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CHICAGO, July 29.—Police of Chi
•ago, Cleveland and New York are
endeavoring to Identify, the body of
a man, sent Tuesday to New York
by Charles Peterson, chief petty of
ficer at the Great Lakes naval train
Easy Work Good Pay
organizing Athletic Teams
in each neighborhood. Hurry
UK H ST. N. w.
' / \ ’ X ' ' . ' 'X,,*" »■ ’V “ ’ -'V' l'
The Hub, Corner 7th and D Sts. N. W. We Close Saturdays During July and August
August Furniture Sale/
C 1 k =s= ■ , . ‘ '/■. - L
—a 3-Piece Velour-Covered z. 1
fiflWlTßilk Overstaffed Suite
■ ..a ““rtSi saS
Roll arms and deep cushion seats. Slrfl
’feW'V/ A ‘e ! «< pa MWMMI , W
. li®»< feessMsS s®y «P > >f— On ' jMag ■
X X gittagsgiii: . tenys . I
'H 4 Mu WH
xK li i IW QMB wwWv
nl “ * • v
■ ' T
' fjfrt-ST'Y(MjVx 1 c?^ J l siK- x yyw\w^|V.__ \i
Genuine Walnut Bedroom 4-Piece Walnut-Finish
Suite f H nalU ■ Dining Suite
-Queen Anne period suite
fectly matched generous V /f/5f* VV - center door china cabinet, AV/<7
size pieces in genuine wai- *V Sz o /■)__„ server and buffet
nut veneers.. % sJIJ/lC .
=1 U, W HI_I Iu n [ I ij-b
On Liberal Credit Terms 1 1 /I 7C
Davenport-Bed Special IglffiTl WOMB' '
i'. u.. Hll pncT * 8u P e r i or con- '[ H [
zaJPgri b” |zA t 71Z I I I str H ction; 35 J bs - J
' II "Ifer - IrL I ice capacity. /! 1 TO■ H i 1 MgB 1 * 1 " 1 »ri'Ttltlljl
1E jfc'LT L l ' ! L — Note the roomi- T c
Wr r^^ S T"4JI A Practical piece of “ess of the in-
, furniture-a bed by tenor. Three-Piece Metal Bed
[ j|^^.yy z 7| | ' night and a davenport * *"" Outfit
J by d ay ‘ Covering of » •/% *w» D£ 9 1 This full-sized bed has con-
r / imitation leather. LtlTt" lOp KCtTIgCYdtOT tinuous pos ts—finished in
• , white enamel. A woven wire XJ / 9 f)5
JI yj* M~‘ f complete the outfit.
Find Clearance „ I Bamboo Stand and Ta-
I.to”'""" ■ a "’ d ' v ' ood case - H bourette Combination
wT„a‘"w sd.9B I' foodcom P artment - L / 111 1 sl-69
lw'X‘ Lt to p icer st y le - 1 I f fll 1 x
done; screen For all | II Ml 3 I Well bTa C 6 d x
'•'- ?rHb.Srch SOc a W ** k ?“?• AKI I _l_ Wlßl »fIH lil tops covered with
♦1 AO ■”» “a~" () tm “ Reirigeraior |_JF -«f • /8 H 1 gJO-fl mattin «- Special
9 r 49 V <S!4b£ ' . /I •fTfl for the two
lßh - L - - ' , 1 - I • " h matched pieces.
' ' * , . • - A
THE HUB FURNITURE CO.-Comer 7th and D Sts.
' ' * ■. I
in>stetionA> wh»4lMnaßht4t «M hie
brother, Herman, since found here
alive and well. /. r’.'
Last Sunday Charles Peterson Was
notified by telephone from Cleveland
that his brother, Herman, was dead
and the body was being sent to
Chicago. When the coffin arrived
here, he reconsigned It to his
parents In New York, where it ar
rived yesterday.
The relatives were about to re
move it from; the station, when a
young woman* cousin of the sup
posedly dead Herman, telephoned a
hotel here, where Herman and a
vaudeville, partner were registered,
to inquire regarding the manner of
Herman’s death. Herman himself
answered the call.
TOE WASHINGTON TIMES • The National Daily • TUESDAY, JULY 29. 1924.
MARKSVILLE, La-, July St.-
Thomas Briggs, of Little River,
hear here, . was . recovering today
from the attack of a sixteen-foot
alligator he encountered while pick
ing moss in the swamps near here.
In crossing a ditch containing about
four feet of water, Briggs stepped
on something he thought was «
log.' -jj-/.
The “log” proved to be an alli
gator, which caught just
above the knee, cracking the bone
of his leg. After a struggle, the
alligator let go and made a vicious
attempt to catch Briggs* body.
B«<m however, leaped in time to
prevent the animal getting a firm
Briggs* cries for help attracted
the attention of a brother nearby,
who shot and killed the alligator.
Road Would Buy Land
Application was made to the In
terstate Commerce Commission to
day by the Atlantic City Railroad
for authority to issue 15,J00,000 of
“purchase money 6 per cent bonds,”
to be used in acquiring forty acres
of land In Camden, N. J., from the
Eastern Real Estate Company, of
Philadelphia, together with other
facilities for the Camden terminal.
