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F *
5jjj? Kor the National hra
f ?
ft. * I garni nj on thi portrait of rer an.1,
I An abseil* frWnl; and it w<.r so like life.
/ That I believw), a moineri it would give
* welcome back to me?iilnsloa brief
The hr<.w was placid as the errning 'ake.
A hen the conflict-t < * inda f Hr.Ten repose
H I'pon its breast?.'oi there, thought seein'a br.-altu'd:
I he firu.lv sea' I H| S inoveJ not,and the e; r?.
Those large s.id s ul lit ejes, wrre still the same
That was u . life like; f -r his luitrons orbs
c/. Change w b the varying passions of hla soul;
With ' rrent eh .jiieliee 'be 11] s sposk out
The .ushi.ig tho igh's that caun<t be repressed
N- f thus, in silence, roulft his a.riu heart n.eet
1 ue k.loiijr gritting* wi a k.UUi eii heart.
Au I ae I gated upon those <eatrr?a still,
I ,:ipatient of tbeir quiet, I exclaimed?
ihftfrr one moment ef Ttomr'hean pow?r
'd dip my Bnger in the fount of life,
And latanli that manly Brow, unseal the lipe,
And light the eyes with an immortal ire'
' I cast the i iotnre fron. toe?'twas too like,
< An i yet, not like, that i. hie, ah entfkier.il.
The Secretary < i the Treasury reports :
REt KIITS ami km kmlit! EES.
The rfcci:! nn?l expenditures for the fiscal
JK ir ending June .'to. were
ite> eipts fro i eiKtonii - - S'JSI-l T'>* ?'
Receipts from public l.utJ* - - - l.C**
Receipts from mieoeilvne.us source*
i.o;:* <; 19. n
Rem ij. s from avails of the Treasury
not oh .tml loans in specie - 1t.7''.t "0 of
Rec.ipts from <lo. fun ltd - - 10 >'?'<.o<?0 00
19.CC3.097 .*,0
Add tiahmce in the Tre?. uiy. J uly
i, )>vp- f. ...... . 1,V;..'i31<H>
E .'.5?.S16.?kW "I
The expp4nlitur<for the same ti.scat
ye r * i e ? *
In cash .... > io ;&> tit;; >2
Treasury not?s.
funded ... l o s:::i ooit 00
L^.ivinjr :i l? .Inher m tho J rcuiiiry,
July 1. 1*1 'J - ~ l-l i/fj 1 -J*
" 'i'fcp p?'imH< i\ nc. po ! ruppnditiirrs for tlip |
fisml j'imt i miinc Jui.p 90. IV7o, nrc
Rtrnpfa fr<-in customs ? 1 -t ijnarter,
liy actual returns - - - SI I C43,72S..1l
I?i|> In.in oust< ins? -jJ. Ihl.and
4th (|Uiirtcr8. as estimated - - 19,8.70 271.46
:ii .ioo,noon?
Flcfipt. frmn |?.liilc lutd. - - - 1,700 000 00
R ."jcijits from n.is -ellaucous snuices 1.200,000 (10
:?4 40o.ooooo
B?CPi|ifs frui). avails of
loans in epecio - - *"99.0.70 00
Rvcrijitu f i-ni .lo , in
Tn usury notes, I nn<{td
X.'jn 4.1000
I ,2.38 loo oo
Total receipts ;i.1i;:.x .100 00
ATI balance in the Treasury July
I, IS in 2 IS I 961 2S |
Total mean: as estimated - - - Ii7 >23.464 28
K\PI:\|J| | ORES VI/:
The nc'itftl pxpcinli'nrc- for the 1st
<|tiartiT, oioiifin; 'or h September.
ir lo, were - is oot.v^o u6 i
Fortifications, minim' militia Onlnance,
\.c .1 007.420.0 :
Internal improvements, &c - . 77.072.30
Ituliati Department ...... xf>y.Ut;3 73 1
NliVnl establishment G,M 1,783.43 !
Inli rest on publiclebt m I Tic .siiry
notes ! ioo.s,to ,
Total expenditures 13 fill 18.101
V* liieh leave, a d >f, it J illy It- Ml. - V\"S I I e,
The i stiiu itnl receipts itiel expenditures tor the i
fiscal year i o'rinonciiie July I. is.lo, and cud- ;
iti|< J une ::o. 1 x.11. are
D r .. .. - a.. ...... ......
.... . M..n ....... ..... inn - . . I""','""'
Receipt* from public land* - ... 2,130.000
Rfreipts Inm iniseoll meons ourcca -' 'IPO.000
Total estimated receipts- ... .'14.430 000
Tk. xj matures <1 iii-in<; th?* same period, an estimati'l
I?v tin* M-vii il Departments, of State,
'1'rPMMii , . War, Navy. Interior, unci Poatmaator
fii in r il. are :
Tin* balance of tlio former appropriatioim
which will he renwired'
to he expended this year - .'I t
Pei rimiii'iit ; ml indefinite Hj.pn pri!it
iotiH ......... 3,0 13,410 2 I
Specific appropriations asked for
this year - - - .'!3 697,132 13
11 007 092 73
This r-uin is composed ol ilie following particulars
Civil list, foreign intercourse, and
nifsrellaneona - ..... $ll,OSS 724 G4
Rljienses of collrei jug i .venue from
customs 2,730.000 00
Exnrnscs of collecting revenue from
hunts 170 s::3 Oil
Army proper. \c 8,2!ni 1S3 4I
Fortifications,ordnance. arming the
militia, 9 013 il Iff 00
Internal Improvement!) .... 1.217.20113S
Indian hepirtment 1.012.710 33
Pensioi h ......... 1 027 010 00
S 'V il es' .li'ishmeiit 11,333,129 04
It.teres) mi Treasury notes ami public
del.l - - - - 3,742,031.13
Ptiia ha i? of "lock nt the loan o| January.
IM7 102>0"s 07
t 1,097.092 73
4*rP~!f >uty 1 r .... *10 317 092 "3
pencil July t I*r.ra 3 <.'S.I2l 6U
Ik ? _
i Tol il il. t. l is;.il mi.l I-.1 . IQ3739I44I0
After spx i'ving certain p?yo enta into the
Trfioiri. < !! .< iint of the loan fund, the Secretary
pro. i I- lost w that the public debt now
mo?int? to v; I ; I i.i
The o*n-* of the Army :.n I Navy expenditures
lor thr>e year*; eliding April 1st, |S|>?,
#v.?r ih>* three y ir* previous, amounts to
t..'l :;i t entiling from thew ir with Mexion
In ml litinii lo ilii-inn,mill, ii i> estimated thnt
I In* luilil iv land \\ irr nits in t It * aggregate will
lininiint to the sum of >|s,imh),im?i).
2 , Tli.'1 b lance in tl?# Til siiry on the i*t li^lv
js l'i. w <- i ."'<i ? ->
Thtnup'rrpi tli' of i!???-?? rump, viz
IV.In in t In* Treasury on I >( .1 ill v.
1840 * - V.' I s I <iii I 2S
Payment* under the treaty - - - 7.rvi.Mis (in
Payment* out of general Muni on account
of deht 7no,f?(i(i ;i;t
L'lml fund diverted 3,000,(moult
Amounts io - $12,601 (his i!7
I Hiring the current fiscal year there will he ri ?|iiir-'d.
in May next, fori he payment ol an inst ulInt'Ut
to Mexico. 7'1.710.001), and the hind revejiue,
estimated i?h diverted, will tie S? 000 000? I
pisking together -o .7 |n.f'OO which added to the
1 fores, i I t-'im of >12 lid I i is (17, wnuld make
S)8,14 I.''"IS 07, from which deducting the i siima*4ed
deli it on I lie let J lily. 1 s.'ill, of 1,1,. j
Wv ould have left an esliumti d l> dance in the 'l i e en
sby. on that day, of >12,310 11.01. Adding to that
^Swlanee the instalment to Mexico, due in is d, !
1 Jllll I mm I IK- I n rum- l r 11 , ,l.l|
*-!,000,000, would make an aggregate of -i i i .
w 17 01, from wiii. h deducting the e?tim ited deti.'ir
Oil the 1 Ht July. IVi', - 10 7 ( u ml I have
t-HiiinDttil balance in the Treasury t>nfh;T '
day, of >7,ri9,:t-'i v*
To meet the Mexican instilment due June
I4*.'/.', to extinguish the public debt, rind to 11 .? e
the revenue on a aure hnata of hiitlioieucy I r nil
the expenditures of <Jovecuuient, the Secretary
propositi tin increase of duties on import a. with a
flew also to eiw urage our own production*. The
eonstituf i. utility of ii prott ctive ay at em In discussed
and illustrated if length, and the .Secretary proW
a . I - ti i return to apeciflc dalle* on nrti- i
ales on w hi' h they e.in he conveniently laid lie
The ' tfeet i>l the existing system on produetion
Inn' >.triWiiig It tends to aggravate the gre..t
flue i iti"na in price whioh areao injurious to trade
?s a ell us industry
jp r ... ,
/ w
prices abroa'' are very high, the duty is
high also; and wheu .hey fall to a very low point,
the duty is lo? in proportion it is a sliding
scale of the worst kind, if the duty forms a part
of the price, it renders the extremes ot fluctuation
more remote from each other by a per cent age on
the range equal to the r?te of the duty If the
fluctuation abroad he ts'si to 5-?? the range is of
course rat* A specific duty of 51would lento
the range still ? ? Hut at an s i valorem of 30
per cent the highis" point woul 1 be >??.'>. and the
low est sit", making a range f - - <. On every account
1 strongly recommend a return to the system
of specific duties on all articles to which they
can he conveniently applied.
