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?uoceeeor. For a long tine noth
ing happened. but when It wu
finally given out that Prince and
rilimsss Luboulnka were re
turning everybody ?u delighted.
It developed, however, that they
were only oomlng tor a few weeks,
probably with the Idea of setting
the legation In order to turn over
to the new minister.
e e, e
WITH the new President in
augurated In Argentina, the
appointment of Dr. Le Breton's
successor as ambassador to the
Unltsd States is likely to be njade
at any time. So far, however,
I've heard no rumors as to who
It Is to be.. Dr. Le Breton, Jby
the way, must be busy as a bird
log, for he Is at presegt holding two
portfolios In the cabinet of Presi
dent ds Alvsar. He la secretary
of Agriculture?his regular Job?
and he Is acting foreign minister
pending the arrival in Buenos
Ayres of Senor Gallardo, who,
until his' elevation to the foreign
ministry, was Argentine ambassa
dor at Roma
It Is said that Dr. Le Breton's
appointment to the department o*
agriculture was largely due to
the work he performed In gather
ing agricultural Information for
his government during bis stay
In Washington. This Is, of
course, a subject of tremendous
Importance to a great agricul
tural country like Argentina and.
In fact, the government maintains
an attache at the embassy hero
who devotes his time solely to
the investigation of agricultural
e e e
TT Is rumored that the new am
bassador Of Japan may be
Baron Ishil, now ambassador at
Paris, or perhaps Mr. Hanlhara,
who was one of the Japanese
delegates to the arms conference.
Either would be persona grata,
for both have served at the em
bassy here and both have many
friends. It was Baron Ishii, you
may remember, who was head of
the Japanese war mission which
visited this country in the earlv
days of our participation In the
gf-eat war and afterward he was
ambassador here for a little
while, presenting his credentials
to President Wilson in 1918.
I never he?s Bsron Ishll's
name without thinking back
to the reception given In honor
of the Japanese mission by
the Japanese embassador of
the moment, Aimaro Sato, which
was one ef the most picturesque
events of a season which made
history. I remember that two
rival stars stole the spotlight from
ths "Missionaries", Mme. Tamikl
Mlura, the engaging little Japan
ese prima donna, who sang
during the evening and who wan
gorgeously clad in ths rich sliks
and embroideries of old Jspan,
and Senator "Jim Ham" Lewis,
wearing white duck trousers with
a swallow tail coat!
? ? ?
* PROPOS of possible ? nay,.
probable?^diplomatic appoint
ments, one hears that the new
Oreek government Is likely to
send Lambros A. Coromllas to
Washington as Minister. This
news is particularly pleasing to
the old timers who remember the
Roosevelt Administration, for they
knew Mr. Coromllas when he was
Greek Minister here from 1901 to
1910, wore fond of his wife, who
Was formerly Anna Cookrell. daugh
ter of the late Senator Cockrell,
and remember their marriage.
This wss a very brilliant event,
with the President and Mrs. Roose
velt, witnessing the ceremony
sad attending the reception at
Rauseher's, where were assembled
the diplomatic corps, the cabinet,
the Supreme Court, the Senate
in a body and many other big
e e e
fpHE fact that Brig. Gen. Enoch
H. R. Crowder blew Into Wash
ington Just as Dr. Carlos Manuel
4e Cespedes, some time Cuban
minister at Washington and now
minister of foreign affairs at Ha
vana, returned and that the two
were frequently closeted with Sec
retary Hughes, gave color to the
rumor that General Crowder Is to
be sur next minister to Cuba. It
would be a logical appointment, as
the general Is nearing the age of
retirement, and, on the whole, a
popular one, as he is exceedingly
well liked In Cuba, despite certain
strong opposition. But he has
started back to Havana without
any definite announcement having
been made.
