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Special Through Trila '
B Direct te Penna. Sta., 7th Ave. ant 32d St B
■ Leaves Washington Saturday Midnight,®
■ 11:20 A.M.; arrives Penna. Sta. In the gs
■ heart of New York City, 0:15- A.M.
B Returning, leaves New York 4:30 p.m. ®
Tickets on sale boalnnlnt Friday |J
graceding data of excursion g
I Pennsylvania R. R. System I
I The Standard RaNroad of tko World |g
After Taking Advice Os Drug
Clerk To Take Hypo-Cod
He Is Now Well
Right here in Washington thou
sands are being relieved from
needless suffering through the
efforts of. the Peoples Drug Stores
who are urging the sick and worn
out to buy Hypo-Cod and regain
their health. During, the month
of October 10,000 bottles of, Hypo-
Cod were sold by the Peoples Drug
Stores over their counters. Every
day reports come in of the won
derful results obtained and the
following case is but one of thou
sands. A. W. Conners of 712, 7th
St.,, S. W., writes, "I suffered with
• complete nervous breakdown
/ zz -
tfSS&I- A courageous program
\ I to tore of the past seventeen years have we
\ ‘ SSc paid the full 5% dividend on the $60,000,000
/\ I \L L--Z Southern Railway preferred stock. The average
\ I Z annual payment to the shareholders has been
A only 2%%. No dividends have been paid on the
$120,000,000 common stock.
?\ But in this long period of lean returns for the
16,000 owners, many millions of dollars of earn
’ ings have been expended for additions, better-
1 n mMeI L-Bl ments and improvements.
Ljr;./ , JWfftiSMwBMBP ft-r Since the organization of the company in 1894,
I r “ the total amount of income thus invested in the
‘ upbuilding of the properties has been $124,500,000.
Two-thirds of these expenditures have been made
' to the past decade. These large capital expendi-
. ■ tures made out of earnings have increased the
' Imß capacity of the Southern to serve the South with-
V u s' out increasing our fixed charges.
The strength of the Southern Railway System
\ ' today, as an efficient public servant, is the result
| - Southern Railway of the courageous carrying out of this program
Tm at Charleston, S. C. of aggressive development of its facilities by an
gs organization bred in the traditions of the South
/r 53-to understand its problems and to foresee its
transportation needs.
Southern Railway System deposits
in Southern banks an average of gr
$150,500 each banking hour,
* A ■;■ 4
Conspirators Tamper With
Food of Mustapha Kemal
and His Wife.
i SOFIA, Nov. 26.—An attempt
was made at Angora to kill Mu»-
tapha Kemal Pasha, head of the
Turkish nationalist government and
his young wife by placing poison
in their’ food, according to a re
port here -today. Both are said to
be out of danger/
Officers of the Thomas Cirqje
Association will be elected
at Luther Place Memorial Church
tomorrow night at 8 o’clock.
The organization will consider the
recent bus line proposal, increased
number of mail boxes, reduced taxes,
schools, school associations .and
>■» _.. _. • - 1
and. had to give up my job as a
conductor. I had no appetite and
was. cross and irritable. One day
II read about Hypo-Cod and decld
:ed to try it. It has certainly done
wonders for me. I am now back
at work feeling stronger and better
than I have for years.' My nerves
are steady and my appetite lirte.
; My friends all speak of the won
derful change in me. Hypo-Cod
is certainly great and I believe
that it will help anybody after
the way it helped me.” You will
find Hypo-Cod easy and pleasant
to take and just the thing to bring
you back to health and- strength.
THE WASHINGTON TIMES • • The National Daily 9 • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1923.
Claim He Was Involved in
Killing of Two Messengers
and Robbery..
By. International News Service.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, Nov. 26.
Barlow M. Diamond, of Brooklyn,
charged with being a fugitive from
justice, was due back in New York
today, following his arrest in Hotel
Statler last night by Detectives
Thomas Martin and Stephen Dono
hue, of the New York homicide
squad, assisted by Cleveland offi
Diamond, it was said by the New
York officers, is wanted there for
alleged complicity in the murder of
two bank messengers, William S.
Barlow and William H. McLaugh
lin, in Brooklyn, November 14. The
messengers were shot down as they
left the Fifty-fifth street and
Utrecht avenue elevated station.
Three men implicated escaped in
a stolen automobile with 143,000 in
'Diamond, it is said by police here,
arrived in Cleveland Friday > and
had been trailed by an orgy of
spending. He was reported to have
boasted to a chorus girl that he
was a member of a “stiqk-up”
gang. • -'
Shortly after r his arrest he was
hurried aboard a train for Buffalo,
and will arrive in New York some
time this forenoon. When asked
if he had waived extradition police
officers said ‘‘He’S gone. He must
have done so.”
Bloody fingerprints, found on the
door handles of the stolen automo
bile, which was abandoned a mile
apd’ a half from the scene of the
robbery, were said to strengthen
the identification of Barlow as\>ne
of the participants.
