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Advertisements inserted in these col
uuns as local notices at 20 cts. per line.
Fireworks at Nelson’s.
Nelson takes the lead in fancy goods
and toys.
R imembek Prof. Ford s entertain
Fine display of holiday goods at
Muskrats are late in building their
nouses this year Old settlers say this
meanf an open winter.
MR.'l6hn H. Melvin, of Horntown,
slaughtered a hog this week which
dreaded 591 lbs.
The Steamer Helen has been with
drawn from the route between Crisfield
and Baltimore. The steamer Tangier
and Maggie have been billed for the
An inspection ot the stock of holi
day goods now opening at Smith's
Pharmacy wdl convince you that every
line in his advestisement,which appears
c.sewhere, is absolutely.true.
Mr. near OcWan
City, killed a feWydavs since a P en
hogs which dressed 4.900 lbs liw
of the aforcstyfl weighed 2,335
Autograph and photograph albums,
:ket books, fancy box paper, brack
ets, smoking setts, colognes, liquor
cases, money banks, Christmas cards,
combs, brushes, etc., etc., etc., atS.T.
Rrof. R T. Ford, pronounced by
the press add pepfile to be the finest
elocutionist dyer on the Peninsula, will
give one of hi&elightful entertainments
at the Couft ftouse ci this place on
Monday 26th.
J ■ m m ——
Mrs. Mary B. Vincent has laid in a
:ine stock of choice groceries, con.
tV onery, foreign and domestic fruits,
nuts, etc., and other goods adapted to
•In requirements of the holiday trade,
her * raU.
A careful statistician says
now 1,000 ladies on the Peninsula are
working slippers as presents for the
preachers. Of the 1000, 641 are old
maids, 19 married women, and the
rest young ladies. 999 of the presents
are intended for unmarried men.
Rev. T. A. H. O’Brien is announced
to preach on Newark M. E Circuit
to-morrow, as follows : Newark in the
morning, Wesley in the afternoon,
and Newark at. night Bro Prettyman
is expected to return from his evangel
istic tour on Friday next, and will be
at home, ready to fire off his Christmas
bladder with the rest of the boys on
Christmas morning.
Notice to Paxpayers.
All persons indebted for taxes for
1880 and 1881 are respectfully request
ed to promptly settle the same, as my
engagements will not permit me to
consume three or four years in com
pleting a two years’ business. I will
1 e in Bishopvi'le on Friday, Dec 30th,
Berlin, Dec. 31st and Monday, Jan.
2d. C. C Lloyd, Collector.
Public Veuduo.
The undersigned will offer at public t
suie.on Wedneeday,the 21st day of De
cember, iß3i, at his farm, the most Jf
his personal estate, consisting of oxq/n,
cattle, household and kitcheu furniture,
one cook-stove, etc. Sale to commence
at o’clock a. m. A credit of six
months will be given on all sums of $5
and oyer.
Thomas P. Parker.
(Record and Guzel to.)
- Green pork is selling in this
market at $8 per hundred.
—Some of the sidewalks on Market
street have been improved.
—The Rev. Mr. Wolf was ordain
ed and inatalled as pastor of the Bap
tists church here on Thursday last
—Mr. Furnisa has moved to his (arm
in Somerset and is succeeded ini his
Oyster Saloon by Mr. Edward Mills.
—There are many applicants for the
position of bailiff. The appointment
will be made next month,
—Rev C. O Melvin has moved to
the M. P. Parsonage. Mr. Littleton
I ienderson has also moved from the
country into the Mrs. Tipton house.
Rev. C. R. Blades has arrived
from his North Carolina home. He
seems well preserved, wc wish him a
p easant visit.
—Mr. Jesse Wilkerson died in Au
gust last, since which his widow and
three children have died, making
five dcatiis in one family in a few
—Mrs. U. B. Henderson’s stock of
Holiday Goods is more attractive and
larger than any pre\ious season, em
bracing almost everything. She has
Dolls from 1 cent to $2.00, and even
some that can turn their heads and
—lt is probable that Prof. Ford, of
Wilmington, who is favorably known
as an Elocutionist, will give an enter
tainment under the auspices of the Lit
erary Association before the end of the
year. He is fully endorsed by the
newspapers raid others.
