O.
Klnes and William O. Ames left
yesterday morning for a duck-hunt
ing trip. They will return Monday.
Oeorge E. Garrett, county engt
ner, will continue In office. It was
learned here yesterday. The board
of county supervisors are expected
to Increase Oarrett's salary at their
next meeting. The present ordi
nance limits Oarrett's salary to
(2,500, and the board plans to re
peal it and give him a larger In
Durant Motors Gets
Big Locomobile Plant
STAMFORD, Conn.. Oct U.
Announcement was made today at
the offlcea of Cummlngs A Lock
wood Attorneys, here, that the
plant of the Locomobile Company
of America, at Bridgeport, was ves
terdsy afternoon formally trans
ferred to the Durant Motors, of
which W C. Durant Is the head.
The sale of the plant Involved
about 13,000,000.
Told Wife He Loved
Ethel on Day He Wed
DETROIT, Oct. 28 ?Maud Peter
son told Judge Rlchter that Ethel
McDonald came to call upon her
husband. John A. Peterson, the dav
of their wedding. November 26,
1920, and that following her visit.
John admitted to her that he loved
Ethel more than he did her.
They separated December 10, In
the same year, she testified. She
wan jrranted a divorce.
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