P. G. Harding, some time
governor of the Federal Reserve
Beard, is accompanying tho
general to Havana?or following
blm?having been Invited by the
president of the republic to make
a survey of Cuban finances and
suggest msthods of reorganisation.
It was partly to push the pro
posed loan of I SO,000,000 to Cuba
that Dr. de Cespedes returned to
Washington after a tour months'
absence and partly to begin
preparations to turn over the
legation here to his successor?not
yet named. He will be sailing
soon for home, taking Mme. de
Cespedes and her daughter. Miss
Flaminla Sarmiento. with him;
and meanwhile a number of
patties are being given In their
honor. The Peru via iu Am t
and Mme. de Peaet had a lunch
most successful of last season's debutantes, has
returned, to Washington and is again with her grand,
mother, Mrs. Frederick Dent Grunt. She is the daugh
ter of Prince and Princess Cantacuzene-Speransky, who
will spend the winter with Mrs. Grant.
King's Kinsman
Visits Capita!
^yHILE Lord and Lady Mount
batten were being feted and
made much of, Washington was
was entertaining an angel un
aware?Prince Aimone, cbunsel of
King Victor Emmanuel of Italy,
who slipped quietly lnot town and
slipped out again before anyone
knew he was here. He was In
Washington on Friday and de
voted the day to sightseeing with
members of the embassy staff.
Prince Aimone, who Is en route to
the Orient, is the second son of
the Duke d'Aosta.
last Sunday for Dr. and Mine, da
Cespedes, and Dr. Itowe, directoj
general of the Pan-American
Union, gave a luncheon for the
minister the other day. However,
the reception which Dr. and Mme.
de Oepedes were to have given
on Wednesday afternoon by way
of a f&rewell hospitality, had to be
postponed because Dr. de Ceepedes
had caught a heavy cold.
? ? *
f>ARTIE8 for the retiring Serb
ian Minister and Mme. Grouitch
are of almost daily occurrence.
Capt. Sidney R. Bailey, sometime
naval attache of the British em
bassy, and his bride (Mildred Brom
well) are also being much feted
prior to sailing for England on No
vember 7. Frequently they share
honors~Vith M. D. Peterson the
good-looking and popular secretary
of the British embassy, who has
been detached and Is going home,
or with Captain Francis Tot
tenham, Captain Bailey's succes
sor, who is being welcomed as the
Baileys are sped on their way.
In the same fa.ifcion, the new
Serbian minister, Dr. Anton
Tresich Pavichich, is being made
much of by friends of his prede
cessor. Several of the newcomers
to the diplomatic corps have the
distinction of representing coun
tries newly recognized by Uncle
Sam and but now Included in the
diplomatic family. Latvia, Lithu
ania and Esthonla, to whom our
Government accredits but one en
voy. Ach have separate diplomatic
establishments here, and Albania
is another newborn stato which
has recently set up a legation at
Valdemaras Carneckis, who has
recently presented his credentials
as charge d'affaires of Lithuania.
( is. if I mistake not. more or less of <
a stranger to Washington, but C.
Louis Seya, the Latvian charge,
has been in Washington for a yqar
or more, working for the recogni
tion of his government, and he and
charming Mme. de Seya have made
many friends.
The Chinese Minister and Mme.
8ze expect to leave Washington
within the next week or ten days
and will sail from Seattle for their
home in China. One is assured
that there is no political signifi
cance to the trip and that the
Sees are Just going home on leave,
leaving little Miss Betty Bze here
as a hostage for their return.
Probably, however, they'll be
away the greater part of six
months, and that means that
diplomatic assemblages will lack
the touch of color supplied by
little Mme. Sse in her picturesque
Chinese dress. The three eldest
Sse children are In school In Eng
land. Mm*. See having Just re
turned to this country after seeing
them safely established there.
I ? if
Bridge Party Planned
For Bethesda Club
Womtn'i Club of Bethesda
will give a benefit bridge Tues
day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the
home of Mm. William W. Bride
at Edgernoor.
