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11 Have Just Received |
a Few New
| Matting Rugs
9x12 which I am \
J Selling at $5.00
They are bargains Come in and see them
All sizes in CARHART’S Overalls at reduc- :
= ed Prices.
| G. M. DRYDEN |
< i
< >
< >
| Planning The
i Summer Home
< >
4 4
4 4
4 4
4 4
!! is important, whether that home be separate from
;; the winter abode or whether it be the same house
; j made more comfortable for the hotter months.
1! Plans should not be put off until the midsummer
! ! months. That is why we are suggesting an early
;; visit to this store, where displays of the newest ma
ll terials for fixing the summer home are on display.
4 4
4 4
4 ,
4 4
4 4
Beautiful Summer Cretonnes
4 >
| are being shown, new curtain nets and laces new
1! fixings for the porch, new porch furnishings, rugs
!! for indoors or out, porch furniture, wicker ware,
;; couch hammocks and swings.
4 ►
< 4
| Come in Early and Inspect Them

4 4
44 -

ji -j- ...
4 4
4 4
• _ _ ...
Want to Buv a Farm ? See Me.
= That you have enough fire insurance on your =
dwelling and household effects ?
| It has often been demonstrated how easy it is to put =
i of taking out that additional insurance, the conse- l
I quence being that when the fire comes, you are no \
| where near being protected. It is much cheaper to \
1 let the insurance companies carry the risk.
Consult with me about your insurance
requirements. I represent only good
standard companies. I
s =
= ■— - ■ =
mmmtmmmm —> —————— " 1 “
Want to Sell a Farm ? See Me.
It Pays to AdV ~e in this paper,
* ‘ '* circulation
| 1 A Clean-Cut ;
| I Issue j
§ jj By KKV. 11. OSTUOM, I). D. 1
S I .\• i • i. Inp i: tuient. M4.*dy y
Sjj \\ l*,i>;c ir-tiiutc. i'hb ,m>. 2
E TI NT \ \n . I n*>t < ■ ine to me tli.it ye
Z I . ; 4 ! .’..iv < .!• dm , .4o
E Tliioiigliout tin* notliim: H
E iin*:n 4 I.•;11!\ taught than the tart flint
E p— — Chill's authority is
E 11 u
i for*h iis iimpiali
r 'bSc lied, unfailing and
E absolute. And
E ycl every w hero,
z WtSB ilio responsibility
\ 444
E condition tti a t
—* stand", holoro nil
1 ’
altor llio nnlor f
the until wiici mill John B.
"lion h,. aj i| ioa li-d in him m give up
drink, "if I > : ,y 1 mil, I oaii," only
that mail was evidently proposing a
reform >r habit in tlio might f his
own i tVnrt, and tn> man ovor was or
ovor run ho saved from his >in in
tho o\i rthm nf his nun otTort. Tlioro
must lie a divino saving in response
to his "I in," or all Is in vain.
Ond Mover will allow its to lose
.sight nf Ills ability In save as tho atily
possible ability. lie not only willod
In do it. hnt lie provided the way by
which it ran lie clone. The wear and
tmr of human effort to to uni for
our blindness and to provide for our
sight ran all be avoided by going to
the Bible for plain farts oil tile iptes
tidll. 'l'b.-re you see that the esti
mate of -in uldeli <iod lias ombriK-es
all its peril and darkness, but also
that tbo very origin of saorllioo was
with Him; and that when tho cross
of i.’lirist appears it appears as no
afterthought or suddenly produred in
cident. (iod was not only morelful
hut ready, .all ready before you or I
shed the first tear or felt the first
pane of guilt and loss, \\v were born
in sin, but on salvation ground. The
gospel was here before we arrived.
Now, when we turn to look at the
crisis of the soul on the man-ward
side therefore, there is no shadow of
hint to eloud the faet that all de
pends apt in the man a- to whether be
shall be saved or lost. Ilis loss is
not . s-entl.ally or direetlv dependent
upon the deeds of Adam or of any
other. If lost forever, it would lie due
actually and exclusively te himself.
Ills bell or heaven is for him hanging
on a derision entirely In bis own
hands. Il.iice the prevailing gist of
the gospel is invitation.
Wrongs are not glossed over, sin Is
not whitewashed here. The need of
being saved is not veiled, but til** pos
sibility of it being done hangs upon
the gospel Invitation.
