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3,100,000 MORE
International New* Service
More than 3.100.000 farm work
ers and domestic servants will be
added to the old-age benefit rolls
under the social security act if
Congress extends the benefits to
those classes of workers at the
coming session.
Workers in those two classes of
service are exempt from the pro
visions of the act. as are their em
ployers. Chairman John O. Win
ant. however, has said that the
board is considering recommend
ing an amendment, to cover farm
and domestic labor, at the com
ing session of Congress.
Statistics of the Bureau of Agri
cultural Economics of the Depart
ment of Agriculture today re
vealed that 1,645.602 farm labor
ers. listed as “hired” farm labor,
Were employed in January. These
were in addition to the 10.762,012
members of farm families who
spend at least two days a week
employed on the farms.
Department of labor statistics
show 1,500.000 domestic servants
employed in private homes. This
Would make a total of 3.145.602
persons who would come under
the provisions of an amendment
to include farm and domestic
labor under the act.
Such an amendment would
leave, as exempt from provisions
of the act. casual workers em
ployed occasionally but not in the
course of an employers regular
trade or business; officers and
members of the crews of vessels
registered either under the United
States or foreign flags; workers
In Federal. State, municipal or
other governments, and employes
of non-profit institutions or
ganized and operated exclusively
for religious, charitable, scientific,
literary or educational purposes,
or for the prevention of cruelty
to children or animals.
At present the act is believed to
eover approximately 26,000,000
To the Capitolians who went
down to defeat in the November 3
Republican debacle and who may
have expected an extra two days’
pay because of the delayed con
vening of Congress, this is bad
They won't get it.
There has been some specula
tion on Capitol Hill as to who gets I
the extra pay between the closing
of the Seventy-fourth Congress
and the beginning of the Seventy
fifth. The thought was that be
cause Congress in its closing days
passed a resolution establishing
January 5 as the opening date in
stead of January 3, as provided by
the Constitution, the outgoing
Congressmen and their secretaries
and clerks would benefit by the
two-day difference.
But the disbursing officer
placed a damper on their hopes
today by flatly announcing that
the “lame duck” amendment to
the Constitution establishes Jan
uary 3 as the opening date of Con
gress, and that’s when Congres
sional pay begins, regardless of
when Congress finally sits down to
January 3 in 1937 falls on Sun
il ay, and ordinarily Congress
would have convened the follow
ing day, but the resolution of the
last session gave the incoming
Congress an extra workless day.
BETHESDA. Md„ Dec. I.—De
siring to continue a practice
started several years ago, the
Bethesda Volunteer Fire Depart
ment today issued an appeal for
toys and other articles to be dis
tributed among the destitute fami
lies and children of Montgomery
county at Christmas.
The department is noted for its
extensive charity campaigns at
Christmas, and last year supplies
more than 400 families with toys,
food, fuel and clothing.
Chief Hiram Musgrove said to
day that the firemen are ready to
begin work and requested all
county residents who wish to as
sist to telephone the fire house,
Bradley 651, and members of the
department will call at the house
for donations.
This Christmas relief work was
originally carried on in the Chevy
Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, Glen
Echo and Cabin John areas, but
in recent years appeals from other
communities have forced the de- ,
partment to widen its scope until !
It is now county-wide, he said.
Exceptional opportunity to connect
with fastest growing credit clothing
chain. Several experienced credit
store managers accustomed to handle
credit stores doing volume Os 8150.-
000 up. salaries *IOO per week and
opportunity for continuous advance
ment. Men now employed may write
in fullest confidence about their
present and past experience. Per
sonal interviews will be arranged at
convenient points.
uisuisr.Tnx times
Telephone District 7000
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1.59 Girls' Raincoats
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Rubber Raincoats in
blue, green and red.
Sizes 7 to 16 years,—
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Regular 10.95 and 13.95
With This
Coupon.... w
Dashing new swagger and fitted models of allwool
fabric. Single and double breasted. All have all-wool
interlining. Brown, grey. navy, rust and green.
Women’s and misses' sires 14 to 20. 38 to 46.