On th< -o ? nicies on which en ad valorem
luty is retained, I rec mmrrd th it it be levied on
th? market v .lue in the principal markets of our
own country at the time of arrival. It would be
easier to ascertain at our ports "uch market value,
than it is to ascertain what was that of a foreign
couutrv at a past time.
The Secretary proceeds to show that the
44 W rehousing Sy si cm" has not been bentwcial
to tie bus neea of the country, and the result
howj a heavy expense upon the Treasury.
Tie operatic n.< and incc.nveuienceB of the SubTrerisut
y : rc spoken of. ai d to alleviate some of
the litter it is recommended?
1st Th it r.ny person having a draft on an AasisT-.nt
Treasurer he permitted todeposite hisdraft
with the A--i-t.ii t Tre .surer, ami draw for the
am unt fron tin e to time iu such sums as he may
desire, upon his ow n orders, payable to any per^
.. r r..r>,:us; pre.'villi d. that the W)>(>)* nmStnn*
of the ilraft should be actually drawn within a
-hi n peril 1. say tw weeks afur the deposite of
the draft.
- I That any !i.-l uring officer having a draft
<"n in \ ~>i?*t?nt Treasurer should bo p eriniite I to
deposite Micb draft. find draw for ilie amount in
like ma tier . provided. that each order should be
; r> -oiiTe! t sr j uyr ? n* v itliin two week* nf or its
date Tho-e f rovisi ms would, it is believed, effectually
prevent the ch ks or cr iers being used
as currency.
A Uioditic^tion of the cossti: g trade and interior
e.m.nurc of the country is recommended,
by reason of the eh .ng. s that h ivo taken place in
the character, magnitude, end medium of that
tra lo.
The Secretary also speaks of our Marine lloepital*.
shows that aj-pn ] iiation> by Congress,
heret(f.>ie -rn .;l. are in: depilate, and ask? for
means sufficient to j.r?>vide for the siek and disabled
seamen in all the ports o. the I uion.
Also, the e.-tablishment of a branch of the Mint
of the I * nit ,| States it San Frati-irco Nest the
erection of light-houses t>n head lands, and beacut
lights and buoys to eon,loot vessels into the
principal ports and harl ots. A d third, the establishment
of a Marias l? ; ' ?)
sidti t \uv t?K tut: \\vv.
The home squadron, tit d?-r the coti.mftlid of
Commodore Parker, consists of the flag ship, two
sloops of war. two steamers, and one salmon, r.
These ves-e's h ive been actively employed among
the West India l-lands. in the Gulf of Mexico,
and along the Alantic const.
The squadron en the Pacific coast, under command
of ('< nnt f?l(ire Jones, consists of the flag
ship,one fr'gate. ?i * sloops of war. t vto store ships,
and nnesteamer. The r izee Itulepen lenee. Comiii.i.lore
S'hiilirick, :ind the sloop of w r Dale, have
rt turned the form, r tak. n out of commission.md
the latter placed in ordinary. Coutmotlore Jones
reports the crews greatly rnloccd by desertions
end the expiration of s Tviro. I.' enlistments impossible,
with the gol I temp* ition. ??n>l the merchant
service paying frotr ^Vi to rlfiO prr no nth
wLile the n ivy pay is only froru -10 to 4 1J per
The sunn Iron in the Mediterranean under the
coimiiimt l of < 'oinmoilore Morgan, consists of tlte
tl iff ship, three frigate" one stennit r. < te sloop
of war. nml one store ship?this force tiring
1 irg' r than at any previous period of our history
excp* during the Tripolitnn war.
The steamer Princeton h is been coii'lemned
The schooner ITiey his tiren assigned to the
service ef the Nivv I lep.irttneiit. in perfecting!
(lie discoveries m tie tiy l.ieiit. M my. in the
course of his investig ithns ol the win laund cur
rents of the ocean
The death of Commodore P.nltnn. in command j
of the Mediterranean squadron, on the 'J-J l of j
h'ehrn .ry, devolved the command upon Captain
(?winn; his reports show thai the vessels were
activelv employed to prevent embarrassments
w ith l i lliger t.t P wors Our commerce has been
fully protected, arid Pi'iolly intercourse has not
he. n in'ei rupt i d Cutiiiiio lore Margin subsequently
took command. and Captain (!w inn died
< 11 the |th of S' ptep ber The reports from Cotnruoilore
Morg n are highly Mtisfactnry.
The Sipiadion > n 'I o '-t "j Pr 7iI. under the
eommaiid of Commodore St< r< r. c-.n-isfs of the
tl ig ship and one sloop f w ar A store ship will
s <il in a I. i dajs : and. it being dciglicl to inrreise
the f ree rn 'hSe ?ra?ien. the stoop of war t
Joi n Adams. Commander Powell, sailed for that
purpose, but after w ,r|s. from neci st ily. u as transfernd
to the coast of Africa, to relieve the l>ec
itnr. returning in consequence of the bid henlth
of Mm crew no.I a emend extiiratir.il of their
term of service. The squadron haa hern nolively !
employed in the suppression of the sl ive-trailo, !
and the pro'eetion of A inerican commerce
The squadron on t} e coast of Africa, under
the e >n;tnnn?i of Commodore (ireg >ry, consists of
the tl ig ship, sloop of war; two other sloops of
war :mri three barges.
The squadron in the China seas, under the!
command of (Y.inmidorc (lei-ingcr. consists of
tin' (lag ship. sloop of war, ami one brig. This
small force li is been eniiiientlv useful in extendinp
information, cultivating friendly relations, I
.an I .If iriliup protection to Anieri in seamen. A >
r cent despatch from Com no lore (Jeisinger states
the discovery of coal in abundance on t'ae island ;
of Formosa.
Unilerthe net of March. 1*? I a. eipht steamers,
pin chased doting the Mexican w ir. were transferred
to the N ixy I tepnrtmoiit. which, with the
exception of two. the Massachusetts and Ivlith. i
were ordered to he old. The Ivlith lias heeti ;
sine.- wrecked and lost on the coast of California.
Lieutenant I > ivis h is lieen selected under the 1
net of Much 11. 1M!?, to prepare the Nautical
Alnrinuc for ptiMication Tlie work is progressing
with all the rapidity consistent w ith the accuracy
and precision r? quired.
l'rac'ical experiments fi r the teat of the clectro-mnpnetie
power, ns iv mechanical agent. ?m- '
thorized hy the sitae act. h.ave been intrustid to j
Professor Charles <i l'.ige
The ohservations recommended hy the Atneri- i
can I'llilo-ophie.il N.wiety alid the Academy ol !
Arts and Sciences, will he made hy Lieut (iillisa,
at Santiago. in t'hili. fa whom the necessary inutriiiiient*
are now on their w ay
Three steamers, uudi r the contract t r the 1' ,|<- i
tuna ami Oregon line, are actively employed in the '
service required hy the law. hut no reports have
been made to the Oeparttnent.
The Pep'.rtment is informed that the contractors
for the Liverpool line of jive steamships are
making < xei" h ns to coinph te their vessels hy the
lime stipulated, ami the first is expected to tie
ready to sail in January, the second hy the first
of March, an I two inure hy the first of August.
I K.'iO,
The contractors for the New Orleans and Cli iprcs
line have reported lait one steamship, the
I >1*1.1 rou.lv li.r k? rvii'iv
A cont net of assignment ha? heen made from
the original contractor to Other?, and ddliculties
have ,11) i -on I'otu oi r. 1 ti'i'ic p irtu>s ? mi'if it ivW' led
ton lawwett, tmw pending iu il.f mufti vt' .New
Ynil; Thin litig ilion.it is thought, nitty ultimately
cn-lang- r die fulfilment of the contract.
Further. the law i- reprcscntc I to l#c in definite in
relation to theduti-* of the passed midtdtTpniiai
on h.tnrd those vc.-scls. it is therefore etigge-lid
that Congress regulate thewholc sn'-ject hy sorue
distinct mid unr p.iv.a'ial legist ition
Afrer careful consideration of ti?e subject. the
Secretary expre-sett an opinion tulvrrre to cm.
h n king any further in the propost <1 union of publie
and private nouns in this system of ocean
steamers. It hhoiild. in the future, he left to the
competition ?-f nriv t- enterprise, ns tin I that
\meri-ttn industry will to' successful
For a nav J est . 1-1 idi mint, 11; >t which we are
most iu need of is an indepetnli lit naval s'eatn
force, of sucii extent atol of such magnitude r.s
the wisdom and ithee-|!|ly of CoUifla:-.- U:ay 1 hi II k
Siitlicicnt. and the necessities of the country reijuire.
In view of the ctiao/e in li e londitioii of our
country since th >t policy w isaiiopii.j under which
it w as wise to collect and prepare the m.atniulj
lor i aval service in lime of peace, it is recommended
that tics pc-ir1 i* * 1.^ ui.?l.li.ul. AlalcruLl
tiling constantlv deteriorating itol the e instant
improvements in the cons-ruction of vessel- rendering
it unwise to iicciiuuilate it is advised (hit
the niati ri ils i u hand he u - I f.ir such tin exit n
ttii.n <d our nav il ! i is is desired and cut roe *
he diHeantiuncd for such mtiteiiil* as we now
Of the sums apj iiipri ited hy Congress for the
contrac s tor the transportation of the mail hy
steamships, amounting to ] : iu .int. the suui of
si.s| .on ton, l.i i a dr.i'wi I loin the Treasury, in
advance, to the c >nti iciiw- The amount of one '
yeir'a service h oi bun advanced to the pmpri
li-rsot the .Ncv \ oi, New Otlc ili- ll l f hilgrc*
line | rior to the |th of Mai vh, I* I t, Imt none
since For the I iveipoul line, adv.meet h ive
heel) tiiioie amounting to >. I ' ml
A report is submitted in relation to the eon
tr-. t with Robert L. buvcus, lor * shu ?ud shell
pr~?w ^
proof war a?earner, to whom in consequence of a
failure to fulfil his oontrict. no further payments
hare hern made.
