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I>r. Albert J. Moore, the latest "Teacher" to
Fall Into the Hands of the Law, and His
? "Disciples" Are Widely Divided as to the
Virtues of lis Methods?Some Say He Is
- Enemy of Divorce.
ACROSS the whole country strange cults of love are
cropping up, with mystic rituals and secret oere
monies, suggesting a wide spread revrsion to the
pagan practices of centuries ago.
New York is known to be harboring such an organiza
tion. Another has been discovered in Boston, and in
Chicago and Los Angeles the State authorities are exposing
startling evidence of the activities of promoters and disciples
of extraordinary erotic coteries in those cities.
How many more cults of the same kind are flourishing
can only be conjectured, but it is believed that the proph
ets and priests of the various orders are active in every
big city of the country. Only when one of the organizations
comes into direct conflict with the law and is attacked by
the police and prosecutors is its existence made known.
What strange philosophy is responsible for the epidemic
of cultism at the present time in American society is a
question that remains unanswered. For the converts to
the movement, which has been called "a reversion of reli
gion," are of both sexes and all classes.
Some of the wealthiest and most prominent women iu
?ocial circles are listed in membership. Some of the most re
?pected professional men are known in certain cities to be
active defenders of the several leaders.
Whether the growth of these or
ders Is an Indirect result of the
War caused directly by the dis
organization of moral values in
certain classes is a matter for
?cientista to consider.
The police know that thousands
Of dupes have been exploited by
?ppeals, cleverly disguised, to
their carnal natures, and that
fraud, larceny and death have ac
companied the spread of the love
cult mania through the country.
Oom, the Omnipotent, the Tan
brik leader, driven from New York
city,. has set hlmeslf up jln a
Dutchess County manor Just out
side the metropolis, and has gath
ered around him a colony of be
lievers who worship and defend
him in spite of his loathsome
criminal record In the city.
Dr. Albert J. Moore, "Healer by
Love," established a Temple of
Contemplation in Chicago, where
in he proposed to teach the arts
and science of domestic happiness.
He won hundreds of women to his
teachings, including Mrs. W. W.
Talcott, who separated from her
husband over the cult teachings.
The wife of a supreme court
Justice of Illinois testified that Dr.
Moore exercised so much control
Over the feminine members of the
cult that one handsome young
woman asserted that she would
yield up her very soul to kiss him.
Soon after this, W. W. Talcott,
finding himself waging a losing
fight for his wife, committed sui
cide, leaving a series of letters
from her that proved the amazing
power of the "Love Healer" over
feminine minds* and hearts.
Boston was the headquarters of
Prof. Arthur Griswold Long,
director of a cult that sought
young girls as novitiates to teach
them "the spiritual message and
understanding of Christian doc
trine, and the **ltal problems r'
love, marriage, etc."
The professor's cult, known as
the Grosvenor Fraternity, had for
one of its principles the command
that men and women should go
?bout unclothed as Adam and Eve
Walked In the Garden of Eden.
Los Angeles is the center of the
latest and most astonishing ex
posure of the epidemic of erotic
cultlsm. The "Rev." Charles New
man la the prophet and teacher of
the order there, and warrants for
his arrest are out following testi
mony of a revolting nature admit
ted by young women to the prose
cuting authorities.
The "Reverend Master," as he
Is known on the Western coast has
been revt.Jed as the same man
Who. under the name of Harry T.
Cohen, operated similar cults in
New York, Chicago, Dee Moines,
Indianapolis and Lincoln, Neb.
He was arrested In Los Angeles
on charges made 'by sixteen-year
old Lillian Alleen Hildredth, who
asserted that he had abused her
while she was seeking treatment
as patient In his office. He was
released on ?5,000 bail, then dl?- '
appeared when other charges'be
gan to pile up a<ralnst him. | 1
Investigation of .he cult leader's
npartments and offices revealed
th?t he kep; an elaborate card in
dex In which he had devised a
weird "system of love." .and that
nude "mental pictures" were
among' the requirements exacted
from some clients.
A young and beautiful matron,
said to be a member of a promi
nent Los Angeles family, itt ready
to testify that Newman tried to
force her Into a "spiritual mar
riage at the point of a revolver.
Deputy Prosecutor Joos said.
The Kir! ventured Into the temple
of "Dr." Newman seeking a balm
for her marital woes. As she told
him of her difficulties, a far away
look came Into the love "master's"
eyes, and he Interrupted with the
remark that "she was a beautiful
form." the girl told Joos.
When she Indignantly declared
that was not a subject for discus
sion and started to leave the "in
ner shrine" the medium stepped
between her and the door. Suavely
he talked, and under the smooth
flow of words the girl forgot her
intention of leaving and sat upon a
couch. She told Joos:
"He put his arms around me. I
threatened to scream. Then he
reached Into a cabinet and took
out a terrible looking revolver
which he shoved in my face.