—Messrs. Brothe/ fi Co. are
building at Poccnqoke City a steam
Boat for freight punfc&Mp She will be
of 300 tons burthen,\ui lis expected!
to make a trip a vwtaflT to Baltimore, )
stopping at ail landings, J
and to carry all sorts of freight. Her .
ftunated cost is about $15,000,
Young - Fools.
An exchange has the following item
which may seem to be all right, but
will get some young fellow's back broke
“ An Illinois justice has decided that
courting is a public necessity, and must
not be interrupted ; therefore if a
young man wanted to kiss a girl he
might put her father out of the room
first if he likad.” The publication of
this item may cause some smart young
man to do something he will regret.—
The sickly-looking father of a girl may
come into the parlor some night and
find the war M-haired youth on the sofa
with the girl, and when the old man
speaks of it being time to put a stop to
such nonsense, the young man, with
the above judicial decision in his mind,
will tell his prospective father-in-law to
wipe off his vest and go to bed The
old man will then spit iu his hands and
grasp the warm-haired young man by
the county seat and tie him up in a
double bow knot, and pin a carf piu
on him and throw him out on the path
to the gate, and then wdl turn and
slap the girl where the dress is pleated,
and she will go up stairs with her hand
on her heart, as it were. The young
men of this country have gall enougli
about visiting girls in the evening at
their homes, without filling their heads
with any such ideas in regard to tfceir
legal rights. There are very few fa
thers that would quietly submit to be
ing told to go away by a young man
with a striped necktie aad pants too
short at the bottom. 1 hese sparkers
are looked upon by parents generally
as a nuisance, and often they are right.
Ninetenths of the sparking is done by
boys who haven’t got their growth.and
they look so green that it is laughable
to the old folks to look at them. And
yet marrying is about the fiist thing
they think of. A green boy without a
dollar, present or prospective, sparking
a girl regularly ami talking about marry
ing, is a spectacle for gods and men.
He should be reasoned with, and if he
will not quit until he is able to support
a wife, and to know how he loves and
the difference between love and passion,
he should be quarantined, or put in a
convent erected on purpose for such
casts. Nine tenths of the unhappy
marriages are the result of green hu
rr ,1 cu.ves being allowed to run at
luge in the society pasture without
any yoke on them. They marry ami
children before they do mous
taches ; they are tamers of twins be
fore they are proprietors of two pairs
of pants, and the little girls they marry
are old women before they are twenty
years old. Occasionally one of these
gosling marriages turns out all rigid,
but it is a clear case of luck If there
was a law against young galoots spark
ing and marrying before they have got
all their teeth cut, we suppose the little
cusses would evade it in some way, but
there ought to be a sentiment against
it. It is time enough for these Lan
tams to begin to think of finding a
pullet when they have raised money
enough by their own work to buy a
bundle of laths to build a 'hen house.
But they see a girl that looks cunning,
and they are afraid there is not going
to be enough to go round, and then
they begin to get in their work real
spry, and before they are aware of the
sanctity of the marriage relation they
are hitched for life, and before they
own a rook stove or a bedstead thay
have to get up in the night and go af
ter the doctor, so fiightened that they
run themselves out of breath and abuse
the doctor because he does not run too,
and when the doctor gets there he finds
that there is not linen enough in the
to wrap up a doll baby.
Christmas at the Almshouse.
it has long been a custom in some
places for the citizens who are chariia
bly disposed to remember the unfortu
nate inmates in the several public in
stitutions by providing for them a
Christmas dinner, such being iu no
wise intended to reflect upon those
either directly or indirectly in charge
of such institutions, but designed rather
to show to the inmates that, although
if through their misfortune, or even
through their fault, they are deprived
of the surroundings of home, they are
not altogether forgotten by those more
highly favored. We have in our midst
an institution where aie gathered quite
a number of deserving poor, some ot
whom are old and fast nearing the
grave, and while they make no com
plaint, they sadly feel that they are
forgotten by the world around tliem,
and that none care for them anymore
Will not our good people give them a
Christmas dinner ? Not so much of
substantiate—these are supplied by the
county—but supplement those by lux
uries common to our own homes during
the holidays, but which the Almshouse
authorities can hardly be expected to
supply—the sweetmeats and delicacies
of Christmas.
