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The Washington Times is the only afternoon
paper in this city publishing the tews dispatches
of International News Service and Universal Service.
Efficiency Report Flays District Building Inspectors
First Lady
Smiles for
Mr. Vallee
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FAME MET FAME AT THE BIG mowing meal yes
terday when Mrs. Herbert Clark Hoover, First Lady of
the Land, congratulated Rudy Vallee, First Singer of the I
Revolutionary forces entered
Santo Domingo, capital of the
Dominican Republic, at 5 a. m.
today according to advices re
ceived at the State Department
from Minister Charles B. Curtis.
Curtis added that the entry
of the revolutionists was ac
companied by a sharp fusillade
lasting less than a minute and
that moderate quiet prevailed at
the time of filing his message,
7 a. m.
Agreement Expected
Prospect of an agreement be
tween the revolutionists and the
Dominican ’ government was held
out by John M. Cabot, secretary
of the American legation at
Santo Domingo when he returned
to that capital last night after
an attempt to bring the opposing
factions together, American Min
ister Charles B. Curtis reported
to the State Department today,
Curtis reported Cabot brought
with him the revolutionists’ pro
posals apd that there ‘‘seemed a
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Navy Parley Failure
Seen By Officials
Pessimism of deepest hue was
apparent in Washington today
over the state in which the Lon
don naval conference has fallen.
While administration leaders,
presumably reflecting President
Knew the
. . . between living
in a “rented" and
an “owned” home.
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NavyAceDiesin Crash
In Mimic Warfare
(Copyright. IIL'IO, by International
News Service!
day, Feb. 21 (Delayed in Trans
mission).—Ensign W. McMullen,
U. S. N. R„ was killed instantly to
day in a spectacular aerial acci
dent while “enemy” planes from
the airplane carrier U. S. S. Sara
toga made a bombing “attack” on
her sister ship, the U. S. S. Lex
McMullen, who lived at Detroit,
Mich., flew at the Cleveland air
races last year as a member of
the “High Hats,” a noted flying
From a height of 5,000 feet Mc-
Mullen put his plane ? into a verti
cal dive and dropped in the. direc
tion of the forward part of the
Lexington at an estimated speed of
between 250 and 300 miles an
At an altitude of 300 feet Mc-
Mullen pulled his plane sharply
out of the dive. When his ship
reached a position of about 45 de
grees from the vertical, the plane
suddenly disintegrated. After the
wings and the tail surface of the
plane broke into small bits, the
Hoover’s views, either kept silent
or expressed vague hopes that
some miraculous way may yet be
found to get the conference back
on the main track, others were
more or less openly expressing
the opinion that it is now
obvious that the parley has I diled
or will fail of its chief purpose
—naval reduction—and that such
being .the case the American
delegates might as. well oack up
and come home.
The collapse of the Chautemps
government admittedly constitutes
another severe blow for the con
ference, not only because it neces
sitates further delay, but also be
cause it spells the return of a
French delegation to London
strongly nationalistic in spirit
and policy, and prepared to back
tc the limit the Tardieu program.
So long as M. Chautamps, a
leader of the left, was endeavor
ing to compose his government
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t h «_Qjm a t b Any -7
NO. 15,168
Ether. The young idol of America's, feminine contingent
was a guest with Mrs. Hoover at the club breakfast. Os
course, he smiled and sang. /
fuselage did a half roll and
plunged into the sea with its en
gine turning at high speed.
After an intensive but unsuc
cessful search for McMullen’s
body, the Destroyer Pruitt re
joined the fleet. •
After the completion of two
weeks of intensive and secret
war maneuvers, the battle fleet
was preparing to “attack” the
western entrance of the Panama
Canal. The fleet was proceeding
in battle formation with the
submarines in the vanguard, while
the destroyers were throwing a
protective smoke screen about
other craft in the fleet.
Land forces are prepared to
meet the “attack” and both sides
are depending upon airplanes to
“spot” each other and direct
During the maneuvers last year
the “enemy” fleet theoretically
destroyed the canal. The results
of the “battle” this year will not
be determined until after a com
plete check of the reports
Hobson Sees Drug Ban
By All Nations of World
NEW YORK, Feb. 26 (1.N.5.).
—Nations of the world are waking
up to the acute menace of illicit
trade in drugs and are co-oper
ating with the world conference
on narcotic education, according
to a statement issued today by
Capt. Richmond Pearson Hobson,
president of the conference.
