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—B. V. Hnlloway, the paying teller
i of the Ponghkeepsie National Bank, was
arrested, charged with embezzling 540,-
| 000. Ballou ay was also County Treas
urer, but his accounts as Treasurer are
believed to be all right.
—Governor St. John, of Kansas, has
issued a proclamation offering fines for
the conviction of violators of the new
Kansas prohibition law in certain cities.
—President Arthur’s message is
highly thought of in England.
—lsabel Aimes, a noted political mag
nate at Cbamamero, Mexico, has com
mitted a wholesale butchery. Going to
| a rauche, ho commenced* to l>cat the
women there savagely, end one Guada
i lophe Zopati, who interfered, was killed
by the infuriated desperado. At the
next ranche which he visited Aimes shot
and wounded no less than seventeen
I people before his murderous career was
—On Saturday morning ten railroad
laborers were burned to death, three
i more were fatally burned and fonr
I others maimed for life by a fire which
destroyed the shanty in which they and j
twenty-three companions were sleeping !
at Gibson Station, on the Pittsburgh j
and Erie Ilailroad. Thev belonged in ;
Pittsburgh, Pa.
—John Weiss Forney, who died in
Philadelphia on Thursday, was born at
Lancaster, Pa., September HO, 1817. In
1833 lie became an apprentice in the ;
printing office of the Lancaster Journal,
and uft< rward proprietor of the paper, j
He established the Philadelphia Preen !
: and Washington Chronicle, and had I
| been Clerk of the House and Secretary I
of the Senate of the United States.
—Hugh Judsnn Kilpatrick, the Amer
ican consul to Chili, whoso death is an
nounced, was lwrn near Deckertown,
N. J., on January 14, 1836. He gradu
| ated at West Point and served in the
army, rising to the positiou of Major- j
■ General of volunteers. He was well !
known as a cavalry officer.
—Mr. Randall introduced into the j
House the three per cent, funding bill |
passed by the last Congress and vetoed
by President Hayes.
—Tito President has not decided to
appoint women to office, as has been
stated in the special dispatches. A
woman was among the nominations for
l>ostmasters sent the Senate.
—Congressman Perry Belmont intro
| dneed a bill to ameliorate tho stringent j
provisions of tho shipping laws as to j
vessels and seamen in foreign ports.
—The bill introduced into the Senate |
by Mr. Edmunds to provide for defray
ing the extraordinary expenses incurred
in consequence of the assault upon the
late President Garfield authorizes the
j Secretary of the Treasury to pay the
necessary and reasonable expenses in
curred in behalf of the late President,
provided the aggregate sum allowed and
paid does not exceed 8100,000.
Mr. Blaine’s successor in the De
| partment of State was born at Milltown, !
!N. J., August 4, 1817. He is the i
1 nephew and adopted son of Theodore
: Freliiighnysen, who ran for Vice-Presi
dent on the ticket with Henry jQJay j 1
1814, and the Trederic Frc-1
was United States
Senator, Minister to England, ami filled
other prominent positions.
—Secretary Blaine, in his letters to |
Min’sters Hurlbut and Kilpatrick, com
ments severely upon tho alleged letter of
the latter minister published in Chili,
and declares that, in view of recent ut
terances of the Chilian Government, i
the United States Government cannot
understand the action of Chili in de
posing and seizing President Calderon.
He regrets certain expressions nsed by
the American Minister at Lima iu his
correspondence with the Secretary of l
the ex Dictator, Pierola, but approves 1
1 the substance of his action, and apprises I
him of the despatch of two special Com-1
missioners to South America. He ex
presses the hope that Chili will accept
the friendly mediation of the United
States in a matter which calls for the j
serious attention of all the American
—The President on Monday sent to j
I the Senate the nomination of Frederick i
I T. Frelirghnysen to bo Secretary of
State. The Senate upon going into ex
ecutive session immediately confirmed
the nomination unanimously and with
j out discussion.
—President Arthur was waited upon !
by a delegation of Virginia llepubli
j cans in regard to the pending election 1
| for United States Senator in that State, 1
but lie was non-committal in bis remarks, j
saying he preferred the Legislature |
should settle the matter as it saw fit.
—The World' Washington dispatches
! announce that a large majority of Con- 1
gressmen realize the necessity of re
j habilitating our navy and passing laws !
that will lead to the creation of an Amer- ,
ican merchant marine at the earliest 1
possible moment.