Attention Railroad Men!—“l
suffered for more than a year with in
digestion. I was very bilious, occa
sionally having a dumb chill, followed
by fevers, which prostrated me I took
Simmons’ Liver Regulator, prepared
by J. H. Zeilin & Co., and am
thoroughly satisfed that it is all that it
is recommended for indigestion and
bilious complaints, for mine was cer
tainly a stubborn case. Many of my
friends speak of it, and they all agree
that it possesses all the virtues you
claim for it.
“A. H. Hightower, Conductor
0. R. R , Ga.”
“ Excelsior ” —The great Excelsior
clothing house of Baltimore addresses
ittelf to the numerous readers cd the
Messenger this morning. This house
although young, has l>uiit a good rep
| utation for fair dealing and square busi-
Rf.mkmrek your father, mother, sis
ter, lover, brother, sweetheart or friend
with a present from Nelson s.
—Dr. Earle, of Centreville, uses a
bicycle to visit his patients.
—There are more colored people in
Somerset than in any other county on
, the Shore.
: —One of the finest light houses in
1 the country has just been completed at
: Cape Henry, Va.
—The Maryland Legislature meets
the first Wednesday, the 4th of Janua
—A debating society at Salisbury is
1 discussing the propriety of suppressing
1 Bob Ingersoii's writings.
' Rev. A. C. Heaton, of Princess
Anne, has accepted the call ol the
Presbyterian congregation at I-ewes,
! Del.
[ —A debating society not far from
, Elkton has decided, after much wrang
t ling, that local option is not ab( iefit
, to Cecil county.
1 —Miss Nannie Byrd, of this town,
1 left for Baltimore by the Str. Kent last
Friday, where she will spend some
l time —Salisbury Bachelor.
[ —Seuator Groomc is now the fifth
1 youngest man in the Senate. They
; stand as follows : Aldrich, Gorman.
Mitchell, M i ler, Groome.
-—A perfectly mutual Life Insurance
Company has just been organized in
Cambridge which promises to be quite
a success.
—The Rev. B. G. Parker has been
unanimously recalled to fill the pulpit
of the Baptist Church in Dover for the
ensuing year.
—The contest in Talbot county be
tween Tarbutton, Dem., and Mr
Woodall, Rep., for the office of county
commissioner has been decided in fa
vor of Mr, Tarbutton by a full bench.
—The survey of the Wicomico with
a view to the expenditure of the last
appropriation, is progressing finely,
and the little flags of various colors are
visible on every hand.
—J. H. Chipman is something of a
farmer as well as a hotel keeper. Last
year he bought the Jones lots, fourteen
acres in extent, located in town, and
this year raised 1200 baskets of corn
on the tract. A larger yield in this
section we have not heard of.— luquir
—The appropriations asked for Ma
ryland harbor improvements include
Chester river, $6,500 ; Choptank river,
$10,000; Elk river, $13,600; improv
ing between Deal’s Island
| and Island, $5,000.
Dr. of Princess
Anne, died night, Nov.
28. and was interred on the foil wing
Wednesday. Dr Stewart stood de
. tervcdly high in Somerset county, and
his name was mentioned in the connec
tion with the candidacy for County
Clerk two years hence. lie leaves a
wife anil seven children,
On Monday morning of last week
the wife of Charles Springer, of Elkton,
Md , found upon awakening, that her
infant child, three weeks old, had died
during the night. It was discovered
that death was caused by suffocation
the theory being that, some time dur
ing the night, the mother had overlaid
the child and thus smothered it.
—Mr. John W Nock, of Kingston,
through his Attorney J. W. Miles Esq.,
has instituted suit against the Comnus
! sioners of Somerset county, for dam
ages sustained by loosing a horse which
became mired while Mr. Nock was at
tempting to drive it over a bail piece of
road in Brinkley s district some weeks
Forty five years ago Zadock Vea
sey left Broadkiln hundred and settled
in Allen county, Kansas, where he now
lives aad where he has raised a family
of eleven children Last week Mr.
Veasey returned to Sussex for the first
time and has since been busy visiting
fricn<te lie spent several days with
Sheriff\Martin here. —Georgetown ln
| quircr.