Goldenberg's—Second Floor (T)
V ----- • J.-- • __Z~
tt. -- ' COUPON 55 "J-fr
Tots’ 59c Dresses
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Various styles, also g% 4%
hoys' wssh suits. Sizes
3 to 6.—Second Flnor. |
/>_• 1 I "!■=»■ COUPON 58 -si-th
Infants* Handmade Dresses
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Dainty new handmade gw Xk
and hand embroidered J|| a
dresses and creepers re- ,
duced.—Second Floor. ■■ I
I (T) I
' ' ' '
Girls’ Print Dresses
With This Coupon Only
New patterns In tub- A
fast colors. Organdy /I |a
trimmed. Sizes 7 to 16. A-4-184
—Second Floor. (T) * V
Ct. ' J -"~" '• COUPON 58 -
Infants* Gowns and Gertrudes
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Warm flannelette gowns.
gertnides and kimonos. B 1a fa
shell-stitched. 29c val- B fit .
ues.—Second Floor. (T) ” Vwr
V' ' ' 9
(f COUPON 59
Infants* Blankets
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Infants’ 29c wrapping 4
blankets trimmed in aßa
white, blue and pink. B ■ ■■_" ■
—Seeond Floor. (Tl • |
<a"'~ ■ COUPON 80
99c Diapers, dozen
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Soft, absorbent birdseye ZX A
diapers, size 27 x 27. JL rfa
ready hemmed, in sealed 1
package.—Second Floor.
'*'* ■====<?■--
ft. ._L_l ? COUPON «1 ■ .(
Girls’ 59c Sleepers
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buttoned front and drop /I I
seat. Sizes 6to 12. — "A 4 1
Second Floor. (T) “ “
y ~ , --•/)
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1.25 and 1.50 Woolens, Yd.
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Floor. (Tl %Z
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y t —
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Rayon French Crepe, Yd.
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2 to S-yard lengths—
Main Floor. (Ti ‘
ft COUPON 65
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on weave, guaranteed
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(T) I
T _.
■ 1 ■'= COUPON 66 —
59c All-Silk Crepe, Yd.
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crepe in black, white /I /
and popular colors. — 4 4.
Main Floor. (T) * • 1
V' - , ' l>
<7 ■= COUPON 67
22c Printed Percale, Yd.
With This Coupon Only
A BC. 36-lnch percale,
guaranteed tub fast. % ZJ
I.arge selection of new | 9Lfa
patterns. —Main Floor. 1 C 11.
...-■fl- "=<■
ft = COUPON 88 -■»
Mill Lengths Sateen, Yd.
With This Coupon Only
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lengths. Black, white I
and wanted colors.— ■ .
Main Floor.
ft . ■ COUPON 69
29c Rayon Taffeta, Yd.
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colors and white and , %/•
i black.—Main Floor. <T) MUV
Fast Color Prints, Yd.
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19c values. Mill lengths J
of high-count weave In I /B yw
fast colors. —Main Floor. |
" COUPON 71 ■ . 'tS
28c Cotton Chinta, Yd.
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Mill lengths of mercer- 4 #ao
ized chintz, tubfast, in | /fa
many new patterns.— B 4 1*
Main Floor.(T) * •
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3.95 Corduroy Robes
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I I 9
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Sample Lots of Women's
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1.09 values in women’s and misses’ beautiful quality
silk and satin dance sets, panties and chemise. Tea
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Goldonbrrt'a —Main Floor (T»
Uasasagagßsaaßas’ " - " .
ft. ' ~ COUPON 73 ' ■' ,ft
Rayon Taffeta Slips
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69c value. With 4 gores j| XV
and lace trim. Non-pull /| Ma
seams Sizes 34 to 44. ”11
—Main Flt Ar. (Tl * W
ft- ’-• COUPON 74 i
$1 Flannelette Gowns
With This Coupon Only
Regular and extra sizes
Isl to 20. Paste, ro’ors / !fa
or stripes.—Main Floor. 4 4 4
\y , ■ ~
Cf " ■ • COUPON 75 .ft
69c Flannelette Gown*
With This Coupon Only
Plain colors. stripes, fa
white and flesh. Sizes La BJ fa
16 and 17.—Main Floor, gj ,
ft w.- • ‘ COUPON 78 1 '■■■’j.ft
Women’s Union Suita
With This Coupon Only
59c value. Knit with g% PW
rayon stripe. Irregulars. J /fa
Sizes 38 to 44.—Main .ill
Floor. (T) <Z ■ %*
7— COUPON 77
Vests and Bloomera
With This Coupon Only
Women's garments with gA aa
rayon stripe. Irregu
lars. Regular and ex- , X/•
tra sizes.—Main Floor.