The Women's Club of Bethesda
met at the home of Mrs. Gervin
Petera in Edgmoor. Md.. last Tues
day afternoon. "The Woman In
Politics" being the subject dis
cussed. Miss Lavinla Engle,
executive secretary of the League
of Women's Voters of Baltimore,
outlined State political issue*. em
phasizing the fact that social in
fluence lies particularly within the
realm of women. After the trans
action of the usual club business
and hearing reports from commit
tees the club was adjourned.
Being the club's guest day the
social hour following the regular
program was particularly enjoy
able. Mrs. Petera was assisted by
Mrs. William W. Bride and Mrs.
Grlscom Handle.
Mrs. Fries Hostess
For This Afternoon
man of the program commit
tee for the District of Columbia
branch of the League of Ameri
can Penwomen, has announced
another of her Interesting Sunday
afternoon programs. Col. Harry
L. Gilchrist will be the speaker
at 4 o'clock today, taking as his
subject, "An American Mission
In Poland." a question of especial
Interest at this time.
As a contrast to the serious
subject Mrs. M. M. Miles will
talk on "The Color of Music."
The Cabot Stevens
Lease House Here
ENS have taken a house at
1815 Webster street and will spend
the winter there. Mr. Stevens has
gone to California to accompany
Mrs. Steven's father, who will
spend thd winter with them, to
Washington. Mrs. Stevens re
signed last July from the position
of director of the Near East Relief,
which she had filled most success
fully for several years, in order to
devote herself to the care of h?r
father, who Is an invalid.
FESTivmEs a?
"Navy Day" Cele
brated Nationally;
Oala Day Here
TUTHIUO not. a national holiday.
"N*vy Day"?-.Friday?waa ob
aerved nationally, and, since It *u
iif? the anrrtvaraary of the birth
of Theodore Roosevelt. there waa
e double celebration. It was a bis
day In Waahlngton. with the Navy
League running the ahow and the
program marked by auch events aa
ceremotilea at the grave of the
"Unknown Soldier" at Arlington,
and a pilgrimage to the statue of
John Paul Jonea In Potomac Park.
Then In the evening came the
tyivy League's annual banquet.:
which Is always a festive occasion.
The Navy 'League has always
been a power and numbers many
Important personages among Its
members. This wsa true even In
the day* whep Josepbue Danlela
waa Secretary of the Navy, and
when the league, having had
"words" with Mr. Daniels, was
forced to fuqptlon without official
sanction and to distribute through
the Red Cross the comforts It pro
vided for the "gobs." Under the
present dlspeneatlon. however, the
laague Is In high favor at the Navy
Department, and Secretary Depby
was ths bright particular star at
the banquet of Prlday evening.
Col Robert M. Thompson, "angel"
of the Navy League, and honorary
president, came to Washington
especially to attend the meeting,
and brought with him those very
engaging British lions. Lord and
Lady Mountbatten. who have been
touring the West In the colonel's
private car and having the time of
their young lives while contribut
ing materially to the good time pf
everybody with Whom they have
come In contact. The Mountbat
tens?a cousin of King Ooorge and
his bride, "the richest girl in Eu
rope'?attended the Nsvy Day
banquet with Colonsl Thompson,
and pretty nearly "stopped the
show." ao anxious was everybody
to get a good look at them and to
be presented to them.