During narcotic education
week, which ends tomorrow, the
press, churches, schools and radio
have aided in the campaign to
stress the evils of drugs, Captain
Hobson said.
Paging The News
. ... I‘nxe
Army uud \avy Order®
Aiiioui<d«ilet> . . . H £
liirliiK, Miirriuin-*, multi,
Comic* ‘
Crnsswnrd Frntzle
Drauuitlea »
Fashion N«w« ,
Fay Kins Cartoon . . . . i«
Flying l.roon (
Fox tarloon ' "
•‘Lovejoy." Serial ' in
Maryland-Virginia N»w. . ' in t;
Midweek New* Review a
Pntltlork Pirk* ’Km
Radio .., J
"Slant® on Capital People" iy
Society j
Sport* •» *3 vl
Vanilla and the Villain"
“Waehlnyton nt Teafeydav’* jx
Weather Dets lit . '
Comptroller of the Currency
J. W. Pole today faced a grilling
before the House Banking Com
mittee as a result of his proposal
to extent national branch bank
ing and his prediction that the
country bank is virtually doomed.
Representative Strong (R.) of
Kansas, ranking Republican and
strong opponent of branch bank
ing. assailed Pole's position.
Strong has a bill pending to pre
vent branch banking.
“The program of the comp
troller is to concentrate all the
banking in a few financial cen
ters, where national banks would
have power to extend branches
throughout their trade territory.”
said Strong.
“I fear this situation will lead
to a combination of these cen
ters. with the result that there
wilt be a virtual monopoly of
money and credits. I don’t think
it would be a good thing for the
Pole is the first witness in the
committee's investigation of group,
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Bridge Playing Hides
Inferiority Complex
NEW YORK, Feb. 26 (1.N.3.'.
Bridge players are usually suffer
ing from an inferiority complex
and find the game an easy way
to satisfy their striving for super
iority, according to Dr. Alfred
Adler. noted Viennese psy
Speaking at Columbia Uni
versity, Dr. Adler said a bridge
player who wins always wears a
smile of superiority, a smile that
hides a feeling of inferiority. He
also declared most suicides suf
fered from superiority complex,
demanding that they be masters
of their fates.
Taft Grows Weaker.
Physicians Report
Ex-Chief Justice William
Howard Taft was weaker today
and his physicians announced his
condition was more serious than
at any time since he became ill.
The physicians’ bulletin at
noon, signed b>’ Drs. Hagner and
MARLBORO. Md.. Feb. 26.—
One entire section of stables in
the Marlboro racetrack reserva
tion was entirely destroyed by fire
of unknown origin early this
afternoon. ,
The flames spread rapidly, but
did not reach the grandstand.
Four fire .engines, called from
Capitol Heights and Boulevard
Heights, in addition to the local
apparatus, are fighting the fire.
The town was virtually deserted
while the fire was in progress
and the early reports indicated
that the entire property would
be destroyed.
There were five horses In the
stables, but ali were saved.
PARIS, Feb. 26 <l.Nwß.>.—Scor
Inga notable personal victory
over his political opponents. Andre
Tardieu. leader of the National
Republican party, today was asked
by President Gaston Doumisrgue
to attempt formation of a new
ministry to succeed the short
lived cabinet of Camille Chau
Tardieu immediately accepted
the task, and informed the Presi
dent he would report the success
or failure of his attempt at 11:30
a.4m. tomorrow.
Voted Out February 17
President Doumergue called
upon Tardieu when all other ef
forts to bring about a stable min
istry had failed. Tardieu's gov
ernment was voted out of office
February 17 by a narrow margin
In the Chamber of Deputies, and
since that date frantic efforts
have been made to set up a new
Chautemps was designated by
the President on February 21 to
attempt formation of a’ ministry.
He succeeded in getting a cabi
net together, but It was defeated
on its first appearance before the
chamber yesterday.
Doumergue again asked Former
Premier Raymond Poincare to
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Head-On Crash With Car
Kills Three Motorists
PITTSBURGH. Feb. 26 <I.N.S.)
—Three men were killed instantly
here today in a head-on collision
between their automobile and a
street car. Witnesses told police
the driver of the speeding auto
mobile swerved onto the tracks
from behind another car.