—Mr. Scovilie says the recent tone of
the press has been little better than
offering a premium for the assassination
of Guitcan. At least he thinks there j
has been enough said about hanging j
Gniteau to the gallows to cause deep
regret in future, because he is sure if
that end ever did come a post mortem
examination would show him to have i
1 lieeu insane. Mr. Scovilie thinks the i
trial will last at least a month longer,
and that counsel for the Government
| who expect a speedy end will be greatly j
—lt cost 82,215,939.27 to mu tbe
Government printing ofiice last year,
or about a quarter of a million more
1 than in 1880, and over a half a million
more than in 1879.
The bill introduced in the Senate j
bv Mr. Vest, for the improvement of the i
Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, pro- ,
vides for the expenditure of 810,000,600 j
under the direction of the EDgiueer
Corps of the army, one half of the i
I amount npon the Mississippi, and the
remainder upon the Missouri.
—The numl>er of bills introduced in
the Senate during its firrt four days’
session were 350, which is nearly as
many as were introduced in that body
| during the entire third session of the
j last Congress, from December 3, 1880,
to March 4, 1881.
—Senator Vest introduced iu the
United States Senate two bills bearing
npon the Mormon question. One of
them provides that whenever any mar
riage according to the forms, belief or
practice of any religious denomination
shall be solemnized in any territory of
the United States, a written certificate
of such marriage, containing names and
residence of the parties married, shall
lie filed in the ofiice of the Clerk of the
Supreme Court of the Territory. The
other bill provides that no woman shall
lie disqualified as a witness in any trial
for bigamy in the Territories by reason
of her marriage to the defend&nt in the
i OEse,
—President Arthnr has signed a con
vention providing for an exchange of
money orders between the United States
and New Zealand and South Wales.
—At Vienna a requiem mass was said
Monday for the victims of the Ring
Theatre fire. The Crown Prince, the
Archdukes and other dignitaries were
present. The crave for the unidenti
fied victims is 150 feet long and 14 feet
—ln Russia the revolutionary party
is extremely active and the authorities
are exercising great vigilance. It is re
i ported that fifteen persons dressed as
army officers, who intended to disturb
the festivities on St. George’s Day, have
been arrested.
—Eight persons were killed aud sixty
injured in a collision at the Canonbury
Tunnel, North Loudon Railway, Satur
—Aflsym Pashn, Turkish Minister of
Foreign Affairs, has informed General
Wallace, the American Minister, that
Ali, who murdered Mr. Parsons, the
American missionary, died over a year
—Shocks of earthquake, causing
1 slight damage, occurred in the Canter
| bury district, New Zealand.
—A dispatch from Brussels says that
j an explosion has occurred in the Cock
erell colliery, causing the death of sixty
six persons.
-The Ring Theatre, formerly the
Comic Opera House, where Sarah Bern
hardt recently performed, took fire at
: 7 o’clock Thursday night, just before
j the beginning of the opera, “Les Contes
! d’Hoffman.” The fire was caused by
i the fall of a lamp on the stage. The
; house was tolerably full, and the loss of
life was great. Many persons were iu
; jured. Sixty were saved by means of
I ladders and by jumping into cloths held
below. The greatest efforts were made
to save life. The scene was terrible, the
flames shooting up through the roof
; and eventually gutting the entire build
j ing. By 11 o’clock at night 145 bodies
; were taken from the building. The
audience numbered 2,000, and it is
known that over 700 persons perished.
Advice to a Young Man.
We don’t know much about it, of
1 course, but we should think, after a man
has been Secretary of the Treasury for
three or four years, aud had occasionally
“ dumped fifty millions of dollars” into
Wall street to relieve the money market,
; and had called in twenty million sixes
at one time, and bought two millions of
bonds every week, and disbursed eleven
millions one week and eighteen millions
the next, we should think it would gravel
him awfully to go back iuto his law
office when the Administration changed,
aud make out an abstract of a farm
away out in Buckshaw Couuty, and sell
it for an old woman down in" Kickapoo
Township to an old fellow out in
Waukindaw Settlement, and only get a
fee of thirty-two dollars, aud have to
wait four months for that, and then
have to take n sorrel colt for it. Per
haps the ex-Secretarics of the Treasury
don’t mind it; but we just say we don’t
believo we should like to get used to it.
And what’s iBOIC*, we don’t believe we
would l'lie to be President of the United
-States four years, and then, about three
days after the other President was
inaugurated, have a citizen point at us
on the street aud say to his neighbor:
| “That’s old ,” and hear the second
; citizensay, “Who in thunder is old ?”
