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CUMBERLAND, Md. t Dec. 2.
Formal ratification of an agree
ment is expected today to end the
19-day strike involving 9,000 work
ers at the Celanese Corporation of
America plant here.
Officials of the United Textile
Workers of America and of the
corporation reached an agreement
yesterday afternoon after a con
i' Terence of several hours. Details
of the agreement, it was an
nounced, will not be made public
until the strikers meet in execu
tive session to act on it.
News of the settlement spread
i, quickly throughout this town and
neighboring settlements. Business
had felt the pinch of the loss of
the plant’s $170,000 weekly pay
roll. Evening newspapers pub
lished extras regarding the settle
ment and everywhere the news
was greeted with joy.
The union demanded right of
collective bargaining, recognition
of the union, shop committees
and asked an increase of wages
aggregating 15 per cent. It is
understood that union officials
were satisfied with terms of the
agreement, particularly with re
gard to the right of collective
With settlement of the strike
expected today, it was estimated
that all workers will return to
their tasks at the plant by Mon
day. Two thousand were ready
to take over their posts as soon
as hostilities were called off.
Only two policemen were on
duty at the plant yesterday.
• Harris Taylor, Court
Aide, Drops Dead
Harris Taylor, for many years
a justice of the peace at Upper
Marlboro, dropped dead early to
day in his home at Upper Marl
boro. He was 65.
"Judge” Taylor also served as
bailiff in the Circuit Court for
many years and, at the time of
his death, was bailiff assigned to
duty outside the Grand Jury
room while that body was delibe
rating. He w’as unmarried.
9 HF
|||'ll W|| n
£ A S® Sb ES9B9v< ||||S
o??WHnHSHifIF Or 4
I IHMh hr Jaiipi
I Z*f HI TIME for bridge, for the movies, for doing
■*** little things around the house, time of her
| own— just because she’s learned to shop by
■Ku telephone*
Simple, isn’t it? So simple it’s
r J a ,wonder she didn’t think of it before*
/ ® ut habit is strong and hard to break.
/ Women, everywhere, though are breaking
I / /X^H'sou^iE^y 7 themselves of the weary, time-stealing habit
I shopping in person for things they
C don’t have to see to buy—and buying them
// \\k by telephone instead. Why don’t you?
E-* 72 3 13th Street, N. W, MEtropellten 9 3 0 0
T.f.pAon. Dtftriet 7006
The Weather
Forecast Until 8 p. m. Tomorrow
District of Columbia — Rain
early tonight; Thursday cloudy
and warmer, probably followed by
rain in afternoon or night; lowest
temperature tonight about 35 de
grees; moderate shifting winds.
Maryland—Rain, warmer in ex
treme west portion tonight; Thurs
day cloudy and somewhat wanner,
followed by rain in west portion.
Virginia—Cloudy, colder in ex
treme southeast portion tonight;
Thursday cloudy with warmer in
the interior, followed by rain in
afternoon or at night.
,1 Tide Table
High tide today 10,48 a. m. and
11:06 p. m.
( Low tide today 5:08 a. m. and
5:25 p. m.
High tide tomorrow 11:43 a. m.
and 12:01 p. m.
Low tide tomorrow 5:39 a. m.
and 6:19 p. m.
Yesterday Today
4 p. m 30 4 a. m 31
■IB p. m 29 Ba. m 35
Midnight .. 28 Noon 39
Departures From Normal
Accumulated excess of tempera
ture since January 1, 1936, 375.
Deficiency of temperature since
December 1, 1936, 18.
j Accumulated deficiency of pre-'
cipitation since January 1, 1936, 1
Deficiency of precipitation since
December 1, 1936, 08.
High Low fail
Asheville, N. C 34 28 ....
Atlanta. Ga 32 30 O.OR
Atlantic City. N. J. ... 46 38 0 02
Boaton, Mara. ...••••. 28 24 . ..
Chicago, 111 34 32 t ....
Cheyenne. Wyo, 44 18 •«..
Denver. Colo. ...••••• 34 26
Des Moinea, lowa •«.•• 32 18 ....
Detroit, Mich 34 26 ....
El Paso, Tex 58 38 0.22
Los Angeles. Cal. ~. 72 48 ....
Miami, Fla. 76 70
New York/ N. Y 40 32 0 04
Omaha, Neb 42 20 ....
Pittsburgh, Pa. ..••••• 36 20 0.62
Portland, Me. 22 14
Portland, 0re.... 34 32 0 0-
San Antonio. Tex 54 50 0.08
i San Franclaco, Cal. ... 64 48 ....
Santa Fe, N. Mex 32 12 ...
WASHINGTON, D. C. .3ft 23 0.29
: Neck Broken in Crash,
CCC Worker Dies
i Charles H. Bennett, 25. a Civilian
' Conservation Corps worker, died
’ today in Walter Reed Hospital of
• a broken neck, suffered when a
motorcycle he was riding was
struck by a truck near Carrollton,
I Ky,
NEW YORK. Dec. 2 (1.N.5.).
Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia to
day issued what he grimly termed
his “Christmas message to the
underworld." It was:
"All the punks, crooks and
racketeers will be driven from
Speaking at the opening of a
new felony court, the rotund lit
tle mayor paid his respects to “cer
tain people—people I wouldn’t let
come into my home.” He added:
“They are no good, they
never were any good, and we
don’t want them in this town.