It is not though alvis.bl to remote the inwne
of the navy or m.iriu ' cor| s, from the mtj hospitals
to private institutions There are but
twelve insane persons at present in the navy hospitals.
The j lint resolution authorizing contracts for
a term not exceeding five years, for the purchase
of American water-rotted hemp, for the use of
the navy, desigmd.as it is presumed, for the benefit
of American agricultural interests, has failed
of its purpose?hut two bills, and these only for
twenty-five tons per annum, hating been received.
Proposals were invited for two hundred tons
annually, on the Ith of March last, and offers
were made, but the form of the bid lint; was nul
according to law, and they were rejected If there
h ul been no legal objection to those bids, under
the authority provided by law, the Department
would have declined them, inasmuch as they
would have created a monopoly in the hands of a
single individual or association, to the exclusion
of the farmers and grow ers, for whose benefit the
resolution w s obviously intended. Such alterations
in the law are recommended as will prevent
a monopoly, and secure 'he supply of hemp for
the navy to thos" t.cfu illy engaged in its growth
and prepa ation.
The opinion is entertained, that if the Government
will make known i's willingness and determination
to purchase Americ in w iter-rotted hemp
uluur, if it can be procured nt a j rice not exceeding
the average j rice paid for the lust five years
for foreign hemp, tl it quantities adequate to the
wants of the navy, and of a quality greatly suj eri
ir to the foreign hemp, would be prepared and
off'Tim I by tlie firmers of the \\ est at such points
as would suit the convenience of tbeGovernment.
'J he buildings, steam engine, arid machinery,
for the rojcwuik at Memphis, will l esgon completed.
:.n I the necessary delivery of large qnantj.
.w/.f lifir.n ?J t rvnin# if i a lliAnolif will
.. ...... ... ..... . ...
gro t'y facilitate the j-nr; o*e of the resolution
A favorulle report is gitron of some bite experiments
in gunnery. Also, of the observations. colcul
I'ious. nr.d experiment*, at the Obsei vatory.
A joint commission of engineer nnd n?vy officers.
for the examination of the const of the Pacific.
with it view to the establishment of points of
defence a is J occupation, wan ordered, bat. owing
to various <ircunistunees. no report has yet been
ra-~.de. '1 he increase of our commercial relations,
and the condition of shipping after the long voy?tir
ret ler Seine ud< ipiate and proper moans for
their repair, ou the coast of California, absolutely
i necessary.
Appropriations to meet the dt-mands originating
in the completion of the floating dry-docks,
! .sini hti'T i ?i 1 v. ij? at the tuvy yards at Kittery.
Philadelphia, and Pensacola. are asked.
Some difliculty l as been experienced in relntion
to prize ng"ii's originating in the late war
with Mexico?the act of March, 1Mb r-quiring
all pri/.1 money to be p>i i into the Treasury.
In vitw of our duty to protect our ci izi-ns:
i wherever they may be?tA \ue immense extent o 1
! our Pacific CO,sf, our enlarged obligations, and
the trade of Chirm and the Pacific Ocean opening
to us?the importance of n steam navy is urged
up ti ihe attention of fongtea*.
By an act of March. Is 17. an appropriation
was made for building and equipping four firstclass
sea-going steamships, w hich are now in progrc.'sofc
niplelioii. The amount heretofore appropriated.
it is believed wiil be ihqnate to couij
plete thrm.
With a view t"> preserving the practical efficiency
of the official force of ifie navy, it is recommended
that -i reduction of the numb. r? in the
vatious grades of < flic, rs be made to that point
which will secure a tuflicient number in each for
such a naval for< e as Congress may determine is
iieciMiry and proper and that provision be made
for a retired lis', on such t< rtns tin I pay as may
be thought ! la r il and jost.
The i.av il s, hool ;i/t A nnupolt*.under the super;
intend, nc of (,'oiuftiandcr I'pshur. is higlily np,
proved In the month ot () to! cr, a bo ml of ofli
> <yrs was d rected to r?-vi . >i I amen 1 iho rrgu{
lotions, with a vi< w to reorganize, (hi* school, conforming
if. us nearly as the two l r mchrs of the
service would permit, to the West Point Academy
With the reports from the bureaus, the ectimat<
; for the uuval service for the fiscal year
eliding '.ttth June, is'il, is submitted, '.mounting
to > t,io,'i,3o6.15
From which should he deducted?
F. r Ir,importation of the
tnail, ... sh~ I titto
For dry dock of \. York, iwo.non
For tlntling dock. - l.ttV. .?; }
For improvement of n ivy
yards, ... s t,r?.fir?(!
For nautical almanae F.'>'iii
\mounting to the sum of - v.1 !'!ts ;i7.sou
Anil - viitf tor <ne y ar'A expense
of the naval service, the Mum of t'I tU'i.SI.'.
The silt.i of - in vis s |'j s; in slo ? it t;< the i xpenseofthc
navy ami miuitie corj?s, and inelud
ing all o' jecta placed under the control of the
\avy 1 tepartment, I r the last fiscal year.
nj t it ittitv tu u \ie.
The rcthriiH of the Adjutant (Jcueral rej resent
that the present strcugth id the army is less
than the organization provided bylaw, the discharges.
deatlis, and dtsertious, the latter particularly
in California, tending to the defieiei ey.
In California the desert ion- in eiglif months were
e.|iisl to two filths of the whole iiuiiilur. Short
furloughs were granted, to enable the troops to
woik at the l'lncers, but this din not materially
remedy the evil.
difficulty uttI'Tnling the enlistment of recruits
iif places remote from the stations to which
they arc to he Appointed, ir is proposed to remedy
hy a bounty to ouch recruit enlNtid nciir such
station. espial to the cost of transportation and
subsistence., to be paid in iiisinlmemts increasing
annually, the lug.st Hmoiiut to 1c paid on disci)
age, to picviiit desertion.
It has beeu found itnprncFicahle to increase the
rank and tile of certain regiments hy transfers of
others ftotn the same arm, accorditig to the act of
August IMs.andat the same time to maintain
the discipline and ellielency of the several corps.
For the pro' ret ion of our front it r lines, so greatly
enlarge 1 since the Mexican w ir. at.d expose I
to incursions from predatory Indians, it is proposed
that the numerical strength ot each cotnpiny
on the western frontier he increased to seventytour
privuti s. and that a pirt of the infantry he
inountc 1 as eim rgeneies arise.
In relation to embarrassments arising fiotn brevet
eommissions.it is submitted whether the object,
in nuthotizing this el iss of commissions, is
not accomplished by retaining tliein as honorary
distinctions and restricting tic ofliccrs holding
them to thiir lineal rank and p iy
I'xeeptions to this rule to tie made only when
volunteers and mi lit i a'are uuit> d with the 1 eguhir
army, or when the officers having brevet e. minisnioiis
are detailed for duty by speei tl assigumcnt,
with difficult or expensive conimtinds iti remote
departim nts or diviab-jis.
To obviate the inconvenience resulting from the
po-ition of ollieers holding stall commission*- w hieh
e iiifer lank, it is suggested that *-t.tl i tb rs be
K'i|iiirei| by law. w hen serving with tM>"p?, to execute
according to their respective duties all orders
em iinitir.g from the senior otlieerof the line.
The neui s?ity of adopting mine rule for relil
ring disabled ollicer< is urged, and it is proposed.
Wlttl il Vll W 10 )IIM!('t\ RMI II proper rt*j;ai I IVJ iuit
feeling* Jlf this dcscrviliS clastl of' In I'll, ill it lilt'
President ln> authorized lo ret ire di-ipiali tied olli|
cors, a? bin discretion, \% irh an ttllow nice t.jual
to the pay proper of their respective jrradea; no
itlieerto l>?' retired. however until the Senate
hvM have cJ!:.';riso.<t the n/imin iticn, nf his. sue.
l The provision of nn attylunt for veteran soliliers
is s'rotij?!y and properly teoonimonded.
The Military Academy at West Point itrotnmended
to the rare ami patronage < f the (iuvernnient.
lo consequence of the ?mtr.-?pr? < orr.tnittcd hy
the In linns in New Mexico, thecuninati'ling nthtare'
the troops Ht.itionr<l in that territory lout
called into service an anxi iity volunteer force
The late n^ia scions id' the Imli ins remaining
in plot id i are t ef? rri d to. togcthi r with the successful
nieanirci adopted for their suppression.
Propositions are m,w before the Indians. which
will l.e di'eii"ed in council .at n early d >y, for
their removal ?\.-t of the Missitutippi
The est ibThtncnf of a line of frontier posts
In Tex t* had hem retarded in coitseipiet ce of the
ell dive strength < I the troops lie ng reduced hy
the ravages of eho',?ra; and the frt>toeii y of attacks
front hostile trill I* of Indians Imposed w|w>u
the < 'otnni n liii^; (1 neral the nee s-ity of culling
up n the IIxecntive of that State for tliree com|
mies of mounted tnilitii Prom recent pr, tiers
of pe;,?e frot.i the ('iiinam henalioti.it is believed
, that the regular tiooj,- iu tjju! t utitry "ill he
siitlic , nt Several captives nude l.y ihe Indians
have hern recovered, and rcntnred to llieir homes
in Mexico, agreeably to the ire ty with that IJrptlhlif
The establishment of military jn#t* ll.c
route to liicgot) ,li layed by the lut* w ir is n< wr
in | n ?'r? s, and i' is supposed thd the regiment
detailed lor that service has reached ity distii.atlon.