Occupants of the automobile
were hurled from the machine
as it turned over after striking
the trolley car.
ALEXANDRIA: Va.. Feb. 26.-
At a meeting of the board of
directors of the Independent
Mutual Fire Insurance Company
of Fairfax County, held yester
day. J. N. Gibbs, of Mt. Vernon,
was elected president, and M. D.
Hall, of Burke, w’as elected vice
Clay tor, said:
‘'The former Chief Justice is
not so well today ax yesterday.
He is gradually growing weaker;
He is suffering no pain, but hl?
condition is more serious than at
juiy time.-

The District building inspector's
office and the boiler Inspector’sl
office, were targets of a speciali
report submitted to the Commis i
I sloners today by the Bureau of
I Efficiency. Sweeping changes in
their organization were recom
The report states, with regard
to the building inspector: first,
that the office is poorly organ
ized. and second, that there is no
reasonable minimum qualification
set up in the selection of em I
ployes. especially building in- •
spectors themselves.
Boiler Department Criticized
Extensive changes were also
suggester in the boiler depart-1
ment. which the report criticised
i severely, and at length, calling its
! methods “antiquated.”
Under an elaborate reorganiza
' Won scheme both offices, with
three others, would be combined ■
as divisions of a large bureau of i
i the District Engineer Department, I
The proposed new bureau would
be known as the “bureau of in-1
spections” and would be headed
by an engineer thoroughly com
petent to pass on building-con
struction work in all its phases.
The five inspection divisions
would be the building inspector’s
division, and the electrical,
plumbing, elevator, and steam
boiler inspection divisions. The
first named would be composed
in large part of the present build-1
ing inspector’s personnel.
Builders Pick Inspectors
The bureau criticized the
present practice of letting builders
hire their own Inspectors. At
present, the building inspection
office keeps a list of licensed in
spectors, from which a contractor
or architect may select one to in
spect a job. The entire per
sonnel should be full-time District
employes, with higher pay than
at present, the bureau’s report
The inspection system of the
boiler department is on an anti
quated basis, the report says.
Legislation is sought which will
provide for a fourfold increase of
It is a physical impossibility for
one man to inspect more than 500
large boilers, an equal number of
steam pressing machines and air
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SAN SIMEON. Calif., Feb. 26
• IN.S.).—Mr. and Mrs. Calvin
Coolidge are resting here today in
the seculsion of the William
Randolph Hearst ranch. The re
turn journey to Los Angeles will
be ma“e Friday.
The former President and Mrs.
Coolidge have no definite plans
for the remainder of their stay in
southern California which will
be concluded Monday.
On Tuesday the former Chief
Executive and Mrs. Coolidge will
attend the dedication ceremonies
of Coolidge Dam, on the Gila
River, Ariz. ,
©Rain this afternoon
and possibly early
tonight; colder to
night, minimum
temperature about
37 degrees; Thurs
day fair and cold
er: fresh west and northwest
winds. Temperature yesterday—
Highest, M; lowest. 53. Full
weather report bn page •
'* " ’ * ’“ ■ r | V'»- l -*''*> I u 1.11,01 Wk «W«wwww^a»Nw—l^— »—wp— ——. r . .
I AT E i
**■■* » .'•■■Ob' I
- Block tests of new Diesel air
plane engine have been so sat
isfactory that War Department
has ordered them installed in
two airplanes for further tests.
Richmond B. Keech, ap
pointed by President Hoover to
succeed Ralph B. Fleharty as
people’s counsel of District, con
firmed unanimously by Senate.
New monster of air to oe
sister ship of Graf Zepellin,
though considerably larger,
will be built this year by Zep
pelin Airship Company in Ger
many. Commerce Department
is informed.
Opponents of public school
expenditures taken to task oy
Dr. Frank W. Ballou, superin
tendent of schools, in address
before National Education As
sociation convention in Atlantic
Mrs. Abram Simon, wife of
the rabbi of the Washington
Hebrew Congregation, has been
signally honored by being
chosen the American represen
tative to present a paper at
the convention of the World
Union for Progressive Judaism
on July 17 in London.
Dr. Curtis F. Marbut. chief
of the Boil Survey. Bureau of
Chemistry and Soils. Depart
ment of Agriculture, was
awarded Cullum Geographical
Medal in recognition of services
|of special distinction in the
field of scientific research.
lowa-Thomas Circle Citizens
Association instructs its dele
gates to the Federation of
Citizens Asociations to favor
the selection of a civilian as
HAGERSTOWN. Md.. Feb. 26.