» "" r ~»
ft ' ' - COUPON 78 -’-ft
59c Vests and Pantiea
With This Coupon Only
59c values "Snugfit” fa
brand. 35% silk and 9 fa
I wool. Irregulars.— /.111
I Main Floor. <T) XZV>
vy; r- t~
ft? - COUPON 79 -,J ■ —JSi .
1.00 Snugfit Panties
With This Coupon Only
100% silk - and - wool J d
Irregulars. Small, me- /| fa
dium and large sizes.-— "T*TB ,
Main Floor. tTI • *w*
tS== COUPON 80 -.1. .ft
25c Vests and Panties
With This Conpon Only
Cotton knit ' Snugfit” <
garments in small, me- Z B fa
dium and large sizes, f , 1 I*
—Main Floor. (T) I
lU ~ J ‘
ft - COUPON 81 ...er-'ft
1.00 Rayon Slips
With This Coupon Only
Women's extra - size I*7 Z%
slips, lace-trimmed. Sizes /aa VW
46 to 52.—Main Floor, i '
ft ■ COUPON 82 ; ft
39c Rayon Undies
With This Coupon Only
| Regular ami extra sizes. 4%/%
: Panties. step-ins and BBa/W ;
bloomers.—Main Floor, BBS j
ft. r COUPON 83 — ,
Balbriggan Pajamas
With This Coupon Only
Women’ 1.09 2-piece
pastel pajamas. Small. Wf wf fa
med in m and large
sizes.—Main Floor. (Tl wwwwwV
W — 3
ft — ? COUPON 84 ft
39c Gowns and Slips
With This Coupon Only
i Embroidered Hand
made towns and tai-
I lored cotton slips. Sizes /Ir yn
j 36 to 44.—Main Floor. al9
ft - COUPON 85 .'g'j|
Women’s Rayon Pajamas
With This Coupon Only
69r value. One-piece atf •
style in pastel colors. L [Z
Sizes 16 and 17.—Main Tlf*
Floor. <T)
===== —~
ft » COUPON 86 '" ' i ft
Women’s 59c Coveralls
With This Coupon Only
Serviceable coverall aprons t a
for kitchen protection. /I !\
Large sizes. — Second 4XAf v
,Ftooi'- (T) * AV
*1 COUPON 87
Christmas Wreaths
With This Coupon Only
Christmas and memo-
rial wreaths in holly. Ofl
rusktis, oak leaves and
Dipgrass.—Main Flnor. VJt/V
Z/~Z2~.."' fcoUPON 88 .'.-.A.--—rrft
59c Snowball Hats
With This Coupon Only
Hand-knitted snowball 9 faf
and hockey caps, solid /I /fa
colors and two-tones.— *A 4 ■
Felt Roller Hats
With This Coupon Only
All-white, chalk crepe,
all colors and all head 1 wB/B
sizes.—Main Floor. (T) ® 1Z Wv
ft = COUPON 90 ~T F T ’
Hat and Scarf Sets
With This Coupon Only
Soft suede fabrics. An- Z) FW
gora wool and knitted wr /fa
textures. All colors and fg 4 I
styles.—Main Floor. (Tl • w |
TafapAona Dhtriet 7000
ft. „ 1 'J COUPON 91 Si
Silks and Acetates, Yd.
With This Coupon Only
flPc to $1 values, 2 to gx fa
4% yd. lengths. Prints
and plain colors - .Ball
Main Floor. <T) WWV
r,7-. ~===== •!
COUPON 92 ■■ . —.ft
Candlewick Bedspreads
With This Coupon Only
3.95, size 90x105 lovely E >7
all-over candlewick Z.vl
spreads in all colors — f, -
Main Floor. (T) ■■
<g=== COUPON 93
Jacquard Bedspreads
With This Coupon Only
1.69 size 81x105 tub- 4 TO
fast scalloped spread B «19
in popular colors. —Main ■
/f==xx. COUPON 94 —ft
3.95 Rayon Bedspreads
With This Conpon Only
Tailored brocaded bed- ft
spreads in sizes 90x105 Z J
and 72x105.—Main Floor. /.■=.