—Among the matters of importance
to the Peninsula, and in fact to many
of the Western and Southern States,
which wiil probably be decided during
the present session of Congress, will be
the location of the Chesapeake and
Delaware Ship Canal. The contest lias
narrowed down to two routes, th* Sas
safras and Choptank, with the latter
most in lavor,
Mrs. Carmichael, wife of Judge
Carmichael, fell week before last ami
broke her hip bone. She was at the
time opening a door. The door open
ed with difficulty and Mrs. Carmichael
• pressed it with some force. The door
suddenly opened throwing her and
causing the injury mentioned. The
injured lady has since been con
fined to her bed on accout of the in
juries sustained.—Centreville Observer.
lsaac M. Sheppard, of Crumpton,
who was killed on Thauksgiving day
by the accidental discharge of a gun
in the hands of E. W. Spear at Hale
Point, Kent county, hail some days
prior to the accident, torbodings of
evil, and related to his friends a singu
lar dream. He was a painter by trade
and dreamed he was painting letters
upon the gate at the Crumpton ceme
tery when his father, who died about a
year ago, appeared to him and said :
“ Isaac the end is near—warn your
—Gov. Hamilton has pardoned
Jesse L. Woodcock, of Easton, who
was serving a term in the penitentiary
for arson. Woodcock was accused of
burning his own jewelry store at Eas
ton, and removed his trial to Dentou,
where he was convicted of the charge
; and sentenced to eight years in the
penitentiary He had served one year
and eight months when pardoned. On
being released Saturday afternoon he
took the 9 o’clock boat in company
with relatives for Salisbury, his father's
home. Woodcock is but 24 years old.
Buy your Christinas goods at S. T.
Why Will You
Allow a cold to advance in your system and
thus encourage more serious ni iladiw, such
as Pneumonia, Hemorrhages and Lung trou
bles when an immediate reliel can be so
readly attained Boscliee’s German Svrup
lias gained the largest sale in the world for
the cure of Coughs, Colds, and the severest
Lung Diseases. It is l>r. Boscbee's tiinnus
German prescription, and is prepared with
the greatest cue. and no fear need be enter
tained in administering it to the youngest
child, as per directions. The sale of this
medicine is unprecedented. Since first iu-
Iroduced there Im* been a constant increased
demand and without a single report of a
failure to do its work in any case. Ask
your druggist as to the truth of these re
marks. Large size, 75 cents Try it and
be convinced.
Take a look at Nelson’s Christmas
goods and compare his prices with
those of his competitors, and you will
find it to your advantage to buy of
him, as he is offering bargains to all
We ask you to read the advertise
ment of Darby’s Prophylactic Fluid,
which appears in our issue of to-day.
It is highly recommended by eminent
physicians and chemists, and endorsed
by hundreds of others who have used
it and know its valuable properties. It
costs but a trille, anti will save much
suffering, time and money. Darby’s
Huid has long been recognized as a
household article for universal family
use. Prepared by J. H. Zeilin & Co., (
Manufacturing Chemists, sole proprie
Wax dolls, toys, cups and saucers
and mugs, accordeons, tea setts, and
thousands of other goods for the little
ones, at Nelson’s.
Hie! Hack! Hack! —Why is it
that men and women will keep a trou
blesome cough on hand for weeks, and
even months at a time ? Perhaps they
become accustomed to the disagreeable
noise themselves, and yet they ought
to remember that not all are blessed
with the same obtuseness as themselves.
At church, mill or market you can
hear the inevitable hack ! hack ! hack !
Why not buy a bottle of Smith’s Cough
Compound and put a stop to such an
annoyance ?
The largest stock of French and
plain candies, nuts, raisins, figs, oran
ges, bananas, etc., at S. T. Nelson’s.
Notice of Removal.— Our friends
and customers are informed that we
have removed from the corner of
Washington and Green streets to the
building on Pearl street formerly occu
pied by R. W. F. Smith. Our stock
is complete in each department, and as
the sc;'.--'”, advances it will display its
usual attract ■ fe res, and no pains
will be spared to make our store the
great centre of attraction When vou
come to town, or arc down town, drop
iu and see us.
S. T. Nelson.
Buy no Christmas presents until you
have seen Nelson’s new stock of holiday
Notice to Taxpayers.
The undersigned hereby gives notice
to all persons who arc indebted to him
as Collector of State and County Taxes
for the years 1878 and 1879, l ' iat un
less such taxes are paid at once he shall
proceed to levy upon and sell all prop
erties upon which said taxes are not
ieb. s*’Bi. Collector
A fine line of silk handkerchiefs,
kid gloves, neckties, scarfs, suspenders,
etc,, at S. T. Nelson’s.
