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New Drama
Opens at
A charmingly so p h i s t i cated
comedy-drama, at once glittering
ly daring °nd sparkling in its in
triguing appeil, is hidden under
the altogether disarming title of
“Jewel Robbery,” this week’s fare
at; the Shvber.t-Belasco and the
sole ' theatrical attraction of the
week.. '
Adapted, the program tells us,
by Bertram Block from the Hun
garian of Laszlo Fodor. which
means little to the casual theater
goer, unless one takes into con
sideration the added statement of
the publicists that it is a proven
European success.
In>a Jewel. Shop
But it fes no tax Oh the patience
of the audience to await the un
folding of the plpt— not that by
any meftns this may quickly be
summed^'up in such trite forms as
melodrama, mystery draina or
such—wj certainly said .“sophisti
cated” in the first line! The cur
tain rises on the interior of a
jewelry store ir Vienna, such a
jewelry store as one might find in
Fifth Avenue. Nothing garish, but
tasteful displays of • necklaces,
tiarras, rings and such with plate
in the background.
• Teri, we are told, wife of Franz,
a Viennese banker, is soon to ar
rive with her husband to claim an
internationally famous diamond,
of almost unbelievable karatage
(can one say karatage?), a sort
of peace offering for certain peca
dilloes on the part of aforesaid
husband whose armours are ap
parently typically Viennese. She
comes, late as usual, shortly fol
lowed by Franz and in turn by
Paul, member of the Hungarian
cabinet, and latest admirer. But
there is no clash for apparently
Viennese husbands are accustom
ed to that sort of thing!
Comes .the Robbery
Just as the sale is consumated,
other customers epter, the ..fore
most shortly produces a gun and
calmly announces that he is a
robber, not a tljief: there is ap
parently a fine distinction. With
a savoir faire quite admirable, he
quickly clears the establishment
of its entire stock, keeps proprie
tor and patrons quiet under the
spell of his brilliant small taik.
even induces the unsuspecting
watchman to help his ac
complices carry away the loot,
locks the men in the safes, and
prepares to take his leave—but
there’s Teri. She just won’t be
locked up, she Won’t be gagged,
she won’t go with trim antt eyen
when he takes the much-coveted
diamond, she lets him escape, for
she’s Teri—and he’s different.
Teri Is Accused
With unheard of bravado, the
charming stranger turns up in
Teri’s apartment four hours later.
As a detective calls to question
her concerning her strange .part
in the robbery, she hides him, but
she is accused as an accomplice,
he is discovered and both are
taken away—but not to a police
station, after all, but to his apart
ment, for the master crook has
succumbed to her charms and she,
with her inherent love for jewels,
greater than her love for love,
coquette that she is, finds herself
at the point of capitulation when
—but why reveal more of a plot
that is at once so sparkling and
so daring in its dialogue?
Mary Ellis as Teri finds herself
cast in a role in i which she seems
to fairly revel. Without her, one
hesitates to think just what might
happen. She has charm and
L'itte: and comprehension.
And opposite her. Basil Sydney,
gives an interpretation that lends
perfect understanding to her
eventual solution, broadly hinted,
at the least, of her dilemma.
Both acquit themselves brilliantly.
Fine Direction
Tasteful settings naturally
accompany a production of this
sort and splendid direction is
demonstrated in the work of the
cast, that of Cora Witherspoon.
Clarence Derwept, Stuart Casey.
Liqhel Braham. Robert Vivian
and Eugene Powers being out
But the title “Jewel Robbery”
seems altogether too simple not
to be masking under a dual
entendre. Had there been a
fourth act. laid in Nice two days
later—ah well, these Viennese!
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*•***>* i
i A'V|
Percy Crosby’s juvenile comedy, “Sooky,” which opens on the screen at Loew’s Palace
Theater on Friday.
Clark Gable Is
Striving for
(Copyright. 193-1. King Features
HOLLYWOOD. Dec. 29.—One
of the screen’s greatest matinee
idols—and he wants to be a
rolling stone.
Sitting on the set, Clark Gable
admitted to me he still can't be
lieve his good fortune—fortune
that has enabled him, in one
year, to play opposite Joan Craw
ford, Norma Shearer. Greta
Garbo, and now Marion Davies.
The strangest part of it is. he
doesn’t want to go on with this
glamorous life indefinitely. What
he really wants, he confesses, is
$200,000 and a chance to travel
in the out-of-the-way places of
the world.
“I signed my five-year contract
against the advice of my agent
and even mywifeA’ he told me.
“My object was to get enough
to retire on. And I was willing
to devote five years of my life
to it. Maybe I won’t last that
long on the screen. I'm not a
great actor and I never will be.
But I believe I know my business.
You can’t work for ten years
with veteran stage stars and not
absorb something.”
Already, Clark is laying plans
for the future. “I own two cars,
which I paid cash for,” he ex
plained to me. “I rent my apart
ment—but for six months, not a
year. I don’t even own my
furniture. I’m saving my money.”
This actor, who has set film
fans agog the world over, doesn’t
know much about Hollywood
social life. Marion Davies has
introduced him to most of the
stars he has met.
But he is a purposeful man.
one who is likely to realize his
ambitions. If he still desires it,
you can look to see him a rolling
stone in 1936.
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Late Stage News
Direct From
NEW YORK, Dec. 29.—“ The
Animal Kingdom,” the Gilbert
Miller-Leslie Howard production
of Phlip Barry’s new play, with
Mr. Howard as the star, will open
tonight at the Nixon Theater,
Pittsburgh. It will be presented
the first three days of next week
in Mr. Barry’s birthplace. Roches
ter. and will have its New York
premiere at the Bfoadhurst Thea
ter on Friday evening, January 8.
Arch Selwyn announces that he
has become associated in the
production of the forthcoming
revue “The Jazz City.” Ina Claire
is being mentioned for the show,
which will go in rehearsal next
Monday, with Jack Haley, Eliza
beth Hines, Rod La Rocque. Doug
las Byng and Evelyn Hoey as
leading players.
Sir Philip Ben Greet and his
company of Shakespearean play
ers wlil begin an engagement of
six performances at the County
Centre. White Plains, tonight with
“Julius Caesar.” The Greet com
pany has just completed a tour
through the West and Southwest.
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