' These things, my boy, do Desdemona
j seriously incline to keep out of politics.
And do yon keep out of ’em, also, my
son. Don’t be the fool who is imbeci'e
enough, and has little enough self
respect and pride of country, to boast
that he hasn’t cast a vote for twenty
years. Vote every time there is an
election; always think about aud have
something to say about the important
political questions of the day. But if
, you want to be happy, don't run for
: President. .Tnst gather an armful of
bricks aud make it lively for the fellow
who does rnu. Then you will do your
duty by your country, and a loving and
grateful people will forget you when
you are gone.— Burdette.
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Oration.
Four scoro and seven years ago onr
! fathers brought forth on this continent
i a new nation, conceived in lil>crty and
| dedicated to the proposition that ail men
are created equal.
Now we are engaged in a great civil
war, testing whether that nation, or any
nation so conceived and so dedicated,
! can long endure. We have met on a
; great battlefield of that war. We have
1 come to dedicate a portion of that field
1 as a final resting place for those who
gave their lives that that nation might
| live. It is altogether fitting and proper
j that we should do this.
But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedi
-1 cute—we cannot consecrate —we cannot
hallow—this ground. The brave men,
| living and dead, who struggled here have
' consecrated it far above our poor power
jto add or detract. The world will little
| note nor long remember what we say
here, but it can never forget what they
did here. It is for us, the living, rather,
to lie dedicated here to the unfinished
work which they who fought here have
thus nobly advanced. It is rather for
! us to be here dedicated to the great task
remaining before us—that from these
honored dend we take increased devo
tion to that cause for which they gave us
j the last full measure of devotion—that
; we here highly resolve that these dead
shall not have died in vain—that this
; nation, under God, shall have a new
I birth of freedom and that govern
ment of the jieople, by the people, for
the people, shall not perish from the
Forgetting the Password.
Numberless amusing instances might
| be related of the fix officers occasionally
find themselves in by forgetting the
I password. Two sentries were mounting
■ guard inside* the walls of the prison at
I F , one ta each angle, with strict or
• ders to detain any one attempting to
pass without giving the sign. The Lieu
tenant on his round of inspection passed
tli efirst sentry’, giving the word cor
rectly enough. When half way between
the sentries a sound on the outside of
the wall attracted his attention, and,
while endeavoring to investigate the
matter, the word quite slipped his mem
ory. Finding his suspicion groundless
he approached the second sentry and
was again challenged, but, in spite of
his utmost endeavors, he could not re
member the word. “Can’t pass with
out the word,” was all the reply given
him. Returning to the first sentry he
was challenged as before, blit, as lie
could not give the word, was not allowed
to pass him either. No entreaties could
pr vail. The sentries, not knowing but
that he was testing them, and rather en
joying the joke, it the truth must be
told, proved obdurate to all persuasion.
Here, then, he was kept all night be
tween the two, shivering aud cold, till
the gray dawn appeared, when lie was
relieved by the change of guard.—
Chamberz’ Journal.
The “Boss” Jockey in England.
Archer, the chief jockey in England,
has a larger income than the Queen’s
Prime Minister. His regular fee 3 are
825 for tiie mount if he wins, 815 if ho
loses and 810 for a trial. Those fees
are tlie smallest part of liis income, not
withstanding that he rides in a vast num
ber of races every year. In 1875, he
won 172 races ; in 1876, he won 207 : in
1877, ho won 218 ; in 1878, 229 ; in 1879,
197 ; aud in 1880, 120. He has not rid
den so many horses during the last two
years on account of a savage bite which
disabled one arm for several months.
The fees for races are, however, insig
nificant compared to the presents made
to him by owners of the horses he has
ridden. Gold watehes. diamond rings,
riding harses, dog carts, yachts, suits of
clothes, hats, cases of champagne, etc.,
arc quite common. Money gilts accom
pany these smaller testimonials of grati
tude. Hegot $5,000 from Mr. Lorillard
for winning the Derby, and Mr. Keene
gave Forciham 82,500 for winning the
Grand Prix of Paris. Still larger sums
than those have been given. The jockey
who won the Derby ten years ago with
Hermit was presented with $15,000.
The policy of paying such sums to
jockeys has been much criticised, but
the amount of money at stake is so large
that it is thought wise to protect the
{’ockeys against corrupt offers. Archer
ms only to ride his appointed horse.