__LDamond before being' taken
Apply thickly over throat—
I cover with hot flannel—
■ • Ossr fPJWiigfow
Entry Blank
Similarity Contest
The Washington HERALD
& The Washington TIMES,
Washington, D. C.
i Gentlemen —
I wish to enter the Jackie
Coogan Similarity Contest
ahd will report to Judges at
Elace to be announced in a
iter edition of your paper.
Very truly yours,
(Must be filled out and mailed
to "Jackie Coosan” Contest Edl
• tor by Saturday, December 1.)
aboard the train stoutly maintained
his innocence. He declared he was
head of a woodworking establish
ment in Brooklyn and was here to
purchase lumber for his firm.
, In the past six years, 13 police
men have killed in line of duty,
43 have been seriously Injured, and
328 less seriously wounded, accord
ing to a report being prepared by
Major Daniel Sullivan, superin
tendent of police.
.The slayers of twelve of the po
licemen “have been arrested and con
victed. Four negroes are awaiting
trial for the shooting to death re
cently of Policeman John Purcell,
of the Fourth precinct, the thir
teenth man.
Most of the wounded policemen
suffered their injuries during the
race riots hehe several years ago/
CLARKSBURG, W. Va., Nov. 26.
—Martha Nuzsum, two, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Nuzsum, of
the Saltwell community, near Shinn
ston, is dead as the result of eat
ing a number of pink pills she
found on a mantelpiece of the
home yesterday forenoon.
.. She lingered several hours in
great agony.
Free Tickets and Money Prizes
to Lucky Children—Read
All About It.
“Where’s your Jackie Coogan
That’s what Washington kids will
be asking each other this after
noon when membership in The
Washington Times and The Wash
ington Herald Jackie Coogan Club
opens in the National Capital.
The 3 o’clock public and paroch
ial school gong will mark the open
ing of the club’s membership. Wash
ington children who wish to join
the club —and from? all indications
some 10,000 kids do—should clip
the Jackie Coogan coupon out of
yesterday's Sunday Herald and
present it between 8 and 5 o’clock
this afternoon at any of the fol
lowing places.
Branch Offices.
1110 Tenth street northwest.
Tenth ’and Westminster streets
Rear 8211 Fourteenth street
northwest (rear).
906 Twenty-first street northwest.
141 Bates street northwest.
826 Sixth street southwest.
Oregon street,between Seven
teenth and Eighteenth streets north
west. -*
813 Rock Creek Church road.
601 Massachusetts avenue north
west. •
901 Hamilton street northwest
Alexandria, Va., The Washington
Herald and The Washington Times
Other Places.
T. J. Wreen, 8207 M street north
Whitley’s Drug Store, 925 Eighth
street southeast.
Myer Fisher News Stand, v 705 H
street northeast.
Stratford Gift Shop, 3822 Four
teenth street northwest.
F. B. Campbell, 4780 Fourteenth
street northwest.
Taft’s Pharmacy, Wisconsin ave
nue and Macomb street northwest.
1 Tenleytown Pharmacy, 4501 Wis
consin avenue-northwest.
Chevy Chase Pharmacy, 5626 Con
necticut avenue northwest.
W. R. Boyer Pharmacy, Claren
don, Va. (
Free Movie Tickets.
And here's something else for the
kids. The Times and Herald Is ot
tering them an opportunity to see
free Jackie Coogan’s latest picture,
“Long Live the King,” which opened
at Loew’s Columbia Theater yester
day afternoon.
All they have to do is clip coupons
from nine consecutive issues of The
Washington Herald from November
26 to December 4, or eight consecu
tive issues of The Washington
Times, covering these dates, and one
from the issue of the Sunday Wash
ington Herald of December 2. The
special showing at the theater will
be between December 5 and 8. Tick
ets’for the show may be obtained at
any of the above places by present
ing the needed number of coupons.
And that’s not all. Maybe you are
Jackie Coogan’s double. If so, you’re
In to get a lot of money. The Wash
ington Times and The Washington
Herald are going to give away 8100
in gold to the boys and girls who
look most like young Jackie.
Boys and girls wishing to enter
this special contest should dress in
costumes similar to those worn by
Jackie Coogan in photographs which
will appear in The Times and The
Herald from day to day. The entry
blank for this contest is published
on this page. It should be mailed in
before December 1. Children in this
contest will get a free ticket to
Jackie’s picture and It will not be
necessary for them to collect the
Announcements will be made later
regarding the place where the Jackie-
Coogan kids will be gathered to be
judged. Send in your entry blank
at once, today if possible.
Eight of these coupons, clipped
from daily issues of The TIMES
or HERALD, together with one
coupon clipped from The SUN
DAY HERALD of December 2,
will secure the boy or girl
bearer a free ticket to the Co
, lumbla Theater to see “Jackie
Coogan” in “Long Live the
Passes will be issued Wednes
day, December 5.
(To be presented at any branch
office of The TIMES or HER
ALD between 3 and 5 P. M.,
Wednesday, December 5.)