"Suddenly he changed his tac
tics and Informed me the spirits
had ordained a marriage between
Upon the grl's determined' re
fusal to consider a spiritual wed
ding, the "master of the devil's
Playground" suddenly ushered her
from the shadowy shrine with Its
grinning Buddah wreathed in a
garland of red electric lights.
"If you breathe a word of this,
I'll kill you!" was the warding
Newman hissed to her, she told
Four more young married wom
en are expected to reveal new
angles of the "nude mental pic
tures" which, it Is alleged, the
medium specialized In. Detective?
are baffled by the, cabal stlc marks
found after each nrtme In the
"card index love system."
"Mental pictures" taken by the
"love potentate" were proven tc
be decidedly materialistic. Deter
tlves confiscated more than u
dozen pictures and negatives, of
women In various poses.
But the most startl.ng of ail
disclosures came from a "Profes
sor" employed as a "subseer of
love" In the temple, wherein he
said the souls of women were
dealt in by th? high prophets.
Here ia his story of the cult ac
tivities as he saw and participated
in them:
"Picture. If you can. this scene
In thla month of October, 1#23,
In the very heart of Los Angeles.
"The time?t a. m.
"The place?"The Temple of
"The players?The Love Paator.
Newman or Cohen, as you wish, hla
silken-clad attendants, and ten
women and girls of all typea and
all ages, anxiously awaiting their
turn to pay homage to the man
who calls himself "The Man Who
Knows and Sees All."
"I saw the above and many other
unbelievable scenes ten days of
fourteen hours each while I s rved
as assistant love paator to Cohen.
He cal'ed hla workroom the Temple
of Truth.
rDr. Moore, shows here,
the healer of domestic
troublee, m he profeeees to
bo m high priest of the
Life Institute of Chicago?
Or is he a Mephisto, prey- ?
ing upon wealthy patrons?
Many Chicago ? wives
charge that he haf ob
tained thousands of dollars
from them through pre
tended efforts to steer them
clear of the divorce oonrts.
Mrs. James Henry Cart
wright and Albin rohrne, ,
shown below, denounce the
Chioago healer as certain to
cause the destruction of
Mrs. M. J. Jolden and
Mrs. O. W. Spangler, at
lower right, uphold the no
torious love healer a# the
real enemy of the divoroe
"Let us to the seen* 1b tb* tea
In which I served. It hi part of
hi* scheme to keep the patients,
whom he describes as saps, waiting.
"The reception room la tilled to
capacity with young girls and
women, waiting their turn to take
the fatal atep Into the Inner shrine.
The smell of perfumed Incense per. .
moat en the entire surroundings.
Tapustrles of cheap design and
quality are bung everywhere.
Lights, usually of vWld hue. are
dimmed and shaded.
"The chairs in the waiting room
are so arranged that none of the
victims face each other. 'Do not
converse with anyone In this wait
ing room,' a warning reads. The
scene Is tense, pitiful, as each wom
an and girl awaits her turn to paas
into 4ho double locked Inner shrine.
"Deep, nuifflod sobbing can al
ways be heard. There im sunshine
In th?? street below but none hero.
An attendant appears and Informs
you th<- 'Oreat man who knows
all and sees all will solve your'
"And the l'astor Is sitting with*
in the inner nhrlne, . probably
smokinir n cigarette and waiting
patiently until all' In the recep
tion room liave been entirely over
come and subdued by the baffling
scenes and mystic Incidents flashed
before their fear.rldden minds.
Then he -appears at the door of
the inner shrine, calling ono of
the victims.
" 'Oh. troubled soul, enter with
in this Temple of Truth,' he soft
ly chants, and the troubled soul
"I worked In this devil's play
ground ten daya and I nearly re
signed ,ln disgust the first hour ot
the first day. He had made me
an ordained medium after an elab
orate ceremony. He had knighted
me with the name of "Professor
Schots of Jerusalem," and I waa
his anaistant.
"There were ten women in the
waiting room of that first morn
ing of my career as ass.stant
love seer. Three of them seemed
particularly troubled, and I whh
sorry for them. Each of the
three was crying as though her
heart would break. One was <\
pretty married woman about
eighteen yeans of age.
"I was told by the Love Pastor
she Is a member of a prominent
Pasadena family. Another was a
pretty nurse, middle-aged. The
third, who particularly Impressed
me, was an aged woman, who had
with her a twelve-year-old girl.
"I assisted in the Inner shrine
as each of the three entered
therein, aad here Is what I saw
and heard, or as much of It as
is printable: , *
"The eighteen year-old wife was
the first to be called. She was
the flrat 'subject' that day. The
ordained medium knew nhe was
coming to see him, for he called
her by name.
"She stood lb the middle of the
Mystic tvr or
the Dove on which
ifcwall dr, cohem
Wm^m m
vMs&4 < <*m
<< ? 7f
^v.+. : #.$. &*??
mr.5 clamec henry
mr9 m ,1 sol dan
mfc (P mus Har.?*y coutw newman and a fr?enu ?