This, however, was only a cur
tain raiser to their proposed visit
to Washington. They left town
sgain yesterday for Florida, having
been promised some tarpon fish
ing?but will return on No
Colonel Thompson took his
guests to ths Thomas Nelson Ps'ge
houss. which he has leassd for the
season and which was all In readi
ness to receive them. I haven't
heard whether Mra. Thompson haa
arrived yet from Whits Sulphur
Sprinys. where she has been stay
ing while her husband was show
ing the Mountbattens ths country
from a car?a private jeai^-wln
dow. but aha will arrive in time to
play hostess for them when they
come back. 8he had a sever* ill
ness last summsr and didn't fssl
strong enough/ to attempt ths fa
tiguing transcontinental Journey,
so hsr daughter. Mrs. Stsphsn H
P. Pell, played hostess for hsr
Everywhere that the Mountbat
tens wsnt thsy seemed to make a
genuine pergonal hit. very much
as the Prlncs of Walss did?who.
by the way, was best man at thslr
wedding a tew weeks ago. Thsy
will put la a few days "doing
Wsshlngtam" and being done by It.
But whether they Will sse Wash
ington In the short Intervals be
tween parties or will accept only
such Invitations as thsy can
squeeze Into the Intervals betwsen
' their sightseeing expeditions Is a
nice queitlon that Is yet to be de
On Thursday svsnlng. their one
free evening of their first visit,
Colonsl Thompson gavs a small
dlnnsr at Hauschsv's for the
Mountbattens, having poms of the
young people to meet them. After
ward. th* party went to Keith's to
see Blele Janls. and aflat that, in
turn. Mrs. Psll entertained them at
Le Parsdls.
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Which Will Op?n Aftor Novomfcor 1, at
618 12th St N. W.
With a Comploto Stock of
Dependable^ Furs
New England Furriers
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Both Up For Election
?But Sure to Come
QNCE the elections are overt
the two Pennsylvania Sena
tore, Pepper and Reed, will prob
ably Join the noble army of house
hunters. Both are serving under
gubernatorial appointments, but
both are reasonably sure that
they are |oln( to stay.
Senator and Mrs. Pepper have
been making the Powhatan their
headquarters ever since their ar
rival last January. And they
??em to have found It pretty sat
isfactory, for Mrs. Pepper la not
apparently half so sure that they
will be looking for a house as
eoon as they know that they
we likely to stay as sh> was
last winter.
Senator Reed eetabllsbed him
self at the Shoreham when he
came In answer to a hurry call
laat August, and there Mrs. Reed
Joined him for a few days be
fore Congress adjourned and
looked the altuatlon over. They
are expecting to take a house
but whether, like many others
whom their country calls to
Washington, they will subside
Into the ease of hotel life and let
the other fellow do the worrying
remains to be seen.
returned to town last
Th.t k!" 4r*ln mt ,h? 'boreham.
They have a eon and daughter.
David Aiken Reed. Jr . and Miss
Rosamund Reed both atlll ?,
school, Miss Rosamund at a
famous girls' school at Hartford.
Conn., and her brother at St.
Psul'a at Concord. X. h? which
"*? been known for severs]
generations as one of the best
prtptntory schools In the country.
Senator Reed, who Is a new
comer In Pennsylvania politics,
is a son of James Reed, senior
member of the firm of Reed
A Knox, to which the lot* Sena
tor Philander Knox belonged.
Senator Knox named- his eldest
son Reed Knox, for his partner j
Of those days, whose son Is now
occupying his place in thi
Senate. Mrs Reed is going to be I
one of the younger, and probably I
more active, of the Senatorial
hostesses. She was originally a
New Yorker, Miss Adete Wilcox,
sad Is something of a club woman
a member of the Colony (Club
of New York and of the Twentieth
Osctury and the Women's City
clubs of Pittsburgh??nd ac
tively Interested In the things her
ciuba are doing.
The Reeda, like the Peppers, are
Episcopalians, rm net tur,
thst they work as hard at It. j
The Peppers are extremely active
?Indeed, regular pillars of the
church. Mrs. P.ppsr an* Mra.
Reed should be decidedly con
genial?I believe they had never
mst until Mia. Reed came to
Washington recently?for they
are Intereated in many of the
*"n* things, both progressive and
?etlve upllfters.
and Mrs. William Potter, is the latest addition
to the debutante ranks. Mr. Potter is American consul
at Bermuda and Miss Potter will make her debut there
this winter after a preliminary flutter in Washington.
