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Western High Addition to Be
Erected in Rear of
The new addition to the Western
High School will be located in the
rear of the institution, the Board
of Education decided late yesterday
afternoon at a special meeting.
Action of the board brings to an
end a controversy of
-Citizens living near
parents of students have be«" «sh
ing for the past several months to
have the addition located in the
rear. District government °* f £ials
favored putting the addition in front
° f T he e iiewly l elected administration
of the BS?d of Education has no
new ideas, policies, or P}*”* *“ e
school system, Daniel J . Ca n.aban,
president, declared today. Ernest
Greenwood, a new member of the
board, is vice president. Jhe new
officers were chosen yesterday at
the annual reorganization meeting
of the board. A .
James T. Lloyd, mentioned for the
▼ice presidency, was elected to _ that
post yesterday and served «bouttwo
minutes. When his name was placed
in nomination Mr. Lloyd announce
his withdrawal. The withdrawal
was not recognized and a unam
mous ballot in his favor was east.
In refusing the nomination and
election Mr. Lloyd gave no reasons.
Mrs. Howard L. Hodgkins then
was nominated, but she also de
clined, and nominated Mr. Green
wood, who was elected.
Vice President Greenwood, who
has been interested in the location
of the addition, expressed pleasure
yesterday oyer the board’s action.
Changes in the school personnel
approved yesterday follow:
Resignations—A. L. Welsh, teach
er, class 3, Petworjh School; S. D.
Collins, teacher, class 2, Brightwood
School; Minnie A. Newman, teacher,
class 4, 25 Fifth street northeast
school. _
Terminations —Morris Wolf, dental
operator, public schools.
Retirement —A. J. Bell, teacher,
class 5, Webb School.
Leave of Absence —A. DeL. Spaul
ding, teacher, class 6A, McKinley
High School.
Appointments—B. L. F. Afcher. |
nurse, probationary, public schools;.
H. C. Kieman, teacher, probationary, |
class 5, Americanization School; H. E.
Bonell, teacher, probationary, rtass
3," music; C. Y. Zearfoss, teacher,
temporary, class 6A, McKinley High
School; H. C. Anderson, teacher, pro
bationary, class 6A, McKinley High
School; G. R. Johnson, teacher, pro
bationary, class 6A, Central High
School; J. E. Magee, trade instructor,
class 5, temporary, Columbia Junior
High School; S. M. Bertrand, dental
prophylactic operator, permanent,
public schools.
Washington Osteopath Would
Prevent Crime by Physical
Can the doctors put the police
•ut of business?
In the opinion of Dr. Chester D.
Swope, of Washington, it is pos
sible that proper osteopathic treat
ment, while it may not actually
make the old-fashioned cop extinct,
may at least go a long way toward
putting a check to his chief source
Os business.
Dr. Swope, who is chairman of
the Bureau of Clinics of the Ameri
can Osteopathic Association, now
in session in New York, told the
association that he felt that the
development of bodily conditions
that produce criminals can be pre
vented by pfoper treatment.
"From an osteopathic viewpoint,”
he declared, "much could be done
to prevent the development of con
ditions that lead to a state of func
tioning through the maturing
Dr. Swope expressed the belief
that the motion picture is the lead
ing channel for the promotion of
better health. He urged that the
osteopathic profession, because of
its particular training, is best fit
ted for the production of educa
tional health films.
He defined a clinic as “the
amalgam whicl eemnts- the pro
fession with the public, resulting in
a firm and enduring confidence.
Treating the man without a fee is
not alone the meaning of work
done by a clinic. A clinic, ordin
arily defined, is a meeting place
for physicians and patients for the
Ultimate benefit of either or both.”
A physican to be truly helpful
in a community, Dr. Swope stated,
must be a part of that community
, and must take an active part in
. its civic and philanthropic life.
The Federal Trade Commission
decided today that Tampa cigars
can be made in Tarnpa, Fla., and
nowhere else.
A camplaint was issued against
Kraus and Co., Inc., of Baltimore,
ordering the concern to discontinue
the practice of labeling its cigabs
NEW YORK, July 3.—Toothache
caused the suicide of John Ebor
vchultz, of Newark, Eberschultz,
according to police, had tied a
strong piece of twine to the head
x of the ■ bed and the other en<‘
around his neck. He apparently
then jumped off the bed.
“Goodbye, friends,” he said in a
note. "I desire that everybody be
happy, My teeth haVe driven me
.. ■■ ■ f * t « ■ . 1
■ : ■■ . ’* • **■
-~ ' #
-V,x■* / ' ' " | ~
• * I
", ’
IS « UM €Z L, E *■ RI<GH T•? ,
(Tests recently made by the Government with ice creams of • (These experiments were made with a limited “market of
various grades demonstrated a preference generally for those approximately 50 people, and indicated as well a marked prefer- .
products that contained the higher percentages of cream (but- XjSWIV once for ice creams that included a percentage of gelatin in their,
ter fat), sugar and other ’constituents of ice cream.) composition as against those which did not.)