Hear It: "Come unto Me," "Whoso
ever will let him collie," "Him that
cometh unto Me I will IN Nti WISH
CAST <it’T," “Come, for all things
are now ready." "We beseech you, itl
Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to
4 e id."
Arid It is presented in such figures
as "a feast,” gaining “riches of
grace," obtaining "an Inheritance”
coining “out of night into day." and
"out of death bit" life."
Men. if they refuse It nr. pro
nounced fool Sh. sick, bound blind,
unchain, diseased, lost. But if they
♦ accept it, they arc pronounced wise,
healed, free, seeing with tile eyes of
the heart, chain, healthful and In
Christ The program, once it i- fair-
S !y examined, could hardly he mis
-5 talc. T' esc -talon ■ s are Open
5 ami e\ lih'ti * 1 y iti'r! led to !■•• under
— stood.
s ('oil- ■!.■ r!' . aff:> "• rill' are purely
j men - ttifair- we l.tiow that ihe iri\it
— ed j .-r-■ • 1 t. 4 if .t le :-' ..tic of—
three 11 . lie tm.y p .-i'ive!\ re
— fuse, or ! may -iii.-ti' other
2 plan, o" ',. may resort t■ • ex.ii-e.s.
S .'atic that! ac-ept. And those very
E same -• let• ; , . lie re- .--I to for
E rejecting tin. gospel invitaiiof
Z I'osirlvc refusal the wo: dor of li
st can I- declared by children. If Is
horn of the sjn of stubhornness, which
Z In the Bible classed VV 1• 1 1 dokltl'V.
S a 'iilistiuited plan may he a result
of si ulihori la hut ingenuity is set
S to work to cover it, tliat it will not
S appear - (ilileoiis.
E The excuse maidug plan I- ti c suh-
S stltllte p'- gram glo*'. d OV. otic,.
z mere with d pta.n to relieve its
E liidcoiist.es- i lur Lord’s illustration
Z of thi'. iti the parable of the great
Z supper includes three excuses, eliell
S one "f whi' li would hi‘ absurd Tin*
man had bought land I>o,. 1... fenr
Z It would blow away? lie has bought
z oven and want- to prove them. < ixeti
S are not usually bought at stub a
S risk. Prove them, limn buy them.
S lie has married a wife. Would she
s not enjoy the supper, too? Friend,
g Just as Jesus shows here, till excuse
making Is absurd.
_ All three of these methods spell, “I
will not." The Issue must be clean
out. Will you. or will you not? And,
"WhoHoever will miiv come."
Be Brave.
I Wtuild you touch a nettle without
belnf stung by It; take hold of if
*y. Ito the same to other nnno?-
snvihlng flnmj-
Keeps Vow and Brings Movies to
Thousands to Promote Edu
cation and Patriotism.
A vow to work tniritiiittitijly t'ir the
I'l'Hi-riin’tii nf tu.i n k im], wliii'li a Miliil
lullii mini.* \i■:iis :ii... slimilil liis sight
In’ ivsinivil, li:is i,suited in on • *|>|•• r
-tunit>t > fur n!• iiil .l •r-’ nf 1111 n*i jiiisis
nf Hie Atiii-i’ii all l.i’jiou In sis- edit
■ atii'inil iiinl travel iii.it liii |lictiii’i*
lillns, I ’ll 1 1 1 la I ill;. !.<• • ’I-a fa T 1 • t>| >-
ii '. all’ll Mi’ll I'rnlll .'ill I'll'l' nf tin*
u iil’lil.
Tin’ liliinl inan ulm rii’iiv■ •r■ • 1 Ills
sight Mas l*r. I'lainls 11• iili’y. founder
iiinl ilir.itiii’ nf tlii- bureau nf iniu
iiii i'i'ial m.iiiiiii’s. ami Ills work fur
tin’ lii-tti'iiiii’lit "f tunnkin.) is the lai
ri’an an alt mist ic organization. tin*
si i|i* aim nf which Is to mlnuicf
thiotiL.li motion I’ii ttiri’s .ilncation and
lirliJc in Atni’i’ii’an iiistitutiotis.