A daring jail delivery occurred
during the early morning hours
at Berkeley Springs, W. Va., to
day. when three brothers. Albert.
Royal, and Lase Miller, of Morgan
county, held on a robbery charge,
managed to make a clean get
When Sheriff Newbaugh ar
rived at the jail at 6 o’clock this
morning he found the outer door
swinging open and the locks on
the cell door broken. The broth
ers were the only prisoners at
the time.
There is no clew so far as to
how the delivery was accom
plished. or as to where the youths
have escaped.
Four in Cabinet Have
Power Trust Ties -
Four members of President
Hoover’s Cabinet, Secretary of
Agriculture Hyde, Secretary of
War Hurley, Secretary of Com
merce Lamont and Secretary of
the Interior Wilbur, are honorary
officers of the American com
mittee of the World War Confer
ence, financed largely by giant
American power organizations, the
Senate Interstate Commerce Com
mittee was told today.
And in 1926, the committee
was told, President Hoover, then
Secretary of Commerce, was the
honorary chairman. The testi
mony was given the committee by
O. C. Merrill, former executive
secretary of the Federal Power
Commission, now active chairman
of the American committee. He
said the organization was formed
in 1923 with the purpose of
“promotion of power development
in the world.”
He said in 1924 the American
committee, which the National
Electric Light Association had
guaranteed to finance for five
President Hoover has gone out
side his proper sphere in admon-
I ishing the people not only to
obey, but to help enforce the pro
hibition law, the Rev. Father
John Ryan, professor of eco
l nomics at Catholic University, de*
I dared today before the House
Judiciary Committee which is con
; sidering bills to modify the Vol
stead act.
I Wilton J. Lambert, Washing
ton attorney, describing liouor
conditions in the National Capi
tal. declared that they are so bad
Congress could never get enough
judges to try the cases. There
has been a great increase in gen
eral liquor drinking since prohi
bition. Lambert declared.
No Moral Authority
Father Ryan stated his antk
! prohibition views with surprising
frankness and engaged in spirited
debate with dry members of the
committee, who sought to draw
him out. -
: “Bo you think President Hoover
was going beyond his powers in
his inaugural address when he
advised the people to obey and
help enforce the law?” asked
Representative Hammer <D.) of
North Carolina.
“There.” said Father Ryan, “he'
was attempting to state a moral
principle which was none of his
business. He is no more an
authority on morals than I am.”
“Do you mean.” persisted Ham
mer, “that he hasn’t the right to
urge the people to obey the law?”
“Oh. yes.” replied Dr Ryan.
“He has the right to appeal, but
not dogmatically to lay down
moral doctrine.”
“You don’t think it is the
duty of a person, to persuade
others to enforce the law?” '
“No.” said Father Ryan, bluntly.
Father Ryan attacked the
I statement of President Hoover
I I that the best way to get rid of A
bad law is to enforce it. s -
I "People have got rid of morg
bad laws by disregarding them
than by obeying them,” he said,
• He cited the fugitive slave law
. to uphold the individual’s right
I to disregard a law.
He said he wrote an article
five years ago in an ecclestical
i I magazine advising there was a
' moral duty to obey ths prohibi
tion laws on the theory that they
were conducive to the public
"But prohibition did not prove
conducive to good morals and
instead is injurious and I have
changed my position.” he said.
Prohibition enforcement, he
(Continued on Page 2, Col. 3)
years, paid his expenses as offi
cial American delegate to an in
ternational power conference in
London. He said he saw nothing
wrong in the power company’s
helping to pay his expenses to
London and asserted it had in
no way influenced him in fav«r
of the power interests. He said
that F. E. Bonner, the present
executive secretary of the power
commission, was also a member
of the committee.
Merrill said that in addition to
the 1924 conference, the Govern
ment and four power companies
had Joined in payment of his ex
penses to two other conferences,
one in Switzerland in 1926 and
another in London in 1928.
Merrill’s testimony brought
acrid \ comment from Senator
Wheeler (D.) of Montana.
“I cfin more readily understand
why tihe power companies have
so milch influence in Washing
ton.” he said, “when they are
puttin| up money for an organ
Stion for which members of the
binet are members.”

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