At this bilious season tiie system
neeila cleansing toward the dread
ful feelings attending au early attack,
and nwtiung cau do it more effectually
than J. M. baroque's Anti-Bilious Wit
ters, Manufactured by W E. Thorn
ton, Baltimore, Md. Sold by all drug
gists. sl. a bottle, or 25 cents a pack
Money saved by buying your goods
from S. T. Nelson.
Thousands of ladies have found
sudden relief from all their woes by the
use of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Compound, the great remedy for dis
eases peculiar to females. Send to
Mrs. Lydia E. I’inkham, 233 Western
Avenue, Lynn, .Mass., for pamphlets.
Large stock of holiday goods at
A true medicinal tonic, with real
merit, is Brown’s Iron Bitters.
Carriages For Sale Being over
stocked with carnages, I will dispose
ot two second-hand buggies at a very
low figure. A. W. Smith.
Brown’s Iron Bitters enrich the
blood and strengthen the muscular sys
Brown’s Iron Bitters are a true tonic
and not an alcoholic beverage.
All Previous Efforts Surpassed.
Holiday t (\oods
EVER drought to snow hill.
Too Numerous to Mention.
Call and See for Yourself.
Prices to Suit the Times. *
Various Causes—
Advancing years, care, sickness, disap
pointment, and hereditary predisposi
tion—all operate to turn the hair gray,
and either of them inclines it to sited
prematurely. Ayer’s Hair Vigor will
restore faded or gray, light or red hair
to a rich brown or deep black, as may
be desired. It softens and cleanses the
scalp, giving it a healthy action. It
removes and cures dandruff and humors.
By its use falling hair is checked, and
a new growth will be produced iu all
cases where the follicles are not (le
st roved or the glands decayed Its
effects are beautifully shown on brashy,
weak, or sickly hair, on which a few
applications will produce the gloss and
freshness of youth. Harmless and sure
in its results, it is incomparable as
a dressing, and is especially valued
for the soft lustre and richness of tone
it imparts.
Ayer’s Hair Vigor is colorless;
contains neither oil nor dye; and will
not soil or color white cambric; yet
it lasts loug on the hair, and keeps
it fresh and vigorous, imparting au
agreeable perfume.
For sale by all druggists.
Real Estate!
[)Y VIRTUE OF A WRIT of fieri
j ** faciat issued out of the Circuit Court
for Worcester Oouuty. at the suit of
William L. Sirrnon & Co,, partners
trading as Sir uino & Co., against the
goods and chattels, lands and tenements
o( Kendall Jarvis, garnishee of Jacob S.
Manners, James 8. Fisher, C. S. Young
uud Gilbert Randall, partner* trading
under the style and firm of Manners,
Fisher fc Co., 1 have levied upon, seised
and taken iu execution all the right,
title, claim, interest and estate at law
aud iu equity of the raid Kendal! Jarvis
iu and to tbo following property, to wit :
All (bat HOUSE AND LOT situated
in the town of Berliu, in said Worcester
county, now occupied by the said Ken
dall Jarvis.
All that HOUSE AND LOT situated
iu tbu town of Beilin, in said Worcester
county, now occupied by Harry W.
All that HOUSE AND LOT situated
in the town of Berlin, in said Worcester
couoty, now occupied by Theodore
All that HOUSE AND LOT situated
in the town of B-rlin, in siid Worcester
couoty, now occupied by Tuomaa Jar
All that HOUSE AND LOT situated
in the town of Berlin, in said Worcester
county, now occupied by James Bowen.
All that HOUSE AND LOT situated
in the town of Berlin, in said Worcester
county, now occupied by Benjamin At
Aud I hereby givo notico, that, on
at the hour ot" 2 o’clock p m., in front
of Adair’s Hotel, m the to#ri ;(_B rliu,
l will sell at public auction all the right,
title, claim, interest and e>tuta a*, law
and in equity of the said Kendall Jarvis
in and to the above described real estate
so seized and taken in execution to the
highest bidder for cash, lo satisfy the
aforesaid writ and oosts.
D o 12th-4t. Late Sheriff.
18-4 G. Thirty seventh Year. 1882.
Increased in si*e,
Improved in quality,
Reduced iu cost.
—o —
The leading departments of the HOME
JOI’RNAL comprise Editorials on Topics of
tresh interest, brilliant Romances and Por
traitures of American Lite. Editorial Re
views of new events in the world of Belles-
Eettres, Paiutiug, Sculpture, Science,Music,
and the Drama. Original Essays. Ample
Excerpts from the best European Writers.