Main vial's a;'o hr. Holley's laiviT
as one of Ann rli a s |.ini rallroail
lillililcrs Mas cut short hy blindness,
l or si\ years lie travi’ldl the world
over seeking ri’storntion of his sight.
Wlifii a Paris surgeon gave hack his
vision hr. 11<.1 li-y |.roi i cilcil to carry
out his vow mid is now giving his
m hole linn’ aja| fortiiln* to fdinatioti
through the nii'dlum of in iit Inn jiic
t tires.
Tin* films uill he available for all
legintl posts free lit ili.’ll'ge. \f the
instance of legion national lieadi|Uar
ti l s, tlie huroait has prepared a spoeliil
catalog in which each him is nunc
hi’i’i’il atid di’scrilifii. The catalogs,
with Inst met lops to regard to places’
uhi’i’e application may he mad.*. Mill
he distrihuti-d t" every post of the
legion liy arrangement helMi'en the
bureau of enllllliereiai eeotioluies ami
tile legion.
iiiiiiiii iiiiiitiiiiiiiini tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinii mi
I tfer"*
\i\ / / / . f
\'* ! '' n.„/. f
.V I . i’ll., I I'.ilia i (llS's \ .111*11 : 111• of
.lersey City is iilikimMii to otliejal ex
pelts ii, America's most perfect
Ills there is at least one inlist
uho js certain lie lias no ei|ital. And
that .specialist i' his bride of a feu
days, mlio Mas Miss lietsy Knell of
t’linton t'ntiti. Mrs. Valentine is tin
11.>1 tl.l • li ly a specialist on the subject,
for in April. lids, sin. Mas awarded
the S'i,ali-onian Institution verdict ns
11-• I'iost perfect American woman
She I, a daughter of i 'hircnee Pan'll
of <'Union, t 'uiiti., and i, a direct i|e
s' 'inlani of John and Priscilla A Men.
Krowii of hair, with hltie eyes am!
lair complexion, Mrs. Valentine i|n
embodiment Ilf hell IT !•. She is nhoi|t
the feet four Inches ill hoi-lit and
weigh, I P'i pound'. After n live years
search I >r. A. Ilrdlieka, of tlie Smith
soliian Institution. deeted Mi" Knoll
as tlio most perfect type of Atuerii’an
mom. I from a li't of nn.ro than
l.i hi eoiitestruiis. Mr, Valentine I*
; t present state rerording secretary of
tlie i 'unite,’!i.’iit I'eileratlon of Women's
*'lilhs. a n ember of the 1 1. ,\. |[. ami
of many oilier orgaulz.ut ions. sin* has
written numerous articles on health,
gardening*. Anieriiatilsm and other sub
jiets She i' also an artist and ph<
mgrapher of minim* merit.
Garbage Pads Aiding Dry Sleuths.
Tlie battered garbage pail is now
lhe ally of tin Volstead act sleutli,.
thirlaijo collectors in Auburn. .V Y..
are trailed by revenue otiieers, who
k**.*p to leeward of the Wagon, ami
note the contents of all pail, dutnped.
If tliey smell sour mash or hops, alas
for the liolne lifeW el’.
Europe Will Owe U. S. $20,000.000.000.
Europe's debt to the Pliited States
Will lie increased to $211,1 W M 1,1 W M 1,1 RMI IIV
101 M. < leorje I-'. W'nrrcii, professor of
tN’oiiiimles at Cornell university, de
clared at tariff revision hearings by
tlie house ways and means committee
Only Three in Town Outside the Church
A church survey In Met'oil, S.
which bus a inpulaiinn of 2,121), tils- •
closed only tt i'o men and a hoy who
are not chur'h members, taking 12 1
ns a ml iltuuiu age.
I 1
♦ * ,*}
rv *
H. W. CALLAHAN & SONS Pocomoke
Terms: sf;5 f ; off for cash Strictly net, 30 days
Farmers and Home Owners
of Worcester County are continuing to place in their homes the
best of all electric lighting and power plants- THE GENCO.
One of the last plants we installed was for Mr. Harold E. Nock.
It is not only valuable for lighting house, barn, stables, etc., with
with beautiful electric lights, but it furnishes electric power for
operating many kinds of machinery. A child can take care_of it.
0. W. Wilson Sales 0
Kensey’s Garage SNOW HILL, M
I (
\ 1
APRIL 9. 1921.

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