Oilicers of the eustoms, Indian igeuts. ami oth
i s, appointed for C tilf,>nfi i and \?vv Mexico,
have rtc ived I ranspor tviun at the public expense
Olli,'era of the solaii-lciicc department
were ord rid to relieve all eases nf distress w hit'h
they might noet with amongst the emigrant* on
the route ^
Pvaminalion* ami surveys for the erection of
fortiAeations for the defence of . or distant torri- :
lorn# are rie?uiu?*udeil fitarv. vs west ol the
,i/VTi ?
11 i
Misaissippi niul extending to the Pacific an- now
[ I in progress.
The ntlinnai ion by Congress of the acts of the
military officer* appointed for the collection of
rev. ntie in California, up to the time they were
superseded by the Tre isuryofficers, is recommended?the
(flier* to I f required to account fully
for collections, and disbursements to be allowed.
The state of affairs in California is referred to,
in connec'ion with the fact that, notwithstanding
the mixed concourse of foreign emigrants, and
the peculiar nature of their pursuit, the army,
aided by the confirmed habit of self-government,
in which the American citizen is reared, has protected
the territories from general or unusual
'I'he report concludes with the remark that the
dutiisof the seyer.d buieau* of military s< rvice
have been performed with uccuston.cd fidelity,
zeal, and ability.
The report commences by a review of the law j
establishing the Department, tind alludes to a deficit
in the title, which n ay need a remedy. He '
also states that the transfer of clerks from the |
Trirt*..,? (,#,r,le**i-il in tlip hill cculd
not be spared, and that he had employed fire j
clerks to uid him in the pt rformnnee of the vh- I
riou? duties', at salaries nut j c to the approval of j
Congress. The repoit recommends authority to I
he granted for the employment of ten permanent
cl rks, : t salaries amounting in the aggro- j
gate to SI4,200 asthel reeofthe Department, and
also the appointment of an otlicer. to he called the ;
Solicitor of the Department of the Interior, to
take charge of the various legal matters constantly
arising in the Land. Pension, and other bureau
The second depnr'mcnt of the report is devoted ,
to the public buildings and public grounds, dc- j
tailing the progress made upon the different struc- |
tures in the course of election, and recommend- :
ir.g a liberal appropriation for the purpose of itn- 1
proving and benutifjiug the public grounds.
The Patent Oflice is represefttel to be in a!
flourishing condition.
The agricultural interests of the country, says 1
the report, standing first in importance, demand J
j the rs'ablishrneiit of an Agricultural Bureau, j
which is suggested bv the Secretary, connectrd
| with this Department, but separated from the
I Patent Oflice.
The amount of business in the Pension Office
is represented as very large.
T ie number of invalid pensioner? h is increased
I duri.ig the 1 ist year nine hundred and eighty|
nine The whole number now on the list is lour
thousand one hundred and fifte? n.
J The amount of claims for bounty land warrants.
I (.led prior to the bth of November last.
vas about - -- -- -- -- - S3,000
Of these, there have been suspended or rejected
about O.Oiio.
j The number which remain to be tilled may
he estimated at 20 000
iviuKing an uggregi/e j - - - >< >
The surveys cf the public lands hove Wen
press-d foiw.ird with diligence and energy, f ' 'tf
to lu ing the lands into market to supply the wants
of emigration.
The quantity sold for cosh. in the first three qtt .rters
of the year IMS, was 1,44S,240hi acres.
mi the three quarter* of the
year 1S-19 - - - - #- - SS7,20fi It) "
h'bowing a diminution of - fit; l 0 ,111 '*
| The amount located by houti'y
v* irr mta in the first three
quarters of IMS . - - . 1,325,200.00 "
; In the three quarters of the
year IS 10 a,490 '.GO 00 '
Showing an in reuse of - 971 .'Jfio.OO "
And making together an t>ggiegate
iiieie.se over the
sales and locations of the .
first three quarters of the i
priceding year of - 410,.'<2.3.b9 " \
Of the 103.000 lionr.ty land (
warrants tided and remaining
to be filled, 2 922 have ,
hi en Kitirfird in money, and
70,300 have been allowed?
to be satisfied inland?w hieh <
will require 10,030 120 "
And should there be hut 100.- I
000 valid claims, as is e<ti- ,
in ited, then there will i emain
JO,OSS tinsitisfi '! claims ?
w hich. if sertle I in 1 ml. w ill '
requires further quantity of 1020 imi
M .king in all - - - - 1 l.ohtl.tloO "
Prior to I?.r of October list. i
there h a! h i n l> e.iiid wiili
these Mex'c .n war warrants ->.i j."> too : ,
1 .caving y et to he located oo.il.joo i 1
Tlic proposition of warrants used instead of 1 ,
i purclt-.se money in the ordinary sales will proba
i hiy -J.aui !> tbiuii in the three next ensuing years. i !
and -doner it they take the place ot c i>h general- ,
!y in the current sales. Until the bounty w it- ,
rants are cxh; u-teil, the receipts in c;?-h from the
I ?alcM of the public lauds must he comparatively J
small. ,
Tim explora'ion and surveys of the mineral i
land* of Michigan Wisconsin, and Ohio, are re- '
Iw?ri? <! to he in raj i 1 progress. and much of the ,
lan l is new ready fur maiket. i
'1'he public lands in Oregon. California, and
i New Mexico, are still without the control of the
| Department; the creation of the oflice of Survey- |
! er General, and the establishment of land offices j
! in those teriitories. is recotunonded. In Calif.r- t
| nia, e-pecially. these otlic s should he promptly j
j esta'dishe I. in order to settle the many contlictinir i
titles that are in existence, of Mexican or Spin-I
I i-h origin, so that in no case shall the occupant of j
the soil sutler injury from its transfer to the 1'ni- 1 .
. i
ted States.
This liber;.1 coti-ideration ought not. however. '
; to be extended in doubtful grants of positions on
the bays, islands, and bead lands, which, whenac- i
1 quired. w< re known to bcilecessary to the Cnited j
| States as sites for forts, light-houses, or other oh- !
j jectR of a national character. It is understood
i that litles of some kind, generally not valid with- t
out the continuation of Congress. have hecn pro- '
cured, and arc claimed, to some of these points. J
which, if continued to ami made the property of ,
individuals, must he purchased hack at a very t
larg" price The ii;ht of the l'nited States to
such sites, where valid, oiigljt to be at once asserted
. an I every spot necessary to the use of the ,,
(iovernment should he selected .and separated t
ft out the genrril mass of public lands, and re-|
served from sole and from the operation of the
pre emption laws, as they shall be extended to
ihat territory
It is understood that a few of the larger grants
cover, to sonic extent, the mines of gold and
Ity the 1 iws of Spain, these mines di I n >t pass
by a gr nit of the land, hur remained in the < Town.
subject to be disponed of according to such ordinances
and regulations as might he from time to J
time adopted Any individual might enter tq ii <
the 1 tnds of nno'her to search for ores of the f r cious
metals, an I. having discovered a mine, he
might rrgigti r and thus acquire the i igh; to w,.rk
it on ) aying to the owner the damage done to the
surface?and to the Crown, whose property it
o I-, a fifth or tenth, according to the quality of
the mine If the tinder neglected to work, or
woikcd i' imperfectly it might he denounced by
any other person, whereby he would become entitled.
'lu.oyp riitiVi" of, ?t\( crown in the drrosito* of
1 z. M veerc p-.-scd by f?'paiu to Mexico to the Cni- !
ted Statiand it will, says the Secretary, rest |
with Congress to determine whether, in those ca. I 1
sis where lands duly granted contain gold, this
right sh ill he isscrtid or relinquished. If relir- j
quishcd.it will require an express law to ?HVct j
the. ohj ct . and it retained, legislation will be |
neees'-ary to provide a mode by which it shall be
i exercised.
Thus it ippcais ill it the depositr* of gold.;
whercrei i .no i in the territurv. are the property 1
of the Cubed States. 'I hose however, which are
know ii to exist upon the 1 inds . I in dividual* are
: of in lie nqiarntive import ince. hy far the larger i
part lo ing upon unci.mud public land* Still
.iiir ini..rIn'II i in re?i I C11h ? ihein is vet < ? f r.incl r t
1 limit*'! whit we know tn central is. th it they
lie of groat ext. n* i?n I extraordinary productive- i
no**. even though rudely wrought.
The Secretary recommends tint, in order that *
1 ti ( >,? l in 1* may be pr< pi rly divided in mining
lots. and - M at a? i? promote the Interest of the r
(iovernn.ent. it" well a* thi >o walking them. that
a geological an I miiieralogic tl exploration should
)>e mule in eon nee'i'iti wiih the linear survey*.
The livi-inn. explnr ition. nn ! *aleof thcseminrs '
will t e [Mir- mneh I * ? til loit if promptly managed '
i.' he i le a iree ol considerable revenue If i
the I niteil Slates veil the mint r.il 1 im!" fur rash. I
iiml triltsf.I .it onee all title to the gul l which ?
they . lit lin. hut a vi ry sm ill part of their value
will prohahly lie realized. It would be better in
mv opinion, say* the Secretary, to transfer them i
by s ile or lease, .-eserving a part of the gold collected
as rent or scignorHge. t
In lonneetion with this recommendation, the ^
r> port fnr'hcr rci'Dintnenilj the establishment of f
a I ranch mint in California, anil the right to the i
1 iiids to be conditional lb it the g >' 1 eollec'e 1 from
'he mine shall he delivered into theeustoiiy of an J
otlieer of the branch mint. j
i Stirs* the surf me depositee extend, I am of
opinion that leases will, for yet a further reason. ' 1
preli ral.le to a lies of the lands It sold, they J
will pass at once into the hands of large capilal
. ( ... \
ists; if leased, industrious men without cvp?t#l
may become the proprietors, as they can work
he inilies ami pay the rent out of the proceeds.