Authorities Admit They Are Amazed at the
Weird "Inner Circle" Transactions in Which
Many Women of Wealth and Position Have
Been Recced of Large Amounts of Money
by Unscrupulous "Priests of Mystery."
Inner ahrtne aa though petrified.
The Ipok In her Ms eyee waa that
of a hunted thln?. It wm
"The amell of lnoenee wm deep
er than It had been in the reoep.
tlon room; ahe looked deaperately
at the atatue of Buddha aad the
cryatal eyee. and aa the Lev*
Paator took her trembling
and etarted to pan the way for a
ft reading aha almoet (hinted with
.the myetery of It all Than he
atarted to aoothe her in subtle ooe
Ing tonea ?
. "And then came the iiUmiifrg
of her troubled eeul Bar abetter
ed nerree eoothed to the wteat mt
quietude eo that ahe could talk, ahe
went on to ten a story of allied
attack by a former lover while her
huehand of six montha wee
She feared ahe waa aooa te
away and ware loot la a buret of
pent-up emotion. The |
tonea of "The Man Whe
AD" were alwaye at *???* b
and hla Imagination euggeeted te
ddenta which her Ured ?
oepted aa part of her atery.
"Finally, the etery waa M
It Ma the agaald tale ef the
?ma triangle. She eeaflded Owl
ahe had even thought ef eadlag K
all. Re told her he would eafl ea
hie hvwtte eplrlte aad hw
would be over."
Then, according ta ti
the "Ordained Medium"
that he would ge into
aad directed the gtrt ta <
her mental portrait.
ta leave the
the proooedh
goon ay. wh?
found the young woman paytag Rl
ta the cult leader and prwtnutng ta
pay 111 more at her next viatt,
the boston branch.
Fret Arthur Orlaweld Leng*e
?neat fallowed oomptalate made
by the ewaer of the hirnae te
arhleb he maintained the i
Fraternity Temple. wh?
aa a theoeophiet. a leader ef Chrla
tlan aplrltuatlam and a dlactple ef
the "neweet thought."
young girls were Involved In the
charges preferred against him.
In a magazine. "The Naturo
path," the Grosvenor fraternity
was described thus:
"A new organization of young la
dles, especially those Just leaving
school, formed to study vital ques
tions In connection with love, mar
riage, etc."
But a written list of rules found
In the doctor's apartments gavo
evidence of more specific rites and
rules of the organization. Initia
tion meetings, at which new girl
members were received into the
society, divested of ull clothing,
in the presence of Dr. Long were
described in detail.
On that phase of the ritual the
rules read:
"A supper, with rites of Initia
tion^ the fraternity for new mem
bers. will be held every week or
so, when the new membera will
ottend and partake of supper clad
only as Adam and Eve were
clothed in the beginning."
The regulations go on to state
that men will not be admitted to
*uch meetings, and even at other
meetings all men will he barred
unless "they are wealthy or Inde
pendent protfsalonal men."
Bat at such tlmea,
?ay the rules:
transpire to
make tb? gathering mar* thu or
dlntrj aoetal club meeting for
mutual enjoyment, with
Further, It la stipulated sol
emnly Hat!
afcaD keep eeoret all
mt the fraternity."
Dr. Lenf waa at one time a aw
> of a "Chorus of Pllgrtma/'
m for a ao
He obtained
a hat of the aanbiribly aad dr
ta gala
ta hie oaoaa af splrltual
kea ha s*w*d the seed of
the oalt through the whole dty,
la Doubt
the Truth are Invited
ta Ma the How Life Fraternity?
Truth Shall Make You Fim Dr.
kg Uecturee on
Hygiene and
Collefe Qlrl
. Has New Idea
o! Future Ufe
T? ?rsfsri*d oaOoga gtrl of
to-day ta. fa the
Henry carter Adama, >
element aad adda ta it
Mrm A dam? ta a mecnb
American Aseoctatloa of,
ty Women, which not here.
"For many year* ft waa arty
the men who went ta unlveraltiea
to acquire anything more than
what' waa taught them In their
classes," eald Mrs. Adams. "Men
for the last twenty years or more
have gone to college to got an
outlook on life, to aoqulre poise,
to learn how to run meeting* and
similar things: while the college
girl acquired a mental equipment
straight from the textbooks.
"Women are now going to learn
to prepare themselves to take up
their future lives rather than ac
quire technical textbook know
Minister of 81
Ms Mew Start
ii Married Life
T-OS ANQEL.E8. Oct. 28.
A "YOUNG" couple wanting
?**> a good start In life by get
ting married, visited Justice of
the Peace W. 8. Balrd and re
quested him to tie the knot.
"And how old are you?" asked
the Justice of the Rev. E. Con
stantino Smith.
"I ain eighty-one years
young." answered *he bride
groom. ?
"And you?" as the judge
turned to Mary Alice Forblo.
"Fifty-eight years young,"
replied the bride.
After Justice Hatrd had
joined them together, the re
tired minister said he often
had performed marriages him
self and liked the way the Jus
tice had done It In hlq ras?

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