Program to be Given
By Anthony League
npHK regular monthly meeting
of the Anthony League will
be held on Thursday evening at
the new headquarters of the Gen
eral Federation of Women's
Clubs. 1734 N street. The short
business meeting, at 7:80 o'clock,
will be followed by a program,
beginning at 8:30. At that time
there w II be a memorial service
for Mrs. Helen R. Tlndal, past
president of the league.
The program will be under the
direction of the motion picture
committee, of which Miss M. Lil
lian Williamson is chairman. Mrs.
Harriet Hawley Locher, director
of the public service and educa
tional department, assisted by an
advisory board composed of execu
tives from brganizatinna having
direct contact with children, will
give a taJk on the "Motion Picture
Theaters As Logical Community
Mrs. Lecher will show motion
pictures of the delegate* taken at
the biennial In Chautauqua last
June. ' i
Visiting clubwomen are espe
cially Invited to attend.
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for Street Wear
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K^.A, <?
Sentiments too big for words,
thoughts too dear to utter, find
expression in
Royal Prince to
-Visit America
OTIIER8 with marriageable
daughters will be interested
to know that Prince Alexander of
Thurn and Taxis is now on his
way to the United States?and will
probably come to Washington.
Most foreign sprigs of royalty do.
The prince was formerly the
chamberlain to the Austrian
f ? ..r
emperor and a member of one of
the mediatised, or erstwhile royal
families. His family once held a
monopoly of the German postal
service, from which It | derived
great wealth and still ranks among
.the richest families of central
Prince Alexander, who Is pop
ularly known as "Sascha" Is now
a citizen of Csechoalavakia.
Informal Qet-togcthcr
Parties Now Being
JN the three Q'm?girls. garden*
and gobs?on* may mm op
the activities of the week. The
use of the word "gobs" ts per
haps stretching a point for the i
sake of apt alliteration s artful
aid. since the Navy Day celebra
tion was rather in the hands of
the officials than of the sailor
lad*. But the gardens came Into
their own. And proceeding from
the gardens to the girls?the de
butantes are beginning to come
out from cover.
They are naming their dates
and discussing their plans and
having a lot of nice little get
together parties.' preliminary
slilrmish** as It were, to get a
line oft on? another, and get
acquainted all around.
There really is rather an un.
usually large group of them, in
spite of the theory that since the
White House had announced that
there would be no formal pro
gram of state functions there, as
Mrs. Harding was not strong
enough to undertake anything of*
that sort, a number of projected
debuts would be deferred for a
year. Possibly there will be some
postponements, but probably enly
a few and these are more likely
to be for personal or family
reasons than for any lack of
promise in the White House.
For really the White House
means very little to the debu
tantes when there arf po young
people In It. They like wnallef^
of at any rate, livelier?parties
than those given at the White
Of those who seem to be plan
ning quite definitely to come out.
there are Miss Virginia Edwards,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
L. Edwards, who will be present
ed at a dance to be given at
Rauscher's on Thanksgiving; Miss
Helen Campbell, daughter of Con
gressman and Mrs. Philip pitt
Campbell, of Kansas, who will
make her bow a week earlier, at
a tea given at her home In Vlr
ginia on the afternoon of Novem
ber 2J. and will supplement that
with a Urge dance, which her '
parents will give for her later on
at the Congressional Club.
Miss Emma stltt, daughter of
Surgeon General and Mrs. Edward
Rhodes 8tltt. who will make her
debut at a dance on Deecmw n.
and Miss Louise Anderson, daugh
ter of Mrs. John K. Mitchell, whose
husband. John K. Mitchell, of Min
neapolis, is one of the Harding ap
pointments to the Federal Re
serve board, will make h?ri on
December 18 at a dance at Rau
seher's. These two promise to be
among the most popular of the
season's bud??and certainly will
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