-I?) JF
ft. ■ COUPON 95 .. ' '—lft
2.00 Rayon Bedspread*
With This Coupon Only
Size 84x105 beautiful <« Jft
scalloped spreads. Rose, ■ .*T J
green, blue, gold, orchid. I -
i —Main Floor. (T» *
”• *'
■ COUPON 98 ' ~ft
69c Cotton Blankets
With This Coupon Only
Double-bed size blan- fa
kets in pastel colors la*a fa
with colored borders. — a BIBI
Main Floor. (T) VVV ,
"2 9
ft = COUPON 97 ~ —ft
1.00 Bed Pillow*
With This Conpon Only
Size 21x27. Filled with few J
chicken feathers, cov- Infa ,
ered with strong tick- 4
inc—Main Floor. (T) •

ft ~~= COUPON 98
All-Wool Blanket.
With This Conpon Only
5.9.3 value, size 70x80. OO
Rust. blue. rose. gold. O
green, orchid. —Ma 1.1 ■
i Floor. <T> <<
ft -=- COUPON 99
Crinkled Bedspread*
With This Coupon Only
Size 81x105. seamed, fa
orchid, gold, green and |a (Ip
rose 81 value. —Main BB7JB
Floor. (Tl
'irrzrzz ' ;
ft - COUPON 100 ~ — —~ft
Sheet & Pillowcase Set*
With This Coupon Only
: 1.95 value. One 81x99 4 H H
colored-border sheet and B .11
| two 45x36 pillow cases | ~
i —Main Floor.
< ~ 9
ft. ~ COUPON 101
Colonial Bedspread*
With This Coupon Only
395 Bates spreads, size 0.39
90x108, in beautiful de
signs.—Main Floor. <T) Ad
ft. = COUPON 102 ■ '-Aft
Seal-of-Quality Sheet*
With This Conpon Only
Size 81x108—3 yards ZXZ%
long. Heavy quality
with no starch. —Main TBTfl
Floor. (Ti Ml/
V}' '
ft COUPON 103
29c Pillowcases, Each
With This Coupon Only
45x36 and 42x36 cases 4 Z%
made of high - count |
sheeting. Irregulars.— ■ TIB
Main Floor. (T) *
— -7—/’
ft:~ ■ COUPON IM ’ ".ft
49c Scarf* and Muffler*
With This Coupon Only
Plain color* and print* ft ft
in ascot* and tubulars. « <fa
All color*. —Main Floor.
Handkerchiefs, 10 for
With This Coupon Only
Women’s hand-embroid- -—«
ered and hand-appliqued A [7
handkerchief*, white 41,’wa
and pastels. — Main AV V
Floor. IT)
V_ 1 —
ill 79c Women’s Blouse*
With This Coupon Only
Smart new styles in ft
| blouse* of knitted ace- 9 1 fa
| tate. Sizes 34 to 40.— 4 V
COUPON 107 '
Women’s 49c Neckwear
With This Coupon Only
All-white, chalk crepe, ft 0
rayon taffeta and ray- ZBLft
on satin.—Main Floor.
14 ' _— —

ft~ —~ COUPON 108 _ \\
111 Men’s Handkerchiefs, 12 for
with Thl* coupon Only
Regularly 12 for *1 AVO
Lawn Initial handker- /| /fa
chiefs. •1i gh ‘ | V
1.95 and 2.95 Values
Real Kid and Lambskin
With This *|
Coupon. ... ■ ■fl J
Real Kids and Lambskins in classic slipon, plain tai
lored and fancy slipon styles. Sizes 5% to 8.
Goldeob»r«» —Main Floor <T>
■■ —
Ct~ —~ COUPON IM j "J. i ~4.
15c Tooth Brushes, 3 for
With This Coupon Only
Quality brushes mads A |l*
by one of America's f 1
leading manufacturers, r . II
—Main Floor. (T) • ** H
,y. ■■■■ ..