Hut where golJ i.a found in the rocks in place, the i
cise is different. These must necessarily fall at
once into the hands of large capitalists or joint
stock companies, as they cannot he wrought without
a heavy investment.
The property of the United States in the mines
of quicksilver, derived from Spain through Mexico,
w ith the eminent domain, is, as I have show n,
the s une as that to the gold, already considered
Indeed, the laws of Spain asserted more sternly
and guarded more strictly the rights of the Crow n
to that metal than to gold and si Iter. This arose
from the scarcity of quicksilver, it heing found
in sufficient quantities to he worth mining in but
few known places on the globe; while its necessary
use, in separating silver from its matri x, makes 1
it an esseutial ingredient in silver mining operu- '
The deposite of quicksilver, known to exist in j
California, is a snlphuret of mercury, or native
cinnabar. The stratum of mineral, several feet
in thickness, has been traced for a considerable
distance along its line of strike. The specimens
assayed at the mint range from 15 5 to 3335 per ;
cent, of metal; it is easy of access, and is mined ,
and reduced w ithout difficulty. So much of the
miii? (III ling f.ii.n I rarptl in kitii ,t<<1 on a ranch
to which the title is probably v?li<l; and since the
I'uited States took possession of the country, an
attempt has been made to acquire title to the mint
by drnovHCtuitnt. This proccding is. for the reasons
that I have already given, invalid. It therefore
remains for Congress to deferniiue whether they
will relinquish or assert the title of the United
States in this mine.
The Secretary, after reviewing the present |
condition of California, anl alluding to the vast j
emigration still flowing from every direction, an- |
ticipates large and prosperous communities on our j
P .cific const. A road, connecting the Atlantic
and Pacific, is therefore deemed necessary. Put
what that road will be, and where and by whom j
constructed, must depend upon the action of Con- j
gress, founded ou such information as a careful
reconnaissance of the country by a scientific corps
may furnish.
The wild tribes of Indians, who have their
hunting grounds in the great prairie through
which our emigrants to California pass, have, duling
the present year, been more than usually pacific.
They have suffered our people to pass
through their country with little interruption,
though they travelled in great numbers, and consumed.
on their route, much grass and game. For
these the Indians expect compensation, and their
eiaim is just, says the report. The negotiation of
treaties with these Indians, and the purchasing
from them the right of way through their lands,
w ith the granting of annuities, is recommended
The difficulties with the Seminole ami Texas
I ...I; r.a r..n? ..,,,1 tt,u <mn?intm.nt of
Indian agents recommit tided to manuga our In<iinn
affairs in tlie Territories of Oregon, California.
iiu<l New Mexico, ami to reatrain the Indiana of
the t?o latter Territories from committing depredations
upon the cifizius of Mexico.
No special provision uaving been made with
nspect to our Indian inlet course in Oregon, three
sub-agents were Appointed by the late Administration
last year for the Indians there?from
whom, or from the Governor, who is ex-officio superintendent
of Indian affairs, 110 reports have
yet bet n received.
In consequence of a like omission to make provision
for California and New Mexico, two
agents, occupying less important jtositions. were
transferred; one to the vicinity of the Great Salt
Lake, in California, and the other to Santa Fe;
and three sub-agents in addition were appointed
for the Indians it other points in those Territories.
The great distance of their fields of operations has
prevented the reception of reports from them.
Most of the tribes permanently located on our
Western borders, particularly the more Southern,
continue steadily to advance in civilization, and
in all the elements of substantial prosperity. The
establishment of manual labor schools, in charge
of missionary societies of various religious denominations,
is working a great moral and social revolution
among several of the tribes; and if the
Department had the means of extending the benefits
of these institutions to those more destitute,
who have 110 funds set apart by the treaty for
these purposes, it would no dorbt be productive
of like happy results.
The report concludes with a recommendation
that the annual appropriations for the civilization
of thf Indians he increased.
IMllS Institution is agreeably dituateil in healthy i>nrt j
of l.oml nin county, Virginia. eight miles west of 1 ens- ! 1
org. snl two wiles south of the stageroatl leading Tout !
A uttiingtoii to Winchester.
I li? Hummer term will commence on the |s 1, of Kifth
Month. ( May.) The winter terin will commence ou the l">th
f KVveiiih month,(N .veinIter )
rtie branches taught are? Ke.itling, Writing, Arithmetic,
ography History, Oraintn ir. Coiii|iOMtion Hook-keeping,
' *.??-iriil Puil-sophy, Astronomy,Chemistry, Botany, Algeifi
Rhetoric, the French Language, Driving, Fainting,
it; I Need'owork.
l.e cturrs are delivered on Natural Philosophy, Aatronoiiv.
ami I hemUtry, illiisfrate-l hy pleasing experiments
A library, a oablnet of minerals, anil philosophical appa
aiiis are provided f ,r the n*e of the sohool. The discipline
. -tr'ctlv parental; m l every elf rf is male to Induce In
lie minds of the pupils a love of knowledge and desire of ex
ellence as the proper stimulants to exertion
The terms for tuition hoard, and washing, are $1(10 per
inn iiiii. i r $"SI per term of '23 weeks The only extra charges
ire ."HIcents tier quarter for lights, pens, and pencils; $;j per
(iiart> r for Preneli lessons and the same for drawing and
alntirg Books and stationery furnished at. the usual pri ea,
when required
Scholars si nt to the Point of Rocks will be conveyed to
he school fr-e of charge hy giving timely notice, directed
;o Parcel's Store.
I tec (>. SAMUKI. M. JXNNKY, Principal.
HOARD and II mm can 1-e had, hy the day, week, or
month, at ttie subscriber's, on Pennsylvania avenue
je'? eu I hirl an 1 l o ir and a-ha f sts , Washington, 1>. C\
\GKNTS wanted, to trave1 in every erunty in Ohio, to
obtain applications for insurance in the St l.awreuce
Mutual Insurance Company, Ogdenshurg, N. V. Enter rising,
i-tive young men can make good wages fioin the I
commission paid hv the I ouipmv. Address
H. P. BRING TON, General Agent,
Dec. (l-3t Cleveland, Ohio, i
rf 1 K subscriber hereby lewlm t is services to any pi re- n
wishiiw to employ a Clerk, either in a whole.-aie or r>
il store. Hook keeper, 'ollector, Agent. tnv-dling or fixed,
ir any other like business He ran furnish testimonials of
i (ii ?1 moral oharacti r, of natural talents I r business, and
-ducation. and of industrious habits. I'er? ins wishing to
inploy will pVaie address, (post r-aid.) ill time for their leter>
to t r rec- ii cd hv the 1st of December.
Sanity Run. i levehin t < o., N.I'
The Wsshingt.-ii " I nan '' and the " Kei ublie will pi .sc
ipy three limes, ami each forwal-l account an I a paper renaming
an iuserti- u. Nov I |
XI l-'UII AL I ah U.
NAKV K\ I.INDSIA.M D . i street, next to tho corner '
if t ioir-aud-n-lialf street, Washing!, n May .'I
\T TOR N E\ an ! I oiin-ellor at I iw, ami General I.and
Ag-nf. halls of St. Antiionv. Mimics-da Terrilorv
Oct II ?y
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data Kuga 1. .jlting tJlaoe*. Illlnds, Window Shades, and
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II IHil J \ A *s HKYIGW OF Till". MIA It \N
111 II.
C?r C.rnluitftHp ( Vfft/'ti/ Id/I
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idler Copying I'ripn, birr I'raif I?<? re f. r Hanks an t
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Hire biased and shipped In ftrotlg b.xrTet*. prepare.! erprre*ly 1
o prevent leakage t 'r>|er? received ami executed for the j
ake Atlantic, at I Southern cities,alio for the West Indict
uiCanala* Apply to
aoi.ul 1 ML UV I __.| I ill M ?...
Jan 33 Water afreet, near Walnut,Llticinnati, O. j
rut: < HEAPm anti-slavery trait 3 t.t j
KKN I.IHKl?TV IONVKNTION.beldifi Inrlnnatl
line I lib an<l I Jib, I -1.">, to the I'm p!e of the I'nitfl Statea :
itth m>tea, h> erliltm of PetinaylranU A pamphlet, oon- i
tiniiiK ' *' cloaely printed <?'teeo pane- of laotaen<( itillttln.
bowing the etleota of Southern Watery on the Intereataof
hia coiinfrv on flt.e paper ami handaonte tyi>?, ami aold at I
be exceeding ly low rate of ten lullare per th?iiaaiicl,or one
oiler per hnn<lr?d!
Order*. 1**1 peid.rneloeinr the money ami ad.lreaeed tc I
be aithacrlher, will lie promptly eXecntr I; the orderihniilii
late llaftnetle by what mode of rnntryin *e they are to be
March X>. (I John at reef, New Votk.
y y .
No. fx ?dm s vihkr, 1hi9.
T^I'I'I'KU by Theodore Pirkrr. Peroted to the Pree
li Ifisenssion of mat'er* pertaining to Philosophy, Litemturc.
Politics, Religion, and Humanity. T. rinn, three
dullar- per year, In advance.
New suhscriher', remitting six, dollars, wilt be supplied
w ith the work front the beginning ? the close <>l the third
Tulume, until the edition printed i< exhausted
Con/ml' nj So. !).
Senatorial Speecheson Sla*-r?
A Wt. lt on thet oncord a' t Mcrrini'ck Hirers.
The l?irine Man.
Sundae Otutrictf
Mr I olnian on Pnglish Agrn-ul'nre.
The Financial Condition of Knssia
J'hc Massachusetts Indian".
Mr. Polk'* Adlniiiitlratii n.
Short Keriews and Notice*.
Published by COOLII'<> P: A WILEY. No. 12 Water at..
Boston, and aohl at the Bookstores. l'?c 1.1?lini
A MALE TEACHEK,to take charge of a Manual Labor.