Children’s coughs
often become dangerous when
neglected. Give Dr. Beil’s Pine-
Tar Honey at once. It contains
just the medicines your doctor
prescribes to break up a cough,
combined with the good old-time
remedy—pine-tar honey. It loos
ens hard-packed phlegm, stops
coughing and reduces inflamma
tion. Children love the taste.
All druggistt. Be Jure to get
the genuine.
DR. BELL’S Pine •Tar Hone:
&& & &
f 4 . > *' i; ■■'.'• '
Store qf {practical
SCVCfI Lansbllfgh z —An Editorial
Brothers Silks
• <« • 1 k® really early *rter this,
xftaniallu Pfwah ■ * Save y ourself «»•> worr y> ~
OIJCzV/lull V JT JLIVAzwB" annoyance. Show consid-
. * 1 ‘ ’ • ®*ation for overworked em-
ployes and get now what
’>’■ ■• ’ - , ‘ you cannot get later—the
"X* f - ®’ first choice of all that the
/ W fat Ilk stores have to offer.
■ ■ ■ J This means women espe-
daily. They are consid-
- \ • erate.
bK gris^>ane *
Our regular $2.98 qualities, weaves that are in the greatest demand
right now, and in a full range of the most popular colors. Lansburgh
value is behind every one.
Satin Canton, 40 inch Satin Radiant, 40 in. Silk Radium, 40 in.
Flat Crepe, 40 inch Crepe de Chine, 40 in. Paisley Printed Crepe
Knitted Printed Crepe, 36 inch
luster quality, 40 inches DUROY, for house MEUSE, a durable silk
wide. White and black ns and man y for many purpose,.
S l’ 69 Proses. 32 and 36 lu «
inch. Many QE C Yard
SILK DUVETYN, for shades. Yard..©O
dresses, millinery and IMPORTED CHIF-
trimmings Soft, fine CREPE DE CHINE FON VELVET, in deep,
'“‘J™. >” v SWFUB'g
TA, in plain and wide „ COSTUME VEL-
changeable shades. “ c “® s a ’ 5 | .6» VETEEN, 36-inch. Seal,
Over fifty col- Yard. M -*• navy, brown and black.
ors. 36-inch. Jg Finely woven. $Q.29 '
Yard JL PRINTED CORDU- surface. Yard m
in dainty shades of with wide wale. Print- ED CORDUROY, a new
pink, orchid, flesh and ed floral designs. Vari- fabric with self-color
white. 36-inch. .25 colors. $1.69 checks. Yard J-g I
Yard. ....w... ± Yard. wide. Yard.. A
SIIDDCF AvemiP Luck That We Still Have
Styles in Our Sale of
Women’s Sport Coats
As you walk through the
aisles of Slipper Avenue A (t “B 41 QK
you will think that few BBJLJL •tzO'
things could be more ap- > A ~
propriate than comfortable T1 T>4l\
and colorful house slippers, . > * yflk
and select them for every y/jBMWI-. '■ A f
member of the family.
th? e many e etX “you’wSl //Mf 11 ®"™ is enough,
find. | when you may
"1 from such as-
ortments even after
\ days of the sale.
i I R 3ust goes
■ L Mj what a great number we
!KI must have started with.
Isl “* ■“Tf The coats are the fa-
Daniel Green Comfy vored sport styles, un-
Slippers, $1.95 BllWiWv ITI trimmed except for largo
Felt Slippers in at- TTll buttons, novel pockets or
tractive colors and com- )//-fl lA other appt op e
> binations. Soft padded ]■) nKBI 48l T\ touches. Most of them
sole. Pretty trimming. i»|[Mw| are s^own * n ar R e Plrida
L|■ I i or stripes in striking coL
Klrlai lH V i or com hinations, while
/ jl/j I T|t herringbones, pola ire,
-LASa camelaire and reversible
materials, as well.
Some are side tied, some are full belted, and some
W 9 H have only a swagger belt in the back. Some are lined
mnen S ar throughout and others are yoke-lined. Sizes for
Slippers, 89c woinen and misses-
in®olo'}^ l of’bl“k, n pu n r- SECOND FLOOR ’ LANSBURGH & BROTHER
platan, eopen, wine and Qff
\ » n ‘ f (f Quaker Filet
llllp Heavy Grandee and
Axminster Scranton Luster
2SK3BSOI Rii<rMs44 95 Lace Panels
Children's Slippers, mil nik/Ax In a Special $7.95
Rich, deep-pile Ax- Selling Event w
t 95c minuter }n glorious
colors, warm *nd ap- You know these
roll Slippers with at- pealing In design. Ex- famous qualities, ad-
tractlve animal deaigUM. ceptlonal savings for vertised in national
I’H.ldml soln and heal. »*'« whu ch,,,,M women’s magazines.
Many colors. (I Kirnt FLOOR i) R FIFTH FLOOR 1
NM'ONU FLOOR NX:.., ' N -■

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