He keeps a valet to assist in
changing liis dress. He trav
els from one race meeting to an
other in a first-class carriage, probably
the companion of the nobleman by
whom he is employed. In winter ho
rides to his hounds, or goes to town. In
1876 he is reported to have earned
Fair Play for the Hog.
If our forefathers had studied the hog
with any closeness, we would have boon
spared the sayings of: “Selfish ns a
hog,” “hungry as a pig” and “he cat
like a regular heg,” etc. To begin with,
the hog is not a selfish creature. Two
hogs will agree abont as well as two men,
and a hog who was taken along on a
steamboat excursion would have cause to
say to his porkers : “ You act like men
and women.” The hog is not a hnugry
animal. Give him three square meals a
day, and he is content, \> liile most mei
must chew, smoke and nibble between
meats and have a lunch at bedtime. To
“act like a hog” would be to mind one’a
business, go to bed early, and be satis
fied with the situation. The hog is not
a liar, hypocrite or dead-beat. He acts
on the square, is always ns represented,
and in disposition ho has few equals in
the human race. ITo has lieen misun
derstood aud abused, and it is time that
his friends rallied to give him fair play.
YYhen God would educate a mau He
compels him to learn bitter lessons.
He sends him to school to the Necessi
ties rather than to the Graces, thakby j
knowing all suffering he nmfgflhw, !
also, the eternal con
“Too many the broth"
shows tt-.it it must be Browning.
Ils Equal is Unknown.
A Lowell (Mass.) paper, so wc ob
serve, cites the case of Air. P. H. Short,
proprietor of the Belmont Hotel, that ;
city, who snlibred with rheumatism for
seventeen years without finding relief
from any of the numerous remedies
employed, until he applied St. Jacobs
Oil : “I never found any medicine that
produced such remarkable and instan
taneous effect as it di-1,” says Mr. Short.
—Lyons (In.) Mirror.
“All’s well that ends swell” was
said by Burn when lie put a poultice on
a Jump raised by a hot branding-iron
used in the gauger business.
— l
“Made New Annin.”
Mrs. Wm. 1). Ryckman St. Catherines,Out., j
says : “R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., I have j
used your ‘Favorite Prescription.’ ‘Golden j
Medical Discovery,’ and ‘Pleasant Purgative j
Pellets,’ for the last three months and lind my- 1
self—(what shall I say)— ‘ma>le netr again.' are
the only words that express it. I was reduced |
to a skeleton, could not walk across the floor
without fainting, could keep nothing in the
shape of food on my stomach. Myself and
friends had given up all hot>c. my immediate
death seemed certain. 1 now live (to the sur
prise of everybody) and am able to do my own
“Two heads are better than one” was
originated by Fenimore Cooper, while
heading a barrel in his humble cooper
Winston, Forsyth Go., N. G.
Gen ts—l desire to express to you my thanks
for your wonderful Hop Bitters. 1 was ’troubled
with dyspepsia for five years previous to com
mencing the use of yotir Hop Bitters some six 1
months ago. My cure has been wonderful.
I am pastor of the First Methodist Church of
this place, and my whole congregation can
testify to the great virtue of your bitters.
Very respect fully,
ltev. H. Febebee.
The wholesale New York market quotations
Beans.—Prime, [email protected]: fair to good
[email protected] per bushel.
Butter. —New York sold at [email protected] for
choice in palls, and 25c.#30c. common to
good; Western sold at [email protected], and the
common Western at [email protected]
Cueesb.— Factory fancy, [email protected]}fc.; Jo.
fair to good, !)j{c.(dlo%c.
Eoos.-Quotations ranged from 27c. tor or
dinary to S3e. for New York, New and
Flour.—Superfine, [email protected]: Western
[email protected]; extra New York, [email protected]
Hay.—Shipping ,[email protected]: clover, [email protected]
Ssc.; salt, floe.; straw,[email protected]
Hops.—New York, [email protected]; Eastern,22c.
@24c.; yearlings. [email protected]; old--, [email protected]
Petroleum.— Refined,9tsc.; crude, 6s£c.
in bulk; in barrels, naphtha, 10c.
tn shipping order, and ll!<[email protected] in cases.
Pork.—New mess, [email protected]; dressed
hogs.ScK-® B^-
Wheat.—Spring No. 3, [email protected] 1.23 X ;
Milwaukee,No. 2. <1.33: amber, [email protected];
white, fl [email protected]$1.SS)$.