S-hisd in the Weat, for Colored People. The school in
situated in a pleaaan' and healthful aection otf cjiui'ry. It
has been founded on a bequest left by a receaned philanthropist
and all that '? now nee led, to earry into effect his benevolent
purpose, |* a Principal Teacher of the ret|uisit?
qualifications. None med apply who caunot produce the
inost satisfact ry featiinonial* id character and competence.
Coinmunicationa ou the euhject, jairt paid, ma* be addressed
Nor 8 Washington, It. < .
HKwvirn AOMIB.
\[ B. I'Al.MKK,tbe American Newspaper Aycnt isagent
for the National Era, an I anthorir.ea to rake Advertisement*
and subset i| t uns at the same rates a* required by
us. His offices are at Boston, 8 ongr' ss street; Ni w York.
Tribune Building; Philadelphia, northwest corner of Third
and Chestnut streets; Baltimore sou'hwest Corner of North
and Payette streets.
try S ill PKTTKNUILL, Newspaper Advert'sing, Subscription,
and ColVcting Agent. No. lit State street, Boeton,
(Journal Building,) is >lsn agent for the National Kin.
TUB WATER*< I MS dill ItN.Ai..
rp!IP JVutrr-Cure Journal urol Herald oj litfuimt is
A published monthly, at one dollar a year, in advauce,eontain
ng thirty-two large isitavo page*, illustrated with en
graving" exhibiting the struct tire and anatomy of the entire
, . . . .... _.,i. ?...i?..uii.i.u
st..oil by all classes.
I be Water Cure Journal, emj haticallv a Journal of
Health, embracing the true principles of Life au<i Lo-erri/v,
has m.w been before ibe public several years: ami they
have expressed their approval of it by giving it a monthly
circulation of npw rb of hi teen I'houstnd cpiev Ibis
Journal is edited by the leading Hy Iropathic practitioners,
a'nle.l by ntinierous able com ributore in various parts of our
us u ami other countries.
KOWI.KKS * WKL.'.S, Publishers,
Nor 15? 3ri Clinton Hall. Iand 131 Nassau St., N. V.
'pills Journal is a monthly publics) n. eon*a>ning tbirtyJL
six or umre octavo juiRen, at One Hollar a year, in alratice.
To reform and perfo. t ourselves ami our rare. i? the moat
exalte.I of all works. To <lo this, we must under land the
human const it ition. This. Phrenology, Physiology, and
Vital Magnetism, embrace, and hence fully txpotiud all the
laws of our l>eing. condition* of happiness, and cause* of
misery?cons'itu'ing the philosopher's stone ol l.uiieisil ]
Karli number w ill contain either the analysis and location
of so re phrenological faculty, illustrated by an engraving,
or an article on their combinations; ami also the organira
tioti and cbartc'er of some distinguished petsnnage, aecoln
rallied l.y a likeness, together with frequent articles on
PbvsiojT <>my Hint the I eB?|*rauieii'n
The i'hreuoluiri',a! Journal i* wjbli??h#??l bv
fowlkks .v Wells,
Clinton Halt, l*Jami 131 st , N. VprJc.
To whom all cuiumuuieatioud shoubl bt? aJ<ires?e<i.
Nov. 15?3m
me I'tKkLviixMiiMmomiiii INMITt'TK,
\C(.'KSSII!LK fr"in a'l part* of the United States?situated
two mile* south of Woolbury, in ilie county tuwu
of Gloucester County, New Jer..ey. a-rt five miles from Ked
Hank?having lteei. o;iel:ed under favorable auspice*, is now
in ivrrrn'nl itj*n for the euro ol Churl. Uheumatij?ui,
)!r 'lo'bi'is. i ou.-muiptioii. llyspt psia,<lonst jpat n, I liarrha-a,
Paralysis. Neuralgia, Nervous, Febrile, ami Cutaneous disease4,
under ttie superinteii I nee of l>r. Dexter formerly of
Morristown. N J., and recently ol the Hound Hill Ketreat,
This Institute n was built express')" 'or a Water Cure
Kstatilisiiineut. is capable of accommodating fifty patients, j
and abundantly supplied w ith wolf of lhtpurest i/ua ity.
The treatment of disease by water is no I nger matter ot i
experiment; hut a few years have elapsed since the first !
Water < ure Institution was opened in th? 1 S , and the re
suit of irs administration, in both acute and chronic diseases, i
has convinced the most incredulous of i's etti acy.
The Managers deem it unnecessary to refer to the nu
inerous and ast uiishirg cures which have heen effected at I
this in- t.tutio- ,tnot withstanding they have | erintxsb-n froin
many potieii's to do so.) Should any applicant desire in- j
formation of this kind, they will be referred to the patients !
themselves, who will certify to the benefit which they received
wh'leat the Karkerille Institute.
The winter Is the be-t season for Hydropathic treatment :
" Disease* ga'lop on towards a cure in the cold sea-am, while (
the instinctive ten lencie* of the system are more manifest,"
re-action being then more easily | roduced.
In the experience and skill of the Superintendent, who j
was one of the sarlisrt r rvtrConcrs of Hydropa hy In this '
country, the utmost confidence may he placed.
The location of the Institution has been sele ted for the
pec liar salubrity of it* atmosphere, the Inexhaustible supply
of water, its proximity to the city, ami the advantage* |
u-Vit.'li if < iff a* pa f.ir fullv f?:iri?VMPO' mif the tirincii.1. niul i.ru .
ticrl of tbe Water Cure.
lias Itecitoohairueted after the Knru|>e?d plan; awry
being provided with a plunge, foot, and mitx bath The
lunch bus a fall uf about thirty feet, while the main plunge
is supplied fr in an exclusive spriug of ooUl w?i*r.
The servants ana hath attendant* have been stleoti >1 with
the greatest care, and all accustomed to the eeoknugr of an
11)1 rupatbic establishment.
Par'-evllle is about intie miles from Philadelphia, sur
roumleil by a flourishing neighbourhood of industrious and
enterprising arniers. Communication may be had with the
City, either by water or otherwise, several times daily.
There are churches and schools in its immediate vlnnity.
The Managers, while they offer the advantages of their Institution
to the diseased would also tender them the comforts
and conveniences of a home.
Tekms?f>r the first four weeks, Tan Dollars par week,
after that, bight DM ats per week which include- board,
teat! lllfTICSTrtTtf nth?rch,sr|?'*a exceptwashing 'fhn*ere-'t
ijttiring extra accomniodali n. will lie charged accordingly.
The water tre .tment is not a panacea that will cure alt j
diseases; it it therefore necessary that e*ch applicant should
have the benefit of a careful examination: In ererv in- 1
stance the doctor will candidly state his opinion, at I thin
applicants wil beat liberty to become patients or not. as
they thiiik proper. This oeatuinalioti can be made in Philadelphia,
or at the Institute. r which a be of live dollars
is to be paid at tlie time of making tbe examination.
Persons at a distanc- can obtain an opinion as to the probable
effect of the water treatment, by enclosing ten dollars,
accompanied by a written statement of their case.
Application to be made to Kami-el Webb, Secretary, "S j
S uth Fourth St., t hiladelphia, or to Pk PsxTEK.on the
pre mi*e*.
Patients will be expected tot-ring with thein two linen
sheets, two large woollen blankets, four comfortables, and
half a doxen crash towels, or these, can be purchased at tbe 1
At the I .ivory Stable, they can procure carriages or "addle
horses, (for l adies or ' jeEt rmen,) ami sin h as w ish to ,
keep their own horses at Parkev'rtle can have them well
taken care of at livery * *> !? pnei a
A stage pgis daily from the'histitute to Keil Hank.
tvt r>- tf
Holtliii's Illustrated Dollar Majra/ine.
SIN< K the'ieatli ut the projector of this popular Magazine,
the property lias passeil i iM the han Is of the sob- ;
M-riSr, who will continue to publish it at the Publication
No 109 Nas>:tu Street, New York.
To Ik- Intuei i?I ill the 1st of January. ISM". will comprise i
many important in prcvuiient*. which, it is believe ), will
renil-r tbe Alairatlneone o' the best periodicals published
in tbe country. as it rlaui \ is the cheapest. Am ng these
improvement* will l,e inw an I be.iiitifii) type, line calendered
piptr. a h-s'lii r or ler - l i lustrations than tlose heretofore
L-iven xii-l rontributha s from some of the ablest writers in
Vmerira. It is tbe aim of tbe proprietor to publish a I'o.i-p '
ir Mag-iline. a lat te-l to the wan'- f -'11 'a-ee> of rea.iuip |
I t II. the ii. rami-, wnu-w shall be b -tli ilis ructire anc i
utilising, and free alike Ir nii tbe Kr"ssni** which character
t-'S much of the cheap literature of the day, and from the
lapidify of the so-called " 1.1.ties' Msgaidne-." The lib sIr
iti-.ns will consist of Oiigiual Drawings engraveil on wood
hy the best artists;
Portraits of llrninrhnhle Persons mid \ lew* of
IleiiiurUablr I'liu.cs,
Illustrated by pen and pencil. A strict r vision will be exercineil,
that no iiupnpei article -r wnr-l sba l cie- be a linitte
t. <o that it may safely be taken by persons of tin: utmost
refineini nf. and read a' tr c fireside for the nmusement or in- struction
of the family circle.
l i e Keview de| artim ut of the M marine nil! contain briet
critical not ice-a of all the n w publication* of the day, and
wnl 'orin a complete chr-nicle of cnrieid literature.
h r -in the business and literary connections already established,
t'e best ass'stancc that tlie country can afford will
be secured tor eon plcttng lie plans of the pub'l her, and
ii thing will be warning tli ?' ample pecuniary resources and
watchful industry can old in to make the Mags vine the
Leading Literary PrrioiHnil of Amcrira.
i he rxfn mely low rate ?: w hich it is published | reclndes
t h- it u>e of pi alii except from a oiroiilat Ion great' r than that
which any literal> periodical lus ever yet attained, but,
witli tie new avenues dally opening for he circulation oi
works f merit; th? c instantly increasing population of the
country. the cheapness of t' e Moeuxine, ami the snperim ly
" I "tie .lltVll/Alll'4tUltie"'lh'i-lt'e'Se h, Se,J ?UT,' Itiii , ,
ter) rise which w ill be sure to benefit the p .1 in- il it should j
let rnri 'b him-elf
Tl,. Mma/inc will !? un ler the editorial charge ami *ul^
ri it.on of
I li;irlr? I Iti
? V. ti iv brm connected * ith it from Hit berimiing
Ttii' ' I'iiI|>it 1'orlrnila," ? aerie* uf bingr'phical *k*teb*a,
W' III) .11 i ll hy * 111 lufmre I r rtr.iiu I,f I'll i: flit |ii?intt
i* tin American Chnn'ht* whi'-h bare formed acoti*picu<>iie
, i iiri* uf HOi.HKN ' will lie cm it'no* I in ft.* anrceeilitiir
Vnlll!>: '* of the > *; mitre ?> ! will r i. I?r it of peculiar ?alue
t religion* |.vnj If i.f in ry ! nomination.