Spic) letters from Correspondents in all the
great capitals of the World, The First Look
at New books, and racy accounts of sayiugs,
huppeuings, and doings in the item Mon de,
embracing the very freshess matters ol in
terest in this country ami in Europe—the
whole completely mirroriab the wit aud wis
dom, the humor aud pathos, the news aud
sparkling gossip ot the times
The Home Journal, one copy,one year $2
3 copies, one year $5
5 “ “ “ $'J
No. 3 Park Place, New York.
Order Nisi.
Maria B. Purnell, mother ol Josephine E.
Purnell, ex parte.
In the Circuit Court for Worcester County,
In Equity No. GIC, October Term,
—lo wit, Dec. 13th, 1881.
ORDERED, that the sales made and re
ported by William S. Wilsou, Trustee
for the sale of the real estate mentioned
in the above entitled cause be
ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the
contrary thereof be shown, on or before
the Ist day >*l January Term next, provided a
copy of this order be inserted in some
newspaper printed in Worcester County
once in each of three successive weeks before
he 15th day ot January iu the year eight ecu
hundred aud eighty-two.
The report stales the amount of sales to be
I. T. Matthews, Clerk.
True copy.
Test, I. T. Maitubws, Clerk.
Dec. 17-3 w.
Notice to Creditors.
rpHE SUBSCRIBERS hereby give notice
1 that they have obtained from the Or
phans’ Court (or Worcester County Letters
of Administration upon the estate of
late of said county, deceased. AH persona
having claims against the estate of the said
deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the
same, with the vouchers thereof, to the sub- i
scribers, on or before the 17tlt day of Juno, !
in the year 1882, otherwise they may by law !
be excluded irom all tile beaelils thereof.
Dec. l?*3t. Adittistrawt's c. t. a.
Our stock of DOLLS, TOYS and FANCY GOODS is immense.
Fire-works, Flags, Lanterns, Express Wagons, Vases, Cups and Saucers and
Mugs, arc among the thousand and one other things to be found
iu our magnificent display.
As usual, Santa Claus will stop with us this year, which is a sufficient guarantee
that our reputation for keeping the
will be fully sustained this season.
parsed by the Circuit Court for Wor
cester County in the case of William L
Smith, administrator, et al, vs. John B.
Dde, an Insolvent, the same being No.
11 on the October Term, 18S1, Appeal
Docket of the said Court, the undersign
ed, as Trustee, will sell at publio sale,
in front of the store-house of Timmons
& Co., in the village of Whaleyville,
in Worcester County, Miry laud, on
Thursday, December 29th, 1881,
Cjuimeucing at 10 o’clock A. M.,
all ihf right, title and interest of the
said John B. Dale in the teil estate of
the said John B. Dale, which is de
scribed as follows:
Ist—AH that l! use and Lot in the
village t<f Whaley ville where Dr. Lemuel
Collins n iw resides, which was inherited
by John B. Dale and James S. Dale
from Josiah !bik\ The uudivided half
ioterest of James same
was conveyed to the said
by tbe said James S. Dale aud
Dale, bis wife, by deed dated tbe 3d
day of February, in iho year 1881, aud
recorded atuoog the land records of Wor
cester County in Liber *• I. T. M.,” No.
S, folios 187 and 188, to which said
deed reference is hereby made.
2d—All that Tiaet aud Parcel of
Land, situate in the village of Whaley
ville, lying on tbe oppt site side of the
street from Dr, Lemuel Coliios, com
monly known as the •* Vacant Lot,”
supposed to contain six acres of land,
more or less, tbe same being also in
herited by John B aud James S. Dale
from Josiah Dale. The undivided half
interest of the said James was conveyed
to the said John as described iu tbe first
parcel of laud above advertised.
3d—All tbe undivided right, title,
and interest of the said John B. Dale iu
all that Lot aud Parcel of Laud called
“Gray’s Lot,” or by whatever other
name it may be called, situate in or near
Whaley ville, on tbe south side of the
county road leading from Whalcyvtllc
to Berlin,
4th—All the undivided right, title,
aud interest of .he said John B. Dale in
all that Lot and Parcel of Laud called
Eli Davis’ Lot,*’ or by whatever other
name it may be ktiowu or called, situate
in or near Wbaleyville, oo the north
side of the road leading from Whaley
ville to Berlin.