Rye.—State. [email protected]
Wool —Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia
xxx, [email protected]; XX, [email protected]; x, [email protected];
No. 1. *[email protected]; No. 2, [email protected]; common,
[email protected]: New York and Western xx and x,
[email protected]; No. 1. [email protected]
Floub. —State family, $'6.50©fi.75 ; rye
flour, [email protected]; wheat, State, f 1.42® 1.44
amber, fl .45. Corn.yellow, 08t^c.; mixed State,
Petroleum. —Refined, 7}s:.: crude, 6%c.
Wool. —State and Western xx, [email protected]
x, [email protected]; [email protected]; coarse, 45c
Ft-oub.— From [email protected] for low and
medium, to [email protected]‘7.75 for choice Minne
sota. Corn, [email protected] mixed and yellow.
Bcttbr.—Common, [email protected]; Vermont
dairy, [email protected]: choice creamery,[email protected]
Cheese. -7c <g>l3c.
Beans .—f [email protected]
Hay.—Choice. [email protected]
cattle mabebts.
Butpalo.—Cattle, good quality, [email protected]
f 5.75 ; hogs, fair to good, [email protected] ; best,
f 6.20.
East Liubbty, Penn.—Best cattle, |[email protected]
f5.C5 ; medium tc good, [email protected] ; com
mon to fair, [email protected]; Hog.-, Yorkers,
[email protected] ; Philodelphias, [email protected]
Bbeep.fß[email protected]
Watirtown, Mass.— Cattle, stance, f9,[email protected]
9.60 ; extra, fß[email protected]ß.M); rat quality, 37.00
@47.60: second quality, [email protected];
third iiuaJitj, [email protected] Sheep aud lambs
—woo! sheep, [email protected]; extra, fs.([email protected]
$5.60; spring lambs, [email protected],50. Veal calve.
1 Will Suit.
Au interesting will unit is on trial in
Westminster, Md., turning upon at
postcript to a letter said to have lieen ,
1 written by the late John Henry Hoppe
to an adopted daughter. He left no will,
! and his estate has been settled. Suit is
now brought upon the postscript written
• on the back of a letter from him ad
mitted to be genuine, while the heirs
claim the postscript and his signature to
it to he forgeries. It reads in part:
“Don’t worry yourself, but take things ,
easy and do the best you can for the '
present. I have prospered and have
accumulated a great deal of money
together, and I intend to do what I
please with it. And, Ann, after my i
death, you are to have $40,000. This
yon are to have, will or no will. Take
care cf this letter until my death. Ann,
keep this to yourself. ”
A Hoy’s Luck.
The Norristown ( Pa.) Herald in a re
cent issue refeired among others, to the
follow ing cases of special interest. They
are their own commentary. Mr. Samuel
C. Nyce, resides at 308 Marshall street,
! and holds the responsible position of
journal clerk in the Pennsylvania Legis
lature, at Harrisburg. While Mr.
Nyce and family were in the country
recently, his boy, aged three years, fell
and broke his leg. He recovered, but n
very troublesome stiffness set in and tie
could scarcely ne the leg. The injured
limb was rubbed several times with St.
Jacobs Oil, and the stiffness was so j
; much reduced that the boy was able to
j use bis leg freely. Dr. Knipe said it
< wa= the use of St. Jacobs Oil that cured
! the stiffness. Mr. Nyce himself used
j the Great German Remedy for tooth
ache with good effect, and also for a
| sprain and pains of rheumatic nature,
j and always with good effect. Mrs.
! Nyce also says stio thinks the Oil is a ,
splendid thing, and she always keeps it
j on hand.
i One of the most effective stripes in j
; new colors is of orange with hair lines
. of gold and edged with black.
\ oice ol the IVniilr.
It. V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo. N. Y.:
I had a serious disease of the lungs. and was
for a time confined to tuy bed and under the
care of a physician. Hu prescriptions did not
help mo. I grew worse, coughing very severe
ly. 1 commenced taking your “Golden Medi
cal Discovery," and it cured me.
fours respectfully,
Jrr.mi Burnett. Hillsdale, Mich.