1 lie I iitli \ oliinir
?ill.'iiiiiio n.'r .tl tli* Kiratof Ja nary near,but will beUaued
on tnc a. ii?i?t lbottiibtr. Nacli uinl*r will c unlet of
lii I'njjtm, nil.! Numeral. Klt(raviH??,
'l'lit Tertna are
One Dollar a Year
Iniltintf; tli* Mint ii>.* will I * plain')-ami carefully dirirtfl.
i?i'.| unit l.y until ill Iht ria k uf l.'if tabic i/ierr. Ad '
each ii'inil.rr will be uterctypel, miMittff ..r lout number*
."iti br at any t.m* *npplir.l when ordered, but will be deducted
front the tlm* t rwbi b p?\men'li t In n received.
Ktiiiltuiirn may I * *enf uf the rifk of th* | ri>pri? tor. proviileil
a ti"?i-r11 tion .I tin bill* are taken 1.1 em hired in the
predeiii'e of lb* l'o*l m??t- r, a* ?' iilenrt of the fart.
Kit* I'opien will l.? f.irt n-iw I f r j f.and iwenly no pie* for
yl."i Number* f .r tl.*- year IM1*, ertroptliif (be month (.f
January, will b* fiirni*bp.| at fonr renta each, an I UoiiO'l
Voluium ia cloth with ? U i. 1 roi.1 July u? lioceu.bnr,
molilalia, at JI e.o b.
N wapapar pnbUekeM *' will inert tbl? l'ruspeetna four .
tiiiif*, and^nt'tf ikt Maw iimr uionthl<,will receive a b ".ud |
volume fur the year l#l E' ami an ex'hai jr* for the c.<aiiag
yrar; they art rwjtieated to ecu I only tl.,,.? paper* ia ah tea
the I'ruapaataa and ?o?i a .- ^..r I.*tt*r? iuua* ha addrr--*d
ta " Hatdaa'a I'alb.r >lai;.iriii?. No. lur Naaaaa Ma. >
New York," ?aiaMf-i?Jo' in all w *?.
"ft 'a?>a. m II MKTZ, Pr4fH4m.
LAW OFE It K. |?ia?4
( 1ALVIN UK WULT,AttoratyandViwliiH^mMMli
V> llalidiafa, Hart Miyt. CUeaga, i|Hr M8w>
"MY m riifr ?
b'iiialFaaarkm^M Nraflpw^JaBjiwB'iad Ua
tober / w
ir iaMaaiH at ^MUad^ta JawaM flowemhrr.
OT* D*awte Mt ha aa Kaad twenty daya bar--na
trttdayWMfeKt*<m< K,b J?I rr rr
WM. Cnniinii'w Merchant. 101
d^Jg^aTrmwi a. MJ. l>ee.83?
?-*- ? * |
It hatnUomtly fifnt up irifh rutt'd 'tut* la
platform, onl hriUiootly dhm'maied r u* ^ <1
thr trl/dilioH of I
mYNKV celrbrated aerie* vf ?lgntie I'ASoRAMA. (I
11 entitled
emUmotor inagiiilleent rlema ?f Boot on, it* Mart ..r, Halirt,* I
lli* Atlantic, lArevpoat. l-oii loti from t|., 1 ban anil, B
un lrr the bridge*. ant HMltlW with a magi T(?w ot B
the THAMtS Tl'NSKL, brlilieit!* iiinin rutt.i and
b. th banks of the beautiful B
being the Urgent 1'auorun* eter exhibit*,1. Taint*,! l.\ I
Walt, r >1 Kayt *. from original *k*t.l,e? t.,k, ? n, hwi.?*if W
Hoi ? Uirlr <*< ? .?|'i*>l tbr** >?;.ra in |>r*|.:ni, |, , II
, |W pad lit Mo.ton, PUwMpltta, ud Baitl? n i,,, II
ward* of ttl.ntm ponton*. ' II
An exhibition every Wedneadajr end Saturday alter:,, . II
at four o'clock. II
Adiui??i?n 25 cento; children under twelve yetre, l5eeota H
I) r. ..pen at'i d-l o'cloik ; to eoinn ei <e 11 iM g at : | o II
Da It M
VAI.1 A BI.K I'l ltl.ll ATtOlMu I
FAt'Ts FOH TIIK I'H'TI.K. eerond edition: t co)r. I
latloii from the writing*of Hon William Jay, H..n J p 1
I Uiddinge, Hon. J U Palfrey, ?nd other*, on the relati. r. ,j I
?h* I in' * I Not** <J"t*riiii.eiit to slavery, and embrarit H
i bietury of the Mexican war. its origin and oi j.. t - B< N
! ring Moody. T.ioe ceu'?. *
I >alhuiti< I P. IIoyer. -The *. .1 . i , II
| lion from th* writing* of Nathuniel 1 Resm. Trie* ,
neat rlotb binding, $1. B
K?*F?tt??< the life ?? Willi?we- ? m
I (ritire Shvc, wriMi l.\ biui.-elf. Complete j| I
i (lion ootid I'rice A> ottit*. I
.\ut?-Bio^r;i|>li> of II. < . " riul.l : H- | I
1 t ra t e<i la aylodrtrldutl wy*rlaa? m ?Child,a Yooth I
! A Mi.n ll.T ll. iirv I . Wn,:M Tli.ro ll . | I
I tory; Ml| WfRfky.1'''* W. Kn>rr*un. rllai ||,
I fkMfentMkivijMi|iUliMNlfeti I
S?l>t 27.?6m BELA MAK8H,2A Corrt.ill |> ,, ,? I
NOTI( K. 1
rp.l l... .if V. iiti?lio> >. VI liimiim. ? |.
I A una Daniel A VuVllkMkM|fe:
You una rifli ?f JM ?'? km^ WilBml to tuner 1
coin|.l-int 1.H hrix-ofhor I'ltrk. r^eo-i\>r , t the n n I
ty of Uenrye anI W tftU%t l> 'IM I i , t lg|> II
i William* ?na l.hiiW I'outnl, Hid the cuu.| lulnt of ? II
i A R|?M|MwMtk i? IH hi itCI rk k . II
I flllltj. HN to MTNtNfytf ??l *is*.r , g .> , JI
1 v illo/e i.f l.> ckt"Tt. in tin- county of N itftra iUHl iwmt'1 ll
: .l*v? n'tor tVe .? r trice of tbis la MM, esc Huttf at t lie <t?y ll
of orvioo ; or, llMIH tlio oof, the plaimirt *?t a,.,.iT ,, II
tb? HiifRiit Court, tt a Urm lk?wf to i>e yt ?i tlx II
oo*H Inn '? tfc<-Lwkpwt oa ti? earth Mi i J
of February, A. D?.J?>3", for the iwliaf demanded in tie m m'- ' I
plniut. F J* HTHUX, of I ook port, N. Y , I
1 Dec. 2ft?fit PUtljfl ttlmlj {
|)*fed Iteeemher 8, 19W. |
TIIimaimimw lotTII. J
fpill^ row and attracirt j..i.rnal f.c YaOth, edit.d by fl
1 Ml*. Bwt|. ml nMiiktil at WwUMMt, en I* M F1
at the ImRM i, t,,i Me A' t i I . i ll
fric?, l>y mail. Alt cent* a year . de irere.l i bill* fr..- : 11
ponfare, 7.'i cant*. OEOlHiK \V I It.Ill, 11
Not % 2t(.'i>nilill llortou 11
WMTtM "WritiViL CI i vt.l.M \ , 11
Xo 3} CtnkUl ll
THN Snt'Or /: ?- f n t.. tl, ?. t:.. .. U
l.v N ?prr.?. i.n.t v ..r ^
luc cny proper. M 41 .. ). ' / ? < /W. /t tt?r e
eories, *i* and a ipiarter m i*
Note is the lime to ee-nre tbi? i-au-nai ade . ?(? ?f the I il - /
erty Move i rut. dnnm the : ( ,, pres. m .1. r I
tbe new Administrate i. | , j.t ? ,y j(1. ,|
ing importance rntift 1e itidtit. 11
Subscription* and rtuewala re>t ertintly ni'ieiled by I
No*.*. OEO. W, U0HT, KCmbMU II
POETICAL Sketches ol lit Rl.*-u,h By Kev s i 1,1 ll
F. Porter,of New Jn>? ;,"i?i . iv l>
M. W IHHiii, New Vuk. -Jan. I'rirt 31 cents. V
"Tins# Sketches are worthy of lucre than ' faint prune.' I
they are the . It?, rii? of a mute I'-elic lllc'V. Mil.ctU?d A
by Christian teeing. * Joui uui of(,/,t/.etre J
' A beau'ltnl little Tclnne, eriihrno luf a. vi ra. Sketi I-,,
referring to the advent ami work of the Messiah. * * >
J'rtibyUt tun.