£-r?'All the above dcsoribcu real es
tate lies in Worcester County, aud is
unt cucumbered by any interest of tbo
wifo of John B. Dale, who signed tho
deed of trust from tbe said John to the
undersigned Trustee, for tbe purpose of
relinquishing the same.
Ctrnts of Sale:
Ten par coot, of the purchase-money
will be required on tho day of sale, and
the balance of the purchase-money to be
paid in two equal instalments of twelve
and eighteen months from the day of
sale, tho same to bear interest from tbe
day of stile, aud the payment-) thereof
to be secured by the bonds of the pur
chaser or purchasers, with surety or
sureties to be approved by the Trustee.
Nov 26-4 t) Permanent Trustee.
Agents Wanted for the Standard
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established 1547. J Norwich, Cohn.
Kept. If-St.
lVustee’s sale
Real Estate!
]>Y VIRTTE OF AN OllDEßof sale
-G passed by the Circuit Court for Wor
cester County in the case of Peter W.
Dale et al. vs. James S. Dale, an Insol
vent, the 6ame being No. 10 oo the Oc
tober Term, 1881, Appeal Docket of tbe
said Court, the undersigned, as Trustee,
will sell at public sale, in front of tba
store-house of Timmons & Co., in th®
village of Wbaleyville, in Worocster
Couuty, Maryland, ou
Thursday, December 29th, 1881,
Commencing at 10 o’olock A. M,,
all the right, title, and ioterest of tbo
said James S Dale in the real estate of
the ssid James S. Dale, which is do
. scribed as follows :
Ist—All that Tract and Parcel of
! Land in Worcester County, commonly
known as the ** Rouse Gray Farm ’’ or
“ Gray Farm,” which was devised to
tbe said James S Dale by the iast will
and testament of Eli Dale, duly recorded
among the records of the office of tbe
Register of Wills of Worcester County
•* T T.,’ No. 8. folios 85. 8d
iTn by reference thereto will
appear, -4 acres, morej)r
less. 1r
' 21—All that Tract and Parcel dT v
| Land, situate in tbe village of Whaley
! ville, with the buildings and improve-
I ments thereon, the same being the lot
whereon tbe dwelling-house and store
house at present occupied by James S.
Dale sre located, and which was inherit
ed by James 8. Dale and John B. Dale
I from Josiah Dale. The undivided half
j interest of John B. Dale in the sam®
! was conveyed to the said James S. Dal®
i by the said John B, Dale and Laura V.
) Dale, bis wife, by deed dated February
| 3d, iu the year 1881, and reoorded
among tbe land records of Worcester
! A ounfy in Liber “ I. T. M.,” No. 8,
folios 188 and IS9, to which ssid deed
reference i hereby made.
3d—All that Tract and Parcel of
Lind, situate in tbe village of Wbaley
viile, with the buildings thereon, lying
on tbe opposite side of tbe street from
the store-house occupied by the said
James S. Dale, which is commonly
known as the “ Granary Lot.*’ and
which was inherited by James S. Dale
and Jobu B. Dale from Josiah Dale.
Tbe undivided half ioterest of the said
John was conveyed to tbe said James as
described in the second parcel of laud
above advertised.
4tb—All the undivided right, title,
and interest of tho said James S. Dale
in all that Lot and Parcel of Land called
Gray e Lot,” or by whatever other
name it may be called, situate iu or near
W baleyville, on the south side of lb®
county road leading from Wbaleyvillo
to Derlio,
stb—All the undivided right, title,
and interest of the ssid James S. Dale
in all that Lot and Parcel of Land called
Eli Davi* Lot,” or by whatever other*
name it may be known or called, situate
in or near Whaleyvillc f on the north
side of the road leading from Whaley*
ville to Berlin.
£s7*All the above described real es
tate lies iu Worcester County.
Crrms of fnlc:
Ten per oent. of the purchase-money
will be required on tbe day of sale, and
the halunco of the purchase-money to be
paid in two equal instalments of twelve
and eighteen months from the day of
sale, and the payments thcieof to be so-
I curt *d by the bonds of the purchaser or
purchasers, with surety or sureties to bo
approved by the Trustee.
Nov. 2d-4t) Permanent Trustee.
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