/?._«■• ■-!■ COUPON 110
Razor Blades, 50 for
With This Coupon Only
Keenly tempered steel gV >
double - edits razor j/]
blades. 60 in package. /."vl
—Main Floor. (T» ■■ ***
v- - ’ -<-•
Ct ' ■ ■ ■■ COUPON 111 .K ,tu A
3-Pc. Military Set
With This Coupon Only
Two good quality brush- zs
e« and comb with chro- W V
mlum finish. —M a1 n
Floor. (T) WV ■
~ ~ - - 9
a— COUPON m -
Toilet Tissue, 20 Rolls
With This Coupon Only
Regular R9c value. Soft pspgx
quality toilet tissue. A ’ / J — ,
years supply!—Main I IT
Floor. (T) I VV I
\y=-— - — r —;■ r-rs»
Woodbury’s Facial Soap, 3 for
With This Coupon Only
Save on this famous <| XX
soap. No deliveries. 111 an
Limit, 6 cakes.—Main I rgl
Floor. <T> A •/w
-—i -J t
Ct'±= ■' r ! COUPON 114 " —
Lux or Rinso Flakes, 3 for
With This Coupon Only
Famous washers, 23c psg nut
value. No deliveries,
Limit, 3 packages— • 1211
Main Floor. (T)
-COUPON 115- =jt
Book Manicure Set
With This Coupon Only
50c set of 4 bottles nail
preparations and man- f l
icure implements— x-fl fl
Main Floor. (T) ■■ ■ V
< Z J-L ■» COUPON 118
Melba Joy Perfume, Ox.
With This Coupon Only
75c value. Get a sup
ply of this favorite fine all
perfume.—Main Floor.
r •-„2ZL... ... '>
COUPON 117 "•ZZ~a> i
59c Hair Brushes
With This Coupon Only
Prophylactic hair <X pan
brushes with good bns- / a*
ties and black wood . > fl I
back. —Main Floor. (T)
V' ' ■"
Ct ' 11 COUPON 118 ■■■ A
1.00 Shaving Sets
With This Coupon Only
Wood bu r y's or Col- —
gale's. Complete shav- O O
ing requisites in gift AAI*
boxes. —Main Floor. VWv
--- »
Ct. "" COUPON 119
3-Pc. Dresser Set
With This Coupon Only
3.95 beautiful and dur- m no
I able hair brush, mirror I ,“8 I
I I and comb. —Main Floor. I -■
' (T) *
iy ■- .
Ct... ” COUPON 120
6-Pc. Dresser Set
With This Coupon Only
5.95 value. Four colors. <X 4Q
Comb, brush, mirror. ,
powder box. file and tray. . ■ I
—Main Floor. <T) v H
Jto=g= - • -r- -J)
tt COUPON 121 ■ ■ —it
1.00 Assorted Perfumes
With This Coupon Only
Delicate floral odors in fl
attractive bottles. /111/a
boxed for gifts.—Main ~fli
Floor. (T) *vV
,r _
' "■•= COUPON 122 -.a
Men’s Shaving Sets
With This Coupon Only
JI Mavis "Grand
Slam" set of all shaving laLajs
needs.—Main Floor.
- COUPON 123-——
I | 50c After-Shave Lotion !
With This Coupon Only
; | "Diplomat” lotion 4 XX
freshens and soothes I 11 za ,
the face after shaving. I
II —Main Floor. (T) •V XX ‘
1 ■ - J)
,t 7 " COUPON 124——=4
50c Mavis Hand Lotion :
With This Coupon Only
A wonderful almond 4 pm
and benzoin lotion for I /x»
chapped skin. —Main 111
Floor. (T) * ■ 1
tte==aga—aaa»c=== ■ • —JJ
Ct ■= COUPON 125
Mavis Dusting Powder
With This Coupon Only
79c value. The favor- <X pm
ite powder priced for a J / a*
real saving. — Main . ■ 1 I
Floor. (T> V • WP
0.-1 ■■ I.i= COUPON 126 -a
Stamped Pillowcases, Pr.
With This Coupon Only
Made of famous Pep- Jpm
perell tubing, stamped /I //*
in neat designs.—Main m- fl I
Floor. IT) *■ B WZ
- ~ V

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