A Yonsro gentleman desires to know if
girls make more noise with a bang or a
Tmp vse of Homoeopathic Medicines in
Veterinary practice is steadily gaining
ground, and it levs been fully demon-.!
strated that all diseases of horses mid ,
eattle, and especially the (headed pleuro- j
pneumonia, are readily amenable to ;
Homoeopathic treatment. Veterinary
Homoeopathic Medicine eases and books,
giving plain directions for their use, can
1)0 obtained in all styles and prices at
Bocricko & Tafel’a Homoeopathic Phar
macy, 145 Grand St., New York. Send
for Descriptive Price Current.
“The milk in the eccoauut” is evi
dently from the pen of Cowper.
Vat I’m! tiTnke.
Ooaau itlve km t>i ■ m>lh ml
ini -, u.t. . il-‘. h ire t treat ail a-t.ima .r.
i .t. a ■ ri citui-'nl lin t..1. li-u's (’ .t-.-. tli-i u. tl
uni iao-t ple-.svit r u• ly for loo* • <l.-i jm*h.
H. >l. 11 : of < ’ H . n't. / . write*: "Pirn** I
Cnre f. rtlo-i-t. iiati 'a tin- l- 1 <<>Ujfa rutto ly '.t j
tie mark- !, witunt any t xcap;ion."
“The nearer the bone the sweeter j
the meat” is evidently Lamb.
Pierces “Pleasant Purgative Pellets "are
perfect preventative* of constipation. In
closed In glass bottles,.always fresh. Bv all
| druggists.
| “Be sitbe yon’re right, then go on
head” was the remark of Hood.
Induloent parents who allow their children
to eat heartily of high-seasoned food, rich pies,
cake, etc., will have to use Hop Bitters to pre
vent indigestion, sleepless nights, sickness,
: pain, and, perhaps, death. No family is safe
I without them in the house.
“A soft answer tnrneth away wrath”
I shows how much Wordsworth.
Baldueaded men are informed that there is
| but one avenue of escaja* from their affliction.
! and that is Carboune. a deodorized extract of
i petroleum, the great hair renewer, which being
recently improved, is more eftieaiious than ever
and is absolutely faultless.
And I praydat de Lord lake me. till I tried
“Sellers' Cough Syrup," an' I's nebber coughed
since. How's dat for high, l>oss ?
“My son bad an abscess in his side, that dis
charged two quarts of matter. 'Lindsey's
Blood Searcher’ cured him."
J. F. Brooks, PaiusviUe. Ohio.
The (tVior wishes to know if there is one cl
lu-read- rs suffering with iheuiuatism. If sc
let him try a istUie of D.trung a lihenmauc
lttinedy, It is taken internally; r.cver ha*
failed, and never cau fail to cure iu the short- ;
est time. It can be had at nil drug stores. 1
Burnt for free pamphlet to It. K. Uulpcuatine,
druggist, Washington. D. C.
Important to Travelers.
Specie 1 Inducements are offered yon by the
Burlington Route. It will pay you tc road
: their advertsemeiit to bo found eloowhere '.u
his issue.
lltuntin'i) Prsairn! ('ml l.tvrr Oil iind l.linc.
Die best medicine for tho Lungs. Sold by >U i r s :
crista. Depot. IS till ara.. Lew York. I
Pi Izf .)lrdnl Ni-rilli-t>. I Si.* No il.ee completely
assort <1 m a par.: Prir ■ to a,-turn si) (ier lot*.
BdUfsrSctl Sa:i,i •parL. L-.i l‘r’s. in stamps. OtVids ;
warranted and soil List. : -end for circular. HrM-li 1
Merit le A hr vent; Inn. New flu rrh St., N. Y.
(j-CC a week In your own town, 't erms and $ outfit
ipl'J free. Addre-sil. lf.vi.Lnrr & C >.. Portland.Maim ,
Ic3\ nryomuo For holdii-hs,
!' r EIIOIUiYVJ widows, father*, mother* or
Thr.nsands yet raiitlod. Pensions sir,-a
'■ ! ' sfortosnffioper.Ui-.eveorrnptnre.varicossvem* I
i 1 ,ert„ r unvlUrii-<*. Thci-imi* of pensioners and
ld"™<“T”d to INt nEASF.indItOC.NTY.
' X. J PATENTS I rocurtti !ir Inventors. Soldiers
\ land warrants procure**. field. Soldier* (
lb*! ; Aand hrir*aipW for tur right*at once. Send#
j; for *’l he (’ttir a-Solditr/’ aud Pension
and ilountjr Jaws, blank.* and instructions. Wo j
Ta rhn refer to thousands of Pensioner* and Client*. 1
i 1:11 ai ir * n. W. Fit?g:<rnld & Co. Pksssion .j
j Pati xr -itt’y*. D. 0*
Valuable Christmas Presents Free to All!
IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT AT NO COST WHATEVER : *•<* land,lion,i w ( pubiiah aapicodid
33-columu Atrluulturai ul Hume ftp*.- etititb 1 1 he Kurul Heme Journal, tc the lew price of Ftft) <'• mm
|y* kutwHirnwMAajg
C: hjfc^t^X^iS- | 1 Y~*>. lr>-\ c-t ijilrr cit -M l-•• toi'ojr'ila!
R 1 \VI ■ z~*f* I ■ aloneworth the tubeoriptlon price, Wiahina
■Ljy*. . yaw / mid obtain 103,000 new auhtcribera at once, wa
d*u,n. .hi* W.l l, uo.h hlaitM. .- Bhmh MwlmU Ctsrt h th. Oh ~libuV 1 ,*.l..'| ! i, > l' : r > "r*
Pitao, Organ or Malcdaon la a ebott time. 4. TcnPWbmM t.rJ SoarJ Mottoea. fur WortTn, it!*." "ttdor.fftiS;
boox tnarra or other toKtettire. 6. The Mechanical braaa hamper, a new and am tiring Chri*ta>aa tor. wh' j wi.l .'.•'■ekt .nl
whole family with tie amici. Remember, we tend all of thee* TalnaM* and uaefkl article! oStolur / free to all who ecu!
for a year's tobeerlpiion to Th. Rural Bon. Journal. We make thta (real olftr aimply to lotrodo eottr paper and obtain •Im.VZe!
of new eubieribere It It one thaoce In a lllb-tltno to f*t a eery large return for a Terr email mat of Dor Thu. of it?
paper tt whole year for only fifty cente. with tlx ralotble and areftil nrrmlanta freel Wa offer no ohean traab hot ,„i
geoulue raloo and naefnli.: .r. ar.d a paper excelled by non*, dll order* ailed promptly, and perfect earl traction - M "
refhndM *• to oor reliability we refer to anr publiafcrr la Kew York, litewlie to the Canuneraial dconciea unltttleuC!&
bneloett are well-mown, and onr reputation it eeubUahcd. If yon will thow tbit adrertieement and eat no a olobor
oead yea to extra copy with the premium fret for your Uduble. bead atone* Ibr thta uopraoAantad barxala. I”mi "* **■
r. U. Mims, PahUahcn It Part Mfe, Mew T*/
grToiL J
t Ls If there is one thing in all the world
r ff lhut allures the average bov and da*
C c>- tights people generally, it is a wet)
managed and thoroughly
VIS 1 circus. The children of a city ortowft
S seem to know of its coming by a kind
I of intuition,and prepare accordingly.
I The pennies, hitherto dropped into
I WMM the missionary-box with conscienti-
Tr a ous regularity, are now faithfully di
m verted into an old coffee-pot in the
j t j eellar corner f- -r prospective use, and
H j -'q scrap-metal, old paper, etc., do sub
ff j stuntial service in the way of securing
’<l .1 the amount of an admission fee. But
f ’ (il f..r all that, we believe fully in the
144 pionerlv eundiieted circus as a means
V | S ofamu em-nt and diversion, and are
f R?i huppv to the gratifying fact that
i I Pi the ein-11--or rather its proprietors
y f ij\ and employes—tYlwnmentally be
g ! lieve In Nr. J \< <bs On., the t.reat
E,j _J Fain Reliever of the agtf. Jt*n. P. T.
g Banuini's Greatest show on Kfli fh and
p. 1 rnup's Monster Show can be taken **
_ iA-H typical eases. The formi-r says: "W
j^ i;r J take great pleasure in stating that Er.
™ jAroiis Kit. is in t'.-e by many ring ar
tists now encaged v, i:h T‘. T. Barimm's Greatest
ghuw mi ICsirth, united v. ith the (treat London
(.'ireus, Sander's Rnvat h Menagerie and tin*
Infernational Allied shoe. -. Frow its happy effect
upon those who have occasion to employ it. we
have no hesitation in pronouncing et. Jacobs
Oil the last liniment which hi.- ever been
j brought to our notice. It is wonderfttlly effica
cious in subduing pcin.