I A LL J"r edien f “ used in the « fQlfTldfl of fftOSO JICO
| a* production of our ice cream j .. . *
1 are of high quality and unquet- * M "W M M _
J tioned purity. The quality and | m M f/j
| purity of the dairy products are ML/ ■ » V' m V m
♦ further safeguarded by ho t h *
| TEURIZATION—thereby making ;; yjpgv
2 it unnecessary to resort to the in- i /fir 1 (Ml
I jection of ARTIFICIAL GASES, § " Ml (iT .
j TREATED AIR or other practices ;; - ©
§ another inducement for your
% co-operation, these ice creams will *
| | rxUR endeavor to gauge the public’s prefer- In these three ice creams, temporarily known as
t 25 c Ft. 45 c Qt. { ence by offering for comparison, through <B ’ f n< * ‘p> public is offered products of
•l- i rr„;r™kT„gt; a »eofth e SsLifL y
v ' DIFFERENT PERCENTAGES OF CR turers of ice cream in the world would find it
(BUTTERFAT), AND WITH AND WITHOUT , practicable to produce for so low a price.
//I A PERCENTAGE OF GELATIN —IS NOW IN Ask your dealer for these three special ice creams,
fWti - FULL SWING. compare them, find out which you prefer.
r S Y * _v i As An Inducement for Your Cooperation!
665 Awards *
Dl T T T7* C Ek. ' ®
1 J yJjy 100 Award* of $2 Each k „
CONTESTANTS may submit a* many Jn , v#nt that th . NXMR S A Uh|p|PP|| 11 W imSF
names as desired, but only one name per tha*N ONB C / T I'B I” I —JH jiN.
coupon. Where, more than one name Is sub- S’ICRSON. the Grand Prise of f- /a. | JS] H . W * W i a I I
mitted on the same coupon the first name / *3OO will be ftWarrt " < *^, to g yp*
'"'all'sdgoestions must be made on mitted that hamb. inilVlTiii^iiiiiiii •
RECEIVE CONSIDERATION, and In every teetant who. from the view. ,
case the ice cream preferred should be clearly point °f “time." w«« the next . ,
indicated m the space allotted. Ehr’e Tour “on- TTUC DI A M These three ice creams during the period of this endeavor
isr■ T& 1 tIL r L.A.I ▼ : Will be made exclusively in the brick form-in plain Vanilla,
.* to ctoarnen or ea.y ™ading ’ Th'"a g °o t . o uh w m h it*;hi, w nV m i- Chocolate, Strawberry, or a combination thereof—packed
In case It i* desired to make a change, or and so on. in the same sequene# , , V , , ,
an accident, such as blotting, makes what was as t h« suggestions were sent sealed cartons to assure delivery of the original product under sanitary conditions.
written illegible, it is permissible to rewrite in, _ 47 ~ , , , . - •
the pttrt required on the back of the coupon, To prevent any uncertainty Each sealed carton contains a COUPON upon which is to be marked tne ice cream pre
-10 auch chan,a ferred-together with your suggestion for a NAME.
■" b *"*' l *■ “'.Jin. 1 T*i d .Compare the three ice creams carefully until you have decided upon the BEST—then
ABOUT THE NAME mail the COUPON, properly marked as to your preference, the name you suggest, and
y^^i r n Suggestion'T^stHned s ®r TnVireTy y n ew word y our name and address as a contestant for one of the cash prizes,
acter —something that will catch the fancy and Bureau. dervioe I ' Ask your dealer today for Ice Cream M A, W and when you order again
be easily remembered, if possible. • ... u
Try not to select a word or expreealon that n f nr CrCERI B OT “C”
descriptive, geographical, or otherwise imposßi- A ./ Aur v
ble of registration In the Patent Office. /
But in case of doubt NEVER HESITATE TO
BEND IN YOUR IDEA. If it is not the BEST * .
suggestion, there is a possibility that it may bs
Jud '"'“ r *•""” f ,h ' T . _ a tm w t C a Ti
Follow oar newspaper announcements closely fl I I /% 13 1 I J /\ / I ■ * ■ I E■ J
for additions or change* eaplnnntory of these I 3 1 L \ 3 1 I I 1 f / \ I 3 ■ f
tXu%!:r. ,, tV«u vl t-. ,^r;. a . ,, .r«hi I I / \_f7 Oi IVO V —y vyl VL •
of the Board of Jndge*, etc. X. a -JL 1
% *
\ __
l *
- - • ——^————|
* * The National Daily * •
TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1923.

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