JERSEY CITY, N, J„ July 29.
Beatrice Cadinela, sixteen, of Ho
boken. was seized while on her way ;
to work and carried off in an auto
mobile by her sweetheart, Joseph
Odana, also of Hoboken. According
to Mrs. Josephine IMluso, the girl’s
godmother, Odana had been atteu- :
tive to the girl for three years, but ,
on account of Mr youth, Mrs.
Diluso had tried to keep them apart.
Mrs. Diluso and the girl's sister. 1
Anna, twenty-Jwo, who were with j
her as they approached their place i
of work in North Bergen, said i
Odana was accompanied by throe |
.-w> .. k ,- • * * 9
other men. The car drew up to the
curb, two of them seized the girl
end forced her into ft. Mn. Dilueo
gave the police the license number,
The sister was token to ths hos
pital when she became hysterical
over the kidnaping.
Railroad Would Issuq Bonds
The International-Great Northern
Railroad of Texas/asked the. Inter
stats Commerce Commission today
for authority to Issue >2,400,000 of
6 per cent secured l gold notes and
to pledge >2,760,000.. of first mortg
age gold boonds, with the director
general of railroads as security
therefore. 7 , .
Ignoring of Davis in Forum
Speech Causes Disapproval
of Delegates
Dissatisfaction stirred the ranks
of the 1,000 women attending the
dinner of the American Aasodattam
of University Women at their po
litical forum last night.
The murmur of disapproval start
ed when Mrs. Rose Tates Forrester,
delegate from the District to the
Democratic convention, left John
W. Davis out of her speech entirely'
and praised only McAdoo.
Ripples of scorn pirvfcd. the
.Democratic ranks i when eha said
That as a pfrtident or the WbmMru
Trade Union even she had never
faced such a howling mob, as Mow
York’s convention boasted, and that
she was ashamed of the whole
Democratic procedure, pafticularty
the “donkey.”
Mrs. Mabel Walker WUlebrandt.
assistant attorney general, lauded
the sobriety, enthusiasm, patriotism
and tolerance ot the Republican
Mrs. Florence Collins Porter, first
woman to cast a vote for President
in the electoral college, and sec
onder of the Coolidge nomination at
Cleveland, condemned the women
voters of “straight tickets,” “be
cause their menfolks do so.” She
said the women had great faith in
Coolidge for his high principles and
Mrs. Edward Costigan, represent
ing the Conference of Progressive
Political Action, hailed Senator
Robert La Follette as the “Little
Giant of the West.”
Many Representatives and Sena
tors were present at the dinner, as
guests of the club. Miso Hope
Thompson, lawyer of Washington,
presided. '
Wheatley Officials Outline
Program to Meet Wide
Need in Capital
Plans for the formation of a wel
fare institute at Phyllis Wheatley
T. W. C. A. have been practically
completed. The program for the in
stitute includes further develop
ment of industrial, educational,
physical training, religious instruc
tion of welfare secretaries, home
management and social service
“For several months,” Mrs. W, A.
McAdoo, general secretary, said to
day, “we have felt the need of such
an institution. It has continuously
come to our attention that hundreds
of colored girls and women, most
of whom are engaged in domestic
service, are anxious to participate
in such work as the institute will
develop. The majority seem to
possess a desire for service to
others as well as wanting to bo
helped themselves.
“Our out-door service during this
summer has influenced hundred of
these girls and women toward giv
ing their spare time to altruistic
services. The cooperation of all
public spirited colored citizens is
As codling as the
snow-capped gla
ciers; as refreshing
as the gentle sum
mer rains; the most
delightful treat you
can get in town for
Dikenuui Bteree.
' Tuesday and
* Wednesday
”, A
Urfenns dn
s* •_ -
* Spring Lanark
* Leg o’ Lank, A,2Sc
* StewLtanb, L. 2Sr
t ShoaUer Lank
► u..... me
[Loin Chops, Bu, 3fc
: Kb Lamb Onge,
: u. »
* -
" Veal Cadets, flu, Mr
Rib Gups . Be, 2Sr
Stew Vesi..K, St
Chnckßoast,K, 12ye
Hamburg . A., /2lc
' Rib Steak* . fa., 2St
: Pork Chops, A., 2fc
CgMtgP Cmb
■ Fruits and
■ VegetaWey
! Peaches . ... Ut
A Ovaurt Buofaut
• Apples . 4 As., 25c
Body Jane
■ lemons .. daz., Mr
' Bananas . Ju., 3tr
Sweet Corn . L 2Sc
Lettuce .. 2 far ISt
Oranges . Ju., 45c
lit Si—
Celery 15c
Green Peas. Al, ISr
Crises . . . K, 23c
Coffee . . . At, 2tr
FniiSriaJ . . 2St
f te
PeocAes . . . 12kt
nu. t ce>
Jello St
Rusin Breed . . Mr
V« Cuu’s KA, St
r«s c«i
3 far .... m
10 lbs., 67c

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