(Signed) Harm m. Ea it :.v A lli'TcntNsoK." a
Tlie Pre-s Agent of Coup' Monster Show savs:
! “Incasesof rheumatism* or eomnlaints of that
kind ottrartbu knowhow to cure themselves very
speedily. .Sr. Ja< obs Uii. is n very popular rt-tn-’
edy among our people for rheunintic pains, ntwi
as lung as they can yVt ii they woa'tMilicrmweh."
Mr. Trunk 'i. Fnivne say' : “I hate suffered
terribly from rhetuiiatlsin in my right chouNer
nnd unit, and at the same time 1 had severe pains
in my chest. Sometime since 1 read som( thing
in a newspaper aiiout the remarkable cures of
St. Jacobs Oil., aud I thought I would try that
remedy. I tell yon lam ni ghty glad I did, for
I after ii-ing one or two bottles 11 ihut preparation
! I felt no ].a in whatever, and have had none si nee.
i I ain firm believer in st. Jacobs Oil, and I want
everybody iu my company to keep it near them."
maa, by \V. Williams For Mixed Vnin- Laj anl
attractive music. Choirs and Societies can tasuy
learn it for a Jiuias ;>erforinaiice. 8u cents.
Send for . iat of Cliristmu Carol*.
Gilt edition *3; Cloth *2.5(1; Bmt-.!- 32. A noble i.rev
ent for those who love the best. 5s of the xao-f sue-
I cestful songs of tlie day, by to famous composers.
of Household songs, lullabies and Kinder,-nrte.i la>*.
(31.51’.) *
g*ilL The mw uud ino*t favorite coliecuou.
NORWAY ALBUM, ffv a’nd
the .Sort. Wild and beauU
FranWSwu editioa of his fatuous German
ff ("onwesTt^arUts. Solos, etc. Sacred word*
and spirited iuut ic.
C. H. DITSON* & CO..
843 Broadway, N. Y.
, f A w Kl.'K. Sl2 a ilay at home easily made. Costtj
vJ 0 uu.itfree. Address Tnvn &(,'>>.. Aug-tata. Main*
| and atwttnja^verj
i %S J ssSsa
Sr 1,, Ann per day at home. Samples worth S 3 trf
J lU'J/'J Ai! ' - ntinhon & Coe. Portland. Mama
fSTNo other line runs Three Through Pas*
6f r:err Trains Dnilv betwocn Chicago, De*
Moines Council Omaha. Liucolu, St.
i Joseph, Aichh-on, T >p lea nnd Kunsas City
Ditcit coun-'ctions for all points in Kansas,
| Nebraska, .'iorado, Wyoming. Montana, Ne*
aria, N- dcxico, Arizona, Idaho,Oregon and
I jatifc.r.iA. _
1 Shortest, Speediest ar.d Most Comforts*
. Routs via >lannihi. l to Fort Scott. Denison,
I Dallas, Houston. Austin. Maa Antonio, Galves
ton and ail points in Texas. . ~
The un qunled indtn cnir-nts offered bytnls
I Lin-.* to Tmvclera nnd Tourists, an* as follows:
i Tha celebrated Pullman iltPwheel) i’alace
! Sleeping Cars, run only on this I.ine. C.. B. &
O. Palace Drawing-Room Cars, with Horton*
1 iteclining Chairs. N,* extra charge for Seats
| in Reclining Chairs. Tr. famous C.. Rft Q.
- Palace Dining Cars. Gorgeous Smoking Car*
! ff:trd with IClegant llirh-Backed Rattan Re
voicing Chairs for the exclusive use of first-
I class passengers. _ .
Steel Track and Superior Fquipment. com
bined with their Great Through Cur Arrange
i merit, makes this, above all others, thefavorito
Route to the South, Scuth-tVest, and the Far
i West.
Try it, and you wiil and traveling v. luxury
instead of a discomfort. . _,
Through Tickets via this Celebrated Line
for sale at all offices in the United States and
' Canada. „
j All information about Rates of Fare, Sleep*
I ing Car Accommodations, Time Tables, &c
will be cheerfully given, ami will send b'rct to
i any address an elegant County Mop of United
i States, in colors, by applying to
J. Q. A. BEAN, Gen s Eastern Agent,
S‘JO Washington Pt, Boston, Masa
nnd an Broadway. New York,
j pkbceval lowell, oen. r. Agt., otuc*m>.
j T. J PO I TKK (ton. XianagPT. 'htc(uro
Fob Hceciai, Kates for ndvertlungln this rotwr
apply to tlie imblisher of the paper. |'sl

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