If they show their faces, they’ll
get a hot reception.”
And as for "constitutional
"I want to talk about the con
stitutional rights of the victims
of criminals—of the widow and
the children of the men mur
dered by racketeers. They have
constitutional rights, too. So
has the little business man who
is the victim of racketeers. So
has the girl who is assaulted by
1 the degenerate and the thug.”
He also took a rap at criminals
who “cry baby” that police beat
confessions out of them. He said:
“The victim of such a ‘cry
baby’ may still be in the hos
pital at the point of death. What
would you have the police do—
kiss the criminal?”
1,700 Due to Attend
Democratic Dinner
More than 1,700 persons are ex
pected to attend the “Victory
Dinner” of the Pennsylvania
Democratic Club of Washington
at the Mayflower Hotel on De
cember 3, officials of the organi
zation reported today.
Governor George H. Earle, of
Pennsylvania, with his official
staff, will attend the celebration,
which is in honor of the first
Democratic victory in the State
in 80 years. Guests will be seated
according to the congressional
district in which they vote, and
their Representatives in the
House will be divided among the
Alexandria Court
Fees Total
With a total of $2,665.67 being
handled in the Alexandria Civil t
and Police Court during Novem- i
ber, collections for the city totaled t
$1,790.24, it was revealed here to- f
day in the monthly report sub- {
mitted by Police Court Clerk Park 5
E. Ticer. . ]
Breaking down the report, Mr. i
Ticer listed police court fines and 1
costs paid to the city at $1,533.19; (
civil costs assessed and collected (
for the city at $209.75, and costs ,
collected in State cases for the <
city at S4B. 1
Fines to the State of Virginia j
and clerk’s fees to Elliot F. Hoff- (
man, clerk of the corporation ]
court, totaled $lO5. Other fees col- 1
lected at $189.40, and $202 col
lected and disbursed in the juve
nile and domestic relations court. '
"No. 1” in the greatest peace
time draft on record, the registra
tion of 26,000.000 American em
ployes under the old age retire
ment benefit program, went to a
23-year-old Princeton graduate who
Is employed in his father’s Brook
lyn electrical supply company,
and voted as an avowed Landon
supporter in the recent presiden
tial election.
John David Sweeney, jr„ whose
registration makes him as famous
as the first name drawn in the
World War draft, learned of his
distinction yesterday after his
Social Security application was
filed as the first account at the
Baltimore offices of the Social Se
curity Board.
Young Sweeney, whose home is
in New Rochelle, N. Y., will be
eligible to receive monthly pen
sion checks in 42 years if he lives
until he becomes 65 and fulfills
minimum work requirements.
While opposed to New Deal
theories and measures he said
that he was in favor of the Social
Security program.
Thieves early today worked hard
to break open two safes in the of
fice of the Moyer Coal Corpora
tion, 6301 Blair Rd. N. W., and
found they contained notes, deeds
and other business papers but
very little cash.
One of the safes contained ap
proximately 400 and most of that
was in checks, Macon L. Moyer,
head of the firm, declared.
His personal safe, which appar
ently was the one most easy to
open, contained the business
papers, Mr. Moyer said. The coal
corporation safe contained the cur
rency, but Mr. Moyer said he could
not tell how much of that had
been taken because police re
quested him not to touch the safe
pending the arrival of fingerprint
experts from detective headquar
The thieves entered the place
after breaking a glass panel out of
a rear door. The combinations
were knocked from the safes and
no explosives were used to open
them. James Travers, of Edmond
son, Md., the corporation’s weigh
master, discovered the broken j
safes when he appeared for work. I
* /Z comes
we are very BOSSY!
r j gyy
I J \ Aft wfr
We know that you want butter that Is
always sweet and fresh—like the scent of
meadows on a sunny summer day.
We also know that one little slip Is too
many. So our inspectors start with the dairy
herds. They can almost call the cows by
their first names. Selected modern cream
eries ship us their entire output. That gives
us the right to insist upon unvarying quality.
Other hawk-eyed inspectors at our ware
houses test and taste the Incoming butter
—discard whole shipments for slight flaws
of flavor the average housewife might miss.
A great housekeeper
• «
Rare Bible Stolen
A Sixteenth Century Bible of in
estimable value has been stolen
from the office of Representative
Hatton W. Sumners, of Texas,
Capitol police reported to Metro-
as originated by Southern Dairies
Ttltphona Dltfriet 7000
politan police last night. Repre
sentative Sumners’ office is be
lieved to have been burglaried)
the night of November 30, and
nothing but the Bible was reported
For only the very best butter can wear
the name Louella. And because we sell such
a large quantity, we can offer it to you
at an attractive price.
We are just as fussy with our other foods.
Our coffee, eggs, bread —every item on our
shelves —must be a quality product. As your
great housekeeper, the American Stores can
help you select wisely and economically the
wholesome, delicious dishes you are proud
to serve on your table.
Taste-tested for
Entomologists to Meet
The Entomological Society of
Washington will meet tomorrow
evening at 8 o’clock in room 43
of the new building of the National
Museum a.

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