? ? ? Much of the voluino is ill rhy mr. with gfawir;
thoughts ami will he read with plei sure hv nil i'i
nun 1> trWgtnrtr. Dee. lit? ;(t
rpH h subscriber* otter their scri ices to per-, nx w i-hi. r .0
A ohtniii pat-lite in the United States or ill foreign countries
:tn 1 will prepare apecilioatloos and drawing*, mid ta?<
all necessary stcj to secure a patent.
From their long experience as practical mechanica, added
to a thorough knowh d^e of the I'atent I aws, and acyuaintance
Willi the details connected with the business of ll.e
I'atent Office-they trust they will he able to give sali-f . tii-n
to their cinpluveia, both in the clearness and precision i.f
iheir specifications, and in the promptness and ali.iiy
with which they transact all business intrastid to theni
I'ei s. ns residiu,: at 11 distance may | meant ail in -ui y
information, bate their business transacted, and obtain a
i-.i.m. ,,, xiiiiun ? iiicnuunnucif, niiiimi incurring ine
expense of h personal attendance ?t Washington.
i\|ck|c<k can he sent with perlrel safely hv-f he Kxpresses
Hough sketches end descriptions eaiiht: luit 1?v mail. a
h or e> i tenet ol t heirci 111 petenee ami integrity, the i wuiiM
respectfully refer to all those for whom they have treiiracteil
Betters must he postpaid.
Office ou F street,opposite the l'atent Office
P. H. "WATS'lN,
June7. K. S PKNUH K
; \t II A V. t. IDMv OF K. \V. I.VTIIAM \ I II..
Washington, D. C.,
OKAI.N in check*,drift*, acceptances, promissory notes
hank Miw, ainl ooin. f
11j VA* notes.
Notes on 111 solvent hanks in the I liited " tates bought !
ami sold at the 1 est prices.
jt hafts. votes, and sills,
In Washington ami Oeorgetown collected, ami remittohcr?
promptly m ide, in Bltiiaore, Pi ilalelphia, New Vork, or
Boston lunds, at a charge ,f one-quarter jier cent.
Alade in *11 the principal cities of the Union, on the tn. -t I
favorable terms. 1
Bills of exchange ami lank cheeks 1,11 most of the primi- II
pal cities ot the Union bought and sold at the lest r..tes. tl
DTif < 'tlice hours, from eight o'clock A. Al. to lite P. A1 w
law omt k, wunan, o. I
TY/dl 1.1M B. JAKVIS. Jun.. Affftmew and Chmsstte* jl
V> at ty,Cil?mhM.OM?. CRe* in I latt'e new build- D
ir.g, Stat# ibeO,Opposite south door of State Mouse. I
|| no. eouuee.'ao *i>'t the proft ..son., ol all i : |g ptr < I
? ' '! v ?'* idert to J#<. Jf II
Bl KN KV A SH IK LI'S, Attorneys ?t Law, c.,n ,-r of Main
ami Court streets, Cincinnati
JAMi.S IIIKNKY, .Notary Public an I Commissioner to I
taheackn tvledgnicnff of deeds and depositions for the States
of i*1 nine. k ermout .Connecticut, Mirhigan. N*w Hanipshire,
Missouri.Illinois.Tonnes-ee, New York and Arkansas
Jsn < ?tf
/ YOKK KSPONDKNTS ttul others dfsiiiug to con
v> car* ?ith the undersigned will | Is;, e direct their letter,
an I papers to Pulton, I'awego county. New Vrk. my | r*
ent post i.(Doe address. J. C. H AKKJMi'l (IN.
Nor. ?9.
ATTOKNKYS and Counseling* at l-aw Office, l lait
street, op|*osite the Court House, Chicago, i 1lirn.it
Jan. 1- ly. WILLIAM W KAKWH t. j
Jos,],/, P. Wooilhui s Potent Phiiiui'; Mm),ine.
rpHK subscriber, hating received letters jwtent for a staJL
ti<nsry cutter, pUning, tongvrir g ?ndgr a-ving machine,
how offers for sale machines, ami rights 0* use the rarer.
This n.ia-hlne will plane sis thousand fret ,f heard* to snv
u'litem, thickness, in one hoc: producing i letter f'toaen
surfare than *?/ .?|i|s in rd' h'* t? ''t means i , m
known, not eanept'iig the land plat ml i- |*eculisil> adapted
to plane ami joint clt| boards, or -(*!) er boarding, at J
will do the work faster and better that any n.a-bit e heretofore
invented This machine la so arranged that it plane*
the hoard with an nnhroSrn eha?i?*g th? wienie width and
length of the material, and ooes not take li re tbun Ivn third?
of the p. wer that is required to dsan eqoa amount of
* rk by the rotary cutting e> Under. t?w in c< minon use.
1 he construction and organlaat.e t- of ti ls machine is different
from any other m.w in use t 'omniuiiicaiiot s for furtl i r
particulars cheerfully responded to, by toMreasir a the ml
scril er, (post paid,) Boston Mrss.
Ow ol the atiove pkicipg machine? n Q' ^e seen in operation
by sailing on the patentee.
May 3.? ly Border street. 1 ted Morton, Mas*
tvr~ The above Planing M chine hu? he rn thoroughly
ie.:,.|, hy platting over I.IUiMIt feet of lumber |M ha*
planed {<??? fi t t in fi\< iif<?i) luiii' lr- ami i.? n<I; t> t to
etiel- mn ,|. < tI| (mil iif in Hiding* vii)i 4re*t r*j.i<lity.
I he aiihr, ril.era, having purchiiaed tl < teriltory him ved
(o their name*, are i ? ready to < tier f> r mile the nuiehito,
nn I tlie right t ii t tli? name, in tie t?rilt?>rv porthand 1/
A inKi hiiie n Ry lir >r-ii iti >>| emtinn n. (>n at Buffalo * ew
\ ork. in it at the finning iVtitl ol Humum Mansey. I.t,iita?ll'e,
t "i ii. : i ntion* fi.r further| areh-ol etrfully rtit i I- ,
(in hv * i ire..?ir.ir either ,it the aiil-ci il?re | ? t |
,iVeu i. tk. ST A A1? A .? ; . V f
r vi- V *k /
! or the State* of Ohio. Michiyi n Indiinv tnd Miwmirl. I
For the St tei of Wi cun.iaMMl IUmmm
LltttKrV AL>I \KA( Kt*H MDO, - |
I )l lil.lStU !> I it the American and Foreign Alt' ??? j
1 Society, and for sale at their Deposit
at the following prieea :
F'or one thon*aml eopie* 4
For one hundred rop<ea - " f
f or one il'ien eopln ...... 40
For single copy - < ft
lie A Imaliae I a* hem complied l.y I he Crnr-poMMl *
Sieretary ef the Nooiefy, mot infinite* t weni y-tbrfe MMl <1
valuable original matter'l.v William ti-Hlell. The prtM by
the (Lo'.eiinl i* | ut ?t a tritle at i li e i nil ftvt, H <M
in ' t-vthti ot a?||in^ I.rye eliii. i,. i ,| < f aeonrfcg Mf
aetire on operation of AnM-Sl nrr frn i '? ihrfgbMf M*
.iti,try, m 1,.,. it ia bo|o I ? il! yi i e to lhi? n? porta** 4M|Bm ?
a *1 le Hint thi rough ein nla'h n I he >in m 4lMt**t
AImmiac f<r !.>(!>, vi* : t' *. mS "'A
Ir.ltrs for Almanac* ly the hundred "r ihoneelAWM wt
promptly executed ami ahonhl afate. definitely. hy ?l*t
i ie/e ornmrrynticr they ear aenl The |?,*ti>t? on <rery
A I in . tmi* net fly run it * ill t.e t wvi ami ? I'll' i ent -. * il :.olit
reference to the ijuanfltv
"Her* ehoiiM iuvarialiiy lor ?f"n.panted hy the en-h.
Any vutn iiloler on* dollar noiv rent in tv->*t*ge stamp*.
S,|J.. Al if Fio.ftl i hn rtrr.t N ? N -i K
lis KVilIVII ST?h kTON, N lh! ? i ' t -1r- -
ni la.t?een f ourth tiel Fifth ?lrcete I'hi. i :.1| hia.
Ot 25?tf _
M^MMt'AL Prnetiti om-r* and Snryeon* rorrt. ?id?ot t.h
|?X MMIt, two do?r* ea?t ot Vine > trret^'io-ii. mlh lihio.
4 w h mtm> v! ^i n
Wit. JAKVIA, Attorner at Ijmt ( tloml <o,Oh'.. ?.:i
fit* partlonlir att.Aeu to the enlh n, i, Oho,
Mlihjyan, Indiana, IllinJf, ' ?ci,ri, kenlu, V,*. I CI
Wire.naln, of that e'aa* <>l ( . n r I't c ilntv n i ,
" la>?e/' ''Ooin and " t olleolelo*," I i.?n
rhant* ne?i|>aper put.liahere n.anuNrio ere, and oil era
He* year*' eiperitnee ha* yiien him rr.H. i.?, huethere
a ill he ro vh?rge hut *o ar ?? ro'lei ilona are n ? i
eaer pt ; ,attte ( ?rde. (t*il>y tefrn i ee I. rme, vi.ij <,
ilrorti ni, will lm sent ii aniner to pert p..of l?U?r?.
I l?t? Tl.
t fl
J r A / f m

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